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Chapter 6


Human Reelings and Duplicitous Deviations
Amidst the Divine Creation


Divulgements in DNA

 Stirrings in Spirit in the Heartland of Man


Ch. 5 has given occasion for further review.




How often must mankind be reminded that he is not a product of a non-producer, the result of a non-cause or the contrivance of a non-imagination; he is not conceptually contrived in symbolic commands, his generation by generation visible equipment and apparent modelling, in order to be his own asinine pretender to the throne of Creator. He is not gifted with an in sufficient creativity to create himself in order to see his own origin in what is less than himself, in some stuff that needs arrangement and inhabitation by spirit, which he cannot even understand in his materialistic musings, and ignores like a surgeon who wants to practice without really believing that there are actual legs on the body (cf. Christ Incomparable, Lord Indomitable Ch. 2, SMR pp. 348ff., Ch. 4). .

Wilful blindness, it is a kindness to expose. The results of such confusion imperil life; and in the hands of those who use the condensed energic powers of creation lodged in matter, for example, by those lodged in mind, under the spiritual directions of their own aborted spirits, there is a very practical expression of this fact! Atomic weaponry is a very good expression of the power of confused thought and wilful meandering. IT COSTS. Japan is not the only one to feel that, since the whole Cold War was in no small part built on it, with all its colossal expenditures impoverishing the earth, and threatening its welfare, if not with blasts, then with wastes and residues, if not in their burial, then in their being sprinkled by air on cities.

Examples of this blindness abound.

The concept for example of junk DNA, left over from experiments or failures along the route of history, is without attestation empirically. What has been found is far other.

Thus, a recent Journal of Creation, Vol. 21(3), 2007,  pp. 111ff.,  attests in considerable detail that DNA information is "overlapping-multi-layered and  multi-dimensional". The currency of the conceptual condensed into operative symbols with commands to be READ, causing a continuance of the physical format of man from generation to generation, this is not merely singular in its speech-correlative function, but exquisitely complex with miniaturisation and improvisation both most marked to form a format of surpassing complexity and brilliance.

That is the small part. Letting the mind of man OPERATE the relevant parts of it, and supply WITH it, equipment for the spark of life to transmit its fluencies, or better the river of life in spirit to embark on its voyages, so that the spirit of man can order and envisage, operate and create, even for itself, that is where the entirety of wonder is to be found. Past this, the facility in the spirit of man to move both logically and personally to the Creator of this most magnificent exhibit of the definition of design even seen on this earth with physical eyes, and then to find Him operationally at the end, who was at the first, in the beginning, this completes the composure which is both more than design (but not less) and less than divinity. It is deity who is beyond it, to which man arrives, if not in humility and the clothings of repentance, then at last, in the array of judgment. But let us look at the potted commands, the written books of symbols IN man.

As with human speech, it has multiple rules and conditions, symbols and inventions to cover its inventory. This of course has to be put, like human speech, in a milieu able to respond to the symbols, with sophisticated and unified interface concepts and considerations. We find now that much DNA formerly little recognised for function (‘junk’), is now found to contain information about how to use information.

The intricacy, the system, the coding contrivances, the code-reading capacities, the empirical material provision to meet the concepts buried in the commands, it is all one INTEGRALITY. It is composed in its very nature.

So complex are the composure, composition and brilliant overlays of mandatory and executive symbolisation in DNA that there has to be a species of handbook, a governance of information disposition and disposal. So far from junk, this is one more overlay, supervisory disposition, in addition to that for editing copies of DNA to minimise mistakes, and the more direct information itself. You have not not only to minimise error by error-removing system, but to maximise effect by co-ordinating correlations of command and time and space and sequence.

As in all systems, conceptual realism insists that seeking to originate one kind of entity, conceptual contrivance and systematic encoding and decoding with provisions for performance at the practical level (as distinct from the merely mental one when people try to 'crack' the code of spies): THESE are not the product of an alien and other territory, as if emulous to attain, yet lacking means, of a source where concepts are never created and conditions never united with them to be able to make creations appear. They relate to at least the equivalent of concept creators, co-ordinators and synthesisers, such as the result echoes by reason.

Causality does not bow to insistence, but works to performance on adequate bases, whether in logic or in life. Even a bet in its result is built into a series of systems where options being provided, they issue in their outcome on adequate bases. So it is now made more apparent in the DNA; there has to be GUIDANCE to make these things meaningful and workable. They do not just 'do it'! What was called junk now appears to be a repository of such, making the theories that named critically important material in that way seem like the efforts of Primary School children to comment on E=MC2.

To have named 'junk' what is seen now to contain what is ardently or at least arduously supervising either embryonic or other action, conserving the kind*1, enabling the species of variation within code, or such things: this, it is an irony superb, a confusion supreme, a question-begging now beggared by its own  skewed blighting.

It reminds one of the far earlier response first of Mendel, in his work on showing variability to order within kind. Now with more knowledge, we move yet further. Thus in micro-biology, in showing the sophistication to be far more intense and immense in the symbol-performance realm and interface than ever imagined, we come from the magical notions of ignorant evolutionism, always in hope, never in finding, always in funding, never in fact, once more to the actualities of creation.

That man has nothing like it despite feverish endeavours to make ‘nature’ DO IT (cf. Delusive Drift ... Chs. 2-4), prodding and poking it with X-rays (TMR Ch. 1.  *2), traps (cf. A Spiritual Potpourri Chs.  5;  9, *2) or other stimuli, indeed with the uttermost use of concerted human intelligences over a long period, with great resources available, speaks for itself.


Man's best does not measure up to God's least. His affair is as far beyond the limping derivative intelligence of man, as one might expect when the infinite places man in his environment, even with the massive facilities given him, and even when one realises that to have best effect, there MUST be some capacity for man so to investigate it all that the glory of God can be seen, both to stir him the more to constructive heights and to realisation of the magnificence of the Creator, whom to worship is mere realism; though the pathology of soaring will needs detachment!

What trails the productions of God, seen over history, in their residues with time: this is not failure; we do not find realms of messed-up attempts visible as one studies the paleontology, the fossils. It is not this,  but regions of information control which now come to light. BECAUSE of these, we do not get THOSE.

We SEE these now in our minaturised research; but we NEVER see those exhibits of experimentation in clumsy dumpings, dig as we may. The facts speak with so much eloquence, that they even tilt the hat to logic and admit: it had to be so, can’t you even now see that! Sour instead of soaring, many act as if an adverse court-case. We will admit nothing, they say as they worship nothing, the only other option, which is so impotent! You have the adequacy or not; and if not, its products are nothing to the point; and even something has to have its cause, whether you twiddle it all with time, drawing always on nothing, or do it all at once. What is relevant, adequate and systematically relevant is the need for all system, substance, mind and spirit.

You do not compose symbols to produce meaning to the impactive field by dreaming, doodling, and far less, by doing nothing at all. It is a discipline and requires enablement at the relevant cognitive levels for control by symbols, explicated in their handbooks. Recent research, then, has been confirming the obvious.

This empirical information has come through two projects, the Human Genome Project, published in 2003, and a recently published ENCODE Project. The contributions to the point in view have been successive and require as Alex Williams points out in the TJ noted, massive re-thinking of the topic. Indeed, he lists what was relevantly in view in 2003 and then proceeds to see the later advances from the ENCODE project.




An interesting volume in this field is titled:  Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome (2005). In effect, it embodies a report and thought from Dr John Sanford about years of research, indicating that not only are genetic mutations found to be recessive in terms of information, with none able to show any new information, but also that in actuality, the negatives relative to the original continue to accumulate within large blocks of undivided materials: which means that competition and survival are not really as relevant as might be thought. Thus the difference is often exceedingly small, in a given generation, as degeneration of the complex commands and implementation devices occurs, and the accumulation of these errors is not to be stopped by wishful thinking, or unrealistic assumptions. They move not up but down.


The RESULT proceeds in an unfortunate way, for survival might take a long time to become relevant as an issue, for much time may pass before the negative regress, distortion or dismissal is discernible, by which period,  a massive amount of  degeneration has occurred.


You do not, by ANY method, make an image better by changing it from its refined nature. This noted and downgrading effect, however, is shown to be occurring relentlessly, remorselessly; and even intelligent effort in laboratories to make better vegetables and so on, still does not create new information, while merely tending to maximise the deterrence of loss and concentrate what is left that is good, by inclusion of what was better from the past.


When there is NOT EVEN this, then the rate of decline is even greater.


What then of the research into the genome and its components in this respect ? As more and more information about information and that about handling information with extreme felicity and coded subtleties ramifies and intensifies, making the genome a marvel and a maestro work of almost imponderable magnificence of conception and exertion to match, greater also is the scope for error. It is not a motor-bike, if you like, but a Rolls Royce; but now it is not this either, but a futuristically conceived space craft, the intricacies of which are not yet fully understood, let alone mastered by investigating man with his limited intelligence. It is not being created constantly by its future, but from its past. Its future as normal in designed entities, is deterioration and variation, not some kind of creative instinct which without thought, endows itself with conceptual realities.


This is your painting firm in contrast with Raphael, Michelangelo and Renoir. How would one even compare! It strives to prevent deterioration of masterpieces; but does not increase them. The works speak of the insertion of the workings, the cosmoi of thought, the conceptions of the mentality which held them and their grandeur; and the action based on this achievement, causally demands (cf. Causes 1): the power of the Conceiver, whose conceptions we read, but neither create nor are able to cause to be created. But what of the current position ? There is the mint, but what of the coins of the realm ?


Creating man anew now ? Alas, man is desecrating man. He acts as he is deteriorating and is deteriorating as he acts. But what of the original works, such as man, themselves!


The works speak of the insertion of the workings, not witless abstractions from thought that is not there. We move within the cosmoi of thought, the conceptions of the mentality which held them; and the action based on this causally demands (cf. Causes 1), the power of the Conceiver, whose conceptions we read, but neither create nor are able to cause to be created, nor to create themselves. For this, to be realistic, you need the appropriate equipment, imagination and control. Man for example has it in some measure. What made him has in vastly more awesome mode to secure the maker of the makings in maker mode.


But what of the current position ? There is the mint that makes, but what of the coins of the realm ?


Having been minted by Majesty, in the unmajestic, they wear. Made by will and mentality, they have no majesty of their own. They reflect it, but do not possess it. They illustrate it, but do not secure it.


The Second Law of Thermodynamics is seen in practice to apply massively. If it did not, it would not be a law.


Of course this collated couplings of intricately woven concepts with provision for creative conquest of reality by command, this would degrade. This is to be expected in such an exposure of such intricacy and complexity to a world of events not shaped to protect, but on the contrary, polluted by sin and degraded by judgments. Nor are these some vague rumblings from a bitter past, but innovatively sought,  consistently sought, as might be the position for great works of Art from a Gallery, dumped near pedestrians in a busy street! Yet for all that, these divine prodigies of crafting, allowing tests on many fronts, ways, to be used for many designs, as good or evil of man rules, show their origin in their degradation, sophistication and provisions for maintenance. Wholly diverse from those for creation, this is a genre, in practical terms, on its own, not occurring in expressive upgrade, but merely having its products degrade.


The ONLY other option is by REGENERATION by the royal command of the Creator (II Corinthians 5:17-21, Titus 3:5-7), which operates in the heart, mind, emotions, morals, spirit of the saved in Jesus Christ, whose spiritual new genes change the whole horizon of man back to its proper depths, its heights and dimensions, so creating peace in his heart, in a world almost entirely forgetful of it, among the nations. THIS is the life which lives forever; it is subject to the LAW of the Spirit, in whom is eternal life (Romans 8). But let us return to the physiological.


One thing is increasingly realised, not only in empirical demonstration, but from  the tenor and direction of discovery: that the last thing that is being found is dude material, and the first thing that is being discovered is a consistent systematics that makes man’s best a prelude only, to what more the Creator does with him, for him, or to him.


To be himself, there is need for correlative contrivance and immersion in unity, from a Source Sufficient for ALL of it in that measure of simultaneity without which it is ALL useless junk, however highly sophisticated. Deny the source as eternal, and rationally, you either have to have nothing invent something in due course, a simple contradiction in terms, or confess to a ‘coming out’ in your belief in magic, a mere name. If on the other hand, you wish to be irrational, then you deny the validity of your means of argument, and become irrelevant to logical thought.


Another observation: it is that the rate of decline of this marvellously and minutely operative and increasingly massively relevant genome rises critically,  in proportion as its working size is gauged to be more and more massive. Huge in significance and portent is the number of degradations in nucleotides found empirically in one generation only!

MORE information is what is NOT found.  MORE deterioration is what is found, and what variation in terms of different sorting or loss in diverse particles and symbols is found, does nothing to remedy the structural of the whole, as it decreases.


What inherently declines is not that which inherently advances. What cannot support itself at its own level, having come, is not showing itself capable of coming by that method. A disassembly plant is not a factory for novelties.  It is as Gould attested in the area of major design methods in the Cambrian, far greater than those left: decrement is not increment, and departure is not arrival. That is to make the negative a positive, and destruction, construction.


If there is any normal limit to the arrant and erratic magic of the mythology of evolutionary theory, it is past here by a margin like that of stars in their distance from earth, compared with that of the moon. This concept of construction through destruction, in that sense, is over the moon.


There seems a never ending increment as research proceeds, on the utilisation of information in the cell structure. This is exhibited in some detail in the review of Alex Williams on the Human Genome Project, and the later ENCODE Project, results of both now published, to be found in the Journal of Creation – 21(3), which has been noted above.


Increasingly it is found that there is information about information; and the intricate and brilliantly compressed, interactive and concisely coherent systematics of different information sources, co-operating for action and construction are being feted as foci of life. The fastidious magnificence of the conceptually co-ordinated controls, symbolised in language, are not in the domain of the chatter of matter, itself with its own delimited facets and features, marvellous enough; but in the cosmos of code, composition, comprehensible command and transmissible orders, imaginative in perspective, starting in power.


Man in his trilogy construction is indeed one of the results of command, now seen as significantly programmatic in style as far as the physical equipment is concerned. His mental equipment is not allied simply to command, being far less precise and far more inventive in its final operations. The point is not so much the command, as in all things, but WHOSE command. When God is the commander, then and only then, spirit is a conceivable product, liberty a comprehensible feature and love a more than reductionist reality*2. 


Indeed, his spirit allows him to rove, through using program for language creation as a technical base, and thought as an implement for conceptual cohesion and application,  in the interstices of imagination and beyond the limitations of appearance. Indeed, these are elements in his own efforts to find his own basis, through verifiable format, induction leading to formulation and formulae, as he studies functional command, whether encrypted in his own coding machinery, or his own originations in the same field, and does so using imagination and purposive thrust.  In this, mankind is helped by the word of God which declares the case directly, re the eternal power and nature of God (Romans 1:17ff.), as well as the penalties of overlooking or deriding or in any case, disregarding this.


Man's own mind demands the same (SMR, TMR), in principle, as God's wordd provides; though the word of God reveals His heart as only He can. There being moreover a stringency of reason TO that word. From that we learn the discretionary data, as from the office of some giant company, through its files, and the verifiable accounts of all. Indeed, through the Spirit of God, the one who has received Him, can have the equivalent of an interview with the Commander or Chairman, and while this does nothing to remove the rules or the commands, it does much to endue them with spiritual dew and to enlighten with a light divine.


We do not logically have a matter- or body-fixation. Matter does not have the power to speak: it is spoken into being in its format, but is not functional for code manipulation; and that is why this is never found. It does not do it. Its studied ways are diverse from this, and far lesser. You need code for command and command for the code standing ready, in conceptual proto-creation. The result, but not the cause, is outside intelligence: it is a deposit in this field, and not an operator: a fact that nothing can or does contradict, for the very simple reason that any system has its kind, character and bounds, according to the input for its creation.


Matter has power of various assembly in chemical, organic and inorganic varieties, and actions in physical conclaves of law and relationship. It has aptitude for division and even release of contained energy; but it is mind which has the power to functionalise code into command through conceptual realisation and functional implementation. The range of imagination and the power of implementation is the new limit for this action; and where there is spirit such that novelties of thought and enormities of error alike may be committed, we find further elements which CAN use matter, dependent on their own power; and such these often do, as in the case of man.


This is no nearer, however, to matter moving mountains to give itself code-creative power and unity-creating scope of imagination, even up to the level of that trilogy called man, than is a wood pile to creating a house. It is relevant, to be sure; but not sufficient.






Man loves to dither and declaim in this area, but never manages to escape the empirical facts, or the logical necessities, while the realities of creation and the word of God multiply on all sides; verifications in logic and the empirical field of testing are teeming like rain in a tempest (cf. Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ and Deity and Design …). The constant endeavour to escape reality, it is rather like that of al Qaeda to possess the West. It is based on theft and may seem a good move for power; but in the end, it is an idle substitution of money and arms  in the hope of snaring much of this world, just as naturalism is an idle hope of snaring the Creator in force talk, whereas not  only force (which does not 'arise' from nothing), but the perquisites of intelligence, wit and thought are all required as a very minimum, functionally to move in this sphere.


Man in general attests, and indeed has a bigger endeavour scope than matter can in itself provide: and using this field, he frequently either implicitly or explicitly moves to grab all the creation, including himself, from God: a massive insurgency, insurrection and rational irrelevance. Yet poor man does not have what it takes to be God; and to seek to strip Him of oneself as a creation, it is nothing short of theft and mockery of reason, not to mention God Himself. It is an urbanity verging on, and in spiritual terms, arriving at insanity (cf. Hosea 9:7). So acting, he merely lands in massive and constant antinomies, antilogies and antics (cf. Deity and Design ... Section 8).



Interestingly, the cost of failure, to service the ‘vehicle’ man, is spelt in considerable detail in that sole verified and validated book of revelation of the mind of God to man in written form, the Bible (SMR, TMR; and not surprisingly, when he imagines he or something less invents this man-dwarfing dynamic of code and command, and refuses the necessary power concerned in its designable Source, the cost is as great as in any other delusion.


Indeed, it is more, since this delusion is not about something, some element; it is about himself, all of him. It is a delusion transmissible in turn, just as the code is; and its results are found socially, financially, militarily, in degradation, just as the genes slowly degrade in a world being held to account.


The auditor is shortly to conduct the final assessment. It is well not to tell Him the outcome, but to find it in His word, and in His mercy. It is necessary there to find the REASON for life, and the GRACE God is willing to give in Jesus Christ, the Creator who came to His own, so expressive as the living Word of God, in the very format of man.


Being this,  not only has He spoken all made things into existence (John 1:1-3), but granted a way equally free to that of creation in His image:  into re-creation, regeneration for man, that he might live before Him. The cost He has paid; its implementation is never excluded by mere desirability, this is not the quest. He would have ALL and with weeping abandons, as Christ showed, those who will not (Matthew 23:37 cf. I Timothy 2, Colossians 1:19ff.): this, it is interpreted by God but it is the responsibility of man. NO ONE can ever be finally lost to the reality of God and His salvation, except by his own desire. To be sure, this is as foreknown to God, but it is thus that it is divinely cited (John 3:19). THUS and therefore, NO ONE should EVER even dream of abandoning the desire for God, as if His were not a solicitude infinite in quality and beautiful in nature: since it is in His heart to find even that last one, as the parable of the lost sheep of the 100, so exquisitely shows.






See  for example News  74; The Defining Drama  10 and Grand Biblical Perspectives Ch. 3 Appendix on the milieu of date, dynamic and kind. See also in this field, TMR 7 in recent updatings.






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