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A Testimony of The Australian Presbyterian Bible Church

As numbers of Church leaders demand definition and protection of religious liberties as the oxymoronic "same-sex" marriage embarks on its incredible corruption, acting as a taunt to God and a taint to man in the land, it is necessary to do much to help avoid this disaster. The case goes deep.


The Church of which Christ is the Head needs due help
in being delivered from confusion, and


all need adequate warning of the spiritual assault
concealed in this massive alteration of spiritual perspective
in view, which is not only seeking mandate,
but threatening compulsion.

Oxymoronic ? no, this is just a term referring to the close combination of opposites, like sharp and dull, in one verbal package: such as 'brilliant fool', James I being called the most brilliant fool in Christendom. There is an oxymoronic quality in joining a vast departure and denial,  to a normative and exclusive term, marriage,  which has for millenia signified that combination of diverse procreative designs in unison where love and its new generation results come together. It is given when a matured man and woman starting in the statistically normal case, as children arriving through the womb, where their genders were built without their permission, in much, formally unite. This includes coverage of the given means for the continuation of the race. In Christian terms, the love, commitment and clarity involved are compared with the love of Christ to His Church.

This term, marriage,  has EARNED its place by a) by being the experienced norm and understood and given means,  b) a natural gift from the Designer. In fact, it is useless pretending the most stupendous matching of the definition of design on earth, that is, man, in genetic splendour, is not a design, or that it made itself by eliminating poor designs as if eliminating the worst students made better ones, a popular and  easy  nonsense

(cf. Bulletins 82 and 83, The gods of naturalism have no go! and
Deity and Design ...
in the free 242 volume library  presented at webwitness.org.au).

Marriage is the term given to the marvellous, brilliant, reciprocal relationship that produces the results known as the human race. When lived according to the Bible, it is not merely wonderful in scope, but unique in kind: you have the leader, man, who has to sacrifice himself for his wife (Ephesians 5), but yet within that, rule to achieve coherence as necessary. When a thing called love is present,  as distinct from lust or other motives, this is great. It helps to produce mutual reliance, concern, co-operative strength, children, and joy in each other. Like other things in this fallen world (you should hardly need convincing by now, as people talk about atomic ruin to this globe so freely), it can challenge under test. Yet is best when truth is loved.

That this treasured term of historic meaning, earned reputation, and unique relationship for a unique presentation that comes naturally, the special means known as gender, should be manhandled (or woman-worked, if you prefer) into an abuse of natural proclivities, by using two same parts, instead of two matching complementary parts, has a few problems.

First, it is stealing the reputation gained by 'marriage', grabbing it and applying it.

Secondly,  it is unnatural.

Thirdly it is anti-design.

Fourthly, that leaves it open to undesigned features to riddle, ruin or compromise it.

Fifthly, it confronts the bloom of subtle differentiations which fascinate and are functional, in many aspects, between those following the natural, productive norm.

Sixthly, it blasts man's innovative mental powers against the physical, coded commands written within him in DNA, by which he is made as an embryo, equipped with multi-dimensional gene functions, which have never been seen making themselves in new levels of sophistication, without intelligence. God, we read in the Bible (see The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, for example at the cited site above), started to create by HIS WORD, and then stopped when He had finished (Genesis 1-2). We do the same at our own level, starting and stopping at will. It is a free action, not in itself coerced by conditions.

That is in accord with the evidence: this fascinating furore of intelligently interpretable language, DNA, started in the history of this earth, and then stopped,  in its vast display. Superman has been invisible, nor to be found spread throughout the earth, are enormous quantities of failed designs, in ludicrous mismatches, even if design could make itself, including that of matter for that matter, from nothing. It is hard to make anything when not there to do it, and when nothing is all that is there to do it, it is simple contradiction in terms, loose and invalid talk, for nothing has no potential.

If it did have it, it would be something-with-potential, and no longer NOTHING. Indeed, something from what is entirely nothing is ludicrous and an oxymoron in a phrase form. In short, if it has  potential, it is not nothing; and if it has none, it cannot develop either potential or anything else.

Therefore, to escape the dilemma one has to have what can work,  and NEVER just nothing. Is all always with enough potential - to come from nowhere ? Yet nothing includes neither atom nor galaxy, logic nor reason, this structure or that, one or many, nor does it hold dynamic. Again, deny reason and you cannot even present your case without self-contradiction. When will talk of God settle down to be logical!  Not while He is denied.

Simply, if at any time or overall case, nothing were ever ALL, then since it can have no future without becoming SOMETHING-with-potential, nothing would both be and remain all. This however is not the case.

This self-contradiction is an internally divisive approach, a schizoid and dead approach to man.

Seventhly, it is making war on the Designer*1, who is the One who instituted logic as a functional procedure inside man's mind AND in the universe, SO THAT man may successfully use logic to follow the nature of the universe and its laws, structure and intelligible methods of operation, and learn more of it all as he goes.

But some Australians do not want that war, and in particular, to increase its shattering impact: is it necessary for grabbing a word! Yet it is a word which, in its application,  severs from the God of creation and design not only as manifest in DNA, made for the body, but He being wiser than we, for our  spirits and lives (I Corinthians 5:9 - 6:10). Tossing aside the handbook, it assails deliverance for the spirit of man, providing free remedy of the Designer, Creator and  Sustainer for which He has already paid (I John 2:1-2), this being sufficient for our follies and faithlessness, without even using force to get it. It is by invitation (Galatians 6:14, Romans 3 cf. The Shadow of a Mighty  Rock). It is by gift (Romans 6:23), unalloyed (Romans 3:23ff., Ephesians 2). Life is a gift at the first and eternal life at the last. Not all receive it; not all reject it. Logic, the word of God and the genes speak one way.

Eighthly, Doing this now - while people are showing and being shown the folly of humanism in particular in this planet in a way that even rather young children could appreciate in simple terms - is also irresponsible, perilous, and ignoring the lessons of history not only in the Bible, but in recent times. Nations of heavy Christian background, sometimes as for many now,  throw away more and more of that background, and fall more and more into stark dangers of dissolution amid unresolved confusion. This often includes massive debt, failing armaments, or needless vulnerabilities, social disruption, aimless living and delinquent behaviour as wandering ideas drift in and out. Violence has less restraint at various levels. Intemperate will tampers with permanent truth in vast violations.

Face it: making man into some kind of absentee god, who did not happen to be around when creation was instituted is abortive: nothing won't do it, for nothing has no potential (if it had, it would be something with potential). What it takes to create matter or time or space or to present and use reason and will and personality and imagination, has to be  adequate for all this from the first, for it gains and can gain nothing AT ANY TIME, from nothing, and so needs to be utterly adequately equipped from  the first. God is eternal by logical necessity. If nothing were at any time altogether all, it would forever be all. But it is not so.

Here then in such assertions of nothing, lies an ultimate unwisdom as well as thanklessness, and so in turn, rebellion. In the ASSUMPTIONS underlying this gender spontaneity, as if we were creators of ourselves, which is not in fact the case, lies an anti-biblical religion, a logical impasse and a budding new religious authority, not yet giving itself a name.

Ninthly, finally for now,  it is boorish to this generation, which is by such errors brought into the very closest proximity to being  the last in this entire Age. Christ in fact predicted a future for this earth, including its becoming impossible to continue carrying  the human race UNLESS HE CAME BACK, as He indicated He would, and will do (Matthew 24:22, 35).

It is better, a far better thing, to say NO! to this damaging pretence that there is any equality in same-sex marriage. The topic here being difference, it is mere ignoratio elenchi, ignoring of the theme in view, to  dismiss it as beside the  point. It happens here to BE the point.

In fact, this terminology is a distorting of what is normally of equal importance but not identical in nature, into a collision, in terms of function. It is is as if to make reproduction meaningless. It removes the magnificent wonder of what weighs equally as to being, but is divergent, in the male and female components in the creation of a child. This it does CRUCIALLY and obviously, as well as visibly and operationally.

Women, like other closely correlated beings called men, are select; and that difference produces delight to those who love both, and do not confuse things. In fact, the new idea appears to contain this: a relationship including dysfunctional reproductive actions as a type  is to be called marriage, and without this physically dysfunctional arrangement,  love is thwarted.

That is a vast insult to love.  Equality is not another name for identity, nor love another word for sex. Diversification about an identity in kind can be a truly great thing, as in an orchestra, and command that this is to be thrown away in this matter, in verbal pretence, is merely loss both of functional realism and clarity.

As always, the desire is that people be warned, aware, alerted to some of the problems which occur when a move is made. Warning is a work of benevolence and realism. This projected and indeed already basically present move is heavily spiritual, but if this urgent caveat be rejected, although a new brand of religious persecution seems most likely  to be in view, yet much of freedom remains. Truth is always safe, and its spreading is a work of love and concern. Yet its singularity needs maintenance, and mere popularity, often a disastrous prelude to woe in sudden onsets, is not to be confused with it.





See on the  necessity of this concept, the Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny volumes.