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The Gaunt and Glorious Realities amid the Spiritual Schedule

for the Chosen Participants,
as Prophecy is released into and realised in History.

Let there be no confusion.



What of the magnificent manufacture of man as now exhibited in commands in the DNA as part of the entire procedure of the speech of God controlling the conditions for man, indeed his creation, for words and worlds of billions of symbols do not write themselves, nor are means found in matter for them to do so, nor are they found doing so ? Further, this multiple marvel is not the only masterpiece of the Creator.

As to the writing of another book, after that one, this one not to command successive generations of man (and others) into existence, like the script for our construction, but to instruct on the life given: after that, it is not in the least surprising. Merely  to  present, is useless of course without also the power to implement these commands and so make both the books, whether in material format or literary, whether to put man there, or to instruct him once he has come. But

neither in the creation of the orders to be followed so that things might be, 

nor in the operative ingredients to deliver them INTO existence,

nor in the instructions for those IN existence

has the Master Designer left Himself without a telling testimony. Part of this is the sheer intellectual genius of its nature, part its fully functioning condition, part its mutual complementarity, so that all works to a comprehensive, mutually supportive schema. This requires quite simply not only the conformity of flesh, but this time of history to its specifications. In both cases, it works; the things specified happen, on the scale of prodigy, whether in the making of things or the provision for the nature of history to follow, and this, not as some mere program, but as the issuance of freedom. God works at His own level, and it is necessary to get used to this, empirically, as to anything else; and this being the ultimate, this is not less necessary but more so, and its omission not less so, but the more.

In WHY NOT  BELIEVE ? Chs. 1-3, SMR Chs.-  9, Messiah, Jesus Christ,  Ch. 12, as in Department of Bible ... Volume 10, Ch. 14, , Volume 11, Ch. 2, Ch. 5, Ch. 17, for example, we see the prophetic depiction concerning Israel, the nations, the world, the Christ, His suffering scenario and visit, His ruling theme and majesty (cf. Luke 24) as predicted. A large part of this being fulfilled in my own generation, say since 1936 or so. With amazing craftsmanship from the Almighty as typical of Him, history has proceeded with righteous fidelity to His word at sweeping speed, till blindness is almost a pre-condition for not seeing it (John  9:39-41). It is all shown to be there, in  all factuality as is confirmation in an experiment in physics, of some  claim, How ? It is by just doing it. First it is done for history to come, and then In history now, as God as to His prophetic word, is just doing it. His signature is not least seen in the absence of any other way, whether in thought or deed.

Whether for man to be, or receive mandate, it is the same. God has articulated, acted and covered the case. If man chooses to disregard it, as if America had been no more pursued after Columbus and sequel, so be it. That does not move it, or disprove it, but characterises those who choose to ignore or deride or imagine things never seen.

More, as to prophecy, the words of the book provided, the thing that happens do not constitute an interpretation but a complex scenario with specific elements laid out as a visual feast. Nor is there anything like either 'book', that which controls the productions of babes, in each generation, or of accounts of what is to be.

Hence confusion is entirely and utterly inappropriate, just as it is almost obliteratingly operative in proud dynamic and even ignorant derision, just as was truth in the day of Christ, though He WAS it (just as He is it).

Thus, for example, just as He said,


Jerusalem would be a Gentile pawn until their special day
("the times of the Gentiles") was past, fulfilled,
and the land would be smitten (Luke 21:23-24);
but when the Gentile epoch came to its finish,
and Israel was back in place with its nation, and as to its capital,
Jerusalem with the foot of the Gentiles no longer crushing it,
this was one of the signals that  soon HE Himself would be back:

so it is.

All the  rest of the signals now are coming, like cows moving to the milking shed, en masse, this one with them. So let us seek to penetrate into the dust and see clearly what is the case, on the one hand, the ecclesiastical with special reference to  Romanism, and on the other in broader themes, as the world moves nearer to the come-uppance for its dreary worldliness and confused cruelties.

First the nation, Israel, would be in its site, and this single and singular happening, once found, was (with the context of other developments) a sure signal, a unique occurrence, an unconfusable occurrence, a telling testimony that  the return of Christ was now near. The Jews would have had from Abraham something like a 2000 year innings, but failing in the spiritual domain, had to sit out while the Gentiles had theirs (which is now about the same length). THEN, the NEXT feature, the return of the Suffering Servant as King was clearly  predicted. It is a fascinating reflection for such as this author, that since I was born, this has happened, this profound epic of Israel has come to the next phase, and the entire Gentile  world is now in a hubbub of holocaust, genocide, mass murder, revolt and revolting ways, distortions and disturbances, as their self-esteem soars and their morals increasingly rot, even with panache in some cases!

All the  rest of the terminal signals for this Age (cf.  SMR Chs.-  9) now are coming, like cows moving to the milking shed, en masse, this one with them. So let us seek to penetrate into the dust and see clearly what is the case, on the one hand, the ecclesiastical with special reference to  Romanism, and on the other in broader themes, as the world moves nearer to the come-uppance for its dreary worldliness and confused cruelties.


In the midst of


cultural and counter-cultural wreckage, and


worship of culture, by many given
pseudo-sacred rights to rites and sustenance to wrongs
as if having been something MEANS that this is to be protected,
if some group of people is involved,
so that humanism becomes endemic and man is the divine object,
though not divine:

there is naturally scope for all that is happening.

You cannot, however, trade God in for man. Since man did not make man, and God did, man does not understand man, and God does; indeed,  man has not given evidence of understanding man, and God has (cf. SMR, TMR). Avoid the evidence, however, and avoid the situation, and so far from escaping the calamitous consequences now being forged in the fires or irrational rationalism (feverish endeavours to make man's measure from man for man, in a truncation of truth), you enter the smoke of those fires willingly, and normally, not to put them out but to be roasted.

In some of the more reverentially treated philosophic masquerades,  you have universe(s) blithely sailing out of nothing, though not only is the key to be fashioned missing (since nothing has no future or potential, but is merely a a registration of total absence of all things), but so also is the door, its frame, its setting, its space, its place, its turning  scope and the time for it to turn, with the reason for it. Needed as well, to enter into this luxuriant emptiness of a space that also has to be generated from nothing, on this hypothesis, if it is to be faithful to itself and not a merely smuggling of philosophic contraband to the original proposition, are the molecules.

So too, if we are to have anything to do with actuality, are the atoms atoms, with the atomic fragments, and the mentality for developing the mental, the analytical powers for PRESENTING what then becomes subject to the current analytical power of man, picking up what has been put in, and calling these laws by the names he gives. Wrapped in rationality, the attestations, including the logical apparatus latent in man's mind, as patent in the universe and ready to be discovered, do not faint because of the winds of unbelief. As in a murder, the facts are not removed by fuss.

Further, in addition  for the mentality for the composition of each and all, there is the need for 'nature' to make itself before it is there to do it, and to be able to resist ALL endeavours  to show itself doing this type of thing, or grounds for its occurrence. It is like wanting to buy when you find yourself out of money. It is a situation which quite simply does not fit.

With such a profusion of confusion, you have a misuse of mentality, a disruption of causality at base, while using these same things in a vain attempt to defend your position. Such is the precipice for the unbeliever.

This, it is only one element of the confusion, of the script assigned,  because of those who want to imagine nature doing all this from nothing, from which it comes; and why ? It is, as is sometimes admitted, because many are  so intolerant of having a maker of mind, matter and spirit, and their synthesis in man, in having an adequate or even arguable base for the race, that they WILL NOT accept the unanswerable call of reason, even attempting to trivialise the causality they use in trying to defend their position in one of the most calamitous self-contradictions of history.

The calamity in this 21st century is coming in the pretence of goodness on the part of tyrants, of good intentions on the part of deceivers, the lust for power, majesty, glory, whether of a race, a people, a nation, a concept, an  empire, a culture or any other ludicrous aspirant, or of a PART to account for the WHOLE, when even the part has neither account for itself or for the rest coming from it.

You have wars to end wars, which do not in the least change the adventurous, arrogant, self-vaunting and taunting amid nations and other groups, some pursuing their aggregative interests as if the death of tens of millions were a mere bagatelle in comparison with their expansive purpose; and while deceit dictates, enabling rapid  invasive purpose, violation proliferates as if it were justice. These are the fruits of self-interest, instead of God obedience, self-made madness given scope as if philosophy, and failure to find, or even  tolerate Him whose word makes man, in his generations, as at the first, and  directs Him as to the last (Matthew 5:17-20), were some holy cow, convoluted shrine or wonder to watch.

In such a world, who can summon the exalted gall to object to the means of discipline, rebuke, which show themselves; or the evidences attesting the massive breaches, now even in some Western democracies coming to the point of ignoring the way we are made, and the commands in our DNA specifying how  the race is to continue, and using these very things contrary to perfectly apparent configuration and production. A race that departs from the desire to  please God, to know Him, to find His mercy and gain understanding in a post-rational oblivion is not merely faced by biblical condemnation (as in I Timothy 1, Romans 1, I Cor. 4-5), but by grounds for it!

Thus, this not being the first time man has rebelled (equally in the texts cited, in adulteries and various ethical enormities, such as foretold in I Timothy 1, 4,  II Timothy 3), equally basic are the many plagues (such as were famous in the Egyptian deliverance in the Exodus). Thus there is the richly attested flood of a deep, divine rebuke, as a large part of mankind insists on making of himself and his race a driftwood, incoherently a product of nothing, while himself acting with complex purposes, or persists in envisaging gods of its desire, blatantly ignoring the Creator's mind (better  attested than is  any performance of man, man himself being one of God's ideas  and inventions), and will. There is a time when action is needed amid foolishness.

Ingeniously developed and also to be witnessed, then, are objectifications of the curse (as in Genesis and not unexpectedly), when it is not met in mercy. There, like it or not,  are the insects, spiders  and snakes, and the interactions of man against man in his own midst, allowed or organised to challenge man in his pretensions, often amounting to imagining he is, or  can become, or can act as, God.

As in Amos 4, weather also can remind man of his truancy from truth, and baleful belligerence or bathetic assessments, even at that, including the imagination that despite that, he still has the truth. How can he have it if it is not there on his relativistic assessment ? And if he had it, why is he left in such a confusion in the realm of philosophy that its very name is often the ground for disdain, dismissal or an endless bog. And why does he pretend his self-made gods should be believed, when their attestation fails (see  RELIGION, RELIGIOSITY AND REALITY IN CHRIST, Errors and Sects). 

It need not be so; and one place where this is shown in in SMR, TMR; and it is able to be shown because God has provided the Bible which not only constantly verifies itself prophetically, and meets the case causally, but show how man can be pulled out of his bog, and surrounded by the power of His Maker, His nature and His provisions. Indeed, it is one of the most useful facts for any seeking the truth, not only the need to avoid attempts which in their own model exclude the very existence of truth while purporting to declare it, but to find what has no self-contradiction, only fulfilment and capacity to answer every question and challenge in the field of man and God, nature and super-nature, of man's duty and his exclusions and of his path of peace and pleasantness, grace and wisdom.

It is not a problem, but would be, were there no divine response to this miscreancy so common in man; and if man's blight of the light were not even surrounded with butchery of those who belong to the Lord, as of the yearnings in their own hearts, before they are utterly surrendered to confusion. Confusion and knives, sickness and swords, obsessions and departure from the obvious, irrationality defended by reason! It is like a failed champion telling athletes how to win races...


Pain  and suffering when they are a chief result of the butchery (mentally, morally, spiritually, physically) of reality (as far as may be, as in the crucifixion of Christ), they would need to be explained away if they were MISSING! The provocations become more intense, as the marvellously made mind of man becomes the conceiver of wild dreams, making use of the never verified nor rationally attested dream of organic evolution, fouled before it begins (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!). It does this not only to make invalid dreams forcibly taught to the young, free from open challenge, and made into barrages of force amid the professions of those older, very frequently, but to dream themselves into a 'control' of this non-existent process so that it will do the opposite to what it was first supposed to  cover. It is like saying, put down the accelerator! See that makes the car go. Now we will turn this into a brake, so that with the same explanatory mechanism, by  pure brilliance, we will  stop instead of thrust forward the car.

Truly this desire to turn what is deemed a gross and harsh procedure, into a favourable and more acceptable or reputable one, has the very pith of confusion. If it is so because of a method, is that same method to be deployed so that its heart and reason, does the opposite! Will a blight in harshness become a blessing in meritorious sentiment, and still work ? Will 'nature' be reproved, and stand on its head! Is fantasy to become an obsessive-compulsive cultural object, as man reinvents both himself and the world ?

The difference from the actual creation is this, that that worked, and man is, whereas these frenzied thoughts of evolutionary self-making (a denial even in terms) creates nothing but wars, an inventory of pride, a militancy of pseudo-soaring, which moves matter around but does not make it, which makes dreams instead of progress, except in more discovery of what God has already done, being able to do so, unlike man, who is a little late in his painful efforts, being made already. Will a benevolent evolutionism, then, work and make man progress upwards with the same nothingness that attended its birth!

But then it never worked, and so may be summoned, as now may be parents, to a tender solicitude and sacrifice which if still red in claw, is red with the blood of dauntless care for the young! How vicious are the ludicrous generalisations and how inert the summaries of the seduced.

Yet the pain does follow the drug of philosophy and shameless perversion of science that has been involved. Thus just as man tries increasingly to  avert the obvious, avoid the God of his creation, and so invokes more of the sharpness of the curse, so he moves towards becoming replacement for the reality, a breeze that creates the heavens, a wisp that creates the foundations, a mentality that despises mentality.

By many devices, as in secondary and tertiary institutions of learning, now even proceeding to earlier times in their distortions, man is thus seeking to make himself immune to reality, while it complains as it makes up gods at its pleasure*1, pursues principles without application, assertions without attestation, and penalises what is logical if it impinges on its arrogance and autonomy. Is then the continual violation of truth by this autonomy, this self-propelled imagination seeking to cover reality but doing so only with dream, to be met with peace and prosperity, congratulation by the truth, or with increasing corruption, disruption, till man can scarcely hold on to life on this earth, as Christ predicted (cf. Matthew 24:22)! Finding out is increasingly an experimental matter, in this inventive century.

But at its base, Christ came at His pleasure and provided the testimony (cf. SMR Appendix C, Ch. 6), at the date predicted (cf. Christ the Citadel, Ch. 2), to leave the impact predicted (Isaiah 49:6, 52-53) on the basis foretold (Psalm 2, 16, Isaiah 40) with all the imperviousness to insurrection to which resurrection testified, while the prophetic coverage of a very conformist world history, continued to verify the word of God, the Bible of His handbook instruction. It is as if the follies that followed sought precisely to follow, both in general and in many particulars, the script He had left. 



The Secular Substitute, the Spiritual Surrogates and the Striving Stranglers

One element of that script refers to His Church, that of Jesus Christ, and those who, like Judas at the first, will become, even falsely inside it, in its midst, will become religious-style assailants, sartorial slaughterers, deceptive workers, wolves in sheep's clothing (cf. Matthew 7, II Peter 2), seemingly participants but in fact pollutants, .seemingly peaceable but inflamed and volatile, even engaging in a form of commerce in this, that they "make merchandise"

of those whom they dupe (Jude, II Peter 2, Romans 1, I Timothy 4:1ff., Jeremiah 23:16-20),

of the victims of their predations.

So it proceeds with*2


the sumptuous feasts of sects, old and new,




neo-orthodoxy with its smooth definitional manipulations,


liberalism with its superficial rationalisms,


using reason to deny reason,


neo-evangelicalism with its lordly fantasies
of lip service and substantial departures (cf. Isaiah 29).

In other words, those use and abuse the privilege of a Church background for their own self-aggrandisement, or that of their nostrums, corrupted or confused or both, as in Jeremiah 23 and its predictions of an abundance of the same, in the "latter days", and we are very late! (cf. Matthew 24, Luke 21). The popular and sometimes pseudo-secular fantasies proceed in step, with a secular pantheon of disguised gods, such as Hawking produces, assigning whatever to the source, as if thought could dismiss causality while itself dependent on its use, committing the folly of begging the question in vagueness which meets no logical rigour, while acting in its name. Will the 'universe' indeed decide what course is best, or it wants, and will the mind that selects be part of begging the question, while the universe to be accounted for, just sticks around by systems and wonders when its very presence is the question left unanswered; and is such antithesis and antilogy to become part of the famed culture of 21st century man!

Thus militant forces, bereft of wisdom and reason, equipped with massacring gods move into place in increasing numbers, varieties and styles, their summons without reason, or contrary to it, like rocket towers hidden in the midst, emerging (the root term emergent is even used of some churches), ready for ignition. It resembles Putin's lying grab for the Crimea, and push to recover Ukraine, already once murderously raped by the heartless USSR, using eviction, transport to dying labour in Siberia and starvation as elements of diplomacy and strategy, and now beckoning the ravaged, to come again, or summoning to be brought! But that is in part to grab the physical; the ultimate is to grab the spiritual, making an eternal dissolution, to substitute for spiritual awakening and reconciliation with God.

The movement from a vacuity from which nothing could come, to a bloodied hand from which much might come, and did, is not new; it is merely accelerating. The use of false religion for power grabs is not a novelty, any more than that of anti-religion, as in the French revolution, for the same purpose. In the turmoils where truth is defiled, any source will do, and this world shudders in its wake.

Let us consider one case, increasingly considered as part of a Christian assemblages of churches, but in  fact this world's church, its version of Christianity, with its endless seeming stratification of priest, prelate, bishop, archbishop, pope as God Almighty on earth and the like, its wealth, its history of killings as ecclesiastical terrorists in inquisitorial actions extending over hundreds of years, accompanied by theft of the resources of victims, torture of their bodies, condemnation of their testimony and the setting up of a traditional base of incompatibles in Canon Law*3 over history (Mark 7:7ff.). This, even able to make war with soldiers, against exponents of the word of God as in the case of the Waldensians.  If the ways change with the times, and apology is made for the work of 'Christians' how does such testimony of centuries suddenly make 'Christians' out of perpetrators, and out of idolators, who do not and will not change (cf. SMR pp.1086 -  1088Dff.).

What of this system of belief ? It turns through a papacy a desire to help into a territorial crusade, pursued the murder of vast masses of dedicated Christians no less, in a spiritual crusade and turned a feast explicitly in remembrance of Himself,  into a pseudo-sacrificial accomplishment of their own,  giving to their priesthood power over the penitent. In this way, bread is misnamed, is given worship precisely contrary to specifications (John 6:62-63, Luke 22:19, I Corinthians 11:24-25), in a way mocked by the Saviour. How would any misuse of the concepts be possible, when HE Himself would be in heaven, or how would they be able to misuse His speech, which was SPIRITUAL, a matter of spirit, if He were not even available for such nostrums, but back in His celestial place! So He moved their minds from contradicting the purpose of the feast into conception of its meaning.

Moreover, though this transformation, in His New Covenant, was spiritual, yet in its very fulness it abolished the former priesthood as Hebrews 7 is at no small pains to show; for our high priest is "holy, harmless and higher than the heavens", and such is the role He has as Redeemer, those others being after a fleshly commandment, but His after that of endless life (Hebrews 7:10-25). In conferring eternal life, He first has it, and then ministers it with a "better covenant which was established upon better promises," in a more excellent ministry than that which depended on the works of dying priests and new cadres. These are the qualifications for that priesthood which renders the old one obsolete (Hebrews 8:13), and this, it was not only the very epitome and finale of priesthood, but a fitting post for the Creator (Hebrews 2:10-18). Let those who share His credentials contest the post. The Bible accords it to Him only.

There is none, as Hebrews shows, comparable, to whom such qualifications are applicable outside the deity Himself, and He who now rules instead of priests is eternally chosen, those inherently inadequate in the end. He but not they, being higher than the heavens, is not duplicable on the earth! having in all things the pre-eminence (Ephesians 1:18-23, Colossians 1:18). He but not they, having travelled lower than the earth, expiating sin for those who receive His purge, pardon and presence as Lord and Saviour, smashing death and providing for freedom its apex in Him, who made the gift of eternal life itself freely available by His actions (Romans 3:23ff., 6:23, Ephesians 1:11, 4:9ff.). As Author of the faith, redeemer for the faith, focus for faith, He alone has  priestly powers (Hebrews 2, 4, 7-10), and alone is Master and Teacher (Matthew 23:8-10).

But some have acted as if they were granted certain rights and rites of infallibility (SMR pp. 1048ff., 1053ff., 1056ff.), and the desolation of this religious innovation is assured (as in Revelation 18-19 cf. SMR pp. 947ff.). From Rome comes the Romanism, the elevation of man and city with folly (Matthew 23:8-10) so that a  man born in sin is elevated  to the supreme authority, despite Christ's prohibition of calling any man Father or granting to Him the supreme word of Master, Teacher.

To the downgrading of this phenomenon, degrading the purity of the love of Christ into what the Bible deems spiritual harlotry, two prolonged chapters concerning the terminal involvement of the city of the 7 hills are dedicated (Revelation18-19, following the depiction of Ch. 17), as the turmoil of the end of the Age descends like a cloud, and the return of Christ proceeds past the bustling scene depicting the termination scene for Rome (cf. SMR pp. 946).

Following the failure of ancient Israel, epitomised in the crucifixion of Christ the Lord at the instigation of priests, there has been no regal kingdom of incandescent righteousness and surpassing peace to rule the world, nor before the return of Christ (Revelation 19) was there scope for one (John 18:36), for His kingdom is not of this world. Indeed, repeatedly as in Isaiah 11, 32, 59, He is seen Himself as the visible and recognised head of it, suffering no place for iniquity. What aspires to such heights is but an invasion of what is His as in His own day, so that even papal wars have arisen, popes have countermanded popes, multiple contestants for a worldly dominating power arising to fall, like meteors imagining they were stars, papal morals have degraded not seldom, making mockery of morals, and splendour and pomp among riches have created a world power using religious themes, which even had its own empire (the Holy Roman Empire) amid ambitions of grandeur, once according parts of the world to this or that nation!

Many are the alien exhibitions of those who misuse Christ, but this one is strangely regarded by many, giving to its imperial abuse a certain acceptance as though this specific rebellion against Him were an expression of Himself, to be cited in terms of the nature of His kingdom and His Church!

It is rather like the case of Israel of old, when it was subverted and God held it liable (cf. Jeremiah 7:8-17, and Isaiah 29:13 and indeed Isaiah 1), a false testimony, one bringing on His work the bad name of those who abuse it and misuse it, the very opposite of its proper mission.

It is too much to attribute the name of Christ Jesus to what denies His word, defies His ruling and is even willing to use the language of deity, for its proponents ("God Almighty on earth" for the papacy), or to apply it to those who worked singular persecution in a combination of blasphemy and multiple murder, as if the Christians often its victims, sanctified the use of His name, that of His Church, His body, in terms of their assailants. Is the oppressor the same as the victim, or are his works of devastation of the people of Christ, a just ground for conferring His name upon it, as if it were His body! Are opposites to become a sort of dead-minded official routine, and confused as if a courtesy!

Romanism is now taken for granted as contributing throughout the violent ages of its persecution of Christians to the due name of Christianity, while in fact it was murderous against thousands, just as Communism has been murderous more lately, and Islam over a similar period to that of Rome, with its false Christ, invented 600 years after actuality, and with no ground but assertion without evidence, in one more tilt against the majesty of the Saviour, without whom man cannot live, and hence now lives in a murderous, mischievous, deceitful international, squalling muddle. What Rome did, Islam in many, growing groupings, does.

Instead of peace, in the very place where using violence and force is forbidden, religious bodies citing their own neo-christ, attack now, in a hideous dereliction and betrayal of the One whose credentials are in blood, not least , and that, His own!

As with Islam, so with Rome. As with the one, so with the other, there is another unsupported variation of Christ, stealing the name and glory attached to it, and removing the ground of glory in human self-exaltation, whether of an Islamic false prophet or a Roman one, given glory. Thus two massive distortions and truancies from His teaching, have massive followings as one might expect in view of Christ's predictions in Matthew 24:12ff., 24:24.

Islam too has its own Jesus, created in the mind of man, a stripped fantasy and a formal literary cartoon. That one, given His name, is given a place in the tale. He becomes a good man in a line of godly prophets, the latter, in their Koran,  deemed to be people from God. It was there that the actual and original Jesus is shown as if superseded and re-made with artistic but fantasising imagination, so that He is to bow to another and more recent prophet, Muhammad, though the doctrine of the latter in the Koran is utterly contrary concerning His salvation, deity and redemption. It is there that they effectually  make a permanent caricature, a grisly, grating image with invasive pen.

To whom is the One who acted, and is so caricatured,  to bow ? why to one called a prophet, his powers not on exhibition, who occupied Mecca by force, and ruled in writing how to use force where subservience to its laws was breached. Thus there was one more, this one religious claimant *4, who compelled subservience by force, they lacking testimony to warrant it, including certain cases of instructions, leading to death so that only Allah COULD be praised, or to ignominy and repressive taxes and treatment.

So Romanism is not alone in altering the Christ and trashing some of His commandments to allow room for their papal, false prophet. It cannot however with impunity be used to cast a cloud of darkness on Biblical Christianity, which follows the word of God, the Bible, as if in using the name of Christ, they can involve the Church which they have so ably persecuted, prosecutors extraordinary. That is foul play in which this world excels, as if a bank robber were to use his break-in to attack the good name of the bank! There are however limits even to confusion!

With such things, the world is disadorned, and while there is beautiful art, there is also artifice and foolish are those who do not respond to such claims as Christ commands (cf. Matthew 24:23-28). But there is always room for repentance, in this as in love of God, He seeks (Matthew 22), and in the Gospel of glory, He invites.

Meanwhile, multiply afflicted with diversions, distortions, false dynamics, abuses of the freedom of Christ, spiritual imbroglios, specious insinuations, what becomes of this world with its multiple invasions, with things old and new, in this way and in that ? Instead of peace, whether formerly or currently, there is violence and it mounts. What was atrocious becomes wantonly woeful, multiply murderous as predicted in Revelation 6, where death becomes a way of life, now manifest in the militant and increasingly deluded Muslim*4 terrorism, itself now almost like an Act V climax in a play of Shakespeare. Yet it is flanked by a resurgent Russia, fresh from the killings in the Ukraine, murderously treated now, as utterly ravaged in the day of the amoral USSR. As to that, it might appear that it is in preliminary training for the assault with other nations, to come on Israel, now next door for it, as depicted in Ezekiel 38-39.

Let us pursue this general theme. Thus Romanism, because of its nature, has no more relevance  to the Christianity of Jesus Christ, than salt damp has to the definition of a house. That, it is a destructive addition, not an exhibit of what a house is. Like false teaching such as this, it is intimate with the house (as in II Peter 2:1ff.), gets into its secret places, ruins and destroys by being left alone in the house, and if not separated from it, has power to bring it down. Hence the prohibitions of joining or remaining where the commands are systematically breached as in Romans 16:17 (cf. Separation 1997). Indeed, if any such variation from the doctrine of Jesus (as in the case of I Timothy 6:3ff.) is allowed to stay, it weakens the very structure of the whole house, and acts as if a plague, which similarly, as in the case of Romanism, can kill many in its raging.

Far more sobering than physical depredations are the spiritual ones; for faith is the very vehicle of salvation, and the singularity of the sacrifice of Christ, which is remembered in remembrance, not repeated in a bloodless and inventive manner, is excluded from multiplicity as from repetition, from mutation as from offering by another (Hebrews 2, 7ff., John 10:1-10).

Whatever may be the intent of such works, in the house of Christ, ecclesiastical murder is not to be confused with divine mercy in firing up the victims, and indeed, it is less the danger than spiritual misdirection, leading to faith where it is forbidden, whether in priest or family or bread or any other excluded contrivance.

Histories of the Christian Church which attribute its vaunting papal dreams and forbidden mysticism to the biblically defined body, simply trace assault as a natural activity, very much as is being done with Putin, in the case of many, as if to say, that's the way it acts. However in religion it is not assumption but presumption so to proceed, since the name of the One in view is utterly contrary to any such procedures.  Even politically, it is a dangerous thing, like hypnotism, as the rapid advance with Hitler justly showed.

In terms of Romanism, war was made


on the Christian Waldensians, and


on many others in the Inquisition,

including cases staggering enough (cf. SMR pp. 1032ff.), and in effect


on the Last Supper of remembrance by the alien claims of the Mass, as


on free and direct grace in the intrusion of priestly man,
re-inventing himself despite Hebrews 7*5.

Thus the direct commands of Christ were abased, and so He degraded whether in word or in implication or both, enabling Him to be ridden over and stamped on AS HE WAS AND IS, with such non-celestial transmutation.

However, no use of the name of Jesus Christ, whether by this body or that, whether for land grabs, lordly  grabs of authority, ruinous grabs of victims, theft grabs from doomed peoples is less than duplicitous distortion when man follows this route (cf. Luke 6:46, Matthew 7:15ff.), of his highly contrary purposes or proposals. He who sacrificially would not even protect Himself, and used truth as both necessary and presented in the Father's name (John 12:48-50), as authority has no kingdom of this world, nor does He inhabit its methods (cf. John 14:28-30). Indeed there are two very large examples of this type of thing, and many exhibit ambitions for some of it, as foretold. Many want uninhibited mastery over their victims, as they assert themselves (Matthew 7:15, II Corinthians 10-11), with varying degrees of delusion or deprivation. Some even await the Church becoming Lord, and presenting this world to Christ on His return, as if He had not SAID,

"My kingdom is not of this world! otherwise would My servants fight!"

Political man  may fight, but not the Church, the body of Christ.




As in creation,  so in salvation; and as in salvation, so in conquest, it is Christ who conquers as in Daniel 7:21ff., Revelation 19, Matthew 24:29ff., winning in the very midst and immediate presence of the fulminating evil, gathering its wares in assault on God in the finale of the four kingdoms. It is He alone who judges, God Himself, and not another (John 5:19-24, Acts 17:31), and it is likewise He alone who, smashing the armies against Him in pertinacious confrontation (Revelation 19:19), brings on the judicial climate, against a humiliated people, against the agitators for divine honours! (cf. Micah 7, Revelation 12). GOD ONLY is the Rock, and the Church points to it (cf. Psalm 62:2-6, Isaiah 44:8, SMR pp. 98 -99). If it were not so, He would not have said the opposite. It is always apposite to HEED what He says!

No man is the terrestrial master, nor is any group, and He who is will manifest this in His time (as in Acts 1:7ff.), by Himself (as in Matthew 24:29ff.), and in terms of Biblical Christianity, we await not the take-over of the earth by the Church, but the restoration of the earth to God, with the long lapse in terms of test and liberty past, and the revivals ERUPTIVE (as to be in Israel, found in Zechariah 12-13). It is the arrival of the Christ for which we wait, as it were, having our loins girded and our lamps alight, as in His own teaching. We who are His are not in diplomatic posts on this earth to sleep and tipple, but on mission to testify and live according to Him, through His Spirit, by His word, established by His redemption (cf. II Timothy 1:12, John 5:24, Romans 3:23ff., Galatians 3, 5, Ephesians 1:11), knowing the joy of the Lord,  even amidst the sufferings of display of His word, Gospel and grace.

Sufferings ? Do you imagine when so much is insufferable, caparisoned with cruelty, tormented with torture, stricken by the million in lives lost, humiliated to the earth with barbarous beheadings and inhuman feasts and fiestas of pride, punctuated with performances of horror, vilely conceived for self-advantage as if our designs had no Designer, our vitality no source and our atoms no constructor, and our wisdom of life no place to settle, that there is no divine response to all of this ? Do men respond to rapacious or ridiculous thoughts as if they did not happen ? Are multiple murders left as if a nothing ? a caprice ?

God has answered in two ways the human situation, taking it at the top level. He has loathed and judged, with great restraint but massive ingenuity as in Genesis 3, and He has loved and performed great mercy in which He Himself has directly participated, becoming in His Word, His Personal Expression, man that as man He might bear man's burden of sin and judgment, remake him, and pardon. For such love, you see Paul wanting to make up its application by suffering as he needs, in order to demonstrate it, to remonstrate and to show it, in  preaching (as in Galatians,  cf. Colossians 1:24-29).

The light and the glory of the Lord is available to the uttermost (cf. Isaiah 48:15ff., Matthew 23:37ff., John 10:9,27-28) and man is even urged to receive His salvation, though it cost Him so much and elevates man from judged and convicted exclusion, to adoption and peace with God (Ephesians 1-2); but it is not illusory like some political program. It is received, like food, like medicine - indeed has been called the medicine of immortality; and if it is not, then the former, foul  case simply  remains, like any other gift not taken up. A gesture towards medicine as if to be glad it is there, for whom it may concern, is one thing; but that is abysmally diverse from TAKING IT!

But man seeks false glory, and inevitably, in the end it becomes gory, either literally or metaphorically in pointless lives, laboriously misused lives,  misspent lives, superficially pre-occupied lives, thankless lives that ignore the intricacy of what they consist of, its marvel and wonder and going philosophically beserk, imagine results without causes, using casuistry without basis, like Hawking. He appears to bring his something or other from somewhere in some way, when with nothing there is nowhere to come from, no resource to tap, no unthought of to seek or from which to come, vague pointing in any such direction thus constituting a contradiction in terms as the base for his imaginings. Nor is he essentially different in this from others who baulk at the bulk of causation, and flit with the fairy tales and illicit maunderings,  slapping down logic as they use it in a sort of pantomime for children, or fun parlour for diversion. But the diversion is FROM God and not for any good purpose. Built on  sand, it is rocked by anything.

Nor does it end nowhere, just as it did not come from the same. Thus, despite the glory of God and His gift of peace and wisdom in love and mercy in Jesus the Christ, you currently have in this near time to the return of Jesus Christ as King (in terms of Luke 21:24 and the Jews' return to Israel, definitionally, with all the other indicators), a scenario which threatens.

A Northern power was, with accompanying national bodies, to attack Israel and suffer in the wrath of God, who has already returned Israel  to its land in terms of prophecy (as in Luke 21:24, Matthew 23:39, Ezekiel 36-36, in preparation for the Messiah, as in Zechariah 12ff.). But what is it to suffer, and how ?

It is in an epic, epochal and massive defeat at the very hand of God, so that its prior exaltation of itself may be contrasted with its subsequent futility and frustration, its desolation and degradation. Now that Putin has shown his slow encircling tactics, and  slow march which appears  in seeking once more to grasp and humble the Ukraine, as did Stalin in one of the most merciless and heartless killer-user programs of history, and perhaps to have similar, insidious aggrandisement intent, perhaps preparing take-over of Syria as a  client State, with his increasingly fortified maritime base, near Israel, and on the Mediterranean, what follows ? It is this. He is already almost in  touch with Israel. Clashes of their aerial plans may readily occur, whether on purpose or contrary to program.

No one, meanwhile, knows but the Lord, and possibly Obama, what is in the US President's mind as he has refused the council of numerous official bodies in the US, concerning earlier intervention in the Syrian debacle, thus  allowing the Islamic  beheaders to gain cities and sites for defence and destruction, and to expand, gain order and finesse from backers, and strike many with fear. One thing is sure, it is the direction, intended or otherwise, of his actions in this sphere, including through Hilary Clinton an almost obsessive seeming dictatorial attitude to Israel in some of its intensively threatened situations, and now an alliance of this same US with Israel's arch-enemy among the nations, Iran, which has been threatening this same Israel with genocide these many years,

Such questions may be bypassed; but they remain. Israel, earlier purged not to bomb the threatening atomic power of Iran earlier, is now utterly betrayed. The land once helped so much by President Nixon, in President Obama is finding Iran now made some kind of partner of its former friend in the US! Not surprisingly, the Vatican*6, no friend of Jews during the Inquisition, we learn, recognised the State of Palestine in February 2013, and has been referring to it as a State for some time, although it has been given UN status since November 29, 2012, as a "non-member observer state". There is now in view a treaty between the Vatican and the Palestinian State, which makes no distinction that is apparent. So does the old re-invent itself in the new.

Past even  that, a Northern power, fitting the prophecy of Ezekiel 38ff., is coming so close to Israel with such combat powers and allies as to look like a scenario for confrontation, not only with man, but as traced in advance from some 600  B.C., with God. Time is an open book to God, and He created it (cf. Romans 8:38-39). This illustrates the point that not only has God  DONE marvellous things in mercy in the Man of Sorrows, Jesus Christ (as in Isaiah 53, leaving out nothing), but He intends to do more MARVELLOUS THINGS in the mode of judgment on earth, even before His return. To be met are things horrid to unholiness, which loves to laugh at doom, and make mockery of mercy while running amok itself.

But as we have seen, the biblical Christian awaits the culmination of the predicted features which come to pass like a passing express train, through the stations intervening between our place and our destination. These include the return of the Suffering Servant, the Messiah of Isaiah 49-55, in the resurrection, as predicted repeatedly from some 3000 years ago, and symbolised earlier, as in His coming as King (I Thessalonians 3:13, Psalm 2, 72, Isaiah 59:21, 11, 32, Revelation 20).

In His coming TO this earth, He destroys every evil rule (cf. (Isaiah 2, 11, 24, Micah 7, Matthew 25), and that once more, as in salvation, in PERSON! With what confusion man approaches this time, with Islam being more and more tolerated as its violence intimidates, or is used as by Putin, as he grabs for the Syrian naval base and its donated powers, and people seeing mayhem seek for a religion which will not offend, insult (however meretricious the pretence of offence), many troubled, grieved and upset, so that life may limp along a little longer (cf. Luke 21:26, where is found much more for disquiet for the ungrounded mind).

Truth becomes for many superficial, abandoned even in quest, or assumed to lie in whatever irrationalism takes the fancy, without basis. So the worldlings wander, oppressed by their own blindness. while in captivity to culture, with its lies, fraud, pretence, their very emptiness a fever, as if escape were sought in a cultivated drunkenness lest reality dawn on the sickened soul. It is so like the case in Revelation 13, where a world religion has its own head, the second "beast" filled with acclamation for the first and major one, who uses religion as no small part of his rule. But the truth is not intimidated, but has intimated the reality of His coming first to suffer vicariously and sacrificially for redemption, and then to rule over all, including whatever remnant is left of those who in pride and delusion currently seek to control and warp others. His return then is near, as if it were an oven, and the cake was about ready.


It is He in Revelation 19 whose power obliterates opposition after so long a time provided for its testing and misused scheming, for no such role has ever been given to the Christian Church. Its name is NOT "the Word of God"! as in Rev. 19, but its  deliverance is immediately after its sufferings, indeed in their midst (as in Daniel 7:23-27, Matthew 24:29ff., Daniel 2:44), as the series of evil dominions and empires is disrupted at the end by the shattering arrival of the Lord Himself, about to fill the earth.

It is He who dispels and disrupts that long-standing lordliness of man, with His own humility and truth, mercy and grace to follow (cf. Isaiah 11, Psalm 72). The USA has failed to win in Syria, say the new assailants in that embroilment. Whatever be the case there, all of these principalities and powers, nations and philosophies, approaches and reproaches have failed to provide peace in a secure world, wisdom in a mutually co-operating one or a solution to their endless, teeming problems.

Indeed, whether from the lips of Christ both to Peter and to Pilate, or in the abrupt breach of evil powers and dominion in this earth, to terminate an arrogant series of empires, the judgment of God, by God itself disrupts these sequences of squalid evils that have tried the earth. Christ on trial did all; and the world on trial does its normal wickedness, brilliantly astray, like a driver competing with the police, on a broken road. The more it roars, the more cause it has to wrong; and it will not relent.

As the Bible predicts, so the day fulfils; if it is not Christ, then all pretenders will in the end be overthrown. The case for this world is this: you have been shown the light; if you prefer the dark, then that is its own domain. Since Christ is the light foretold, shone, verified, validated, the source of peace with a reason for it, in His own saving provisions, His absence leads simply and continually, in this way and in that, to the demonstration in the negative.  His is wisdom and power, and He has displayed it; His is love and He has demonstrated it (Romans 5), adequate for all, effective for those who receive Him.

NOTHING else does this. As in Matthew 24, after the trials IMMEDIATELY, the impact of the Lord thrusts into the expanding patterns of promiscuous powers on earth (cf. II Thessalonians 1).  The domineering and dominating powers of the preceding evils is no millenium, but starkly the opposite, like vast pulsing engines of wickedness, blasphemy and pride, before they are smashed as in Daniel 2, and their basis sunk in the seas of ignominy and the storms of judgment. It is He who meets (as in Revelation 19:19), the gathering powers of this earth, ardently gathered to prevent His coming, arrayed in confrontation, to put up a fight to the end:  a poor showing of fidelity and submission!

Gone now is the very culture of wickedness in a redeemed world, not "this world" indeed, but the transformed wonder of His rule. He is not unvindicated; Jerusalem is not ignored; His Gospel is shown in its glory, when all that man could do preceded and was exposed in its perishing rottenness, for all its frenzied glamour and parades of its own illusory goodness. In this HE ALONE will be  glorified as in Isaiah 2, Revelation 19-20,  and His intrusion at last, for the enemies who have ruled in ruthlessness, will be as is so often indicated in the word of God, catastrophic.

There is no other who secures these things, but Him whose glory is endemic, and will not be shared with another (Isaiah 42:8). His is creation, which He wrought alone (cf. Isaiah 43:13-14, 44:24), in salvation where He is sole payor, in confrontation and triumph, where His that honour as in II Thessalonians 1 and Revelation, in the Gospels and repeatedly in the prophets. .


But when will He so act ? When He created, we were not there (cf. Psalm 100), and so were not concerned. When He saved, He foretold the date as a testimony to reasonable souls (Daniel 9:24-27, cf. Christ the Citadel Ch. 2); but as to His return,  apart from surrounding and preceding signs, signals and indexes, there is a specific EXCLUSION, because this precluded point is part of the test. You do not known when the examiner will call - QUIT! You are an operational exhibit!

Thus this second phase in the divine sequence of coming to suffer and to bear glory in rule (Luke 24:25-26), one so obvious that Jesus Christ called His disciples foolish for not seeing the two phases, has this note, as in Acts 1. Times and seasons "which the Father has put in His own authority" are not for them to know. The Lord is marvellously inventive, and when something seems obvious in a timing, it is often revealed in an unexpected manner, stopping a satiety of self-congratulation. He who is innovative in massive design output in creation, is not less so in the manner of His fulfilments which, for all that, are in nature fulfilled to the jot and the tittle (Matthew 5:17-20). There is none like the Lord.

Then the contrast as seen in Jeremiah 33:10-15, between God distressing and destroying Israel in no small degree, and then His zealous rebuilding, all things in order and in place, is fulfilled, and then the Messiah is to come once more to their midst, as in Jeremiah 33:15ff.. Then His own GIFT of righteousness (as in Romans 5:17) is to be found so that the very city is called, "the LORD our righteousness," so far from its earlier call, when the Lord was crucified (cf. Matthew 23:39). Then is the "first resurrection" (Rev. 20:4) when in due course, as in I Thess. 3:13, the Lord comes with "all His saints."

Now is Jerusalem no small item, but vindicated in its SINGULARITY as a symbol for worship of the ONLY God, despite its delinquency (cf. Micah 4, Isaiah 2). Now is seen the precision and particularity attached to the singularity of the only Sovereign, who alone is immortal (I Timothy 6:13-16, Titus 1:1, 3:1-7, Romans 6:23, John 5:24, Ephesians 1:11, I Corinthians 15), but who has delivered this boon to man who comes to Him to receive it, on His terms and in His bountiful grace.

The broken and resurrected body of Christ, the resurrection of His family "body" (cf. Revelation 26:19), the believers of the Christian Church, the maturity of His schedule, the grandeur of His perspective, the intensity of His love and the immensity of our participation in these vast tests, opportunities and this expression, so freely available, all are seen in brilliant perspective. It is  not as a political dream such as man has so vainly been making, but as the fulfilment of His power shown at the first in constructing us, recipients of freedom, for whom He has provided despite all our woes, a way home liberally, not in encircling force like the antics of ruthless man, but in a love which conveys restoration. How delicious, to have been allowed to come back!

God neither surrendered to the matter He created, but used it as building blocks, nor to the crimes men invented in killing Him when He presented as a sacrifice for sin, being resurrected, as that very body which was interred, arose. He proceeded with the gift of eternal life (as in I Corinthians 15); nor does He bow before man in his utmost efforts to overcome his Creator and the Saviour in lustful efforts to grab the creation. It is only  misplaced strategy to deny He did it. The inscriptions in DNA with which He worked are never be found occurring otherwise, for they are just THERE: search though man may. After all, banish car makers and you may claim car theft is merely finding; pretended ignorance may make it to some seek less like a theft. Then the magnificently crafted universe waits like a bank vault for a raid.  However, while nothing comes from nothing, creation comes from the adequate Creator, eternal base for it,  who preceded it that it might be! Pretence precisely like pretension, accomplishes nothing.

An extensive sketch of  world conditions before His coming is given in Matthew 24 and  Luke 21, the  restoration of Jerusalem to Israel being one simple and singular signal in this*7, that it has happened once in some 1900 years and is unduplicable. Not only does this return to its place show that the coming of Christ for the resurrection and to rule, is near, but it is like a dog hearing at a distance the sound of its master's car, returning home. It is like the clouds at the end of the day's labours, gathering near the horizon, beginning to obscure the sun, which smoulders visually after its day's work, as if going to bed. But as to Him, He arises!











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See The Telegraph, May 13, 2015


This declares the following.

The Vatican has officially recognised a Palestinian state in a new treaty.

The treaty, which was finalised on Wednesday but still has to be signed,
makes clear that the Holy See has switched its diplomatic relations from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation to the "state of Palestine".
The Vatican had welcomed the decision by the UN General Assembly in 2012 to recognise a Palestinian state. But the treaty is the first legal document negotiated between the Holy See and the Palestinian state and constitutes an official recognition.

Reuters, June 26, 2015 observed as follows.

The Vatican signed its first treaty with the "State of Palestine" on Friday, calling for "courageous decisions" to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and backing a two-state solution.

The treaty, which made official the Vatican's de facto recognition of Palestine since 2012, angered Israel, which called it "a hasty step (that) damages the prospects for advancing a peace agreement".

Israel also said it could have implications on its future diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

The accord, which concerns the Catholic Church's activities in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, also confirmed the Vatican's increasingly proactive role in foreign policy under Pope Francis.

Israel has also pointed out that it is one thing to negotiate a sound two-state solution, and another to announce something intemperately, thus tending to cast broad implications which can only hinder a due and true peace solution.

The New York Times, June 26, noted that the treaty had been signed.


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