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Mysterious is the love of God, but only in this, that it could possibly be so great.

Mysterious is the hatred and huff, bluff, puff and snuff of sneezing mankind, in much a positive demonstration lesson in elemental rejection of inspection, correction and redemption. Yet in the grand scope of the divine provision of liberty for man even to love or reject God, being made in His image, there is this meaning to the mystery.  Love is never robotic, since this is mere control; and in it must lie the power to hate, as an option.

There is no residual mystery in that, except for this element, that the magnificence once again, of the scope for man brings even eternity and abundant life into its individual horizons, while God so works that nothing is done in superficiality, as secured  in His foreknowing and predestining work (cf. Predestination and Freewill).

But the wisdom of God does not change. Every mystery is made clear in its biblical outline and implications, just as it grows to completion at the end.

In the Lord, in His word the Bible,  is all resolved in the divine payment of ransom, and opportunity for faith which some, defiling even this, baulk at possessing as did Israel when first it came to the promised land (Hebrews 6, 10), and did not go in! You take it or leave it in this way. Nothing else is resolvable in the domain of God and man, existence and resistance, spirit and matter, mind and mentality, except in this redeeming love offered on the one hand, and this often defamatory, frequently inflammatory self-destruction of man, on the other.

It is so well typified by the prophet Hosea in 13:9, as Keil translates it, "O Israel, it hurls you to destruction that you are against Me, your help!" Israel has been followed in this, and increasingly so, by the Gentile nations, with a similar hurling, even hurtling result, now reaching its maturity as long foretold (Matthew 24). Long left brews can be like that, in the end exploding with their own gases. Explosions tend to be sudden, as now in this whirling, self-embroiling world.

One of these explosive reactions is found in the area and indeed arena of the idol of naturalism, presented with all the rash effrontery common to assault on God. Whether spectacular or specious, both of these methods of attack are being used in this domain, from time to time. They were common in ancient Israel, an object lesson, as they are in the striving nations now. Let us then look at it in overview a little.




In the work,  The gods of naturalism have no go!*N it is pointed out that the idea of all coming from nothing is futile, a mere mental clash trip, a contradiction in terms. Nothing CANNOT have a future, for then it is something with a future, and not at all nothing.

Eternal continuity and sufficiency for all results is needed, or else nothing, which being irrational. is simply a non-option. Coming from something or other, in some way or other, or in no way, is mere swashbuckling imagination unchained to reason.

It is indeed an inadequate formulation, like any other vague and ill-defined assertion. If it came, it came for a reason or not. If for no reason, then causality is denied. Yet ignoring causation is itself a cause of the theory, which could not be entertained without such irrationality, so that once more there is self-contradiction, as well as dismissal of the concept of causation. Indeed,  you cannot find a cause for causality in nature or anywhere else, without USING that very item, to explain what you are doing.  WHY, you may ask, do we have causation, causal connection ? It is because of this or that, comes the answer of some.

Yet IF you try to find the cause of such a phenomenon as causation of one thing by another, of the whole principle, then you USE it to describe how it CAME, which is simply begging the question, assuming what you have to show; and this prevents ALL effort to account for the accounting system called causation.

It is an impossible self-contradiction so to work. It is not only unscientific, refusing to trace causes, but impossible, explaining by the means in view, the arrival of those means. Reason requires them with no logical option out, and struggling to dispense with them merely shows the fraud involved. You do not need something or other for the arrival of the universe with its laws of logic, within and without the mind of man, with functional match of these two; you need what is sufficient, accountable adequate...

We have applied these matters, and many like them, and considered the evidence at large, and looking at ALL available scope in the entire area of observable and functionally detectable reality, have drawn conclusions which to not evacuate, but cogitate on what is before us. This is done in terms of verification and validation at large in a work on this site, of rather more than 2 million words, namely




Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God

For a pithy summary of some of the aspects of the naturalistic myth (the concept that things made themselves before they were there to  do it, the irrational alternative to eternal competence, using what it has to make what is wanted), there is provided below a review of some of the elements of this myth. This vagary constitutes an assignment of effects with no pertinent and adequate cause. It is like a lost child with no parents, who never had parents, who cries in the mind of its novelists, but not in life, since it had nowhere from which to come.

Indeed, it is worse, for not only is the case before man one of non-production of the information blasts attested in results of commands magnificently intertwined in overall unity, but of the law-expected deterioration of the same, posing a significant threat in due course (Waiting for Wonder, Appendix), to the sustainability of man's residual design (cf. Deity and Design...).

Neither the realities of existence nor the informative controls of maintenance and completion of the exploit to produce what is not now seen to be produced, but yet was produced, come in showground packages. Production requires payment of what it takes.


THE 33

with 34-35 found in *2 below

Actually, made matter and made mind cannot be their own source, for until they ARE there, there is nothing they can do. This pagan pretension of nebulous myth, what must be said of it ? It is mere

casuistry, not causality (1),

making the GROUND of something be that it is, that it exists. Its source is its current existence! That is like having a brilliant sports car, and on enquiring as to its maker, source, the emplacement of such skill ready for admiration, being told that the car made itself. That is nebulous blither, the arrangement of words to defy logic, exclude sense, like a spell with no one to cast it, or a tower with no one to build it, or a man with no one to make the world's most advanced specifications leading to singularity, which even has the means to make more of them, TO ORDER (orders included!).

 If however its coming  into existence is to be accounted for, not merely affirmed in a repetitive fixation, then we have an initial need. It is to realise that mere self-affirmation is 

 repetitive propaganda (2),

like a dictator telling you why his dreams are true, the reason being that he dreamed them.

This is merely self-affirmation, untested, not even relevant to test, a subjectivity trying ludicrously to make itself objective. It is rather like saying as in the old adage, We're here because we're here!  To make fun serious can be the ultimate in confusion. Continually affirming that this is so, that you're here, provides nothing but humour or confusion. Neither is relevant to the actualities, to the reality..

What then  may be justly said of this naturalistic myth, one form of which is organic  evolutionism, self-involved, self-explanatory, monistic and calling up worlds, and then stopping  doing so, and both of these for no particular reason  and certainly with no basis ? (cf. Department of Bible ...
Vol. 5, Ch. 6).

There are thirty one more rather obvious features, a check-list that obtrude like the beak of an ibis.

It is

inconsistent (3).

If you rule out the systematically invisible in a monistic surge, then courage, truth, love, hope, validity are all of this type, and are even in some cases, used in the very enunciation of the abstruse concepts that exclude them (cf. It Bubbles... Ch. 9). The invisible is empirically at work in defining monism or any other theory. However, if you use what you abuse by denying it, how are you consistent ? If it is not there, you cannot use it. If you do not use it, you cannot argue. In fact, you are then

self-contradictory (4)

as well, not only indulging an edict of irrelevance*1 for the very aspects of life which you employ to state it, but

imperiously commanding (5)

this for all review, so that if this were really  warranted, then your approach itself would be invalidated. You cannot build a tower with bricks that are not there. Commanding others to do so is

mere diction fiction (6).

It is

arbitrary (7).

If you want to exclude certain types of entities or being from allowance to act, then you set yourself as a maker of ideas to which the world must conform. Not merely is this arbitrary, like some rather tilted dictator whose words are mere political boastings or paranoia, but it is

 peremptory (8),

insisting on what you want, as if you were making a world of your own. If you could, then that might be fair, if very truncated, limited and uninteresting, wilful and oddball; but this world is what is being investigated. not invested with

exclusivistic (9)

properties which happen to appeal to you,  as if you were writing a drama or a book. This is confusion of activity. In fact, it is

not research but resembles fraudulent regality (10).

It is moreover

obliterative (11).

It removes from consideration what is the source of logic, as though this crucial question were not permitted, through visa control, to have an entry. But whatever lacks entry, is not science but

a type of academic politics and polemics (12) known as

reductionism (13).

If there is mass and energy and beauty and truth and measurement and electronic fragmentation in a group of identities, then to admit selectively, like landed immigrants to the land of your dreams, would be your choice if you both owned it and made it. But this is not so.

If you want to account for things, it is useless to say they are not there, or that you  BELIEVE that this that does not show itself, would or should do so.  That is  

a species of wilful, mystic fantasy (14),

not only without verification (15)


contrary to the findings (16) of what occurs. It is

anti-empirical (16) and

a mandatory missionary message (17),

without any foundation but will (18).


It is therefore fairly describable as an

imaginary propaganda fest (19),   one

using science as a religious invasion tool (20), a Trojan horse.

In this  respect, it is just as invasive as al Qaeda, but in this case, seeking to invade men's minds, by means of misuse of their task, like high priests who promise much, but perform nothing, being bogus, without effect, misaligned to any realistic cause, in the grip of

ceaseless chatter instead of disciplined communication (21).

Actual,  reliable, openly testing, undictatorial science is ready to learn, avid to find out, ardent in investigation, prescribing no conditions but test in the empirical, logical, coherent, consistent, rational, challengeable, with no bounds whatsoever but this, that the result, to qualify,  must pass each test and fail NONE. This, however, this

epitome of non-performance (22), this

naturalistic myth however fails on every side (23)

in its effort to defend the irrational, the unempirical, the inconsistent, the reductionist, the unverified, the anti-verified and the invalid, based on what does not happen either in logic or in observable life.

Whatever is, needs full and persistent investigation, just as the Chinese are insisting on such a process concerning Palmer's accounts. It is part of due zeal, at times called due process,  to ensure that you have covered the case. Otherwise, instead of an investigation of reality, it becomes a manufacture of imagination, subject not to the laws that actually operate, but to

arbitrary psychic preference (24),

often  known as

the prejudicial, the intemperate and the vain (25).

Moreover, in the science realm, comprehensiveness not casuistry is foundational - you look to see if there is ANYTHING to the last iota, particle, aspect, consideration that you have omitted, failed to test, to  research, to note in its actions and reactions, lest any theory you may hold should be shown inadequate. This naturalistic approach however is not only inadequate, but
systematically inadequate (26)

in principle an internal investigation of the mind, not of the actuality that is there, BY mind (cf. TMR Ch. 5).

This is the opposite of that. Certain aspects are removed in ADVANCE, and instead of insistence that ANY aspect, part, particle, consideration, operational entity or observable activity MUST be considered in terms of its type,  categories, actions, functions, parallels and so forth, to be the way of the nature myth is that it MUST NOT be considered, if the theory so dictates. It is

nihilistic negativity in a selectivity slot (27). 

That is not merely

exclusivism, laxity, shameless lack of conscientiousness (28),

but so far from scientific*1A,  it is


as well as

subversively deceptive (30).

It could  figure in a definition of scientific method as a negative aspect of the definition, a phase to avoid. Thus, its place is in terms of what is EXCLUDED from being assigned the title 'scientific', because of breach of the very core of its justly praised method by

a reckless and feckless substitute (31)

for it, pretending to parade what is not shown, and insisting on what cannot, with precision of terms, be even cited. It was famed Karl Popper who said that there was no law of evolution; and it in fact, is only lore.  Indeed, it is

confrontational with science (32), and

logically illiterate in the core (33)

of its dignity and usefulness.

It is like a foul in football, or a service fault in tennis, a bank-hold up in this, that  force is used where empirical reality does not provide.

In reality, you do not lay down what is to be found; you find it. If you think you have it, you SHOW that.

You do not exclude what is not allowed to be found; you show it is not there.

You do this by


the most agile imagination (to test all things),


consistently conscientious techniques,
favouring nothing because of preference in the processive phase of testing,
and even


relish the result, as any able and assiduous party might be expected to do,
when his heart's desire
(at this level, truth, empirically adequate, pertinently exhaustive,
continually confirmed at all levels and in each application)
is met.

As life is more than error, so the irrevocably attestable, tested reality*1B is more than earthly, for the cause of it all, necessarily eternal, is not like the earthly, the source is not like its product, just as in general, the engineering is not an aspect of the engineer, but an expression of his power.

Since nothing comes from nothing so that

nothing could never have been all,

so it is necessary to consider the empirical reality that is available from all sources.
The attestation of that superlatively testable document, the Bible, which at the empirical, the rational and the non-reductionist level is incomparable, is not only to expose (Romans 1), the fraud of philosophy (Colossians 2:8), in its normative garb, but the faith of life in the life of faith.

Thus life is MADE for faith, and without a relevant, vital, lively, actual, operational and fully functional faith in the Eternal Creator, it is observable as a very disjointed, disengaged, drifting, dark and unjust, tormented and tedious thing, lust varying with lethargy, militancy with pride, and meaningless meanders with loss of vitality, truth, reliability and steadfastness. All that COULD and sometimes DOES make life vital, realistic, reasonable, gracious, pitiful, brotherly and purified, if lost and disregarded, leaves only braggadocio, fear, apprehension, self-satisfaction (limited to the self in view!) and such pathological spiritual problems as history attests to find no solution, only variation along a non-original theme.

True, much good is done, but when there is no Rock, nothing sure, steadfast, intrinsically reliable, then like a non-tied light aircraft, man is moved about by various winds, often gusty and hot, to become a vassal to circumstance (Psalm 1:5), brooding, boastful or sullen.  One has in the last 60 years since conversion, moving amid four nations, found no exception; for only one resource is adequate to bring to the surface the deep potential of man, so that like a beautiful painting, he can be both blessed and a blessing, touching all the invisible but viable functions of life with a touch of spiritual splendour, derived from the Saviour, whose remedy was Himself, crucified in our stead. Even in this, He was not forcing, rather inviting to faith; and hence the invitation is no less to the operational change required for man, for which, like entering a hospital, he has need.

Whilst myth deserves the uttermost rebuke because it spoils man and soils his mind, insulting his intelligence and playing havoc with his reason, yet the mastery of God is no myth, ALL the laws found in nature being a testimony to the nature of the logic found both there and operationally, in our own minds, so that we can recognise these, even the laws of working that match our environment inner and outer.

To be unidentifiable, may be a calamity following an accident; but to be systematically non-identified because of an arbitrary wilfulness, that is a different matter. What is not of the Lord, has no identity papers, except for exclusion from life. Some tried, it appears, to get into Australia by destroying their papers; in heaven, the identity paper of faith in the crucified and resurrected Christ, on whom history waits, a history which always obeys Him though He gives much freedom for testing and questing, is not dispensable.

Its absence is not hope. It is the testimony of a spiritual truancy which is not interrupted by force, nor quashed by its folly as a process, but rather meets truth and justice as a consequence not to be desired. The evil option is plentifully available; and when it is vacuous, as in naturalism, that self-making nonsense we have been considering, it is a gaunt spectre into which man turns himself, woman herself, or a child its own being.

Who wants famine ? Not eating can be spiritual, moral, mental and physical. Quaffing poison is even faster. Each domain is needed, its foundation, its food and its growth; and none is un-liable when folly rules.





This cited work, like smaller ones such as Secular Myths and Sacred Truth, Wake Up World!, SMR, TMR, deal with the details of philosophic and pseudo-scientific dabbling in this sphere. Currently we are reviewing basics and characterisability, resulting from examination on many related fronts, presented over the last 20 or so years in works, and publications now on the Web in this site. Earlier phases of my works in such domains academically, go back around 50 years. These too are published on this site.

SMR and TMR in particular. Many further presentations are to be found at this site, one of the  indexes both for Apologetics and the Bible.



See the magnificently unabashed philosophical chains with which some bind scientific method, for example, in one case notable from Harvard University. See The Way of Truth and the Way of Error Ch. 8, including the site marked, and The Lord of Longsuffering ... Ch. 2. There cited is Harvard's  Lewontin's exclamation. This professor, a notable figure in the aggressive evolutionary program wrote this: ("Billions and Billions of Demons," The New York Review, p. 31, January 9, 1997 - emphasis in original):

Our willingness to accept scientific claims against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to naturalism. It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door. The eminent Kant scholar Lewis Beck used to say that anyone who could believe in God could believe in anything. To appeal to an omnipotent deity is to allow that at any moment the regularities of nature may be ruptured, that miracles may happen.

A cheque from an Uncle to a boy, may pay for a period of schooling. A falling in love may alter a life. On the other side, an atomic bomb may obliterate a civilisation. Regularity is not god, but a phase of the legalities of creation, just as normal sentences may be so common as to excite no thought. Yet when a phase of creativity makes something new in format or expression or concept or idea, it comes from something beyond mere arrangement: in information, there are grammar, semantics, assignments of meaning, consignments of articulated power, matter, impact, reception alliance to output, overall thrust in, through and for the whole, there are overtones and undertones and so on almost to infinity. Reductionism blinks, propaganda winks; but facts to not wince, and their causal requirements do not reel: the real dominates, and magical parades are merely the trivia of mental retirement, not facing the case.

Does this deny the significance of regularity ? On the contrary it gives it more definition at the edges, just as gold coating defines what is not gold, rather than making gold a casual thing. It leads on to successive arrangements and regularities of disparities as normal in creation.

Indeed, regularity of the complex, the more so of the continuously complex, the multi-faceted complex is no mean thing, whether in atoms, molecules, DNA or astronomy, and the susceptibility to laws which can be discovered with the same reason in which the field itself dwells, is an expression of the mathematics of system, overview, intrusion and profusion in creativity. There is a duality of design: the output kind and the input kind in the thing made, to find and discern the intriguing array of the multiplicity of legal entities, successive arrangement and logical organisation to a given end, found when the thing happens (as in maintenance and operation now), and in investigable, in terms of what it does, of what it is GOOD FOR!

In such cases in particular, there is mutual logical kinship, imaginative cohesion, systematic functional correlation in the creation in view, of whatever kind; and when this is outstandingly subtle,  as is our own DNA, comprehensively commandeered into existence in all its logical dynamic, then it is not only design, creation, but a mental masterpiece, where symbol and substance, as in our own bodies, may even have symbolic relationships, the one commanding or even commandeering the other. Whichever level is in view, our inventions or ourselves AS invention, the observation is of an ordained (by man or God, depending on what is in view) correlation of assigned meaning plus consigned capacity for performance; for you can have as many definitions implied in a system of operation as you please, and the meaning and direction can be as clear as you wish for the various complementary components, the symbol and its significance magnificently installed in the program: but unless the power and performance capacity is there, itself in answer to command, there is nothing.

It is then but an unmatched boggle, where measured capacity does not meet formulated function. It is like a cyclist fading on the Alps; but God did not fade!

Irregularity is a multi-cause option instead of uniformity, its meaning dependent on the nature of the creation or actualisation in view, and its treatment since, as in the notorious case of mankind. Then you see outcomes from the creation in the normal definable sense. That is, it is the institution of what does not happen normally or make itself appear spontaneously, but may be conceived with imagination and impelled into existence in the mind, or into the studio of history, like man.

When what is discovered, is implemented in its structural and functional aspects, and the confines (if any) are applied, then you have what is systematisable in nature, in character,  in the light of originality. Dependent on the category of power involved,  what is specified within the available data, then occurs, ready for direction, or what is commanded beyond all limits becomes the very invention of history itself. Such was our beginning, supervised as is the end, not superficial but significant. In our case, it is imbued with the power to become irregular in morals, in physique, in balance, in controversy with the Creator, who made this actualisable; and so what is designate can by these means be devastated, the atom bomb the least of many horrid erraticisms where the powers God made are used to deflower the race, already asking for it with loud voice for many centuries.

Thus, creativity is an option instead of robotic focus; falling in love is an option rather than circumspect mutual regard of a regular character. Making the creation unchangeable is to lose much of its beauty; but  the changes may reveal hidden wonders delightful to behold, or woeful rebellion ready for ruin. Such is the nature of man, of love, which has the hate option.

It did not come in bits (see below), to be sure, but integral and intrinsic cohesion; but it did come with a creativity of the uttermost marvel, and just as this made it investigable, so it did NOT allow presumption to turn regularity into a force to conquer even the imagination and mind of the Maker! It CAN try, and the failure of every trial, despite arid arrogance, is part of history, repeated ad nauseam, but with many feints and attacks.

As to the Creator,  HE ACTS at will; His restraint, patience and creation of the conditions for love and liberty being are His will, in this phase. These testimonies  show Him as distinct from the creation, which is a crucial and unique contribution, just as a visit to a son at a boarding school may reassure that son that the father, always operative in securing his place, has not forgotten him. It may also allow the son  to  seek to kill Him, as  at Calvary.

Life is not a materialistic fudge, or a slovenly sludge, nor is it limping along irresistible paths because nothing did a turn and made them unalterable. As we have seen, that does not work. It becomes an irrational trance. Life involves a coherence and a disruption, but that is for the godless god-maker, who likes to think in terms of some made system. Life is met by magnificence and triviality, high challenges and low deeds, outstanding contrasts in spirit and in mind, in morals and in the beauty-atrocity field; and the reason for this is not a systematic break-down, but a talented break up on the part of man. He both incites and invites response from his Creator. When He gets it, he loves to act as if surprised; when the only surprising thing is the intensity of patience in the immensity of divine grace, not to act sooner or with more readily expulsive results (II  Peter3:9, Revelation 6:9ff.).

That is not to say that one considerable non-uniformity is not to come in its time, namely judgment removing this universe from its structure, and burning it up in its remorseless sin; for that is one system in which it delights to act as if it were immutable. Sin however not merely ends in destruction in judgment, unless duly pardoned, but in diversity of divine modes of dealing with it (cf. Hosea 12:10 and Amos 4 providing examples!), on the way.

For all this, man has been given a wake-up, and many are the features and foci on which God rests, creatively, to make the point more impactive. Little children may think their train-set pieces are all. Grown-ups understand that it is really quite easy to stretch out a hand and overwhelm the normal processes of engineering law by outside force as desired; and to  do this for a designate purpose, at a chosen time, such as stopping the toy carriages from falling over on a corner, this is a simplicity itself! That is a creator's privilege, and the greater the creator, the greater the privilege.

However these arrogant efforts to make god over, and objecting that He is not part of the system He has provided, as if this were strange instead of normative to creation, this feeling that it should be delimited by whatever man finds and likes, represents a typical idolatry. Ignoring causative reality, effort is thus often made to substitute an inability on the part of man, for the illimitable ability of God. You may try to do this, or to make nought equal infinity; but it changes nothing but the value of your thought in the domain of logic, and the trials such travesties bring to our earth.

God is VERY original, being the source of this creative imagination in man, as a mere gift of grace, and outpouring of His own creativity as adequate and amply sufficient source. It is His own depth and height from which His counsel comes (Ephesians 1:11, Isaiah 44-45), not from the rapacious lust of mankind to control their creator, as if he were continually under the coercion of His system, of His image-bearer, man or the thoughts of someone's conceptions.

He thinks; He does not dink on someone else's thought-bike.

ļOn the solecism and even self-glorifying solipsism found in
various philosophies of  'bits' (cf. Index), 


like spare parts with neither car for fitting nor facilities to apply the fit,


nor order for the generative basis,


nor production exhibits alike,


leaving only a nebulous notion


which is a short cut for nullity;


as likewise, for their organised nature to be found available in the wholly disorganised,


and their generation in the non-nascent nothings of the imagination,


with captivation for many who follow the slide: 

as for this, then:

see for example the Chapters following in the list below.

Never was so much owing such creativity to a series of negations, in any model, as this. Omit the creative cause and you have no cause for creation, just yearning words and burning enthusiasm to steal what is put there, and not to acknowledge the Putter or the There, or the source of what is put, in a voiding passion for owing nothing to anything.

Start with that, and you'll end with it.

Message of the Words of God ... Chs.   5 4,

Christ Incomparable, Lord Indomitable
 Ch. 2,

The gods of naturalism have no go! 14

Evidence and Reality    Chs. 2, 5, 6, 7

Impossible to Men, Open to God  
Ch. 3,

Dig Deeper, Higher Soar ... Ch.    1,

The Kingdoms of This World, and the Kingdom of Christ Ch.     8,

The Holocaust of Morality Ch.     3,

Glory, Vainglory and Goodness. Ch. 1,

God's Gift of Grace in Christ Jesus Ch.      7,

History, Review and Overview ... Ch.     5,

It Bubbles ...  Ch. 9

Spiritual Food and Spiritual Drink Ch.    4,

Repent or Perish Ch.     7

Possess Your Possessions Volume    3, 3, esp. *2, *3.


See also:

Waiting for Wonder Appendix

Dig Deeper, Higher Soar ... Ch. 1.

Department of Bible ... Vol.  4, Ch. 4,

The Kingdoms of this World and the Kingdom of Christ Ch. 8.

Assuming what you have to prove, is not improved by doing it in cohesively conceived bits; a system is capable only of what its character contains, and a system is what is not to be found in what is unsystematic by nature. To insert absentees into a model as a condition of its flow is merely to expose its self-contradiction.



See the volume on this site, Scientific Method ...



See the volumes -




Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God

A Pair  of Volumes: Opus 128 and 129, of some 2.3 million words



This has been dealt with under the heading, The Cult of the Forbidden (34). Anything that refuses competitive and untilted research is an arcane, hidden, unenlightened realm, not open for business but self-sealed. This however neither establishes nor validates it; yet this flimsy fiasco remains on the required, exclusive regimen for very much education, being normal now in many Western countries (not to mention more in the other side); and being assumed as central in teaching at this level, it fulfils the specifications for a CULT. That is, it is something with religious implications which insists on itself without having logical basis, grounds for establishment, but fervour and feeling instead. When it becomes a national obscuration, it becomes academic totalitarianism, sometimes reaching the physical level as well as the professional and academic.

That in this realm, its exalted position is accepted in various disciplines which in this, themselves tend to be totally undisciplined, so permitting specious intrusion into propaganda studies, needs to be characterised. Thus this common mental effluent, so common as country after country submits to its practical rule, however impractically, is ideational terrorism, academically given push or even putsch (35), in various institutions. CONFORM or be deformed in your career, profession, academic marks and so on. Later, it becomes conform or fail to be recognised. This happened in the USA, when some taught in a school where creationism was not excluded, were either threatened with rejection of high school credentials (removing from the normal realm of professional careers) or actually so rejected (dependent on the results of this exclusion notice).

On this Cult of the Forbidden, which sets out realms for exclusion from relevant thought, see for example SMR pp. 85, 150, 200, 330-331, 838. This covers certain features both of it and its logical surrounds. See also the Rejection Syndrome, an extensive series of treatments found in the relevant index.