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Chapter Four




and Current works in our Day

News 473,

The Australian,  June 11, 14, 2014


Before we pass on to a review of the most direct and informative words of Micah 4-7, concerning Israel and this world,  consider some of the current issues.

Thus Commonwealth Minister, Julie Bishop*B is to be commended for her insistence that Australia is both hoping for peace in the Middle East and NOT presuming to settle issues in advance at a government level. One way of doing so would be to follow the existing folly of calling certain areas of the mini-Israel rump left to it, small residue from the once promised Palestine for its homeland, by the disparaging name of "occupied territories."

It is the around three fourths given away to Jordan which is occupied. Even that is not enough for Arabs or Islamists who likewise refused an amazingly liberal offer from the UN in 1947, including Jerusalem as an international city. For instead of taking this offer, with willingness on the part of Israel, they categorically rejected it. Their preference then ? It was to proceed, as they did,  to wage a multinational war, expressly  to exterminate Israel in 1948, by a supreme act of heartless crowd-bullying, to add to the awesomely awful experiences gifted by Germany's Hitler to that tortured nation.

Now it is one thing to regard a person as undesirable; but when the appearance of that one is called a 'catastrophe', as is the catcall for Israel amid some of its neighbours, we are in very deep and turbulent waters. That is the very manner of many in the Middle East, relative to Israel's return, despite its current loss of most the land accorded to it by Great Britain and the League of Nations during and after World War I, as far as Britain is concerned, not least on a meritorious basis for help in winning the war at the industrial and chemical level.

These issues have been covered often in this site*1, but their current interest is in this so far valiant insistence by the current government, on NOT pre-judging the issues in the case of Israel, by the use of prejudicial vocabulary, such as "occupied territories" relative to parts of the current geographical and diplomatic rump called Israel. It would certainly be a relief if the media stopped doing just the same thing! Seething offensiveness as a mode of expression, the more when the case is one of overwhelming presumption, is a rarity become commonplace in the case of the talk propaganda found in profound perversity against Israel. Hence it is good to emphasis a good work in this in the current government.

This is one illustration. In fact, for long there has been a deplorable tendency in this once so independent nation of Australia, to be unduly influenced by maxi-power entourages, like the godless, heartless communist killer of tens of millions in its tender mercies over the last century. Thus in some Universities, after the World War II, the case developed till there was no less than a fairly widespread exaltation of Communism's irrationalism, at worst  this becoming almost an entry level requirement, to the aspiring scholar. It was à la mode to be sympathetic if not enthusiastic about it; if indeed it was not de rigueur. Such inane glorification of what equals the most oppressive regime in history,  could in such sites be found, in this or that application, some adventitious folly, inane irrelevance, forcefully ranted irrationality, unseemly irrelevance to issues, as taken in reductionist massacres of reality into a fairy tale, a morbid one,  in approach*2.

Thus too when the Islamic multi-murder machinery became prominent in not one but MANY intimidatory bodies, seeking world rule, using terms like jihad, caliphate, and Sharia Law, names proliferating, asserting the need for submission  to its unverified claims, this became a signal for some in academia and the public media to give obeisance to the most ludicrous impositions, including those common against the equality of women in importance, as if fear and a desire to be with the latest thing, completely outdistanced wits, wisdom or understanding. And that, it is before one mentions such things as self-control and thankfulness for the near to unique kind of peace which we have in Australia, and which many nations eye with desire, so that they wish to live here in peace, and often, as well, to disturb the peace and make Australia the pet dog of some other tyranny.

It is truth or tyranny; you cannot have both.

Thus one Law Lord in Britain was cited as, in principle, not seeing too much difficulty in sharia law as one option for the land! That means in the basis of Islam's passions as in the Koran and in the hearts of various authorities, which vary, the country could find its help. The danger of being blown up, or having buildings blown up, or nations invaded, or atrocities committed in your midst,  not by any means deplored in proportion by the more moderate Islamic peoples: this becomes a call to unconscionable submission, even to an appalling role for degraded women, by some versions to be left uneducated, and by none known, given equality! For such, there has even been propagandising as a way for this, our land.

In Sydney it was found that some schools were being intimidated into some kind of conformity to Islamic ways, one even providing an Islamic morning call to worship. To its credit, the government decided to investigate and prevent such a distortion of our liberties. It becomes in such matters, an issue of having a human parallel to a cuckoo. It has an egg, it uses the nest of another, and expects the parents in the used nest, to feed its offspring. It is amusing in a way, to find such a thing in bird life; it is not amusing to find it practised by those who have minds to think, and souls for which to answer!



The same immersion in certain types of irrational attraction on the part of academics has been experienced often enough, where conformity in theology or philosophy or politics, becomes a priori, in fact, if not de jure. On this topic, in the Higher Education section of The Australian, June 11, 2014, we have a not-too-untypical comment from a second year student, who has suffered under academic politics, as he describes. Now that the students even if Australian have to pay, and pay handsomely for their tertiary education, in general, there is a further question to answer: Am I to buy irrationality, secure by my indebtedness, the bias of preferred cant ? This enhances the case for the treachery against truth which is, in general, so often and so deeply found in many tertiary institutions, not to mention the secondary versions.

In suitably satirical terms, he exposes the sort of doctrine drummed in, as if by an armed guard, proposed by what he calls rabid instructors, as misguided as emphatic, as biased as intrusive.  In fact, having cited in detail some of the propaganda pushes found in areas such as political studies, he declares this:


"We do not pay our fees to ensure
that countless unemployable rabid academic extremists
are provided with a generous income stream for expressing
completely irrational, irrelevant and illogical views dressed up as education."

He indicates that this thing he has learned in such institutions, "Marx gets the marks." Of course, whether such persons are unemployable elsewhere may vary, but the main points are made clearly.

One well remembers, talking of the literally nihilist nonsense such as organic evolutionist*3, being told as a Class in which this author was a student, that if we did not accept that evolutionary religion*3A or view or belief, we had an alternative. It was "jump in the lake."

But which lake ? It was not made clear. There is one in New Zealand which might be attractive, but would travel and accommodation expenses be covered ? There must of course be no discrimination, since Australia's membership in the UN Declaration against Discrimination ..., the one concerning matters of belief and religion,  forbids it. However this is more honoured, it appears from all evidence, in the breach than in the observance. Some 10 years of tertiary studies have revealed this to this author, and this is but one example of the kind of oppressive pride so often taken in brand-name studies, with silly expectations of a lapse of logic built in, listing so heavily that the ship of truth can scarcely been seen on the horizon.

Logic seems disdained, nonsense seems admired, cultural quips and quirks become for the cognoscenti, what must be glamorised for the learners. Conflict breeds loss of marks, at least. On this topic, see such works*4 as  TMR Ch. 8, Beauty for Ashes Ch. 3, The gods of naturalism have no go! and Secular Myths and Sacred Truth, Approach to Government.

Many are subverted by desire, whether for professional acceptance, academic tenure, dignity in certain circles, fear of ridicule, the overpowering whirl-pool of naturalistic thought and evolutionary paradigms sucking down what enters the whirling waters of its raging, and so they yield amid cultural manacles, to the world of the irrational, where godless hope replaces any empirical findings whatsoever, and reason departs to accommodate myths so vague, nebulous and merely imaginative, contrary to all known law and necessary logic, that it is no less than a spiritual pandemic. Relatively few escape, though a child can see the folly of it.


instead of feebly expressing hope never supported by fact

But it is time to study, actually deploy the mind on the Bible, since its authority, unlike that of all harassment-agencies, has never been broken, its verifications do not cease*5.

It is not that on this site the wonders of the prophesies of Micah, for example, our current particular interest,  have not been repeatedly treated. Rather here is an opportunity to cover some major features in pithy form, in order to give the perspective and power of it, at a running pace.

In Micah 4, we see the grand restoration of in SPIRITUAL harmony with God, this time, of Israel*1, leading to divine and direct instruction, necessarily that of the Messiah, whose office in this field is repeatedly outlined in the prophets, as in Psalm 73, Isaiah 2, esp. v. 3, Zechariah 14, Psalm 2, Jeremiah 23:1-7, Isaiah 9:7, Malachi 3:1-4 and Joel 3, but especially Isaiah 59. That it is to be worldwide is apparent in Jeremiah 16:19-21,Isaiah 49:6, 42:6, Psalm 67 and 98, Isaiah 66, as in Psalm 72.

Moving through the thickets of the then impending judgments on Israel, before these flowers from apparently ruined seeds come in the distant future, "the latter days" (Isaiah 2:2), we come in Micah 5:1-4, in the deep, utterly individual nature of the Messiah, feeding His flock, so much in actuality on earth, that we are even introduced to three things concerning Him. Firstly, and in order, He is to be barbarously mistreated, in complete disdain of His authority, in a way conspicuous and utterly derogatory; secondly, this is made possible through His actual coming to this earth in the format of a babe, birthplace identified as Bethlehem. Even notorious allegorisers cannot escape the placid certainties of the factual text.

Thirdly, it is noted that there is an impelling contrast between the seemingly insignificant birthplace and the divine eternity from which this incarnation of the Eternal God is to appear (v. 2 cf. Isaiah 49:15ff.).

Fourthly, these things being so, and God having sent His only begotten Son in fleshly format from such grandeur and eternity to such lowliness associated with scornful and even physical rejection, He will give up this same Israel, significant here not in testimony of truth, but in manhandling it. He will for a time,  abandon it till it repents and returns.

Fifthly, the period of Israel's divine rejection, so that the bond of the covenant applies, the negative field for chronic and sustained unbelief, is not however eternal;  for there is an "until" clause. This relates to an evident restoration of Israel - when "she that is in labour has given birth," precisely as in Isaiah 66:5-17. Thus the UNTIL referring to their being given up as a nation*6, the time comes when that phase is past, Israel returns to its forsaken land, and then the spiritual side comes in due course to light as in Zechariah 12:10-13:1.

In Micah 5:3, the UNTIL is followed by what happens then. It is a "giving birth" so that once more the nullified nation is back in place, as if born like a baby, the Lord ensuring the successful nature of her return to that from which she had been announced to be severed. In case, there should be any fashioning of merely human ideas, perhaps, God goes further. This birth of the nation, restored now, is to involve multitudes of returnees, and thus the remnant, a mass of the dispersed throughout the world, will be found returning to their land, that is, come back to where they were, be restored to what they had been where they had been, move BACK, and so return.

Thus this same given up nation*6 (not people never before WITH the Lord, in order to be given up FROM Him BEFORE restored - that is, not the Gentiles) will have a vast influx to its place, its land, its entity as specified, uniquely forged and judged in the foregoing.

Sixthly, now, at that time in the latter days, it is not Israel but the LORD Himself, the smitten one as at the first, who will be GREAT "to the ends of the earth," Micah 5:4.  Amidst a testimony of such greatness in this (preceding), we find that "He shall stand and feed His flock," and the people in view will abide under and with Him, the conversion phase of Zechariah, evidently past.

Seventhly, it is stressed that this feeding will not be by some merely human nostrum, but a supernatural, a divine action "in the strength of the Lord, in the majesty of the name of the LORD His God";  and eighthly, this leads to an abiding, that is, a continuous consummation of grace and care as in Psalm 72 and Isaiah 59, a shepherding on this earth for His people.

Ninthly, as in Micah 5:7ff., should any imperious or pretentious, arrogant or impelling thrust come from the Assyrian in particular (this term can designate a type, but in this specialised context it would be a brave interpreter who would try to allegorise it, though it may be extended), and that "Assyria" is now geographically Iran and Iraq, then they will be repelled. This will be rebuked, rebutted and fail. Such action would eventually lead to their entire devastation. Whether this is in succession to all the foregoing is a question, for the "when" clause in Micah 6:5 leaves that open; but it at least would seem to allow for sequence direct, though it may be a surrounding happening in that historical vicinity.

Tenthly, in the midst of this scene, where harmony at last with the Lord is seen as coming to settle - the means to it as shown in Zechariah 12:10-13:1, namely conversion to the crucified Saviour, with repentance for this rod given to Him, not with which to rule, but to render Him for all time, the Smitten Saviour Regally Resurrected, a new thing once more arises. Now, from Israel in glorious contrast to its former, utter and staggering failure in judging their Judge, there goes a refreshing message, testimony, attestation of this Messiah, now in such glory and majesty (Micah 5:7). What they nationally have now received in being evangelised by none other than the Lord, through the Holy Spirit as stated, they will give to others! Now Israel will no more be smitten by sinister savageries, but like a lion, protected, projected and free to evangelise, it will be a blessing (cf. Isaiah 66:21).

Indeed, next, it is going to lose all warlike qualities in this time, and become an apparatus of peace, purged and made pure (Micah 5:12-15). There is to be a vast international transformation, with no mean power  applied from the Lord, as described in detail in Micah 7.

In Micah 6, however, reverting to the current field long before this consummation, God makes the scenario as if the mountains were listening, so that Israel could seek to defend the long travelogue, the long rebellion, the then current mischief of hypocrisy and unreality towards the Redeemer. Tell it out! God challenges, tell them WHY you have strayed so much (and so made such a long history, instead of a sweet, and a short one!).

"O My people, what have I done to you ?

and how have I wearied you ?"

God amazingly invites them to testify against Him,  make a case, let the very mountains hear, let the earth listen; and what could conceivably have led to such a lapse, revolt, rebellion as then was both presently in view, with worse to follow! (Micah 6:1-3).  

So it is all coherent, moving from nation, to its future, to its present, to its failure in thankfulness while called, to the consummation reserved for it.

What however, the Lord charges this multiply straying body, have I done that you so act! What is the charge against God, the God who for so long showed you such grace! This challenge is the twelfth point in view, and it becomes a theme to occupy much of Micah 6. No other body but Israel ever had so long a history, out and then in and then out, to fit or match this historical, moral and religious survey. It is for this reason that in Micah 7, these unique features appear as something given.

The futility of multitudes of sacrifices is exhibited, as if vast array of cattle offerings could cover unrepentant hearts, and on this there is acute focus (Micah 6:3-8). What is the USE of that before the God who is Spirit and who is Life, and not impressed with surges of splendour, but humility of heart and receptivity of spirit! Is this religious torrent, this maze of ceremonial acts, to substitute for purity of life, honesty of mind, sanctity of dealings, the one with the other among mankind ?

The contrast is deadly. There is no heart seen in even in this account of unreal religious surge, for it is a form without the power of God in view, in mind or in life (as foretold for the Gentiles in due and eventual parallel, in II Timothy 3, and there it is closely linked with ludicrous nature myths, illicit extravaganzas of irrational folly, for the last days of the Gentile Age, in II Timothy 4). Hence, to Israel in that ancient phase, parallel now the the current phase for the Gentiles, even that in this our day, there was to come a series of frustrations, disappointments, futilities; and so Israel would bear its own reproach (Micah 6:16), as it did.


This constitutes a warning to the coming Gentile Age, which finished its distinctive phase in our own day, when Jerusalem was once more under the control of a returned Israel, as shown earlier (Luke 21:24).

To that coming outcome of the incoming of Jews to Jerusalem after its desolation (Matthew 24:1ff.), Jesus the Christ leant His name. This means that the Gentiles are now thrown into such a parallel to the Jewish experience as traced in Micah, that it has tremendous similarities,  and this as the Gentile powers try this UN and that NATO and the other TRADE based concept, and then cannot formulate for the EU what it is all about, saying merely that those in it have a "common destiny". Confusion is their reward for resisting infusion of grace, and that for many,  after an initial substantial national move towards Christ and His justice, equity, grace, liberty and foundation.

Let us trace the parallel further and extend biblically, the Gentile arm.

Thus in this, the same sort of sin for the Jews earlier, now re-blooms in the same sort of evil flowers as they found! There is a universal ground for judgment. It does not fail to come, when, the UNTIL satisfied with Israel, the Gentile era over, the eventual antichrist, the dark luminary (II Thessalonians 2:4-10), comes not of age, but into the age. This he does for his final fiddle with the profundities of God, making himself into some kind of godlet, with a spectacular vanity, lending new depths to folly. His destruction is categorical, quenching the raging flames of self-exaltation, while burning up depravity with dazzling light. Truth has its own ways...

But we return to the phase for Israel noted in Micah, after the savour of coming judgment for it, is detected.


As we surge forward into Micah 7, there is a sudden sense of quiet suffering, longing hope, indeed a faith which still moves in the heart. But of whom ? In the midst of the final condemnation at the end of Micah 6, we come now to a voice of one  accepting suffering but filled with a latency of hope that then grows to leap out and seize its object. Its profound poignancy is appealing and searching.

It appears as a personification of the believing in Israel, those who endured, as in the Christian Church, in Christ founded first through certain Jews; but it is encapsulated in a voice representing still the Israel which is so longed for - as Paul exemplified in Romans 9. He could even wish himself accursed that he might deliver them to faith. With what longing this restoration is sought, this restoration from the inversion of roles, the Gentiles now the recipients of grace as many are converted, the Jews lost as a nation; and with what vigour the finale ends the Age of the Gentiles of which Christ spoke in Luke 21:24, and with what consequences for the now declining world of Gentile powers, basking in evil as if lounging in the French Riviera, in a spiritual scene of self-adoring warmth.

This wistful personification, as it starts out to be, this saddened and grieved person, personification, which in Micah 7:1-10 looks out on the desolations just noted at the end of Micah 6, is heard  pondering the evils that possess the earth, for what was meant as good, has itself turned to evil. There is a scenario of gross immorality and insidious slighting of all morality which is seen with an awed horror (Micah 7:2-7). Christ in His review of things coming, mentions this and indeed quotes from Micah 7:6 in Matthew 10:35-36.

Indeed, Jesus Christ makes this reference in characterising the Age then coming, saying amidst this time of testimony and deceitfulness, both planted and growing, "Do not think I have come to bring peace on the earth. I have come not to bring peace but sword!" He immediately interprets this (Matthew 10:38-42) in terms of the spiritual divisions which would come because of Him, betrayals and persecutions, such as have come. It is no matter of a revision of His John 18:36 concept, of non-violence as the way of His Church, but rather a lightning sharp and at once explained indication of a coming phase on this troubled earth. He indicates that there will be spiritual wave of evil and sedition as those for Him and against Him mingle in an earth of treachery, where power is permitted its transient mastery, before He comes as Judge.


The Christian response, He stresses, is to take up your Cross and follow Him, not your sword and slay! Pursuing now the coming times theme, in Micah 7:8-20, the prophet depicts this personified Israel, the faithful, those of them who are Jews, now gathering hope.

"Do not rejoice over me, my enemy;

when I fall, I will arise.

When I sit in darkness, the LORD will be a light to me."

Thus there is a future, an expectation as Jeremiah in a time of sweetness of dream and sleep, is awakened to find (Jeremiah 31:23ff.).

Here in the form of the personification, we see the vast movement towards repentance in Israel, made specific and nationally concrete in Zechariah 12:10ff.. At last, there we find  the very acknowledgement of what is shown in Micah 5:1, the eternal God become babe, infinitude given to infancy, to rescue in maturity the race, as many as would at last believe in Him, from the results of defamation of the sublime, and ignoring the sovereign who made us!

With Israel, it was this which led to her rejection amid revolt, and dispossession UNTIL the time should come to restore her. The malady, the time of horror, was for a reason, and many of them realised this: " I will bear the indignation of the LORD, because I have sinned against Him." Accordingly, in this foreseen coming to faith, there is here assurance that this is not the end. "He will bring me forth to the light,"  Micah 7:9.

In so doing the Lord engages in a special time of PLEADING the CASE for Israel (Micah 7:9); for there is no one else who can do it as Job found (Job 9). In view of the Saviour of Micah 5, and the repudiation of sin seen in Ch. 6, it is apparent that the pleading is precisely as in I John 2:1-2, where Christ Himself acts as barrister, advocate, for the deliverance of all who put their trust in Him, offering to all as originally to all Israel, and performing the purge in Himself (I Peter 2:23-25), which then faith receives.

Now indeed, when this blessed change to evangelical privilege comes at last to Israel, through faith in the long revealed Lord now come to light, it will become useless any more for Gentiles to strut and point the finger, scorn, lavish their hatred in degradation of Israel. Now as in Micah 7:10, it is this very remorseless enemy in its pseudo-judicial contempt for Israel (amid its own inglorious appetites and foul deeds), who will be cast down. There will be no small reversal of roles, not to glorify Israel, but to disparage all pride, whether from this source or that, and now found in inveterate hatred for what God redeems with the very same redemption which so many Gentile nations have come to make their site of contempt.



The roles will be reversed (as foretold in Isaiah 52:21-23). The cup of confusion and judgment, the assailing Gentiles can now drink, and find its taste all by themselves! The persecutors will become the exposed, the mockers swallowed in their own mockery, which they can inherit at their leisure, for WHOEVER sets himself up against the Lord, to act as God, will be humiliated, humbled, confronted in his affront, and brought to the judgment required, except, for one as for all, there be repentance and faith in the Saviour sent. So we move on from Micah 7:10.

It matters in this not in the slightest, what race or name is borne; what is done has its outcomes, whether in this or that situation, for this or that nation or group of nations. While God has special love for what He redeems, there are no favourites in the unconverted field, and choice is founded neither on merit nor mastery, but on receiving the Gospel, whether foreseen in foreknowledge, or seen in history (Galatians 3:26-29).

Meanwhile we come in this highly testable series of predictions in Micah, to a reference for this end-time march of events. When all this is beginning to happen, in this area of ending Gentile time, there is something that is worthy of divine comment, even in such a tiny segment of coverage as here, in overview. What is this ? It concerns a wall. In such a setting, it must be spectacular, or significant in the extreme, or both!

What then ? As noted in Why Not Believe the Lord's Christ, Chs.   2 and 3, the wall mentioned in Micah 7:11, in the context of a restored Israel with many coming to his strictly identified historical land, with the impending scenario of the Lord adding their conversion to their restoration as a nation as in Zechariah 12 and Ezekiel 36-39, with all the accompanying data, comes into focus. In fact, it is now to be found. It even serves as an historical marker for this period of history.

It is as historical as was the crucifixion. It WAS TO COME; and it NOW IS. The accompanying surge of immigration to Israel here predicted, has also come as seen in the above references, AS the wall has been built over the years, extending, protecting, projecting Israel's determination to block by this means or that, the invasive fury of its livid seeming adversaries.

As to the predicted influx at THIS period of Jewish history (Micah 7:11-12), it is as historically verified as is the wall itself, this so protective, so outstanding, so vast an undertaking with so much care and requiring so much intrepidity. Evacuating from many places, including Iran and Iraq, Jews have come home to their homeland, seen in an image, through the eyes of faith, as desolated but now restored. All is being fulfilled with that methodical certainty that is so often the way, just as lightning flashes of power can also come, as they will when the man of sin is overthrown (II Thessalonians 1-2), in his hyper-Hitler tyranny against truth.

This prediction was not for the day of the prophet Micah, but long in the future as noted. FIRST the incursion of infinitude and eternity in the format of God's only begotten Son AT Bethlehem has to happen; and of course it di, with all the rest of the vast wad of predictions for both Israel and our entire race. Thus in Micah 7:13 we are given a timely reminder that FOR THE PRESENT Israel has not attained this gloriously blessed estate. Indeed, in the hope of this same personification, the eye of faith speaks, indeed as from the Lord, saying as an injunction to the Messiah,

"Shepherd Your people with Your staff,
the flock of Your heritage,
who dwell solitarily,"
Micah 7:14.

It is NEVER to be forgotten that anyone, Jew or Gentile, needs this same, all-overcoming power of God in the appointed channel, the Messiah, now made alive through the Spirit to the hearts of many, then to appear in His glory as in Isaiah 59:20, Psalm 2, Zechariah 14; and this orientation continues throughout. Although the Shepherd was smitten (as foretold in Zechariah 13:7 and cited by Christ as in Matthew 26:31), yet now the people who believe, these must receive His ministry and ministration (Micah  7;14).

Resurrected, He is to one as to all (Psalm 16, 22, Isaiah 26:19), closely available, and great is His mission to all who call upon His name in faith (Psalm 67, 98, 145).

Now as this divine injunction goes forth, as in Psalm 40 it is for the incarnation, so here for the ministration, there arrives at once in this " latter days"  epoch, the finale for this earth's writhing self-possession and self-centred perspective.

In fact, God now acts in judgment as He acted in salvation. The thrust to come to the earth, not in mute though gross judgment as at the flood (to which Christ compares what is coming as to judicial type), but in militant power, in overwhelming action sighting and slighting, indeed bringing to nothing the majesty of the little gods who try to govern as if in His absence, it became their earth.

God compares this coming spiritual invasion, this overcoming of the evil rulers of our day and their entourage, this ignorant and evil system, this godless and confused, this persecuting and  wallowing wickedness, in its scope and impact, with His action in the Exodus (Micah 7:15). In this way, and in parallel to that, He declares this: "I will show you wonders!" (7:15). A stricken humbling with bring the unhallowing multitudes of aggressors, invaders and undivine pretensions to their knees, under the rocks, to contemptible grovelling in disaster fit for their pride.

The upstart nations, will be "ashamed of all their might," and they "will see,"  for as in the Exodus there is much to see (cf. Ezekiel 39, Deuteronomy 32). As in Ezekiel 39, both Israel and they will learn much, and see the true perspective that Israel was indeed chosen for service by God, did indeed ruin the role, was expelled and is now restored by the same power; and it is not in the least degree a function of man to have achieved any of this (Ezekiel 39:22-23,28). THAT does not mean there is no guilt when mankind so mistreated Israel for so long, that they could freely engage their contemptuous and contemptible lusts against Israel, for a reckoning comes as in Isaiah 51:21-23), and it is precise.

Not only is rebuke fitting coming but it is in spiritual essence for all. What is clearly meant moreover is this, that man can do nothing, unless God who has His reasons, allows it (Isaiah 14:27); and at this point, His reason is to restore Israel as it in turn is restored in heart to Him. There is no favouritism, but there is plan; and this is it.

Fear and humiliation, mockery of their power and devastation of their imagined might and trusted dynamic, this comes on the scene with a divine vigour, and miserable is their desolation as their much vaunted power is as lean now as was Pharaoh's in the Exodus. "They shall be afraid of the LORD our God," Micah 7:17.

But the ultimate purpose of their overthrow is not just their deserved desolation as in Revelation 13, 17, 19, for actions towards many for long, in the midst of a measureless lust for evil called good (cf. Isaiah 5), but the release of the Gospel to a freed nation and to a world no longer possessed of the twisting, tormenting, arrogant tossing about of truth as of a plaything, as though it were all a horrid joke.  Judgment will separate sheep from goats, and wolves will be unable to use sheep's clothing any more, to deceive. It will no longer fit, just as it was never fitting, whether for Balaam or Judas.

Now there is the abundant rejoicing IN THE LORD, by the voice of faith:

"WHO is a God like You,
Pardoning iniquity
And passing over the transgression of the remnant of His heritage ?

"He does not retain His anger forever,
Because He delights in mercy.
He will again have compassion  upon us,
And will subdue our iniquities.

"You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea."

So, once more, as in former times when Israel knew the mercy of the Lord, ONCE MORE, He will so act to that highly and uniquely defined body, so  often equipped with their ruinous rebellions, their disbelief and their self-trust, that their deliverance will be no less sure than was their earlier rebuke. Those negative features will end, as anything like them must for any, Jew or Gentile; but in this special case there is a long history constantly in view. Hence the fulfilment of the Abrahamic covenant ends the Chapter, the fact that things concerning land and Lord, both, were promised, and God will no renege, whatever governments of mankind may do, at their own elected or invasive convenience.

These two things were premised for the nation,  in the dealings between God and Abraham, the specified lands and the site of worldwide blessing; they were promised from one Being to a man, and though the disjunction is great, and the difference in status is infinite, yet it is the good pleasure of the Lord to be just and true, honest and faithful, to execute His undertakings and to fulfil His programs as stated, not turning covenant into poetry, in person-to-person dealings, as if cloud of smoky haze could obliterate reality: because God is God and there is indeed none like Him, or able to compete with His competence, majesty, goodness and glory. Of Him, for Him, through Him and to Him are all things (Romans 11:36).

Thus, and contrary to the ways of the flesh, because God is God, direct dealings are honoured, and He has "pity on My name", as a vast matter of honour! as so relevantly and dramatically, but also realistically shown in Ezekiel  36:22, and its context!








It is with a profound sorrow that one notes that on the heels of the brave announcement made by Bishop as noted, another was reported as made for Islamicist interest, which provided astonishing and rather confused sounding intimations: June 20th., was the date of the report of it in  The Australian of that date.

Although cited is Abbot's statement that the territories in view are DISPUTED territories, which as far as it goes is objectively correct, yet Bishop refers to the UN idea that Israel must return those territories gained in 1967, which she has occupied, with acceptance!

If there is to be no pre-judgment terminologically by the USE of such terms as "occupied territories", in this Government, because it is implying an attitude in favour of one party, and this is not in their view to be desired, how then is there an acceptance of a UN idea which pre-judges the question, by its own imperium, as if it were a finale to the matter, rather than unacceptable words.

Why is this so ? Firstly, it is because it is for this purpose, a viciously slanted body, with objectively vastly more Islamic representatives than those representing Israel. In terms of equity, how could this exceedingly nationalistic crew, most aware of the nations and the interests of those nations which they REPRESENT, possibly be considered germane to anything remotely like justice; and if justice is dead, why raise it up!

But if pre-judgment is out, why accept that of the UN ? The realities of the position are exceedingly other as often been shown historically, and in various respects.

On Israel, see *1 below.



Concerning Israel, its name, its designation, its history, its significance, its place, and in this area in the text, see the following:

Department of Bible ... Vol.2, Ch. 6 (foundational),

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(These latter show this religion, with the other three major conspiracies  towards the ultimate - why conspiracies ? It is because men conspire, or breathe plans together for a control, rule or oversight not ordained by God: these are breaths of man, and the breath that matters is that of God, in and by which all scripture is inspired by Him (II Timothy 3:16, Isaiah 8:20), in the Book of the Lord (Isaiah 34:16), the Bible, and sustained and implemented by Him (Matthew 26:54ff.). Other ideas for rule are always unruly, since they always tend to use power for what neither reason nor truth compels.).

 PP 8, app.,  PP 11,  4,   11,   5 (national character and character of Islam).

See also SMR pp. 822ff., 986ff., 1O88D.



See The gods of naturalism have no go!



On evolutionary religion, countering scientific method, conquering in privilege where truth is not found, there are further, recent references to ponder.

From Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs Vol. 6, Ch. 4, we have this to the point (slightly revised in form and presentation).

It is for these reasons, that an historic coverage of naturalism's fantasies might be made; and this, not because they measure up to scientific testing, as shown in TMR Ch. 1, Ch. 7 (including updates), Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch. 2, Scientific Method ..., and the volumes of "The gods of naturalism ...", as in The Biblical Workman Ch. 7: but as an educational element in contemporary history in its setting. There is simply no empirical case for treating it as a relevant model for scientific method and its searching testing.

Nevertheless, because of the pathology which romps around precisely as predicted, this fanciful and irrational evolutionary myth is not likely to be omitted but rather blasted into the public ear, just as Chinese Communists at one stage had loud-speakers even in some country areas, broadcasting to the ear not closed, its wares. In fact, not only is there likely to be such an abuse of the human ear, it is unlikely that ANY coverage of the actual issues would in balanced mode be provided in any series of educational units, since as antipathy grows, so suppression soars. The biblical expectations are amazingly well met. This is precisely the case with many peoples.

More also: at least in this and many other lands, even in private schools (drugged by governmental pathological requirements to CONFORM without scientifically oriented enquiry, the paradigms of culture inculcated  like a drug), as in public, the aural drug is not only supplied but required irrespective of the desire of the victim. It sits like an idol in examination and orientation, a shameless  contra-example of scientific method, shouting at religion with no case.

Vast is the atrocity (for it is nothing less) of having bright young minds (some are) covered with the tar of untruth, monopolistically and with the force of law-taught things... what things ? Those -

NEVER found in practice, while experiments have proceeded which

NEVER show the categorical necessities to be seen if the evolutionary MODEL were right,

This proceeds while the very curriculum itself is ignoring the experimental and observational evidence, not to say the logical necessities, of that other MODEL, the C-Model, nothing or nothing citable is the irrational basis of all, which does not meet


rational criteria (cf. Secular Myths and Sacred Truth Ch. 7,
Overflight in Christ
Ch. 8, SMR pp. 140ff.ff., TMR Ch. 1),


particular challenges, and


match testable elements with theoretical basis, germane and adequate.
Despite this triumph, it is sent out, sent slithering away.


Further exposés and exposures of these pseudo-academic idolatries (aggrandising of what is not grand, in quasi-religious terms) and myths (effects with no correlative cause) are listed in the series noted above in *3. Some of the more recent include the following.


Ch. 5 is there cited,  specialising on matters of information  science, with extensive reference  to Professor Werner Gitt's new volume, Without Excuse.

Inter-relating Chapters on logical, empirical and philosophical elements in naturalism
       and in various religions, with overview of basic approaches, are found in recent work.

VOL 5   Thus, in Department of Biblical  Affairs ... Volume 5, Chapter 6, we have an investigation into starting and stopping in the construction of the universe, into dream and  reality,  possibility, actuality rationality, into reason and revelation, fact and fancy,  fiascos and foundations, truth and fiction, scientific method and pseudo-scientific fiction, the IF domain and the TEST domain, together with the underlying necessities and provisions, making revolt from the Lord, rationally inexcusable (cf. Romans 1:17ff.)
Like the DNA, the instruction not only for body-making, but for mind  of man waking, is all given.

VOL  4  It is noted  that Volume 4, Chapter 2 of the Department ... sub-set, has rapport with this insofar as it deals with religions on the one hand, and naturalistic varieties on the other, in an overall perspective, that includes the nostrum of the Big Bang. These three chapters are in a close relationship.

VOL  6 of Department of Biblical Affairs, Chapter 4, deals with another cross-sectional analysis, namely the use of MODELS as modes of approach to issues, with emphasis on RESULTS, for comparison from each variety.

We are most familiar with this from climate modelling.

Each configuration, plan, type is isolable and specifiable with rigour, not confusion, as is common. The fallacious syndrome here is for critics of one model, perspective or  approach to an issue, to  set about rebuffing it by assuming their own as a basis, as they critique the other. But each exists in its own milieu and AS SUCH is subject to the common logic claimed. The point remains: how does EACH perform on its own basis, and what is the comparison in RESULTS? Re-statement is not argument. This morbid mix-up is too common for clear thought; and with multitudes of mankind almost routinely being activated by many motives, some internally incompatible, clarity is frequently the fall-guy for the dismal din of thoughtless drive. This Chapter is a basic one, and is named MODELS, MODES, MISCHIEFS AND MEDDLING.

Where logic is disdained, argument is disclaimed. Here its applicability is acclaimed.




See for example, SMR, TMR and the large and extensive work,




Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God.



See on this theme, *1 above.