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Lively Forms of Evil for Modern Age,

Modern Shambles instead of Christ


News 477

The Australian, August 21, 2014, A PLUS, front page

'New Age for Ancient Evils'


A viewpoint appearing in The Australian today gave a thankless estimate of Islam. To be sure, the sayings went, it was conditioned to its age, as if it needed improving in cultural concept not a little admittedly. To be conceded again, it could be taken with a sort of wooden literalness. Better things were needed. All this was not the best.
Still ...

Now this is an extravanganza of assumed but not exhibited hopefulness. It is rather like Goldsmith 'Hopeful Monster' from which all sorts of goodies were to come, having arrived by some kind of invisible freight, free of charge for source or sending.

In fact, there is no such innominate basis; it is all named. Nothing did not produce something, potential did not arrive from Mars or Mars from nowhere at all. Causes laugh at such nonsense.

Man has not trodden the dream-path, arriving like its confrères, from nowhere, to a destination, imparted from nowhere, by a power from the same source.

He has not become beauty from the beast, but killing a couple of million in Cambodia, because of his extreme civility, and perhaps 30,000,000 in USSR because of its philosophical enlightenment, and not much less by report, in China, because of the deep grip of civilisation on wise races, while the World War I and II showed the grandeur of vision in Europe, a few million here or there, cities bombed almost to extinction and so on, these also illustrated the advances from the bad old days when men as a whole did not understand the restraint and sophisticated cultural advance in our time on display, manifested so clearly as in the use of atomic bombs.

This undeft presumption of progress in the nature of man and religion is just one more confusion of models. Certainly the evolutionary myth (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!) LOOKS for such things; but as in all else empirical relative to its forlorn hope, it does not find them. WE as a 20th - 21st century exhibit for any sort of self-praise and estimate of progress ethically, humanely, in understanding and wisdom in life, would have to make up down, and down up, confusion king and self-deception de rigueur. The race in its relationships of nations has become masterfully inept, unspeakably deceptive, truant from truth, passing every folly and fad as if it were a dream about to come true, but unhappily delaying a little, while millions die.

It is useless, quite futile, to try to say in the old primary school way, grotesque even then, 'I did not do it - HE DID!' It was not my fault!'

If the schoolyard was an incendiary morass, this might be hard to define, and if groups were  talking of survival as god, and not wanting others to do their thing because of the overwhelming importance of their own thing, and had made it clear that devastation in the school-yard was only appropriate, and had extensive gangs and groups to perform it, and had performed it almost in continuity for many years, and no one ever overcame it, new groups constantly in process of birth and modification, then what ? We would be hard put to find praise, but rather easily positioned to assert malaise, indiscipline, notorious failure of the school, and wicked hearts in the degenerate destroyers. Now if they had reasoned on the basis of evidence for change, and all had been weighed and found rational and reliable and sure and certain, and the springs of human motivation had been cleansed, and false words heavily pruned, then that would be one thing.

If however the exact opposite had been found, and yet nothing had been done, but the conflagrations only increased till the continuance of the school at all was in no mean doubt, then we could scarcely cite it as a grand example of growing sophistication, wisdom, understanding and greatness. It would be a mess, perhaps mesmerised by different messes, hidden, ulterior motives and other clutter and thrusts or motifs for dishonesty, inaction and unaccountability.

There was a work called, School for Scandal; but this would be nothing less than a scandalous school.

Our 'school', this world, has not improved in such vital civil, ethical, self-restraining, careful, concerned, penetrating and civilised ways. With more power and more immediate transmission across a feinting and fainting world, there is a case of wars and rumours of wars to the uttermost.  This is precisely as was foretold by Jesus the Christ (who had the noted qualities of a positive kind and more, and provided a way of escape not greatly taken over time, though many profess Him), for a time of flourishing evil and self-deception and false christs and prophets was to come (Matthew 24:12, 24:24). Thus come cruelty and atrocity as if these were a game, as if life were an  adventure site, a laboratory for testing, and for some this is how they view it.

The idea therefore that we ignore the atrocious works of which Islam in this or that part or time or process, such as its beginning or early phase in the invasion of Mecca and religious rule thereby, is guilty, and its subordination concept, and the notable incitations to victory as a criterion in the Koran, heaven being a good outcome,  and of  continuing where clash to the point arises, till Allah alone has the floor, or ground, or rule*1, or in some way accommodate them, is not consonant with this. It is not at all a question just of  something a little to literal on the littoral of history, somewhat failing to be updated. The circumstances were and are blood. They meant blood. Blood comes with victory in such wars, and victory is soaked in it. The subordination of the conquered is not put in some ultra-imaginative way, to be literalised in some unknown format. It was real, and IF any tried to get out of the inordinate SPIRITUAL rule and sovereignty in view, then extermination has appeal. They are major miscreants. They could not and must not escape; for submission is an ultimate, and it is alleged to be for one by the name of Allah, the figure to whom it is due, as determined by those who determine it to be good to follow such a name.

No,  chatter about the literal, where much blood has been shed very literally, and the words are, by claim, not from man but from God, who does not change, is all very pleasant to the ear, but not to the mind or the memory. Truth is not such. Someone said, Where is the Moslem New Testament ? But the trouble lies much deeper than that in a book which being allegedly sent from Allah, is much too sacred to suffer alteration. That is to conceive of a new religion, which is just the course this world has been seeking for a very long time, each attempt failing.

 Thus we have had amidst many:


the Roman Emperor to be worshipped,


the pope to be obeyed as supreme commander of commandments
(contrary to Matthew 23:8-10, cf. SMR pp. 911ff., 1032 - 1088H), or


an inspired Hitler to be pursued despite the loss of hundreds of thousands of soldiers,
such a number in one episode at Stalingrad by surrender,


a magical Mao with his little red book, or


a France of Equality, Liberty, Fraternity, cutting off heads in much the ISIS manner
(and it is not ISIS alone that does this in the name of Allah), or


the chatter of matter as master
(arriving by special freight from nowhere, and going places by unknown forces
which do not follow the Communist plan*2  or have the intelligence to make intelligence, or the wit to make anything but a noise on the earth, through incessant broadcast by warped intelligence), or


a brood of efforts to invent something, twisting this, moulding that, appealing with the other,
all ephemeral, some even an effort to revise God and still use His name (cf. News 121, 122).

That of course is a flirtation with fancy which both in assumption and outcome is far more dangerous
than playing with radiation ridden article. Misusing someone's name
is not tolerated too well amongst men, but to trifle with the Maker's name is a vast undertaking,
where daring and folly mix.

New religions*3 are two a penny; any religion that works over time, that has the credentials that matter, and those that do matter above any natter, is to be found in contrast to this god-given status of what does not achieve its target, or show its truth by reason and testimony of the source to meet it. This as seen as in


Deity and Design ...,


where light penetrates each arena of darkness,
and does not depend on their flood-lights, these being obscure.











On the Moslem religion, see Indexes and Department of Bible, Vol. 4, Ch. 2, endnotes 4 to 5C inclusive, and *3 below, as also The Politically Incorrect Guide to ISLAM (and the Crusades), by Robert Spencer, which achieved New York Bestseller status, an exposé of some calibre.

Let us consider this.

It meant subversion into subordination of target peoples, with no escape from those who sought to escape except by redemption through blood, their own! This is in principle an infinite divergence from the blood of the Sovereign who became Saviour, and His demonstrable attestation.

From Divine Agenda Ch. 6, we have this testimony drawn from the Koran. It is slightly extended beyond the treatment in the original Chapter..


To the Moslem situation in the Sudan, where the drama is to be shortly exposed, our investigation and comparison of words with works, of prophecy with performance now takes us.

We have - many at least - heard of that country in Africa where the so-called fundamentalist Moslem NORTH has made raids, taking slaves from Christ-professing households and thrusting them north for 'service', and so on. What we must shortly consider and report, is if possible, much worse. But why is it done ? Perhaps we need preparation before we consider WHAT ELSE has been done in the name of this religion!

It is perhaps felt that this will adorn the Koran, please Allah and that sort of thing. Thus we shall first look at some of the things which  it is saying on such topics.

It is true that in the Koran in Surahs 8 and 9, we do find, as see previously (see Moslem in Indexes) various incitations to violence against those not willing to capitulate to the desires of the being called Allah.

Thus, for example, we find in 8:36-40, these words: "Tell the unbelievers that if they mend their ways their past shall be forgiven; but if they persist in sin, let them reflect upon the fate of their forefathers." Is this then some statistical survey, or was the 'fate' in some way brought forward by human hand ? Ah, but yes!

"Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God's religion shall reign supreme."
Very, veritable jihad ? ... There is no lack of support for such concepts in the Koran.
(Cf. also SMR p. 1081, 987ff..)


There is an interesting provision: Go out and fight. Thus, 9:121, 47:34-38. Be ruthless! If agreements are made with say, believers in the Lord, called 'idolaters' since Muhammad rejects God's speech in person in Christ, against all reason, evidence, prophecy and reality, and invents a religion wholly contrary to that which has records and performance criteria that stand (cf. SMR pp. 988-990, 1081-1082): then kept they must be, and such action, acute, decisive and sure is called for, in the Koran.

Here Muhammad definitively classes as 'unbelievers' as those who say "God is one of three", though his effort to even articulate the trinity is alien. How is God one of three if He is three in One ? This is a straw man, a new god invented in addition to Allah.

Again, in 9:121-123, we find this: "Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you.  Know that God is with the righteous." Further, in his internecine thrust, he declares this (47:34). Speaking of their undesirable destiny who do not agree with his religion, Muhammad urges this: "Therefore do not falter or sue for peace when you have gained the upper hand." "Muhammad," he pursues it, "is God's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another" (48:29).

So if it were to go, the world would be Muslim, in submission to the untestable words, which contradict the whole essence, substance, spirit and tenor of the Biblical words which are not only testable, but triumphant in EVERY test, and which even in Muhammad are being fulfilled, for there were to be many false prophets and false christs (Matthew 24:24). There is no way to be parasitic upon their unerring and ancient testimony, for the Koran is in the most violent and harsh discord with them, in both Testaments. Muhammad is part of the false prophet parcel, and in view of the liberties he took, false christ also. That, as with all Christ's words, is given and done.

There is neither divorce nor division between Christ's words and the world of fact. What has stood, stands; what is predicted, happens; He who was to come, came; what He has forecast, comes, is coming and is nearly now done. The words of antiquity, given and attested over the ages, these do not alter; their message is always the same, and always contrary to the phenomenon of the 7th century, who, casting all this away, rests only on himself, and his failures to have his words implemented to this day, and nowhere with a more simple and sublime reality than in the failure against Israel, as formerly against Europe.

The special deliciousness of the former  however, is that the ancient and immovable word of God DECLARED that the Jews, though subjected to ENORMOUS humiliation WOULD RETURN to their land, and would be victorious THEN (but not before) against the invaders who would be repelled, but in very troublous circumstances. Indeed, it even gave the reason, in their unbelief; and likewise came the reason for the repulsion, simply that God from the first had appointed this land, this history, this way, this revelation in stages to Jew and Gentile, and would not alter the word which had gone forth out of His mouth (as in Isaiah 55). Hence the calamities, because of Jewish national unbelief; hence the triumph, because of divine plan and strategy (as in Romans 11, Leviticus 26) from the first.

What God said concerning Israel is abundantly fulfilled, over centuries and millenia, point by point; the all might of the Allah name is seen subordinated to the truth of the word of God in this very thing, for their  arrival (the 'catastrophe' of many Arabs), their  restoration and sustaining against many invading nations as foretold, makes little of the supposed almightiness of what neither prevails against them, despite immense wealth and lands of its own, nor puts them into any kind of subjection, but watches every word of the verified Bible being fulfilled in its very Islamic face (cf. SMR pp. 831ff., 1081ff., Chs.-  9, ). Hitler fared no better, though he made no small indent!

Hence the turmoil, because Israel must return to the Lord, and the false gods must be exposed, scientifically, step by step, layer by layer, loud-mouthed provocation by insult, till the truth is seen without alloy or impediment. GOD is very patient. He does not favour this or that, but truth, and mercy, and lovingkindness. In judgment He does act, but with profound preliminaries and predictive lines which have been available these thousands of years! This, it is mercy not of mere mouth, but of act and fact.

Muhammad, however,  tags Christians - who believe God is not hidden in a mist of untestable words, but expressed in a must, expressed not only through a certainty of testable predictions and manifestation in His living word  as those to be deemed idolaters in this passage noted above. They believe in the One who in Person fulfilled all that was to be, in the very field of redemption, resurrection and reason (cf. SMR Ch. 6, The Magnificence of the Messiah, Joyful Jottings 21-25). 

What then  for those who believe in the One who demands we love God with all our mind as well as might ? This:

  • "Believers, why is it that when it is said to you: 'March in the cause of God,' you linger slothfully in the land ? ... If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men... Whether unarmed or well-equipped, march on and fight for the cause of God, with your wealth and with your persons..." "Those who believe in God and the Last Day will not beg you to exempt them from fighting with their wealth and with their persons."


Thus force is to be the exhibit, not testable truth; and novelty, innovative dumping of revelation of all, is to be the criterion of acceptance. For that, it would need force, for reason will not and cannot concur. It is force or faith; reason or recklessness; Christ's blood or the blood of men, and how it flows. This, it is no matter of moral or spiritual judgment for depravity, but of insistence with force on a faith which of course, force could never deliver. The terms are as far apart as beauty and misery, sky and pitch.

  • Faith however is generated by means other than insistence,

  • persistence, resistance and blood. Submission, if one is spared, is to avoid
    contradiction and resistance to the submission commanded; and if that is not force,
    what could or would be. 

    What is life worth if only a false idol can be worshipped,
    where confusion reigns even about the trinity, as if being ONE in BEING and THREE in PERSONS who jointly in infinite intimacy ARE that being, were some kind of mathematical problem, or the exhibit of Christ did not leave all competition in attainment behind, in meeting every species of human need, and giving a war not in the blood of others, as if it were mere offal, but with spiritual weapons to deliver (Ephesians 6), one of these being the Gospel of the love of God. It is here that the blood of the Redeemer is redemption, not that of victims, and people may ignore His pleas, without penalties so numerous, intensive and overwhelmingly invasive as to be abhorrent.

    Where THIS WORLD is to be RULED through man, that is always the target which makes other things subordinate. Force and inadequacy conjoined make it so. Where the criteria of truth are subordinate to the requirements of submission (being divergent and hence infidel, whether in part or in whole), exemption being obscured, so is truth; but yet it remains past the pollution.
  • That is why the Koran's specification of the prophets of the Old Testament as being from God shows its falsity. THEY insist on the blood redemption of the
    "Redeemer", as essential, whereas this centre-piece lacks in the Koran, which instead has its own ways. If t his Koran declaration, then, is true, Muhammad is false, and it is he who declares it from God, his alleged inspiration, so supreme and untouchable. If the prophets were from the same God, then on this basis, any contradiction of them by Muhammad or anyone else is false, a self-imposition of error in this case (
    SMR pp. 1081ff.). This is shown in another context above.

  • Loyalty is to what is faithful, not forceful. Love is found not in submission but in commission to the lovely, to what is love; and mercy is to be found not in the mire of slain flesh, or else that faithful to the mind of man in every detail, but in God who made us. It is He who has not left Himself without a witness, but has exposed the falsities in advance, the better to assist believers in Him, who gave us that natural affection, a testimony of His supernatural love for us.

  • Faith does not stride in superiority, by any Biblical commission, over what lacks it; but acts with appeal and entreaty, if by any means the love of God, who HIMSELF does the works, might be found in Christ. And He ? He was crucified, but crucified none.

  • Judgment is soon enough. Now it is time for patience, not mere penal power, truth, not the tedium of swords and ruthlessness. As a Christian, one is to 'die daily' in the service of Christ with patience; not bring to death the recalcitrant, for one whose word is a law of flesh, to whom resistance brings fighting till all submit themselves, and this ? To what is this ? It is to the thought of someone whose words are untestable, unworkable or both, whose mandates lack power, whose ways are unfulfilled but whose servants can conspire with terrible effect, against the vulnerable protoplasm which God has in His creation, provided.

But let us return to our little study.

Remembering that  in Surah 9:121-124, we find: "Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous" and the repeated urgings to war and ruthlessness, and noting 9:73, "Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home, an evil fate," where their assumed destiny is made a basis for aggression, extermination or humiliation, spoliation and condemnation as insincere for reasons unknown: we are equipped to proceed.

What follows is found at Divine Agenda Ch. 6, at B, The Honour Roll of Heartlessness.



On Communism, see Department of Bible ... Vol. 6, Ch. 4,  endnote 2.



On religions, see The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God ... Ch. 2, including section marked.

See further:

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