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What do we see here ? God is on the throne. Yet there is a pause. In the divine hand is a scroll, written inside and on the back, double-edged like a sword. There lies the beauty and wonder of our situation. We are not atoms amidst stars without number; rather are we persons amidst words*1 without number, assigning law to life and understanding to man. Words there are, of judgment for vileness,  amid salvation from  virtue, divine in origin and in gift; and  to ignore these words is like forgetting to breathe:  only confusion or death results.

Thus the scroll written on both sides  appears in heaven, amidst a vast congregation.  A question comes into the holy presences. WHO is WORTHY to open the scroll ? An angel delivers the charge. Before the throne there is a sea of crystalline clarity, and crowns are cast at the feet of God, in voluntary delight at His all supervening glory, and they cry,

"YOU are worthy O Lord

to receive glory and honour and power,

for You created all things,

and by Your will they exist and were created."

God both created and maintains His worlds! Seen simply,  consider the case when awkwardly you cut your hand or arm, mouth: then observe the sheer wonder of its reconstruction,  multi-stage, intriguingly contrived healing, even when there were considerable wounds! Millions of cells are involved with vast quantities of information; organisation in ingenious complexity abounds, commands thrust, and this works: you are inaudibly mended.  Why then is there now this question, WHO is worthy to open the scroll ?

Is it not  obvious ? Clearly, God has seen fit to place the grand opening in the hands of another, already written as it is. There is to be a CEO, an executive who will translate or ensure the translation of the words into actions. Who can this be ? Whom did He send, to die for sin ? whom, to show the way, the life and the truth ? Yet how very many have attacked this same Saviour, denying His majesty, roused at His power, gritting their teeth at His grace! What is the outcome ?



For some time, strangely, awesomely, pregnantly in depth, no one is found in heaven or earth, however to open the scroll, and thus release the last phases of human history on this globe, to the light of common day.  John tells us that he therefore is engaged in deep weeping, because of the lack, as well he might;  for if this world had no worthy person to release the finalities of history what that is unworthy might try! what travesty result. Yet who more worthy than the One, beautiful in holiness, endowered with responsibility, who had entered history as a man, exhibited the power, pity and purity of God in that human form and experienced atrocities in return, such as we now find often with malignant might from Islamic sources, just as such horrors had long been so in Communist hands, and before that in Inquisitorial ones ? Thus He redeemed.

Imagine if this earth were like a deserted island in terms of utter loveliness such as is God's, so that the entire race simply went its way in its follies, sold but not redeemed, divested but not re-invested, encouraged but not enabled, and all went out like a mob surging into battle to die!

It was not to be so. DO NOT WEEP! said the angel to John just as it is said to us; for

 "Behold , the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David,
has prevailed
to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals."

Having become man, He could manage; having paid the price to  evacuate from the simple onset of hell,  He could take the scroll revealing what is to come; and taking it, He could open it. No more was there any opening for the sneers of the weary: Does God care! He cared enough to come in person and DO IT,  all required. Glorious in power and wisdom, He was shown also wonderful in compassion and fatherly pity,  splendid in meekness, and this not in word only, but in deed, and not in deed only, but in performance of  all that truth required and mercy desired.

Thus we read in Revelation 5:6:

"And I looked, and behold in the midst of the throne and of the four elders,

stood a Lamb

as though it had been slain..."

It is not the conquering hero but the crucified Christ who is now displayed. It is HE who died, and is alive for evermore He comes to terminate history, the cross always in view, so that no one can ever get to hell without in some way, rejecting it (John 15:22-25)!

That being so, history before the God of all love and grace and comfort, may now proceed. The words are exposed like a program: the truth follows. Who is ready for it! Adequate provision has been made, and famous is the Faithful and the True witness Jesus Christ, who has paid not least to make history possible, through His blood. How can any then escape who does not come to Him, as Hebrews 2:1-3 points out; but there He is, and now can history  proceed to the various phases of judgment, with mercy always at hand, for the asking, for the taking in the hand of truth! (Micah 7:19ff., Revelation 22:17).




Now comes this Prince of glory. Recognition is immediate and His praiseworthy actions make of Him an incomparable choice. Why is He worthy ? Revelation 5:9 tells us, it is because

"You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood,

out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation."

Instead of immoral lords and presidents, morally empty Prime Ministers, self-indulging princes, charming despots turning drunken louts, crowd manipulators, mafia-presences penetrating like a mustard gas into many societies, lovers of power deploying themselves for their own profit or imagined good, we now have One whose solution of the sin problem, and resolution of every other problem is so glorious (though in a spiritual parallel, as with antibiotics in the early days, when there was little resistance - so here, in many faith is distorted before they even react, because many onsets have left the heart weary and the mind stalled), that true indeed is the voice of the angels What do they cry ? It is as in Revelation 5:12,

"Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,

to receive power and riches and wisdom,

and strength and honour and glory and blessing."

Yes, it is to "Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever and ever!

Look at your spiritual paramours, partisans, self-pronouncing leaders and weep at the folly of even considering some other person, or his way or thoughts or ideals or ideas, in the very presence of those of the Lamb. A Lamb who is also Lord of glory, a Shepherd who knows His sheep who follow Him and know His voice! There is the provision of God. A Lord who directs as if deranged, whose vassals learn to know his rank purposes or starry confusions: what have these in common! That is the direction taken in the lurid dynamics of lustful power play and control kingdoms, claiming insights from nowhere or revelations from gods of no consequence, or impotence, who cannot and DO NOT accomplish what is said in their name.

In practical fact, there is only one God who has the power, and has shown it for several millenia of our tight history, to accomplish precisely what He says, whether it be concerning creating kinds, providing information by His word for the activity of creation, found in laws of physics and the command-ingenuities of DNA, as well as in the laws of logic, through which only one answer to the question of creation is available*2. Laws throughout are to be discovered ONLY because they are there; and they can be there ONLY because they have been formed, forged and formulated so that the minds that must obey laws of logic to be operative effectually, can discover and re-formulate the divine formulations, seeking constantly to find the precision, depth, artistry and wonder of these provisions, by which our very bodies are formed, forged and formulated, into existence, day by day and hour by hour, both in the eventuation of new ones, babies, and the maintenance of older ones, called mankind.



Nor is this all. He has paid out this triumph, for He has "made them kings and priests to our God; and they shall reign on the earth." Then they fell down and worshipped Him (Rev. 5:14)

Man is now busy worshipping at the throne of science, where tentative knowledge constantly changes and varies according to the philosophic and religious contaminants which pre-set the mind of the scientists, so that they imagine now this, now that, in the realm of truth, and lay down the law, before changing it once more, with great authority. By many in the field, he is led no less surely than by many in the other dictatorships among men, such as the political and the social, and often the academic, when these fields are entered, to worship. The point ? It is that worship involves an entire surrender to some force, power, person, resource, recourse, without qualification, so that what it has either to say or do, is accepted as if from God.

That is worship. If it is not some creed, or simple application of it (thus some try to manipulate scientific method so that you do not even have to find verification wherever it lies, and failure to verify is no more to exclude a theory), it is some exemplification of heroic power, as some imagine in some of the sports. Self-deprived of God, many fall like Autumn leaves off the tree of life in order to cling to the ground, impure and littered, of some merely created object or idea.

Most are now worshipping, many who pretend  to be Christian, this or that, and not the Christ, the God who made them, the word of God their rocky foundation, Christ the living foundation of their lives. Instead, they do NOT say with loud voice, WORTHY IS THE LAMB, but worthwhile is the network, the body politic, academic, scientific, social or whatever else may take their fancies. Let it receive honour and glory for ever and ever! they show by their actions, to be in their hearts. But WHAT makes such merely created and often straying, indeed sometimes strangling bodies so worthy ?

It is nothing so much as the fact that God being removed from their thoughts, the true and living, the sovereign and glorious God, whom to worship is merely right and natural, there is a READINESS to worship something else. The car is out, the engine is running, the driver is in, the custom is there, the foot is to the accelerator, despite the lack of a steering wheel, scarcely noticed in the hypnotic flow, as an omission at all! Man constructed with precision of God, and without the guidance of God is in a way like those poor, blighted, headless fowl who having been executed already, yet run about, except that some of these, for the time, are vastly more contented and their run-about is extended to a point. Precision equipment without the method, meaning and procedures intended can become such a powerful source of misadventure or even disaster that one wonders why people use it, without at least consulting the notes so carefully and in the case of man, so monumentally and splendidly provided.

It is like having good eyes, and refusing to use them right, finding you get all kinds of weird results when your use is amiss!

But what is the true result of the One who has proven Himself worthy ? It is as the text declares, that  He has "made them kings and priests to our God: and we shall reign on the earth."

From Revelation 22:4-5, we find further:

 "They shall see His face,

and His name shall be on their foreheads,"

and this:

 "They shall reign for ever and ever."

Some imagine themselves as gods in the making. Ludicrous: gods at the least have to have certain autonomous powers of dynamic thrust; and those who belong to God have, in their final and perfected lives, nothing of this. Initiative and imagination ? of course, for that is part of being in the image of God. But self-imposed, self-serving, self-important thrust, of this nothing! Let God be God and keep your place; it is only then that the realities of grace make of that place a thing of wonder. It is then that man may indeed with his fellows, be kings and priests to God.

But how a priest ? In this, that there is no need of HAVING the work of some priest, to set you straight. You ARE one. As Christ cut short the entire sacrificial system, by BEING the victim and offeror and temple, collapsing into one, all those former mediations and intermediaries, so now being IN CHRIST (John 15), with Christ IN YOU (Colossians 1:27), there is a directness of action, and in the end, the Lamb and His Father ARE the temple, as in Revelation 21:22.

But how kings ? When you love God, you can do as you please, Augustine is famed for saying, or words to this effect. Now it is imperfect, but true in principle; then it is true in direct action. There is no more cleavage between what you want and what you get, for what you want is precisely in such accord with your Father's will and His Son's provision for you, that the gap no more exists. But let us take care!

This is not to say that your every whim, caprice and desire is gloriously fulfilled, as if you were some indulged potentate. Rather is it that desires are in the light, and the light is in the desires, so that sin being excluded (Revelation 21:8), there is room for that blessed sonship, that blessed daughterly position (in fact the genders no more apply - but this in present-day terms), where growth and increase consorts with wisdom and diligence, joy and wonder, and the ashes of wrong enterprise are never to sully the air.

Fatherly counsel and power, removal of evil, shepherding love and concern, these move through the  presence of His people like perfumes in  Spring (Isaiah 9:6-7, Hosea 13:6, Galatians 3:28, Revelation 7:14-17, Malachi 3:17, Isaiah 28:5, 33:17).

As in Revelation 21:4:

"God will wipe away every tear from their eyes:
there shall be no more death,
nor sorrow, nor crying.
There shall be no more pain,
for the former things have passed away."

You don't have to pay because not only has the Saviour covered all your costs of litigation, no more necessary, since Christ died for you and you have received His gift as a Christian, but

"I will give of the water of life freely to him who thirsts,"

and again,

"And the Spirit and the bride say, "Come!". 

And let him who hears say, "Come!"

And let him who thirsts come.

Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely."







See -

Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed: Barrister of Bliss Ch. 4.





One could, of course, seek to avoid logic, and propound various illegitimate irrationalities; but then, the normal case in this arena of thought, you remove any possibility of being able consistently to appeal to logic in presenting your case, so losing any logical legitimacy, whatever else may then be said.

Quite simply,  existence is NOT a given. NOTHING is given in investigation. You have to find CAUSE for ANYTHING, including space, time, laws, be they as with the Hawking affair, those of gravitation set in the jewel-like interacting totality of rationally formulable interacting schemes and schemas of operation, or varied domains of operation (cf. Lively Lessons in Spiritual Service Ch. 5). You can beg the question more or less, in bits or in particles, laws and forms, but in principle, beggars have no place here. It is necessary to PROVIDE.

ANYTHING must either be eternal and self-sufficient, or have a derivation from what is so; or else logic is forsaken, causation (cf. Causes) is lost and magic is the order of the game, not really responsible in view of the stakes. Start with nothing and ever more that is all for you, and you yourself, you would not be there to enjoy the solitude. Start with something and it must be adequate for all that follows, including the derivation of time and space, and anything else non-self-sufficient. What is eternal and self-sufficient has the name 'God', and with this there is only one other major question. What is He like ? what if you prefer, are the ontological aspects which enable one to know this Being ?

These are quite simply found from four sources.



The first is the spectacle of events, agencies, commands, causes and consequences in the tightly knit, law-girt and operationally complexly interactive world about us. Its requirements causatively have been considered both in SMR and in TMR, and the result exhibits, just as Romans 1:17ff. declares, and is shown in these references in detail, the eternal nature and godhead of the Creator.




The second source is the internal psychic reality of man, and here we consider chiefly his mind.

Ludicrous efforts to declare it this or that have routinely been made in the history of philosophy (though sometimes better is to be found being framed cf. SMR Chs. 3    -    4, Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 13, for example), but in the end, man without meaning is simply a true consequence of the false principles which fail in the first place to find the logical necessity concerning God, as indicated in the references in the paragraph above.

These are secondary infections of that disease of deceased logic. When the realities are faced without unruly reductionism,  a form of ignoring the evidence and reconstructing by unaided imagination, what is to be investigated (cf. Ancient Words: Modern Deeds, Ch. 9, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, esp. the three End-notes on these depths and dimensions), then the whole realm of mind and spirit extends past the horizons of matter, energy, law and form, themselves vastly logically demanding, so that the three areas and arenas call for causation:  each a cosmos of its own with its own powers and rules.

Required for these is moreover the cause of their unification and interaction: their composure must be faced likewise. Man's mind minds the finding in its conceptions and formulated laws, of its cognate in conception and logic, in the modes of the universe. All this must be faced.

Faced ? by what ?

Why, it is in by that amazing instrument of discovery, thought and emotion called man: and it, this category called mankind, this all but insufferable braggart, persecutor, lover, aesthete, peace-loving war monger, who himself  is wrought at levels beyond the slightest part of human ability to attain.

Mind finds its own. Such is the height of his own being in its own creation, who yet cannot for his own part, so create.



Just so, then,  is the correlation of the conceptualisability of man and the readiness for matter to yield its modes of procedure by yielding the concepts, the commands of its operation to the mind of man. This needs its own causation, the logos of law that is imbued into matter and indeed in to the underlying biological structure of life, and the logic of man, able to ferret it out, and reformulate the formulations basic to his very being has ground for awe at his own Maker.

Yet some prefer to stand in awe of their own strictly limited, if lavishly imaginative minds. How do they do this ? It is by their own spirits, subjects of survey, of the wry and the writhing, of the grand vision and the working grace, of nobility and bestiality, of wallowing, worrying and of wisdom.

But why this ? Why does man so often and in such depth of desire seek to ignore his mind, the conceptual interstices of matter, his own spirit, and the eternally adequte source of all ? How is one matter. WHY ? it is another.

There is great reward in grabbing what is beyond you, and subduing it by force, however illegitimate, and always has been from the first, in the eyes of the plunderers. Small wonder that the wry wit of man bent on owning the universe, or any object of desire within it, finds only irony and weakness in his vaunted powers. Reality does not yield to any degree of imagination which will not face facts.

That is always the problem for man wanting to deal death to his Creator: he cannot do anything about creating the level of his own liberty. He may exercise his spirit of innovation and decision, of action and imagination, of survey and derived perspectives. He may then make his slaves, servitors and robots; but his programs within programs, and statistical indexes within indexes, and his calls and modes of deployment, subtle and sophisticated as they may become, through that intricate logical instrument called mind,  which relates so cogently in the Lord to that intricate logical deployment called matter, his mind itself activated by that directive source of perspective and decision called spirit.

Yet these do not even begin to reach to what man is, in himself, or to his powers. Man's creations are abysmally below his own level of being. When you are created, however great (as with man), your endowments, there are limits as imposed.

Such creations from the mind and spirit of man, then, such constructions as he may choose to make, brooding over matter, analysing, imagining: these by their very contrivance worked out,  remove all thought of liberty for man himself to make for his products. Have such powers ? yes, look around you. MAKE them ? No. You do not find it, nor the means to it. Man is a derivative, to whom is given much in logic, imagination and spirit; but it is not given all!

He could not and cannot, for example, confer on anything made by his own intelligence, a subject which will have that categorically independent power of assessment that man has. It is a power so greatly endued, that man is able to use it in deliberative assault on his Maker.

Not so his own products, on him; for what man creates (we do not speak of procreation)  does not have the degree of independence of mind and spirit, to brood on their creators, and seek to dispense with or delete them, to make war on  the machinists and the architects of engineering who so conceive them! This man, however, most manifestly, does have towards his own Creator, who gave mind its thought, matter is conceptual control and spirit its powers of choice and deliberation, imagination and surging surveys and preference!

Without liberty, love has no meaning; without love, war has every facility of a diseased creation to destroy itself. As Christ stated (Matthew 24), the time would come (as it is now becoming visible on the near horizon) when man's sin-disease would be so vast that his life on earth would no longer be possible! Christ likewise intimated that He would intervene, having suffered in sacrifice to provide a free highway back to Himself, He will intervene once more in removing the ruins so that life can continue for a time, when the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Small wonder that the Lord indicates that unless one become as a little child, one cannot enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18). It is not that one leaves the mind behind, but the guile, the deviousness, the ruins of unrealism, the intoxicated dreams (Jeremiah 23), the impractical imaginings of things NEVER found or seen to happen (II Timothy 4, II Peter 3), with means NEVER found for them to surface! As Paul says, In understanding be men, but in malice be babes! (I Corinthians 14:20). The spirit of man, when humble and contrite, is able at last to see all things clear and whole, and its imagination is sated with a reality which realism relishes (cf. SMR, TMR, Deity and Design and Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ, as hyperlinked throughout this piece) .

When pungent pollution is swept aside, then logic and truth, reason and revelation, explanation and action, verification and validation, all cohere, and the spirit of man finds rest in its Source and Founder; for the foundations in place, and as evidenced, confirmation never ceases in any direction, field or action. What is now available, in that day of Christ's return to rule for a time on this very earth (cf. Revelation 5:10, 20:1ff.), will be even more manifest. God has spoken and made, spoken to save, and will speak to rule. But what a profundity of liberty has seen the truth demonstrated directly and indirectly, in logic and in life alike! Eternity lies ahead, and with this, the Eternal God, Maker, Saviour, sufficient, efficient, ready to save, in Christ having done all to the purpose!

He will rule before the heaven and earth are removed, job done (Isaiah 51:6, Matthew 24:35, II Peter 3). Then the joy of such a Lord as this, such a Saviour as He, in eternity.

Victory and vindication of truth is a choice thing! No less so however, is deliverance for any single one of these amazing creations called man, from the intoxication of philosophy, the disease of will, the vagueness of irrationality, which leads from the joy of God to the doom of depravity: for alas, there is not only physical depravity, but mental and spiritual availability as well. Like smoking, one can seek it with more effort than desire. It can become virtually habitual, and so a characteristic of  person's life. Proverbs 1 puts it so sharply, and it is well to read it!

Love has made man able; hatred has made him ignorant through lust from the first, and to the last; and pride has made him increasingly intractable to truth.

There is a lot to be won, by twiddling truth and fiddling with fact, ignoring logic and adventuring into self-contradiction (cf. Deity and Design    8); and many want it. An object of desire ? the universe, God excluded, precisely like a clever trickster who worms his way into a house by apparent serviceability, and then looks for the modes of murder that he might possess all. In fact, when it came to Jesus Christ, this is precisely what man did, Rome with Jerusalem in consultation of a sort took just such a step!




The fourth source is that likewise shown in SMR and TMR, for example, the Bible as the only verifiable and validated, self-acclaiming word of the living God authorised for mankind. As with any other result of reason (for faith is in another dimension here, at the personal level, always relevant, but applied in the order and sequence in view), this can be tested.

The tests we have found in the furnace of checking, to be such that they are overwhelmingly adequate, having not merely the power to present confirmation of the claim in terms of description, prediction, and performance, as well as retrodiction and realisation at every level in view, but precisely that majestic splendour of certainty and unequivocal declaration which divine wisdom given through man, concerning Himself might be expected to present. Here the ambivalent whines and whinnyings of philosophy are left for the work of wisdom in its testable, investigable dynamic, and whether the thing be great or small, a divine insurgence attests itself to reason to the uttermost part.

The fourth source, is interwoven with the central one, the ultimate and quintessential focus of which is the Messiah, the Lord incarnate, definitively and once for all. This is He who came to exhibit in PERSONAL reality, the personal nature of the deity, to provide in PERSONAL action the counter to the sins of distortion and delusion, disobedience and gratuitous ignorance from wilfulness, which is a chief by-product of the misled energies of mankind. He came moreover to demonstrate the grace and power of that same God, in  balanced wonder with the love and mercy: this to mankind in a resolution of the mangling of man, a remedy for his mischiefs and sins.

Jesus Christ according became a site for testing, morally, ethically, aesthetically in holiness, practically in consistency, in power where required to attest His deity, in timing where this was part of any test, as with the raising under challenge of the paralytic, or the stilling of the waves or the provision of food for the following 5000. It was his 100% rating under test which led to those motivated as so many now, to secure the spiritual and physical resources of the universe for themselves, under guise of religion or not, to take action to remove this Lord. This led to His predicted death at the predicted date (cf. Christ the Citadel ... Ch. 2, Matthew 17:17-23).

There was no other way to silence His impregnable power to triumph in every and any test, at every level, even as needed, even simultaneously. They found no other course to seek to counter  His inimitable grace and His conspicuous commitment in passion of pit, in answer to any query, question or distortion. That being so, they duly killed Him, and dressed it up as if in some way related to justice, since He called Himself the Son of God, making Himself equal with God (as in Mark 14 and John 10).

Logically, it would have been necessary to show that. It would have been required to show that despite His publicly acclaimed works and words, there were flaws, there were falsities, there were non sequiturs, so that He could have been shown to have failed the test of His coming in the name of God, God as man. There is no evidence however of any one particle of such a test at His trial! It was omitted.

What is it like ?  It was as if there was some question whether or not some substance was radioactive, and the judge of the matter failed to perform any chemical analysis, far less to use a geiger counter.

Indeed, that test ought not to have been too difficult to make with One claiming to be God on earth;  but week by week and year by year, the Sadducees and Scribes, the Pharisees and the odious had sought to reduce His claims by ridicule, contempt, sudden challenge, by biblical knowledge; and in this, they failed to such effect that there was no more desire to test. Not test but death appeared the effectual answer. Death, it seemed,  had a better result for them, so they carried out that technique instead (John 11:45ff., Matthew 22:15-46). To kill is easier, oftentimes, than to question; and unquestionably it was so in this case.

The death, of course, since we are dealing with God, or rather being dealt with by Him, was part of the plan of test and was followed AS foretold for a millenium (Psalm 16, 22), by the resurrection which was the logical and evidential basis for the insistent, persistent and impenetrable power and conviction of the Church; and as to that, in the diligent planning which is always so conspicuous with God, the murder was as arranged, and in this case, as stated. It was used as a sufficient sacrifice for sin, where it was so received by faith.

Indeed, this murder, this death, this sufficient sacrifice (cf. Galatians 6:14), it happened at the date stated (Christ the Citadel... Ch. 2), on the TIME stated, the third day, and not only so, but even there, no time was lost, for it came at the very dawning of the morning (cf. Luke 24:24,  Matthew 28:1ff.).

So did the unanswerable testimony of God confirm itself here and there, at every point and in every way (cf. SMR Chs. 5 and 6).

The contrast between this and the lack of it is not like that between the sun and the moon, for the moon at least reflects the light of the sun: it is rather between that of light and pitch darkness.

Problems ? the case of the uncontrite, and the challenge of the unbeliever meet only problems on all sides, so simply solved in the perspective and pronouncements of the Bible (cf. SMR Ch. 1-10, esp. 3 and 5 with 10, TMR Chs. 1, 7, and the references below).

On the other hand, when one refuses to be an accomplice to the logicide, then no problems of any systematic character remain in any realm of thought concerning man or the creation. Logic as demonstrated in the above references, and in those below, leads to God and to the Bible, and so to Christ as God definitively and once for all incarnate. Here in turn validation follows verification.

On this, see:

It Bubbles Ch.   9, esp. *1A, TMR 5, 7.

 Also consult on different aspects of logic, the empirical, the systematic, scientific method and creation -

Wake up World! ... Ch.  5, End-Note 1A, Tender Times for Timely Truth Ch.  11; Repent or Perish Ch.  7, pp. 152ff.;
Serenity, Not Serendipity Ch.  6;
Christ the Wisdom and the Power of God
Ch.   6;

he Bright Light ...
Ch.   7,
Deity and Design ...
 3, *3,  8,
Let's Be Reasonable, for God is

Deity and Design ... Ch. 2, Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic ... Chs.    2  and    4,
Sparkling Life ... Ch. 8,
The Bible: Not the Declamations or  Distillations of Man, but the Doctrine of Deity Ch. 6,

The gods of naturalism have no go!   21,  23
Thy Word is Wonderful Appendix, History, Review and Overview Ch. 5,

Sums, Summits and in Sum Appendix

Scientific Method ...


Detailed matters of ascertaining with sufficient logical rigour the manner of interface between law and form, sometimes engage the minds of researches, for to man is given the provision for progressive probing; but law and what might be called legi-genesis is the simplest of considerations. Verification of this liberation of logic and verification of the result of its discovery concerning God are important and delightful: and are shown in detail in a large array of fields, both in Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny, and in a latter work:




Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God.