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News 457

The Australian, April 5, 2012 (cf. *2)

For whoever seeks to save his life, will lose it,
and whoever loses his life for My sake, will find it ...

Matthew 16:25




This becomes for Australia, an Easter Message.

For more, see sermons for April 1 and DV April  8.


Australia is a nation  greatly desired by many. It has comparative peace amid the nations; comparative attention to justice, as is the case with some others; it has for the moment,  some wealth, rapidly being dissipated currently and in prospect, by ideologues, whether racist, one-worlders, big-brother addicts or by other sources of rapid if not rabid alternation of the nature of our national nature.

This land has long been assaulted by the importation of international fallacies, which for a time, deceived many, but now, in  logical and even empirical  terms, become passť except in some governmental and educational  premises (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!). It has subjected young students to deplorable indoctrinations, with all the fervour of any other idolatry. It has toyed with subservience to that in  much oil-dominated UN, with a multitude of representations in one aspect of the Middle East  conflict, one religious grouping, and just one delegate  of the other, with some variable support. The whole has proceeded in the area, then, with a rather predictable facility, and small effect, except for the blessing of the bulk, and the minimisation of goodwill to the single delegation. It has not been very united; but it has been many nations.

It has considered potted morals, with no logical base, from  the neutralised UN*1, and has pondered their flavour,  not always with pleasure, but always without wisdom. Grabbing morals out of the void is no more wise than grabbing a replacement heart out of the ground. You need to have reason,  and in the end, revelation,  for without God, it is mere preference, dependent on  WANTS.  That is merely one indication of the barrenness of atheism, which lives and dies by imagination, in reductionistic degradation of reality*1A .

Reduction, however ? this seems precisely what many desire.  There seems a growing volume of desire-units who want


NO morals (except desire expressed as law),


NO responsibility (except what a tamed and good big brother,
if ever he could be found, would take over),


NO duties (except what law makes you perform,
with a combination of cooing and duress),


NO reason (except the reason that one wants the item in view),


NO principles (to be unprincipled is the colt kicking its heels,
enjoyable, and that suffices for many) and


NO concerns about national security (except perhaps
where construction of equipment, perhaps long outmoded, brings jobs).

Wholly private, or blatantly public wishes and thoughts, populate an increasingly confused body of much manipulated people, decreasingly susceptible to any awakening. Some keep their religion to themselves, as often before, since life is quieter that way, and others bathe society with it, since it needs something! but this becomes popular, very often, almost as if in proportion to its unvalidated licence, eccentricities or bold manoeuvring. The Bible is held in the same kind of scorn, by many, which they might otherwise reserve for scrappy bosses, intolerable governments or too often injured  sportsmen. In the eyes of many, the Bible ?  It is THERE, but must not be read, far less implemented.

While one politician now talks of earthians (comics might have earthlings before),  as if some other sites in the universe had been discovered with other-siters, or otherians in them, even David Cameron*2, with far more sense of the basis and background of his nation, and wherein has lain its power and wonder, than now shown by many here for ours, exalts Jesus Christ in no uncertain terms. While not as far as noticed, acknowledging His deity, there is no notable public denial; and he earlier spoke of some sort of religious desire in which, assailed by doubts, one nevertheless holds on in his church.

It was far more honest than some  appear to be; and if it lacks a comprehensiveness which would enable his identification as a committed, converted, regenerated disciple of Christ, it yet is far from being either adverse to Him, or to His influence, or from  minimising His input into British life. In this, he is a realist, and one hopes for much more, since action does not seem far from a lively sense of responsibility in him

Even such a lead as that, in terms of foundations, seems far from our own  country, founded by a Protestant nation in its current culture, appeal, advantages in many institutions and principles. On the other hand, revolt into anything-ness, the last resort of outraged and disquieted voters, is pulsing like the feverish beats in the veins of the afflicted.

As a pagan take-over threatens, with many major Churches, biblically substantially sound in the not distant past, now eroded to the point of being a hole where a mound once stood, by biblical definition, there is an increasing sense of that vacuum into which, first much hissing, and then scampering airs, rush in. What is it that has this inrush ? It is whatever seems to be 'around', and now not least are those oddments of incandescent immorality, in biblical terms,  which vaunt themselves and appear to smirk with 'liberation'.  These items  flourish like perspiration on a very hot day.

Life however smiles back. It  did not make itself before it was there to do it, any more than did nature, and the One who DID make it, made it according to specifications, and with intimations, it is readily possible to ignore,  as if coming of age, including the drunken parties of disregard of all things, and the current thrill. There is an afterwards,  to these, whether in finance or defence or culture or peace's removal, or take-over by other nations and like,while spending as if  inebriated during wealthy times. In a bald world or nation, where reason is dead and disregard becomes passion, this is readily followed by intimidation by the might or laceration by debt. There is indeed an aftermath which is not resisted by dreaming. Further,  there is a future beyond this testing ground, the mortal earth, which runs down as does the human genome*3, at a goodly rate.

It is never less  than grievous to see highly-potentiated youth decline like the setting sun before its day is well begun; and the same is no less true of nations. Our current civilisation in this land is young; but already heavy marks under the eyes of this people are beginning to show, as its children, speciously taught by irrational formulae, with vast pretence*4, and multitudes all but bowing to the TV and other modes of communication, from an early age, bring out in their older years, much of that travesty instead of truth diet, to which they were admitted.

It  is never less than delicious, on the other hand,  to see the opportunity in the midst of muddle,  moral decline,  social scatter and reckless innovation, of the impact of the Gospel. Doubtless, the evil one, according to type,  will seek to REMOVE, if not from  statement,  at least from presentation in the mode of the Biblical commands,  this very Gospel and the commandments of Christ which with it, are required of all Christians, not only to  do, but to forward (Matthew 28). THAT is called the Great Commission, and any wantonry worthy of its name will HAVE  to seek to remove liberty in this field, preferably by some specious means. It would in effect be in terms (at first, there is always a hook), of a social sovereignty (rather like the dictatorship of the proletariat in Communism, the worst mockery and fraud one could well imagine, when facts are consulted). The social side,at first  at least partly a consultancy, would in the hands of ideologues, soon fade,  as is the norm, when power is found and grabbed hard. The generalised becomes the particularised, and the emptiness of the first approach may then be exploited to the utmost.

It is not the first time that the liberty to preach and teach the Bible has been threatened; it was hard times for it during the Roman Empire's first centuries A.D.. The challenger, the devil,  can be  very exacting, and the Lord permits testing according to His will; for what is precious does not disdain test, but rather relishes it. This the apostles did (Acts 5:40-41), rejoicing to have been found worthy to suffer shame and pain for the sake of Christ (whom in the process, they greatly honoured and fearlessly attested).

Australia is at the cliff's edge,  ready for take-over,  like a rich tourist on parade in the Malacca Straits, or in select sections of African waters. It is not just the wallet (already under attack), it is the life which is in view.





( a horrendous dabbling with the dazzlingly unclear, an invisible but disastrous domination,
rapidly becoming more obvious, as when distant objects  now draw near)



(it is not only a person who can lose all character, and become abandoned;
with Australia, by using tags and flagons of confusion,
there is even some rejoicing in its follies,
rather as in the last verses of Romans 1; and on this,
there is a point made by a US Supreme Court Judge.)



(the epitome of racism is now drawing closer, in the name of its opposite:
epitaph to folly)



(Australia's parallel  to Israel's Egyptian entanglement of Isaiah 30:1-7,
that morally baseless UN)


THINGS OLD AND NEW  ... Appendix I

(Itemising the a specious source of the slavery of the soul, being imported, like other drugs:
the UN here the un- body of dislodgement and of drift)


JOY COMES IN THE MORNING, Ch. 2, not omitting. *1A

(violation of the Australian Constitution becomes merely a passing part
of the de-licensing of liberty of speech)



A State Attorney- General  becomes most understandably concerned, on the free speech issue,
in terms of current Commonwealth aspirations to  control it.



(terrestrial and celestial perspective, with application to Australia)



(moving toward a 41% reported Australian approval rate
for the anti-design, anti-biblical*5,minimally protected,
propagation nullified dismissal of differential sex marriage
as  the only form, together with favour for protection
of the anti-design option:  same sex marriage,
with this mooted to become an institutionalised violation
of this race's continuation to this point)



LET GOD BE GOD Ch.  4,  *3

(Australian multi-culturalism a spurious coup, a misnamed assault,
in its popular mode, highly explicit
in South Australian Government education)




(Australian caning paralysis extravaganza)




(The Bolt case, and the proposed Authority over
Freedom of speech for news media,  rouses points:
mind-reading or evidential reality, in judgment ?
and the perilous steps from liberty to handling the truth,
with almost godlike authority, but not divine wisdom:
whether legal or political,
the harassment of liberty appears not only in history abroad,
but to be growing insidiously
in our own  contemporary national home)




(unromantic romanticising when God is left out)



(8 tilts against truth, with significant Australian involvement, in a world setting)




(a parallel with ancient Israel, apt  for meditation, lest there be no more mediation).






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And Where He is,  Darkness Departs



A report of this occurs in The Australian, April 5, 2012. The heading: Testament of the Faith of David Cameron. He is reported declaring: "This is the time when, as Christians, we remember the life, sacrifice and living legacy of Christ. The New Testament tells us so much about the character of Jesus, a man of incomparable compassion, generosity, grace, humility and love."

The bold is added.


See Waiting for Wonder Appendix.



See for example, God is not only Great but Glorious,  Epilogue and Ch.  5,
with TMR Ch. 8, and Beauty for Ashes  Ch. 3.





Steps into Subversion and Call to  Repentance

The Bible condemns the act of same-sex cohabitation. Far more does it make reprobate its acknowledgement, as if to rejoice in it (cf. Romans 1:28-32). Defining the former as unnatural, and allied to the same with women, as lust, it shows it as having one place in a decline from the knowledge of God, by unreason, leading to this and other sorts of disproportion or abortion of truth and spiritual holiness,  in the last verses of Romans, following 1:17ff.. It is NOT, repeat not cruel or strange or stand-offish for a hospital matron to insist on  careful  cleanliness. If you hospital, it has standards.

The same applies if you want the services of the Great Physician, if you want to be a Christian. Wanting to go  to hospital, is one thing; getting into one is another.  Wanting to be a Christian is one thing, becoming one is another.

IF you become one, some things are deemed stringently out of reach and place. Paul states some of the cases in I Corinthians 5-6, and I Timothy 1,  for example.

What is deemed an unnatural form of sex,  is seen as against sound doctrine, in a list including father slayers and kidnappers, in I Timothy 1:9-10, just as, in the days of the theocracy,  direct government under the  commands of God for the State of Israel, exposure of such activity was met with the death penalty, like adultery (Leviticus 20:10 and 13).

While the present point, arising  politically,  focusses sexual perversion, as biblically condemned, such condemnation applies no less to adultery. In I Cor.6:9 these are specified with the unnatural, by name. In I Cor. 5:10, the generality of the "sexually immoral" is given broad coverage, interpreted in detail in the next Chapter. So both adultery and unnatural sex are subject to the same stringency:  indeed this has been the case for thousands of years, since Moses.

Both, if not repented of, are prohibited, and are roads to exclusion from God. This, in His regimen, has no part, except for condemnation.

It is not that anyone who fails, may not repent and be forgiven. However, as a way of life, far worse, as something tolerated or accepted, this is as odious in the perspective of the word of God (cf. Romans 1), as golden staph in a hospital. In the stated program of God,  it is NOT some  special and isolated focus on the unnatural; it is a HIGHLY GENERIC focus on wilful misuse of sexuality among people as a way of life.

It is therefore a most solemn grace that God is merciful. Indeed, He loves purity, and we are instructed as follows:

"Let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit,  perfecting holiness in the fear of God."

Thus the concepts and commands relate not only to flesh, including the entire misuse of our partially independent status, but specifically of our SPIRITS. Thoughts and desires, ALL is involved in this aspect, that purity must be sought. God is not unreasonable; dramatic, intractable false liaisons are prohibited. Perfection in spirit, mind and body must be SOUGHT. If you LOVE God, of course this will be given massive priority.

Let us revert to the particular commandments. Mercy is a solemn grace. It is one  equally solemn that the Lord does mean what He says. For harmonious living with Him, there are standards of design and purity, and stated and  specified grounds for reprobation of defilement and rejection. There are also general directions of flow, which must be sought.

To be sure, if you become His, He will  keep you (Ephesians 1:11); but in that case, He will also  change you (Titus 3:5-7). Without being perfect, you ARE changed in  disposition and desire (Romans 8), and  given His Spirit (Romans 8:9); and though capable of folly, you are NOT in line for a life given up to it.

If you do not try to run  a factory by some flat contradiction of design, how much less so sensitive, dynamic, multiply gifted a personal creation as man! You CAN do many things, for we were given such choice; but as with mortgages, payment is required (Romans 6:23).


I Corinthians 5-6, twice excludes from possessing any Christian place, those who are given up to being sexually immoral (its particular standards being as stated). In the former, it is acknowledged that if a Christian could not mix with people sexually immoral, covetous, idolaters and so on, then he would have to go out of the world. Constituted and populated as it is, with the people it has and their characteristics as found, the avoidance of mixing up with such persons could not be achieved. It would in fact require a different world. THIS one would not leave it possible. HENCE Paul makes it clear that this commandment, to avoid mingling with ALL such people, is NOT what he said.

What then ? To satisfy such a stringency as that, exclusion from all such, you could not live in the world. How then is this impossibility to be met ? By disobedience ? Far from it. It is met by definition of terms.

You can read into  'world' and 'the world' something other than what is written, and add scenarios making that phrase mean something else, but only by adding to the data given. A broad path of exclusion from ALL such sinners, is stated not to be compatible with living in the world.

Proverbs 30:6 as well as logic forbids playing with the word of God here. Logically, the thrust is that you CANNOT in the world exclude so many and manage to live in it; but when you realise that the command of Paul was not so broad as that, that it applied, as he then  states, only to ONE segment of the world, namely those called brothers or in this case, Christians, then  it  IS not only possible NOT so  to mingle. It is REQUIRED.

In addition  to  that, the command is despite such gratuitous additions, in any case given and abides past  all equivocation, as a fact. The exclusion is defined and declared. DON'T DO THIS.

Further, Paul's approach removes  any room for play. It is not loose. He says it, knows precisely what he is saying, clears up any possible way of avoiding it by confusion, and then simply insists that THIS  MUST BE DONE. That is all.

If someone wants to make "out of the world" not to mean "out of the world," but some invented idea short of it, then of course the commandment COULD be kept EVEN if it applied  to  all, and not just to the sub-group, those called Christians. There would then be a mode for its keeping. Paul however is not telling us that he might be wrong about the  problem, that a solution was there all along, or that he could have left the command in a general form. He states that in the product called 'the world' the command could not be kept. Therefore the command in the defined terms, CAN and MUST be kept. It is reasonable, precise and performable.

Thus the apostle,  speaking what he defines as commandments of the Lord (I Corinthians 14:37) tells us  what is what  and what is not, and absolutely binds the prohibition on the specified sub-group, with no qualification whatsoever.

He means precisely what the context allows: terms mean what they say, without qualification or minimisation or imagination.  It is a matter of rules not what after  all, are irrelevant inventions out of place and without base, and in the end, irrelevant to what you have to do.

It is however necessary to avoid breaches of logic as well as overreaching what is written.

For anyone, then, to obey such types of exclusion without restriction, as stated, requires vacation out of the world. That  is the only way it could work. True, but that is not the command.

There is no restrictive definition of 'the world', nor of the commandment wherever. IT  MUST BE DONE, and churches or persons in them who REFUSE to do it, need to remember that to  offend in one point is to offend in all (James 2:10).  Love of  "the world," James also tells us, if you do it, becomes hatred of God. The fashion of this world, says Paul, is passing (I Cor. 7:31). It is a notable concept in the Bible, in contrast to the world to come, a distinction strong in the lips of Christ (Matthew 13:22, Mark 4:19, Luke 16:8, John 3:19, 8:23, 9:39,11:9, 14:30, 16:11,18:36). It has a strong pejorative flavour, very often, as a universal characterisation, contrasted with coming into it, the world above and its odium towards Himself. It has flavour, universality and characterisability in choice array.

To attempt to pirate it for something else in a general context in this setting, is like taking "Good morning!" and trying to suggest that this REALLY was a way of criticising yesterday. It is not so much extravagant, as alien, nor so much uninhibited as prohibited, invading the word of God  with shameless additives, be they restrictive, conscriptive or other.

It is the attitude that counts (Psalm 119:17-40). As in Isaiah 6:1-2, God seeks that we should tremble at His word, not vitiate it by popping more or less marks into it.  In view of this statement (I Cor. 5:11), Paul the apostle makes it clear that it is ONLY those who are CALLED brethren to whom this astringency applies. The world does not have to be left for that. THEREFORE in this present world, in fact and in reality, in prosaic simplicity,  DO IT. Do what ? In that much smaller group of professing Christians, DO NOT MINGLE With this variety of action with this variety of person, the so-called Christian who practises such things, DO NOT JOIN. DISJOIN if need be, but DO NOT SO ACT, SO MINGLE.

Since thousands if not millions seem to live in total abstraction from this command, and many like it (cf. Separation 1997), it is necessary to extend the point, in case any should be delivered at this juncture or that!



Name His name and Invent your own Commands:

Surprisingly Different from His

What is the authority of the apostle here ? one might ask. After all, these narrowed perimeters admit living with THAT prohibition, even though the case is not possible if it be extended to all, whether Christian or not.  Does the Christian who believes in the foundation of Christianity, in Christ (I Cor. 3:11), and with the authority of the apostles as duly provided in His name (Ephesians 2:19-20), need to worry. If you reject foundations, re-define people as  well  as contort words, what then ? It is hard to live on moving foundations, for things crack. It is unauthorised also. It spanks the sovereignty of the living God, with human hide, thick and sticky.

Indeed,  the commandment, as in I Corinthians 14:37, is direct from the Lord, and you can also here buck Paul, and set yourself up as an apostle  out of due time, revising the past, if you are very desperate. You can even try to write a new Bible, and invent a new history. Such things are  to some extent, done. However, it is has nothing to do with Christ and the apostles, the Bible and the word of God. It is just 'strange fire'.

We remain where we began, for the Christian. You MAY NOT DO this thing: you are ORDERED not to mix with such persons, but this is if, and only if, they are called brothers, that is, have a Christian profession. Breach this, however, and why stop  ? God is, speaks and asks for obedience. Who knows better ? There is one who thinks he does (Ezekiel 28:17, Genesis 3:4-5)!

Let us clarify a point now about preaching. If it would not then be only difficult; it would be beyond the whole system which is called 'the world' to obey the prohibition on mingling, without that limitation, how can you preach to the whole world!  As in the Army, by obeying orders. I am not too keen on regimentation; but in the army of God I am very different. My Maker I  love. His lips are wonderful, His word the truth. It must therefore be followed with care, and one must repent if failing in this, and resume, like an athlete, getting up and getting on.

Mingling is one thing. To preach is another. To be sure, ONLY if they are called Christians does the prohibition apply; but then, IF they are, it applies utterly, like rain on dry ground. That is the premise of Paul. Now what of its application to preaching ? You may preach and teach whoever wants to listen, in the whole world. Christians are  COMMANDED to go into ALL the world and both preach the Gospel and TEACH ALL the commandments that Christ has given:  a twofold call. You simply have to distinguish and differentiate processes as normal. Preach, yes; mingle in any sort of fellowship, no.

A lawyer may impart the law to a criminal; he is not mingling with him, having a consensus, become mixed up with him. Of course, if he undertakes his defence, he may be so; but the  Christian does not undertake the defence of what God condemns.

Rebellion, says the Bible, through Samuel the prophet, like witchcraft, and stubborness is like idolatry (I Samuel 15:23). In other words,  don't try to use a cricket pitch for playing table tennis. IF you want this way, then FOLLOW IT, as Elijah pointed out, before the slaughter of the priests, who insisted on their own originalities, such as Baal, an additive! (I Kings 18:21).  "If," he said, the LORD is God,  follow Him; but if Ball, follow him." But the people answered him not a word. They just kept at it;  as so many do now where they are forbidden to mingle, let alone worship in the same auspices!

Preaching, proclamation, presentation as such involves neither acceptance nor collusion, cohesion nor mingling; just as you might teach or preach to any compulsive liars or any other sinner. In this case, WHATEVER other things they may say, if they claim to be Christians, there IS one restriction as to mode. It is this: fellowship in that area, must never be; or you will answer for it, as for any other deliberate excursion into self-will. It is because some are slow to believe and obey that it is necessary to go over this from  so  many angles.

Again, into what area do those who refuse this command come ? What is involved in disobedience, apart from moving into rebellion, here ? In this case, of course, it becomes subversion, rather like indulging declared spies! It is a straight prohibition, whether out of this world, or within it. There is a thing you are NOT permitted, as  a Christian subject  to the commands of Jesus Christ, to do.  In I Corinthians 6, it is stated that fornicators, idolaters, homosexuals, sodomites, thieves and so on, will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. If it were otherwise, it would not be heaven. The haven is called hell, where judgment is no long invisible, the absence of light, as desired (John 3:19), having its due place.

The glory is this: it does not so much matter where you went, for we can all acts as fools in a day; in terms of pardon, it is where you GO which matters, what is your manner of life. Chattering about making commandments mean the opposite of what they say is devious; clattering about in realms forbidden is excluded.

Consider parallel matters now. Would you if a Jew, in the day of Hitler, have regaled your desire for company, social acceptability or the like, by socialising with Gestapo agents ? What in this earth is so very obvious, does not change because of inclination. People in such places now, proscribed, forbidden, in churches no less, religious organisations lurching into such forbidden realms, ringing with divine denunciation, should occupy themselves in repentance without delay; for it is very clear that if you vaunt your will above what is prohibited, you become not only specious, but personally undermined.



(Romans 14:9)

What of spiritual health and blessedness,  co-ordination with harmony with the word, will and wisdom of God ? we may now ask.

These commands are for our good. Conscience has its part, and the rewards of disobedience can defile its violation, wounding it! What becomes effectual rebellion, if only in insisting on forbidden company for yourself, become internalised, callouses of the heart attesting the fall into self-will. If Christ had done this, there would be no salvation! (Luke 22:42). He went through what He had to do, that we  might be blessed and the will of His Father complete towards all (cf. Romans 5:1-11); we, though our task is infinitely less, must likewise go through what we have to do.

If you want to grow into accord with the measure of the stature of Christ (Ephesians 4:13), this very definitely is not the way to do it.

Obedience moreover helps to induce, if it be possible, shame at sham; for in a figure, the alternative way of a virgin can shame the prostitute without words, and as in the lesser case of II Thessalonians 2:15, 3:6ff., this can be therapeutic. On the other hand, outguessing the Creator and instructing the Redeemer about strategy, is not wise. God knows; and man needs to listen; so then act. Mercifully it is not perfection but practical willingness to forsake choice of folly, and its pursuit, which is needed, with a zeal borne of love; and pardon is abundant. Regaling oneself with rebellion, however, is quite another matter.

Christ deflated the devil with the word of God; we must never imagine any spiritual wisdom in attacking the word of God. That is spiritual presumption, and its chief exponent is indeed the devil (John 8:44-45).

"Because,"  said Christ in that episode, "I tell you the truth, you do not believe Me!"

Flee such things with all diligence.