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Deformation, Degradation and Disjunction through
Education, Information and Discrimination

The droll doll of dabbling which in official Australian circles of government, is increasingly replacing deity in the words, phrases, pre-occupations and dealings of officialdom, is being tossed about by every wind of doctrine, till the poor tattered cultural remnant is increasingly becoming the painful mixture of the comic, the tragic, the swaggering and the sunken that teaches us once more an important lesson. Grab the clouds with your teeth and you look, and are, simply ridiculous. Make something floppy and disordered into your mascot, and your ruin is relentless, like the rotting of the fabric of the doll, once 'quite a doll' but soon a rock and roll relic, rocked from the foundation and now sprawling,  rolling in the dust.

In Chapter 2 above, some of the movements of this kind in this land were noted. An Excerpt follows to review this finding.

In Australia, land of independence, sacrificial wars to maintain liberty, of individuality and entrepreneurial action, freedom from alien lordship, these challenges are now mounting in ways almost unthinkable fifty years ago. What evils and affronts have hit the nation from within ? Clearly there are many, but there is a current series ready to awaken the people of the Lord to their responsibilities. Treachery to truth had a focus on Christ, betrayed, but there are many applications.

1) There has been Institution of learning captivity in bodies of learning, secondary, tertiary, even younger. Knowledge is captured by the culture of political hacks, those who obey the mandates for man existing in their hearts, and minimise or extinguish the Christian part in the development of this country, and this of course was monumentally done by Rudd in the Great Apology. This failed to differentiate between the many Christians or Christian bodies which in the past had sought to  deliver some aborigines from immoral impositions by their seniors, and give them opportunity  to grow in knowledge and understanding,  to  see the world more broadly, and make their choices within that.

It would be just as foolish to pretend that no errors were made, or that only Christians performed many of the works of mercy, or that none ever erred,  as to premiss the distortion that all were wrong, that  everything involving displacement, voluntary or other, parent-requested or other, needs  apology.  Do you apologise to a road victim when you take his stricken form  to hospital ?

Not only so, but  naturalistic fantasy (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go! cf. The Time is Coming Ch. 4, *2) in precise and repetitive collision with fact, despite continual conflict with new developments,  and unyielding evidence, proceeds to seize, with Government direction, the schools and colleges, like maddened bees or army ants. Not only have these mutually competing nature myths a protected status,  to invade the  class-room, but the refutation of this logical calamity and scientific breach is  excluded. It is not to  appear!


This mental  assault on minors,


this removal of freedom of religion in basic spheres,


insistence on untenable world views that escape verification,


gross persecution in the name of education,


mental and spiritual abuse to be endured in order to find a profession,


this denial of rights of the child,


this subversion by propaganda,


exposure of the young to insufferable intolerance, and the 


replacement of evidentially based conformity to scientific method
to preferred and partisan cultural flags


is,  as it has been, a national calamity. 

With unverified and even anti-verified ideas, it abuses political power to forward a cultural program with the zeal of the Nazis, the oblivion of the Communist USSR*1 and the folly that man so often manages, when he acts as if the God of creation were off the bounds of thought, this in a thoughtless fashion that cries for correction. It is God who will  correct, but His servants must continue to attest the truth with all perseverance and longsuffering.

2) There has, again, been institution of a plan for aborigines to be past our law, a race apart with separate provisions, thus establishing racism in the most direct manner; while chants  concerning some myth of ownership of the land are becoming popular even in government circles, as if God had nothing to do with the creation of this or any other land, and any who ever inhabited part of a land are ipso facto owners of all or  exemplars to  all, or select in some way, it becoming virtual sacrilege here to have the interchange of normal human discourse and learning. Political fancy and fabrication is creating barriers.  Yet kindness, to any person or body, is one thing; racism however is another. It is a detestable warping leading only to one or another sort of indulgence or persecution as the case may be, flouting the challenge that all  must meet, and creating two nations in one.

The stature of humanity is robbed, reason is breached, freedoms are compromised and prejudice rules. It demeans as well as elevates, distresses the indulged and oppresses the penalised, the residue.

This may be made a matter very duly, of referendum, to make duplicate races in the land, subject at will to different laws, in offensive oblivion of the fact there are already so many of different races with such different credentials and criteria that this is merely a divisive agenda.

3) There is also plan for the institution of THE AUTHORITY, well criticised by Henry Ergas in The Australian (p. 12 March 12, 2012), with supplementary analysis of trends by  Cameron Stewart (March 10-11 in the Inquirer section of the same newspaper). This appallingly conceived master body would have unmitigated power to enforce  culturally popular concepts, ideas, proclivities of ruling parties, without recourse, and with power to seek to enforce apologies when things written or spoken become undesired.

Were this ever to be indulged in, what would result ? This would subvert provisions in the Constitution, prohibiting the establishment of a religion, for naturally, there would be here to be found IN FORCE, a culture,  through appointed culture speakers, discerning developments, descrying how things must be, replacing God as the ultimate and only possible source of morals*2 without reductionism, as distinct from opinions, of ethics, as likewise of logically sustainable basis for truth*3 in itself, whatever the individual convictions of members of The Authority: thus forcing obeisance to  Caesar. Australia's culture king could then become the newly installed lord of criticism and its bases, augury of authority, a replacement morality source and centre, the nation the servant of this elevated savant, this group that  gropes, and determines what is what and what not, what is admissible and what not, who must apologise and who not, and why.

Thus would come a naturalistic fantasy of humanism, using State power to enforce State ideas, direct or through the choice of appointees,  capable of been made up by statistics, psychic preference,  social connivance or any other type of desire or criterion that leaves out the original basis of coming together in this land. Who wants such a Bill of Wrongs, to enable  some  to dictate  to all!

It is one thing to have a culture moving this way or that; it is quite another to have it laying  down the law in its lore, and removing what offends its concepts,  from news media, private or public, by usurping authority, religiously empowered not by name, but by power not exclusive of such adventurism. Whatever be the social or desired bases of The Authority and its Thought, whether codified in any Little Red Book or not, be these emotional responses, or preferred criteria of this or that kind, still the Hall of Nothing in these vital areas, can rule the nation.



Such elevation if permitted,  It becomes becomes a lax yielding of the prerogatives of religious liberty to all the potentials of a chop-cut attack. It does not matter what the motive is; it is the result which is in view, the power, the prerogative, which is appalling beyond measure. It does not matter that the present interest is news: can a religious body or group or party not use news to provide coverage, perspective, reasoned debate and application of faith ? If not, this is part of the institution of an intolerant and intolerable religion, a betrayal of the country and its often imposing history.

 Why "Hall of nothing" ? It is because if you neglect God, as this at present appears to do categorically, and proceed with authority so absolute without even answer and review, you are based on nothing, but presumption, assumption, preference, begging. It is free just as the schools are bound in their causal procedure, to regard and extort the view and its inferences, that as to the ultimates, the stuff was just 'there' without ground, though materials are not self-sufficient by any test.

Returning to the matter of ground, you have none. Affirming 'nature'  you lack its source, base for its laws, limitations, prescriptions and DNA commands with their contrivance. You thus are limited to fables, as predicted for our Age in II Timothy 4, strange and utterly unvalidated ideas, which reason cannot confirm, which explain nothing, and have no basis but in nothing, for anything.

Nothing however does not do anything; though many who inadvertently follow culture as if man were an invention of his own, or of his own empty concepts have acted as if it were otherwise. being free to follow, or at times even bound to follow such myths as these, with legal authority. This is the third step, leading to the Captivity of Australia. You need reason. If you want to expound systems of thought such as evolutionism and mouth-stopping powers in the religious areas,  by all means express yourself; but do NOT tie the tongues or slit the News or other throats of other people.  Being government, is not to be God! Certainly such errors as these should not proceed without a due Referendum to find whether the democracy has bought your ideas, first. Even if it did, it would still make truth liable, grounds excisable, argument monopolistic in type, and a mini-culture king.

Some people in this country still want liberty, and do not desire to see deception pretending to protect, when in fact with unutterable shame, it merely removes this very thing.



Exactly as in Deuteronomy 32:17, we find new gods, godlets, things of no consequence in themselves, the product of men's minds, elevated to the clouds, set above them, by man or mischief made mandatory, inglorious vagrancies, the subjected of praise and authority, and as their vainglory extends, they change from the appearance of nursery books to legal tomes of oppression. So is liberty forsaken with no material war, through the weapons of infamy and the summoning of shame, not to be stricken, but to be written into law. Such is the parallel to  Samaria which was, and whose inhabitants were swept away by the Lord because of their formalised idolatry and their disastrous  disobedience, lust for the natural, disdaining the God of creation and power, history and reality (II Kings 17:5-24).

It is a matter of provoking the Creator by "what is not God"*3A and substituting for His  acknowledgement, as Almighty God, found in the Pre-amble to our Australian Constitution, deemed the One who is our national reliance (as in forming the nation from  States in the first place), "gods they did not know ... new gods, new arrivals," as in Deuteronomy 32:17. As Samuel put it, concerning an early flirtation with national dolls (I Samuel 12:20-21):

"Do not fear. You have done all this wickedness,
yet do not turn aside from  following the LORD,
but serve the LORD with all your heart.
And do not turn aside:
for then you would go after empty things which cannot profit or deliver,
for they are nothing."

Thus the people were warned and they had two ways: return to God Almighty or degrade to the developments of nothings, empty thoughts, both naturalistic and nubilous, receiving in abandon their new spiritual masters, rolling in the dust with drab and even droll dolls, fictitious things which do not and cannot work. Nature cannot make nature before it is there to do it, but these make nature and its things to be gods. For all this, there was one guarantee, that if they continued on that line they would as a nation,  be swept away. If however they did not turn aside but served the Lord with all their hearts, then it is not the Lord who would forsake them. He would prove reliable as well as powerful, and faithful.

To be sure, they were a theocracy. Their acknowledgement of the Lord was not only formal, as in the case of the foundation of the Commonwealth of Australia, but  also spiritual and it was God Himself who was their king, so that the thing was explicit, not vague, defined and not general. Nevertheless, as here, there was the principle of continuance, in what they had been given from the God of creation, in His saving ways, or discontinuance. There are degrees of guilt, folly and frippery. A people can act as a nation, as theocracy or democracy. Ancient Israel was the former, Australia is the latter, though the people are being successfully stripped of spiritual liberty in the interest of what have here been called dolls, manipulable things which are mere products of human desire, dissociated from reality, symbols that neither wake or walk, nor give credibility where none is to be obtained.

These, Samuel is given to call "EMPTY THINGS" as to their status, that "cannot profit or deliver" as to their futility in function, summing it up, "for they are NOTHING."

"Nothing" was given a go by Paul  Davies*3B, but abandoned. It is hard to have something with no potential or future or power or even being, as the source of all. In the end, this means that should you multiply it in grandeur a trillion times, then 1012 is still nothing. Should you instead,  add 10 to it, the sum is just 10. Remove 10 and go into debt, and your assets are still negative 10. Rely on it and it does what it is, nothing. Call on it, as the priests of Baal on their absurd  cultural Baal, who had neither power nor purpose except what the imagination fixed on him, and he is otherwise engaged, as the mockery of Elijah had it. Imagination does not transcend thought. It has to be applied, by someone competent. Nubilous nothings in particular,  lack power, performance and reality. Call as you will - in Elijah's day it went on  for hours, but priests or not, you accomplish nothing,  except perhaps a sore throat.

What of the nation that heeds such romancing ?  You are being guided by a rudderless  boat in the shambolic shame of being at sea without governance or any method of guidance, and you have cast your lot into the symbolic, as if these could help you when they have neither meaning nor significance of their own, but are elevated, airy and never found to do anything but reflect the 'state of national consciousness' if there were one. In fact, however, it is the will or the whim of the government, possibly in alliance with a culture of shame and a thoughtless theme without depth.

Did the gods of imperial  Rome help it in its desolation in the 5th century, or did the goddess of reason (an absurd concoction of ideas, ideals and baselessness consumed within its own ideas, void of reason itself) deliver France either with or without Napoleon  ? Will the USA continue in greatness if it continues to  allow the deceptive dealings of national Islam*4, in the form of various countries in that domain,  to bewilder it and astonish it when treachery is found, smiling with their assassin of thousands, safely ensconced in the heart of the army of its 'ally'!  Nothing is not a good  ally, and what is based on it without the benefit of compelling evidence and constant verifiability is no sound comrade in arms.



A free nation can direct itself to more bondage, by false alliances such as were made by the USA, early in Vietnam, in the fourth World War, this against terrorism,  and in the arming of Iraq, perhaps to counter Iran, the former now in ruins as it became suppressed by a dictator, himself founded on nothing that stays, making it a pitiable pit of tyranny. Thus now Iran surges in the bondage of its restive people; and how does power in the hands of the people liberate even when they choose democratically what becomes a new bondage, suppressive of women in many cases, restrictive of  status for some, instituting law based on a prophet who invaded Mecca with an army to found his place, but whose alleged God exposed late, in the 6th century A.D., cannot remove Israel, though full many have been the attempts of many powers (cf. SMR pp.  829ff.), and jihads using force, even invasions; nor does that religious entity show control of history as do the predictions of the Bible throughout the millenia (cf. SMR Chs.   -  9  ).

Perhaps Australia will now have joint military exercises in its North, with a Communist*1 nation of atheist basis quite expressly, and make this its strength ? and with another of Islamic zest*4,  and make of this its strength ?

When the ship loses its moorings in the tempest, what good is that ? How can it do this ? In our own case, the three points made above at the first,  are a very fair beginning, showing promise of greater follies to come. There is a fourth which happens to be a lair of the thought of one particular Party. It is sensationally seductive because it trades on tolerance, whilst itself being exceptionally intolerant, makes a show of being altogether embracive, while a major thrust is dynamically to dispossess, and gives to age the synonym of ownership, as if the old settlers by nature possessed whatever they first found. It appears to provide some mystic sense of ownership because the earlier race occupied some of the continent. Thus God the Maker is in practice thrust quite through, and chants are made for official meetings, as if  the creation were entirely on a first come, first served basis, including the occupation of a part signifying ownership of the whole, and the Creator is entirely disregarded.

It is indeed a nothing, this new fad, this religious fiasco, this movement into founding a religion, in which,  with the other three noted, a people,  a race, one which came here before the British, with their many gifts, grounds, leading features, and their faults, gains mystic significance and its ways vast protection, even now in the factory of ideas, in principle at least, from our law. The  'original owners' or custodians are then in flamboyant imagery paraded into place, and their particular ways become a sacred culture, to be protected, even if it involves massive concerns about the abuse of children, of women and now, of substances. Cosseted,  they are not free; paid they are not liberated. It readily becomes seduction by stylisation rather than dignity by equality. Not only are they in view as being beyond the law, because of their lore, but recipients of a sort of racial hymn about their rank as custodians (conferred by nobody), and owners (achieved from nobody), swamping all because of prior occupancy of parts of the land. That of course,  is as allied to humanism and racism, the latter now vaunted to the skies,while ostensibly denied!

Acknowledgement has to be made of them in this sacred position in official  governmental speeches or functions in the land, just as once the people made acknowledgement by the document of their initial national unity, of God. Thus there  is a sacrosanctity for many government actions, about this particular race; yet it neither made the land nor occupied all of it, and in  their fruits they do not stand out as developers, as might be said for the Incas and Aztecs in some major input with regard to the land; and just as relatively good features are to be found in  some of their ways, and possible contributions, there also, there are bad ones, some of which have shocked the nation. Each race has features, excels in this or that, and not in the other.

In other words,  they are no different in essence.  Indeed, much of the special potential of Australian aborigines is spoiled by this political  stylisation, which not all of them appreciate indeed; though some  seek to encourage a better and more effective approach. There are pluses and minuses but they are not a race apart. If kindness is to be shown for this or that special  reason, or in general, let us not make a religion out of it, or imagine their own was homogeneous ( cf. TMR, Ch. 8, as marked).

We do not need racism here. There are a multitude from many races, mixed and each with its own contribution: to elevate is to divide, to put beyond law, is to shame, to degrade in the end, its exaltation merely ephemeral among mankind.

There is an objective difference that does not depend on racism, among mankind. It is highly relevant here because of our own Constitution, whatever the precise legal standing of our Preamble to the Constitution. Speak law till you drop from voice trouble, but the testimony is there, and departure is in principle measurable,  till in the end, the nation may deny or even abhor what was it reliance at birth! By such things are nations made, and remade, unmade and ruined, as they 'progress' into the unprincipled,  where reason  can be disregarded and in the virtual worship of nature, things natural are often despised in a confused conglomeration of assorted ideas.

There is a status quo and there is change. There is Christianity and Jesus Christ, and there is its burning rejection, not as often in word as in principle, and this progressively. THIS is the 'going forward' to which in a plurality of paganisations, we proceed. It is well to realise this now, lest news suppression make it illegal to speak the truth, later, evidence beneath Authority. If Australia wants this,  let it at least have a reminder that this is the direction of  flow, before it votes.

What is to the point here  is this, that such nations as the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China have had or do have great acknowledgement of another way of life, and though in some, this has been distanced as it was in Israel, from primacy or at least a notable place in their land, or at least in its governance, it has indeed for long manifested strength there. Indeed, Christianity has spread throughout the earth as Christ gave it time to do (Matthew 24:14). That was prelude to the Creator coming back, the return of the Redeemer for sin, the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is then no more in the first role, as that prodigy of power in sacrifice which broke all bonds in reason,  peace, truth, healing and resurrection. The third operation is that of Judge

Judgement can never  do better than to be according to truth (Romans 2:1ff.); and  man can never do worse than  face this without a basis, shown by reason, provided by revelation,  applied by faith, covered by reality, one which operates not in mere symbolism but in power of  thought,  word and deed. The Bible  provides this, and it is never the desire to  FORCE people to follow it by sanctions and prison sentences and torture of the mind, some of which is here already in a secular government of its own bent, but rather to present and offer, to  call and win. If some used its name for its violation, that is so in many realms, a sort of plagiarism not to the point. This is what the Bible says (cf. SMR pp. 58 - 71).

Judgment without mercy for that sinner, man, is like a fire, without water or extinguishing means, enveloping a village. For this all of all  races now on this earth are liable, a very levelling situation! It is this access to divine mercy, this acknowledgement of the God who  MADE the land, and has stated ownership of all the land and lands (Exodus 19:5*5). Indeed, it is this God who delights to help people of any race,  find Him ("taste and see that the Lord is good," (Psalm 34:8), "Blessed is the man who trusts in Him." This creates for all who acknowledge Him in truth according to His word, a unity of races (cf. Galatians 3:28). God meanwhile inspects  and considers  ALL races before the end (Acts 17 :26-28). It is vain trifling to be carried away by divisive concepts of races. That is not where reason and revelation alike, lie.

Speaking to ancient Israel, this He says,  

"Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, and He who formed you from the womb,

'I am the LORD, who makes all things,

who stretches out the havens all alone, who spreads abroad the earth

by Myself,"

Isaiah 44:24.

What does He tell them ? It is of His word against all others, HIS CULTURE, HIS WAYS beyond all competitors, His TRUTH over all who cannot contain either the earth or themselves. Listen.

It is He who

"frustrates the signs of the babblers,

and drives diviners made;

who turns wise men backward, and makes their knowledge foolishness,

who confirms the word of His servant,

and performs the counsel of His messengers,"

Isaiah 44:25-26. All these points are evidentially important, and by distinction and disjunction, the last stands out especially (cf. SMR Ch. 3, 5  , 8-9).

The Lord plays havoc with too self-assured persons in their ideas and assumptions, but works wonders where His own word is concerned. The difference is manifold. First it lies in precision, then in particulars, in things NOT said, in perspectives that orient, and a conspectus which explains,  so that contrary to the thought of many,  just what He said happens, and it continues to happen as befits the sovereign of all. Moreover, it plays out like a champion cricketer, boundless in energy, unaffected by spin, knowing what he is doing. With man, this is an ideal;  with God it is a fact, and there, in His word, it is unique to the point of having nothing even comparable. This point is given no mean attention by Professor Werner Gitt, leading scientist in information science in his recent work, Without Excuse

The Bible sets it forth: It speaks, and never once ceases to do  so, or to find history like a lamb, in whatever circumstances, be they matters of date*5A or fate*5B, following what was first written.

As to the earth,  HE made it and so owns it. He speaks His mind and so man is responsible. He takes intelligent action and so allows the PERFORMANCE of His word, in its historical  fulfilment, its sovereign power, and this to be SEEN in contrast to the vigorous but inadequate efforts of those whose basis provides nothing with reason, no counsel with power, nothing to be seen but words, nor to be witnessed except excuses (cf. Wake Up World! ... Chs. 4 - 6). not wisdom with legs and arms,  not provisions which are testable and directions which are followed (cf.  SMR pp. 140ff.).

There can be no one race given special power, nor any hypothesis given special exemption, no one series of human desires given exaltation because of a cultural fondness, no culture given eminence except by its fruits, keeping to its co-ordinates, attesting justly the ground of its authority and competence to fulfil it. Nothing is found which could in any way compete with God even with any slight residue  either of wisdom or reason. The arrogation of the powers of creation to vapid theories without base may be forced on a wandering world, but this is merely adding to the desolations of Christ, which He suffered, this with wandering pride of spirit, acting without reason or ground, to displace Him (cf. Ch. 5 above, and its references).


Whether in the colleges as in point 1 above, where 'nature', whatever that is,
other than a creation coded and legalised, arrayed and arranged, governed by investigable law -
it is like a house, for you need to find the builder if you talk of owning it;


or in a racial perspective, as in point 2, where 'original owners' may be used racially as a distinctive,
as if a son using his Dad's sports car on its arrival from the factory,
becomes in some strange way, its owner, along with ownership of the family home as well;


or in the third way, ownership of information,

the culture of creedal oppression which this Government is beginning to display, is 'going forward', progressive in regress. It  now moves towards starting intractable control of the newspapers by express legislation, given birth to THE AUTHORITY,  as if to make a god, having  powers without recall, or requirement of reason, a sort of social interpreter, or agent of power. Thus, the young long fixed with fictitious naturalism de rigueur, now the old gain a trashed liberty of speech and writing in singular measure,  and the information spreaders look to being controlled: but by whom!

It is by the State,  grabbing with unsanctified hands, the religious elements of education, race and information, seething into a situation of sovereignty as did countless governments in many a land before it. Is this to be,  as so far,  while the people tend to smile and accept it, because it is so cute, or appealing, or nice, or pleasant to see their thoughts so interpreted, perhaps a little too much here or there, but still ... It is nice to  control everything! they say,  forgetting that it is themselves that are the controlled. It is as if mentally paralysed by specious charm and wanton arrogance from the government, many believe that if ONE PARTY IN POWER has  all this, it is quite innocuous, innocent of any totalitarianism,  call it by any other name if you will.

They do not see that if this be so,  then the people as such have less and less, mind manipulees, ready for the onset of the meaningless disease, dehumanised and deadened by the sheer arrogance of power and the doctrinal force of empty extravaganzas, which if they do not indulge lust, make way for it. Whatever they MEAN to do, once more, it is to the results we must look.

Now the 4th of the series comes up, the Lulling Lullaby about original inhabitants and custodians and ownership, with the corollaries of pseudo-sacred culture above that of all the milling multitude of races which make up this country's complexion. Just as in point 2), there was the scope for setting one race above the LAW, so here the special aspect in view is isolated. It is this, that there is the expanding use in government circles of formal  incantation which attributes a special ownership or sanctity of custodianship of the land, as if being here contributed such things and required an acknowledgement by all, as if myths were to be manufactured, as in Nazi Germany, by means of constant repetition. It is to be performed in public speeches by government and even in sittings of national bodies. It is good to learn that Baillieu in Victoria has made such attributions, with religious presuppositions, to be at least optional!

Such exceptions apart, in the ruling Government Party*5C, this proceeds as  part of the back to the nurture of 'nature' ideas,  just as in ancient Israel, where power was given by no reason, but mere empty desire, to ANYTHING really (Jeremiah 2:28). Almost anything would do, so long as it pre-occupies man away from God (Jeremiah 10:11), and REQUIRES of Him obeisance to whatever particular thing is held up for adoration or veneration or controlling power or authority. The State arrests in the field of information, education,  race, or incantation: they are all there.



Thus come the successive steps of paganisation of Australia, not satisfied with diffuse thoughts*5D, but directives now, not with indistinct religious utterance, but new religious authority now, based on what ? "empty things which cannot profit or deliver, for they are nothing." It is nothing new; it is only the forms which are new, and the props.

In the domain of trust and authority, power and precedence, priority and information, there is nothing demonstrable but One*3, and any effort to ignore Him is one thing, though liable for divine estimation; but to make from this nothing heart in the matter, from this orphaned causelessness*5E, this nugatory nubilousness, from this feckless basis, a ground of authority, a directive for any people, a series of cultic cultural directives,  limitations, requirements and moral management without base but select desire: this comes towards the finale. We come close to the final  cavity in the tooth of the nation, where ulceration, abyss and nerve death threatens. Put  your teeth into this and they suffer on a grand scale; and  rot.

Nor is this all. It means also that in this multi-cultural basis for all this, though it tends towards  selectivity in fact, there is no character. Islamic, aboriginal, Iranian, Palestinian, whatever has clout for any reason, such as violence or charm or appeal or philosophic speculation, as the mood takes or the mores draw or the flirtations of fancy attract, this alights like a VIP;  this beggars what went before. Yes, let us make it not a nation of this or that, founded this way or that, with this and that set of laws and values, customs or CHARACTER, but let us move with the surges of immigrants, release whatever gets in their way, especially if they threaten implicitly or explicitly, violence to the nation if not, or upsets with the UN or any other moral-machining body, based on nothing.

Let us act as if without heart or nature or countenance, character or past, and respond always to anything, as the mood takes us, as if, like other flitters, we seek ruin ardently. Let us move forward into the airy abyss, where the bottom is never found because it is not there!

Let us indeed make it appear shameful to have ANY character, or any ways,  and rather apologise for them, and ignore all their good, and purge  expression of things British (for example, the founding nation or our own), or past,  and seek  like a giddy girl, newly acknowledged by society, to be admired or acknowledged and the manipulee of anything and everything. It is like a fit of everything-itis, beguiling a nation of mining power, forgetful of how short a time exists before the earth is sold from under us, and creditors want more!

Is it possible to be so short-sighted,  as well  as short-sited ? Apparently it is. Why ? It is not least, but rather first of all, because in trend and program, the nation is becoming paganised, de-characterised, nothing-ised, with symbols instead of reality, selling short the freedom of many, in order to exalt others,  whether racially, or academically or in information,  so that freedom in chains can feed on the husks of the residue, not yet taken. So is a  nation  brought into captivity with the illusion of power and the reality of subservience.

Meanwhile, sects*6 make


new Jesuses, ones not found in the Bible,


inventions of the milling mind, the perfervid imagination,


new figures whose morals can be 'adjusted' to the whim of king culture,

variable as he now becomes, with no apparent limit.

Thus there come 


old ones, new ones, modified ones, atrophied ones,


ones which make some invented 'Jesus'  to be
under a prophet who invaded Mecca, 600 years or so later, or


versions which turn Him into bread*6A, to share His deity and so be worshipful, or


formats found in new books, recently arrived,  which are too late to count, 
and  too  like the King James translation to look old,
too hidden  to be public and
too ineffectual to provide comparison with the God
who spoke His mind with deeds to attest,
and does not alter or add to His information to man, as the Bible  attests
(Rev. 22:18-19, Galatians 1:6-9):
for being right at all times, for it there is no need to do so.

The very code of salvation is one,  so that no one, prophet, apostle, what you will, CAN change it without being cursed, as Paul himself would have been had he himself sought to change it, or add to it, alter it in any way from what had been preached (Gal. 1:6-9).

As the nation lurches towards authoritarianism and moves in the stream towards totalitarianism, so it likewise is moving away from the Jesus who saves, Him historically predicted and predicting, unfailing in all, it proceeds jeering or cheering its new masters, ambitious for power, now linking arms with armies of nations with their own cultures and gods or summary exclusion of the latter as the  case may be. Increasingly, the powers-that-be are becoming afraid of nothing except to lack the slide of naturalism, or the  pride of humanism or the glide of romancing.

It is no dream, to live. Readily is nation pounded before pulverisation by the tender mercies of the nations, and only where the power is, as distinct from being figured, is there safety. Contrary to this, by endless propaganda, the nation 'goes forward' till the thoughtless are imbued, the minders marshalled and freedom of speech put in irons, as by a Master Mastiff Committee of lords. If it does so GO, then as in other lands which fell FROM FREEDOM, where truth can but little  ASSERT ITSELF WITHOUT FORCE or restriction being applied. But where does it go, except into this pit of pollution central.

'Forward does not exclude the pit,' for it depends how near you are, and in what direction relative to it, you are GOING.

By all means live on nothings, and embrace whatever thing allows  rapid change  into a characterless continuum of anythings, somethings, new gods, new arrivals, symbols, and create thus a servile nation; but know this, that for all this many another nation has been brought into judgment, by divine appointment. Consider this also: give up freedom and you dehumanise, not rehumanise, you degrade and are to be paraded by directors, become a company with a Managing Director, and a set of principles and laws and  appraisals and invented ideas and ideals, till you resemble sheep, not with no master, but over-mastered by the results of cultural intoxication: and the morning comes, but has no blessing in it.

There is at this point,  a blessed alternative. It is to keep the Constitution in its reference to God  Almighty, and consider the options; and should this be the bent of the nation, then why be bent by strong hands and unknown hearts, the mere stuff of some, overcoming by mischief and  false alliance, till you are the ground and they the feet, you the feature of bondage, and they those who bind. It is blind to be so bound by the results of inertia. There is voting to be done, truth to be paraded.

Indeed, the option is to ensure that NO  power to do any such things is with the Commonwealth, or common poverty as debt can make it as it sells so much that cannot be sold again, and makes debtors the serfs of creditors. It can  keep information free and fairly available for schools and colleges without authoritarian substitutes for truth and rational thought. It can eschew not only the idea of  finders keepers for the land, but also that of having minders as prison staff, forwarding the captivity of the scholar, as if that were learning! It can treat ALL races  without exception, as parallels to our own, exalting none, but considering the BASIS of any, and seeking that, rather than some romantic road to  a devastating indulgence, instead of  rational realisation of how to be most helpful to one and all, whatever their background.

This progress, it is not by those operative as drafters of destiny, but labouring with compassion, not to be remade into some concoction of many things all mixed up, to be taken each day before meals, but with responsible care. Each within the character of the nation as it has developed, with desire for both probity and liberty, is then not nominally but phenomenally free to be able to move on an individual and personal basis without apology or efforts  for absolution from  any merely relative bodies, without fear of intimidation or the shadow of indoctrination, through the ostentations of some morally absolute body, which pretends to mouth morals, while showing the strangest examples of them, as in the case of the UN.

It is time to seek the Lord; but if this land, subverted in schools and colleges, tyrannised over in views, and now in prospect, in news provider-control Authority, romanticised in unhelpful crudities of thought, ignores its very basis, then results do not fear to come. If moreover, it passes from its past without compunction, reason or realisation, into the pit of irrational abstraction*6B,  staring at the hole in the ground, and waiting for the earth to cease ITS indulgence as the nation dithers and then submits to this or that dictatorship, betrayed from within, afraid of freedom departing from quasi-faith, whistling to destiny with closed eyes and a dazed looking smile in the deceived countenance, then stand by. What cannot stand or face the truth can learn to live with the lie, an impossible situation for long, delirious in mind, deleterious to life, defective in style, a veritable gush of guilt.

This nation can do what it pleases (though we pray for its people); but as me and my house,  we will serve the Lord and attest Him, the God of creation, without whom knowledge of the nature of truth is not even possible, let alone the truth itself. This by Christ's grace we will do, though the olive fail and the herds diminish; for truth has neither father nor mother, but stands from its source, who both made us and is it, the everlasting Father of all, and Judge of any who substitutes for reality, the superficial fantasising of unbased realms. It is in HIS Christ (Luke 2:36) that deliverance comes,  as organised from eternity, shown in time, prepared fro publication for millenia, wrought out in time in a few years in His incarnation, covered in sacrifice, confirmed in His arising in mercy. It is in Him,  and not in some other without foundation or information,  delusively the lot of those who have not received the truth (II Thessalonians 2:4-10).

It is not AUTHORITY with power and mere decisiveness which is needed. Rather is it truth with liberty; so that anyone may come without fear or favour, to the God of truth, and find as he searches what is there. Indeed then man does not control man, like a tyrant instead of truth, a fatuous god without power. We do not need those who oppress and seek  deliverance in the exposures of any, lost in the rubble of emotions and protections which know not truth, but whim and feeling, who assail truth and its testimony, so that they might nurture a new nation, forsaken by God*6C, feeble in power, with manacled minds and tied tongues.

WHEREVER any such move should come, from  whatever Party, now this one, now that, is relatively indifferent.  Liberty to move and think and find and seek, without this; liberty to express and show what is so and let it speak for itself, once exposed and understood,  this remains paramount for beings still human. If this be threatened, subject to control, apology instead of apologia, then it becomes like a trance in the dark. This trade-in of particularity to generality of the most fatal kind, that of this world,  is like the Titanic as it neared its fatal ice-berg.

It is time to turn. The results of not doing so have been experienced by too many people to be ambiguous. Put your head in the sand for long enough wilfully, and the tractor does not fail to roll over you. Ignore the truth and it will not ignore you!

It is not that this is a feather in your cap, or a stripe on your advancing shoulder of arms. It is the substitution of the meretricious for true merit, of the factitious for the fact and of the aspiration for the act. It is to forget the self-attesting Bible, the word of that self-evidencing God who did not, witless,  leave us to our own devices. Instead, He devised the solution to the problem of sin in all its shameful and often shameless waste and confusion, in the suffering Servant, which in form He became, in advent to this world (Philippians 2, John 1:1-14, I John 1, 5), to give the truth in Person and show the vacuity of thoughtless confusion of Creator with creation effort, with salvation. A car ruined does not need effort to be rebuilt and functional; first let it be rebuild, and THEN use effort. First be born again (John 3, Titus 3, Romans 3:23ff.), and then operate. You cannot do this, but may call upon the name of the Lord, the God of salvation and creation, in the Christ whom alone He has offered (Hebrews 9-10, I Timothy 2:6), without adding your dreams to the method (do you in taking antibiotics ?), or  removing your preference from the matter.

Here is liberality and liberty, truth overpoweringly magnificent*7 in all its lustre and applicability, answer to all problems of the mind,  strength for all needs of the soul, dynamic for all weakness of the spirit: here is greatness with glory, which does not need to aspire. It is there already, always has been and will be, source of all logic and life, value and truth, centre for life, salvation for sinners, all 6 or 7 billion of them, if they turn in faith to Him and rest on Him and on His word without elevating things created to the domain of the Creator, and things that are nothings to the realm of salvation.





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then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine

The alternative, as of course spelled out in Deuteronomy 27-28. has come  to pass, like everything else in its time,  in God's word. The third stage, return in unbelief still, to their land has likewise happened (as in Ezekiel 36), the onset of surging nations in contest (as in Zechariah 12) and the amazing triumphs in direct confrontation on the part of tiny little Israel, diminutive mouse, empowered by God for His own reasons, prior to its spiritual restoration in large numbers and suddenly, this latter seen in Zechariah 12 also. It all reads like a book,  and we are now in the terminal chapters of it (cf. Romans 11, Galatians 3:28), which are of great depth, and wonderful application.



Cf. Christ the Citadel... Ch. 2, for example.



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This is not to deal with Government Parties as such, for not one is known which abhors all this steps. It is however to note a new thrust which the Party in power is delivering with dynamic thrust, like a cancer. Another time, it or others may do differently; but as in a bushfire, you have to keep your eye on the current direction of the flames.



For these, see Lead Us Not into Educational Temptation, popular concepts in Victoria in the 1970s! as diffuse as air, but leading in the direction of tornados of untruth.  See SMR Chs. 3   -   4, together with SMR Ch. 4 Extension on Great Burials and Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 13.



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In matters of faith, there are results which declare the issue. It is not 'faith' which contributes the reality; it secures it. The reality declares itself, so rewarding faith. If it is a long time off that faith embraces for something, then in that case the issue is not relevant till later, and so in that case faith holds as for that time the actual and commanding realisation, which GOD enables and shows. Always God shows it at the relevant time. Thus when God commanded the waves to be still, still  they were, for the issue then was the PRESENT!

In the mass, the issue is view is however not far off, but present, for the result as envisaged, is to be worshipped, not as bread but as the body of Christ. Yet this is precisely what does not insist on declaring itself in a way to show the reality of the faith by the reality of the result. On the contrary, in terms of presentation of what faith activates and God provides, there is no evidence at the level declared. Had it been a vision of the body, then only inwardly would this apply. Since it is the actual body, then outwardly applies. Miracles that do not attest themselves are not those uniformly of God, at whatever time they are programmed to appear. The miracles of Christ, in feeding and controlling meteorological objects, or aquatic ones, or in healing, were not envisaged, but it was precisely because when the physical was in view, and now was the issue, that now came the physical as a testimony.

Thus Christ did not commit suicide at the last Supper (Hebrews 2) because there was no body clasped in His hands. The issue was not then a future act, but a remembrance of one, specifically in view. It was not an anticipation of that act on the Cross, by action on the body, for the day would declare the issue not in remembrance, but in attainment,  so that all might see and hear and know and perceive and be shown that the Saviour actually DID die, unlike the Muslim case where versions on this point differ at two different places (cf. Dancers, Prancers, Lancers and Answers Ch. 3, *1A re misconceptions about the Cross, variable and mutually conflicting, on the part of the Koran). That He DID IT is the great glory, for many talk about sacrifice, degradation for the sake of others, what they might or would like to do. It is when it is visibly DONE that the marvel occurs, not in some symbolism about what it would be like if it were done. The Last Supper would have been a mockery if Christ had not done what was to be remembered.

When faith, as in being born again, applies to what in a moment, is not visible,  except inwardly, then that being the case, the fulfilment is at that level. The reality however is just the same: in this case its field of application is inward.

Its outward appearance however is not invisible, for though the core be invisible, the consequence is not. Faith without works is a contradiction in terms, like a car which never runs, as a means of transport. Faith being a lively thing in the living God, when wrought in accordance with His specifications, in terms of His plan for gifting man, for the Gospel is not variable (Galatians 1), there are always results. It is something which declares itself in the life.

The person in himself for herself KNOWS the case. Faith that does not believe does not exist. It is not a question of perfection but existence. and in various ways it makes itself felt and outwardly effective. It is however in all cases GOD ONLY who supplies what faith grasps, for it does not institute what it grasps: it accepts its object with every good and perfect gift, from God, operative at the level of the gift; and it is so as if a ruby were a wedding gift, it is in the heart and the hearts know that this is gifted: faith's object. It is not contrived but created or conveyed.

As soon, however, as one begins to assess people as to faith, in matters subjective and judgmental, as distinct from obvious and incontestable, it becomes an issue in the forbidden. JUDGE not that you be not judged becomes a solemn rebuke to the superficial in their simplistic assessments, often not much more than slander or gossip; and this qualification occurs in the same Chapter of Matthew, as that which tells us about good and bad trees and their fruits. Judge nothing before the time, says Paul as found in I Corinthians 3: who was more this or that ? The day would declare it.



The irrational abstraction of naturalism is treated in many ways in the work, The gods of naturalism have no go! and it is shown as apparent that nothing has no issue, that begging the question is no explanation or reason for things, that nature cannot make itself before it is there to  do so, even if it could, which is never shown, nor could it be put in place by imagination in the name of science. |


The stark horror of such abandon is well exhibited in Isaiah 59, which mercifully ends with the return of the Messiah to rule in the midst of His redemption.



See -


Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God.