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Adding Things Up, and Getting Things Down





On Summits:

The Mind of God
Superimposing all Summits,
and the Mind of Man
at the Base

The Structure and Perfection of
Spiritual Summons



I was talking to someone about computers.

How interesting, how unusual!

It was actually.

It must have been the conversation, rather than the topic then, one almost banal in itself.

Oh, I don't know. If you think about there is a lot to learn about computers, from what they are and are not.

Yes, I suppose so. Did you learn anything ?

Yes, by way of thought crystallisation, and more than this.

I suppose you want to tell me about it.

If you are interested  ...

I'll let you know...

Well, we were discussing the concepts of hardware and software, and where a fault in a car's computing system could lie, since the company which made it, could not seem to superimpose a bug-correction, or a series of this sort of thing, on the existing computer contrivances in some of its new model cares.

Was it software or hardware or something else ? What did you find ?

The pragmatic model of convenience said this: that it MUST be hardware, because what could go wrong with the basic system of thought enshrined in the computer program: it was ALL hardware.

A point of view, I suppose.

But then, the thought came up, IS it hardware, the dynamic at loose in the world,  called electricity.

It could be thought so, I suppose if you stretch your imagination and terminology sufficiently.

To my mind - and it is a matter of clarity through definition here, not actual difficulty, I think - electricity, being a generic, there (however directed, the direction being software to my thought), was not the same as the programmatic contrivance. I mean, to make a program,  obviously, you need thought. A program is a systematic collection of commands, expressed in code or mathematical contrivance of some kind, meaningless without thought, and interpretative of thought, which has  only one point, to get done what is thought. Man is not a program, at the purposive level, since he is always trying to change the programs of his body, by drugs, philosophic or chemical,  of his mind by irrationality, on which it simply does not work, becoming a burden and a bugbear when so misused, and by his spirit, by imagining that he made himself, like some twirpy 'teen-ager with delusions of grandeur.

It is not only 'teen-agers which have these.

Most true.  Actually, Hitler and Mao and Stalin and maybe Putin (at the nationalistic level) and many more, with various degrees of misdirected dynamic, have not a little to contribute in this field. But I mention the young because there is a certain greater innocence in the delusion at that stage,  and the folly has not had time perhaps to be experienced in a broad basis of past observations, so that it can be like a first bush-fire in a native forest, the more devastating because it was so lovely beforehand.

There is not too much loveliness that I am  seeing in this human race, 'teen, 'tween or tweedy.

No, I suppose not; but it is there, hidden like Christmas roses, those little humble things that do not even lift up their heads and are so mellow, it is there.

Man, you were saying, is not a program, because he sins against himself; or if you prefer, acts with wanton disregard for the integrity and direction found in his commands.

Certainly, he is corruptive, disruptive and susceptible to disease of a deadly dynamic which makes the noble, folly, the beautiful bestial, the glorious gooey and the sublime a scene of seduction, reducing himself, becoming a bellowing ruin and not a mellowing marvel.

And his guilt is inglorious, oppressive,  so that billions seek pardon, or de-pollution or disjunction of their past from their present, by philosophic confusion, as if 'matter' did it,  when in fact this was quite immaterial, since they resolved the matter at a spiritual level, in which spiritual criteria being operative, and weighed in their own right, are the operative element.

Yes, you cannot logically have a relativistic universe, with no absolute truth, but merely interactive experients at the most,  and hope to be ABLE to designate any truth: you can't have what in your model is not there.  Materialism is mere childishness, and worse, a haunt for devilry, such as that of Stalin, Mao and Hitler (although the last had a hidden racial envelope, in which mysterious things were hidden, as for that matter, in another element, does Communism, with its lawless world run by ludicrously contradictory laws). 

Man is not a program, in his purposive life, although he uses many programs in coincident felicity, each built on or about or around or in some sort of medley or synthesis with the others, so that he has an amazing operative efficiency. Thus, he clothed in a skin which is superior to plastic, though having some of its features,  a covering self-healing and self-productive by program plus material provision  FOR the program,  all organised by various inter-connective programs, utilising energy production units in each nucleated cell, with fancy programs to cover cell division, replenishment, and at early stages, cell  specialisation in terms in part, of usage. Accordingly, he has a food intake,  a garbage disposal, a nutrient processive program and provision by program for the generation by generation re-installation of the hardware for these programs, in each new member of the race.

He has a program  too for the brain, itself a memory receptor, an initiative taker in some programmatic sub-areas and a tool for implementation of spiritual initiatives and mental domain directives from the mind of man. He can even interfere by the sheer wilfulness of his mental or spiritual directives, with the programmatic features of his systems,  as when he contrives to  develop an ulcer, with perhaps the tension of worry one of the underlying stimuli, or to have indigestion because he is using the blood needed for it, in other pursuits without waiting.

With such things in mind, or in the back of it, one moved in the case of the car we mentioned earlier, to the thought of an electricity dynamic, moving a program to operate in hardware, specifically of course contrived for just that, by hard intellection, imagination and disciplined enterprise. But the question arose, and it is germane here, since in both cases, one thing is in common, the program side, Is there a reality to the program as intellectual only, so that, one might add, it is conceivable as INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ? It is as thought, exactly thus in thought association, purposive direction and mental contrivance. If it has no bugs, then it is in its way a perfect thing (although, to qualify this, some better intellectual conglomeration of commands might have been more elegant). For argument's sake,  we will imagine that the program is maximally elegant.

What then ?

Then there are a number of separately analysable elements. First, there is the thought behind it, and behind that, the purpose for it, and behind that, the imagination for such thought of a creative and constructive kind, and then there is the program itself, followed by the dynamic to make it run (in our illustration, inclusive of electricity), and following all, there are the material means to enable it to be implemented in the material domain,  even if it is for other minds and spirits, with other imaginations and purposes, that it is produced, and for whom it is made.

Yes ...

IF then,  to aid analysis, we think of this mature program, not in itself requiring further thought, in the mind of the thinker, and then export it into some kind of code, such as our programmers routinely make and use, for operative purposes, and then enshrine that in a power-supply plus hardware basis in which the power can work to made the commands operative instead of mere intellections, what can made it go wrong in practice ?

I suppose an IT worker who does not understand how to use it.

For argument's sake, let us imagine we are talking of something like the car, in which it is intended NOT TO NEED (for a long period at least) any intervention.

Very well, then you are asking this: What is the status of the program, once it is out of the mind of the programmer, given dynamic not dependent on his immediate supervision or further action, and set in hardware as memory and electric implementation devices ?

It is not thought any longer,  though its nature requires thought, since in practice thought-products in systematic, information creating types,  do NOT appear. It is useless to ignore reality when interpreting it; and it would be the opposite of scientific method to do so.

What then is it ?

The program, the series of integrated systems in common mode of representation, activation and culmination ? Why, it IS a series of codally ( I insist on that word, for in context it is clear) contrived  letter or figure or symbol congregations, operative for definable results, both integral in their production, a posteriori, and necessary a priori, apart from further personal application, which of course includes that of intelligence.

This then is the fact. What however of the status of this program, once operative, and enshrined in mathematical, codal congregations to deliver on the dynamic of desire ?

It is not thought. It is not meaningless. It is not unproductive. Its productions are not singular, but systematic and integral in consequence, imposing by command the desire and design of the maker.

But how does it differ, if at all, from a non-programmatic association, as in a painting  ?

It is in this. The painting is an immediate visual production, designed to intimate by depiction, not command. It is apt for the subtleties of human response,  through its conceivable relationship with other things seen, interpretable or interpreted, which act for the spirit of man, as a tutor in his seeking to comprehend what the picture is 'saying', means, has as its point of existence. It is quite inconsequential at this level, whether the purpose was to laugh at purpose, or to worship the divine purpose, back of our purposes, and power to purpose. Whatever  the intention, it is THERE,  AS intention. It may even be unconscious through some foul-up of thought and will and some broken dream and broken heart, that does not even wish to declare itself as broken, and laughs like shattered glass, if it COULD laugh.

The program however does not have this mode of communication, being by strict command.

Yes, and this is so even if the program were made so that statistical results of its operation were pre-programmed by mathematical means, to lead to the application of statistical modes to interpret things as to direction found, and then to adjust working mode 1 of the program, to equally made, mode 2, both being informatively impressed from the start,  together with their powers to be adjusted, from the one to the other, whether by gradational means or directly. ALL of that is merely program, using devices of various depths, but one ultimate kind.

What then IS the status of this program, once out of the mind and into the matrix provided ? Is it an incorruptible thing, in the sense that at that level, beyond and before hardware, and after thought, conceivable as an integrality, it is what it is and nothing in nature can alter that ? Is it this,  or does it have any vulnerability at all to invasion, corruption, disruption, so that its pristine and cogitational quality is able to be disturbed ?

It seems to me that it HAS an intellectual quality, correlative to the concept of intellectual property and attendant rights, and it is conceivable as such, as invulnerable in that it is a thought entity, although loosed like an arrow from the bow,  by the purposive intent of the maker of the program.

Yes, it certainly is so conceivable, but in actuality, is there any reality to such a concept ? or is it merely a verbal expression of something thinkable, but never actual in a physical universe ?

To my mind, once you are OUT of the mind of its maker, and it is instituted and composed entirely by the impress of what is now an association of programmatic power-supply, material supply, bases for both, in semantic structure with operative mode, then its actuality has reality, but not invulnerability. Thus perhaps some electrical phenomena,  whether cosmic or terrestrial, produced intentionally by man or as a result of other aspects of creation, or directly by the program-maker Himself, beyond all our programmatics in us, perhaps this could dissociate electronically vulnerable elements and so make the program misfire*1. In life, we would call it mutation. It could have enormous consequences because of the presence of group-commands,  overall supervisory commands, which then could result in vast disturbances. In that sense, it is not invulnerable; but these are simply,  as far as the program is concerned, ultra-systematic impacts reaching within the system at various levels. There are many such ultra-systematic intruders; but these themselves, have their own systems, whether electrical,  meteorological or their own domains, as when man-directed, as in the case of plotted disturbance in these intimately related field, to disrupt the program.

It begins to appear that man is the uttermost of all programs, in part, having  all the features of such, that we know how such are made, and can find no other way, that in their interstices, their are thought objects, already launched from the creative and causal source of the programmer of matter itself, with all its various laws of form, interaction,  depth and directives,  so that they behave as such, both as to form of existence,  results of operation and methods of interplay;  and that to ignore this is unscientific, bizarre, illusory and a cogitational disaster.




Certainly that is so. Orders do not come by chance; intra-systematic orders do not ally themselves (as in stomach internal orders) with ultra-systematic commands (as in the relationship of gullet and duodenum to the food, and the bowels to follow); and pan-systematic wholes do not contrive to institute themselves in the same language as the other commands, so that in perfect harmonious correlation, they function for the production of an intelligent being able to make programs.

Oddball operations of diversities of structurally unrelated systems and sub-sets do not invent harmonious overall operating conditions, sequential integrations and semantic uniformity because their lair, domain, cosmos is not of this type, and to wish it on them is merely wish-fulfilment, as when a child fantasises of an ice-cream in a hot Summer's day. It does nothing at all to make the system which creates ice-cream, maintains it or has it available and sustained while being eaten at the locale in question. Moreover, oddball oddities at the outset do not create systems, whether of thought or operation, investigable by philosophers, scientists and others, whose systems of investigatory thought do not invent themselves from servile matter, which in turn does not invent its legalised structure from lawlessness, just as chaos, being without assignable features in any point, lest it be less than chaotic, can have no qualities at all, and is mere illusion, for any quality whatever, involves something other than nothing and characterisable only because of its distinctiveness and consistency.

Indeed, such nothingness of characterisability, the word 'chaos' merely giving a name to the removal from thought of successive ingredients, in a way not findable in practice, whether it be put in bits, that have characterisability, mode, laws of operation so that they may be of this kind and not of that, in a field which has laws of operation so that the bits might cohere and have group significance as well as operational collusion: it is illusion just as nothing is, being a substitute for thought which is more creative than is the absence of law, form and characaterisability.

By contrast, let us expand that concept which what we actually find in man, the harmonious, overall operative conditions and all the ingredients which enable the while, and consider it a little. What is before us in the human being ? We find in the various integrated systems and logical systematics,  mathematically formulated, legally commanded,  codally created, law and order,  micro- and macro- organisational and integral correlation of all,  for a purposive outcome (man  CAN purpose), capable of organisational triumphs of its own,  and a creativity even concerning external ventures and adventures, both seen and to be done,  and internal meaning,  that of its very own self,  to mull on it and create models and compare them, on its nature.  We find,  as Denton advises us, something more complex than New York city. We discover layers, cosmoi, far greater in depth and diversity than that city centre.

These, like all things, require a correlative power, however long it takes to get the job done, and however long it must keep the results in order, in order to build on them before they dissipate, organisational ability, to create, never found in matter,  and dynamic to drive according to both the individual and cumulative consequences of earlier plans and partial presentations, till the whole arrives in one coherent totality of legal, mathematical, codal, creative conceptual output, and entry into the base world of what is, unadorned, just as that came into the base world of nothing, unadorned,  that it might be; all of which required what is not built, causatively consequential, delimited or programmed at all, but eternal in adequacy and sufficient in scope of creativity and power, cogitation and correlative capacity.

Do we see this happening ? even the least part of it ? even in any one field, the arrival of new information, to touch on this systematically correlativised, conceptually correlated, creative complex. No ? not ever. Hardly ever ? No, not hardly ever: not at all.

It seems, my friend, that 'never' is not the same as 'by consistent observation' - that is always in suitable sites. It seems that the assured findings of science are not the same as the assured non-findings of science. It is rather like a school seeking funds, and never getting any, and then reporting that it is in the very nature of its financial  case, that it gets funds whenever its educational processes require them. That would be a lie,  and so is organic evolution.

What then, shall we conclude of such activities, being engendered de novo, by imagination, without the backdrop of requirements from nothing to total sufficiency ? or any part of it ?

We conclude that in man's febrile imagination it resides, and not in viable actuality; it is dream and not doing. It is abstraction from a necessary basis and not attraction either to observational reality or logical necessity, drafted in ideas, lacking  in regulative necessity. Legislation is the cause of law, and with it conceptualisation and power to implement not in dreamy indolence, far less in absence of thought, but with business-like acumen and a productive capacity.

When we come back to reality, to what is, now is, and has been for time immemorial, given initial breach-birth without the operational dynamics which work systematically in observable fact today, to a reliable law, and series of laws, integral in language, to an observable situation, then what do we in fact find ? It is this:  that neither the means nor the method nor the by-products are to be seen  in constantly observable progressions, nor are the outcomes, nor the informative data: such things in the mode of general creation are never to be found on this earth at this time. Clearly, any such monumental results, since they are here, were at some other time, by means not enshrined in what is left to be observed, though causes not now operative.

In other words, our world and our minds, these are not being created now, but both operate with a logical availability, not processive but profound and present, and inter-relate on the same systematic basis, of thought and action, the former interpreting the latter, and the latter from once mono-conceptual mould, one logos, so interpretable, giving to man the power which he then frequently idolatrises, like a child taking over the parental home, before destruction by fire or anything else ?

True. It is all here now. It had to be brought here. It has neither the power nor the observsational means to do it now. So it is put back to some other time. But time, this time or that, it is indifferent: this will not allow the thieves of truth to obliterate causal necessity.  At ANY time, such powers and creativity are needed; at THIS time is not found. THAT is precisely what the Bible has been saying for millenia (cf. Genesis 1, 3,  Romans 5, Hebrews 11:1-4, Isaiah 44-46).

Why then does it not happen now ?

This does not happen because we are in the cosmos of thought, imagination, creation, which involves purpose and product. We are products. The Eternally Sufficient Thinker,  Creator and Conceptualiser made us. He did it when He wanted to do so. As in all creation, it comes at its own time, and not another. When it is made, the job is done. Before it is made, it is not there; and after it is made, it is not being made. It is finished, whether in six stages or in ten. That is the mode of creation, and the creation of creative thinkers like ourselves, is the ultimate of our instituted capacities so that we may observe, diminuendo, in ourselves, what made ourselves and all about us.

We become creative creations ?

Precisely. Then we in turn, not in creative infinitude, which makes our creativity, but in creative finitude, can ourselves implement the principles, in our own wave-length as it were, our own more limited domain, with the complete, yes the completed building blocks of thought, ideation, contrivance, together with the information we gain by thought and observation, so that the circuit of creation, institution and operation of the instituted, may proceed.

Confusion here seems to lead to illusion which leads to collision with reality, which bruises our race and each of our nations, each one as its madness develops, or is temporarily muted, or even, for a time over-ridden by the realisation of creation, our source and our base, does it not ?

Certainly this is the case. Denying necessity is what drowns a nation in bombastic fraud,  self-contradictory delusion and ludicrous substitutes for thought, which come whether by Hitler or Mao or current Chines capitalistic-command-social-dominion types of obliteration of what made them all, in a humanistic rush and flush of pseudo-divine power without the knowledge or the wisdom. It hurts man. Such things often have, whether in rebellious thought or in invasive tyranny. Man is vulnerable and susceptible to his own demise, for without God, he is an anchorless ship, constructed in imagination by himself and his creation, but made in fact by the Maker of thought and its boundaries and laws, ready for every current of imagination, which leads to every contrivance of horror, idolatry and blasphemy, abuse of power and cruelty.

He is not doing so now. Hence there is nothing of this kind to see.  The  products do not make it, by some sort of innovative mystery (which would simply require, as always, total causal efficacy, with no questions begged at any stage of the logical procedure).

We know this by two reliable means: first is the fact that investigation both in the realms of observation and causation, precludes it (unless of course the Sovereign Source should choose to act, not at this time in this field so verified).

And the second ?

It is that the Bible, demonstrably the word of God, as shown for example in SMR, states that this is so. As ever, what it states and what occurs concur, giving to man, when he is willing to open his eyes to reality, fantasy foregone,  these are the same. There, as in the mind of man and the ways of nature, to which it is enabled to direct itself logically for investigation, is the duo for man's instruction, reliable, causally viable.

So we have a beautiful, divine bounty allowing us to use the powers invested in creation, intelligence a giant gift, intelligibility of our cosmos its partner.

Yes, the product, intelligence in man,  can act in this domain, but not at that level which created himself. Man by causally adequate gift of creation,  does so, using cause and effect, domain and its characteristics, and inventiveness in the thought world correlative to susceptibility to invention in his universe. That is now. This is making hay while the sun shines, but not making law, matter, life, far less doing so without intelligence. Life the product that is, may proceed in this way, like a child given a house, but the house does not build itself, being processed, delimited, delivered by a work far different in process from the mere sitting there ready for use. Life as it is does not proceed that way by which it BECOMES life as it is.

In other words, can we not say this: Operation is not creation!

We can, and more. You never see houses making themselves except pre-programmed to any extent, by causally effective thought and colation of requirements, putting what is needed where the orders are, and making a system where orders are interpretable by communicative means by the receptors which work on the same prepared mould. Nor do you see worlds making themselves, information making itself, by some cosmos of creativity acting above and beyond. Indeed, a cosmos of creativity would itself require its causally adequate construction.

Logic and observation are friends in this.

Indeed, and the nearest approach to the work which we present, as a human race, in our minor creations, this is the work of human intelligence, even though the scope is far less, as is to be expected. Our results are not living beings, mere dabblings in programmatics. The visible and viable result, man himself, he has mind and spirit of his very own,  a summit of creation in creativity, and conceptual,  logical, imaginative, marshalling, disciplining power of mind with it. The outgoing of disciplined power which is basic to disciplined thought, expressed both in and through man, this is present in type, but not in scope, IN man. Here is a mind that can discipline itself, and a spirit that can  correct itself,  and that if it so  wills, These last things, again, are in a far greater domain; and we are all in that domain.

We are products, yes ? but this, then is not enough to say of us ?

No,  for we are not adequately describable as such, since at the very least, this could be thought to imply a certain isolation away from intelligence, liberty, creativity and the ability to institute foul-ups as part of a rebellious desire of our own, if so taken.

Agreed. It is truth, but not exhaustive truth, as Churchill  might put it, and did  so, in speaking to Roosevelt about the relationship of the USA  in helping Britain. The USA was aiding, was working, was giving, but it was into a milieu where the Battle of Britain had already made the task of subduing the ambitious dictator, far easier than otherwise it would have been. What more then shall we say ? Man is a product ...

We must say this. Man is also a producer, and this WITH but not BY program, at the outset of his creative productions. Programs abound, in synthetic complexities of amazing depth and intricacy, for use, some quite beyond the mind and knowledge of man, as he operates. However, man in his mind can hate or love programs, serve them like a broken-spirited horse, with hardened mouth, given up to the pain of the bridle, or hate them,  seek to supervise them, like some mad wizard who does not know his own limits, or when to stop, at the opposite extreme, or to devastate them. He can for example, further disease, or seek to restrain it.

Produced, then, he is also a producer, the scope of his work definable by the conditions and power, quality and nature of his institution. In producing, he has will and liberty to secede from the truth of his construction, and to engage in misconstruction, and mis-education accordingly, and so move towards his own deletion, is it not so ?

It is altogether too apparent that he can produce what devastates, or constructs, what is a lie, or confine himself to the truth. As to the last, it is  available because the personal Programmer who made us able to program and fulfil folly or wisdom, carving up murder-victims or being surgical constructive on accident victims, is the Producer of more than a mere programmatic product. He has produced spirits able in principle to imbibe from Himself. He has produced man.

Ah! so we are products, but products equipped with programs, and not only programs.

That is the marvel of it. We are given  minds as well as bodies, wills as well as minds, spirits as well as wills. You see that when someone playing tennis suddenly loses heart, is of a broken spirit, becomes anaesthetised to the conflict, ceases to be imaginative, becomes like a perforated bowel, so that the system of thought and aspiration gives way, and a way out and not a way on is sought.

We call it 'dispirited', right ?

Yes.  There are broken bones, minds and broken hearts, bruised  spirits and dispersed resolves.

Each in its own dimension. So we are what could you call it, persons ?

That is the normal nomenclature. We are bred with liberty, born with sin (unselfish infants are hard to find), and given to  folly, feistiness, weakness, inglorious thoughts and insipid reduction, fearing the summit, and not even looking there, very often:  and this, as a race,  from our position at the base of the mountain of creation.

Why at the base ? I would have thought we were, in the realm of  creation, at the summit ?

It is because of sin, that we are by the base. Apart from  devils, who do not have bodies, which are spirits in themselves, a far easier thing to imagine that what we are, body-mind-spirit apparatus, enlarged into liberty, but confined as to its scope. We are not basely based, but basely set, through misuse of liberty.

Thus we are not gods, but yet responsible for our personal relationship both with God and man, and for that matter, the rest of the universe.

You mean, the more you have, and the more wholly you ignore its point, the worse you are; so that if you are the most in a given category, and misuse that, then there is a further element of baseness, namely that you destroy more, and can annoy and disparage more, and be more of a devil than something less personal ?

That is a good part of it, I mean of the bad side, a substantial element of it.

Constructed to  do good, we tend to do evil  ?




Our construction is from the Creator of programs and persons (if there was one such creator for each domain, we would then need a third, if interested in being at all rational, to create the uniformity of conditions enabling even so much as communication between what would then be co-operative divine entities): and that Being, overall in composing, being personal and productive in power,  is one. Wanting nothing (if He lacked, it would be by contrived limitation, imposed, if you want once more to reason, and that would merely mean we were talking about someone else, quite irrelevantly), He gives all.

Not only so, but if He were to be conceived of as creating pain in order to create better things, ab initio, from the start, then this would imply that He could not give the power to be better, without using a negative influence, destructive of furnishings, an abhorrence to the created mind and a devastation to the created spirit, making any such imagined creator, a sort of schizoid agent.

But God is not schizoid, has all power, and needs nothing in order to create at any level. Anything able either to limit or oppose Him, to defile His plans, would need to BE God. What is so defaceable in spirit, is not God. Imagination once more is not actuality, and what reason requires is not some combination of models, of God who has all power, eternal that anything ever might be so that it now is, and of man's anthropological imaginations. In these he creates gods which are limited, louts, myths, Grecian ideas, German myths, Asian cultural exhibits, or whatever, combining the creation and its modes with the necessary eternal Creator with His powers, in hybrids which are often ridiculous, invading our race and virtually slapping God's face.

That is precisely what was done on the road to Calvary, in actual practice, was it not!

The hand that hits, however, is the hand that stings! Man even complains that his hand, the one which abuses God in deed or art or literature or philosophy, that this hurts.

Indeed, it is not God who invented pain for His pleasure, or for a menopause stage in creation; but it is man who asked for it, in programming pollution of heart and soul and mind and spirit, and who impacts regularly on facts, against them, dreaming dreams, and so making grief, as he has done for some millenia. Alas for the folly so frequent in man, that  facing reality with urbanity and sullen sullies, or mischievous contempt or indifference, his rebellious actions can only lead to collision at many levels.

Pain is the product's inheritance when it is misused, misplaced or mischievous.

Precisely. It becomes cultural, national, racial and has results delayed through mercy, often interpreted as licence, this leading on not to repentance, in multiplied historical cases, but to mischief and eventual ruin and judgment.

Is man, then,  a person with programmatic devices, enabled to express himself truly, but in a limited and ordained field, so that he becomes responsible for not being responsive to his Maker ?

Again, this is true, but not exhaustive.

What more then, if we are seeking to find our place relative to the Summit ?

I would be careful about using a capital S there, because the summit is the highest point of what is there, put there and delimited there,  all being one in the created mode, AS creation.

And God having put it there, is really superimposed on all summits ?

This too is a matter of care. To 'superimpose' would suggest being placed. HE places things, as an author, and is not so much the summit of his characters and  created scenario, as its sovereign,  although of course, authors often find it necessary to try to interpret the characters, rather than merely make them meaningless meanders of thought. Creators can be very particular about fidelity to reality.

On the other hand, they can be most creative about other kinds of things, extremes,  essences, put imaginations into print and create little worlds of their own.

True. Both aspects are to be found in creation as we act with that power. We can try to interpret various kinds of behaviour, personality, but also to create some which we might never have seen; and some even try to create worlds without God, either as senseless dreams (you know, my beach house with silver seas, just there  ... and mine), or else as a form of attack, making fiction works of featureless squalor far below man, a sort of broken spirited mockery. That is easy, since we are bad enough to be readily mockable, as a race, but splendidly enough contrived, as seen in some of our thoughts and deeds, in their scope and their height and depth, to make mere mockery a fallacy.

That's why we tend to admire some satire, but seeing its limitations, admire other novels of peace and grace, reverence and beauty. It all has a place in our configuration of scene, scenario and material, mental and spiritual creation.

True, indeed. But to return to our summits, we find these in our beings and in our creations,  at times,  in part; yet over all these is the Summit-Maker just as below, there are the summiteers.

Ah for the Summit-Maker! that is where the real action lies.

The scene for the Summit-Maker to behold is very sad, and  the torment of defiling the truth while elevating man above the summits is so wilful and arbitrary, unrealistic and broken, a humanistic belligerence, set in mystery allowing dictator-hearts to have scope for manipulation, that one could weep for man.

No wonder Jesus wept for Jerusalem; and Elisha for Israel. If only, even in this your day, you had known the time of your visitation - remember, it went like that, Christ's lament over Jerusalem in Luke 19:42ff. ?

Yes, but while He has GIVEN to the summiteers, the strength to mutiny, He has  also provided  for the spirit of man, the facility to repent.

That is only possible, isn't it so, because He made the ultra-programmatic, personal side of man susceptible to spiritual domain dynamics, able to see and hear and feel and experience, to perceive and to conceive in those realms, and to savour the truth,  as  well as  despise it and himself, or else bloat himself by means of a sort of reality-distancing spiritual anaesthesia!

It even has a slight complication.

What is that ?

Well, when you blunt a knife, knife though it still is in status, there are things it can no  longer cut, without just becoming a blunt instrument, no more worthy of the functional ability of a knife.

It is a knife unknived ? a creation uncontrived  ?

In part, yes. When it comes  to God, man is sin is prone to all his pride and pomp, ceremony and odium, and over time, in these regards, becomes worse and worse and worst. There are qualities of this and that kind, and a sprinkling of sedition moving to a torrent, a scattering of religious wits and moral savvy coming to a dénouement in international traps and trade-ins of truth for wealth, weal or convenience. 

I see yes. If man could simply in and of himself repent, then there would have to be some relative merit in those who 'managed' it, and this would mean that the love of God, the finding of God, would become in part virtually a programmatic thing. IF you are good enough IN YOURSELF AS YOU ARE, then given some prompting from God, you may repent! You see that ?

Yes I do. Hence it would not be liberty that spoke, but your own nature as set, there would be no point in pain, for it would be mere reprimand, and not a mode of reminder, and an exhibit of the ultimate wages of sin, whether direct or imposed,  and man would be a sinner without point.

But the remedy of God includes HIS creative power even in the domain of the human spirit. We all know how you can react or respond when dealing with other people, and you can try by all means to be peaceable without being untrue, and to be constructive, without becoming an accomplice to some evil design of some party or group.

That is a legitimate and observable level of human conduct, certainly.  I mean, it is certainly what often happens, and hence can happen.

God has then taken the power of the author, before the time of the 'book' as written, to deal with the outcomes, as in Ephesians 1:4, II Timothy 1 and Romans 8:29ff..

You mean predestination.

That's involved, but in the text of Romans, and logically, that comes ONLY after His foreknowledge, envisaged, envisioning and knowing all about it before committing it to 'writing',  to history in this case.

So God knows His own and takes them by supernatural power.

In so doing, He knows their wills, spirits and hearts, and can see them way beyond the defilement of sin. It is this sin which itself brings in human differential and hence relative merits and hence merit as a thing in the case; but in HIS selection by them, this has nowhere to be. It is free, not constrained by needs which are in Him all met; it is given by bounty as He seeking for all, takes none by force, whether in mind or hand.

In this way, then, we do find our craving for liberty has meaning deep beyond mere desire. BEING FREE in our created character, by divine conception, able to reject our Maker, even to that very extent, made in His image, not mere contrivances, whether in thought or will, we are sought by Him who gives, that He might give more.

It is so. Having made man in His own image, that is with power of logical, emotional, personal rapport and knowledge, concerning Himself, the Creator, God,  honours this but does not facilitate the mischief of sin, but rather by surpassing it, sees the truth beyond the clouds of pollution and defilement. In His own time, He shows what He knows, and reaches those who are His, past the ignorance of soiled spirits and the impassiveness of the lost. There is no merit where sin does not differentiate, but there is liberty in the love of God who seeking for all as in Colossians 1:19ff., and continually in the word of God, and knowing all results, finds what receives Him, smashing nothing, His insight beyond all mere oversight and foresight of actual deeds, as in Romans 9, so that He KNOWS His own.

In that way, foreknowledge as in Romans 8:29ff., becomes the prelude to predestination, which merely carries out this divine knowledge, set before sin, in very truth. Freedom to will as we will, becomes then the donation of God, known before time was (Ephesians 1:4), applied in time, kept to eternity.

Obviously none can solve the majestic realities of God's creation without God, as vain and presumptive if not presumptuous philosophers have often done. Their confusion and ineptitude are not only actual and observable results of their clammy, humanistic thoughts, but necessary ones. How could you possibly solve things concerning God and His creation, without Him, as if He were not there. The folly and the dysfunction of philosophy are here one, predictable, predicable and pronounced. That is why Paul pronounces philosophy as vain in Colossians. It is not accidental or merely incidental; man's efforts to deal with domains are of necessity as abstruse as confused, as calamitous as corrupt, a model defective because deficient.

And when he pretends there are insoluble problems WITHOUT God, he is merely illustrating the necessity of thought correlative to that of the rest of God's creation. Without God, everything is ultimately, as initially, a no-go situation!

And what it has cost!

But how great is the liberty conferred on man. Thus the competitively self-proclaiming spirit, the autonomous, the rogue in remission from all relationship to His regality, these historical variables have no determinative place in the Lord's selection. His selection is not in the clouded world of effectual sin, but beyond it, where truth reigns in felicity, clarity. It is not by the ingredients of comparative sin, this man's and that man's or woman's or child's, as if choosing the better, for it is far from this (as in I Corinthians 1:28ff.). It is not from such things, it is  by them, that the pulsations propel divine selection.

He is not subject to such impositions, flights and flips of human will, in the spillway of sin! How great is He!

No, for divine selection is by a foreknowledge, a divine penetration, and it turns on their selection by Him, whose knowledge is and constitutes truth, who confirms in predestination His awesome foreknowledge. There, free from the comparative defects of various sins, man is known as he is, and God takes whom He may in the love which abhors force, delights in truth and IS the truth.

It is divine knowledge alone which can bring the reality of being made in God's image to the point of implementing choice. It is precisely by divine choice that the donation of liberty to man becomes operable even at this first and final level.

What other knowledge than that which is His own, unique, illimitable, unconfined! So He chooses them (John 15, 1:12), but as KNOWING them, ultra-sin, in reality; and then He implements this, and in history we feel the breezes of His action and intuit the movement of His Spirit, some more, some less. The beauty of it is this, like a group of daffodils dancing in stately loveliness in the Spring breezes in some woodland scene, that HE WOULD LIKE ALL, and seeks all, but seducing none, takes His own. Thus if ANYONE desires His salvation, that makes two. If anyone wants to revile God for not choosing him, he has only to repent and seek Him, who has Himself on record as being pleased that ALL should be reconciled to Himself.

Indeed; and that leads to things practical. Therefore, if you seek God, find Him where He is to be found; and if your desire surges, do not follow folly, and the hollow heart-beat of the determinist, but knowing the love of your Creator, at once take His gift of repentance, of redemption, of eternal life, by faith, and don't hide it. He who confesses the  Lord Jesus, the Lord's Christ, and believes in his heart that God has raised Him from the dead, will be  saved. But remember where you are relative to God: at the base of the summit mountain.  Only He can take you where the light shines.

Precisely. We are at the base of the summit, per status, at the height of it, per original status, and subject to the Summit-Maker. He does not appreciate summiteers who seeking to gain the top, while burrowing below the bottom in their philosophic, personal, psychological, sociological and spiritual, moral and civic follies, imagine they are there! arrived! when a flash of His power momentarily lightens up their mines, but not their minds.

It is not flashes of temporary insight, but reception of the Redeemer, not sorrow for sin, but heartfelt repentance and detestation of it, it is not toying with God but avidly receiving His truth, it is not having theories but conviction and belief in God, that He both is and knows His way, and has done all from crucifixion to bodily resurrection, and SO is now available in power for you, with peace, His word your governor and His Spirit your aid: it is this which is the way from the base to where the sun of righteousness shines with healing in His wings.

Truly, and then it is that man is saved altogether and not partially, by God, who has known him as he is not now, and knows him as he cannot know himself. It is then that foreknowledge becomes intimate acquaintance, and history becomes the dawn for the life foreknown.

Throughout it all,  man is saved in such a style that the mind of God is dealing with him as a PERSON, as one responsible for not being responsive, and more than that.

I am afraid this is going to be tough...

In fact, the ultimate response, in principle, is this: It is one for or against truth, the God who is it, the realities which express it, the Bible and above all, the Word of God alive as Jesus Christ, eternal and all-knowing,  centre of judgment and not least, of the god of this world and his subjects (Revelation 19-20).

If against it ?

Then truth strikes as in Matthew 21:44. Reality abounds and what resists it, denies its own foundation.

And hence, it founders. What else could be true!

If the made creations, such as man, would unmake its Creator, and desire to be 'free' as a counter-god (in fact the will of Satan as in Revelation 12), then they would be bound in their temerity,  by the false conditions which would place created things in the place of the eternal Creator. High-sounding, they are therefore low-falling. Such a denial of truth would merely make a superb example of what personality can do to surpass the crash of a mere program. It can not merely fail, but be devastatingly wilful, and spiritually foul.

Yet the author is not changed by his book, when infinite already in wisdom. What changes then ?

It is this: man is changed, reconstituted, restored, regenerated, newly sealed,  if he receives the Saviour and Lord, and as to God, the format has changed in one vast and eternally sealed manner.

When was that and in what way ?

The Lord was changed in two format manners.  First, He sent His eternal Word into human format, via a virgin as in Matthew 1, and hence was able to call Him the Mighty God, Counsellor and Saviour (as in Isaiah 9, 45 with Philippians 2, and as shown in Isaiah 50-55).  Then He allowed man in his blind sin, as a reprehensible person, or in such groups, to defile that format. You know, it is similar in slander, when those guilty of some foul spiritual recesses and equipped with moral abscesses, slander others, attributing to them with venom, their own sin, in order to 'bring them down'. In other words, Jesus Christ was buffeted, beaten, clouted, crushed, burdened, mocked in spirit and assailed in mind by destroyers, and then crucified. That was the second change of format: the burden-bearing human format of the divine Person given such flesh and such a life for just such a purpose, this thus became the second format, as described by Pilate: "Behold the man!" and by Isaiah in 52:12-13,  all being foreseen. Man fell; Christ bore.

So has man fallen then, and often since, in individual, noxious nation and pompous pretence, sometimes almost absent-mindedly dismissing the deity of his Creator.

To revert, however, let us consider the third format function. A man, by incarnation; a crushed relic, by repudiation! That is stage one and two for the Lord in His format change for His Word, Jesus Christ, who of course endorsed all the written word as in Matthew 5:17-20. Then, thirdly,  came the resurrection of that very same body. Thus,  'THIS JESUS whom you crucified,' the One who was put in the tomb (not a spirit, that location's burden, but a body), was raised, incorruptible (I Corinthians 15). Having assumed in form the place of mortality, He proceeded to exhibit His immortality, by overcoming death in His own Person, formatted in flesh, and not merely in raising the dead like Lazarus. In this, as in all His works, He was declaring God Himself. That's how He could say to Philip, He who has seen Me has seen the Father.

That was the third change of format, His first resurrected and then glorified body. However, as tothe original form of God, it is better not called a format, but to leave the word for it as  'form', since format tends to suggest a result.

Accordingly, then, to sum it up: God became man, became crucified, became resurrected, in the Person of His eternal Word, so that man  might be saved by His entire spiritual program, designed in heaven, fresh in heart, knowing in Spirit, this work applied by that very same Spirit according to His word.

That's how the book of life is written.

But in being written, it is not  made a thing dictatorial ?

No, certainly not; for when an architect makes a plan, and this is  merely one aspect of creativity of spirit in a concrete format for illustration, it is HOW he makes it which matters. That it IS a plan has NOTHING to do with the fact that he might have spent long hours of spiritual, moral, aesthetic, mechanical, material,  practical, personal, inter-personal meditation (with his clients in view), before making it. Predestination in its fixity and certainty has NOTHING to do with the way in His foreknowledge, God knew the data which predestination enshrines. Man is entirely responsible, 100% morally accountable!

Yes, I agree;  and how much more so are those churches which dare to unmake His moral prescriptions, renovate  His Gospel method, in part re-write His word to their convenience, little gods presuming to be beyond the very word of God, in dealing with the persons He created, so betraying Him, while even using HIS OWN NAME to do it!


But not at  all programmatic.

It is personal, but with precise propositional declarations, intimations, words of grace, so that neither WHO He is or WHAT is His will can be of the slightest question. Just as NOTHING is no basis for anything, but God is; so there is NOTHING that man can invent, relative to the word of God. God has His own mind. It is well to be reconciled  to that, not jaunting in spiritual discoveries of your own, an adventurer in the realm of the Creator, disputing, imputing, seeking to be refuting, but all the time, merely conflating your log book, the testimony of ruthless presumption and all but unimaginable arrogance. 

Well, it is great to be personal, and to act that way, since this is what I am, and to love the God who in making me, did so in His own image, and in speaking, declared His own mind, and then let me find Him, who seeks all, but bars those who want to remake God and dismember heaven with the vagrancies of hell.

Heaven is for me, the haven of health, the strength of eternity, the captaincy of sacrifice, the realm of the Saviour, the home base of holiness, and the place of productive peace.






In computing terms, there is a programmatic exemplar and illustration of studied concepts studiously digitalised, craftily manipulated by resident viruses, self-reproducing in their fantasies and fictions, disturbed by Worms and evacuated by Trojan Horses. Digitization is simply in essence, a  partitive  process by which coherent, causally instituted,  characterisable data, organised and transmissible, is set up for transmission. It does not make something out of nothing, but another something out of something,  a bit process to further a cohesive whole. In fact, it represents both an original image, sonar, visual, textual, and an imposition of an outside system which enables it to be treated or carried conveniently.

So far from its Picasso-like character being a testimony to disorder, it is one to  double order: the original vision, intent, imprint, and the means of rendering it manipulable, manageable or transmissible. But what of the double order, which merely increases the testimony of order for characterisable entities to be representable, and a second order to make them more usable, more readily, widely or permanently ? What of the original, of the means used for it, in however many impositions of use-related functionality ?

By avoiding studiously the principles and procedures of his own creations, the requirements of logic and the attestation of empirical  reality alike,  the often subdued mind of man, immersed in desire and desperate to  avoid design of another, proceeds with his own morbid designs on the human race and the universe appointed around, that these may be fulfilled. As it blinds itself even to what it does itself, it erupts in its own creativity and miscreancy. It desecrates with venom, to  defile the name of the Creator, execrates to  misuse it, evacuates it to sign in with his own, and the beauty of the joke is this, that in so doing, it acts with, in and through the equipment provided by the Creator,  rather like Absolam, son of David, vying and vicious, using the people of the land over which his father was King,  to attack him.

Let us revert to  computers, as illustrative of the nature of the dynamics of such orderings, original  and parasitic.

The matrix of order imposed, is imposition on a base subjectible to order. Causal impoverishment simply logically does not work (cf. Causes, SMR Ch. 5 and Presdestination and Freewill Section IV, Christ Incomparable Ch.  2, Ch. l above). Disciplined thought is necessary, not fantasies without support, evidence or means to impel them into reality, or even to rationality at all.

Thus, when the type of order presented is conceptualisable in character, then its basis is conceptual; when it is imperious in  type, then imposition is the basis; when it is integral in character, then  purpose is in view; when it is defected, in a systematic way, then intrusion is the case, or else non-permanence of imposition, so that there is deterioration. It is useless  to try to make a fantasy land in which order is imposed by disorder,  discipline by non-discipline,  cogitational  criteria appear by unintellectual thrusts of unguided force and  force  appears by the wave of a sleepless wand. It is even more futile, if possible, when whole sequential arrays of order are present,  co-operative in character, intricate in presentation and astute in intelligible resolution,  arraignable by intelligence, in its own mode.

What we have in life is similar  to  what is imposed in the computing world. Conceptually the criteria are cognate. This is so both in the creation and  the desecration. There is the intellectual property, the intrusion to defect it, as in viruses, philosophically human (cf. SMR Ch. 3),or computational;  there is the movement to make the construction vacant or vacuous, as in the sects and the secularists, together with the desire to  transmit other things instead, as with worms in the computing world, the base a take-off point, and in the flurries of State-owned religion, directed to the grandeur not of Christ, but some nation, and as to that: Hallowed be its name, this is the diversion.

It uses what it abuses like a virus, and transmits with the religion, its own 'take' on it, that man be directed for national service and glory, through a religion owned and operated by the State. That man should be so muddied and muddled by abuse of mind and State,  alike, for spiritual purposes of the most grubby kind, is only one of his desolatory dynamics, which we see at work with increasing devastation, because of increasing power. In the computing world, there are similarly,  large areas readily disruptible by competent delusive agents,  by virus and worm. These too have their anti-heroes, such as Melissa,  Love Bug, Bugbear and Blaster.

Thus intelligible and intelligent systems are contrived in creation, desecration and despatch, not from time plus nothing to make it do anything to the point, but by pointed productive behaviour using what it takes to get, at any time, what is in view. Further, this though illustrative, is principial also, since in any causally constructed situation, what you get out is what you put in, and indirections are available only in the milieu of intellection, invention, system or semantics in view. You cannot invent order by chaos, thought by servitude or cosmoi of totally diverse character, by turgidly surging along a trail without the ingredients. Bits are not boss, and biting will not make it so (cf. Ch. 10, *1 above).  For a relevant work,  see The gods of naturalism have no go! introduction to Ch. 49, in *2 below.

Dreams that machinate where natural things are machination attestation, do not make their ruminations realistic. What happens, happens, and for good reason! To ignore reason, is to advise that irrationalism is the task force in the model concerned, which so makes its proponents incapable of argument without violating their own premises, and hence it constitutes a mere surrender. That they violate both scientific and empirical, evidential and predictive results is merely the verification of the validity of reason, which is thus seen in its gift to man, internally and externally, in a universe made,  along with himself, by God.

(See: The Majestic Might of the Merciful Messiah ... Ch. 5,

Christ Incomparable, Lord Indomitable
.Ch. 2

The Track of Truth Ch.. 1

The Bible: Not the Declamations or Distillations of Man
... Ch. 4,

Deity or Design Section 8

Who Answers Riddles and Where He is, Darkness Departs Part 8,

The gods of naturalism have no go!
Ch. 1,

Dig Deeper ... Ch. 1,

Spiritual Food and Spiritual Drink
Ch.  11.

See also The Christian Pilgrimage Ch.  5)

Whether in the internal characteristics of computing creations, or other ones,  there is the same need to find logically the point of departure, the mind with its characteristics not found  elsewhere by any experimentation,  logical  or other, as also the invasive thrust to overturn,  as in Satan, with his various spiritual worms and trojan horses and viruses.  There is found a martial intellectual army, spiritually cognised and devised, set against what has been created, and maliciously, inveterately seeking to overcome,  to bring down,  as by the thrust of a competitor, enshrined in hatred and equipped with dishonesty. He is popular, easy ways using up capital of any kind, always tend to be so, for it avoids work, seeks undue thrust and power, impetus and fame, surges to illicit heights and confuses if it were possible the very elect.

However, its credentials are not chance nor yet chaos, nor any other devisable inadequacy, but what is sufficient for the disturbance in its ingenious modes and ways, inveterate direction of action and dishonest modes of speech, working and use of the wit of the bit, to work its own ways. Bitter is the bit which is used to ignore that of which it is a bit, and why and how it is integrable, that the original be conserved or subjected to malicious deterioration; or, indeed, sought for as a mode of take-over, that its own integral reality become dismissible by lie, so that bits rejoice in their free reign.

However, viruses, whether philosophic, political or  computing, do not have the creative wit which they desecrate,  and being negative or mere violators of what is constructively creative,  are merely a weight on the system, and a woe expressive of the fact that man is not only a creative, relatively free agent for greed or nobility, for God or the devil, but invests quite heavily in the one way or the other, to be swallowed up and spat out by his tormentors, or delivered and rescued by his own divine,  directive dynamic,  restored the infected and renewing the molested, and in the end, bringing him back to the reality which was formed in and for him. That, it is indeed a new creation (II Corinthians 5:17ff.), and it is needed!

Thank God for Jesus Christ by whom this decontamination is wrought; for infected creative masterpieces, prone to invasion and inversion, are not only a pity in themselves, poignant where conscious and pregnant with pitiability, but a danger to others. Hence, be careful of your company, Christian, and find your Company, if you are still languishing without the Lord.




This is presented below.

The Barbaric Symphony of Bits

Dealing with Dissonance  
The Roll-Call for Rebels

The Mock Grandeur of Dissociation

Elements of the Course for the Bachelor of Bits

January 2010

In this Chapter we concentrate on the concentration camp for bits, particles, ideas in isolation, material and spiritual isolationism, in which one mind in oneness seeks to imagine a universe of bits, joined in the contemplative mind of man, assumed in system, managed in contradictory coherence, equipped with consequences, devoid of cause, used in systems of abortive thought, while abused in scattering, symptoms of rebellions, items of irrationality, part of the syndrome of insufficiency, by which marred modern man tries to live. Cloistered in his own imagination, he finds nothing for support but hope, in a pretentious and factitious fealty to the science of nothing, which has nothing to do with science, just as nothing itself has nothing to do with anything.

In this field, man as creator tries to build creation in his mind in bits, disposing of his own invention as inventor, as if it were the dream, while dreaming up a creation which creates itself, available to his own mighty power, dunce of dust,  vaunting with the spirit given him, his delusions with the dynamic of propaganda, with never one fact, always swelling with antinomies, never substanting in action.

Inventing from nowhere,  the logical stage for thought, the rationality indices for its discipline, he spreads out not in laboratory but in the labours of illicit thought, in consistent inconsistency making creation the spawn of no cause. Begging each question, and assembling from nowhere all he desires, unbelieving man cannot even organise the congestion of unattested pretension, himself lord of action while he is born and dies, unable to dispense with birth or death. While disposing these things in empty thought, feckless creator by presumption, he is dispensing with them in action, composing a lurid morass of lordly imaginations divorced from the empirical, dead to reason, constituting the course for Bachelor of Bits.

It has many students. The fee is your life.

In this way, imagination is the builder of creation, but the buildings it proposes are never found arriving in the realms of life which it disposes. They are not found incomplete, on the way, but always apt in the light of common day. These it disposes, in the emptiness of vacuous thought, while denying constructive thought for their composition. Consequently nothing works, all verification collapses, nothing is ever demonstrable, excuse is the exercise, confusion is the content.

The dynamics of this belief concerning spontaneous creation of the universe are often found in the mind, while never found in  the resultant. It is this which remains, this and not man's fetid imagination; it is this which is the bearer of the testimony of effectual action, the indelible stamp of strength from their causatively ineluctable Creator. Here is the base for all rational and practical belief, the truth which the relative cannot create, even for thought, without which it can not even lay valid claim, but morbid with mortality, lies a pretender for ever. His and not man's is not only the stamp of logical sequence and validity, but the dynamic drive whereby the effectual imagination has its power to dower,  its product ourselves. Made in ways never now seen, from the era of divine creation,  many blindly squander their spiritual inheritance, mad about bits, bits from nowhere, caused by nothing, adept at interaction in systems product of the void, itself a creation of thought, denied by definition anything for anything.

By contrast, It is the eternal God who is the actual Creator, whose is the power for the mankind, here debasing himself to the realm of the imperiously puny, denying the source that they might even exist, or rationality with them, antagonistic to the exclusive base for all rational belief.

Correctives for the Bachelor of Bits, and testimonies to its ludicrous inadequacy, and to the realities both of reason and reality, the empirical in its actualities, and the actualities of the living God, there from the first, judge at the last,  are the following.

Message of the Words of God to Man in the Word   5 4,

Christ Incomparable

The gods of naturalism have no go!

Evidence and Reality 2, 5, 6, 7

Impossible for Men, Open to God  

Dig Deeper ...    1,

The Kingdoms of this World and the Kingdom of Christ    8,

The Holocaust of Morality and the Coming of Christ the King    3,

Glory, Vainglory ''. 1,

God's Gift of Grace in Christ Jesus      7,

The Christian Pilgrimage   5,

It Bubbles ...    9,

Spiritual Food and Spiritual Drink,
This is the Real Missing Link 

Repent or Perish     7.

(See also, more broadly:
The Majestic Might of the Merciful Messiah   5,

The Track of Truth, Meadows of Mercy and Peace of Pardon   1

150  4,

The gods of naturalism have no go!  1,

Spiritual Food and Spiritual Drink,
This is the Real Missing Link

On Moral realities and necessities, and some of their applications to various fields: see SMR Ch. 1, pp. 179ff., Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4,  Barbs ... 6,   7,  News 19, Ch. 11 above. Even reason can attest the goodness of God, as Romans 1 confirms; but its abuse as in things metaphysical, so in things moral, brings licence in place of law, quasi-autonomy in place of responsibility, godlike chauvinism in amoral humanism rather than the definite moral perception and confirmation that logic requires. It is shown above, that being from God, and made by Him who needs nothing metaphysically, morally or psychologically, and gives both life and judgment, salvation and condemnation, the latter only with the utmost reluctance, equated to His zeal to face in human form the Cross: we are not oddments.

Rather is the human race bruised in heart, broken in relationship with our Maker as a race, gifted with return avenue, in Jesus Christ, and usually given to grumbling about God or seeking to ignore, caricature or condemn Him, while dismissing Him anyway, by a sweep of the irrational hand. The final mischief is first to act out the myth of our jurisdictive powers, and then to collide with truth, always a humiliating experience, and merely a prelude, when persistent.

Anti-evidential, dreaming theistic evolution is simply a drab combination of irrational immorality and invisible verification, contrary both to the actualities of creation method, and of evidential testimony; whereas progressive creation is in turn, a combination of the above, at another level, with some concession to evidence, if not to morality, and again, as destitute of necessary evidence as the other. God neither dumped bits to begin a track through virtual miracles to things better, nor better things, to do the same, in part or in whole. You do not get such things on the way. What you get, is one thing: a kind (cf. News 74; The Divine Drama Ch.  10, A Spiritual Potpourri Ch.   5), which does not have in the interstices of its heavily commanded and commandeered DNA matrix, the means for new information, any more than the paleontological evidence shows such development (cf. Wake Up World! ... Chs.  4,  5,   6). Morality and scientific reality go hand in hand, and to both, power plays are irrelevant for the formation of the information, though not to the judgment on such use by moral beings such as man.

One may become immune to morals, but not to their results.