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Chapter  Eleven


Types, Patterns and Exuberant Multiplicity

(see Bewilderment ... or the Beauty of Christ's Holiness Ch. 3)


One of the most absorbing features of natural life is this: stereotyping, or patterning, or artistic readouts, aesthetic inputs and multiplicity of conformity to such principles, procedures and production qualities.

The discussion of creation by competent mind and power, and the illusion that you don't really need it, that there is a short cut that produces far better than our best creative scientists, though no one ever sees it done, and this without intelligence at all, has seemingly blinded many to the fact that such things are ludicrous.

Pattern by chaos ? by nothing ? by what requires it ? - in which case, what required that to be!

You see leaves in their countless billions each year, made to order (literally, in their genetically ordered arrival basis), and like paper money, they come with apt and ardent qualifications. These are more than a water-mark, as in money, delicately inscribed with fastidious modes of production to make counterfeit inordinately difficult. It is far more than that - but who of us would even consider believing that such a note compiled itself - in terms of what is needed to prevent abuse - by actions and reactions of an incoherent, uncoded, unconstrained type as to production. Ask the waste people to make it ? But at least they have s supply of intelligence, however differently directed.

Waiting would not help, for what a system has, is what it does. Morons don't write Shakespearian verse and fish don't fly because they lack what it takes to do so.

The imagination that when you make the case far worse, and would have not just a moron trying to solve a complex mathematical equation, but NO intelligence set to do so, we smile. If you ask it to present to us the utmost of intelligence to be found, visibly, anywhere, we consult perhaps two physicians.

This no intelligence, in what is it involved ? It is to deploy itself

in creating millions of intra-systematic components of multiple-interacting regions or domains, such as energy production or protein folding (a challenging task, we hear, even for a Cray computer type of intelligently produced equipment), or

to supply elements of an integrality such as the human body, each of these to be patterned to fit correlative patterns, while the making part has correlation of code to command and matériel to enable orders to be carried out, in the equivalent of overall oversight of organisation, with machines to empower the performance of the commands, mini-motors such as cause the folding of proteins and other tasks which don't just happen to happen, but are subject of specialised orders and equipment to empower and enable precisely, and

in the securing and intimate maintenance of forms of life, and their juxtaposition in strictest timing sequence, such as non-breathing apparatus taking oxygen from blood suddenly being replaced as to function by lungs getting air direct, these two systems have a timing device such that they do not leave the baby dead at the interchange:

 and so on ad infinitum.

This, in the unamiable follies of organic evolutionism in its secular rationale, is the project in view gaily dispensing with the logically indispensable*1 and providing from the magical*2.  It fails at the first and continues to fail to the last*3, rationally and then empirically, fumbling, stumbling, rumbling in antithesis, antilogy and antinomy*4, non-verification and absent validity*5.

As to God*6, He neither has interest in, nor leaves evidence of such dabblings in bits, in what is left on the littoral of time, for it provides neither flamboyant fossils, nor gradualistic failures and incoherent blind alleys, He being far too intelligent to have such ludicrously enhanced difficulties as a mode; or so debased by desire, vexed or insatiable, that He would attest inadequacy by making in order to abuse; nor does His word sanction such incoherence of method, or anthropomorphic exports from the frustrations and lusts of man, as if to sully the very name of the One against whom man continually offends.

Instead, both in DNA and in all the testimony of man, and nature, we find command and consequence, both in sequence, with no intermission or demission but simple arrival; and not only this, but in His word, the Bible, there is the same chronological setting as befits such sovereign, wise commands, attested in a sequence of highly defined days of morning and evening, in an introduction to our universe and history and plight, which flows right on in terms of generations of people, even using the same type of phrasing for the initial creation and that flowing from different early patriarchs!*7 

To the pure, all things are pure, and those who seek a fool for their father (Jeremiah 2:27-28, 16:19ff., Deuteronomy 32:21ff.) can have one, and doubtless, except they repent, will in the end, at the spiritual level; for the devil loves to bluster against all purity and truth. However when the text attests generations in the context of history past and to come, and uses the apt terminology to make a seamless robe from creation to procreation, from the dawning of morning to the spawning of creations in their kind, then the concept that the opposite was meant becomes as foolish as any other fatuous fiction or rambling dream which man seeks to attach whether to civil law or literary interpretation. When his interests are not in view, man will often come back to reason; but where treason is the zwech, then truth is the wreck.

Man alas for his woes, but then as a product of his illustrious character as given by God, can well be self-deceived and it is an interesting question, just how many devils, such as Judas is defined to be (John 6:70) conceive themselves as angels of light, as well as take on that strictly temporary appearance (as in II Corinthians 11! where those so seeming are deemed apostles of deceit  "sham apostles, deceptive workers" - Berkeley). Dip once into the barrel of artistic belligerence, rambling unruliness and you can inherit self-deception - like a pandemic, it can infect a nation! and transform a culture to chaotic mismatch of fact and fiction; and those so afflicted may be pitied, may be helped, but often succumb, sometimes with relish. But let us return to the text.

It is generations of which Genesis 1-6 speaks, whether of heaven and earth of or Noah, and it is commands which it stipulates, and these later generations, they come also by DNA orders, derivative commands, as words indeed institute creation and maintain it. Everything is established at the first and operates according to kind as instituted. Days are the instrumental chronology, commands are the executive medium, results IN KIND (not diversities of scattered witlessness or inchoate oddities, neither found on earth nor described in Genesis) are the purposive and empirically announced result. Man's desire to detach the dynamic from the purpose and the purpose from the power inscribed in the result, indeed written into the DNA in the case of life: this is as irrational  and anti-revelational, as anti-empirical as it is source of antinomy*4.

Let us look a little further at the situation in its kind.

Thus what does not have INHERENT intelligence (it never shows it),

call it nothing, call it matter, call it nature, as you will, depending on how much of the question you desire to beg (science is not interested in begging questions, but attesting answers from evidence),

expresses what it has, in this case, the absence of observable wit inventing wisdom or its works. Study it and see and find and attest.  Not even the information is ever found so to come!*8. Logically illiterate guesswork*4 and empirically vacant attestation*5 is the basis of nebulosity, vomit from the void the ground of machinations about the nature of reason. Those who want it can have it; but it will not change reality and the results of dreaming. It is the awakening which then can be devastating as in any other intoxication of spirit, the very nature of which tends to dull the senses until the affliction lifts (cf. Proverbs 23:29ff. - provided below).

"Who has woe?

Who has sorrow?

Who has contentions?

Who has complaints?

Who has wounds without cause?

Who has redness of eyes?


"Those who linger long at the wine,

Those who go in search of mixed wine.

Do not look on the wine when it is red,

When it sparkles in the cup,

When it swirls around smoothly;

At the last it bites like a serpent,

And stings like a viper.

"Your eyes will see strange things,

And your heart will utter perverse things.

Yes, you will be like one who lies down in the midst of the sea,

Or like one who lies at the top of the mast, saying:

   'They have struck me, but I was not hurt;

   They have beaten me, but I did not feel it.

                               When shall I awake, that I may seek another drink?' "


If something is supposed to bring into existence what DEMANDS expressive intelligence to make its type and cosmos, mode of operation and implicit conceptualisation, investigable and expressible in laws: then what is lacking these things in  its own resources, needs those from outside itself. The domain, cosmos or constructive site and mode in view must have what the product incorporates; and intensive intellectual components in concept and principle and application are not to be found where the input for their invention and sustenance is not available. Chance has nothing to do with it*9: the system has to have what it takes, and to be able to provide what takes it, with what is required.

Now that the profusion, the myriads


of atoms, each one a highly specialised exemplar of ORDER and correlative,
investigable conceptual apparatus (without these,
there would be no scientifically effective way of formulating the devices and modes,
by concept); and


of molecules, each one a combined form of atoms able to associate to effect, like modules;


of seed, that is, of germinal DNA type material emplaced in containing films
and packaged away for continuity, with copying machines and checking machines,
and modes of copying the copying machinery, so that what is copied can copy:

these things are monuments to order, organisation and innovation. To imagine that their root basis is the lack of all three is like seeking a SCIENTIFIC ground for the exquisite genius of a poet in the fact that he had a devastatingly inadequate education, was most poor in linguistic capacity and enterprise and had brain damage.

The norm is to find correlative considerations, to link cause and effect; not to find disjunctive conditions, for explanation, miserably deficient in empirical observability or operational attestation. That is mere perversity.

Now when you even consider staggeringly refined patterns in leaves, so that the aesthetically stunning colour compositions which are expressed in millions of these, at Autumn, and so contrived that books can be written on the principles attested and invested; and consider the construction of billions upon billions of these leaves in Spring, as if order and organisation, beauty and pattern were endemic to the whole realm, it is quite hopeless to imagine that the REASON, the CAUSE of this result is aesthetic vacuity, or an aesthetic vacancy, a geometrical nothingness and the organisational depletion of what lacks intelligence.

What we consider is not mere quality: it is impress of order to PRODUCE it. Even in the qualities not so ordered, in non-life, there is pattern and law, format and form, function to minute degrees of composition. In leaves, as in trees, you have not merely the pattern, the kind, but those fascinating variations on an original theme in which individuality of this kind and that is superimposed on the pattern, making a medley of marvels. It is not, in form, different with man.

The sheer exuberance of the formulations coming in Spring,  in such multitudinous multiplicity, sheer waves of operation, as if the stars were to be duplicated for numbers, in any one season, and so for every season is a testimony, as in a student's well-written paper, with due margins and correct hand-writing, not to facilities without ground, cause or origin in correlative, originative equipment, but to those which have these things.

Indeed, they come like charging avalanches, rumbling down the mountains, millions of leaves, branches and sprouts thrown out with speed, world-wide,  as if from a vast firm with many international agents; while their order and finesse, are granted like the exquisite patterns all but normatively found in bird coloration patterns, whether it be a matter of repetitive, mathematically precise designs or exceedingly brilliant color combinations with flair, many colours in many forms and formats, with taperings and mergings, like so many ultra-realistic van Gogh paintings; yet they live without excess, in incessant glory. Order and organisation are characteristically to be found, multiply and massively to be implemented, variously to be adapted, and even that, with command and capacity so that what is given, comes in versions, like Mark I and Mark II motor-cars, or Boeings, or different models for different terrains. The modes of differentiation within a type are becoming more and more understood as the multi-task genetic structuring and the control capacities in the non-coding DNA becomes apparent.

The causes are there in this multiplicity of controls; the effects are there in the multiplicity of individualities and formats, like different versions of the same hymn or poem; and the dimensions of these effects, aesthetic, orderly, organisational, co-ordinational, complementary, are there to be witnessed, not winced at, as if the divine were the rub! (cf. Romans 1:17ff.).

Detaching the product from the productive agency is mere perversity of spirit; but it is more. It is painful exclusion of the very magnitude of the phenomenon, the countless leaves, modes, methods, devices, details, all governed by order or by construction. Illusionism, another name for evolutionism, simply ignores rational connection and makes nothing the source of everything, in word or implication, in whole or in segments, or else simply begs the question in a most unscientific manner, and then uses nothing as the resource for inventing the things we describe, which is not really a good choice. It has nothing to give, and so gives nothing.

You could of course have bunions, and that is something: you are not nothing, and your feet matte. But if you are considering the production of shoes, you would scarcely in any sane sort of manner cite your bunions in seeking to find the source of shoes! and in the production of nature call nature as the ground. Bunions and shoes, troubles and invention of their locale ? They relate ? yes, but negatively. They are results of production, not its cause. You do not find bunions making shoes, or find the means within them to do this.

You NEVER find matter making information without intelligence, or constructing equipment instituting correlation of concepts in programmatic performances: because this is what matter can be MOULDED to do, but does not do, lacking the means. It is rather like asking bricks to be architects, and winds to be the providers of equipment for brick-laying.

You ALWAYS find intelligence doing just such things, since this is not only to be found empirically, but in terms of MODES relevant in its emplacement, for such products. You can both watch it do it and see how it does it. With what lacks it, you neither see it nor find the modes, nor capture them 'at it'; for this, it is not in them to do. It is not unfortunate, any more than is the absence of the litter of endless blundering mis-steps from nothing to glory. It is necessarily so; and it is so.

Let us return to our botanical interest.

So having looked at trees, this time we have considered leaves in their billions, arriving as testaments not only of beauty, but of diligent intelligent action, characterising itself in its products, both in their geometrical brilliance and the means to produce it, in verbal dominion not merely descriptive, but directive. For action you need what acts. From action, you get products.

The prescriptive, the instructive, the revelatory, the directive ? This is what words, codes, do with either more or less mode of impact. However for them to do it, you need receptors to receive it, and this is what is to be found in the genomes. Not only that, you need the materials for orders both of time and material, both of mode and format, to be carried out effectively. You need a trilogy of types with a myriad of data and detail to achieve this.

What IS, is what it is, and does as it is. What is NOT, does not do it. Where it is organisation, you need an input from what has this gift; where it is order, the same; where format, no less; where function, the same. What inputs all in correlative, conceptually analysable composition requires the capacities for the comprehensive features and facets, to understand, express, codify and so combine them; and what orders it all in one, as with any entrepreneurial feat (this being the zenith in overview, in comparison with all such feats every visibly done on this earth), is the design input empowerment.

These are merely the correlatives of the terms; and to seduce the empirical realities into anti-causal (cf. Causes), irrelevant features - justly so named, because there is no specifiable interface or exemplification - is servility to anti-science. It is not just that these ramblings of philosophic obsession that organic evolutionism requires and demands, are not to be found at work in current activity, modes or features of materials, that they have never been seen in such action, or that they lack any equipment to perform such features by any investigation or finding, or testimony of having done so.

Rather the ultimate point is this: definitions of terms and what they mean and require are in a contra-empirical manner made to disperse into formulations that jar with one of two things. It is either that design and order and organisation and entrepreneurial activity are to MEAN chance and non-direction and understanding, by definition (a mere devious deception by words); or that magic becomes the maestro, and in place of God you have an anti-causal mode of magic which never shows itself.

We do not need magic, or verbal manipulation either. The source of the visible, being of course invisible or we would merely be begging the question, one no longer at work in this overall initiating domain in its construction - that is, the creation is past, as with any author of a book - has been operative. It has by labour made all and allowed for such variants as we find occurring, and such kinds as we find recurring, even over long periods of time, as we increasingly find, without significant change as more ancient and modern exhibits are compared for a given type of living creature.

As to the labourer, the divine entrepreneur, the Creator, He has shown His desires not only in DNA commands, but in moral ones, and His thoughts not only in His products but to man, as a thinking product, with spiritual power to disobey law and disrespect truth.

In so doing in the only religiously verifiable book in existence concerning the Creator, the Bible, He has given such explicit tests as demand His power, attest His will and express His nature*1.

In sending Jesus the Christ*10, to survive the calumnies of the envious great, the challenges of healing all disease and the necessities to raise the dead, to meet empirical tests, prophesied criteria,  and to do so with the clarity of truth and the power of love, rather than the love of power, al this ultimate in testing, that He might die freely, vicariously and sacrificially, God has established the strictly personal line of action. Here He has shown directly and in Person the realities of His word, of His plan for man through the Man for the plan, the Word of eternity made flesh for the temporality (John 1:1-4, 8:58): even the plan of salvation.

In requiring it, He has confirmed the moral realities which our design facilities require, including those of our spirits, designed not only in themselves but in synthesis and correlation with mind and body. In doing so, He had made it clear, nor did He ever relent in this,  that not He, but man is to blame (Romans 3:9-31, 5:1-21).

What then of God ? Praise! He is to be praised for His work both in creation and redemption, yes and sanctification and refreshing as well (cf. Acts 3:19ff., I Thessalonians 5:23, II Corinthians 3:17-18), in fidelity to His word which He has indeed exalted above all His name - faithful is His name (Psalm 138),  to His promises (II Peter 1), and for His enduring love and love of mercy, which is a prodigy (cf. Micah 7:18-19).

Man ? he is to be, and has been condemned both for his sin (Romans 6:23) and for his obduracy not only  in creating gods that are there only as word, with no power whatsoever, but in worshipping them, whether they be deemed inherent in himself, in his appointed proxies or at the last, the devil in person (Deuteronomy 32:15-22, Romans 1:17ff., Ephesians 4). The devil, to be sure, has power; but not to control Christ (Matthew 4, I John 4:4, Colossians 2:13-15, I Corinthians 2:8ff.). His day is nearly spent as the time for Christ's arrival comes near (cf. Revelation 12:12), His RE-ARRIVAL (cf. SMR Chs. 8-9), this time as Lord not only in spirit, but in government (cf. Isaiah 11, Matthew 25, Psalm 66:3-4, 72, Isaiah  9:6-7, Micah 4).

Of HIM, there is no multiplicity; for books need not many authors,  but one suffices. It is as one only that He reveals Himself, whether as exhibited in the coherence of logical analysis in the mind or in its effective application to the world in which man is placed, yes and in the realms to which God gives access*11 for His grace is prodigious and His truth never fails. Indeed, with that delightful difference which truth has, in this He has a threesomeness, a trinity, all of one nature, but diverse in function, one being interpreted by another, and a third applying and essentialising the application. Originality is His work, inventiveness is His disposition and love is His medium.

He hates dirt as does a housewife or surgeon; and He insists on its removal from the heart of man, man in his prodigious multiplicity (Jeremiah 14:27), each heart requiring this purge, this cleansing (I John 1:7ff.), indeed this recreation (John 3, Titus 3:5ff.) so that it does not fester in its own desires, but has faith in Him and seeks His.

The multiplicity of hearts, their design dimmed or distorted, continues rampant; but He who makes millions of leaves, and then millions of these in diverse nations, He also makes millions of new hearts, by His reconstructive and re-creative powers. There is a multiplicity in mercy, but a unity in mode and passion.

What then does the Bible say on this (Isaiah 55, and II Corinthians 5) ?

" 'Seek the Lord while He may be found,

Call upon Him while He is near.


'Let the wicked forsake his way,

And the unrighteous man his thoughts;

Let him return to the Lord,

And He will have mercy on him;

And to our God,

For He will abundantly pardon.


'For My thoughts are not your thoughts,

Nor are your ways My ways,' says the Lord.


'For as the heavens are higher than the earth,

So are My ways higher than your ways,

             And My thoughts than your thoughts.' "



"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

"Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ,
and has given us the ministry of reconciliation,
that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself,
not imputing their trespasses to them,
and has committed to us the word of reconciliation.

"Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ,
as though God were pleading through us:
we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.
For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us,
that we might become the righteousness of God in Him."






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All things deny such illusory and vacuous concepts, as are touted so freely:  in whatever realm; and all things confirm the contrary, creation, wherever detailed knowledge is to be found, in the essential ingredients associated with scientific method and logical validity.


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See SMR Ch. 6, Repent or Perish Ch. 2, Christ, the Wisdom of God and the Power of God Ch. 8, The Magnificence of the Messiah, for example. No man has ever been able to conclude a case for a witless Israel, equipped with contrary evidence but not debunking Christ, able to dismiss the resurrection by empirical evidence, yet for all their power of Church and State, including that of Rome, failing to do so.

Rather were they witnessing the power which having raised the dead before the crucifixion and healed the sick at that time, the latter as prophetically required, proceed to raise their victim, Christ Himself as He foretold, and when He foretold, nothing being susceptible to successful contradiction. Thus His adherents were enabled to heal as did He (Acts 1-20), to preach without being subdued, with both frankness and dynamic,  except by force, and murder; and the thrust proceeded till the Roman empire, no more persecutor, was tamed. Many are the kings, one vast Empire at least in form, of recent memory, the British, having been committed to the Bible without intrusion from Rome and its pre-occupation with prelacy (contrary to Matthew 23:8-10, I Peter 5); and this world has shuddered repeatedly as its course to judgment has been arrested for a time.

The Gospel has glowed in the darkness which, though in principle it did not comprehend the light (John 1), yet has felt repetitively its impact, resurgence, reformation, restoration, revival having coursed through it freely, rescuing many.

Before, during and after Christ's time on this earth, everything went according to prescribed and inscribed plan, as in the Bible, precisely as in a laboratory experiment, where what is supposed to happen may be detailed in the lab. prac. book, and eventuates on schedule.

The latter day degradations in Church and State are likewise merely as scheduled (cf. II Peter 2-3, II Thess. 2, Matthew 24:24, II Timothy 3-4, I Timothy 4), right down to intolerance for the testimony of the flood and of orthodox doctrine, with sects spawning like frogs in a pond, and croaking into baneful existence. Similarly, again following the biblical depiction, the dénouement slips and skids into sight, as if on roller skates, both for evil, in passing to its own climax (Revelation 19) and for good, in its own enduring consummation (Revelation 20-22, Daniel 7:14,25-27, Ephesians 1:10, Galatians 1).