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Lies are absurd. They suggest that God is not interested, not capable or not reliable, not attainable or not personable. HENCE instead of following the sheer joy of the intricacies and sublimities, the unities and the characters evident in creation, in man as to basis, liars insist on the listless, the lifeless, the vehemently dead and lose their way. In this, they declare war on God. HE is not good enough to enable what He has made to operate as HE has operated in the DNA, in the genes, in the genome, in the coded language in terms of which, as Genesis 1 has indicated for millenia enough, man is made. He is made by SPEECH as stated at the first, and the words are encoded. Life is made in KINDS, and the micro-biological formatting is not gradual as Denton has so laboriously and notably stressed (Evolution: A Theory in Crisis). Hierarchy is behind summations, order is behind proliferation and mergers of life exist, he declares, at the basic levels, in the mind of man only. Man is built by words, with ways to have their commands realised in practicable ways.

There is always a way to be practical with the word of God; and that is why life abounds, not as a dismal lisp of evidential failures, but in their absence; for the efforts that did not work and the intensive experimentation to find what will, alike appear only in the mind of man.

This staggering confirmation of the word of God, so brilliantly brought out in its detail biologically by Dr John Sanford of Cornell University USA*1, has been gradually shown over decades and now appears with great lustre.

Man is repository of a vast condensation, an encryption, at the receiving end of a road of code. His DNA comes with the equivalent information content of all the writings of the 1000 or so volumes of encyclopedia. These command our make up, functionally related to the provisions for access to what is to be commanded to  act, and for the rolling together of this and command into execution and fulfilment, so that things as written, are then read, sometimes forwards and backwards, with intricate coded environment.

This even enables differences of overall interpretation to come depending on the placement of code, as in human argot for different districts,  in a complex of contrivance so utterly brilliant, appallingly magnificent, ingeniously wrought that the mental breath almost stops in the surprised heart of man, meeting this work of his Creator. When speech otherwise writes itself without prepared and intelligently wrought parameters, it would be notable! but it is not found. Information IS formulated thought, codified concepts, wrought to be taught or implemented, fashioned for an accepting environment, confirmed by consequence: it works.

The omission of mind in the process, as man puts his mind to the spectacle of what he is and has been made to be,  is like asking one to believe that the consistent formulations of a vast encyclopedia are merely the particular positionings of bits. What has a bit of formulable pre-fashioned material (matter) to do with the conceptions that mould it like bricks, into something that works on commanding creative principles, to which matter is susceptible! Is an opera singer's song to be regarded as bits, because it is POSSIBLE to inscribe it in a transmission format ? Is  it imagined that this is the REAL aspect, and the song meaningless or that the artistry is a nothing, an epiphenomenon that happened to come out like bits of rind when an orange is squeezed, essentially of no meaning amid the sought juice! Nor is even that of no meaning, but it IS not juice.


Each thing is what it is and the restrictive reductionism which tries to find in what lacks all sensibility, the source of sensibility, what lacks all power to communicate, the facility to invent speech, what defies all gradualism in its micro-biology as Denton so well exhibits, to be wrought by a gradualism that is based for its resource that makes the things that  arise, on nothing, is a fairy tale. It is as if to help children realise the difference between the magics the mind loves, and the realities that life requires, that logic indents and evidence sustains to the mind. Yet it is not TOLD as a fairy tale. Indeed, it was precisely as such that one used the data on the topic to instruct students in a Communications course on which one was lecturing, at what became one of three universities in South Australia; and it was precisely this that led to its cessation.

ALL such talk was to cease. So did authority speak in its naiveté. NOTHING rational could be considered as ground. NOTHING was shown to be wrong in the teaching. It was not convenient, that was all. In vain did one appeal to the  fact that universities were supposedly interested in the exhibition of truth, that this was their appeal; for it was as a thing  startlingly irrelevant that this was received. No man can conscientiously teach a subject and deny its foundations, pervert its rationale and ignore its reality, with integrity of mind. To teach what was for convenience' sake,  so that shorn of reality, shorn of what the university was perversely ignoring, it continue in those conditions of void would be as a sheep in the wintry blast, without wool.

Helping to close  sleepy eyes by omitting reality is a subversive operation, an insult to truth and a subversion by tyranny. Such was the spirit of the response made to that University, but it did not yield, while offering no rational defence. It  proceeded as one that closes the eyes, and sleeps yet a little more.

However the cosmoi of matter, mind and spirit continue, each with its mode, whether to obey, to command, or imagine; and nothing will turn the one into the other, let alone, as in the philosophical background to the illusory mill that grinds out fiction, nothing itself! Imaginative is the designation complex of the DNA, conceptual is its investigable nature, directive is its contribution in order to re-create before our very eyes in each baby, above matter is that realm that uses it to create, and above that realm, is the willingness so to use it and so to command, for commands and formulations and information do not 'arise' from nowhere, any more than that subservient creation matter, does so.

Configuration, information, law, order, organisation are by their nature neither chance (merely the operation of a system in which there is no outside intrusion of purpose), nor a nothing-product, nor does begging the question and confronting process that shows degradation, with the imagination that would want the opposite, alter anything but the accuracy of those who so seek to persuade.

If down is up, THEN nothing is quite something. If definition of design is irrelevant to its location, if reason is to be used to dismiss its relevance, then by all means let anything be said; after all, if you are productively to start with nothing you can only end with it, for otherwise it would in the first place be something with results, potential. To be based on  self-contradiction is sickening submission to intellectual dizziness and verbal ploys. Why engage in it ? It is only because with reason's subversion, deity might be dismissed - by reason! Such is the essence of the equivocation. But the data are not equivocal, nor the results of reason (cf. Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny, esp. Sections    2 on definitions and    8 on logical impasse).

Such is our design, just for the body; for thought does not linger in vain, but given expression finds testable outcome of its works; and where as here, these are those of conceptually penetrable words, codes,  commands, correlations of actuality and symbol and power so that things are built according to stringent observance of the requirements, from a complex that lasts for generations and reproduces itself many times in individual cells, of which there are trillions, and over hundreds of new baby efflorescences, like a forest of  flowers over the centuries: then it speaks.




As  spoken in engineering and information mastery, as worked in fastidious elegance into being, so is this code, this program, this language investigable with human mind and minded, interpreted so that its thought matrix, here conveyed, should be seen to be of the same genus as that of man. It is so, except in delicious verve, as far beyond man's efforts at such things, as the mind of a genius above that of a two year old; only further even than that, for as Sanford details, there is necessity that there be whole dimensions  beyond what we know in view of what happens, even past the tiered information levels already found in the language of DNA.


HERE is thought's enterprise and output, intellectually penetrable because intellectually made; mentally composable in the mind of man, 
in direction and data, in expression of this and that requirement,
because it has mental input in its origin, gift of God.


Here is thought's notation, as  symbol is used as tag to substance,
symbols as plan for larger and larger enterprises,
all effectively performing and in principle perfectly functioning
in the automation of command known as program,
in steps of thought moving up from cell particle, cell organ or organelle,
like the mitochondrial powerhouse, aggregating
into coded organs in coded systems of blood and nerve
and central and peripheral nervous systems, centralised in brain,
this subordinated to thought for which it serves as a terrestrial organ,
mastered by spirit, for which thought and mind serve as implements,
that the vision splendid, or the vice imperious of man,
that this might be effected.


Here lies the testimony of Idea, and the work of Imagination,
not rioting like a drunken sot, but in DNA specialised in sophistication,
miniaturised to the point of the fascinatingly comic, 
so vast is the intricacy in tenor and tenure of the minute,
conserved in ways seemingly innumerable,
as if the sheer joy of brilliance were an outing,
as if the birds of Spring were a choral testimony to the same exuberance of power, mastery of thought, sublimity of command, and integrality of result*2.



Such is the divine speech that MAKES man; but not such is the human speech that makes disaster. Liberty, that consolatory wonder that makes for man a sheer glory of opportunity, an ocean for guilt or grace, an inspiration ground for understanding or diffusion of obstinacy, it has blood on its hands. That is so, in the history of man.

It seeks, this human spirit, very often by subterfuge, to inherit the power of God encapsulated in many ways in this universe (and power does not come from nowhere, but according to its kind, from an empowering source, which must always have been there or none ever would be: but it is!). It tries to kill its way out of imposition, or to reposition events and authorities, by striking in sedition, working in dictation, overcoming in furies and passions, and working in cruelty. This is not all. Even a murderer would rarely do it on a 40 hour week basis. But it is enough; and it is prolonged over the millenia.

Now it is, as foretold in the word of God written, the Bible

(as in SMR, TMR,


Who Answers Riddles, and where He is Darkness Departs);

and the annihilatory forces are approaching their hour. Mankind's history is reaching a climax in a counter-culture contrary to that same word of God and ITS directives for health and meaning, with the specious becoming now, virtually the international norm. There is erected as in the UN (q.v.), but not there alone,  the loftiness confounded by being baseless, announced from the idiocy of flesh, making ideas and morals for a man, any such basis,  designed by no meaning with no basis and enabled by no power.

As this intoxicated passion proceed, so the nations descend into diatribe, devastation and mistrust, using ever more power to underline their LIE, as the Bible  calls it (Romans 1, II Thessalonians 2), so that their denial of deity or their invention of convenient images to enable their will to find solace in their own innovations, may continue. The pole into which the sports-car crashes, does not cease to exist because it is ignored in the ventures of youth, or the addled mind of those who continue, though more senior! It may take a little while to hit it. At higher levels, there may be many such incidents and accidents, but as power grows, so corruption climaxes.

The truth of God in word and DNA, for reading and for being at the physical level, meets the lie; and the results are accordingly, appalling. For all this, there is judgment. 'Nature' is mere repository. It is God with whom we are concerned; and if we ignore it, like a heady 'teen-ager in his first flush of rampant power, acting as if a small god, then He does not ignore us.

The waves of disaster that have stricken Japan, not that this is the only nation so suffering as we think back to Christchurch and the woes of beaches in Sumatra, to Indonesia and China in vast spills, land or sea, speak loudly, begin to show a devastation to match creation. Here is awe! Japan, New Zealand, these are but illustrations of what man moves as a race, to inherit. Why is man so muddled amidst the maestro work of creation and the massifs of destruction, like a giant maw swallowing up industry and destroying man's little masterpieces, good and bad, like a thresher among the wheat! THAT may be stored, but this is often far past all  restoration.

There is more to it than that. It is no mystery whatsoever. Creation groans, but so does the spirit of man. Natural power can wreak havoc, but so does the ambition and unruliness of heart and mindlessness of mis-education wrought on each forthcoming generation, by man with his nature myths, his multi-cultural confusions, often used as excuse for abandoning Christian past for polluted futures. So does it become, this spirit of rebellion against reason and reality, against the Creator Himself, a seemingly safe ground for a civil tsunami, based on nothing but force, controlled by nothing but power, with no morals except this, that any one who has morals is immoral, and no truth except this, that anyone who has truth is truly an ass, or worse, a charlatan or betrayer of man, who can do ANYTHING he pleases! And that, we learn, that is the truth! (cf. Psalm 53:1, II Corinthians 10:12).

Such voiding and internationally chic imbecilities are not the product of evacuated minds, but hollow hearts, made so not by an accident of nature but by an incident of will, and these coronary occlusions, they are not of a physical, but of a spiritual kind, blinding the eyes of the mind and suffocating the due aspirations of the spirit (Matthew 15:13); and they project their passion into the persecution of the truth, including the endeavours to suppress, imprison, violently indoctrinate with no scope for answers in reply and even to kill what will not conform. It has virtually been the same since Nebuchadnezzar (who in time, had his own dramatic come-uppance as in Daniel 4), when he sought to have all worship his golden image, or pray to none but him for a period, seeking to captivate or if not capture the mind of man and his spirit, and force it to grovel at his own State premises.

And these ? they were built on premisses that are the very dullards of thought, as to turn the merely imperious into the imperial and that into authoritative dominion. The methods have changed in some States now; there nature has not. When even children are routinely vilely taught the lie, with no opportunity to rebut (even forgetting the disparity in age between them and their instructive tormentors), there is a calamity worse than any whirl-pool, as these forces meet.

Is it to be imagined for one solitary moment that God is immune to this abuse of His ardent and now flamingly ferocious creation, which has poured the petrol of inflammatory dealings with Him,  all over its own potentially beautiful social skin! Is violation of law and morality,  spiritual instruction and in a word, His word to man in the Bible, to become a sop for divine sedation ? What next is to be presented!

What of a crudity of misled civilisation which mocks its source and spoils its own nature ? It has increasingly made of itself a thing of horror, where gangs can move undisciplined in places like Alice Springs, because morals are unknown, unenforceable, and the Christian help of times past  to aborigines, often leading to excellent results, has been slanderously stricken by a former PM in his outrageous apology, which was simultaneously and assault force without differentiation, on those who had done far better than this for many! Indifferent in scope, his apology did not exempt from its implied lashings the many who sacrificially wrought far more than unillustrious and often horrendously undisciplined or even confused government programs in their day, than the government now does.

In many schools in the North, we read, many go to school for years and leave unable to read or write. Is this the noble new thing that has been so wisely brought and wrought! Is it to institute this that so much in the past has, in effect, been slandered, washed with the same pink brush, as if all movement were involuntary, none was necessary, none was grand in hope, marvellous in outcome, or even bathed in prayer!

A letter in The Australian recently (March 10, 2011) pointed out the far better outcomes available in former mission days than often found now, a thing which seems almost categorical! Things wrought in Christ's name had advantages that the present illusionism and romancing myths do not contain. Speaking of poor methods and ineffective teaching, the writer opines: "There were no such problems during the politically incorrect days of outback missions. They were run on a shoestring budget, but there was no housing shortage - people built and maintained their own simple homes under missionary guidance. The mission schools taught all their young students to read .. write and do simple arithmetic. Some of those students went on to become indigenous leaders."

Never do I forget my space of time in a mission run by the daughter of a Presbyterian Minister in Western Australia, in a part removed from the nearer forms of civilisation. How bright was one of the lads in a class I took, what lustre in the eye, how attentive the group, how interested, how keen, how spirited the singing in the congregation, how tender the Directress in her concerns for them,  how practical! What a lovely thing it was at that stage, arresting, evangelical, filled with meaning, hope, identity.

The government now has its own methods, where some find that lack of ambition because of apparent lack of opportunity, together with a trend to substance abuse and corrosive backgrounds are providing a virtual negative to creative education.




This is an instance of misrule, and the government trend to invent a sacredness about a 'culture',  as if what we do becomes sacred because we do or did it, whatever our race, has more than a trace of infantility. PREFERRING a mode of instruction and a barrel of nothing-based pseudo-morals of no appeal is a government option; but the results are not! So abuse by the more subtle social prescriptions and proscriptions, virtually excluding what is not of the current mode of disillusionism, becomes in one variant, direct violence as in the USSR and China another, with military impositions as in the Sudan and Zimbabwe, yet another. All have one colour: presumption, baselessness and force, whether social, military or political.

Is it to be imagined that the God of precise creation and clear command for the well being of man, both physically and spiritually, takes no notice, or is kindly in disposition toward such ignominy for man, such corruption of codes for his living, such debasement by mere presumption, contagious by education and imposition, often applied with such blatant intensity, having spiritual dysfunction forwarded instead of corrected!

Is it to be imagined that it is good that wars of liberation as in Libya, are waged while the world watches a puny dictator slay at will, because once as a Captain he grabbed power in a coup, and nations ponder their proprieties while here and now thousands, as formerly in Biafra and Congo, even millions were to  add their little sums to the figures of folly, as moreover in Sudan where Christians are allowed to be savaged remnants before Islamic militants, who for some reason are not seen as criminals!

What would be said if the best of all possible worlds  in the concepts of the anti-God crusaders in their restless and perennial war against our Creator-Redeemer, were to be divinely judged as a near pig-sty of infamous dirt and filth (cf. Isaiah 1, 59, Romans 1). Worse, these things are not to be found only in martial ravagement of bodies, which men perform as if ritually over the last 100 years in particular on a massive scale, but also in the inner violation of memories, of hearts, of feelings, of the whole field of personality, as each moves to more advanced years, if indeed these may yet be obtained!  At times,  this has even been practised more systematically, in a region of psychic torture as attested widely in the USSR of former and highly unillustrious memory, pernicious amid its millions of the ravaged!

These would be routinely starved if Stalin so desired, or sent as workhorses to Siberia to contribute the last shreds of strength to building and working, till their bodies dropped and cruel malice licked its lascivious lips, lusting for man as food for the masses, making masses of people to BE the food. Why ? It is the antithesis of the word of the Creator-Redeemer, the outburst of the soul to slay if not God, then man, and in particular anyone who resists the impious imperialism of the State, another god as in the day of Nebuchadnezzar, whose kingdom, like the USSR, lies in the dust, though from time to time, such things some seek to resurrect. This indeed was a design of Saddam Hussein of equally unillustrious memory for his slaughters and State impositions, as different versions of Islam squalled.

Is it imagined that God receives such mockery in vain ? If His love seeks and reaches, is it imagined for one moment that His mercy is a trampoline, on which one may continually jump, and have a good time, ignoring the point of it all, the restoration of man to God, not to the violent, the dictators of thought or soul or mind or body!

In comes racism in its ludicrous pride and multi-culturalism in its equally ludicrous asininity of relativism which is to be enforced because it is the truth, though it can have none on its own model, for that gives to truth no place! Many are these tubular ragings adored by many at their time, like experimental tests, but in reality mere modes of surrender to thought without thinking, to blindness while given sight, if by any means God might be forgotten, and imperious  plans for the best of all possible worlds might be made into a mash with blood for sauce and bones for bread to accompany it!

If God did not act: HE IS NOT THERE! they would say. If He acts too soon, HE IS IMPERIOUS, they say. Yet now, if He does act after for  so long being so patient that one is staggered at His wisdom, and does so in a mode so obvious that the deaf are deafened almost involuntarily, though virtually deaf by will before, is this surprising ? Has He not set out the principles clearly in Amos 4 ? Does this passage not end with this; PREPARE TO MEET YOUR GOD. If this world seeks to avoid all appointments, is there to be disappointment when the appointment occurs, if not personally, then in another form, suitable for refusal!

God is patient but powerful, watchful but longsuffering, agile yet willing to be gradual, as with Israel for some centuries, during falls and revivals after King David, when at last the Northern kingdom fell irrevocably, though Judah remained. At length, yes the North went, overwhelmed, overcome, dispersed! Thus when the results come like cloud-bursts when the time for rain is up: what is this ? Is it any possible cause for surprise ?

Look at the millions of agony-units called soldiers in the trenches of World War I, at the poison gas and the lungs in the lives following, at the radiation of Hiroshima, reaping the whirl-wind for sowing the wind, at the pride at Pearl Harbour; regard the misled potency of Berlin that when its little day was done, was to suffer rape, looting and a long division, even the capital city itself being divided! Thus is illustrated what now is  the nature of immorality in many a democracy, as if being free meant free from your design at the hand of the Lord and His directions as the demonstrable truth of the Bible, while God is mocked as if the directors had Ph.Ds in Anti-God Virulence, doctorates in AGV, to be passed on to students to generate a loathsome desire, by enforced exposure to its contagion!

Is it to be imagined that even in His PREDICTED and EVENTUAL response, when both the times and the outcomes are at the critical level, that God is supine ? I tell you no! Read Amos 4:11-13. To be sure, this is a terminal passage as to resultant, and many are those words which encourage, exhort, appeal, offer as seen so pervasively, and so persistently in Jeremiah*3, but the current topic is the end of it, the judgment that follows when hospital treatment in the spiritual work of the Gospel being long departed from, or woefully polluted, there is no other resultant left.

In such immeasurable woe has man moved, loved to move, rollicking in unreason, immersed in immorality, teaching it, preaching it to schools as if 'choice' were of anything, and nothing were there but the lust of mind, body and spirit to opt as it would: while underneath all this the creation codes are visible, increasingly readable, and above the Bible continues unchanged, these making  joint protest from the provision of God to man. Ignore it, refuse an oil-change, or if on horse back, do not rub down your steaming mount, or if in industry, give no toilet breaks till you please, as one correspondent alleged of a Chinese factory; indeed,  have people used as if beasts by vicious masters, to fulfil the wishes of self-appointed puppets of some ideology which knows not God: do all this but do NOT complain!

Get drunk with the heated and inebriated breath of power worship, ignoring mind and spirit altogether, but do NOT when sobering a little, complain at the turmoil you find upon seeing once more, what is in front of you!

The earth might well quake, since in the billions, man does not do so!




But God is not mocked. You CANNOT expect truth to connive with fiction, be friends with falsehood, or love to hand the reins  altogether to odium, hatred, screeching and pretence and false religion with no shred of reason let alone results to justify! The love such as the Creator has lavished on His splendid product, man, even making a book of knowledge, orders, compliance, tenderness,  appeal, exhortation, yes and redemption for man, the Holy Bible, and coming in Person, Jesus the Christ,  to perform all required for peace, and without sin to demonstrate the power and pity of God, is as profound as the plan shows, its practice meant and  its results attain. He showed both the works of God, in power and pity, and the spectacle of bearing the results derived from the misuse of freedom in fraud, vicariously upon Himself.

In so doing, He was battered beyond the form of a man (Isaiah 52:12ff.). Yet thus He was to be, planned to be, and in this, showed such mercy to be  crucified accursed, in  the mellow beauty of the fallen, giving cover for the imperious and stricken heart of raging man: and this, it not inactive. Man however in billions has been  still active, in unrepentant  escapism, treating God as a prison, pretence or  undesired; and sin as light, a  delight,  not to be amended, suspended but pursued. Revelation 9 pursues such a topic, ending with the human will still ranging, unimpressed except with the deforming obsession to sin (Revelation 9:21). While many DO listen, the way is narrow and few there be that enter it (Matthew 7:15ff.); most do not. The world has its own climate, cultural, political, financial, strident like crickets in Summer. It varies its exterior, but will not change its character. The prince of this world,  Christ declared has NOTHING IN ME! (John 14:30). It is THERE, that the relevant NOTHING comes in!

It is not nothing which made the world, but that it is indeed, to which those who believe so will come, except they repent, in their unenviable destiny, voiding truth and coming home to the due conclusion for that! (cf. Mark 9). The marvel is that God would like,  seeks for all to come home to Him, and for any escaping from the entrammelling ruin, there is a joy in heaven to the uttermost! (Luke 15:7).

That is essentially why this world, in setting Him at nought, comes to nought, the heavens and the earth being fitted out for default in their time (Matthew 23:35). But that, it is a small thing compared with judgment, which is more than  cessation, but becomes an everlasting shame (Daniel  12). Even now, however, amidst the continuing proclamation of mercy and the free way to it, in the Gospel, for many, shame is engulfed in sham, and  amid pretence man shields himself from the truth: his divine diagnosis, prognosis and remedy (Galatians 1, cf. Isaiah 29:13,Matthew 15:13, II Timothy 3, II Peter 2-3).

If man will not listen to love, heed wisdom, find the source and mode of power, learn to be humble and seek the Lord, then reality is his enemy, truth is his king to confront, and the lie is liable to refutation by all means, be these physical or mental or moral or spiritual! Has not God SAID that all this would happen when precisely the things that ARE happening, in provocation, came!

Was it not taught from the first to Israel (as in Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 26-32), that this would be ? and was it not shown what the coming results were to be, when for the nation, sin was overlooked at the highest level for long, while wisdom pled and mercy exhorted in vain! , that eventually came to bear like steam from a radiator lacking water! All stated came as the divine prognosis declared.

Are not the other races answerable ? Are they better than these! Read Romans 11 and find out: for if one breeds judgment by default, another does no less, for the Gospel is now spread to all.

Will the Jew - properly the political nation, Israel but the odium has remorselessly tended to spread - be ignored and even despised by many, of whom Hitler was merely the most conspicuous!

Is this  to be while his baleful image seems to be newly cast in Iran! Is Israel has been held  up to scorn because of the folly of the crucifixion of the Christ, the Redeemer, so  offered to man, while other nations do, if it were possible, worse things! Is hypocrisy to know no bounds ?

Are Gentiles to be found treading under foot the blood of Christ (cf. Hebrews 10:29, 2:1-3), and in the case of many, even to be seen making a remembrance supper into a sacrifice, and ignoring the finished character of the work*4 as in Hebrews 9 and John 19, if not indeed, denying the Lord altogether and calling it Enlightenment, and deeming themselves innocent ?

Is wisdom on holiday in the minds of many nations as in Psalm 2! No it is  not, except in the minds of those misled.  Nor are the results of its defilement on  vacation but very near!

While some have been busy making the Church the Master, as if Christ's words in Matthew 23:8-10 had never been issued from the mouth of deity, or  some one  man, who is NOT Christ, not sinless, not born of a virgin, not bodily resurrected, were boss whether in heaven or on earth: others for long decades have been trifling in many other ways,  with His word, as so notable in Europe in particular, and then in the USA, a spreading contagion*5. To much of this uncelestial outlawry, this re-writing, this remaking of Bible and Christ, this interpretation by pretence and negation, there came its due reward, as WW I and WW II came as if in  recognition, before the inflamed spirits of man, putting survival above spirituality, and gore beyond grace. Man's ideas strode the earth, in  WW I, and were buried there, amid the blood, only to be newly alight, for the next war, itself a prelude to WW  III and WW  IV, which now is. Man has his bloated ideas,  attacks, wars and He pays. Destiny proceeds from the heart, as in the epicentre for an earthquake.

That is why the Bible declares that one should KEEP one's heart with all diligence, for out of it proceed the issues of life! (Proverbs 4:3). While God tries the heart, man  taunts the truth. It is unremitting, and in the flood the world paid for its indomitable diligence in evil. The  lesson has had many repeats, where despite marvels of divine mercy,  man insists on judgment, and will not relent until it is achieved, as if it were some kind of marriage, and life before it,  an engagement. Alas it engages in the end, more than unrepentant hearts intend. Marriage to sin is a certainty for miscarriage. That in turn has its own penalties! War is one of them, sooner or later, as follies mount because truth is despised, and they divide and stir, and contest and contend interminably, the truth forgotten, if not made subject of  persecution.

As the 20th century developed after the birth of much spiritual belligerence preceding it, we had a virtual display unit: some virtually engaging in textual adventurism, looting the Bible and contaminating it with man's ideas, and calling it theology rather than virtually attempted deicide; and it was this which was to accompany the mass homicide, the outcome of polluted pugnacity and the defence against the underlying arrogance spreading like a disease, with mortal results for millions! When whole denominations go  astray, it is  time to act, not to dither or submit, as  so many did and  do, gaining a  false lead from false shepherds (cf. II Corinthians 11, II Timothy 3-4, II Peter 2)! Hence separation from these devious dealings with the God of truth, often  called for in the Bible (cf. Separation), has been  replaced by  a  direct disobedience which becomes defiant, not compliant. Many so  placed remain in corrupted churches, like those refusing to evacuate before a tsunami, as structures fall and  strictures are ignored. Kill the doctor's and watch disease;  support the poison in churches, when it comes as it has done to many, and watch the follies!

Instead of a new Reformation, you then get a new need for one, and many then scorn the old one of the 15-17th century; and this, a recidivist option when they do not instead worship the old one, making it the criterion, as  if to  worship liquid paper which erased an error,  rather  than concentrating on the text restored, itself! If there is a way to evil, how often does man find it out! But this is removal of truth and  restraint, this is covering the wind-screen while you drive. What of the results ?

Is not Revelation 6 ever read ? Is it realised that God is not uninterested in the extended duration of the spiritual, social and community diseases which man wilfully promotes, wickedly applies and futilely expounds as good, diseases of the soul which some with the soul deny! He has stated the direction of dynamic and the divine intention to meet it. Revelation 19 sums it up in historical collision; but why wait for trhe moral melt-down! Why not build your life away from the coastlands of maritime  confusion, far from the seas of confusion, on the mountains of truth! God has surely given His response in writing, knowing all things ahead. He has in fact predicted, itemised, and it is now being fulfilled at a palpitating rate.

Is it thought that because some people smoke endlessly and strangely survive, that the practice is a misnomer as wrong, and that the patience of God is to be construed as witless nannyism, while real men do real things to their damnation! The image is not misleading. The results are more fatal than in the lungs.

Indeed, the world in many of its convulsions is like the cyclotron, which ever increases the whirling and swirling, the one phase father of the next. 

So as man woefully burns the minds of his children with  myths, follies such as they had in Abraham's time of naturalistic multitudes of gods and their imaginary ways, before he left Ur, he sears his own future. What Hitler  authorised for Nazi youth by mere authority, but political, now is required again, by authority, but now educational. Both are governmental; each is an engine of death for man's spirit. If you are appalled at the image of young Palestinian children being brought up with a riot of hatred and malice, with subversive concepts of killing in ascendency, that is only one way. Teaching nature-myths as in Australia and the USA under guise of science, in me re outrageous scientistic gabble, irrelevance incorporated logically, it is a violence to the mind and a vileness to the heart and spirit. It is even imposed, and here, even many independent schools receive it on orders.

Currently, the current fear of ostracism, or of examination failure like that of other regimes in other times ,exacted all too nearly of student or even  teacher non-conformists to this immoral magic, is deployed: it is used as a  whip. In parallel,   similar breach from the morals of the Bible and of design, taking the form of marriage between non-procreative partners, arises as a new thing on an old basis, or approaches more and more nearly to this, seeking both political authorisation and incrimination of those who oppose its innovations. Resistance to this state of affairs if voiced,   becomes increasingly liable in the eyes of laws written or threatened, to further abuse, whether in legal assault on those with unchanged morals, who do not wish to see the land immersed in such a tsunami as this, or imprisonment. The directive dynamic surges.

God is not mocked in this or in other features of alien focus.    As with shouting abuse in the ear of a policeman that you will kill him: results at last come, for one as for all of these departures from the directions of deity, the design of His hand and the good pleasure of His desire..

Results  ? they come. They do so,  both internally in society and externally in natural corrosions, corruptions and other parallels to man's treatment of his own race, his own soul and body. They come in international war, assertiveness, concert and distempers, as law recedes like the land in the mist as the boat leaves the appointed harbour. As this goes on, so judgments come, and many curse God or deny Him,  so aggravating the offence. This is in line for further disruptions, so slow to come, so sure in their coming. So the vicious circle, the cyclotronic ache, continues; and yet they do not repent. So it was to be, as in Revelation 6, and so it is. The circuit-breaker is as efficient as ever; and its failure to be used, as in the Gospel of divine grace, is just as reprehensible and subject to judgment as any other dismissal of peril; except that this one is fateful, and readily becomes fatal.



But leave all this for one moment, and come to the love of the God who being abused, forgave, who being approached by the path given, pardons, who coming to this earth bore the worst tempests of all, the most raging torrents of abuse while healing, assault while declaring manifest truth, so that the least of men might find the most of favour through grace! Ignore the sin and then further ignore the cure and the peace of pardon and what is left but war! Is not war a thing of turbulence ? Why such surprise then! If the prognosis is for sin, most unfavourable, and man in nation after nation is pursuing it as if it were the Holy Grail, gold pure in billions of tons, life at its most delectable, why should any shock be found when results long overdue, delayed by divine patienfce,a t last take place! Hit a rock and there IS shock! What is to be expected...

Is it forgotten entirely that as in Matthew 21:44 Christ indicated that those on whom there falls the Rock which IS Christ (and neither man nor Peter nor church nor political party nor ideology of man is this Rock, but all who oppose it come under it),  will be crushed to pieces! In the end, truth if opposed puts you in a conflict with Him on whom your own being depends, your own thought hangs. Mercy may delay divine pay-day, as when a sea wall protects from surges over a low-lying coastland; but as the land sinks into its own declivities, so the time arrives when fact functions! The water, long delayed, overcomes the structures to avert the rising divergence.

 How would anyone under the Rock of truth, however vocal, in the end avoid the end result! Is it thought that the laws of spiritual gravity are to be indefinitely suspended while God is amended ! or that man is to become stronger than God! As Paul put it in Galatians 1, is the apostle here to persuade God of man, or man of God!

Get tough with a rock if you will; but not with THE ROCK! (Psalm 62:1ff., 18:1ff., II Samuel 22:23ff., I Corinthians 10). Fight with a lie if you must, but DO NOT expect truth to bow. Christ died rather than relent, ARE YOU THE SON OF GOD ? He as asked.  I AM, He retorted. Thus, as foretold in Isaiah 53, BECAUSE He had done no violence (to protect Himself by force, or impose violence) and because there was no deceit in His mouth, THEREFORE He was given the acknowledgement of a GRAVE. Because of truth and peace, therefore man made to Him a dead of death.

Death was thus the the gift of man for the divine righteousness. In Revelation 9, alas, we read that for all the disasters to come to man, all the interim judgments, yet there would be no international repentance to cease the agitation of the ulceration of sin! The would not relent. They would continue any way. In our generation, they have done so, and now they continue to do so. It is great to see the Bible so astutely fulfilled; but as with lung cancer, while the specialist's diagnosis is verified in death, the subject is still one of sorrow. It  would have been far better if the advice had been taken.

Yet the love of God is bold. Longsuffering, He at last acts; but FIRST He acted ONCE, as foretold, in ONE way to atone for sin for those who ONCE receive Him as Lord and Saviour (John 6:50ff.), not as  a bit of bread or a symbol of psychology, but as GOD crucified in the form of man to pay ransom to death, doubly due to man as astray and wilfully so.

God is not, as Calvin mistakenly imagines*3, selecting some with inscrutable omission of others. How appalling such a misconception! It is the opposite of the word of God which in John 3 makes it surpassingly clear that as far as GOD is concerned, He loves this world and wants to save it; indeed He SO loves this world, with this intention as practical outcome in mind, that He gave something. Further that something was germane to Himself, His only begotten Son, engendered through a woman so that God as man might die for man who comes to God. But while the offer is universal (I John 2:1ff.), not so is the result.

Those for whom Christ has indeed been delivered up (and not merely offered, as the High Priest might offer sacrifice for all, though by no means relevantly to the unbeliever as in Deuteronomy 29): these have all things (as  stated in Romans 8:32); and since God is the centre of this mercy, it is indispensable as well as glorious. As to those who do not receive relief, ransom by faith in Christ without added works (Ephesians 2), glorying that HIS body did NOT rot, a thing foundational to faith and central to His joint performance in pity and power, it is on these the wrath of God broods (John 3:36).

Calvin was right in declaring God above all, beyond all, loving and just, sovereign and unmanipulable by man, with His own decisions standing and the will of man through sin unable to find Him, so that the atonement in the death of Christ was at God's own disposal. It is true that God alone determines mercy, how and why it is to be shown, and in this is no more subject to outside direction even than is the norm for man, who shows mercy at his own will also!

Calvin of course was right about that, for it is written most clearly many times, as in Romans 9. But there is more.

The divine mode however, the Lord commends, and His motive He displays, and the overall determination He exposes. His call and invitation and provision is universal; the attainment is limited. So it is with love, when it is actual, and not veiled self-interest. HE WOULD HAVE ALL, and so desires; but He would not betray love by force, making it a painful and untrue anomaly! (Matthew 23:37, Luke 19:42, Colossians 1:19ff., I Timothy 2,  Isaiah 48:16ff.). He will lament, not dictate. HE it is who will act; but the principles of His action are both written and divinely underwritten. Denying them is just as liable to correction as denying His sovereignty. When taking a photograph, do not stop at the nose. The mouth is there too.

Thus Calvin was very wrong in maintaining a HORRIBLE DECREE ('decretum horribile'), a strange mystery, as if God, for His OWN reasons, somehow did not extend this delicious love to many, so that they were simply not in mind for the post of salvation. In PREDESTINATION, the RESULT as in Romans 8:29, there is assuredly a perfectly clear result; but in foreknowledge, that is in His motivation, ascertainment, seeking for all, the love of God is not only as deep but as broad as stated. Is man now to start telling God about His love ? Would it not be near madness to tell someone on earth about his love, in precedence over his own knowledge of it, as if one were his more-than-human psychiatrist! Is it better when it comes to telling GOD! Let HIM speak.

In fact, John 3 tells us that it was a matter of God, the world, and salvation, those three. It is God coming INTO the world. No irrelevant comparisons matter, from ungermane contexts. THIS is the story here. What did God do ? He had a purpose. Very good, we write this down. Purpose, to save it.

What more ? We find it written that love the motivation; the extent of love is as indicated, in giving His only begotten Son, as He states. The cause of some not coming is also noted: it is NOT in God, as His will, His purpose and its scope are all stated, in terms of an intense and unmuted love to the uttermost possible. It is further exposed that He did NOT come to judge. Such was not in His purpose. Salvation was the motivation for the entire expedition, the entire human race the scope for it, judgment was not on the table for this purpose. Thus came the payment to secure what related to this motivation, activation and performance, made final on the cross of  Calvary. So cruel in consequence for Him, it was yet so glorious for man.

Since He did NOT come to judge, why then are some to be judged ? It is because God tells us, SOME of mankind prefer darkness to light, to THE LIGHT (as in John 1) indeed. Thus it is the everlasting God come as man and making plain for a child to see, who He is and what He wants, provides and does for man! There is no greater light than this.

THIS, it expressly states, IS the condemnation. Having excluded God doubly from that role, it declares that it is to be found, the criterion, crux and occasion, the text declares that the default lies in man. WHILE God did this for all, mercy the plan, man lost for some, his will the negating criterion. In GOD'S sight, this is the case. Wise are they who therefore acknowledge this to be so, instead of fallaciously working backwards from a limited attainment for this mercy, and postulating another motive, another extent or even another plan. Love limits, not as to its power or its scope, but as to its purity, in all of this. It is not a prostitution of emotion, or a falsification of relationship. As man is made, so he is responsible, and even where sin impounds him, it does not expound him, for man is interpreted by God, and indeed, before sin ever entered in this world, or this world ever entered space, or space entered things that are, God had marked His own, as Ephesians 1:4 tells us. Reading backwards is not only presumptuous but precipitate, and a collision with the word of God.

That is why such concepts have to be rejected here. What God denies, who dare affirm! Put differently, when the Bible is the topic, keep to its text and tell it as it is.

Grounds of condemnation, they are in man. Desire for mercy on the part of God toward man ? It is as wide as the race. Occasion of decision  by deity ? Before time or sin in mankind was, because before mankind was.

It is of man; it is not of God. God did not have to love, to be sure; but He tells us that He did, announces the scope of it, the objective of it, the desire of His heart as to what to avoid, and then blames man only, entirely for the result that despite such amplitude and passion on the part of His love, many are still lost. WHY blame man ? Because despite what God had in view, man rejected it; despite the amplitude, man imposed a confinement. It was not: God so dictated to the world, that having sacrifice His Son, He required that faith act. That would be nonsense. Faith is not the kind of feature which is commanded. It comes like the wind. It does not come like a hurricane or tsunami. Sin may be exposed like that; but faith is not sin.

Our whole beauty and point and purpose is in this that we are made in the image of God. We are not robots, instinctive prompted puppets, but so often as a race, see the good and do the evil, have access to the truth but prefer the lie. Such has been the way of our race, and many of mankind He has ransomed and found, as in the parable of Matthew 22, where He even searched for them, as it were, in the highways and in the byways!

Indeed in Colossians 1:19ff., He advises that having made peace through the blood of Christ, He would have ALL in HEAVEN and in EARTH in this way to be reconciled to Himself. Why  one is grateful that a Primary School teacher helped teach one to read, things develop, and  there is no reason why tertiary education should lead to inability to read this sentence.

The ONLY restriction on the love of God is to be found in the mind of man, and alas, in a theologian as justly eminent as Calvin, that is one of the minds concerned. HOW could such a man of discernment make SUCH an error as this ? Alas, it humbles us all, reminding us to revert to, always return to, have confidence in ALL His divine word on this earth. Not in the thoughts of philosophy with its false inferences on false grounds (even when these are brought in order to be 'helpful'),  are we to rest, but in the statement of God, His ways, words and works: in the declarations, promises and premisses of of God, as announced in the Bible, the sole authorised word of God to mankind.

We do not need to judge theologians as people; God is competent to do so. WE need to judge BY the Bible, what are their words when these threaten many, so that others might not be deceived, or betrayed. Apparent  eminence on the part of some man is not to the point: If the greatest king on earth committed adultery, we do not practise the same for that reason, but grateful for his massive good points, avoid the sin. So it is with theology.

Thus it is even FORBIDDEN to name yourself after a theologian, even after Paul or Apollos (I Corinthians 3). WHY ? It is because ONE is your master. That is what it states in Matthew 23:8-10. It is a carnal thing, says the apostle Paul, to say, "I of Pau," or "I of Apollos," and that does not signify approval!

ANY prophet or apostle, Old  Testament or New (other than the false prophets for whom death was appointed as in Deuteronomy 13,18), might have his name used as a power base. It is however not in the man but in the message that the point lies. It is the word of God so authorised in such a way in such a product, that matters. Hence, explicitly, the apostle indicates that failure here, that is, using human names as power bases,  support positions, differentiation  criteria as such, like the Vulture or the Tigers in football, or in various teams of man, is misleading. There simply is NO OTHER NAME (Acts 4:11-12) but His. By all means be grateful for this or that from this one or that one among sinners who know the Lord, and praise God for the works done; but NEVER call yourself after Wesley or Calvin or Luther. That is forbidden, and with a great reason.

It would be so easy to hold to the one or the other because of the many and eminent good points made by each of the above, and to feel as if you are betraying such things if you cease from using that name to distinguish what you are: this can turn due devotion into mindless commotion. It is impossible to cling to Christ, however, and have any baggage. In that alone are we authorised. We must forsake ALL that we have, including such predilections.

What then says the Bible ?

In that love, offered to all, desired for all, striven to the uttermost to make available to all, inviting all, passionate for all, comes the Christ. His going was different, hated by many, rejected by a nation, preached on in the world, centre and cynosure at times for whole nations or even an Empire! God has indeed foreknown and predestined, thank goodness. One should hate there to be any room or scope for eternal error left lying around! He has FOREKNOWN not nothing, but persons, and hence these have been the subject of His attention, prior to the actual, to the creation (as in Romans 8:30ff., I Timothy 1:4). Since we know He would like all, that this is the disposition of His mind, the thrust of His heart, what is His good pleasure, then in this FORE-KNOWLEDGE, it is certain that the God of infinite technical resources found some way to find out WHO is to be recipient. This is wrought in all integrity of spirit, in fulfilment this love of His, with the scope He gives for it; and knowledge of who repels it, in His own way.

HOW He does this is HIS business! It could well be that He sees the soul before it is, as even an architect can see a building before it is made, and seeing it as at the first, without sin, readily finds its response. It is enough to show the logical consistency, for it solves apologetic problems as nothing else does or can; and being founded categorically without intervening propositions, on the Bible, it CAN only lead to that harmony without violence, which is one criterion of truth.

In that case, since every soul in view would be as without sin, therefore the response is readily attainable, not because some are BETTER, for when without sin you are at the best, unmaimed, unmarred, product of creation, and so you may be envisaged. Here, there is but one level, for sin differentiates constitutionally: and this is found in its resultant, because God knows who is who and what is what. Accordingly, He seals this as it were, experimentally discerned result, into predestination, so that nothing CAN be lost which could be gained in the integrity of love, which is crucial to it so that it might be at all; and similarly, nothing found which would be mere deceit and deception. Thank goodness for that also! LOVE is the basis. The world of mankind is the objective; salvation is the state sought. God is not only excluded from the exclusion zone in terms of motivation and internal desire, but on the contrary, does the ABSOLUTE UTTERMOST to forward it. In HIS sight however, man is seen as preferring darkness, and THEREFORE excluded. To say otherwise is not only to contradict His statement; but to do so in the very presence of the passion for the breadth shown in so dramatic a manner.

Let us then get it straight. GOD is a lover. Love has no higher repository; more, He it is which is its course, resource, basis. Without Him, it would not be.

In Him, it is ultimate, utter and pure. Just as He is not prepared to become a sinner in order to join as all,  as outcasts from reality, as abortion deposits, as writhing remnants of what was made or in His case, the eternal light which is His,so He does not change. It is man who must change. He would have them  all do so; He condemns doubly what refuses (as in John 15:11ff.),  for His remedy is greater than sin, penetrates further than man, but in so penetrating it finds man, even when man cannot find himself. In each case He knows, and acts on that. In so knowing, He is true to


what He is


what He has said


His motivating principles


His purity


His love integumental (I John 4:16), and not merely operational.

If HE changed ,WHAT good would that do to any ? Destroy paradise and who would inhabit it! Mutilate love and what is left ?

He IS prepared, nay WAS prepared and acting on this, SO loved in the pursuit of saving this world WITHOUT judgment, that He GAVE the Mediator, the Sacrifice, the Atonement, the Ransom, the Redeemer, who would suffer on behalf of all, in the place of some, as a ransom as He disclosed (Matthew 20:28, 26:28), for many. He cannot bear the sins of those who retain them at their own will (John 8:24). So He asseverates. He does not move in order to spoil; but stays the same that some may become like Him in character, in heart.

As He stated, if people do not believe in Him, as He is exposed and shown to be in word and in deed (John 15:22ff.), then as to such, they will DIE IN THEIR SINS. They are with you or with Him; and not both. When they are with Him, they gone in guilt and judgment, forever (Psalm 103, Romans 8:17, 29ff.); and when you are justified, by His making white your deadly black accounts, not with liquid paper but with blood, a colour impact, you certainly will at length be glorified,  as Romans here states from the Lord. You CANNOT then be left by Him, since He (Hebrews 13) will neither leave nor forsake, and even if you run, He is faster!

But you then would not WISH to escape, for when you come to Him, you ESCAPE the corruption of this world through lust (II Peter 1:4), and having heeded the challenge and opportunity  He offers, having fled for refuge to Him (Hebrews 6:19 with 2:1-3), your are washed, adopted, regenerated, made over, reconstituted, infused with His love (Romans 5:5) and the peace which passes all understanding! (Philippians 4:4-6).

Judgment, yes, it is to be found in this world, but it is awesomely grievous that when GOD has so been motivated, so acted, so given, so suffered, so prepared and presented truth, His own incarnate body smashed both as exhibit of sin (in that He bore it!) and of the love that gave it for a ransom, this world INSISTS on getting that, judgment in place of mercy.

YOU who read do not need to do that. If the whole army deserts, you can stay; if the whole crop is ruined, and desolate, yet you can eat heavenly food. If traitors make Judas look like the founder of a religion, YOU do not need to follow him or those for whom he is the prototype! (as in II Corinthians 11).

Let us therefore understand our way, His way, and receiving Him at the first as ransom,  relish Him to the last as Redeemer, and KNOWING Him personally as Lord of life and source of spiritual wisdom, strength and fellowship so that  you are NEVER alone, needing neither text-messages nor twitter to dither about (not that they are wrong if not misused), be found stable and strong in Him.

The onset of old age shows the breaking down of design at its time, for in our  current world, this lasts with sin only for a time; and as Dr Sanford points out in his Genetic Entropy, the race in its genome, is  also  deteriorating generically. Thus, just as man grows old individually, so man in his DNA matrix of commands for his creation anew in every generation, also runs down.

Defects like scratches in a car, accumulate, some at vital points, some not, some by small means messing much, since there is an integral character to the many-sided, maximally co-operative work put into the production of physical man by DNA COMMAND. Thus not only does the human body age, with many cell divisions, but the human genome racially, with less frequent but nevertheless numerous occasions for what is to come, as  all grows old. Yet God does not grow old.

On this earth, despite its vitality and magnificent engineering, shorn of glory by sin (cf. Romans 8:17ff., 5:1-12), wearing out is the name of the game. This is also as found  in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, for the case as here, when creation is in this temporal world, and mortality has its place. Thus,  though the Law Giver and the Law does not wear out, its manifestation in eroding design may; so that the race in and of itself,   is doomed like any old car. Indeed as Isaiah 51:6 and Matthew 24:35 tell us, the entire UNIVERSE is to be cast off like old clothes. Why not ?

When a man you build a house; and it wears. As God, the One builds a universe and since its placement is not one of eternity,  it wears out. That however is far from all. Sin brings judgment and penalty and defect in many dimensions. It is BETTER in the end, that it go. Some cars are like that, and all in due time.

When however sin and wearing jointly come to mankind, and the wearing is made vast because of sin, then you have a situation when it is best to find a New Life in the Everlasting Lord, by His mercy and grace alone by faith alone, so that in the Maker you meet majesty, and in the Eternal you find eternity, in the Saviour both cleansing and pardon, in the ransom payment, and in the resurrection which He made in prototype, you find rest in eternity. Then you are manifest as a consummated creation and not a failed model. Now you may be stamped as His (Ephesians 1:5-11), and sealed for Him; then you are revealed as His. Praise God that it is so.

With God you are as His, not fighting a whirl-wind, and in view of His love, sinners are not being taunted to avoid mercy, as if it were impossible.  With God, NOTHING is impossible. God is an accompanying wind. Grace is a nurture. Love is a mission evident. Turn if not His, therefore in it, and to it, and thus to Him, and in repentance to His redemption with joy. If you are his, rejoice and yes, rejoice again. The clarity and vitality, the depth and the wonder of God are both rest's repose and faith's vitality.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, and taking sovereignty over its own life, sets out to rule; but truth lasts forever, and its people become eternal, for in truth, Christ IS the truth needed, and the ultimate violation is to ignore Him. There is no rescinding; only repentance. There is a time for it; and it is any time before you find Him. There is a grant of repentance as there is a grant of love and of mercy, and it is well to find it; and as God in His position is most clear, so one has only to stretch out the hands of the heart, and receive Him, forsaking antinomy of mind and anxiety of heart in resolution in truth. So He would have it. He has said so. It is the bogus He abhors. Nor is purity before conversion an issue! He who knows all has wrought all for all, and knowing outcomes achieves all. Rest therefore in HIS achievements knowing that if He knocks, you answer; and He DOES knock and requires an answer (Luke  13:1-3).




Professor Sanford of Cornell, though now in retirement, still actively related to the University, involved in massive and sustained biological experimentation with practical outcomes sought has written a notable work. His Genomic Entropy is a marvel of sustained research, empirical tutelage and insistent persistence with that all but forgotten field, factuality.  Man has always tended to give them scant regard,  and now that an experimental method is enthroned, he manages by prescribing philosophic ideas contrary to reason, and simply insisting that evidence or no evidence, these are right  and are  to be preferred to evidence. Hope replaces observation, and vain hope becomes the rule. Within this pathological syndrome,  all is to be compressed, as if Hamlet in its actual script,  were to be philosophical reduced  to one  word, NO! with the commentary, it cannot be. Therefore it is not.

The fact that it is, that God is Creator being creative, and that the vitality of life is inscribed in the most brilliant methodology exhibited in commands that unify word and action, with a vast miniaturisation (the oxymoron is intentional to help awaken), lines up with the idea that of course no man could have written Hamlet, and certainly not an Englishman!

Confirmation is always awaited by the zealot, just as the scientistic insistence is never satisfied with the factual status quo any more than the logical certainties. As in Great Expectations, he waits in vain, always in mind the great wedding of nature inventing nature from nothing, or having neither cause nor reason, while seeking to establish this by a valid reasoning, and fact, but never finding it as he circles around the wedding table, the one that never happened, a dream that fades, an expectation enervating.



The term 'unity' could be used instead of 'integrality', but not with precisely the same meaning. Unity may be natural or imposed, a work of fabrication or initial function. Integrality suggests composing something under constraints, as in the results of integration in mathematics. It is the concept of CREATION in which aspects are to be found as paths of a totality which interprets a reality and is made coherent in that plan, this time in the mind of God. This is a question of character, of a nature imparted. Thus the term has a somewhat different flavour to unity, though this is applicable as well.

Thus in all the midst of operative marvels, some minute sub-motors or constituent mini-concepts, as in DNA specifications, there is overall, a conversion of all by the moulding hand of intent, purpose, design, co-ordination for a point, and not merely to a point to the observable entity, the stature and status of which is far more than a summation of functions. Like a house, it is sui generis. Bits are observable; exhibition of its fundamental nature as such, is so no less, but in fact, much more!

This is the case, rather than a subversion of many parts into a meaningless exercise in bits, which are manifestly irrelevant to the actual nature of the final product. Steering wheels and cogs are not the design of, the nature of, or the purpose for a car: though to be sure, they do relate to it as componency, subordinated to the integral outcome with its specialised and fascinating CHARACTER.

As to bits, see  for example:.

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See also index on bits.



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