This is an earlier version. The new Bulletins listing is in 2016-2020 and currently has some 160 member units, summarising, extending, polishing, updating and essentialising. It includes exhortations to Australia and sinners more generally, rejoicing with the saints, updates on Israel and the Middle East, science and scientific method, and further exposition on arresting biblical areas, always happy to follow what is written, and compare with what has happened, will happen and is happening.

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Bulletin 11
Up to date information is found here, as at February, 2002, also March and April.

Bulletin 10

August 15, 2001



Volume 35 now complete, Volume 36 is its new companion; news on Surveys.


Volumes 33, 34 appear, 35 in  process.


The 32nd. volume is published, February 2000. LITTLE THINGS, it has large matters to examine, rather like a high-resolution microscope, seeing within, as the word of the Lord exposes many things to the eye that watches. See this bulletin for more on this, and access.

(Update: the 243rd volume is now published. See Library. See also The Site in the City for more information about these materials.)


A new volume published, making a trio of specialisation.

The 31st. volume has been published. It is Galloping Events. Watch the race! It not against time, but in the Lord's time, which He knows, and in many things, shows.

BULLETIN 1 This has many features since a date in August and going to early September 2000. In particular, it has a detailed coverage of News, Facts and Forecasts.

This will cover the period following Bulletin 1.


The next is order, October 10-31, 2000 has now a number of diverse units, including a new work commenced, for you to inspect.


Various developments deserve attention, including a new publication and CD-ROM.


Our 30th. volume has now been published, and further matters are brought to your attention. These are exciting times for Biblical scholars.

For the latest, we refer you to "What is New ?" which brings you up to date, for February 2020.

The latest volume in the set, In Praise of Christ Jesus, is number 243.

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