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It really is news. But it very specially is Biblically related, Christian concerned news.

Ch. 1 Birds overfly dithering dinosaurs - a flighty matter laid to rest in the continuing war between sensationalistic news, profound knowledgeability and the facts.

Ch. 2 MUSIC - the dimension that speaks by sound, and that says without words what conveys meaning, and can exhibit something of the majesty of the Lord. Are there meaning-meters ? Of what is the soul a companion ?

Ch. 3 deals with current mythical teaching in a tertiary institution in S.A.. It gives us a chance to take a good look at the mythology basic to the new approaches which subsist on them, and see them everywhere.

Ch. 4 covers the Dave Hunt assault on Calvinism. This gives opportunity to revise the fact that Calvinism and all the personal isms in Christianity are forbidden. That is, you cannot Biblically call yourself after someone. There is ONLY ONE to follow. MANY may teach us well; but with their imperfections, they are not standards, at best standard bearers. The standard is Christ, and the written standard is the Bible. Christ did it, no one else, He stands alone. It says it, and it happens. Nothing else. That is how it is. (For proof see SMR Chs. 1, 2, 3, 10, with 5; and for verification see Ch. 6, and index on verification.)

Still, Hunt hunts too far into Calvin by far. This needs correction and it is here given.

Ch. 5 looks at the attrition on national integrity, morals and fibre of life, associated with the European Community sell-out. It is not that it was a unity, that mattered; but about what the unity subsisted! Now we are seeing. This makes us look back, in passing to Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming... Ch.3. It all fits.

Ch. 6 looks at famine prospects, and responses, which really are daunting, if you want the good old world to do its stuff ex-God. It also considers some of the indoctrinative techniques (these things are far from always, consciously done, or even humanly directed!) employed by a well-known magazine. It is all the more impressive if, as might appear, it 'slipped out' inadvertently. Needs attention! It is an index to much more from most popular sources.

Also your attention is here drawn to what is written on the topic. It is like comparing one pearl with another. One is written (if you prefer, manufactured!). The other happens. They are twins.

Ch. 7 considers the breaker always about to crash down in foaming glory, but withheld: the arrest of Jerusalem and its departure from the Jewish people. It looms, booms, whispers, entreats, charges, challenges - but it still does not happen. The efforts of Clinton and Co. to no avail as hitherto in this field, are so for a reason.

Review of all this is like awakening from a dream. It is the wrong breaker they are surveying, and that is why it does not break. There is another one ...

Ch. 8 looks at adult delinquencies under the heading of abortion - a topic with a core of simplicity but peripheries of delicacy which stop short of total negation -  and see that this theme is as broad as man's sin, as deep as his derangement and not at all limited to women.

Ch. 9 finds in a cricket match a look at things beyond cricket, but illustrated by it. In fact, the whole of nature is seen as an illustration to man, of man - from the Lord Himself; but it yields to a better depiction, both in word and deed which is explicit, by His word and His advent.

Ch. 10 deals with the whole concept of the STOLEN generation, whether racial, student or neo-evangelical: Stolen, Grabbed, Stripped - but Which ?

There are MANY to be considered, of MANY races
and in many contexts - racial, educational and neo-evangelical. Many things are going from where they properly belong... including factual reporting in many cases.

Ch. 11 considers beauty and creativity, the modes and moods of the time, and the beauty beyond any time.

Ch. 12 is poised on the brink of the oceanic in its heat fields, its polar changes, its watery rises and surprises, in its latest indexes to the government of God in history; and it dilates on the necessities of things, glorious necessities, the very garb and fashion of freedom.

Ch. 13 looks at a factious facade of unity, a fiasco of unification, a release of spiritual radioactivity, the pairing off of false religion with aspiring State: all according to plan. It is indeed a matter of two beasts, one dragon ...

Ch. 14 calls for some review of many things. It starts with needless needles and ends with the necessity of the Gospel of God. The needles start with Moscow's Ostankino Tower that may need to be demolished: the tower that was, and is not, and yet is. It is merely a symbol...

Ch. 15 watches developments in laser energy ray missile defence, devised and tested, operational in the US, intended for Israel by February 2000 - the reward of flexibility, in stability ? The vista to the end through the tunnel of events, and by the word of the Lord, compared, superimposed ...

Ch. 16 looks at a case of Israel exporting (unwillingly for the export) some Christian missionaries and reflects on the whole matter of the big 3 in the Middle East confrontation, the Big ONE whose it all is, the ONE crucified, whose dismissal started and ended so much; and then traverses the terrain of the intractable, Middle East peace, and that other muddy ditch, the -isms which obscure the simply conspicuous realities of the word of God. God is coming back, still as the Messiah, the one "Me" on whom many will look as Zechariah told us 500 years before it happened. How will they look ? does the prophet say ? In repentance, and faith.

The way is impassable, to get there, for man is at war with God in his various religious enterprises; but not for God, who is coming at His own will and time. It is near. The Gospel does not change, despite all the isms...


UPDATED That Magnificent Rock Ch. 7 Part E. It is growing in length, but in coverage likewise, and thus gives a sense of proportion and atmosphere in the area of dating. Dates really are, or can be, a very pleasant thing to know. The hubris notwithstanding, they are quite straightforward little things, when you suggest to philosophy that it attend to its affairs ... elsewhere.

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There has been an addition to the work on Bible Translations, which you may care to look at. It is in The Kingdom of Heaven Ch. 9.


Likewise on the overall developments in the Presbyterian Church of Australia, there is further clarification. See The Biblical Workman Ch. 8, pp. 125ff..


In Question and Answer Ch. 3, there has been an Excursion into Creativity and Beauty, added. It appears at *3. You may be interested in this phase.


Did you notice the quaintly ineffective diplomacy of Clinton with Arafat and Barak ? This is no accident. For more on this, see Ch. 7 in News, above.


Do not forget the coming of the Lord when His day is prepared, and be prepared. Here is a link to it: better linked in eye now and in life then.

THIS is a topic of enduring significance,
when the German bombers
and the Spanish ships of the last few hundreds of years are quite past.
It is not Spain, it is not Germany, it is not Japan,
no and it is not Britain
which is the thing to fear.

Past all fears is the JUST CASE. Be ready and study this topic.
It may be for your life.


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