Bulletin 2 is finished as at September 28, 2000

1) If you would like to see an INDEX ITEM on Chance, this facility has now been added here.

2) Further items on Suffering (pain, evil) have been added in another INDEX ITEM. For this
click here.

3) An index item on Dialogue, Soliloquy and AUVI (allied uninhibited verbal interchange) is now  to be found in the Index, and since there are many of these, this may help either to revisit or discover such occasions.

4) A communication from a recent Christian, on the topic of being troubled by Jehovah's Witness heresy, is shared (without personal details, to protect the identity), in case it may, with other material available in our index on this topic, help any others. It has been expanded until October 6th., 2000, to aid rapid escape from this sunken submarine. This leads on to other perspectives, facets of the reality, including Australiana.

5) Angelic 'therapy' arises in a somewhat similar manner; and an individual is commended for prayer, who may be deluded dangerously.

6) Spiritual healing is considered, in connection with the above, and a new set of references to healing is given in our index.

7) It has been found that some substantial elision occurred in the Bible Verses Index for the Rest. This has been remedied.

8) A new feature has been added: BIBLE STUDY. To facilitate access to Biblical exegesis and presentation in significant amounts at one time or place, selections have been made, so that you may avoid using the Bible verses index, when you desire is less arithmetically specific. This is found on the Home Page near the top, but is equally available from this Bulletin.

Some of the above is now being made available in the format of a developing book,
THINGS OLD AND NEW - Love with Mercy has acted.  Chapter two, 3) above, has already been substantially extended on September 20-27, and Chapter 3 has also grown.

For this book,

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