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Rev. Dr Robert E. Donaldson



Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

October 2006



ISBN 09775556 9 0





This world has its flags furled, for its spur and saliency is smitten. It lies broken amidst its fallen dreams, futile ravings and vile ravishings. Its leaders are flawed, its fashions cry for lordship and squabble interminably, its prides are like lions on spree, its follies like children run amok.

Christ Jesus is unravished, unfallen, smitten but this vicariously, risen and that in the power of God, declared the Son of God, corporeally unconquerable, spiritually in peace, triumphant in mission, incorruptible in mind, tender in heart, willing in spirit, great in understanding. He is incomparable and as Lord He is indomitable.

Sin seeks to ravage His people, but He rescues; jealousy seeks to abase His position, but He stands, the Celestial Trade Towers that cannot be lowered, and His trade is in the souls of men, of women, of children, and for these HE pays; and His profit is not gain for coffers, for commerce, to increase Himself, already infinite beyond time and all creation, indeed as a member of the trinity, creator of all (Colossians 1:15ff., John 1:3). It is in purchase of what is smitten, in redeeming what sin has ruined, what life has grieved for; and bringing it to His own kingdom, where life and love, peace and duty, responsibility and realism mount like eagles.

His kingdom is not of this world; but it will at last demonstrate to this fallen world what righteousness is, not only as now, in redeeming freely what is lost (Romans 3:23ff.), but in showing in the glowing testimony of truth, what life is when it is founded in God, and the globe is ruled by it; and this before this whole world, a travesty of truth, though His light be in it, because of sin, is removed as II Peter 3 tells us, and with its works, burnt up.

What then do you expect of the current world, this contemporary puddle of muddle, this pit of fiddle, this playing of Nearer my God to Thee, as the ship sinks! Do they then seek to dance to it,  when indeed it is not a dance, or to display dervishes to the devil, masked or unmasked indeed, in the varieties of satanism which flourish like weeds ? it will help not at all.

When truth is more important than gain, when God is more desirable than name, when spiritual purity is more than profit and following the Lord is counted superior to playing lordly games in war and commerce, society and academia, when salvation is not only mouthed while compromised, but met without qualification: then there is peace. Without this, there is only a mounting enterprise for self-destruction as foretold (Revelation 6), where as in much of Islam, death is the mode and life is despised, as seen so explicitly in those like Nazrallah, in very utterance (cf. Conclusion, Defamation of Deity Ch. 4).

Indeed, it is notable that his very name is like a combination of the first syllable of Nazareth with 'allah', as if the lowly Christ were to be grabbed for another mission, in name only; and such of course is the nature of Islam, which downgrades through the mind of the false prophet Muhammad, what history has already demonstrated, thus forming just one of the many false prophets which Christ foretold (Matthew 24:24 cf. Defamation of Deity *6, in Ch. 2), as always, accurately.

Christ however, having the power, suffered crucifixion, and did not crucify, was impaled, and did not impale, suffered vengeance on sin, and did not fail, sinless, became sin-bearer for the free, whom He liberates; nor did He  hate life, but instead delivered it.

As Lord He is indomitable, and while awaiting as foretold (II Peter 3:9) some millenia before His regal return, He has the power as always, to implement His will when the time is ripe.

In the case of Abraham, God told the patriarch that it would be some 400 years before the wickedness of those in Canaan, the Promised Land, would be ready in their reeking for the judgment to come through the Hebrew people. In the case of the Gentile world, it has been now 5 times that, but the signals for it are flapping merrily in the breeze, or as merrily as such depravity permits, such as now shouts from this earth, calling evil good both in humanism, Islamic militancy and communistic follies, in religious fraud and untold evils of mind, body and spirit. His return is now objectively near (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5, Ch. 2, *6, SMR Ch. 8).

Delay at the starting line in a 100 metres race, is unwise. Delay at the finishing line in the race of life is more so. The run is a foul without Christ.

In this volume, these great features, His incomparable and His indomitable wonder are in view; and in practical ways, His offering is displayed, before the flag is waved and the race is over; for it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God, and God-manufacture is a fraud. There is one God and one Mediator between God and man, the man Jesus Christ who for us and our salvation was offered, and the offer remains until He comes.




          Chapter 1                 

Domination, Dominion, Delight  and Deity


Chapter 2  




News 381

 Adelaide Advertiser, August 22, 2006 ... The Idle Debate

(cf. TMR Ch. 7, Sections 5-6)



Chapter 3                                                           

Life for Persons:

Leave the Programmatic to Computers


Walking, Working and Not Wandering
The Victory of Grace and the Grace of Victory


Chapter 4



You realise you were made,

that your salvation is given in Christ for ever ?

then you are MADE!

Then for You the Way of God is wonderful
in Reason, in Life, in Grandeur, Meaning and Marvels Unspeakable -
but some of them need to be STATED!


Chapter 5


Invalidity and Irrationalism

Good and Evil, Truth and Error, Pollution and Penalty

The Wisdom of Truth and the Wiles of Waywardness


Chapter Six


  Indomitable Truth, Irrevocable Ruin

and the Number up for Violence


Chapter Seven


Christ's Command Capsule and

The Compliance of Reliance


Chapter  8

John's Question, Jesus' Answer:

The Vile Violation that is Spiritual Violence

and the Virtuous Grace that Makes Freedom


Learning from the Case of John the Baptist - Matthew 11:4-30


Chapter 9

The White light of God and the Multi-Colours of the Spiritual Spectrum




Looking at Love from the Scriptural Side