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'Mother Nature', The God of Creation and The gods of Defamation

This chapter has been severed from Ch. 1 above, for convenience: but its thrust proceeds directly from the end of the first Chapter.



'Mother nature' is from the first, now as so often in man's alliance with myth, a ridiculous personification of the whole delusion, as if the blind, and purposeless were any kind of a mother; and her frequently found specification as striving for solutions and wisely deploying things in such a way that they will ultimately work is merely the result of arrant and unscientific personification.

It is things natural and things mental and things spiritual which are the actual trio; the natural being MERELY natural, without power to think; the mental being MERELY mental without power to purpose, and the spiritual being REALLY volitional and equipped with the mind, with power to purpose, but not with ability to replace the Creator. Its place is merely to act on His creation, and to twiddle dials betimes, rather ostentatiously, as he finds them, in his own design, and to accept rationally or reject irrationally the necessity of His being.

In terms of twiddling the biological dials, for example, at times, man does this in order to replace broken or smashed or defective parts, when mutation as in any other design, brings on anti-specification faults into the default lair; and if this is done discretely, why not ? To repair is always in order, if you do not impair in the process, and make yourself into a god as a side-issue!

Thus the use of tissue and stem-cells to effect repair is a wonderful idea, so long as you do not create artificially and for this purpose, with defective means, what is an abortion of life, without indulging in actual defection from the womb. That is to say, it is well if you do it without making of life your plaything (whether or not you are feeling actually playful - some seem as if they may do so, in this realm).

How WOULD you do this ? You could do it by having special artificial insemination processes NOT for the enablement of child-birth in the barren, but for your own purposes, to investigate or to alter design by mutilating it. You could have artificial insemination products which are because of selection of some for other purposes, defective by comparison with the best, or you could allow embryos artificially made as to procedure, to be hurt, and this includes not only the feeling of pain, but the case where this is suppressed even though  it would be felt because of interference, were the drug to suppress it not present. It is violation of life in these cases.

The PURPOSE must be right - repair, not creation. The METHOD must be right - use of means to supply what through damage for any reason has become defective in operation, without abuse of those means. The MATRIX must be right: sound elements in the procedure, not damaged or unknown ones, involving fragile or defective things stage-managed with the cavalier disregard of ignorance or oblivion of vital delicacies.

Cloning of course is an entirely different procedure for man, and becomes an invasion, an assault, a defilement of life and a defiance of the Creator. In this sense, it is merely a technical expression of the assault on God, be it intentional or otherwise.

HE has made the design, and repair as usual is a sound objective; but to seek to re-create, or dis-create, which is to desecrate whatever the intention: this is mere valiant rebellion. Such extravaganzas of ambitious thought tend either massively or discretely to compromise quality, and their usage is an abuse of life. Where they produce from only one party, they interfere with the integrity of life. Just as the embryonic material may be compromised in various procedures directed to tissue replacement, so too the cloned material, being merely a case massive in scale, has a similar error.

Man however is proceeding to seek always more and more with his newfound knowledge, just as in sexual matters, where it is not enough to ignore the physiological dangers objectively present in perverse intercourse (since the normal type has its own defences). Now the case with many is that they must have people go to Holland for 'marriage' of those whose designs are ignored, and whose products are artificially prevented from having their due outcomes. This, as in Romans 1, is precisely in the area of the predicted outcome when man makes a god of 'nature'. This is what the Bible traces as part of the prognosis of systematic neglect of God and elevation of 'nature' to His rank. It is one more verification of truth, vindication of its precision, and warning to mankind.

It is in fact, in principle, SO ridiculous, to look at ANY 'nature' and to begin to be inspiring it with powers it does not have, whether it be a book or a cell, and to imagine that because it has marvellous and brilliant stuff in it, whether verbal or vital, it is self-creating! It is always necessary to find the cause of the laws, the ground of the existence, and to honour the reality on which such things are based. To contest with truth, is to be bound by lie.

What then is it like to do so ? Then a person may readily become like a baseless proposition, circling the planet in chosen anonymity, charging about without knowledge, ready to be impaled in his own fantasies, by what is real. Psalm 1 declares just that. It occurs to individuals, nations and empires, cultures and theories, cluttering the skies of history, demeaning the scope of geography, as the freedom bowl of this earth is abused beyond all recognition.

As to the concept of such 'natures' and their sufficiency, naturalistic natures, founded on nothing, aspiring to anything and everything, as if they could with wisdom meet life: nothing could be further from the truth.

Whatever the 'nature' of anything, it is a matter of characteristics and whatever further integralities may be present. Thus a chemical has such and such boiling point, combining characteristics, is placed if an element in such a spot on the periodic table, is to be seen as an individual in a series of correlated possibilities or actualities, depending on the case. In turn, it may be part of an item for use, and thus may be put together with other chemicals, some derived from living objects, and some from the world of the inanimate. This may be made subservient to various shapings and additives for the comfort of the one to handle the object, and so there may be further chemicals, with their physical attributes carefully chosen, and combined, in order to prepare the final product for convenient usage for a purpose.

We do not even begin to imagine it doing this of itself, for all the components have their known and testable features, their limits and their designations. The fact that all of these things are combined with due regard to an overall constituency does nothing to endow or endue it with power to make itself; for it merely attests that the various items of designable natures may be combined for a purpose, to achieve it.

It is to the designer we look, to his knowledge, fashionings, skills, imagination and powers. If they are strong mentally, then we may expect that there may be combinations of chemicals, organic or inorganic, elemental or compounded, normally occurring in the broader world of 'nature' or synthetically produced, and that this entrepreneurial action will have increased the options available, with cost in view. This is for the fulfilment of the purpose of the thing, whether it be a man's sandal which we may find on the beach, or a biro. They do not because they cannot make themselves, simple though they be. They are designs.

'Nature' is a most unfortunate thing to endow with imagination, creativity and intelligible because intelligent productions. It depends on one thing: the nature of WHAT!

If it is the nature of the designer of the sandal (and some have marvellous proficient thought put into them, and others do not), then his nature will have what it takes to investigate, understand and manipulate, according to their characteristics and the relevant laws in that domain of the broader realm of the creation, and then to execute what is imagined or desired.

If it is the nature of his dog, this 'nature' of his as a designer, will prove inadequate, though it is a most complex and wonderful nature at that! If it is the nature of a moron, that too will prove alas, though having some intelligence, to be too deficient to contrive even more minor things. If it is the nature of things inanimate, then intelligence and imagination may indeed be made manifest in their CONSTRUCTION, but not in its power of action. They SHOW the creation; they do not possess that particular form of skill.

Again, if it is a car, then its 'nature' may be such that it has multiple purpose-built equipment, possibly costing a good fraction of the price of the car, when it is a marvellous one, which may be activated (such as light headlights coming on and going off depending on conditions, automatically) by events, environment, or touch controls. This makes if you will, a sub-order of the car; but this is within the design. It may also have an accident; yet this may be partially covered by automatically and extensively, yes and expensively inbuilt equipment (such as air-bags, or architecturally designed pockets of space), which may protect certain features.

Although the residue after the impact may seem different from the original car, depending on the case, the car may still be stable and able to act; indeed depending on the use desired, it may be quite viable, though of course VULNERABLE now under certain circumstances. The design is harmed, maybe mutilated; but it is not dispersed.

As noted once before, it is conceivable that it may even benefit the use of the car, in some circumstances: thus a projecting piece of the car which hitherto had always scraped on the side of the garage when being parked there, may be knocked off, so increasingly the facility of parking, though decreasing the beauty of the design for purposes other than the immediate transport function, and increasing wind resistance!

The 'nature' of everything has to be quite strictly, stringently and scientifically considered and construed when you  look for its viable products. When we as mankind come to mind, you have the designable features to institute its products, functions and fulfilments; when it is will, you have the arena of purpose and imagination, allied in the case of man, to ultimate purpose FOR man, as a product with a nature. For each, you need what it calls for, the domain dominance required, to create, to institute, to constitute, to combine in the triad of mind, matter and spirit, each forged and formed for the particular case of man.



In this case, however, there is a subtle complication. Man being made with the capacity to integrate thought and conceive imaginatively meaning, his is more than a comparable nature in general, in the less equipped orders of creation. Thus, his nature may change because of his spirit, his purpose, his imagination and his preference, which includes the concept of who he is, what he wants to be, and how he conceives or even wishes (even if foolishly and futilely) to conceive of himself.

This includes illogical ideals and irrational aspirations as well as the purposes for which he was himself built; and he is so made that he does not have to buckle down to the latter. Hence there is a veritable rainbow array, except often in the domain of dark lights and subdued indigoes, of man's nature.

One thing however remains common, and that is the nature of his nature. That is to say, he is what he is, whatever he does with it; and there are limits to the defilement and defoliation of his beauty, duty and purpose. If he acts ruthlessly, conscience, though it be made sick, as a stomach may be, is still available, even when not desired. There are moments of lucidity to imperil rebellion's swagger, and facts of life to stir deliberation on default.

Thus man cannot become angel or God, for he is made and non-eternal; but he may become devil, in that his whole being may become devoted irreversibly in some cases (the unforgivable sin of which Christ spoke, one which however may not be operative until the person does not COME to Christ, for those who  DO have promises made - John 6:37).

This devotion could be to the power of evil, affront and ambition in the presence of God Himself; and that is the underlying passion, however far from intending it may be some of the exponents of non-design.

Non-design then for what ? It is for what by definition has to be the most profound materially invested design known to man on earth (SMR Ch. 2), one which is working itself out in the current culture of design dismissal. The design of God for what He has thus designated is not that it should seek to 'explain' what is in its own terms inexplicable, making of man God and of derivation, ultimacy, of nothing something and of eternity inadequacy. Indeed, He condemns this nescient nonsense for the arbitrary eccentricity against all reason that it is (Romans 1:17ff.).

He explains its origin and future right there, in that Chapter of Romans; and at the same time shows the mode of re-creation (John 3, Titus 3:4ff., II Corinthians 5:17ff.), in order to avoid the mischiefs of misapprehension, mistake and murmuring malady through misconception:  in a word, sin. This is not only to give a way to avert judgment, diverted onto Christ as vicarious sacrifice for those who receive Him by faith; but it is also in order that man may become remade in the image of God, without the default mechanisms of sin defiling and disturbing thought, behaviour, spirit and heart, a phenomenon producing our current exhibit of both mind and world out of control.

We must return to reality. What is needed is not phraseology, but power;  not blatant ignorance of alleged resources, but knowledge; not consignment in defiance of verification, but assignment in accordance with it, not defiance of the realm of attested and adequate power, but acknowledgement of what meets all specifications, is verified in all predictions, covers all logical abysses with ease, and meets ancient and modern evidential criteria alike (cf. TMR Ch. 1).



The nature that matters in any construction is twofold. One is the material used and the other is the user. Of course, with the former goes the entire construction of which the material is a part, one which has its own systems and sub-systems, such as the elemental, the compounds, the laws of physics, chemistry and physiology, the grounds of cohesion whether in atoms or molecules. With the latter, there is system on system, cohesion on cohesion, diffusion of means and concentration of ends, there are the nervous tissue,  organs, brain, the totality of mind, designed matter and designated spirit, called man. It comes to action, operation for construction: this is quite simply, the power of knowledge of systems and systematics of various kinds, thought, manipulation, creation and imagination; and of course, the purpose or purposes.

When we come to the entirety of the natural realm, in its broadest conception, you have mind, matter and spirit. Each has limits and delimitations, laws and cause. All need adequate basis for their origin, synthesis and overall operative facility. Matter knows and shows nothing of this; and the invisible in which our own thoughts participate, thought background of material entities, is required (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 9). Coherent causation of any systems in any realm being required (cf. Causes), there has in the end to be ONE eternal, non-constituted, actual Being, sufficient alone; or nothing. Nothing has no future; and we are a future.

Design is not an opinion; it is a logical necessity. God is not an option; He is the Creator of man.

As shown in SMR, then, in detail, the overall cause is ONE God, almighty, eternal and omniscient, and it cannot be otherwise without default in logic itself. It is HIS nature which is the 'nature' which in fact purposes, not some misuse of the term 'nature' to mean the inanimate realm, for example. That is simply to prostitute scientific method and to look for a cause sufficient for a result where it is not found to operate. Hoping it may one day be seen to operate or imagining that in the past it did, is both non-science and worse still, nonsense. It is a systematic rupture of reality as investigated, shown to be constituted, seen to be operative, of its modes and means, its construction and constriction.

In fact, the evidence from the Word and the Work of God is one: HE once created (nature wasn't 'different', like being in the form of God to do His work then!). He stopped. That is why all the theories whatever of organic evolution can virtually be knocked over by a pin (put in the right place), because it neither happens nor does it show the MEANS so to create.

What God said is what is. What He said He did, is done. What He said He is not doing, is not being done. That is why it is not being seen. This is verification of the biblical model, which nature follows in this as in all. Once the obsession with exclusion zones is removed, and performance based criteria are restored to science, in this as in other fields, there is simply no contest.

The means by which stuff would create itself when it is not there, in part or in whole, these are argued because they are absent; and what is nothing is non-available, and avails nothing for anything. What indeed  is really absent is the rationality of man because of a defective spirituality because he does not desire God, evidence or not. This is the biblical depiction in Romans 1, Ephesians 4, and it is the empirical evidence. The endeavours to make facts evolve into place  has a nil result. They don't.

The facts however do verify in all directions, whether rational or empirical, whether in verification or prediction, the word of God. It is SO, and nothing else is so; and whatever makes so monumental an error as to imagine that non-god can do a God work, merely wastes time, beats the air and invalidates the reputation of science, by becoming an arrant philosopher, enemy of evidence, a peer of the poetic art, where reality is sidestepped, and new worlds that please the eye are invented. None of them, however, are this one.

If you want to account for something, the imagination freed from constraint is not the realm to employ;  but it is instead the combination of the empirical, the rational and the cogitative. Far from the analogical, this is the rational. You remove non-performers in scientific method; this organic evolution is one of them. The biblical model is the performer. You retain it. Case closed.

If you do not have a visible exhibit, then you must consider the evidence for the invisible, both in kind  and concept, and in practical illustration, as in our own lives.

Even some magnetic waves are not visible; and this does nothing to destroy their reality. What is visible only to the mind is not a rational ground for inhibition in its use or assignment. When in fact our own invisible spirits purpose, program or resist program, it becomes unconscionable to imagine that we are left without a witness concerning creation. We ourselves are experts in it, inured to it, spectators of it continually, craftsmen in it. This TYPE of thing exists and is most effective within the merely material realm when we operate upon it; although in our necessarily derivative case, it has limits.

Since limits need their delimitation, there can never be any de jure, except in the non-ultimate nature, cause and creators. God would not be God if He had them; for the imposer would be joint with Him in a system, or else God, to whom then attention would need to be directed, correctly.

Again, in any system of godlets:  if each imaginable goddy thing gave to the other in an imaginary sequence of this sort of thing, then the system of goddy things would itself need cause and creation for communication, correlation and systematisation, by what is not a goddy thing, but the ground and cause, sufficiency and eternal at that, never missing, never leaving nothing for any self-contradictory future.

This by no means implies that the God of creation is indistinct. He is who He is and will do what He wants to do, without IMPOSED limit. It is strange how hard it seems to be for some, perhaps through alienation, to conceive of the fact that TO BE does not require indistinctness because it is unlimited. Infinity may be conceived as a series, in its terms of reference; but this is not at all infinity in kind, since it is limited to BEING a series.

As to the unbounded, eternal God, time being a limit, is His invention and He says so (Romans 8:36ff.). There is no question of His operating by its permission or under its duress. It operates by His! All knowing, He is what He wishes; all seeing, He changes not at all, for change is a derivative of time, occurs over time, whereas what is above the vicissitudes and developments of time is past assessments and considerations of conditions and constraints. Freedom is quintessential, and it is for this reason that man, in the image of God, often makes a god of it, and wants it more than what it might convey!

What He chooses is His own affair; what He is has no bounds, no impositions, no intrusions, but likewise, is both His will and His being, neither part controlling another part, nor desire frustrating any, since otherwise He would be limited by combinations, and confronted by limitations. Such a Being as God the Creator, has nothing to gain from any,; for if He did, it would represent an inadequacy in need of fulfilment, and hence a subjection both to time sequence and to controlling nature.



liberty is a grand creation, its misuse a lowly degradation

He gives. That is the nature of God. He creates, which is one mode of giving.

You have in the end just to realise that in the beginning, He was there (cf. Proverbs 8, Genesis 1, John 1, Revelation 4:11, Psalm 90:2); and the beginning of creation was His affair. Truth reigned; spirit was all; thought was overall; understanding was without bound; and God was this. He did not develop into being - for then an environment and potential would have been His, requiring its source, and hence he would be derivative from that, and not its basis. When God is the focus, there is eternity and there is certainty, for nothing changes in His nature. When jealous created natures affect not to understand, one reason is this: that it is beyond their OWN limited natures, and they are unwilling to conceive beyond themselves, a sort of ultimate in selfish-ness.

Loving, good, since spoil from toil is not needed; and kinks to get kicks from creation would indicate a deficiency, and hence is out of court at once; for it would require an imposed nature needing fulfilment and development, and so a delimitation and control. These are impossible for the Creator, possible only for derivatives. Such things are inapplicable, inexorably alien. How often in the Bible, God indicates the goodness He had been willing to show. Thus in Isaiah 48:17-19, you have this, very much as in Matthew 23:37 and Luke 19:42ff.:

bullet Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer,

The Holy One of Israel:

"I am the Lord your God,

Who teaches you to profit,

Who leads you by the way you should go.

"Oh, that you had heeded My commandments!

Then your peace would have been like a river,

And your righteousness like the waves of the sea.

Your descendants also would have been like the sand,

And the offspring of your body like the grains of sand;

His name would not have been cut off

Nor destroyed from before Me."

It is not love's way to domineer in hearts, for how do you love mere thrust which is not a mutuality, but a mere rush of plush power! Yet He knows the end, and has His plans overall, which never fail. He is never lost; it is man who is lost.

His goodness and love, giving and grace are what He is like. Truth is His and He does not lightly regard its desecration. Since love is contrary to force, He does not force; since sin is contrary to truth, He does judge. In His love, He IS merciful, and in mercy, you find the Gospel which for thousands of years He proceeded to inculcate into man, until He came and did it, what was needed at Calvary.

Just as at creation, He acted and did it; and what He desired, it was done. It could not be otherwise. It is He who reads the responses and knows past all the contrivances of man, the truth!

Let us reflect a moment. Nothing controls Him, then as we see: even if His 'nature' controlled Him, then that itself would be a delimitation, an inhibition, a constraint imposed, and so the 'god' in view could not be God, but a mere mirage of supposition.

In reality, as you find in His word, God's nature and will are in perfect affinity and accord. Indeed,  if it were otherwise, either the 'nature' would be imposed, or the 'will'. We are accustomed to delimitation BECAUSE created. It is not hard to realise that the One whose eternity alone has allowed anything to exist, lacks as control, what He imposes, and is imposed on by none. Limitation is His creation. It enables creatures. Of these, man is one, but not an animal.

The failure to realise this makes the modern enormity of referring to man as an animal, to appear one of the most perverse misuses of any language possible. The gulf between the one and the other, it is supreme, absolute and vast in character, involving the very capacity to rove as we do, to investigate scientifically and to create in imaginative and conscious conception. It is as a CREATION, not an animal, that all ALL materially composed  living things have something in common. Man is a human creation; beasts are an animal creation. The gulf is broad, and the language is merely gross if it fails to distinguish, a misuse of terms, a failure in expression, a tabulation which is mere confabulation, inadequate depiction.

Just in the same way, a piece of paper tossed into the bin and a poem are both results of creative activity: very different to be sure, but of the original thought and devices, purposes and decision of the agent or actor in view. This does nothing to diminish differences or ignore vast diversities; but it does illustrate what is the factual link between all living things, in which the living language of DNA operates, like a hand-writing, one language for one and for all.

The mutual involvements in systems, understood or not, this is another feature in common. It is similar in kind to books on my shelves. They are distinct creations, common in setting, under some mutual constraints (seen if the shelf falls); but they are exceedingly different in kind. Some may be scribbles from a primary class.

These do not become Shakespearian plays, any more than the thoughts of a First Year Maths. student 'become' those of an Einstein. It depends on the cause, the source, the capacity, the nature of the thing. 'Nature' does not do it. The one with this or that nature does what is appropriate to that nature. That is simply the nature of the case. The definition of natures is not made by a quiddity which invents itself before it is, and then defines itself. It is made by its Creator; and the systems of all, and their contents are made by what being adequate to do what man himself cannot, yet does.

The nature of the ultimate Nature, without which for ever, nothing ever, on which nothing impacts, since otherwise there is no ground for anything and reason merely collapses: it is at least what is required for ALL the results. Just as there are not goddies, for God, so there is one God for all the systems. What He is in power and eternity, in majesty being unlimited and wonder, is discernible from His works. What is His plan may be found ONLY from His words. Those in the DNA are not at all sufficient for this, since they are merely for the construction of living things; not for their instruction, except as to the power and mind of the Maker (Romans 1:17).

His power needs to be recognised, and His nature to be found (Psalm 57, II Timothy 3). Its de-recognition is one of the predicted signs of our time, as the Age 'matures' before His return (cf. SMR Ch. 8).

It is indeed without bounds. Unlimited purchasing power certainly does not mean none; nor is purchasing power to be delimited idly to some one nation's currency unit. We must not move into immovability of mind through lack of imagination; nor must we move into imagined realms without a reason.

With reason we look for God, the God of power, mercy, love and creation. The moment, however we cease to use reason as valid, the case collapses. Only those who do use it are then able to continue until the rationality of all things is established, including the causative act of  God as the basis of our current mode of causality with its defined limits. It is this which is the rational basis for the operation of a causal system for thought and 'nature' as created, their correlation and their effectiveness, the one for the other. Subtle, pervasive, functionally correlated systems do not 'arise'. They require what it takes; and they themselves have nothing to offer for their creation before they are there.

What has what it takes for anything within the definition of design, can do it; and the further back we go in origins, the more it must have; for from that perspective, there is then much more to account for; and so we proceed until all delimited things, de facto, being accounted for, we reach the undelimited but not indistinct, the adequate and the Source which has of course ALL that it takes to make all.



He acts. We see action that has come; and is not being repeated; and not even new information in more advanced designs is being found 'arising'. Creation is at the option of the Creator. He is not forced. He acts when and how He will. Biblically, He has finished (cf. Genesis 2:4, Hebrews 11:1-3). That is the information given. If it were amended, it would be by Him, not by the knowledge of man! You cannot even tell Greg Norman when to create a golf-course; far less could you tell Einstein when to think up E=MC2, and that was merely a creative thought about what already was there!

The mode of making a delimited, designed thing, then,  is by creation. The creative power is matched to the created ingredients, and the work is wrought, except when the creation in view is that OF the ingredients, in which case these are first made, and then other creations, the matter simply proceeding back one more step.

That is the normal procedure; and the character and quality of the designs simply depend on the nature and power of the designer. A primary school pupil designing a birthday card has design power; but not great in address and knowledgeability as to its formulation, formation and information background. A gifted trained artist has far more. A genius has yet more. A genius of an Age may have yet more. The power to create a genius has far more.

Once we step over the current confusion of chance with design, as if the word 'chance' solved some problem or had any relevance, rather than simply indicating a system or set of integrated systems which have peculiar and special modes of normal operation, into which we are not at this moment envisaged any purposive intrusion; and once we move to the Designer, there are fascinating matters to contemplate.

Once rebellion ceases to hypnotise reason, we move into genuine discovery and delight.

It is only when one is willing to look at verification and validity, rationality and integrity, that one appreciates the fact that the Bible meets all the specifications of rationality, scientific method, the criteria of logic and the resolution of problems*1. That last is an enormous feature in scientific method, and nothing can stand which falls here; in fact, nothing else stands here at all!

This is shown in SMR, in detail*2; but already above we have seen and given reference to the fact that its word is NEVER shown false, always is verified or vindicated, the doctrine of creation is not merely correct, but necessary, that of regeneration is not merely a resolution of difficulties but a confirmation of creation, and that man is so made that meaning and rationality are intensely central in him, and without their fulfilment, he is a misnomer. With this meaning, all being answered, there is no other rational option. From this then, we take the data, as from the rocks; and in both we find only the Creator, only the Saviour, and no other sign, signal, symbol or signification.

The words FOR our construction and to secure our instruction, they come from the One capable, who knows HOW to do both, and how to rebuke the fatuous conceptions of self-making selves who are on each other, having nothing better to do than survive; as if a car were there in the garage, protecting itself with automated guns, having nothing better to do than sit there, and keep at it.

It is when you move from the hideous strangulations of irrational naturalism to the supernatural and self-revealed God of the Bible, that you find all answers profoundly simple, simply profound, fashioned to need, contrary to greed, arrogance and greatness of man, rather declaring the place for the race. It is not small; it is not to be God. It is to become the children of God, by faith through love. .

It is then that the fetters of naturalism being lost, the simplicities of believing in the God of creation and information, not only for our construction, but for our instruction, become apparent. When that instruction is both without parallel in testable integrity, and of a scope which admits of no natural source, while in passing resolving all philosophical problems and making of man a meaningful and responsible agent, of which his guilt securely advises him from within: then there is no choice other than self-will or God's will.

It is of the mercy of God that in His profundity He has left nothing to the mere tides of events, but before all time has known His own (Ephesians 1:4). At the same time, it is most clear that He is  most willing for any and for all (Matthew 22:9, Luke 19:42ff., Colossians 1:19-20). There is no divine headwind for the return of man to God; but there is a tempest against all hypocrisy, where the direction of God by subtlety or self-serving is the intent, rather than repentance and reception of the living God AS God into one's life (cf. Proverbs 1, 8).

Thus we are constructed in love, and instructed for wisdom; conceived into being, and in revelation gifted in truth. The way to proceed is to accord with God. What is that way ?

As to that, this in that same Bible where the first domain for the person of faith, is that of love, so that man ceases to hate and destroy his neighbour, abandons futile war in the camps of foolish self-willed philosophies of nature, loves God with all His heart and mind and strength. In the end, it is also that of productive peace, so that man is not always invading his neighbour's territory for greed or arrogance or revenge, but loving his neighbour as himself, realises to the full the preciousness of life, and cares for it.

It shows also that while God commands repentance for unruliness and obedience to righteousness (Titus 3:4-7, Hosea 14, Luke 13:1-3, Romans 8), this is not as a mere imposition, or condition of becoming a child, but an expression of BEING a child of God. Thus,  there is in this life, as surely a joy as if a car,  could it be conscious, might have when it gets fresh oil, and might likewise have at the thought of it, and of its availability (John 16:22). On these, see I John, James 1, Revelation 20-22, Philippians 4:1-6, 2:1-10, Ephesians 2:1-10).

Such a provision for a created being, on the part of the Creator is obviously a humiliating task for Him, when it involves incarnation into the vulnerable mode of becoming man in format, so that per justice, a vicarious atonement in sacrificial cover of sin is made; but love is like that.

If it costs to reach one who becomes a child of His, so be it. It is paid.

Man in sin is not in himself keen on this change; but sin is like that.

Love however knows how to seek (Luke 15:10, 19:10, Mark 4:18). As in creation itself, it does the job; it does what it takes, and having what it takes, it gives. This in turn is the source of all human love and giving; but it is pure, most pure, needing nothing and giving all.

In this wisdom, there is a prodigy of realms. One of these is healing, where the goodness of mercy is seen in the provisions that can energise, activate and actualise wonders even now, IN the creation, for the good and endurance of its design, under duress.





Thus, take healing, and take the use of stem-cells as reported for example in a 26 page exposition in the National Geographic Magazine in July 2005. First let us consider healing itself.

A massive segment of skin is cut, and twisted; its geometry is compromised, thousands of cells are slaughtered, death moves into the scene, systems are invaded, blood designs are distorted, cells move in to overcome infection, their corpses making a yellow mess, perhaps hardening into scabs. The cells are DIRECTED to CONSOLIDATE themselves into skin layers once more, layer on layer. The geometry (say of the arm) is restored, the correct lines and spatial proportions come as the wound heals (assuming there is no scar, on omission often in place!). Small hairs once more grow on the completed architectural, organically stabilised material, the cutaneous and the sub-cutaneous, the epidermal and the dermal, the associated muscles and the fat, all quietly resume their proportions. A HUGE enterprise of vast significance has occurred.

Programming is obvious everywhere; and this is merely ONE of the domains of the purpose-built phenomenon known as man. Another is the formation of the material from the embryo, so that the various TYPES of cell may be invented, move and be forged into organs, with the organic modelling implicit, the spatial proportions governed as by a resident architect,  while these cell types move to organic interaction on programmed lines, production lines streaming in sequence, synchronised, and the subordination of the whole to the usage accorded to the person involved, proceeds.

This cell specialisation is not de novo in our current embryos,  but for the present case, it moves from the invented program which did perform it de novo at the first of man, as instituted, constituted, concatenated and conceived, articulated and enable for unitary action with purpose as one whole. That had its own rational etiology: it had its own minimal causative requirements in the domain of the operative use of language and its combination with executive order, and their 'understanding' by various sensors and agents, who must ACT on the information received and PERFORM what is THEREFORE required, as logic takes over from the programmed resource.

The purpose-subordination also has its minimal causal requirements, not being any part of any organ, or any distributive system, since it calls on each and all, on any, to do a work which the parts neither conceive nor initiate, though they may call, to be refused or allowed, as purpose permits.

Now we move to the case of the brain, when injured,  as in some of the major wars, and parts of it becoming dysfunctional because of this. Amazing programmed powers then become apparent in some  cases at least, by which functions are spatially RE-ASSIGNED in this most complex of organs, so that with the PURPOSIVE thrust of imagination implicit, not this time under any purposive control of the person concerned: there is a utilisation of resources, as in a war-time country, to fit the new delimitations.

In some creatures, whole new organs are provided for in the programming interstices of life, by DNA and other means. This is more than replacement; it is re-situation, with perforce, new connections, and may even involve 'learning' in which new facilities need new awareness of their kind, character and mode of usage.

We move further into this domain of intricate, commanded, controlled, diversified, inventive healing, and come to stem-cells (National Geographic, loc.cit). It has been reported that some of these, say taken from a patient's bone marrow, injected into coronary arteries,  may actually find the site of injury and set about repairing it. Possibly, it is reported, even the very presence of stem cells might stimulate repair type activity without necessarily integrally involving them in the reconstruction. The reported fact in the case was that cardiac function increased significantly!

Again, some stem-cells - and the modes*3A of deriving them and moving towards diversification into specialised cells for injection are showing evidence of growing - moved to specialisation into cardiac format, are reportedly able to find their way to replace function for injured cardiac cells. Here the body's own reservoir of stem cells on the one hand, and powers of diversification on the other in some of a patient's stem cells, indicate a fascinating level of ingenious repair facility, in some ways like trained workers entering on a factory floor to process, or here reprocess. Indeed, in one cellular case, there is report of certain retinal cells from healthy creatures becoming active in the delicate repair of injured retinas in others. "What they do is find the retinal injury and repair it," says one worker.

Repair kits of stem-cells in adult human bodies represent a magnificent potential for automated or aided repair work, not all being limited to one totally specialised function. Our concern at this point is the accumulated evidence of ingenuity through mini-creative actions entering programmatically into repair, restoration and renewal. Here functionally, by report, we move from cell-restoration through renewal in the ordinary sense, to coherent involvement of stem-cells and derivatives in active search and build missions, the opposite of the search and kill mode of some, in war.

This is yet a further aspect and component of creation, not direct, but as is the case in various creations of man himself to a lesser degree, wrought as modes from the implicit and explicit donations in creation are activated by the stimuli of demand and need, in the programmatic totality. Thus the conceptual fabric and articulated agencies  by which the item in question exists, for the model in question, man, became viable; and thus viable, they respond according to their inculcated performance criteria, stimulus-response sub-agencies, and command facilities.

It is rather like a war-time PM, such as Churchill, having a vast array of contingency plans readied for operation, so that even if he slept, they could be implemented without delay. It was something to see Churchill at it; to see it devised in advance and performed by program, this takes us to an eminent level of brilliance in accord with the brilliance of the MODE of the command-performance structure itself, so making an integrality of brilliance on a consistent basis in man's available apparatus, his body.

This is what creation is all about: composition, control, contingency, correlation, integration, combination, performance, foresight, insight, propagation and viability. If you want to make it, it has to be, and to be able to stay around.

Thus there are hidden depths of implicit creativity, with staggering skill and ingenuity, supplied for the continuity of the life of various creatures, and in the highest degree for a visible entity known, in man, this may involve AS WELL explicit creative power prodigious in kind, though indirect in its deployment, exactly as we do in various designs of our own, whether material (as in an aeroplane with provisions for action in the event of certain dysfunctions or damage), or immaterial, as in the scenarios envisaged for an opera, to cover various contingencies and modes of overcoming disaster, should they actually materialise!

When you want for the cause of all this, what does not display in its nature the required constructive, imaginative, correlative, procedural, contingency-related programming capacity, to perform such works, you simply exhume reason, already dead, from your ideas, and mock it. 'Nature' is but a name. WHAT nature ?

In the nature of the case, the nature concerned has to have the requirements of the invention involved. Following some 'nature' which does not, is nothing other than wilful impertinence before the power of the One who has it. It is 'impertinent' in the good old sense of having no relationship, but at the personal level it is simple defamation of deity! It is precisely as the Bible indicates in Ephesians 4:17-19, a case of being alienated from God, and having the understanding darkened. Nor is an endemic thing, but contingent on the stimulus of coming to the area of GOD. It is there that the systematic deviation occurs, just as in a divorce case, where a brilliant surgeon may be hopelessly raw on the topic of his own, former wife...

What  then is needed is not a name so generalised as to a verbal cover-up, so inapplicable  as to be a conflict of terminology with functionality;  but one which  has what it takes, name it what you will. What it takes is not merely available logically in terms of sufficient cause, for brilliance is not to be found in the absence of mind, nor is program in the absence of conception, nor is contingency operation in the absence of thought, and if it were so, it would be helpful to show these powers in what is by 'nature' not so!

Empirically, this is not done, since this is the whole nature of the definitional realities involved. The opacity on 'Nature'  has nothing to do with science, for in this as in any other facet of it, it is useless simply to imagine powers where they are not discovered, and to deny them where they are. That is fantasy. It is, quite objectively anti-scientific, scientistic, an abortion of science and a fateful folly in man. It is old as in Romans 1:17ff., where man insists on dealing with natural things as their own source, and resorts to having them not there, create themselves, at once or in stages.

The derivation of the creative agent called man requires a scenario of acute creativity; for the creation of creativity in a spiritual being (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Little Things Ch. 5), this a fortiori is a matter beyond mere material programming. The very nature of creativity itself, as distinct from exhibits of its power,  is such that it CANNOT be programmed.

Provisions FOR it may indeed be programmed; but the function itself is definitively merely a possibility, and its coming is not irrational but super-rational. To create concepts, thoughts, ideas, ideals and so forth, on the part of man, this is something involving knowledge, perception and conception, yes all that, but the depiction of the invisible in purpose and desire, beyond any known exemplar, for man.

Sometimes the case is such that it is embarrassing to a former perception, or even supersedes it, or does so in certain cases, as between Einstein and Newton. Yet the thing is not limited to what is endeavouring to reconstruct what is, in the mental domain, correlative to the manifest work of the Designer Himself, by virtue of whom such a reconstruction is possible. It is not only this, this degree and limit of operation which is here in view  for what is made in His image, though derivative and delimited in part. In man's realm of derivative creativity, he may actually seek to envisage things unknown, created by thought in its own inventiveness, as a creator within the bounds of enterprise assigned to its operation in its own construction.

Reason is not creation. It is however a mode of disposing of systems, comprehending, while the invisible spirit is a means of composing them, supposing them, and relating them to the invention of purposes wrought in that dimension of vitality, as accorded to man. The entire reality of man, a PERSON with materially designed, programmatically arranged, mentally equipped, and spiritually enabled components all subservient to his disposition WITHIN LIMITS (just as, at the material level, an aeroplane is not a car, though each may have multiple options for itself, at its own level), must be faced by reason.

Otherwise,  irrationality resumes, reason dies and man voluntarily becomes a rational disaster scene, with total explanation available for everything, but left by the creativity function declining science, worshipping unabashedly at the idol range of irrational naturalism, or resorting to the egotistic follies of humanism.

It is merely further  evacuated of reason (as by a vacuum pump working hot) when also ignored scientifically and empirically is the divine gift to the further extent of explicit revelation, from the maker of the Model, in terms of mandate and covenant, as found in the Bible. While direct personal understanding in this is a mode available to spirit at the discretion of the Creator of man (Matthew 16:17, 11:27),  yet for millenia it has been publicly presented on a basis offered to all, urged on all (cf. Proverbs Ch. 1!), delivered for all, and made practical by the Man sent for all (23:37, Luke 19:42ff., Colossians 1:19ff., John 3:16-17)), that the world might not be condemned, despite these dissidences, rejected as if by a petulant child.

It has another resultant.



If it were possible, then, abortion of design as a foundation of man is worse even than convenience abortion of human embryonic life.

It assaults, now quite directly, the inventor of life, the deployer of systems, the integrator of elements, the conceiver of purpose and the Creator of all things.

It seeks to arrest and hide from sight the reality of the Creator and so acts to  defame Him.

This then becomes the greatest defamation case in history, and it means that it makes, gratuitously, a meaningless masterpiece out of a prodigy of creation called man, so acting contrary to reason and scientific method.

Aborting man by spiritual misrule, it would leave him to be stranded in the unknown, while he strives and fights for his irrational ideologies, in the main, with increasing vigour and power while the planet dissolves slowly, but now more quickly under his malign, and conceited eye. To be sure, in all of this, man is ably assisted by the Adversary, the devil, whose power in temptation only the brainless could fail to know, and whose success only the sightless could fail to see (cf. SMR pp. 590-594). This ? it is so unless the relevant faculties are closed down at the relevant point, as Christ revealed (Matthew 13:14ff.). In this case, the equipment may be intact; but not its relevant function!

Not merely is this so; but this unscientific caper also ignores the demonstrable verification of the OTHER words of the Bible, in its predictive and retrodictive performances, the former EXPLICITLY in order to show the nature of the Author (cf. Isaiah 41, 43, 48, and consult e.g. SMR pp. 973A, *24, The Pitter-Patter ... Ch. 4). This it does,  in the very face of the inability to achieve rational explanation without Him, on the part of this 'science', if by this you mean the secular, humanist prejudice panache which, joined to regular science, masquerades as 'science'.

This brand of the thing is in fact merely scientistic, a parade in name but not in susbtance, ignoring the normal methods of science when in this field, unable to show otherwise than what God has proclaimed, even to achieve rationality at all as shown above. Indeed,  its ability to immerse itself in this area with the obscurity and obscurantism, the diligent battles and the defective outcomes that contrast with its actions in its proper field, is itself a notable data base for science to investigate!*3

As with tests for drug use in cycling, currently grabbing much attention in this world, there are results which demand assessment. This is one of them.


Nor is it simply a case of


IGNORING what works in EVERY verificatory dimension, and


INSISTING on what consistently fails (cf. SMR pp. 140ff., TMR Chs. 1, 5, 7,8).


Incredible in the arena of scientific rationality and method as this would be -


were it not for the hereby vindicated and verified biblical assessment and forecast
of man's spiritual position,

one loud in denunciation of truth in the area of God,
and foible-filled in avoidance procedures
(Ephesians 2:1-12, 4:17-19, Matthew 13:14ff., Jeremiah 5, 17,
Isaiah 6, Romans 1-2, Matthew 24, Revelation 4-9),
while especially futile in endless vain endeavours
to make 'nature' into some kind of irrelevant but desired 'god':


this is far from all.

It involves and indeed includes at the simply personal level such a detachment from life and its resources as exhibited but by no means exhausted in our construction of mind, body and spirit, such a severance as makes man increasingly insufferable to himself, whether individually, socially, militarily, politically or cognitively, ideologically, psychologically or metaphysically. Astray, increasingly obvious in his international facilitation of communication, whether by IPOD or ROCKET, he is becoming a maelstrom centre, largely of his own making.

This is not merely a fact, or a predicted one*4A; it is a result of rational grounds, and the abuse of reason, spirit and truth. A perfect harmony and consistency*4B available in all things, on all sides is merely contemptuously disregarded, while the violation of codes, canons and rationale becomes as if automated, in some mis-performing apparatus, alas, called man! Yet it is voluntary... if not always conscious, as if with other drugs.

This defamation of deity, then, with any such angry and averted looks, depletions and disregards, scorns and scoffings (cf. Proverbs 1, Matthew 26-27), multiplied at the Cross of Christ, multiple in kind, serial in dimension, at times comic in proportions, is yielding endless divergences on the part of its exponents, and that in many fields (cf. SMR Chs. 2-4, 10).

There are indeed in the field of biological speculation, that pit of non-performance,  horror responses of astounded and discomforted partisans, often enough as in Gould, Goldschmit, Nilsson, Løvtrup, though evolutionists they be; and naturally enough, these degradations are met by vigorous rejections, as at the hands of eminent scientists who are creationists, as those of Newton (Sir Isaac), Faraday (d. 1867) and Babbage (d. 1871), Maxwell (d. 1879),  and Morse (d. 1872) , Boyle (d. 1691), Lord Kelvin (d. 1907), Joule (d. 1899) and Fleming (d. 1945), and across the channel, of Cuvier (d. 1832), Linnaeus (d. 1788),  von Braun (d. 1977), Professor W.R. Thompson*4, and very many more advanced scientists*5 .

Necessarily as an unchecked  resultant,  and in its survival syndrome wars from Nazism and Communism, forgetting who and what man is, and seeking simply to go ON anywhere, those intoxicated with this non-festive feast or unreason, imagining out of nothing, everything they desire*5 , in company with other force of arms religions, slay on demand. It is the manifest destiny of the American people, this was heard of the taking of that continent, some centuries ago; it was the destiny of the Aryan race, another had it, of Allah's submission campaign, others would have, as they trample accordingly, and make submission by edict; it was the classless society, founded on what did not happen, and dynamised by what could not happen, illustrated by what did not happen, and this juggernaut had its catch in tens of millions within, as well as more outside of it.

Power as purpose has become corrupted to the point that the bases for it are like so many dreams*6. it is damaging mankind.

It is merely one more sop to unspirituality, godlessness and disorientation *6. It is for this reason that man is becoming a mockery of intelligence, a comedy of errors, a tragedy of pain and a sink of suffering.

What else, when you


ignore what you are, to whom you are responsible, and


engage in ludicrous efforts to become the best,

when you


neither did nor could create yourself,


imagine myths which did, and


ignore the God who continually demonstrates Himself (SMR, TMR),
alone able to meet the facts, verify His word,

while scientistic sallies foul the waters with phraseological mud, and fitness prescriptions unfit for even rationality.

It is like any attempt to remove the LIMITS and the LAWS which govern  any cause. It defaces in this case, not the inviolable God (who voluntarily took the form  man to enable the violation to become sacrificial and so effective for the RE-creation of man, back in his original image), who is immutable in His own form; but rather defiles man himself.

He cuts off the spiritual arteries, effects seizures in his own brain, fits into his own smooth operating potential, wars in his endless dissensions and greed, follies innumerable in his exasperations, frenzies in his frustrations: all unnecessary were it not for the naturalism, humanism, liberalism, lordly lusts and passion-filled busts into which man descends when he ignores his Maker. He even uses weird distortions of religions, or invents them, in order to bring God into his defamatory proceedings, directly!*6

Thus is man defaming the brilliance of God, the intelligence of God, the creativity of God, the grandeur of His splendour, the gift of His life in His image, the resounding rationality of His gift of thought in the universe of His creation (cf. SMR Ch. 5), defiling the dissolution of antinomies (cf. SMR Ch. 3, Predestination and Freewill Section 4), the requirements of holiness, the beatitudes of love (cf. Matthew 5, I Corinthians 13), and exploiting whatever resources he can.

The trend is secure but its result infinitely less so: filled with the ideas of self-importance, self-creation, selfishness and solicitude for greatness, unspiritual man moves with an increasingly sobering and devastating dynamic to facilitate the work of the devil, like someone wanting to spoil his teeth, by constantly sucking jubes ... like someone disorientated, walking up the highway in the face of the oncoming lights of the night-time traffic, like those so doped that their very brightness becomes deadly, like those fascinated by merely bright lights, drawn without understanding to their death.

Worse, he thus turns from the RE-CREATION available freely from that liberal Lord, the God of creation, provided to restore Him to the heights of compassion and the purity of pity, so that life can be abundant, meaningful, sacred and loved; and scurries from the light.

Defaming the Gospel that God so LOVED the world, and the command to love his neighbour as himself, he shows by experimental verification the wisdom of God by exhibiting the follies of each and every alternative, as if by some kind of cardinal obsession, some masochistic kink, arming and axing his way into his own version of hell, before facing judgment itself.

The grant, however, of the Gospel of the grace of God, is no less vital than the grant of life itself. This divine nurture is no more ascribable to nature than its own existence, in whole or in part; or his own. Yet he muddles in his mud-thoughts; for man is always seeking to invent something without showing HOW or even WHY, by magic and myth and imagination, rather than seek God, and seeking, find Him, and so the truth for all things, nothing missing, all explained, every feature assessed, all things weighed by the wisdom of the Maker.

To deploy oneself and imagine impossible universes, such as is now habitual, as through will and by fancy, is no more worthy of thought than is the king of the castle play of children, or the industrious rushes of blood in the ruinous pace of speed fiends, who make so much of going, that they fail to consider this, where they are getting to be!

The Gospel arrests this decline, not only, as in the case of stopping smoking, preventing more illicit and reckless damage, but in providing for the restoration of  spiritual health. It is interesting that this very morning, on ABC Radio News (August 3, 2006), one hears that in China there has never been such a rush on plastic surgery of the FACE. Numerous maidens, we find, are rushing to have their faces made more attractive, more becoming, through the knife. Why ? By the reportage, it is in order to have better jobs and mates. It is no longer felt, said the reporter, that it is inner beauty that matters.

That is the trend. It is found in manners, in wars at small flare points, in durable and obstinate contests, in intractable conflicts even if millions die, arising like so many tornadoes of human passion, twisting and turning, sweeping without relenting, whatever is in the way. The religions of force are furious; they are spurious; they are deadly, malign and malicious, devilish and deceitful, devious and absurd.

To follow them is to be passionately in love with death. Is this not precisely what the Lord declares, as wisdom, in Proverbs 8! (cf. I Corinthians 1:30)

"While as yet He had not made the earth, nor the fields,
nor the highest part of the dust of the world.; when he prepared the heavens,
I was there.

"When He set a compass upon the face of the depth;
when He established the clouds above;
when He strengthened the fountains of the deep:
when He gave to the sea His decree, that the waters should not pass His commandment: when He appointed the foundations of the earth:

"Then I was by him, as One brought up with Him: and I was daily His delight,
rejoicing always before him, rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth;
and My delights were with the sons of men.

"Now therefore give heed to me, O you children: for blessed are they who keep My ways.
Hear instruction, and be wise, and do not refuse it.

"Blessed is the man who hears Me, watching daily at My gates,
waiting at the posts of My doors.
For whoever finds Me finds life, and will obtain favour from the LORD.
But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul:
all those who hate me love death."


Death ? One prefers life, eternal life, the sort that coming from the Creator, who giving grace for restoration, not renovation, regeneration, not degeneration, immortality beyond mortality and vigorous vitality not dissident subdual, has exposed His hand.

This He has done, not only to reason and scientific method in the creation, but in His own speech: not only in DNA and its allies for our construction by code and command, precisely as He said - God spoke and it was done - but He has exposed it also to the very spirits He has made.

He has spoken in our construction, and to ourselves, as so made. He has made what no man has made, living souls able to respond, and even though wilfully become sick in sin, responsible from the first, as to the last, before His all-knowing counsel.

The command now ? it is not difficult to find, ready to be discerned. It is this.  God has commanded all men to repent; He invites all to receive the salvation in Christ and the eternal life which is His, who having it (I John 1, John 8:58, Micah 5:1-3), has bestowed it freely on all who seek, and seeking find, believe, and believing accept: on all who looking to the Lord of creation, find the God of salvation (Luke 13:1-3, Acts 17:30-31, Romans 3:23-27, John 10:9, Matthew 20:28, John 6:50-54, 6:40).

There is no other (cf. SMR Ch. 10), nor has any other spoken, not a word, by which to be discerned, heard or understood, to be tested, verified or validated, by which to appeal to reason given to man, or to  heart or even to the practical pragmatics of life for those whom He has made.

The defamation of God has not only the folly of defiling in word or spirit the magnificence that is His, the nobility, the sacrificial love, the enduements of design and the designations of joy, but the abysmal arrogance of despising His gift of eternal life, while imbuing this one with a debasement which is mere misuse of equipment, and the persistent and polluted execution of the execrable, whether in deed or in spirit.

Not defamation, but reclamation, this is the need for our race. Without it, it is lost already (Ephesians 4:17-19).







See with SMR, also:


The gods of naturalism have no go!  

The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy




There is nothing that is not subdued by the truth of Christ, for it answers all, to all, and withal, adequately. Nothing has anything approaching this felicity. That is simply the way truth is. It must however be trusted!

See also Dig Deeper, Higher Soar, Divine Glory Delights the More. \



SMR pp. 113-116, 141, 211,



There are always two questions in such procedures. One is that of right and wrong, fighting God and obeying Him, tilting at life and repairing what is broken, seeking a massif of self-importance as man as if he were God, and serving God by showing a humble, poised and willing attitude to dealing with affliction, and helping. The other is the technical, the power and wit to know how to do this, when there is a question of merely procedural methodology.

It is not really difficult when once you put your feet on the rock of reality.

The PURPOSE must be right - repair, not creation. It is when god and man, God and gods become inextricably connected in imaginary writhings of uncertain souls that there is mere argumentation; and that being the woof and warp increasingly of modern society, it exhibits giant divisions on such topics. It is like trying to build identical houses, one on a foundation of a crag, and another on a flat rock surface!

The METHOD must be right - use of means to supply what through damage for any reason has become defective in operation, without abuse of those means.

The MATRIX must be right: sound elements in the procedure, not damaged or unknown ones, involving fragile or defective things stage-managed with the cavalier disregard of ignorance or oblivion of vital delicacies.

In addition, the PROTECTION must be sound, for some might use what is stored for delimited therapeutic purposes, for fun, profit or interest, abusing life for purposes hedonistic, exploitative or arrant. This is not the least difficulty; for the abuse of life within, in the body or mind, socially, politically and for profit is one of the underlying causes of judgment, constantly in many spheres allowing the devilish impulsions to ruin magnificence with banal blights and trivial thought. If however we move from the possible use of stem cells of different derivations to cloning, we enter at once the insalubrious, indifferent or misdirected.

Cloning itself of course is in itself an entirely different procedure for man, and becomes an invasion, an assault, a defilement of life and a defiance of the Creator. In this sense, it is merely a technical expression of the assault on God, be it intentional or otherwise. You are trying TO MAKE what has an abundance of intricacy, a reserve of meaning, an origin of creation from One infinitely wiser than you are, and you are doing it without mandate, a scrappy derivative of God trying to perform after the event, some of His works, by seizing controls.

Because the purpose of life is His, this becomes an invasion, like that of Hezbollah into Israel (by exporting bodies with bombs), and soon achieves unrestraint: unfeeling, thoughtless, arrogant and untrue, unjust and unreasonable. If you want to alter what God has done, or do it for Him in your own way, it is apparent what you are about, as occurs in Palestine in a more manifest form (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4, It Bubbles ... Ch. 11, Divine Agenda Ch. 8, Sparkling Life Ch. 4).

The consequences can be appalling. In fact, it becomes most interesting to reflect to what extent the image of the beast in Revelation 13:15, might be so made as to seek help from such delusive technologies. It must always be remembered however that man cannot create spirit, that grand prerogative of God to create in His own image; for in the limits of man, the programmatic interstices, the very control REQUIRES that the thing be not of its own heart, but whether by statistical or other means, the mere devising of another, to implement its will.

If however in the matter of stem cells,  your purpose is humane, your method is unintrusive, your objective is repair, your procedure does not harm or create what is neither needed nor circumspect, mixing where understanding is more limited than power, then the mitigation of pain, or the increment of life in abundance to be gained by such controlled, comely and quiet methods of restoration becomes virtuous.

Neither inordinate self-love of the species called man, nor careless disregard of suffering is to be desired from the biblical perspective, where the just fear or awesome respect for God rules; and there appears to be some scope for such work in stem cells, which may be formed in increasingly interesting ways, or reaped, without seeking anything like a cloned individual, or the growing of life forms outside mere specialised cells for insertion, be they of one kind or another.




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See also, for example:

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1) Many are the great who have worshipped, eminent in science, their Creator, so avoiding alike, the fallacies of antinomy,  the noumena of nescience and the phenomena of unbelief (cf. SMR Ch. 5, Predestination  and Freewill Section  4). From the data of history, it appears that these in general have simply with knowledge, worshipped God their Creator. Among them are some of the most luminous leaders into innovative science and epochal discovery.

As noted, they include: Newton (Sir Isaac), Faraday (d. 1867) and Babbage (d. 1871), Maxwell (d. 1879),  and Morse (d. 1872) , Boyle (d. 1691), Lord Kelvin (d. 1907), Joule (d. 1899) and Fleming (d. 1945), and across the channel, of Cuvier (d. 1832), Linnaeus (d. 1788),  von Braun (d. 1977). These with  Professor W.R. Thompson, who exposed both at the personal and the professional level the propaganda of organic evolution, when Director of the Commonwealth Institute of Biological Research,  are merely some of the more ultimately famous. Hundreds of Ph.D. scientists are listed with bio-science specialisation, one with three doctorates in the field (Kouznetsov), numbers being at the forefront of specialised areas of modern thought, like Humphreys and Hartnett (see 'astronomy' in index).

Many like Dr Duane Gish have been highly 'successful' in debate (cf. "From fish to Gish," Marvin  Lubenow), not least because the facts are with them; it is always hard to clear a murderer... and among such successful debaters, at the universities, there have been found likewise Professor Werner Gitt, expert in information science, and of course, from the legal side, Dr Phillip E. Johnson, whose works have abounded, and the peripatetic geologist, John Mackay, who appears whether at Oxford debate, or in USA in science teachers forum, on radio or TV, with great impact.  Strong in this exercise, especially in the educational field, has of course been the notable scientist, Dr John Morris.

2) See also for example "21 great scientists who believed in the Bible", Ann Lamont, and consult
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