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Life without its Majesty in the Creator is Like a Sun without Light



Life without its Majesty, His Majesty,  is a Sickly Mystery


You can see it in tennis, in life, in design and in destiny.

In tennis, how often the player who is being thumped by superior play on the other side, hits the ball back to him, as if by a magnet drawn, and fails, BECAUSE he is losing, to dare to hit it far off and follow it up with aplomb and address, choosing the moment of unbalance, and considering the mental evidence of the opponent's momentum and play pattern, act. Instead, he drifts into defeat.

In cultural obsession, alike, the populace, dinned by the desires of the manipulators, follow like sheep, their appetite stirred, their thought anaesthetised, their ways the wares of the socio-political hypnotists who seem to make all but children of them. Nowadays, it is king culture who is the more heeded, it seems, though as daft as any mentally faded sovereign, left-over from a lordly heritage, his kingdom is but air.

Man is designed not only BY God but FOR God, and thus as soon as he drifts away, allowing now this and now that seduction to deploy him, like the solder shanghaied and taken on board, as if stupefied by the intoxication of the seducer, he is taken so readily, that he is all but programmable. To be sure, he may seek the Lord and find deliverance; but often he does not, and defeated and destitute, he can even bless himself for the astuteness with which he has secured a 'berth' on the vessel which captured him.

So does blindness secure its victim, as if culture were some weird type of ocular disease. Superiority has become a prominent obsession in many ways, but especially with organic evolution, which loves the unwritten series of premisses that what is here now,  is the most surviving, and what is the most surviving is the best arriving, and what is that is to be congratulated and continue with more of the same so that survival becomes god and the god is a god of war and senseless pretence. Much that has been best in courage, conviction, understanding, kindness and goodness has perished at the hands of clever rats and blood-covered tigers, thinking that to live is to fight and to fight to obliterate. That strain the more populates the earth while the devotees of that inane platitude, survival of the fittest rants of its glory.

There is no dynamic of strategic insight in all this, far less one that is divine; for it is all as rotten as eggs ungreased, left for many months and just now managing to allow their interior gases to escape. Magic is the master, might is the key, night is the time, and pride is the keyboard. As these prides conquer each other, millions die. The number of lives allowed before judgment is one each; and this is not very clever therefore, as a means of life. Its heady brew is the stuff of night hotels, open till the morning, disgorging intoxicated patrons ready to fight, anything, something.

Thus does desire replace desideratum, and what is wanted in mind, body or life, out of the masses is squeezed out by the dominant lusts of political, philosophical, sociological, psychological or religious aberration. Truth is ignored or if possible slaughtered, and its infinite capacity for resurrection is ignored in the lusts of the day. When it personally appeared on earth, the Person who fashioned our powers both to think and to think of truth, He was was slaughtered, and being the Truth, knew it and faced it squarely, the price to pay for deliverance from these obfuscatory obsessions and the judgment due, His life, which there literally and physically, was resurrected, the imperial power a mockery, unable to keep His very body*1 .

But man without God ? He becomes dizzy, and acts like it. As his power increases, so his desires run amok, and his globe becomes increasingly unlivable. Not only so, his desires are fed by the poisoned springs of self-affirmation, might of gun, of guru, of glamour or of genes*2, and the point of man, the desideratum of his life, is lost in the midst of a virtual international adolescence, in which the point of it all not being found, man founders and fights until he is quietened by his losses; only to find new gurus, like Mao, or Marx or Freud*3, all impossible in conception, ludicrous in eventuation and reductionist in creed.

He is never satisfied; and when some are, the rest are not; and when the rest are, some are not; and they fight because in fact all are wrong, and are never content, since there IS no content in obvious fraud, and they affirm as if they know all things, and fail to have a WAY to know anything other than reaction, direction being lost. They drift, following like so many stray dogs, now this and now that, without the master who understands, understanding nothing, not even allowing in multitudes of cases, for truth as such, so much as to exist, far less, being absent, to be appropriated; or if they affirm some absolute and ultimate truth, they seek to impose it by force, thought they lack any evidence whatsoever as in Islam, and are contrary to the evidence. Such is man without God, with man-made religions and substitutes for truth, filled with envy, pride, vying and sighing, a grief to behold and a researcher of a glory which is his own, which without God, has not the privilege of existing. He lives in this way by illusion, and like all who deny reality, or do not face it, there are endless collisions, now more and more costly.

As to God, this is the One from whom the cultures now flee, drift wood being cast up lifeless, on the shores of history, dumped and to be disposed of: for with the UN hard to distinguish from an Arab-run cartel, and a godless prison, mixed with ideals not so much to be implemented as announced, and the nations running to each other and to various affirmations which make mere mockery of truth, as if respect for wholly contradictory answers to life were in some way toleration and not seduction, there is a gradual synthesis, for which all the creatures of culture wait. This is the hoped for answer to the terrorism which itself is the product of absolutes without evidence, desire without design, force without reality, their current spur. What it evokes is like it; and it is this reaction to the barren brutality of power and Islamic confusion, It will of course, being godless in any realm where evidence counts or logic assists, become the ultimate terrorism, the Hitler outside Germany, the Mao beyond the Pacific. Not that the terrorism creates this inane glory, but it stirs the recollection, evokes a sense of need, and without God, an illusory apparatus of international government arises like smoke from a volcano, deadly, coming from the abyss.

Seen in nautical terms what then is becoming of mankind in his millions: in a majority if not all! Drifting in defiance of design, drifting with the shallow winds of desire, man draws near to the day of judgment, when the desideratum, the "desire of the nations" (Haggai 2:7), the answer to human spiritual lunacy (Hosea 9:7), having been rejected by a world which has NO IDEA what to do, amidst all the competing vanities, will strip from the stripped their guilt-protectors, and leave the spiritually naked exposed to their shame. What could you expect ? That the inveterate antagonism to truth, the incredible assault on the ground of peace, the vapid pretensions of control over the wholly disposable world in which we live, is in some way admirable or to have a happy birthday!

Alas, its happiness is in illusion, and its content in self-containment, which obviously being contrary to the facts of birth and death, design and directionless substitution of hope for fact, desire for reality, is worse than mirage. They are, very many,  being beckoned not by Hoyle's mysterious, ghostly figure (which is ABLE to beckon and has REASON in intelligence to do so, and has DIRECTION in mind and has to be THERE in order to beckon, and to have intelligence there in order to heed), which never shows its teleological bearings, but by their own determination to run their lives, nations and world as it pleases them.

The beckoner is in fact the devil, working on their illicit desires; and the robbery of their own lives from the hand of the Designer who made them, gave them life and truth, is now being supplemented by nothing less than the desire to ROB THE WORLD from Him; so that it too must receive its come-uppance, as it experiences the inveterate ruin of the inveterate and incorrigible pretenders who imagine that knowing a lever or two, gives them leverage as if God*2. Thus do the societies drift to doom, not in some strange fashion, but as the natural, necessary and assured outcome of war on reality, detention of facts, reverse from reality, affirmation of fantasy and proud disdain for one another.

Where this is overcome, as it may be in part in due time, then what overcomes it receives from the now wholly directionless mass of men, the adulation of those who say, "Who is like the beast!" as forecast in Revelation 13:4. The epitome of animality, with spirit and heart, reason and truth ignored, this finale indeed is not misnamed; and it approaches, eminently asked for, invited with passion, and shortly to arrive with the insidious charm, falsetto philosophy and lostness of heart which will fulfil Christ's word, that when one comes in HIS OWN NAME, then they will believe (cf. Biblical Blessings Ch. 2).

The One who came in the name of the Father who sent Him, foretold and fulfilled in endless ways, unique, monolithic like the only mountain on a vast plain, He is not believed (John 14:25-41), for the world of mirage does not like reality, and prefers to quench its thirst on dreams, until maddened with desire, it wars on itself as if intent on its own extinction, a sort of social cancer and political pollution, religious maze of crazed misconceptions, dragging out destiny, like a soldier pressing the button for some atomic blast, and grinning inanely as he does it, convinced it is the ONLY ANSWER.

The only answer in fact has been present and apparent for millenia, and the drift from His directed dynamic is like other exponents of ignorance in the name of truth, merely awaiting its final impact on the Rock, who warned of this from the first (Matthew 21:44): "Whoever falls on this stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder." Truth is like that; but mercy continues as the Gospel continually pulses throughout the earth, offering the DESIDERATUM, in its kindly cost-bearing grace, offering to man the fruits of divine labour, not only in his creation at the outset, but in his salvation at the end. It is not force which brings it to pass; but alas, it is judgment which is the end, as in all truth. In mercy only can man hide, and become filled with a light that shines, and is not extinguished.

In this volume, we shall watch developments, examine the procedures of peril and present the way of life as it has always been, unvarying because true, true because the word of the only God who has exhibited Himself in the flesh, confirmed Himself in word and verified His truth in practice in every domain, without exception, without failure and without competitor.



*1 Christ's Resurrection is a vast and magnificent reality, the evidential coping stone of all His many miracles of healing and resurrection in His lifetime on earth, Chapter 5 of the genesis of the church (the word of God, the love of God, the incarnation of the Saviour and His life being the first four).

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