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Radiotelescope in Physics, Terrestrial Microscope in Israel,

and Spiritual Scope in the Word of God

News 276, ABC  News Radio, July 13, 2003

What an interesting Sunday morning sermonette from science!

A new radiotelescope was commented on, through the words of the purveyor of the fact that this novel move is to give, it is conceived, some 100 times more magnification than the current case!

The mind of the speaker, evidently related to Jodwell Bank Observatory, itself part of the University of Manchester Physics establishment, roved the heavens far more than the telescope has any hope of doing.

Why, he advised, we are looking for the start of the Big Bang (how that could start which is not there and never was did not seem a problem cf. That Magnificent Rock Ch. 7, Section E). Of course there was a start, and doubtless fascinating are its ingredients, but the concept of the Big Bang is as ludicrously intrusive as racial prejudice, from Descartes' primary view of the incredible unwinding of what was not wound up - although he ostensibly had a deity somewhere around - to all the other ultra-anti-evidential claimants, always in trouble, always finding the bizarre, the ultra-mundane, the unexpected, the irreconcilable, while with the tenacity of the Indomitable, in the Navy, they continue untroubled by the data.

Yet this, in comparison with the rest,  was merely minor! We were advised in the same flourish of naturalistic fiasco, that there was a largely important subsidiary aim in the construction of this amazing telescope. It would perhaps as a 'spin-off' yield, he averred, evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence.

You mean you are looking for other planets which could sustain life ? asked the interlocuteur.

No, it was not that! Rather they were looking for CIVILISATIONS abroad from this earth, and perhaps some TV would be in operation. Indeed, said he, they would probably be far more intelligent than we are. What prodigious enthusiasm and vacuity of ground lies in this!

How one could, in the name of science, imagine that such things would hie themselves into existence when they NEVER so much as show naturalistic increases in information from the one generation to another, in terms of internal additives, at all, is one of the profound mysteries of this departing Age. How they could do what is not done, and do it so very much better than is done in us, and how they could be EXPECTED to be so, in terms of probability, is like asserting that ice-cream is probable in a desert which has NEVER known water*1.

The cultic phenomenon of nature worship, not of course always in the distinct forms and formulae which so many love (for which see The Kingdom of Heaven Appendix 2), but implicitly: this is as hard to divorce from modern man as is his love of war, not least on God.

As he insists on these involvements, he diminishes himself, glued to his abilities, unstuck from his ground, producing those grinding harassments for himself which are now almost accepted as endemic to human life! In fact, they have become epidemic in self-inflicted pathology, naturally, just as was predicted supernaturally (cf. Matthew 24, SMR Ch. 8, Answers to Questions Ch. 5). What so many feel does not matter, the invisible grounds of human desire, dream, ideal, morality, hope, life, amusingly discounted BY those who USE just these things in order to discount them, and who without them, could not even propose their self-annihilatory nonsenses, is in fact of prodigious importance (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 9).

From it flow human actions at our level, and because of this flow divine actions at our level. The sense of frustration meanwhile, from misdirected effort for ever seeking what is not there, and ignoring what is, is like someone determined to find the square root of minus one.

 Biblically, of course, it is explained by Romans 1:17ff., that classic locus, where Paul shows that the natural man is HOLDING DOWN the truth, not in his stomach, like good food, but with his arms, as in a wrestling match. The knowledge of God, he tells us, though obvious (cf.  SMR), is moved against with "vain imaginations" so that "their foolish heart was darkened", and "professing themselves to be wise, they became fools". How ? In this, declares Paul: "they changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creation, more than the Creator..."

The moral results then specified by Paul, are precisely what we find as the Age reaching its crescendo of vanity, moves to its dereliction, like the Twin Towers, a fitting symbol of the whole world's descent from the sublime to the ridiculous. Is it not yet realised that this world is a civilisation, and that in its leading edge components, like much of Europe and the USA, it is falling into just that sort of egregious and evanescent irrationality which characterised the early Greek philosophers, the religion of Rome in the days of the increasingly mad emperors, and so many other now extinct civilisations, like that at Sodom and Gomorrah, or Nineveh or Babylon! Does it imagine there is some escape from having hi-tech computers develop by time and space when the makers of them are alleged to have found their symbols, the interaction of these with commands, and of those with effectiveness of the same, in constructions for which there is NOTHING to show in terms of developmental media, but rather a black hole of totally abysmal nothingness!

Does it think that this kind of escape from reason, trashing of truth, anti-evidential dreaming is in some way acceptable to the reality which produced us, the generation which we are, having BEEN generated from the outset, with command specifications, the mere technical brilliance of which is as nothing compared with the mind that invented the symbolic-logical-imperative-imaginative-correlation-in-creation!

With such unawareness of just doom, making poor 'mother nature' into quite a personage, when personality is precisely what 'she' lacks, and finding understanding to come like sweat from an athlete, from mere continuation (it IS rather different from mere sequence), and assuming she can do what she never does, for she lacks the equipment for it, and ignoring the spiritual, the invisible though this is precisely what is operative when such dreams are articulated, the culture of this world is not in principle different from that of other pagan civilisations of the past. Like them, it kids itself with cunning follies, lives enlightened by darkness and imagines that the better points of its wares will in some way atone for the unspeakable absurdities with which it dresses itself, preaching constantly, Nature Bashing like the best of them, at every turn*1.


Yet this is by no means all in the iridescent, psychedelic testimony of man's creative thought to the strength of God's creation of imaginative power within him (usable for good or for evil). Now with this telescope intended to find the myths of dreams, as if this were a worthy objective in one of the most nubilous notions of all time, squandering millions as if magic were on hand, while spiritual necessity is left as one leaves a crucified criminal in this topsy-turvy world, there is at the very same time news from Israel, that microscopic nation, which is yet providing a high-power resolution from the Lord, of the flow of events. As you see under the microscope, the teeming little units pouring themselves along the destined channels with astonishing and almost acrobatic intensity, in the pursuit of the plan and design of the cell, so in Israel, you see the teeming little events pouring themselves but this time, in contravention of any cell; and in another sense, in the outworking of cells that are  not biological but political.

Arabs having been charmed at the approach of destiny in the form of devastation and decline to the oceanic depths for Israel, in seasons past, many have left in order to return with the victorious invading armies, who however were only invasive, and not at all victorious, are now charmed at the concept of 'returning' to Israel. They would like also to have some of it as well, such as Gaza, and maybe, just as a throw-in, ancient Judea and Samaria.  Enterprising!

This of course is far from all in this fiasco of political mythology. There is to be a return, we are told, to the violence against Israel (read 'terrorism' as we have defined it previously), if the PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY requires Hamas to disarm! Perhaps Bush would like to negotiate with al Qaeda, and to consider which parts of the USA he would like, in exchange for not being naughty at Twin Towers and the like. Not likely ? AH, there you have it. Nor should it be likely in Israel; but it is amazingly likely, if the powers that be have  any say in it, that it will be masquerading as negotiation when INTERNATIONAL pressure is used to seek to subjugate Israel to strident terrorism, not even willing to obey its own nation in its lust for Jewish blood.

With most of Palestine already given to the Arabs (around 70%) in the form of Jordan, this promised land certified for the Jew by the League of Nations after World War I, it is like a rather absurd 'the far side" comic to see demands for yet more of it being made by those nations who having enormous masses of land, decline to use them for the Palestinian Moslem population (this is doubtless the large majority) which would mix so homogeneously with their own people. Terrorism against Israel from their new lands ? Perhaps, but has no one in the area ever heard of KEEPING in jail, those who wish to continue embassages of destroyed bodies in the markets and pizzarias of Israel, and to encase the dead bodies of youth with market products, interspersed with iron ? Has anyone heard of abandoning a religion or religious approach which wants to SEIZE, if not by force (only because of repeated failure), then by international arm-twisting, parts of a tiny nation already deceitfully treated!

If anyone has ever heard of such a thing, it seems the power to utter it is strictly limited. Is it oil which makes the voice so slow to respond : or money, or Islamic terror, hope of living or the like ?

As noted, this world has a culture, and it cannot hope or expect it to continue long. It is not so much witless as evilly inspired with a gall against the word of God*2, the facts of nature and the requirements of faith, whenever these are in joint view, that comedy is too simple a term, tragedy too noble, for the event. Will Europe in particular, having stomached successfully the murder and pillage of countless Jews with pogroms and inquisitions over centuries, reaching only a climax in Hitler, continue its empty thunder, and wandering from God into the abyss of confrontation with truth, justice and His very word, as if they had created the earth, and could dispose of it!  Will the USA, having done so much so often for Israel, now join the cultural therapy organisations in their 'treatment' of the Jew, and so soil that nation, bringing it to the very verge of destruction! (cf. Zechariah 12:1-4)!

Small wonder the Lord in Isaiah 24:17ff. cordially informs the world what will be done to it as the time of His return looks like brilliant sunshine on the depths of a spiked chasm, and 24:1ff. tells us how broad shall be the disruptions. Even less wonder that such things are already becoming increasingly visible, as indeed foretold in Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 6; and these, they are as Christ put it, merely "the beginning of sorrows". Vulture culture seems more interested in grabbing its will, than finding the will of God; but it will find the latter, when judgment sits.




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