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The Grim Comedy of Parody

News 341

VOA News, March 8, 2005

It was a strange afternoon, hot, humid, cloudy, with occasional lightning and a sultry canopy of cloud, vapours wispy and wandering, making strange patterns in the stratosphere.

Jim was looking out to sea, envisaging, imagining, conceiving all kinds of military expeditions.

Over the sea, he understood, lay large numbers of guns pointing at his head, metaphorically, or literally, sourced in the mainland and directed at his island. Metaphorical guns ? Are missiles 'guns' ? they fulfil they purpose, but are like mass guns for mass graves, he conceived. Is it like a thug asking not an individual but a nation to put its hands up ? He conceived that it was.

People were enacting some brutal legislation, reminiscent of Hitler's actions to take over Austria, because there were many Germans there, making it that so beautiful Anschluss which in 1938 spelt forcible take-over, actual invasion, invitation to traitors to welcome Hitler's Reich, a marriage of the shot-gun, proceeded by nothing that could be called fornication.

How easy it is! he reflected, to use propaganda instead of truth, when you have power, and to appeal to the evil, enlist the frightened, calumniate the good and rule! Why does man have to rule ? he meditated. Why can he not be satisfied to form societies which cater for what is needed ? It is because he refuses to know what he needs, and hence has

bullet dictators of suavity, who call it charm but use the arm;
bullet tyrants of spurious spirituality, who call it religion but use murder, Inquisition
or bombs of protoplasmic blast;
bullet directors of immorality, who demand perversion as a right and sexual orientation
which makes of the most sensitive equipment, a playground for anomalous utilisation,
spreading disease in many cases, since the design for continuing life is abused. Reports indeed
now are to be found of new forms of Aids, which are less responsive to palliative even than
is now the case with the more familiar forms!

Man is not aimless, but wrongly aimed, he mused. He is like those missiles on the mainland. His little islands are under threat, because some heap of humanity with arms, or in some cases with willingness to blow their own arms off so long as they blow up others, some body of self-appointed rulers wants him to receive dictation from fear, force or fiction.

Taiwan, subject of a Chinese Anschluss, as was Austria a German one in 1938! And is the world any more sensible about it than it as in 1938, before the German expansionism ? On the contrary, to apply the present to the past: it is as if they were straining to build more factories in German, importing capital, to do more trade, and in every way to make the Germany of FORCE the German of power.

This they did not do in Hitler's day. Yet now they tumble to build in China, they hurry to divulge secrets, whether by carelessness or on purpose. The scandal about what was gained from trade with a famous US Aircraft Company is distant, but its rays still move. Nice little atomic weapons for China from spying elsewhere, this too with guidance systems makes it neat. Then the Chinese Communist Party - never to be confused with China, any more than Stalin's group should be confused with the Russia it impounded - can elegantly seek to intimidate with minimum regional disaster ... although of course the earth may be more polluted than ever through a system which in Russia is responsible for the radioactive pollution of the largest fresh-water lake in the world, and for similar horror in the Arctic Ocean. Where there is precedent spiritual pollution, does this matter ?

Does the world need much thought, when marvellous systems are to run it! Such appears the death of logic, the wantonry from reason and the extravanganzas of a 'youth' which is far from perpetual on this earth!

When myth is your master, magic is very often your thought. Stalin thought that a peace could descend because Class Conflict could be removed; but he removed the idea, along with multitudes sent to freeze slowly in Siberia, not so fast that their labour could not adorn the 'State', whatever that is, but not so slowly as to cause undue nuisance when their tasks and health were done. What liberation was this!

So man sets up his national interest as if this were some virtue, not hitherto thought of, to be added to man-made morals for reasons inscrutable. These, they are not morals, but desire, for man can no more legislate what is right, than can he legislate the course of the sun. (Cf. News 19.)

China must be strong. It does not seem to matter if she is wrong, if huge troubles arise in the rural areas because of plain want and need, while many in the cities become absurdly rich, in a system as far from justice as could be imagined and from Communist dreams and systems as the furthest star from a drop of water on this earth. Yet with this additive (like adding LSD or heroin to watery soup for food), that there is no independent judiciary, elected parliament or means of redress, it makes laws as if it had invented man, the earth and the reason for both. Whether, however, in physics, chemistry, mathematics or politics, the tedious tomfooleries of presumption and arrant arrogance never substitute for the simple realities of truth.

You can say what you like; it does not alter that of which you speak, what it is.

In delusive situations however, it seems so.

All is coloured by totalitarianism, which simply means that some people, who have a power placement, can dictate without review, to others; and the dictators are few. In practice, Communism in its famed forms,  is simply political oligarchy.

So too Japan had to be strong, as did Germany; but the problem is this: WHY ?

It is because their culture must rule ? Why on earth ? What more depraved and elementarily deprived than this, that you are subject to people with unlimited powers, except such as occur beyond them, whose word is law. What is the good of being strong in the wrong!

What was the good of the German Aryan concept, or the Communist power from guns, as if man were ultimately subjectible to force, and his planning, understanding and creativity were mere objects for manipulation.

What is the good of mere force ? What wisdom does this have ? Where is its knowledge of the meaning of life and what is the good of ruling if you mismanage even your understanding! The power to impart acceleration to matter did not make the thing it moves! The power to move did not make thought, analysis and truth. The absence of truth does not allow you to state it. The presence of truth requires a perspective not subjectible to mere interaction. Assume the latter lacking and you are deprived of the former, including any validity in your statement about what you assume! It is all self-contradictory confusion.

In fact, it is when God is mocked, that man is like a madman, throwing away his gifts and capacities to the love of money, of power, of manipulation, of crazy modes neither scientifically allowable nor purposively other than a sodden mess of presumption and baseless imagining.

Jim had been reading News 150, News 37 and Divine Agenda Ch. 6, and was not impressed with this use of force, a fiasco of arrogance, a pride of presumption, like unruly lions roaring for the sheer bravado of it.

Nations! The nations rage and roar against Christ from His own day till now, he reflected, precisely as in Psalm 2 and Acts 4:25-26. Their days come and go as in Acts 17:26-31, and God has appointed their bounds. They love, they lust, they swagger, they fall, they arise, they churn, they moan, they parade: their May Day celebrations are metal and power in containers, their self-exaltations, the glory of folly. What is the meaning of this ? It is the mere madness of man, seeking to rule others, to secure power, to extend power, but for what ?

At times, there is some recognition of God, some sense of HIS law and MORALS, His spiritual gifts to man and His way; but this is the exception, nor is any nation so now. What then is the parade ?

Of what is the self-interest, the national interest of the nations made ? Of what does it consist ? he ruminated, the paper on his knee, telling him that China had decided to make a law which SOUNDED as it were wrong to leave your own country and make another out of part of it, but which MEANT that if the Communists, not the result of national voting, but of contrived partisan votes on the part of some, fought to gain a minority rule over all of China, and did not ruin all of the partisans, since some escaped, then they would violate more if they could. Indeed,  they were proceeding to issue a law.

By this LAW, those who had so far escaped their unruly revolt, and subsequent dictatorship in China, would  be made subject to the arrant minority who were reeking with illicit regality already.

VOA News, he had seen on the internet, and it reported that the statement of Wang Zhaoguo, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress, in which the law is brought into focus, the non-secession law, the law to outlaw those who do not desire the rule of outlaws, who desire liberty. This means the law allows Beijing to use non-peaceful means if there are - in the words of the text - "major incidents" to bring about the formal separation of Taiwan from the mainland.

Thus if Taiwan, the free part of China, does anything major which suggests that it is what it is, a separate and sovereign nation formed from those who escaped the take-over of China by force, then China is declaring that it is legislating right into existence so that what it wants can be called legal. It is not unlike a suitor, who rebuffed by a lady, with others makes a law that if she does anything major to indicate that she is not married, he will attack her.

The Vice-Chairman further indicated  that if possibilities for a peaceful reunification should become completely exhausted, the state would employ "non-peaceful means" and "other necessary measures to protect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity".

Not unexpectedly, Taipei issued a strong protest. It urged that this law violated Taiwan's sovereignty. In effect, the new Chinese 'law' represented a "blank check", it allowed the mainland to use military force against the island

VOA pointed out that the peaceful reunification method proposed by Beijing is the so-called "one country, two systems" model, was imposed on Hong Kong when it reverted to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, but that it has consistently been  rejected by Taiwan.

What on this earth is the matter with them ? Jim asked himself. They take over China like brigands, using power coming out of the mouth of the gun, a concept which seemed to fascinate their Chairman Mao, intimidated, killed in tens of millions, and acted the part of the Hitler of the Orient with distinction, if not creditability. As if this is not enough, they now want to grab, using the term 'law', the law of non-secession: law! as if force meant law.

To what then is the grab now directed ? It is to Taiwan, where some managed to escape their earlier misuse of force, minority and calamity, like wolves preying on a Japanese-savaged China, before it came alive once more. The subject seemed depressing to Jim, but he did not allow the mood to develop. How many tyrants have clamoured with power for their hour, before this, he asked himself ?

This system, exhausted in Russia, despite massive US aid in war on Hitler, and after it, despite gaining the powers of grabbed German scientists after the war, despite using its US aided military power, developed in WW II, to secure much of Europe, despite shipping off much of German base for industrial power to Russia after that war, despite leaning heavily on Eastern Europe, as Hitler did on Europe in his hey day, for power to help it: it failed, ignominiously and totally. It collapsed.

It vomited up Eastern Europe and made other plans, developing the international concept of the Earth Charter, a diminuendo socialist approach with guidance for all in a nice little package of secularity and meaningless goals. Jim reflected on what he had read of this in  It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls Ch. 11, and other sources.

Now in China, their huge growth rate of 9% average over 26 years, as reported in The Manchester Guardian, March 8, 2005, is relieved in appearance by a new green approach to energy, with a target for non-coal and allied pollutant sources for energy, by 2010; but as the article points out, there is little available to police this. China continues to ravage the earth with vast pollutant impact, as she grows with foreign money and foreign expertise in vast amounts, so that she can be strong though wrong, and in her own time perhaps, simply nationalise all this foreign motion in her midst, and become 'great' like Hitler with his European slave source.

The misuse of child labour as recently reported in the living death case, where child workers were reportedly interred before death, since they were very sick, is an alarm bell, suggesting the worst of the Industrial Revolution of yore. Here however, this is totalitarian power and secrecy capacity, in the worst case of its type, for this reason.

Thus Taiwan seems succulent ? just as the mainland seemed desirable ? for a 'nation' ? whatever that is. A collection of people want to rule a vast swathe of a quarter of the earth's population, perhaps, in order to do what ? To make its people fight others so that its tender mercies can rule them, like some headless monster, decapitated, but still active, not allowed to think or speak freely, controlled by tyrants! What a wonderful creation that is; and though it is not the first, going back to Sennacherib and Nebuchadnezzar,  or to , to Roman Emperors, Genghis Khan or Moslem leaders, it is using a more total power concept than most, and a violence which potentially makes it unique.

Yet as surely as the Bible speaks, as it always speaks, what comes to pass, just as the arrogant tyrannies of Babylon and Assyria, came down to the grave, so will this; for the greater their astral pretensions, the further is their fall, its velocity heightening, its impact horrendous. How well, thought Jim, does Ezekiel show the end of such things, such as has happened, being predicted by the word of God, so often. He reviewed Ezekiel 30-32, and the imagery of the pit!

Why fly so high ? It is because they sense the need of elevation, having come by the creative power of God, and forsaking Him, want to put man into some spatial arena of their own creation, which being mere imagination, leaves them looking more ridiculous than flying fish that thought they were astronauts, in the end. It is all explained, there is always a reason, he reflected, even for madness.

Taiwanese concepts that when there is an economic parity and a cultural acclimitisation of the two, then would be the time to consider 'union' with China or some sort of affiliation, there are far too commonsensical for the NATION = BEAST measures which seem so well to echo the biblical imagery for some of them, as seen in Daniel 7. Do we lavish praise on a man who acts like a beast ? why then be impressed when a nation does so, as has been so common in the past that the biblical imagery is just that!

Must a nation, when empowered by war and plunder, make its image the measure of its wisdom ? Must its image be power to control ? Must its need be, to rule more and more ? Is quantity the everlasting desire, without any thought for quality ? Is the mandate for tyranny out of the mouth of a gun, when it really depends on who makes such things, new types, and who holds them, and with what surprise, these things arriving from the creativity and not the mere power lust of man!

Did not scientists from Europe rush to the USA, in its peace, to form a method to thwart Hitler, and with him the Japanese desire to imprint its way, its face on Asia! This is not power from a gun, but from the passion for liberty! They did not work in the USA to develop their New Mexico bomb because a gun made them do so, but out of passion for a mankind which would not be demolished by mere power.

Slavery of man to man is unattractive, for God is as far above the puny unwisdoms of man as the heavens above the earth; and further since He made both, it is a base basis. it is bad enough for man to seek to dominate his fellow man with hair-brained nonsense such as communism, fascism, and other forms of illiterate totalitarianism, but to divorce himself from the wisdom of his Maker while doing so, this is a form of spiritual insanity to which Hosea gave  voice, in expressing divine judgment, in 9:7.

Why do they so dream ? he reflected on Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch. 4, Organ of Sight, Deliverance from Disorientation Ch. 7, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, Causes, News 94. What a drab comedy is this antagonism to the creation of God, to the place of man and the rule of unreason!

LAW providing for abuse, not its abuse, but its operation: this is comic and caricature! To legislate, it is reminiscent of Nazi philosophy of right to exterminate Jews, mockery of machination, legislation of disorder, sanctification of lust. To be sure, there is talk of minimising the loss of injury and property damage if China, facing some substantial event, as it speaks of it, finds it needful to grab Taiwan; but then, when people are about to be enslaved to a godless and in reality, moral-free tyranny, will they readily submit ?

Is it at all likely that they will fail to have atomic weaponry with which to respond ? Would it seem that the Taiwanese might not suggest to China that by all means they could take them, but that it might be necessary for them to remove Beijing first, as an indication of their unwillingness to become decapitated, and that it would be merciful therefore if they evacuated that city first ? and even more so if they should desist from this wanton lust to subjugate yet more of the China they earlier seized!

This scenario is not ridiculous; and it may never happen, since those who were so careless in letting China grab so much in the way of nuclear technology and delivery system, just as some British persons were too glad to let Russia have some of the technology earlier: these may succeed in preventing Taiwan having that capability. On the other hand, it may happen. In either event, it would not seem likely that the loss of liberty and the substitution of people with an anti-scientific and philosophically absurd system for the reality of God, would appeal or be found attractive. The simple 'No!' which they have enunciated does not suggest this! Thus, if Communism's dictators in China decide to invade, it is entirely possible that a vast new pollution of the earth would come from such a conflict.

The world of course will in fact reach the stage, or rather would if Christ did not return, of becoming uninhabitable, as seen in Matthew 24. Hence, with the predicted wars and the predicted pollution, there is no great wonder if this or that country, still wanting war after World War I, World War II, Cold War, Gulf War I, II, Vietnam War, and the communist war of the 20th century in Cambodia to kill a couple million more, still restless after so many of the other wars, should invent ways of ruining the created order of God, for man on this earth. He said it would be, unless Christ returned. It is showing its course, not with much delight, but like an old horse, whipped for the millioneth time.

All this is to be, but it is time to ponder, thought Jim.

It is certain, but it does require thought. Why do the nations so often revolt not only against God, but against truth, in declaring themselves true and right, while denying the very existence of truth! They dabble in darkness and make ludicrous theories never verified, they defeat liberty, impose hostility, invent names, call it law and so forth; but it becomes all a matter of man measuring himself by himself, and knowing nothing therefore: man thus becomes a mensuration unit for the meaningless.

No wonder therefore that fear and apprehension, tension and trouble vomit themselves onto the earth, while the nationalistic fallacy, the ideological fantasies and the ruthless mannerisms of lust, divorced from the human design because it is wilfuly divorced from the God who made it, fulfil all that Christ foretold, as in Luke 21.

Jim smiled, even as his eyes refocussed over the sea to the not so distant prospect beyond their sight, of an invasive China, with their Modern Major Generals in command, or whatever is their preference.

It is like a Gilbert and Sullivan comedy, except for this, that it gives small joy to the audience, who nevertheless in many cases, pay anyway. You know its end, you see its pride, vanity and folly, you perceive its logical fallacies, and its self-serving selfishness. This little pocket of earth wants to export its gracious rule in kindly fashion, so that others can be effectually beheaded, their heads taken over by others who want to think for them, what they will, and order it without redress by ... 'law' is the term, is it not ?



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