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Chapter 3



Surpassed in Christ

News 385

The Australian, November 27, 2006

The Advertiser, November 25, 2006

See also Three Anzas ... Ch. 3

It is notable in recent weeks that a prominent, former Russian spy has been experiencing excruciating agony on the way to an untimely death, apparently caused by highly sophisticated radiation freely supplied! He has denounced Putin as the ultimate ground of it, the Russian surveillance as the immediate cause. Having fled Russia in fear of his life, and having uncovered, as he claimed, killings for State purposes, too revolting to connive with, he announced that his own then impending death was from the same purge process, and named the Russian spy worker who had been harassing him, to whom or to whose agency he evidently attributed his appalling death.

Not unnaturally, the case (The Australian, November 26, 2006) has raised questions of Russian action to assault the lives of British citizens (of which this Litvinenko was one, at the time of his death), and tended to sour British-Russian relationships, although of the course the matter is not proven, merely fitted with very many circumstances of odious appearance. Indeed, the point is made in the above paper that the access needed to gain the polonium in this case, would be of top level. Difficult indeed would  it be to gain without State access or gross negligence of the same, which of course could come to the same thing.

It appears he was financially supported by a Russian billionaire, Berezovsky, who managed to leave the country before another one  -    Khodorkovsky, also a Jew, was incarcerated, his billions sequestered by the State on the sudden ground of vast taxes owing. That acquisition by the Government of the rich  While Khordorkovsky was imprisoned,  his oil company was acquired*1 to become part of the State apparatus, to add to the gas reserves, also made national. With these reserves in hand, Russia has brought about the situation where Ukraine and Europe itself have been threatened, in fact if not in word. There were ... questions about supply, difficulties ...

It is hard to be cold in that sort of Winter. To flex gas-filled muscles can bring intimidation; intimidation can bring yielding, yielding can bring diplomatic, commercial or political victories. It is not a good additive, that Thus the question arises whether Russia under former KGB man, Putin, with vast and historically famously gained powers as President after Yeltsin, is becoming a parallel to Islam as the ideology of threat.

The Communist past, and to a lesser extent, the imperial past, has had enough of absolute power; and the former, as Solzhenitsyn pointed out, has been far more lethal to the people, in terms of executions, than the merely imperial. Indeed, how COULD you surpass the tens of millions of slain, slaughtered and slowly exhausted victims of Russian Communist, Stalin! It would take a Mao to have any chance of doing that, in the recent historical past! Perhaps he did: it would apparently be quite a contest, and so much was worked with duplicity and cunning, that exactitude would be difficult. After all, when morals are subjectivised by a system which invents and plucks its own 'morals'  from thin air, then anything is in order. There is no moral order, only orders remaining. That is the semi-final evacuation, the moral one,  which makes of Dunkirk a very little thing.

That triumph in the North of France was to remove a few hundred thousand soldiers from death or slavery (in effect). This slaughter in the heart of Russia - as that in China - was to subjugate hundreds of millions to miasmic morals that were emitted from a universe not supposed to have any, but which meant: Obey or fight history, or if you prefer, the fist.

The Adelaide Advertiser, to revert to the appallingly horrific case of Litvinenko, provides a two page spread on the topic, November 26, 2006.

The fear and stress campaigns deployed, employed, alloyed or enabled, as the case may be, by Russia in such ways, are not without close parallel to those of Islamic jihadists, except that the latter are quite explicit about their extortions, menaces, capturings, ransoms, slaughters, and dare to attribute their work to God in a way which He who does not favour the taking of His name in vain, will doubtless address in His own time and way. Such avenues may be included in some of the action envisaged in Ezekiel 38-39, or even Micah 7, more or less directly, when it may well be that various combinations of manipulative aggrandisement will have a meeting with the God whose name they use, illicitly*2. The meeting with an angry headmaster maligned, his school abused, his teachers smitten, would be a tame affair by comparison with this!

One suggestion was this, that Berezovsky (whom allegedly Litvinenko refused to obey State orders to kill) did it. That is simply not plausible. If possible, less so, is another, that Litvinenko chose this as a mode of suicide. If the most excruciating, humiliating, agonising, creepingly disabling form might be chosen, then perhaps. If however any sanity, any coherence with his reported statements, any balance at all be present, this becomes as ludicrous as submarines flying.

Thus you might choose to clean your nails with a bob-cat, but not likely. It would cause far too much EVIL unnecessary to the purpose, wouldn't it! On the contrary, that such things are even mentioned is a telling weight in any assessment of the situation.

As Psalm 2 puts it:

"Now therefore, be wise, O kings,

Be instructed, you judges of the earth.

Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

Kiss the Son lest He be angry, and you perish in the way,

When His wrath is kindled but a little.

Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him."


To whatever degree, direct or indirect, Russia may have been involved in the sacrifice of Litvinenko, and the cumulative evidence is very large indeed, one thing is sure: highly endowed powers with desire to exterminate from this earth that former Lieutenant Colonel in Russia's spy-mechanisms, have deployed those powers in a way which is surprisingly naive in one aspect: it does tend to point to a State or its parallel as the source. Why ? the poison used is exceedingly difficult to obtain, and what better place than in the laboratory ridden premises of a super-power or major atomic exponent among the nations.

On the other hand, Britain in one of those engaged in the case, has pointed out that MANY NATIONS might have failed to detect the polonium poison used, and even in Britain,  they themselves found it only near the end of Litvinenko's life. In that case, it lends but more force to a highly endowed, sophisticatedly provided body of much power as the source, one with a large vested interest in having action taken against the one through whom their leader's ways were being rigorously attacked. Such is the repeated report concerning Litvinenko, whose work included a joint-authored historical work, Blowing Up Russia, where charges of corruption and manipulation were laid.

In deeming them horrid - he is reported to have used a word meaning illegitimates for those whom he believed to be provoking and tormenting him: he gave no uncertain testimony, breathing prayer that God might forgive them. Certainly such action as that with which he charged them is illegitimate, and if his continuing crusade is founded on fact, and his demise on malign reaction, then before the God of all justice, it faces judgment.

While however we ponder the increased use of TERROR campaigns in the modern world, whatever may be the precise machinery and the ultimate agents (other than Satan) involved, to add to the non-illustrious days of Communist power, Nazi domination (Gestapo had the terror component heavily honed), both with large secret police removals at night, together with the vast disregard for death which sees millions mount  in multiple graves on the heap of mutual hate and reckless political abandon in the last 80 years, it is well to consider its ends and its end.

The objectives whether of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Islamic jihadists in their terror organisations which proliferate like mould in bread, with not dissimilar results, are the arrogation of power, with or without eyes on dismantling or seizing heaven, or replacing it with their own crazed notions*3; but as in Ephesians 6,  the ultimate source is Satan.

Terror as in the UK, dares to seek to control the words and freedom of expression that is traditionally found in such a nation as that. As we saw*4: even there it makes its astounding play. It tests the current state of the British heart! Will it bend, which did not bend to Hitler ? So the match goes on, and the results accrue. Whatever the nations do, the individuals who are founded, not on bounders but on Rock, know their part. With love toward all, malice to none, with courage in truth and grace in heart, in the name of Christ they continue their testimony, avoiding what needlessly upsets, telling what necessarily instructs, being "all things to all men" SO THAT some may be saved FREELY in Christ.

Indeed, how great is the contrast between Christ and His ways, and  the works of delusion, delirium and carefully inculcated craven fear, actually as real a weapon of war as the atomic bomb ever was, and quite as capable of destroying a nation! What is not founded, in the end founders; and the only foundation which lasts, has lasted and has reason to last is Jesus Christ (I Cor. 3:11 cf. .Celestial Harmony and the Terrestrial Host, Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ.).

While therefore the predicted ravages blaze as foretold in Revelation 6, 8, Matthew 24, Luke 21, with Revelation 13, 17-19 to come, there is and there grows the sense of Jude, in his exhibition of the force of dire and evil dynamic. He refers to the day when God will "execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him."

There is (Proverbs 15:24) a nether way, dynamised from hell ; there is a clever way, energised from delusion; and there is a godly way, empowered by the Lord. The former are myriad; the latter is one.

What then needs to be done ? Why one needs the very stark antithesis of all this. One needs to ponder the grandeur of the loving face of God, and the precision and power of His utterances, the glory of His word, uncountable in faithfulness, uninundatable, unsurpassable, because it is His, designed for the design called man, for whom also God designed the salvation from that misuse of the magnificent thing called freedom, which sin using, entered to wreak havoc in man.

Then one needs to trust Him to do what He says, and have it done in that sublime operation which does not induce scar tissue in the soul, but removes it (John 3).

Thus, when the judgment comes, one desires to have lived in such a way that rather than being sunk in sin, occasionally surfacing for a look, one is rowing on the waters of reality, being godly, with godly deeds which have been wrought in a godly way, along with all the things of praise of the Lord which with godly Christians one has spoken and sung for Him! This then comes from the power of God, the reconditioning of one's soul following salvation, as one is imbued with truth, governed by love, taught in the word of God, being bought with a price. Indeed, Paul finds it not too much to say this, that one is being "transformed from glory to glory," into the same image as with unveiled face we behold as in a mirror, the glory of the Lord, the very Spirit of God at work upon us (II Corinthians 3:18).

Then do all those pre-cynical ideals of youth, those hopes of the pre-sedated, the longings of the would-be lovers of mankind, not merely for a peace to allow one to enjoy oneself, one's life, but for the truth in all its beauty to move upon the waters of one's life like a breeze, enabling, ennobling. This is wrought by that enemy of enervation, that risen Christ, granter of vision, mover to victory in the name of the Lord. And what is this victory ? it is to live as a branch agency for Christ, as a brother of the Lord, adopted by grace, directed by love, moved by His will, word and Spirit. One then becomes an alien to this world, instead of alienated from the true and living God. Here then is the condition which is not mere conditioning, but rather growth to the glory of God, through the operation of God, because of the Lord and His Cross, which enables spiritual commerce and personal reality in the divine presence.





*1 The giant oil company Yukos was 'acquired' in this way. Reference is made to this in The Pride of Life ... Ch. 2, *2, substantially as follows:

Thus BBC News, December 27, 2005, notes the resignation of Putin aide, Andrei Illarionov. He is reported here as declaring to reporters:

"It is one thing to work in a country that is partly free.
It is another thing when the political system has changed,
and the country has stopped being free and democratic."

We read that a year before,  he condemned the Russian authorities attack on the giant Yukos as the swindle of the year. On further background, see Three Anzas ... Ch. 3.

This alleged swindle resulted in the arrest, as he left his airplane, of the Jewish billioniaire in charge of Yukos, who was then indicted as owing the Russian State billions, and imprisoned with various disenablements for good measure, so enabling the take-over of his oil giant. This, although convenient for State control, returning in this towards the days of Communism, left a vast gap in question, as to the legitimacy of a failure of the State to collect a few billion in tax, a rather unusual lapse one would hope, and of the fate of this businessman in such a rule.  One might envisage a failure to collect a few hundred in tax, perhaps thousand, conceivably a million; but billions, left undone to the point of arrest at an airport ? It is shall we say, something to stretch credulity to the limit, or to compress regard for tax collection to the maximum.

What is to become of the imprisoned Berezovsky, hidden away before the heel of a former officer of the KGB ? This is a very just matter of the most intense and acute concern! 

The affair has also a certain savour of things to come. If then in a little moment, vast changes can be ... induced in a rambling  empire that was, and still continues somewhat, because a need is felt so to act, is it so marvellous if, again oh yes for a certain need that comes to be felt, other nations find themselves by authorities of unquestionable integrity, of course, suddenly changed ? or if a group of such nations should come to find the same transmutative need ? Would it indeed be so marvellous if the united nations of the day, whatever its actual name at that time or its measure or front, should so act, as the force of power becomes a substitute for the favour of wisdom, openness and investigability! That is precisely the biblical depiction in Revelation 13, and II Thessalonians 2: political mutation, grasping transformation, leaping aggregation, the lust and the 'must' that belies the truth and justice.


The take-overs of the 20th century, such as those of Lenin and Hitler, Mao and Idi Amin,  may be small compared with those of the 21st., and the results, though vast enough for anyone then, pall before the issues advancing like an army, on the ungrounded, unfounded and wavering, wandering nations, malleable in morals, grabbing for destiny, while spiritually floating like abandoned ships in an ice-berg ridden and stormy sea.

On that: see His Wounds ... Ch 3.




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