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News 394

The Australian March 10, 2008


 The Message:

Flits and flights of fancy are suitable for the Willy-Wagtail, in his aerial dances, co-ordinated divings and diverse snaps; but for man, his latest moon-ark fiasco is another name for incompetence, frustration, unrepentant non-bliss and escape hatches while ignoring the crushing depth. Flight from such depths of man's holocaust, pogromatic, problematic, pontifical, antichristian, ultra-moral, infra-humane history might as well be from a submarine.

Without sight or knowledge, they craft images (be they mental, moral, physical or spiritual),

and what they craft, it is the same: it neither sees nor knows.

This they worship in its power, its pretension, its blindness, its uncreative reality,

as one might worship a scourge.

They see not what they do. Yet they have faculties for sight,

while using their knowledge to deny it, making sacred  images of 'Nature'

in obeisance to their ignorance, with knowledgeable spiritual dyslexia.

The lunar image for a safe deposit is like escaping cancer by having a cup of tea.

It is God who spiritually scoffs at man's lofted thoughts and abysmal deeds (from Isaiah 44:9-11): speaking of the naturalistic images of that day, He says:

"They are their own witnesses: they neither see nor know,
that they may be ashamed.
Who would form a god or mold an image that profits him nothing ?"



What is this latest news item in The Australian ? The needs of the case, think some, are such that we need a new ark. Why ?

It is because we may exterminate the whole civilisation of mankind and only a few being left, what a grand provision it would be to have some of life on earth residing in the moon, ready for re-use (somewhere!). All sorts of memorabilia, DNA code and life forms are in view; and a message sending and receiving system is in consideration, so that if the earth ... were going away from man as a safe place or even livable (cf. Christ's prediction so nearly fulfilled already in Matthew 24: 22), then the moon could service the earth.

Messages would be sent from the 'ark' on the moon, and kept for long, so that even if the earth were without power to reply, the option would exist for so long that they might be able to build a new communicating system ... in time. Then they could tap resources already left on the moon before t they hopelessly compromised the life support available on this earth.

The article in The Australian this March 2008, would be amazing only if you had not realised how the rich and powerful, the politically prosperous have had their eye on some other planet where, perhaps with the sort of situation envisaged by Storm Jameson in her work, The Moment of Truth, where they could hope to 'make it' onto the last space flight from earth as escapees to ... somewhere else. The question arose, WHO would fill the last places left on the space-ship! In fact the case is much simpler as we shall shortly see: WHO will NOT fill the ample places left in the Saviour ship, already afloat and ready some 2000 years ?

Yet let us return to the moon ark news. Where is to be the safe place for riotous man ?

The new somewhere is the moon. It is scarcely hospitable, whereas this earth is tenderly nurtured (the tilt of the earth has profoundly wonderful and numerous climatic consequences, for example, the distance from the sun is perfectly adjusted from devastating options, the magnetic field is a safety net and so on, you are familiar ...), exquisitely beautiful, teeming with life, with such a spread of botanical, biological and mental systems, and such moral and spiritual grandeur and personal presentations available,  that it is indeed a wonder.

That is its potential. What of its current case ?

This earth ? It is misused. It reeks with injustice, with false claims of injustice, with profiteering from almost anything (including absurd exemptions from criminal proceedings for many criminals, and equally absurd incriminations of defensive householders), with ludicrous claims of indigenous races having rights to almost anything, as if they had made the earth, where mercy becomes a mandate for a new kind of oppressive misuse of the abundance of the earth*1, with war, with hatred, with cruelty disguised as competition as when giant multi-nationals use what is little more than slave labour in China, for their profits, with odium and with obscuration of the truth, like a thick sulphurous overlay to its brilliant atmosphere.

This earth is a gift, its schema brilliant, its systems stupendous in art, mathematical savvy, sophistication of conception and concerted character of the underlying intellectual matrix on which it is based, one penetrable by the intellect of man with wonder, as it finds the correlatives of his own logic and conceptions, written in script, in DNA and into perspective in systems and their overarching controls, the one over the other, or intermeshing co-ordination, the one with the other.

When you get what meets the definition of design conclusively, archly, utterly, it is always unwise to engage in special pleading to avoid the application of the term. If design is the input of concepts, considerations, understanding, perspective and power for an environment relevant and co-operative with that input, such that a designable resultant of an integral character, or mould-to-mould fit is attained, then this earth is precisely that, from all observation: a design. Argument is to ignore words and their meaning. That is, quite simply, what it is.

Let us consider possible negatives to this reality. Is it tilted wrong ? no. Perhaps its magnetic field is not schematically sound ? No, it is brilliant as a defense and orientation device. What of the weather ? Myriad patters work. Thus, to take one:  the vast upsoaring of hot air at the equator being conducted expansively onwards toward the Antarctic on one side, it becomes more condensed in cold, and sinks. Yet this dense and cold polar air then flows back to the low pressure equatorial zone, rendered such by the rising air, so making a circuit, which has a type of parallel in the Gulf Stream, warming Northern Europe in parts, from the Gulf of Mexico, which can readily afford to export the heat. Many such considerations are brought to light in the work "Antarctica" by David McGonigal, and Dr Lynn Woodworth, just as they have been a fascinating topic from the hand of that eloquent bio-scientist, Dr Duane Gish.

What then, does this earth lack a superabundance of flora and fauna of the most prodigiously interesting and fascinatingly brilliant designs (as defined above) ?

Of course not, for its cornucopia of life is stratified into types, as Dr Michael Denton points out, in "an orderly hierarchic system" (Evolution, A Theory in Crisis, p. 137), and these are conceptually correlative. Moreover, they are aligned to the same logical procedures as inhabit as a gift option, the mind of man, so rendering them investigable by him, as he sometimes seeks his self-portrait, though more often without due regard for ALL of him; for he is no mean fellow, this creation called man.

But what ? There is order, organisation and copious originality all combined, the precise opposite of a random process, as Denton points out, and the precise requisite of a designing mind, also as we see, certified by the character of its commanded products, care of DNA and like powers codified, and controlled, with epigenetic and other controls to ensure that the control of commands is not only apt, but certifiable. Does it still write ? does a book write ? You need the Author for that, and He has clearly stated, as the DNA confirms, it is all done, done, long ago.

Except by intelligence or by pre-programmatic provisions, copying, constraining, controlling, it is not written. This is the joint testimony of the empirical and the logical, exposing and defining the requisites of symbolic contrivance connected to symbolic command, its analytical encasement and synthetic, managed production lines. Creation, as the Bible declares, HAS HAPPENED, and the commands for it in the case of DNA are, because they have been, written at length, at large, in casings and controls, in commissions and techniques, in a wonderland of contained, conceptual marvels with myriads of rules and symbolic manifestations correlative to creation along the lines of kinds. If it were not so, there would be a continual miracle; but since 'Nature' has no commission to be the creator, nor any equipment, there is instead a continual demonstration of the mission of mind and the functionality of creation.



 What then ? Is intellectual liberty not attainable ? are all FORCED to believe in the Designer ?

Not at all, the most idiotically conceived and erratically pursued principles*2 have been on record and often in virtual control in many societies, as with Nazism in THIS field, a direct descendant (via eugenics for example, and force) as much as Communism*3 of the Darwinian struggle-creation concept (Marx having dedicated  Das Capital to Darwin). Thus the concept of force and power and strength, these three being the criterion of excellence, by which putative process human beings allegedly arrived on the scene, endlessly applied before and after Darwin*4  who merely codified and correlated two concepts in a way not even original to himself, of what has this been the fosterer ?

It has led to absurd racial and political pride and programs, not to say pogroms, genocides and mental imprisonment on a large scale, in much of the West as in the East. It has led no less to increasing ruin of the atmosphere of this earth with the aggressive components of production for such aggressive and degraded ends, the hearts of men moved by the acrid hatred of the injured and the ludicrous pride of the victorious. Like a smoking gun, it is spoiling the terrestrial room.

It has not led to evidences of new information being gained by these means, or anything in the slightest degree testimonial of KIND advance through such forces. Superman and his lower correlatives remain in fiction, and even one such actor alas, showed in his fall, how far from reality is such conception.

Neither are such imaginary upgradings of KIND in creatures found occurring now, nor are they seen leaving their slowly increasing complexities behind them as 'nature' surges forward in its imaginary advances. It is unfussed by this fusion of confusion and imagination, lust and artful mental totalitarianism in education. If it were a person, this 'Nature', it would be most humble, NEVER showing off, never claiming to do what man claims for it, utterly disregarding his idolatrous entreaties, his captive shrieks for its co-operation as he seeks to possess the earth like some latter-day Hitler (cf. Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch. 3), intent on all for himself.

In this case, however,  the 'him'  for 'himself' is the cultural thrust of the human race to autonomy. The scale has enlarged, but the idols that grew like mushroom clouds, have poisoned more and more of the thought of the secular sages whose culture is in this so like that of deviating Israel of old, which so often and so nearly fatally was rebuked by God (cf. Jeremiah 25, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 20).

It is not all like this; one thanks the Lord for that: it is only the cutting edge of blunt social themes which is like that, and the political captors of large slices of humanity, who INSIST that they must and should be like that, though why, in such mindless machinations, they 'should' do anything is always left out, like a cancer in a romance, in case it should spoil things. However, though millions of biblical Christians think otherwise, and squadrons of outstanding scientists, and though scientific method is in permanent collision with these Willy-Wagtail flittings, vast is the obeisance to these futilities of fashion, figments of folly, dives of disorder in the mind of man.

Such culturally correct and logically abysmal pontifications are constantly reported and as constantly forecast in the biblical coverage of what was then future history cf. II Peter 3:3-5, II Timothy 4:1-4, Romans 1:17ff.. Of these, the last gives the syndrome in its developmental phases. Their character accords with the designation of the dynamic in the world of the lost, found in Ephesians 4:17-19, and represents a natural outcome of the pathology there in view, which is racial to man in thrust, rather than individual.

Have even all the secularists conformed to the insipid dream that time plus system A makes systems upgrades illimitable, despite the protests of all that happens in system A, which refuses to conform to the dream, that exits of the unfit is the same thing as arrival of the fit, flying in from above in marvellous sallies of self-invention, so presenting necessary advance ?

On the contrary, Stephen Gould (Wake Up World!... Ch. 6, Joyful Jottings Ch. 8, *1, Dancers, Prancers ... Ch. 5), has attested in terms of the major designs, a LOSS, in this crucial category, over time from the earlier period: a vast one!  Nor are half-formed exhibits to be found on the way-up putative process, leaving their footprints in palaeontology (cf. SMR pp. 200ff.). In terms of the reality, the evidence, the actuality, the empirical as distinct from the copious dream: ALL is sophisticated in concept, investigable with mind, astonishing in complexity at the first, whether single cell or its environment,  presented with panache, and beyond man in brilliance of design.

On this point, Gould in his Wonderful Life has specialised. He helped to father the 'punctuated equilibrium' concept, which while very good in the punctuation, lacks the rest of the sentence. He deplores the impotent gradualism of Darwin because things are not like that in his Cambrian explorations. Life, wonderful life rushes in, he finds, complete and replete with vast arrays of subordinate varieties. The mystic dynamic, deprived of the illicit machinery, is left in the midst of Nature, looking for a father. His twistings after this courageous treatise have not removed the fragility of his concept, or the dysfunction of the dynamic.

In fact, ALL the requirements of design, from the definitional (cf. Dig Deeper Ch.   2 ,  Deity and Design ... Ch. 8) to the evidential, are present, from that routinely investigable by logical intellect. to the astonishing of the same by its brilliance of conceptual enforcement, are implacably present.

Yet man on moral holiday, inane with power, inept with hate, despising design,  slays man; while insalubrious system, political product of man,  surges into segments of this race, amid the mystique of ideological phantoms, rich in folly and ruinous in pride,  materialise into machined misconception giving passion to the surges. Whether they be those of Islamic militancy (cf.  *7  below) or Darwinian implications in the same direction (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!), their lusts are the obverse of the love of God which gave man liberty to know Him or to go from Him (cf. Ch. 9 infra, *1A). Without that, love is a mere semblance and inter-personal appreciation a mere exercise in mutual programmatics, as indeed many to the detriment of the race, bordering on existential death, seem to treat it to the violation of their content, integrity and peace.

Yet man on moral holiday, inane with power, inept with hate, despising design,  slays man; while insalubrious system, political product of man,  surges into segments of this race, amid ideological phantoms, rich in folly and ruinous in pride,  with machined misconception giving passion to the surges, , whether of Islamic militancy (cf. *7 below) or Darwinian implications in the same direction (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!).

When there is no need for such militancy, as in much of the West, the same more surreptitiously browse on man like sheep on grass, and from time to time,  smite stridently  as locusts on crops: so that death of liberty and its correlative, life for error come in surging batches.

Whether it be genial Einstein, with his vast love of harmony and peace, or raging torrential Darwin, with his apotheosis of war and strife arising from a vacuous system always at a loss to show itself experimentally, but ready to act militarily, and however varied the intention of the theorists, one thing is in common and that ? It is the ... the RESULT. Power is to hand, and philosophy is in mind, so that the exhibits of wilderness thinking are depicting themselves in increasing terror and fear on the one hand, and miscreant wars on the other, as if the desolation of thought willed itself to become physically visible! What is to the point here, it is not the aims of this or that one;  It is what flows on from the application of the principles in view and the power to hand. What of these principles ?

What they INSCRIBE, man in multitudes has imbibed and then turning into executor, he has acted. Many making these idolatrous images in their mind, do not wish in their hearts to follow them; but they enshrine them in the schools, cavort with them in the colleges, think with them in the military planning, and the dust rises as the sediment settles.

In the case of Darwin, many affect to follow him, and usually with vainglorious indifference to the confusion of their thoughts, seek to countermand the alleged ground of their being with contrary social input, even deploring the use of such destructive concepts by the mavericks who amass millions in their death statistics, their murder roles.

Yet the asininity, alike devilish and implacable, continues. Death roles proliferate,  from Tibetan crushings, to earlier counterparts on a grander scale, in Cambodia, Germany, Russia,  Biafra and more recently the Sudan. Life is minimised and victory through death is maxmised. All these things are establishing their woes,  even for those who refuse to think at all, in the febrility of fashion, the vaingglory of grasping, the practical outcomes of the irrationalities involved. It is just as Revelation 6 said it would be, death riding as on a horse, itself white as if bloodless, while blood is on the ground.

With Einstein, it was an instrument given; with Darwin, there came the lust to use it.

So with these and many other modes, misfitting mental fidgets, now in this form, now in that, now honour, now fame, now name, now race, now pride of face, now dream, now the latest foible of sheer nonsense, alleged to be science, never formed from facts, stuff of dreams, void in verification, such as organic evolution, in its communist*3 front or fascist belt*4A, synthetic or direct, man moves in his death wish, which is the equivalent of denying his Maker.

Lethal as this is, and threatening already the very continuance of this earth, as the Moon-Ark concept implies, it is yet the testimony of liberty*4B . Man is not FORCED to face the facts (cf. the case in SMR pp. 140ff., TMR Ch. 1), and does not in large cultural slices of his race, so that error coming to power, and power being in vogue, obliterative extermination becomes so common a thought (MAD being the acronym of long-standing for mutually assured destruction) that ... a moon ark is now seriously being conceived, costed and considered, as an outcome.

To what do they flee ? to a dead horror bombarded without resistance. From what do they go ? a magnificence of design, including their own mentality's ability to read the notes both in script (DNA) and in performance criteria, and to use a common logic.



The folly as in Isaiah 44 cited above, of engaging in making images, without knowledge (being in our current case, involved in a-noetic, truthless models*2, made from what is not equipped with truth, and applied into what therefore cannot be true), images themselves equally without knowledge, law or power (since if you BEG these questions, you merely become unscientific, having cause-free worlds which are impossible - cf. Causes), is deliciously exhibited and that more than once (Isaiah 41:6-8, 44:11-17).

If however you FACE your model in naturalistic case, then what is the product of truthlessness CANNOT be the truth. It is excluded in the model per se. Moreover, just as it excludes the truth, so in empirical fact it never attains to it, for all the talk is of what MIGHT be, endless dreams for space and past, always denied, the more ludicrous as knowledge increases, and man finds himself indeed in a magnificence of maestro intelligence, arching brilliance, awesome precision, soaring logic and splendid wit. Dim wits do not do these things. According as you produce, so is your wit.

But what ? The obvious is too profound. What then ? You make a universe without grounds for law, but full of it, without basis for design, but teeming with it to the point of superabundance and innate hierarchical categorisability, without sense knocking itself senseless, and even splather funds on this pursuit of vanity with the flourish of passion, as one would expect from such naiveté. To what does it then come ? Why it reaches to the point of seeking a moon-arc, while counter-evidentially rejecting the universal flood (cf. News 1), a foretold rejection (II Peter 3:1-5),  and imagining that the fulfilled judgments in the Bible will suddenly cease, though their past history never has missed one beat! Surely this is a prodigy of man's power to imagine, and to refuse, a testimony to liberty and enduements alike!

Moreover, this is done despite the fact that God foretold that this rejection would be rife and applied with scorn and scoffing, in the day which leads to Christ's return (II Peter 2:1ff., 3:1-5).  This, incidentally, Peter ALSO foretold would not be soon (I Peter 3:19), but if a day is taken as a thousand years, then this would be a suitable unit for counting. There are now about two of these, but the signals are as rife in fulfilment that it is near as is the scoffing which ignores evidence and acts as if blindness were a gift (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5).

That is the failed model, in which the death of Darwin is recorded*4. In the actual world, not the depicted one. In that living world, not the one with evidential flags furled, what is to be found ? There is matter (with exquisite laws), mind (with logical prowess plus freedom making for responsible beings - cf. Predestination and Freewill Ch. 1) and spirit (with imagination, descried initiatives, perspectives available and diverse thrusts which may be confused through indiscipline, or co-ordinated through wisdom, all free). It is perfectly useless, logically, to try to make bits of one system become fathers of others.

There are KINDS of biological objects and of atomic structures, of electromagnetic waves and systems galore, both humanly invented, after the model of our own construction though less sophisticatedly, and inherent in the mind, matter and spirit trilogy which is expounded in man. ANY system has means and methods, while only the greatest have brilliant matrices, and expositions of understanding as distinct from being exhibitions of it.

Nowhere do bits, at one level, of themselves order and direct bits at another: they have to be systematised and inscribed or directed into design so that they may act at a higher plane: as when bits of stuff are formed and formulated into disks for use in computers. To be sure, they have simple material ingredients, and of these are they composed; yet by no means is it this of which they are comprised! Intelligence with knowledge has directed the materials into a state in which imprints can be made, and symbols have been created with which to make the imprint, and other systems have been made which are sensitive to such imprints, and yet more which can convey into print the imprints identified.

However, the systems of matter and their interstices, and the systems invented by mind for matter, which then becomes servant to thought, and the purposes for which the mind has invented the systems so serviceable to thought: these are all other elements. Mental tools are no less tools than any other, and the concept that tools invent themselves, and the intellectual structure of purpose and accomplishment with it, is simply without logical, empirical or systematic foundation. The more complex the system, indeed, the more obvious the thought back of it, and the more varied the systems and the more brilliant their composition for a single and singular purpose, the more is the identification mark of spirit using mind to secure matter for its purposes.

Thus nowhere do bits at one level create systems at another, unless under innate and attestable law, be it integral to the constructing or constricted by command. A system has its parameters and powers, and to create other ones is not part of it, unless this be inscribed programmatically or conferred by intelligence. In fact, such pleni-potential systems are not found, for even when we have a series of phases in a life span for a complex creature, like the frog, the phases do not invent themselves, but are commanded in coded script already.

In time, extensive, multi-systematic entities of assignable function, specifiable and of control- apparent kind: these do not happen by arriving and assembling themselves, protecting and injecting at once for function,  all the controls, chronologies, sequences, protections, mathematical formulae and the like that are needed. They do not even invent of themselves the principles of logic, the application of the same, the modes of deployment or imagine the possibilities without making blunders.

To imagine such nonsense, in detail, logic or dynamic, all or any is to forget the law of cause and effect: what is at any one level is limited to it and has inherent the powers and parameters apt for that. Information, what is put into form, instructive and at times instructing format, this CANNOT make itself from what is not conversant with information, since this is a coded matter, a conceptual matter, a symbol-event notation situation, a matter of cognitive symbolism and its apt application. It is never found otherwise (cf. Gitt 7 paragraphs below), nor could it be.

Upgrading of KINDS of systems do not occur without what has the innate capacity for this, whether the upgrading be by variation within, as with the egg-adult frog case, or of an entire system in itself. Logically, KINDS of system do not have the innate capacity to become other kinds. They require its inscription, its formation and its information.

Thus in chemistry, the kinds of atoms, molecules, inorganic and organic, have pre-set parameters and operating facilities, just as particles proceeding on their  own have innate construction and combining propensities, dependent on their form, force and kind.



CREATION is precisely the name for what invents systems WITH what is needed for their protection leading to operation with mental glue - co-ordinated operating systems -  disposing, integrating and correlating by design (i.e. BOTH purpose and provision for its performances are required for such singularities). This has intelligent composure yielding investigation meaningfully for man with his logical information input, potentiated within him, so as to bare the concepts to others who think and know and understand the intellectual penetrability of such systems.

Thus is afforded primary evidence of 3 things: the conceptual input, the purposive dynamic and the common system of logic which is also necessary on other  grounds (Causes). By this, we have the intimacy of duality in this, that not only is the creation enacted into composite life within such an apparatus of composure, but it is so readable in many of its means by creatures  (such as man)  within the competence of their own disposition.        

Chance is not really the Creator, being merely a name for the working of system(s) without interference or direction beyond themselves, such that what happens in them is without concern for outré matters.

Where the creation is in the form of mental prowess, then elements of the complex might include innate moral concerns (however polluted through misuse over time) about justice and equity, but this is not germane in a material system as such.

Chance does not give an input making a system upgrade itself (cf. Gitt  The Desire of the Nations ...  Ch. 2 Epilogue, Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed, Barrister of Bliss Ch. 4 as marked). Information has to be IN FORM, and to be set AS FORM into what has the format to receive it, a symbolic masterpiece of a system of its own, logical in kind, conceptual in format and imaginative in construction. You get this from the innate ingredients, not from arcane alternatives which are not only categorically other in KIND, but empirically absent in sight! Such is not only irrational, but SPECIFICALLY contrary to scientific method (cf. Scientific Method, Satanic Method and the Model of Salvation).

Chance as the Creator is merely a submission that what does NOT have existence,
or law, or mind, or morals, or spirit and imaginative initiative, can nevertheless produce it all, like some stout early twentieth century Britisher, who will,
like Scott at the South Pole,  ENSURE that deeds worthy are done,
and so with courage accomplish, even though death intervene.

This is not here to the point, since Scott had character and spirit and desire and wings
to his thoughts, and thus conceptual and empirical creative capacity.
Remove that and you waste your time looking for what another Donaldson showed
after 50 generations to be a futile effort to make something new
and positively developmental by such disordered events
(case of Drosophila cf.  SMR pp. 208ff.*5   ).

Chance does not make a system have an implicit upgrading - the point at issue, but circumscribing the abilities of the system, it exhibits its innate powers.

Interacting systems can be construed as having an overall, total, combined, contained 'chance' complex; but again no way of upgrading the combined mutual interaction facilities comes from nothing, call it 'chance' or what you will. They also need to be created from non-nothing (which as we have seen, must be of eternal existence logically - Ch. 6 above) to enable the existence of anything, and having existed, have only nothing to assist them outside the Creator, who gives no sign, signal or indication, but only the contrary, of inhabiting systems with upgrade compulsions inherently. Barren of operation, observation and computation are any such ideas, the mere assemblage of imagination, wishful thinking parading as science.

Upgrades require concepts correlative to performance criteria, to secure these, inputs not only of information but control, capacity, parameters - powers.       

Merely material systems do not imagine things, with correlative systems and controls, but mind-spirits, these may do so. We are not too fazed at such a concept as this, that of creation, since it is part of our own possession as humans, and we use such facilities NOW (cf. Little Things Ch. 5, It Bubbles ... Ch. 9). Many of us illustrate it on a virtually daily basis, and some to the tune of hundreds of events.

NO system comes from nothing. EACH system comes from concept and its originative dynamic in system imagination-deposition, called creation.  That is the result of these constraints and these allied premises.

The empirical results show HOW this  was done - by KIND creation of non-self-elevating capacity (just as frog DNA has these, covering in systematic programmatics that creation's phases, starting with eggs, through tadpoles, and on, a serial but unitary system); and some might desire the joy of seeing upward ho! but evidence never shows this.  

In general, it is easier to build new houses of mixed, multiple systems than to run the gauntlet of using other systems at a higher level, for these are both labour-intensive and limiting to imagination, as well as prone to endless idiosyncrasies, fit for one thing, but not another (as in conversion of the foot system to the metric in length, or auto part specifications for different vehicles). This however is merely to be expected from intelligence, just as it is found.

However, the Mind of Him who made us,  one past genius, has got the best of systems-imagination circuits. KIND as a mode of creation (as in  Genesis 1 and in fact) allows kindred specifications to RULE. Commands in a maze of modes allow family limits to respond, and barriers enable KIND to keep to its own brilliance and diversity, without rigidity.

The not junk DNA,  but information about information DNA*6 which in  non-coding,
is an example of the input of information with wisdom and finesse.

This is coherent, consistent information about information for its control and function in captivity to command. This type of DNA evidently shows HOW TO USE IT!
If now you were to find a dictionary of symbols, would this write itself ?
Of course not, for it is work in the analytically derivative field of applied symbolic technology, addressed to itself and to its products.

In fact the whole concept of symbols in commands, interfaces for execution
of commands, facilitation of execution, summoning of means, cohesion of results and specifications of code significations is all the work of one thing:
conceptual-symbolic-ratiocinative, rational, directive, purposive, imaginative,
creative spirit in correlation with mind. It is vain to pretend that a material system produces meta-material results, ultra-mental products and spiritual purpose.
It neither has what it takes, the evidence for this, the modes for it or the results of test to show to the contrary.

What we find appears as the virtual manual for deployment of symbols, using symbols to signify their codes of practice and means of manipulation. This is wisdom.

Some junk is that! Such is the folly of presupposition based on nothing.

So does intense pathological pre-occupation with what is desired,
what can be manipulated, passionately provide access to disposable power
in the creation, lead to disjunction from the very basis of operation,
dismissal of the necessary grounds for them and operation in a cognitive vacuum,
based on untutored hope, determined
not to be intimidated;  and so does it intimidate itself.

Christ’s words are coming true in layers and phases of the psyche of isolated man,
alone in his imagined world, creating more tears in his victims
than shedding them for his sins:
”Men’s hearts failing them for fear and those things which are coming on the earth,
for the powers of heaven will be shaken”
– Luke

This is part of the syndrome which precedes the return of Christ, and the restoration of Jerusalem to Israel is another.

Thus man diversifies within kind, some returning to God, to become new spiritual beings, and some remaining in the husk, like seed not planted (cf. John 12:24).

But let us return to the physical level and the information about information,
the controls in conceptual harness, the micro- and the macro-  in creation.

Thus limited diversification is wrought through multiple flexibilities within the concept, as diversifying as the kind rule is rigid, and thus vast methodological and conceptual information  is found to be enabling the whole to give a spectacle of creation, imagination, logical finesse, in one investigable system where God's thoughts can be intuited to a significant extent from His works. Their depth is a continual revelation to succeeding generations of those who research .

Yet this is but a structure, like a platform for performance. Let us look further at man.

Man's capacity and indeed PASSION for the things that are morally equal (justice, equity, law to enable),  his love of these indications is itself a further attestation of kind at another level, the moral and the spiritual. Universally - where aching pathologies perverting feeling by passion for illusory adventures and affirmations are not found - goodwill, good co-operation (as in football), good mutual productions, benevolent, beneficent approaches are admired, ring true, greet many aspirations with fulfilment; and are rich in reward.

Varied are the passing pathologies such as Communism*3, where some part of mankind  arrives in control by force and devastation, creating but mangled limits and tortured hearts; but these pass, for their stench crosses the ages; and strange do they seem to those who later disabused of their imperious recklessness, behold them in the glass of history.

Inveterately man looks for what works for man, other than, indeed apart from an increasingly obvious self-destruction through internecine and violent abuse of limited resources. As man slowly catches on to more and more of the Creator's conceptual modes and technologies in His creation, or imparted by Him into creation, so his power to ruin grows nearer and near to being lethal to the parameters of the support systems provided.

As mankind with increasing speed departs from the Creator's moral investment in him*3A, and the words spoken in the book of the Lord (Isaiah 8:20 cf. SMR Ch. 1), so the knowledge and the power, with the perversion of perception and the love of power lead to irreversible onset of ruin. ONLY God can forestall that, just as ONLY God could create what prevented it in the beginning before man in surging masses alas,  became like a rather silly child, refusing to be a child of God, by spiritual alienation (cf. Romans 5, 8, Ephesians 4).

Often delusive, naturalistic philosophies avoid the Creator - the Nazi, the Communist, the Scimitar*7 can seek to deploy unnatural sovereignty over faith, and are a type of the god of forces spoken of by Daniel; and these by their abuse of force and reason alike, ensure the more total obfuscation of equity and justice, truth and morality, by the uncunning instrument of terror. Terror and error are like inveterate twins.

This is nothing new, this ambassage of arrogance and prostitution of power;  but it has new forms mixed with the ancient, whether those of Genghis Khan or al Qaeda.



The manual needed competently to run such a glorious and conceptually intricate series of integrated system-sub-systems-co-ordinate systems and spirit as that appertaining to man, is itself correlative to creation: that is, it needs to be, as it is, conceptual and creative. It would be like inventing a cyclotron, equipped however with simple buttons to activate its enormous powers. and giving it to uncivilised natives, of enquiring minds and almost no education.

The watchful native might marvel at the power, precision and savvy which appeared to be present, even from its external appearance, size, surfaces and inlets and outlets; and seek to know who left it and why.

The intelligent Creator whose goodwill is demonstrable and whose speech assured  (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 2, It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Barbs ...-7, SMR pp. -65, Sparkling Life ... Chs. 4 and Ch. 8) has also and supernaturally provided scope to know Him AND a manual no less conceptually penetrable by the species of mind mandated to man, than the DNA which contributes to our being at all in this physical world: we are literally HERE BY COMMAND.

We are also subject to command, but so made that this avenue to God is not mere constraint far less compulsion: it is fitting for such beings as we, it fits, but it is not compulsorily fitted like a key in the lock. That is one of the greatest marvels of man, which sets him at once so far from the animal realm (where such things have only vague relationship) that he is like another being entirely, governed by and having access to known and applicable but not necessarily in all aspects, operative functions. Man can turn aside and usually does, from the knowledge of God; and even when he does not, he is in such a state now as his world is by consequence, that only by return on the redemption trail provided, in Christ crucified, does he or can he know God.

The command-information-personal-communication provision for man as a subject (as distinct from the DNA as for an object for which he has use, his body) is empirically susceptible to no slightest room for doubt, just as it is susceptible to magnificently multiply testing not over a generation merely, but millenia as history unfolds in such precise accord with all that it says, that it is like watching a train move on its tracks, obeying each signal (cf. SMR Chs. 8-9). The purpose of the design is spelled  out most clearly. Man is a unitary, multi-systematic, correlation enshrined with individual mind and spirit. Mankind has aggregate scope also.

Man is multiply and idolatrously seeking purpose from the creation, not the Creator. It is not their available; hence man is multiply frustrated, maximally mis-motivated, ignorant amidst knowledge and dangerous both to himself and to the rest of the creation which has already been blighted as in Genesis 3 and Romans 5 and 8, parallel to himself.

While man invents philosophies which omit history or virtually ventriloquise God without licence, he exacerbates his follies and adds fuel to the grievous tragedies of his self-immolation as a maverick, misguided and increasingly corporately, as  a murderous race.

The cost of the stakes, ruined or annulled human life, despite its considerable powers, plus vanity and conceit, make military passion the more incendiary to man, now more obviously paying the price of his idolatries, whether mystic or more contrived.

The celestial code of the Creator for man (cf. Matthew 5-7) is as far from man's normative behaviour:


dissembling, tricky, lying, superficial, exaggerating faults,
distorting evidence, imagining evil,
speaking it and amplifying it with violence,
stultifying himself
with absurd and pretentious constraints in place of a change of heart,
laughing at his ideals as he states them
and violating them as he pursues them,
such that the UN has become something close
to a laughing stock, as impotent as imperceptive,
while yet remaining self-centred,
wandering with will-o'-the-wisp philosophies,
whether to force or cannily endure force -


 as the heavens above the earth.

That works, being a spiritually nescient and amoral way for the social, national and cultural tissues of man, like a body on a large scale, correlative and supplement to that of the individual. National and international man is not merely awry, his mind amiss, but turgid in self-induced tribulations which themselves induce measures of judgment slight by such provocation, but complicating the follies committed. However canny, idolatrous, deceptive and rebellious man ignores this with all the aplomb of a moron given a car, oblivious of its need for oil (cf. Amos 4).

Man adds to this, increasingly pervasive detestation of this good oil, while hideously scrambling as if to establish exquisite irony, for the national kind of locomotion, a parable in itself. To be sure, the car is a fast one, and were it not for the patience of God, history would have been far shorter than the few millenia which have had it unleashed (cf. Revelation 5, I Peter 3:9, TMR Ch. 7 E).

The Gospel is not an option in KIND but a necessity. That is why one marvels when even a large and famous Church school in its magazine seems to present it as a choice, a possible way, instead of THE way for man. While it is good that people have liberty to look, there is also liberty to teach and to preach, and where the Gospel is not given as the word of God Almighty, Creator and Judge of ALL men, with NO other divine provision to cover sin but this (Acts 4:11-12), how is it not mistreated, culturally accommodated and made into something different, with a different dynamism, direction and outcome! (Galatians 1, 3, 5).

As to this Gospel of Jesus Christ, not only is its neglect a way to make this world unlovely and at last unlivable (cf. Matthew 24:22), but to avoid that ultimate purpose in human life:  life that for and toward God, eternal, adopting, engendering truth, enabling power for divine direction, at peace because God's is peace. Life merely from Him at the first-birth level - is thus cancelled and individuals and even nations become example of ... not 'meaningless' but self-mangled ruin. That is as entirely meaningful as it is unnecessary.

Pressing buttons on dynamic and potentially devastating equipment is neither spiritually sane (Hosea 9:7, Jeremiah 8:7, Hosea 7:8-12) nor morally defensible, when one uniquely and indefeasibly verified and validated manual is available (What is the Chaff to the Wheat! Chs. 4-5, TMR Ch. 5, Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ).


Let us hear from Hosea.

"Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people;
Ephraim is a cake not turned.

"Strangers have devoured his strength, and he knows it not:
yes, gray hairs are here and there upon him, yet he does not know.
And the pride of Israel testifies to his face: and they do not return to the LORD their God, nor seek him for all this.

"Ephraim also is like a silly dove without heart: they call to Egypt, they go to Assyria.
When they shall go, I will spread my net upon them ..."


When man despises this manual and hence its Author, who is also man's Author, for this is the product of His mind and the expression as in Jesus Christ of His mouth (cf. Acts 4:25 - and who else is speaking when it says endlessly, 'Thus says the Lord'! carefully exposing hypocrites who pretend but do not speak His word as in Jeremiah 23), when the living God is hated (and what else is it that one does when one ignores the divine parent, sweeps away His words, ignores His diagnosis and makes sport of His remedy, or deflects it like a fly): what then ? What happens when in addition its proclaimers are assaulted, wounded, fined, killed, shut up, defamed (as in Mark 12)! Read this to the end and find out!

Then as man's power increases, by gaining intelligence of Intelligence, and finding the working of His mind in His works, and applying this marvel of cohesive concepts and elegant laws, providing opportunity to move mountains, as his mind works in ways correlative with the order with which the creation and the universe has been instilled, so becoming intelligible to man, so man's road to continuance as a race is as if flown over fast by supersonic aiarcrat, of its end coming close, just as estimates of global warming as an illustration, accelerate and wars abound to the point of comedy if they did not portend immense and atrocious suffering and maiming of mind and body: and the hideously misused globe, to a major extent, burst into macabre comedy at its pride, and tragedy at its futile payments.

How vain the payments for intransigence against what is right, when it could have been and ought to have been followed! Yet they must come, for reality is never in abeyance, and although the Almighty is patient, He is not manipulable.



Design ? of course. Its definition is precisely fulfilled in the matter before us (cf. Dig Deeper Ch.   2 ,  Deity and Design esp.  ... Ch. 8).

Deity however comes first, and except man returns to Sender and ceases looking for space-man, and comes to breakfast with the God who came to this very earth not so very long ago in the era when BC became AD, he is merely wilfully imposing his vagrant will on a not infinitely receptive set of provident earth-systems, including his own. Thus he abuses the physical, biological, national, international, social and psychic areas -  like a kid with a saw in a drawing room. Sometimes he even curses God for his own follies, for not suffering him to turn this earth into a nearer model for hell, through the restraints of His corrective judgments and arrests; or he spits into the spittoon of contemptuous intolerance or dismissal tolerance of God Almighty, as mood takes him, the former more obvious in lands such as China, the latter in Europe increasingly.

There is an end to that. God foretold and did it to many civilisations with punctilious care fulfilling His every word, to many cities, empires and kings, monarchs and tyrants included. His word and history constitute, in alliance, a testimony of His truth. The case in particular of Israel has been a special one*8, peculiar in intensity and immensity, in scope and content, a veritable key to divine communication, as it unlocks so many of His divine qualities, mercy and truth, love and justice, and so much of the splendour of His complex but singular workings (cf. Romans 9-11).

The fulfilments of His word echo in this current world, the more since 1948, like those of a cave, when one shouts outside it, and they continue, and echo on the more. Moslems in masses rise up in order to declare the very return of Israel as a nation, as a 'calamity', but they stay put; millions of square miles and billions of dollars arise to strike Israel, Iran's President, Ahmadinijad speaking of its destruction, apparently without reallly meaning to be particularly intimidating; but they are not destroyed. God has a word for it that may be seen in Isaiah 51:22-23, Micah 7, Isaiah 66, Ezekiel 38-39, for example.

He speaks of His anger arising in His face when a huge multitude of aggressive plunderers seek to destroy Israel in the later times of the Age, and of the vast counting and burying of bodies resulting from Israel's deliverance. You see, Israel is no lump of peaches; but there is a very marked difference, for all that, to whooping for joy when Israel kids are slaughtered by Arabs already provided VIA their religion with vast portions of the earth and its riches, and Israel's reported willingness to help those wounded when she found cause to invade Lebanon for the usual reason for military action - defence against resolute and moral-free attackers of her small piece of territory.

Israel has Jerusalem, a prime sign that the Age is nearing its inglorious end, the chief piece of glory of which is this same Jesus Christ with this same Gospel, predicted to come by Isaiah 53-55, just as it has come, and precisely at that.

Murder of children is never pleasant even if it is becoming an intimidatory art form for such as Hamas, by all reports. It will not work in the end, but as with all philosophies which ignore the valid and verified word of God, the Bible, their anger is their ruin.

There is a yet more ultimate case. It is the cost to mankind itself, to those in it, who individually refuse to repent (cf. Repent or Perish Chs. 1, 7). It is the cost of design-mutilation and Gospel obliteration by man. As to the former, it starts in the mind and continues in the flesh, sears the spirit and affects the heart. As to the latter, it is sinking the rescue ship, and despising it, and hence Him who sent it. It is not a moon ark, but the Christ-ark which is needed; and HE is ALREADY present, having sent His Spirit until He comes, to attest, convict, and where faith is found, enable man, and embrace Him, for then he is 'accepted in the beloved' - literally engraced in Him, surrounded with grace when He seeks and finds Him (Isaiah 55).

The sinking of the Titanic and its clumsy and provocative self-importance was an epic. Judgment for the epic human tale is the foretold part of a closure. This ? it is the epochal and generic judgment (Romans 2, Revelation 20).

Rejoice with extreme jubilation, then, that you, a human being are not irreparably and irredeemably consigned to this, to ultimate judgment - though this if you reject it in your present situation,  if outside Jesus Christ, is impending (Luke 13:1ff.). The ark, which is Jesus Christ, is still in port (I Peter 3:18-21) and taking on passengers, with their passports stamped, "Voyage of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ".

Though the percentage is small, the assemblage is vast! The door is still open (cf. John 10:9) and eternal life with God your Creator is the everlasting result (John 10:27-28). Why obliterate the beauty  provided and add rebellion to irrationality ?

How beautifully God puts it in Jeremiah 13:27. Here 'harlotries' is used of Jerusalem as if this city were a woman, and instead of worshipping the living and Almighty God, her Redeemer, she has sought other 'men', that is objects for worship. This constitutes adultery in the spiritual setting.

"I have seen your adulteries, and your neighings,
the lewdness of your harlotry,
and your abominations on the hills in the fields.

"Woe to you, O Jerusalem!

Will you not be made clean ?
When shall it once be ?


As to this last part, there is a message in this, a profound one. It has no gun; its speaker died on the Cross. It uses no military power; its Leader declared that His kingdom was not of this world, and that if it were, then His servants would fight. They did not. His way is that of the beauty of holiness, of grace, of mercy, of pardon, of rational relationships so that you repent of sin and receive redemption, and finding in Him the stop to death, embrace His gifts and rejoice that God has done it.

There is no place in space for man; but there is place in the heart of God, accessible - what would you expect - by His offer, gift and grace, by His Gospel, mercy and death for sinful lives, by cancellation of guilt and installation of a new life.






This topic is treated knowledgeably by an article by Glenn Milne in The Australian, March 10, 2008, entitled, "UN puts the skids under bipartisanship', dealing with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples."



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From this text we have the following short excerpt:

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Language, though it varies, no more presents a primitive-to-superior gradation correlative with the idea of tribes-to-modern-man, than does cell technology in minor organisms to major ones; mutations do not exhibit, but rather obstruct any living sight of the flow to the watchful eye, as does palaeontology to the retrospective onlooker. The failures of flow on the one hand, a procedural rebuff, and the fact of language and cell initial and pervasive sophistication on the other, a generic contradiction, are merely two of the total non-verifications of organic evolution. The mathematical minutiae of cells, their administrative 'genius' and magnificent miniaturisation, similarly attest that we are dealing with a prodigious mind in its deployment of words and works - the language of cells being reflective, our own introspective: not with some self-developmental sequence where that-which-is-not invents itself from non-existence by clever contrivings."

The pages cited in the text of our present Chapter, include this in a much broader coverage.

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