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The Wit of the Clever Kid


What are you  doing, Brown ?


What is on your mind then, that you stare vacuously at the ceiling instead of taking notes ?

Nuffing,  sir ?

At least you vary your response, but not its meaning.

Thank you,  sir.

We had better have a talk, later this afternoon.

Very good, sir.

Time passed. The latter hours arrived...


Brown, why do you stare and act as if a donkey were your role model ? You have been doing it for months.

Well,  actually,  sir, it is all  a game.

A game ?

Yes, sir, for I love to pour ridicule on what I disagree with, and that for good reason.

We progress, even if regressively.

I even  know what that means,  sir.

What then does it mean  ?

I will not say that you ought to know,  since  that would just be irrelevant cheek.


I will  just  say this, you mean,  I  suppose,  that while this is solving questions in your  mind,
the solution is not to your  taste.

Quite near.

Well, in terms of your English lesson, I suppose it is a sort of irony.

How ?

Well you are teaching that it all came from  nothing in biology.

Not precisely.

Then what precisely, if I  may ask ?

Well, it is this:  we don't quite know where it all came from, but it came.

Why and how,  and  why use  reason in style but omit it in substance.

Ever thought of becoming a lawyer, Brown.

No,  sir, I have  seen nought already. You  don't mind my  speaking frankly, since apparently you want the  truth.

Continue  Brown, and my congratulations  for facing the issue.

Why  then speak as if nuffink were the official answer to the point, WHY is everything here,  so governed,  so formed, so formulated in its DNA, or  laws imprinted on  matter, to which it is constantly made subject.

That is the current state of knowledge. They are not sure. They talk of the  Big  Bang, and try to find how it all could have worked, and admittedly don't even begin to succeed ...

And then,  sir, they say that it is the way it was, anyway,  forget verification, forget negative results,  constant calamities of contradiction.

My goodness, Brown, I didn't  know you could  speak like this. For a 16 year old, you are not doing badly.

Part of my  counter-intelligence, sir, for frankly I find  it  almost impossible to take all this rambling propaganda which is given instead of logical  reasoning, willingness to heed evidence. It is miseducation.

You mean  you have been deliberately playing the fool  ...

That could be ambiguous,  sir, if you don 't mind  my saying so. To 'play the fool'  often  suggests a vapid and empty-headed approach. Mine is  calculated.

What would you prefer,  then?

Acting a part,  I would prefer that, sir.

What  do you think should be the process of educating in these matters then ?

First, it should be acknowledge, if I may say so,  sir, that we are  going to use logic in  assessment of the situation, and will be consistent, not just using it, then abandoning it when it does not keep pleasant company any more.

I can only agree,  and now that you  mention it, there is some kind of  flirtation going on,  so that now they are reasonable and insist on it, and then they call  on the irrational and  want to escape the consequences of their thought.  Yes, it has troubled me, on occasion, but this is my job, and  I do it.

Dare I suggest, sir,  that confrontation with the principles of the case is needed,  come what may.

You may. Let's go.

There it is, this compression, ready to go bang,  and when it does, in a world of pressure and force and space and time, of laws which guide the process, conditions and considerations which are worked out with ignorant glee, this singularity duly making itself at home. As a singularity it is precious nonsense, since if anything were ever NOT singular, this is it. Results suggest causes, and uncover initial potential, if we are going to be reasonable at all. What initial causes are in the compression, what compressed it and why, and the contents of the compression, whence these ? and the squelching if I  may put it that way, whence this, and how come that such next to infinite miniaturisation,  is so ready to be unveiled like a portrait gallery of constructiveness, and whence the constructiveness, and how come we NEVER seem to find it happening without programs inserted, which precede it, in reality ? Why do we have such wonders proceeding from nowhere, all so compressed don't you know, so that instead of something beyond plasma, from such vast pressures on it, you have this wonderful ability to build sand-castles in  space and  have a whole domain of diligent laws, principles, conditions, interactive capacities, building potentia. You get, like lollies at a Party, an unleashing of matter with summary laws,  mind with facility for  mindless vacations like the one  we are  now looking at, but power to find in reasonable care, reason all throughout the universe, which therefore becomes susceptible to science when it keeps to its proper path.

And, Brown, what is its proper path, that of science as you see it ?

It is  to  discover,  sir, not to  prognosticate on  what is imagined to have happened, contrary to all  reason, simply begging the question in a complicated way,  and importing  all the conditions, principles,  criteria and characteristics that  will be  needed, by having a myth centre so  compressed that you do not even characterise it, sitting in a situation which,  like those paper images which colour up when you apply water,  simply exposes what lay all the time underneath.  It is all  THERE, either in  assumption by presumption, not acknowledged, or in potential, ready for unleashing. It is like mining. There is the earth. You just pre-suppose that,  besides you can see it. Then you spend a few billion on machinery and digging, and  analysis, and market investigation, and research about processes and procedures for turning the stuff you dig into the stuff people want, and put up tremendous rail-yards  and spend on ports and so on, till someone who knows what he wants, takes what you produce by such intelligent labour on what is able to be investigated by intelligence, and intelligently make a profit.

So ?

That is an  analogy, but it is one based on principle. ALL these things are taken,  grabbed from the air, in the large scale edition of mining, in which we mine the universe  for information about how it came to be,  and then forsake reason and simply read back what we have got, into stages of 'development' by astute mental, physical and imaginative processes, even when precisely those things are not yet there, or capable of being thought of, since thought is not there, though the entire operation drips with rationality, and is investigable by reason. You build a reasonable universe, in which your entire tab on it is by reason and watching what happens, and trying to work out why and how, since it is there for probing, and yet without reason, you  use the phenomenally vacant term, singularity,  to make singular concessions to irrationality. 

That seems singularly apt, to me. Continue.

The ingredients for your universe pie, for which you try to give account,  are just THERE, and so is SPACE TIME, hidden in the bag of singularity, and  so is reason, which can be  traced in its workings by the efforts to give ACCOUNT of things: it is all just there. The means of adding  mind are there, though the thing starts as mindless, the reasons for this are just there, precisely as if minded by some mind so that minds may act at all. Reason is in control, though not in the fairy story of the Big Bang, yet in the idea of the effort. But how is it in control unless it was just  there,  like space and time, or were they just hidden like the paper which colours when you put water on it, prepared by what ? Intelligence, and a neat idea of how to have pre-pared conditions and objects and laws and principles and order, all potentiated and ready to burst into instant action, since a singularity can have  ANYTHING, being so compressed and so singular.

Brown,  I begin to see what you are  driving at. You mean that the 'singularity' is a mere cover. The  compression is a thought-stifler,  a  sort of smuggling operation so that in terms of this chosen vocabulary,  all the actual pre-supposed components can be brought in by a swaggering rush of force, so forceful indeed, that it even has the moulding power, not to destroy as normal in any vast explosion, the order already there, but in this case, to exhibit it, in a sort of double miracle. What is imagined is self-contradictory, unverified and begging the question as well.

Precisely my point, sir.

But why did you  set up this  business of saying 'nuffing,' when a question  came to you in class, or sometimes 'nuffink', for a pleasant variation ?

Irony, sir. If the teaching Staff can make so much out of nothing, then why couldn't I  mimic this line of thought, and pretend that whatever it was that was happening in or through me,  this could be dissembled as if it too were nothing. This is my little universe, myself and my thoughts and will and desires, and if the entire universe of which my imagination and thought is but one tiny little part, can come from nothing by verbal transfusions that bring ANYTHING in at will for no reason, why can't I protest by playing the same game. Whatever I do is obviously not really nothing, but has seeds of feeling, thought, desire, aspiration and so on. I played a game like that Dibs you may have read about sir, who pretended dumbness, keeping to his own little world. But I had my own special reason. I was making a parallel. Anything that caused the construction, creation and correlations of considerations in the universe, likewise, did not really just arise, but had causes - if we are not going to abandon reason altogether.

And we certainly are not going to do that, are we ?

No, sir, I at least will not and I enjoy your frankness.

Go on, then, propound it all.

Then when I  SAID nothing, rather exasperatingly I suppose, but with a good reason for it, and so looked either too stupid or perversely clandestine, or a jot where a person should be, it was to cast shame on precisely the same sort of approach which we have been  having, with NO thought for actualities and options, but just straight inane propaganda. It  was  to  make me what they call a  microcosm of the macrocosm, the inane talk that ignores the logical necessities of a cause for reason, and order, and law, and substance, and atoms, and interactive methods and predictability in much. If things were like that, why not treat me the way you treat the universe. I just sit  there then, no reason, no point, no purpose, inert, an enigma, no accounting, just nuffink.

Did you enjoy this mimicry of the scientific universe ?

In a little, but in  a lot, it was a protest against miseducation  and  the failure to share the intriguing  wonder of what were ACTUALLY reasons for it all, and not just hideous talk about nothing, forced into slavery to become productive, either all at  once, in some ideas, or in bits coming from nowhere to build up from the mental machine tools which were not there,  and the intelligence assumed absent, forget all the marks of intelligence, what ? This, the laws and the brilliant devices, from what causally is  NOTHING. What a flurry of imposition ...

Brown,  I did not know you were anywhere near so advanced.

You have got to do something when  the stuff puts out maddeningly authoritarian grabs for your mind, like  Hitler Youth Camp in which everything hangs together because you might 'hang' if you do not accept it, that is in this case, mess up your exam results, one has to do something.  So I read for myself and thought or myself, since no one else seemed willing to help with any slightest sense of  reality in the most important issues. It is all: This is how it is. Why or from what is just assumed, and that is begging the question on the part of authorities which give us nice little lines about how naughty it is, logically, to do that,  a cause of failure in an exam. If we do NOT transgress this correct principle, however, so that we can spout the stuff we are taught, we fail, and if we fail, we fail to make the grade, and fail to join the hideous throng of those dedicated to what is wrong, seem to subscribe to what is irrational, a mark of blindness. If I used blind principles like that to cross the road,  I would be dead by now.

Why don't you go to an Independent school, then ? Parents lack the money ?

No, they might possibly just afford it; but in this case, while I might hear some other things, yet in the academic side of affairs, this is the same stuff that is being taught, where the money is if you want to  put it that way. I mean, where academic success and authoritative results leading to professions come, put it in whatever environment you want. Why pay to have the loopy stuff given a sweetener or two, when the schools in their curricular acceptance, are also subverted. I hate hypocrisy.

Is that how you see it ?

I  wish I could find reason to see it differently.

Brown do you believe in God, then ?

Nothing doesn't do it. Question begging is shameless logical shambles. There is no other option but what IS and always has been ADEQUATE, not requiring more question begging to get there, moving at will to make what is desired, and we, amazingly are part of it. There is a shambles in the false thinking in what we are taught ...

But that is not the only shambles, is that it Brown ?

Yes sir. There is crass dishonesty, evasiveness, self-affirmation, anything  and everything not only in this scientistic substitute for science, which currently runs things in this area, this rumbling, stumbling nightmare of fraud and confusion. This needs a remedy, just as we already HAVE remedies in our genetic structure, so that many health problems and maths problems in our construction are brilliantly solved. The same mind that made ours has remedies everywhere, and we are for sure not wiser than this God. I find the question of remedy quite fascinating, because we need it. When I look for guidance, I find it in only one place, the Bible, which is always being verified - it is so staggering. It works too. I am moving towards becoming one of His people, by faith.

What then do you think of Christ, the centre of all that matter ?

He did what others do not do. He told the truth and lived it and paid for it, and yes, He is admirable and indeed I am going to trust Him for life, the antidote to confusion, the remedy for the unreasonable and the culler for false colours. This is precisely where my longing lies: enough of lies, and forsaking lures, I will follow the truth, whatever it costs.

There is, I believe, Brown, the little matter of repentance: you know, except you repent you will all likewise perish. What do you think of that ?

Fitting, sir, for it is not enough to condemn the evil, one must find the good, and I guess it has taken me quite a time to identify! As to Jesus Christ, what He said and what He did always coincided, and what He thought never contradicted logic. It is this I find entrancing. There only does it all stand up as one, and with no bits left over, or imported from elsewhere.

I am  going to do some thinking myself, young man.





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