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In fact, the heading is taken from Habakkuk 2:3:

"For the vision is yet for an appointed time,
but at the end, it will speak, and it will not lie.

Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come,

 It will not tarry."

In the interim before the finale of the Age, to which we now scud like a yacht before a strong wind, sailing to the finish (Answers to Questions Ch. 5), there are moral and constitutional issues (that is, concerning the constitution of man!); but in the end, God will indeed take action concerning the depredations, slaughters, deceits and deviousnesses of arrogant and invasive man. He is invasive, this mankind, not only of other lands, but of the law of God, and indeed as portrayed in Psalms 2 and 22, as far as he is able, of God and His kingdom itself (cf. Isaiah 53, Matthew 11:12). and this ? it is  often with a strutting arrogance, elegant in its uncouthness.

Communism, Romanism and Islam are three religions, one too bashful in this alone, to name itself as one, though it seeks to account for all by begging the question and then reducing the issues to superficial substitutes for reality: these three are but centres of defilement and defiance, two taking off from Christianity, Rome with another master apart from Christ (Matthew 23:8-10), Islam with another Christ made up 600 years later without eyewitness support, or testimonial attestation; while  Communism has a perverse inversion of Christianity*1. Thus the people ostensibly do the saving, their sins defined by the State,  despite the fact that morals are disallowed, in this force-fed-fiesta, , nor are the people less than smitten by un unelected body of utter rulers, men as morals, and what they are saved from is being free from people-managers..

Such issues in type,  Habakkuk covers with horror and appeal; but today our interest is what we are to WAIT FOR, at the end, as in Habakkuk 3:9-12 in parallel with Joel 2:28 - 3:21. What is preparatory has this in view. Nothing but God and that to which He gives, grants, consigns eternity (I John 1, John 3) at His will, is interminable. In due time the end comes.

The nations are summoned as in Joel 3:12, for all of them will be judged. Abounding in the ways of wickedness, they come, in multitudes, massed as in vain tumult (cf. Isaiah 9:5), whereas peace they miss; for what peace COULD there be when they assemble in a near terminal last, vast battle of lust against the Lord, in the day of the Lord, which as Amos told us, is anything but a happy one at its outset.

In this phase of the terminal times, the Lord "will roar from Zion, and utter His voice from Jerusalem," Joel 3:16 (a new 3:16 verse concerning deliverance), indeed shake heaven and earth (Hebrews 12:26, Joel 3:16, Haggai 2:6).

But Zion!  It is the same doubly identified city as in Zechariah 12:6, with its threefold definition and historical depiction, this national subject which is in view moving from being


without covenant


to within it (Ezekiel 15-16),


then out again,

the last in terms of the abhorrence and murder of the Messiah (Isaiah 49:7, Zechariah 11, Micah 3:1-5). This act is focussed in the vast and deep, personal and penetrating repentance for it, found forecast in Zechariah 12:10-13:1, thrusting through a nation stricken in heart. Now is a basic change in that nation which crucified Christ, in this continuity of character into conversion near the last of the Age before the Messiah returns to rule (Zechariah 14:5). It is this historic fact which is brought up in its curriculum vitae, in its identification at this crucial point. This,  apart from Roman connivance was not a work of Gentiles, but most specifically of Israel of old which, in its continuity, is very much in mind.

God is not like a lecturer who loses his place in his notes and wanders strangely and extravagantly, gliding through glades of thought with little association. He knows His mind and speaks it. He is talking about the historical nation called Israel.

It is best not to become poetical when understanding history and its terminal modes, though imagery may ADORN the account, without changing its data bank. Now they SEE the Lord as crucified! This intervenes in their state as returnees so long after the crucifixion, of which now they repent. That is past. This is seen as present. It is for the time of their SPIRITUAL return (a second phase as in Ezekiel 36-37, past the merely physical). In Zechariah it is seen occurring in the times leading on to the return of this self-same Messiah (as in Zechariah 14:5). Here is the array of nations, and notions, of past and present, with impending future to terminate the Age. It is all tied together, sewn like a bespoke suit, for shape a gloriously apparent thing.

In this conflict, then, in which Jerusalem is to be delivered (as in Isaiah 49, 66, Deuteronomy 32, Zechariah 12-14, Joel 3, Ezekiel 36-39 and so on), "the Lord will roar from Zion," in such a way as to be noticed ... Is that not clear! Astronomical happenings as in Joel, and Matthew, will occur, but the Lord will take zeal in delivering a straying, but now returning, an afflicted but now restored people, returned to faith, and  "be a shelter for His people, and the strength of the children of Israel," Joel 3:16.

With much destruction resulting, in particular Egypt not escaping, with its murderous testimony, the Lord will acquit the believing, the faithful, those who wait for Him. This comes blessedly at last! as in Joel 3:21, for He acquits those "whom He had not acquitted," we read.

Thus in the interstices of Israel's long and varying history, NOW those not forgiven, because not receiving the Lord, are in a changed situation. They at last ARE acquitted, since now they receive Him.

What many of Israel come to at last, many a Gentile has come to in his or her own life span similarly... at last! in the one Gospel that is generated by grace and received with repentance.

Before, however, we continue with Joel, notice that though there will seem to be an inordinate delay, yet in the outcome, as in Habakkuk 2:3,  it will be soon enough, being terminal in character, when it arrives!



Habakkuk 2:3 has instructed us to wait patiently for the terminus of evil and the resolution in judgment, to come to this world in its time. It is in this like II Peter 3:9, which instructs us not to be concerned at the passage of time, for the Lord is not intemperate or impetuous, having many things to accomplish in the salvation of man before He comes in judgment.

This prophet however does tell us that coming at the onset is this, that the Lord is to proceed through the land (of Israel, the topic), in indignation, going forth for "the salvation of  Your people," (Habakkuk 3:13), the people of that same land in view. It does not transmorph. He is to lay bare the foundation of the wicked in their building of power and internal strength. HE is to go out on this assault on the assailants, as He saves His people, "with Your Messiah."

That is as in Psalm 2, where the assailants on the Lord are to be broken as a potter's vessel, and the judges of the earth are instructed that it would be wise to bow to the Lord, not exalt themselves! It is also as in the fascinating Isaiah 63 passage.

Here the Lord is seen in land near to Israel, and the question is asked of Him,

"Why is Your apparel red, and Your garments like one who treads in the winepress? "

His reply is that He has trodden the winepress alone...

"in My anger, and trampled them in My fury, their blood sprinkled on My garments."

 Why ?

It is because it is

"the day of vengeance is in My heart."

He had looked, but no one was there to help His people, so He came Himself (Isaiah 63:5) and He brought down the strength of the assailants in His fury, they drunk in their elemental intents of evil as before so often, but now no more. So do we find the parallels to Psalms 110, and  2, Isaiah 66.

As John 3:16, like Titus 2-3,  is full of pitiful mercy to our race, so John 3:36 exhibits how far is unbelief from being acceptable to God in man's warring selves, psychic settlements and ideological trumperies amid the nations;


for to those not accepting repentance,


regeneration and restoration by the way of God Himself, in His Messiah,


there is nothing but justice,


which afflicts the arrogant, the careless and the brutal,


the self-assured and the proud alike.

Internationally it has its counterpart, for what has killed millions of Jews and Gentiles, is not forgotten; and nothing escapes the eyes of the Lord, which run to and fro throughout the earth, not only to deal with evil (cf. Psalm 11), but to be strong on behalf of those whose trust is in Him (II Chronicles 16:9), That is the coming spiritual situation to become common in a substantially converted nation, in Israel,  to come after their recent return (as in Ezekiel 36-37, Zechariah 12), to their land. Indeed, as Jesus the Christ indicated, this is the time of the termination of the times of the Gentiles, now increasingly seething in froth and reduced to seediness, in rampant moral, religious and indulgent follies. Such is the trend, away from the truth.

Nestling in culture,


in racial pre-occupations
(such as trying to equate all races, faces and graces,
when there are variable morals and passions),


moving even to  overall human racism, against the Lord,


despising design,


indulging desire - nations and their occupants,
not gaining eternal right to lands by just being there at some part or time -


denying HIS place,


exalting man in thought and deed,


calumniating righteousness:

peoples grow ready for plucking as over-ripe fruit. It is not so nice then.

In Noah's day, most did not bother with judgment, nor did Sodom when its time came - despite Abraham's care - in view of its almost total depravity throughout its midst (Gen. 18:16-33). As in the case of Lot's family, the time DOES come, and when it comes, it can be most urgent for those who have lingered in the wrong way! II Peter 3:5 forecasts a parallel position for a race increasingly made of mockers, when the  time comes, even approaching the zenith of folly.



Now we turn to a three course meal for the interim, before that final time, and crucial day, which makes the Battle for Britain seem leisurely in terms of its furore. For this, we look as did the apostle Peter (Acts 2:17-21), to Joel 2:28-32.

As seen in One Only but Not Alone, The Holy TrinityCh. 11, and Logos Uncreated ... Ch. 5, we have, in Joel 2, moved from the coming time for the Teacher of Righteousness (2:23), to the outpouring of the Spirit, to follow.  Just as in Isaiah 32, where the Messiah is focussed before the outpouring of the Spirit in 32:17ff.; so is it here and  in John 16:7, Luke  24, where it is Christ's completed saving work which leads on to the spiritual dynamic of direct and unmediated access to God in His name, announced by Him in word, and so dramatically at Pentecost in deed.

In this work of the Spirit amid the Word of God (as in John 16:12-15), where the word gives the position and then the Spirit works the outcomes, there is the announcement in Joel 2:28ff..This is provided for the time BEFORE the armed conflict then to come. This arrives  in a work so stupendous as to leave utterly stricken the international assaults on what then becomes a national focus on Israel once more (but this in the context of Israel first coming in repentance to that same Christ, whom the nation once crucified, as in Zechariah 12).

Stripped as in Isaiah 65:13-15 of its former covenant's ministry, it now has the ONE Gospel, with the SAME Christ for the SAME sins, but because of acceptance at last (as in Romans 11:25), this now has VERY different results (as in Isaiah 51:21-23, Joel 3 and Habakkuk 3 with Isaiah 59:20-21, 66).

What then for man, in the blessed interim before those days, awesome in spectacle and power, resembling the work of the Exodus which God cites concerning "him", that is Israel personified, and the humiliation of antagonistic power against Israel in particular, a coming work of God Himself - Micah 7:15ff. ? To man, in the Age which reels towards its end, there is found in Joel 2:28ff., a wonderful things. Amid confusion, blood and fire (Joel 2:30), as the time progresses, instead of downgrading by pompous prelates, there come visions , these quite common, especially with the young, while the old will dream dreams (Joel 2:28).

The Lord will be very near, with open access, though this by no means implies debased presumption or arrogant intrusion on the part of those saved, but rather special grace and mercy to those obeying and watching with Him as in John 14:21-23.

There is moreover, as found in Joel 2:28ff.,  to be an outpouring of the Spirit with a dynamic thrust, so that mere formalism is not all; though again, this does not mean that being fast and loose with the authorised ways of the Lord is sanctioned (cf. Psalm 89). God is ALWAYS to be held in reverence, to be feared (I Peter 2:17). This, while not craven fear, is fealty to magnificence and submission to His splendour, of morals, principles, power and grace, kindness and vast recesses of love, for salvation. .  

These gifts have come, as our Age has moved towards its turbulent turmoil, it epic end.

Yet, like salvation itself, they themselves have been subjected to presumptuous imitation, interference and joy-riding, as if God were a laboratory for inventions, not the Lord and Saviour, alone delivering anyone from damnation, and that out of the purest of mercy! While then these blessed influences, not reduced because misused, any more than is the Gospel, are at work, there are also to be external testimonies to conjoin, these adorning the period of WAITING for what, indeed for HIM, who will SURELY COME (cf. Matthew 24:29-51).

It is He, this same Messiah as in Joel 3, who advises one and all, not to play the fool in the interim, which is now, before He returns in majesty, having saved in lowliness, through agony, by divine mercy.

As we proceed in Joel 2:28ff., we find notable also is the coming column of vapour (now come since 1946), cited in Joel 2:30. With this to come are cosmic signals in sun and moon, though whether the latter be bloodshed from lunar battles or atmospheric is not known. "Blood and fire"  will be striking things on the earth, as has occurred so notoriously at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and gashing sequences of wars; and who is to say such blasts will never recur while the religions of force, noted above, show such mutual aggression, conflict or histories! Yet there is no need for any of them to use the current powers of destruction, for even individuals can work further vast atrocities. In the outcome, however, two eminently positive, nay blessed items are noted, both of a profound importance.

Firstly (Joel 2:32,  Acts 2:21), "whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved," so that just as the end is elemental in judgment, so this interim is elemental in basic and underlying simplicity. Not only may little children come to Him for salvation, but it involves calling on His name. What does that mean ? It is the verbal symbol which represents Him, filled with the accounts of His past actions, declarations, principles, power and mercy; replete with His saving actions on the cross which represents the focus of glory in all for which it stands, from love to incarnation to the reckless repudiation of the Lord, to irresistible resurrection and the call for repentance. This is to one as to all (Luke 13:13), for ALL have sinned (Romans 6:23), and each specialising on the sins of others is MERELY A COVER. If you have need of a heart operation, reciting cardiac statistics will not cure you!

Thus you come to God

*      with repentance as to yourself and your own ways and your failure to find Him sooner,

*      with reliance on His love, works and saving splendour in His incarnate wonders and blessed resurrection (Romans 10:9), and

*      receiving this dispersal (as lions their meat at the zoo, for let us be realistic, if you are not DEPENDENT then on Him ONLY, you merely insult Him and assault His word) - Romans 3:23ff., Galatians 3, Ephesians 2, Romans 5-8): and
at last

*      commit unreservedly to Him. 

It is great to find the Gentile nations (our own, the West, the East) so free to find Him; and not less so, is the special care the Lord takes now of a converted Israel (soon to come as in Zechariah 12-13, Romans 11:25ff.). After these divulgements in Joel 2, we find in 2:32, a notation of force. There are obviously to be no relenting in the word of God, nor unfaithfulness, no simple throw-aways in judgment or in mercy.  Thus after "shall be saved,." it reads,

"For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance,
as the LORD has said,
among the remnant whom the LORD calls."

Note the conjunction "FOR". Facts cohere!

This comes as one more attestation of the Lord's intent NOT to have His plans reduced to some man-made mix. He has stated not only His promises of Messiah and land, as a covenantal and unqualified provision for Israel, but His steps on the way as well (as in Ezekiel 36ff., Deuteronomy 32). Nor is He is planning to resile from His word, however small some point in it may SEEM to some of exalted vision, captured by their own dreams to dare to reduce what God so strenuously affirms. There is to be a remnant whom the Lord calls (as in Isaiah 11:10), when He brings back Israel a SECOND TIME. It is repetitive in emphasis that especially involved in Mt Zion, Jerusalem, in her place as we have so often seen.

Deliverance is to come as in Micah 7, when the nations lead to a result comparable to the Exodus as the Lord delivers His people from the nations, even those who having first come as called to the Lord, are then shown as a people in sad reflection on what they had lost. Yet then found, they find Him  come to their spectacular rescue as in Micah 7:15ff..

Playing cards with the word of God may be playful but it is not profitable. Once He clarifies the context, small is the wisdom of those who toxify it with their own thoughts of what is fitting, as if retro-rockets of our own thought, alter the words of the Lord. Thus there is no loss of the jot or the tittle, of faithfulness in most as in least, in reliability of divine promises, as perseverance of divine premisses. It is a saddened, once welcomed then forsaken people who come back, and are rescued. It is "my God" who will "hear me," as in Micah 7:7, the one fallen and to be restored.

God is; He does not change; nor does His word; nor His salvation; for not only will the Lord save those who call upon Him, as in Romans 10:9, in faith and heart according to His word, (Jer. 29:12-13, as so beautifully sung in Mendelssohn's Elijah),  but He will not forget Israel either (Isaiah 49:16-17), though it be humbled in coming back to the very Messiah whom the nation once rejected, as predicted (Isaiah 49:7). In all things, always He is utterly and entirely faithful, and believing thus in Him, one finds this out in fact, as in faith it was taken in the first place.

God does not alter. Intractable seeming 'facts' fail first, and His people rejoice in the wisdom of Him, deep in understanding, who constructed our staggeringly brilliantly made bodies, and provided for our startlingly strong liberties, including those taken against Himself, no mere programmer, but the creator of personality. Praise His name, and FOLLOW HIM in all things.








Making Mere Man Messiah

Based on Nothing, Comes to Nothing

Ezekiel 21:27

And That

Through a Turmoiled Path to Just Judgment


Communism first begs the question - it starts off with things involved in that highly organised and absolutely specialised thing called matter, which to be, comes with laws for its being, functioning, working and modus operandi, its ontological entity, with time and space. What has no qualities has no existence, and could not even be described. If all that might be anything, anywhere, anyhow is not allowed to be so much as that, then we have nothing, that potent source for imagination, resort of children when they cannot think. However, for matter to be, it has to have the criteria which make it so.

These all are neatly provided from precisely nowhere as source for the powers they enjoy; but never are found to create, any more than does an inheritor create the fortune left to him.

Then it (not allowed to be named, except as question begging matter, manifestly invested with laws, but no lawyer), where so far lacking anything, manages magically to inscribe laws in profound abundance, into whatever chaotic pretence for a beginning, may have been in the inventive mind of rummaging model inventor (in this case, the inventor not of life, but hopefully, of livelihood). Getting all this from nowhere is a considerable attainment; but then, imagination without discipline with facts, is just like that. It is one of the chief features of man; and when directed to facts, for understanding it has great power; but when directed to airy realms of irrational dream, it is better for children's bed-time stories.

From such romances, then, we are to come to what resembles the way physics and DNA and all the rest work, all causatively. When there is, however, nothing to it, that is how it remains. We, however, are here, and assuredly not from nothing, but from what needs no such source, by being eternal, the only rational option.

On the Communist base, however, It is just that it all has to come ... from nowhere, arrive somehow, forget that. Then it (now identified as the personality of man, who however first had to be created in order to be, and that from a sufficient source) makes superficial substitutes for reality to explain what is no longer then in view. Everything is to be only this, or only that, as a world as imaginative as the first beginnings, takes shape.

Take these: energy and matter. These appear in some  respects,  a duo, and it is found that the former can transform into the other, only with equal amounts of what is called anti-matter, formed as well. Where is it then ? It  does not relevantly show itself in the laboratory of reality. This is physics by imagination, fusion of thought with imagination in confusion.

Even if it did not come with anti-matter when conceived as coming from energy (for facts are irrelevant at the outset), what is energy ? It is merely capacity to work: it is WHAT it works which counts, not meaningless chaos which cannot consistently permit even a definition of itself, which would be ordered and not chaotic, to mean anything, or of anything in it, to contribute. A kid in a frenzy from drugs works, moves things about, fulfils desire. A surgeon, without the frenzy, in type does the same. There is a different objective, discipline, series of constraining forces, idea, intent, use of instruments. It is all energy; but it is not energy alone. Energy is like fuel; it might get you somewhere if appropriately used by appropriate direction and thought, facility and understanding.

Atomic bombs have energy, but do not source advance... You need apt energy, skill to make laws, original skill to make matter, to make the entire ambit of matter, mind and spirit and their conjunction; or else you merely breach causality, and to proceed on that program, you cannot argue, for all depends on ascribing causes for things on the way, in order to have a theory at all. What then of the following beggings of the question, as comedy becomes farce ? They continue like an avalanche.

Thus, in such a model, its justice is superficial justice, since an inordinately lawless, moral-free entity which they pre-suppose and grant themselves for no reason, is not in its materialist pre-occupation, equipped  for abstract qualities which surpass any connivance with material reality (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7). For that matter, it is not equipped with mind in order to be able to abstract, or with truth, in order to have anything for anyone to offer, in it. It is sterile.

Indeed, where in a model, truth does not exist, it is merely self-contradiction to proclaim it, just as it is man-contradiction to kill in milling millions and fail to produce anything better than unjust tyranny, an ogre of rule, a pre-occupation with power, not people.

Out of nothing, then, justice is mandated; one that allegedly just sticks around with no basis. It thus becomes a pantomime, where force rules and uses words as basis, which apply to nothing in the system. In fact,  justice is not simply a matter of groups coming to  agreement or resolution one way or another; for all may be conniving, corrupt, inordinate in desire. Continuing unaware of truth while proclaiming their model as true, they seek force to rule, something which is not justice, but power. Confusion is certain in such cases, and found in those same places where this philosophy rules, in fact. 

Thus, readily millions of milling persons are as nothing, objects to be pinioned to death by power (on the part of subjects, which manage to sidle into the system in order to run it), as it gobbles up reality in daydreams which become nightmares. Meanwhile, shameless shambles of industrial tyranny frequently exploit in order to gain power for the nation, to enable it to tilt at other nations in a ski-slope glide of meaningless lust, arrogant presumption and inordinate arrogance, and attract the deceived youth, who know nothing of the cost. Naturally it receives what is due, as with other vapid dreams, as Jeremiah names them (in Jer. 23), products of emptiness, vanity, futility, as the Bible describes idols.

They receive their come-uppance, while bringing down their devotees, insisting they sell their souls to enable the empowered few to relish their confusion. Jeremiah 23 indicates that in the end of the Age, the present period (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5), this sort of false prophet will come into its very own! come to perfection (of type)! This is magnificently true, like Daniel 12, forecasting for this same period, vast travelling on the one hand, in body on the one hand, and in mind on the other. That is, knowledge is categorically to increase in this time; and this assuredly it has done, and when given devilish usages, as now often done, perils and problems, tensions and fear will increase, as Christ predicted (Luke 21:25-26); and this too, it has come.

So does law gird form, and truth forecast history, that in all things the power of God and His apt energy and directed thought might be found, in minds which depend for the apt direction of their own thought, in order to understand ANYTHING. Reality comes back after the dream, and the penalty cost, which man is finding increasingly difficult to pay. Reality, however, remains. Jaunts do not remove justice, truth or causality (cf. Causes).

Justice, neither in theory nor in practice, can find place in such primacies of irrationality and negations of thought. But it retains its place, just as does law, and the organisation for the operation of man, in its intricate profusion, its pinnacles of precision, its battery of commands in which it works. Law does not depart that licence may play. There is a time to play; it is not when considering law.

Similarly, spirituality is not from stone, and wisdom is not from a gun.

With Communism, its pre-occupation with power subverts its clamour for justice; and it is altogether a fraud, payments for which are astronomical in suffering, injustice, grossness, inhumanity, lust and lordliness.

Its hypocrisy is total, as it promises relief and restoration, and grants by deception, the rule by the unelected, the power of the few over the people. These remain unprotected, duped or very often dead; and while parameters are projected, with aspirations that benefit some, and pay with the coin of hardened blood, in neat dollops, of others, the infestation proceeds. It moves for the thrust of lust to gain ascendency even world-wide, so that as in Jeremiah, dreams become the precipice before a judgment now already felt by millions, and tens of millions, before this gaping philosophical  ferment, this angry aspiration.

Dreams ? It is this one that spawned for USSR, there went broke; and in China, merged with its very inapposite opposites, to bring to millions who often slaved in unconscionably inhuman conditions,  riches on the ludicrous abasement of working lives. This, with the ruptures of force,  thrust among the ruptured lives of people, has then bred wealth so that others may borrow from it. Thus from the results of a harsh slavery, which grows by seizing whatever it wants for a meaningless aspiration, others can become slack, till they too pay for their self-indulgence and co-operation with such a dream. While eager ambition rules and aspiration for hegemony rushes, lives face vast injustices, power dreams, nations crush into each other, pre-occupations with heartless power corrode like acid, the world steams on to its just judgment.

It has often happened before with empires; this time it is with the world (Matthew 24-25, Luke 21, II Peter 3, Matthew 24:35, Revelation 20).

What starts with no rules, inventing all from nowhere, becomes simply unruly, and faces a judgment which does not linger, a fate shared by the otherwise intoxicatedly religious (II Peter 2:3, Jude 5-7, II Peter 3:1-5,10-13, Matthew 25, Mark 9, II Thessalonians 1,  2:4-10, Revelation 9:20-21, 11:17-18). 

See also

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