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PSALM  110 


Absolute Authority


Absolute Grace

Suitable to God Only,
As Recipient, necessary to Man



In Psalm 110:1-2 we have something to which the 21st century in its uninhibited fresh look at humanity, can give no consent. It is absolute authority. It has seen the bent, the blighted, the indicted, the conceited, the mentally tormented as leader, and has become disenchanted with everything but itself, defined differently by different powers, each seeking to lead, to be notable, to achieve some kind of victory for some kind of purpose.

President Putin, for  example, seems wedded to the concept of Russian  might and majesty, through the ages, whether Communist or any other, whether THEREFORE slaying millions or only achieving a continuing presidency by various arrangements, or authority of his own. China seems to find it almost impossible to repent of Tiananem Square, and the round contempt it has displayed  towards  so many for so long, bursting out in the  Red Guard phase, as ironically in many of the  factory conditions, in  mental  oppression and indoctrination. Not  least in this, is  found in the direct  downvaluing of the individual man*1, by some individual men, who happen to have power  to do  so, though not to themselves, each of great importance!

The USA seems to be following a demagogue whose way is her fall, not into desired disaster as such, but only into religious affront to the Lord God, new affinities implying irreverence to what the vast Christian past and substantially continuing present religious base of the country deems, from the Bible, to  be  idolatry. This, meanwhile, is mixed with meddling with morals, and a bow to naturalism to the point of dismissing as irrelevant that creation without which logic has no place in life (cf.  Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny, SMR, TMR).  

While this estrangement goes on, Islamic*1 fragments seem to unite in being divided, as if that is the one thing on which they can cordially agree when it comes to PRACTICALITIES, and many of them have such enlightened major aims as the physical  extinction of a particular nation, apparently at  ANY cost to morals or truth or justice or righteousness, because ... the reasons are obscure at the ultimate! So they team in tens of millions and scores of countries, more or less  committed to or fascinated by the concept, to extinguish that particular nation, as if life itself were  scarcely worthy of more than this, except in  some congratulations from the alternative to the God Almighty and Redeemer of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. This they expect as they slaughter all  ages, in efforts to delete a nation. THAT NATION IS ISRAEL.

This onrush of popular  and  populous schemings, in ordinary terms, genocide, does not seem to receive that name in the palaces of this earth, for reasons which are also obscure. Even more obscure has been the United Nations itself, containing many Islamic nations, which at one time*1A - before thinking again - named it racism for a particular people of a particular past who had long inhabited, and that  famously, a particular region, to  want to  regroup there after some 2000 years of exile. Small though its current fraction of its past territories  is, what it has won amid this multi-national lust for extinction, even the UN wishes to have reduced still further,  complaining constantly*3, as if the disproportion of the  assailants to the restored little people (population  about that of Australia in 1937, now some 3 times greater), in a land compared in size of New Jersey.

The circumstance that after World War I, the  League of  Nations, the congregation of nations then current, appointed Britain mandate over  that territory, and confirmed the British undertaking (Balfour Declaration of 1917) that this would be the site for  Jewish homeland, one to be sure, where it would give due concern to other peoples, but a homeland for all that, does not seem to many genocide wishers,  or dealers, to matter.

This, in ordinary term, genocide, does not seem to receive that name here, for reasons which are also obscure. Even more obscure has been the United Nations itself*3A, containing many Islamic nations, which at one time - before thinking again - named it racism for a particular people of a particular past who had long inhabited, and that  famously, a particular region, small though it is, on this earth, to desire to regroup and continue there. The circumstance that after World War I, the  League of  Nations, the congregation of nations then current, appointed Britain mandate over  that territory, and confirmed the British undertaking (Balfour Declaration of 1917) that this would be the site for  Jewish homeland, one to be sure, where it would give due concern to other peoples, but a homeland for all that, does not seem to many genocide wishes,  to matter.

What did matter were wars in  1948,1967 and1973 (cf. SMR Ch. 9), when vast arrays of peoples from many such nations and  allies, sought to extinguish the hated nation. However,  though the disproportion in the land holdings of those nations, in their forces and in their vast engulfment of the little nation was outrageously apparent, they never succeeded. On  the  contrary, the little nation took considerable lands back (though only a small proportion of the gift of the League of Nations), and this even though a large percentage of the scattered people of the little nation (as it became once more in 1948) had been slaughtered with a specialised European human  abattoir technology, which did not omit  to garner even the gold in the teeth of the people who had been in that little nation, despite  all this, returned there after so  long a time.

The additional circumstance that AS A  NATION, they had slain the Messiah, predicted in great  detail with date of death (Daniel 9:23-27, The Christian Prescription Ch. 2), in their own Holy Book, which now we call the biblical Old Testament, ruined them, bringing on a severance from their former power as predicted (Micah 5:1-3). THAT MESSIAH IS JESUS CHRIST.

Even this did not lead to their utter failure, some escapees  from these German camps of squalor and torment, even returning in order to fight for their traditional heritage, with amazing victories (Zechariah 12:1-13:1), to be followed by massive national conversion in faith abundant in the crucified Christ, a faith spiritually informed!.

God IS an authority, THE authority, a fact often missed. What HE says in the Bible, as in our genes (the linguistic basis on which babes are built by a library of correlative  commands with power to  act), is easily checked with all other claimants to the divine, and found to prevail in this, that His biblical word, as stated,  happens, and this, whether apparently impossible or not. Scientists, as in the current particle news, may become inordinately famous when some one idea, such as the current 'boson' bit*3B, apparently appointed amid the multiple systems,  is verified within its created framework, just as Einstein showed a mathematical mass-energy relationship.  The Bible in all is verified over millenia in vastly diverse directions, making points  far  above those of our environment, even concerning the environment of our souls, the tenure of our spirits, the workings of our nations, the power of the God of creation and the  testimony of His REMEDY for man,  which works; and is justly famed above all contest.

When verification is not for a moment but for a millenium, and when the predictions are not in  one layer of  reality, but in many, then you look to the  Creator for the nous and the will and purpose, and in fact, find there answers to all the problems of philosophy and politics, thought and ideology. It is  so because truth works (cf. Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ). Thus in Psalm 110:1-2, as in  Psalm 2, you find a feature later in the historic field, than the reference to salvation through the grief and sacrifice of the Messiah. This is information concerning the AFTER-CARE, following that operation. Indeed, it is considerably later. Having noted the expulsion of Israel - for that is the little nation which God predicted would return and wage against staggering assault, victorious warfare - it foretells this result on its national  resumption. Indeed, it predicts  the  return of many in the nation, yet to come in this context, and nearly next in order.

The return is to the Judge, the Saviour Jesus Christ. At this time,  Israel is to be vastly assaulted (Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 66, Deuteronomy 32,Micah 7), a thrust God Himself will repel.  The royal sacrifice will return after gathering and rescuing His people of all sources, who trust in Him. THEN  will be found an  ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY, loathed by those who flee from the Lord, though some may be even awakened by the sheer peace and splendour of it all. THIS majesty works (cf. Ezekiel 21:27). It is what is needful,  due and fitting, after the nations have had their day with all its squalor, sometimes with shafts of light, only to be extinguished,  as so  largely now the case for example both in England and in the US.

"Overthrown, overthrown!"

the Lord gave Ezekiel  to cry,

"I will make it overthrown! It shall be no longer,

until He comes whose right it is, and I will give it to Him."

THAT KING IS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST (Acts 17:31). Not only is the Messiah,  110:1-2.5-7, to  RULE on this earth (cf.  Psalm 72, Revelation 20), but where rebellion tries for the umpteenth time to overturn this finale to the vast divine drama for man, it will be met with a rod of iron (Psalm 2:1-4,8-9). It is like the launching of a vast  ship: first  for  many years the preliminaries are wrought, and much do many suffer as it proceeds. THEN AT  LAST, the vast  vessel is LAUNCHED, and with a certain maritime majesty it floats and moves on the river to the sea,  a spectacle in vast contrast to the hulk when it was being prepared. NOW  the time is up, the day has come, the spectacular  replaces the laborious. In our terms, moving back from imagery to  reality, Christ having borne the sin of many, His blood shed for the redemption of many as He said at the Last Supper, and man having had adequate time to digest and disseminate the Gospel,  the rule of the Judge, the King of glory, proceeds.

What liberty has man had! What merciless  slaying of millions in more than one land, has occurred in the last 100 years, by  people of what in some things, have been opposite mystifications and myths, both Nazi and Communist, both ignoring the reality of man as they slam the authority of an unmandated mission on the serfs of their day, to subdue them to unreality. The heavenly State does not come by force, as BOTH of them have proved, given massive opportunity. They but illustrate the obvious:  man has a liberty of heart and thought and conscience, and a capacity to seek truth which no force can ever eradicate. You CANNOT govern man in that way. As you see at the end of Joshua, the people have to WANT it, and for that matter,  at the private level in that particular individual drama, so has the heart of each one. Without that, it is all only pretence and pretension.

Thus absolute authority, in its time, comes to this earth before the same departs, like a Sunday School Anniversary stage, when its job is one (II Peter 3, Mat. 24:35, Isaiah 51:6). 



Man has come close in many millions, to worshipping what he can find out, and  calling it science (cf.  Scientific Method ...), now increasingly with disregard to what  actually happens, when it comes to his origin and source and the evidence for that (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!). Many of these conceptions change,  often ludicrously, men of science attacking with almost venomous relish, at  times, the ideas, each of the other (cf. Wake Up World! ... Chs. 4-6). Lately, actuality is explicitly made subject to preconceptions in a landmark confession from a leading scientist at Harvard. There are parties even in science, though it is not so when scientific method is followed, for it has an inherent deference to the empirical (cf.  SMR  pp. 140ff.,  TMR Ch. 1 , The Splendour of the Biblical Coverage ... Ch. 3): even this by some of them among the secular, selectively subjected, even to open disdain.

This is mere humanistic self-worship in its ultimate spiritual dynamic,  though many do not seem  to realise what they are doing. When absolute authority comes,  not only in evidence as now, but in actual rule over this world, there is a prelude as in Psalm 110:1-2,5-6, 2:1-2,8-9). The Psalm 2 showed what in Acts 2 is cited, the effort to eradicate the Messiah when He came (as in Revelation 12), and the divine retort, raising (as in Psalm 16), of the slain body of the Messiah, freely making of Himself a sacrifice for sin.. Then Psalm 110 as in the latter part of Psalm 2, shows the eventual restoration, not just of Israel (as in Ezekiel 36-39 for example), but of its rejected King (Isaiah 49:7, 61:1ff., 11:1ff.). Indeed, to be is the restoration of much IN Israel TO that King and this as part of the entire overthrow of the fallen follies of the Gentiles, who became as bad as Israel of old, in their rejection of the Messiah. None but God will be exalted in that day (Isaiah 2,  19).

Preference for folly, at  all levels in human society, scientific (where God is concerned, by a devious contrivance, irrationally viewed by many almost as a competitor  for the rule of man over the equipment, given within himself), or other, has shown to the uttermost what man is capable of in heart and spirit. He is not an incompetent by nature, but merely passionately impure in his efforts to delete not only the emblematic Israel (former agent of God), but God Himself. This is consummated when Christ returns IN ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY as in Revelation 19, when the actual preferences behind thought and the strivings, connivings or aspirations of many hearts are then exposed, as in an X-ray, but one of spiritual intensity.

Thus the FACT is that people DO volunteer to go to war (when not merely sent), a possible use of human will, or to woo a lady,  or apply an idea; and  when it comes to the ultimate, as in the present millenia since Christ's crucifixion, you see this. THEY WANT Christ (or not), they DESIRE salvation (or not), they SURRENDER (Luke 14:28-32) to Christ as Lord and Saviour (or not), and they state at times their reasons. However crippled by sin they may be, God knows their hearts from eternity, and makes no mistake. Desiring all to be retrieved and cured (Colossians 1:19ff.), He yet does not force. "Your people shall be volunteers in the day of your power," we read.

This the ultimate liberty of sovereign and divine provision and gift*4, takes  account of the realities of man, unlike the specious subterfuges of man, who uses mere force over hundreds of millions, as if this even COULD  be an answer.  What do they sell Christ to obtain ? only the rule of birth and death, sickness and seduction of spirit, body, mind or heart, free from God like a car free from  oil, or a building from  foundation, particles from  structural appointment, or a stream from purity.



Psalm 110 tells us that THIS kingdom,  at last instituted before this world goes, with divine power, which works, unlike the human power of the millenia which does not even meet the needs of man, will relate to One of singular beauty.  "In the  beauties of holiness, from the womb of the morning, You have the dew of Your youth," verse 3. Such a King has more than charisma, and less than merely superficial appeal as you see in His compassion, pity, justice to the poor and praise in Psalm 72, yes even in His redemption for those who are His!

The figure used in Romans 12, I Corinthians 12:12ff., and Ephesians 47ff., is that of a body, with Christ the head, and you see this applied in the resurrection as in Isaiah 26:19. Thus  vitality comes to those who know Him, and the griefs of age are supplanted by that glorious combination, wisdom with the holy loveliness of a dawning of light, no more a stricken sunset of pollution. Instead of brew, there is dew, and instead of deceit, there is the glory of unimpeded light. His people receive the realisation of what has been latent, and defiled, now patent and anointed. The lead in ? THE COMMAND IS TO REPENTANCE (Luke 13).

What had been the  hope of the past (as in I Peter 1:3ff.), and the spiritual experience of Christ in prelude, becomes the happiness of the day. Christ having done all in one sacrifice once made in the end of the Age, and that by Himself and not another (John 10, Hebrews 9-10), is the only priest, just as even in prelude, in Hebrews 7-8. There is NO MORE SACRIFICE, we read,  and hence no more priest. The latent priest becomes now the patent priest, the looked for, found within, becomes the ruler, seen outside.

HENCE when the time comes, and the confrontation in the madness of oppressed man becomes direct with the Lord, there is no stopping for luxuries and leisure, for "He shall drink of the brook by the wayside," instituting the deliverance for man after so many of his own racial deceptions, in celestial truth. God does not stay because of man's way, but waits till all being unveiled, and volunteers being given their due, and time its come-uppance, the scene is ready. Thus from these two Psalms categorically,  we see the  divine counsel behind the actions, the human folly in their midst, and the eventual outcome,  glorious as the original creation, and more so, because now made pure, not until some  fall, but forever.






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Thus in Ch. 1 above, we have this:

That day is getting very close. When one reads an account of the actualities of voting in the United Nations, for example, case by case, situation by situation,  cavil and condemnation against Israel by condemnation, as itemised in such a site as the Jewish Virtual Library, as undated on February 12, 2012, "The United Nations and Israel", one can only marvel at the efforts made to give credibility to the militancy and the guile. Like a rash from an underlying cause, branded on the body, so is this rash branded on the UN history.

It is, after all, scarcely surprising that such disturbances and distortions, climaxing in calling Zionism  racism (as if it were racist for the British to be concerned at the liberty of their land in THEIR OWN hands, when much of Europe thought otherwise in  World War II) should come when there are over 50 nations listed as being in majority Islamic. Many of these are listed at over 80%.On the other hand, just one is listed as Israel, which is not Islamic, and which is a focus for annihilatory speeches from many, each in his day, whether Nasser or Ahmadinejad, or Hamas or other.

Consulting a highly regarded volume ISRAEL, by author Barry Rubin, in many ways a massively knowledgeable presentation concerning that land, and certainly not Christian, one finds over an initial spread of some 90 pages which recite historical events, many recent, the same marvelling to arise. Even when one  already knows much of this, the documentary is by its very recitation, a staggering exposť.

COULD it really be that the assailants of Israel REFUSED such an offer from the UN in  1947 as they did  ? Yes it is so. Could offer after offer have been rejected, there traced in excruciating detail, whether to Arafat with Clinton or other, with things almost unthinkable freely in view,  gifts of land gained when international forces had sought to obliterate Israel, now offered to  Israel's enemies, ready to be  handed back to  secure recognition, peace or both! Yes, it is multiply so. And do they still seek this and that, now to be returned freely, which had been used to bombard Israeli farms, as with the Golan Heights, the Sinai peninsular already freely returned in a peace treaty with Egypt ? Yes they do. Is this war insatiable ? Evidently it is so; and as with inveterate misconceptions in general, there does come a time when they receive their come-uppance, the conclusion of the affair, even amid the filth and foments of folly which so disadorn those who follow what the Bible defines as the lie!

Is it really thought surprising, then, that the torrid continues, the violations elevate, the assaults proliferate and the UN is so quick to condemn so  much so often, as Israel seeks to avoid further annihilatory (explicitly so) efforts and to guard her own existence. If her ways are not Christian, neither are those of the assailing Gentiles in this field. If she is not perfect, nor are the slaughterers of her people, many bent on her utter destruction. Is it given thought that Israel is NOT seeking to gain what she did not accomplish in fighting those seeking to exterminate her ? that she is handed bits back, even of THIS, fruit of war when she was multiply assaulted! Is this realised at all  ? Is this effort, not to take over others,  but to secure her borders from further attack, and not to leave herself, in many gifts BACK to her assailants, indefensible, taken as non-existent ? Is it realised how few are the miles at her narrow neck already ? how narrow the site to this day ? Is the work of her enemies to remove  ALL of her land not even SEEN!

Thus there is room for a divine lesson. There was a reason for her plight, evident to many; and there is a reason for her deliverance which WILL Be apparent to the attacking nations, when God, after so long her exile, and now her assaults from enemies multiplied, acts ... He acted in the creation, in the repudiation of the flood, in the prophetic propulsion of promise and testable truth, in the coming of the Messiah, in His perfect conformity to plan and purpose, in His mocking His enemies by being unavailable for display, for attestation, for His body lent to death in atonement, was secure in resurrection in triumph. Thus were His foes confused, as deprived as depraved; and He will act in His terminating elements of the plan, both to confirm His inheritance in Israel, first in land and then in spirit (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 11).



On the UN and its drift, dynamic and accretions, and many parallel movements to one end,  see for example, It Bubbles Ch.  11. and News 121. On further and more general preliminaries to the return of  Christ, see News 122.



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On the marvel of liberty, instituted by God through the gift of spirit to man, and its limitations through sin, and deliverance  through the divine  foreknowledge past all works, in the interests of the love of God that all might come to a knowledge of the truth (I Timothy 2, Colossians 1:19ff.), see the Predestination Heptad, and in particular the references below.

Ch. 1 of


This deals with the whole  domain of GOD and man, and in particular the  love of  God, the nature of the Gospel, the effect of these things on missions, and missionary motivation, and the honour of  God, which it is necessary to preserve from convenient but merely philosophical ramifications, based not on  the  word of God, but the  thoughts of man.

Ch. 3, Epilogue, which explores systematic elements in simple summation of much,  and  uses Aspects of the Glory of God  Ch. 6, which is enlarged, to extend its  applications. Special points of interest for this purpose, are there noted, with the principles in view given some items of  survey here, at *4. The unique capacity of the Bible's presentation to resolved liberty in man, sovereignty in God and to  specify the matter without antinomy or antithesis, is a focus.

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See also *3B above.