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News 368

 Economist magazine, February 24th. 2005,  The Advertiser, January 5, 2006





Robert Gordon Menzies, Australian PM before and at times after WW II, was a great friend of Britain, very acceptable in its counsels at various times, and in many ways, a far-seeing statesman. Britain however is radically changing.

It is true that much that has been good and godly, virtuous and true, faithful and fine, cultivated in terms of Christianity has emanated from that formerly great, and formerly formal Protestant Christian nation.

It is not on this occasion our purpose as a focus, to discuss that, since its fruits and works abound, as from such great theologians and lovers of the Lord as Matthew Poole (one of the sanest of commentaries with great scholarship in various works), Cranmer, Ridley and Latimer, a virtuous, victorious and eminent trio of Christian Minister, Elizabeth Fry with her concern for educating the neglected battalions in the civil ghettoes, and brining the knowledge of the Lord where SOMEONE had to care, Lord Shaftesbury and his vast industrial compassion to lighten the load and better the lot of the workmen, saintly scientists like Lord Kelvin, Robert Boyle,  Michael Faraday and a whole host of dedicated missionaries from the London Missionary Society, and Hudson Taylor, dedicated young doctor whose work led to a Mission which had at one time some 600 missionaries in China, realistically seeking to be all things to all men while being subject to the Lord and His will and word ... one could go on and on.

There came, however,  such an ooze not least from German theology in the nineteenth century and theological liberalism, that scape-grace of shamelessness, rising to its empty crescendos and corrupted misconception in the twentieth, together with what appeared at times as a  pride in being BRITISH, rather than having Christ in their mouths, that the nation began to succumb to another spirit, another 'gospel' including the social gospel, another christ, to be found in their own native hearts, not by faith but by culture.

It was as if the vast idealism which Christianity had spawned in so many, like Robert Browning, William Wordsworth and Tennyson, was in some way a British national characteristic and not a fruit of a tree whose root was Christ, were to be internalised as their very, native own. A certain loftiness of conception and character, derived from the long association with Christ in that nation, began to suggest a certain spiritual aristocratic eminence, at contrast with the meek and contrite heart that the 39 Articles of the Church of England, for example, so well portrayed in its severance from Romanism.

In leaving Rome with its deceitful fables, as it characterised the idolatry of the mass (cf. SMR pp. 1088Aff.), the English State Church did well, however unwise its attempt to blend a State institution bounded by a nondescript multitude, with a voluntary association under a spiritual Head, such as the Christian Church. In its avoidance of the sand-stone that was mere pretence in the factious and factitious frenzy of lordly error in Romanism, so far contrary to Matthew 23:8-10,  however, the C of E was not merely changing corrupt foundations. Its movement was not so that it might slowly begin to found itself on itself!

For long the truth had might and eminence in the land, and Christ had much sway in many of its counsels and much of its culture; but a certain self-trust, self-reliance, almost an intoxication at times with the RESULTS of Christ, instead of delight in the Saviour Himself, a certain distancing became more and more the norm, as theologies cavorted like bikini-clad women, sirens in the waters of life.

With these with many other dissidences from things spiritual in Christ,  the mischievous misconceptions became more and more masterful. Then a test came. The Second World War became a vast place of concord among many, and at Dunkirk, a stimulus to national prayer; for was not Hitler evil and did not his slavery show a decisive and incisive contrast to British liberty and love of truth ? It was during this conflict that Churchill made his famous and infamous (though comprehensible) statement that his life had been simplified because the whole question was now, how to beat Hitler. This, he indicated, was so dominant in his thought, that if Hitler were to invade hell (a typically brilliant piece of evocative Churchill!), then he, Churchill, would seek to say something nice about the devil in the House of Commons - a point noted in War at the Top, a work on the war, almost a documentary from James Leason (p.  130).

This too unsublimely, if typically British in underlying humour, put the point. England had ceased, to a significant extent, as this soiled pearl of mean price showed, to put CHRIST first. The alliance with the USSR was to the point in this outburst of the British PM, and his hatred of communism was at issue, since here he was, now making alliance with 'Marshall Stalin', who had chewed and consumed millions of the State's servitors, in order to adjust reality to his dream, which had to wait some 45 years to bite the same dust as his victims.

The World War II went on. The Great Empire thrust and parried, and lost most of its cohesion and strength, paying, paying, paying, while the USA became exceedingly rich with accumulated wealth, in order to lose it in some 50 years, and go into huge debt to oil possessors, who would gratify her desire to have what she wanted, how she wanted it NOW, by taking enough money from her to gratify THEIR desires. What then was one of those Middle Eastern desires ?

It was to re-ignite an Islam so disgraced in World War I,  that the Middle East became a place for the decisions of the mighty who were victors in that world; who however did not decide too wisely, allowing the subsequent cartel extortion, which in turn would enable the terrorist backings so helpful to the deluded. How the Islamic scourge sought to re-invent itself during the Cold War and the oil enrichment phase!

Despite all the might of the many and the wealth of the grossly enriched Islamic nations in their hideously lustful bayings against it, and despite the betrayal of Israel in the loss of some 2/3 of Palestine to Jordan in the 1920s, that Palestine which the League of nations had granted to the Jews as their Israel, however,  Israel continues.  Disciplined of the Lord, it is yet in His mercy, not consigned to His other enemies, those who never knew Him; and that, it is by contract divine, by grace divine, even before Israel's substantial return to the Lord, which is predicted to come (Ezekiel 36-37, Romans 11, Zechariah 12:10ff., cf. Jeremiah 30:15-16, Ezekiel 37-38).

Significantly, little Bethlehem was regained in  1967 and with it a diminished but significant hinterland. So Israel, restored to its land, yes Israel the re-made of 1948, did not succumb to the joint international betrayal granting much of Palestine to Jordan, and Islamic surge of violence, with a hatred that has recently been epitomised in the interestingly bombastic, autocratic and arrogant words of the President of Iran.

For him, Israel is an excrescence to GO from the surface of the earth. Perhaps in support, albeit negative, he could cite what the PM of Malaysia, at the time of his retirement, had to say. Has not Israel, for all the multitude of Islamic populaces and power, and their wars with it, managed to survive and continue and not fold ? Yes, this was a true statement, and his desire to subvert Israel by new methods is just the same Islamic expansionist rhetoric which has been embedded in the bodies of millions in times past, by such means as the scimitar, and in the hearts of so many women, slaves to the drudgery of gross subordinationism and seclusion, as if they were mere chattels, not truly persons of dignity and equality with man at all. 

This is not to say there is no divine structure between man  and women, but in Christ, the woman is to be loved by the man as he loves himself, as Ephesians 5 tells us, and he is to sacrifice himself for her. Some sacrifice is this, indeed not to visible at all in Islam when in millions of cases she is mutilated for the male pleasure when young, as if he were some kind of god to change her design, thus insulting God who made her. This, it is not some relatively slight adjustment, as a sign, as in male circumcision, but an excision of an integral sexual organ.

Israel has then not succumbed to that desolation of religion in what is, as it was and has been in essence for millenia, the work of false prophets, this one signalised in Muhammad*1A, whose words do not come to pass, whose mighty Allah in this case (as in Baals in the past) can do nothing to alter what comes out of the mouth of the Lord in the Bible, which of course includes the restoration of Israel, the triumphant wars against statistically impossible seeming odds (a point so well made by Mahathir*1 in his justifiable disgust at the Islamic impact on Israel - in this, that their power is impotent there), and the high price of interference for those who try to adjust Israel's destiny*2A. These developments are prophetically to be found in Zechariah 12-14, Ezekiel 36-37 and many other scriptures which are treated frequently in different regards on this site*2.

It is now that we can see how this facet of international politics relates to our British theme.

Britain betrayed Israel rather explicitly after World War II, notably in the words (and deeds accompanying) of Bevin*3 who was British Foreign Secretary  at the time, for the explicit sake of the oil. It did it also by inhibiting the return of the remnants of Israel after Auschwitz (to B.C. and A.D. one could almost add A.A.), through the glorious intervention of the BRITISH NAVY, in its darkest moral hour. How had Britain fallen from the days when, filled with moral qualities to be desired, she exported them via the Boy Scout movement, without Christ at the helm, as if oranges were to be sent to the nations short of  vitamin C, but no trees were sent! The oranges, they are soon used up! Now the artificiality of what had become increasingly a form, and a distorted one through many of the theological follies of the earlier twentieth century in Britain, became an anguish of humiliation for a once so great nation.  In the case of Israel, in the post-war 1948 surge of Jews to the land, England was molesting the weak, who had already been molested, in order to sustain herself, and her power.

When will it be realised that the pursuit of 'national interest' is neither better nor worse nationally than is the parallel phenomenon personally. While the decay of morals and spirituality, the desertion of godliness is becoming so marked in much of the 'Western world' where it had some habitat, that it now comes very  close to rivalling the case of nations which never had the light of the Lord. What in many nations had but little representation, with a certain ferocity and fervour of hatred and insurgencies, and dictatorial if not autocratic rule, no more could be seen in such marked contrast to a light which once lightened the land of Great Britain, one now assailed by the uncomprehending darkness. This, it is not to idealise the England that was, but to expose the one which is coming to be.

Nor is it England alone, though here the transition, as in the USA, is the more notable by contrast.

Now in much of the "West",  the very word 'godliness' is almost archaic, and it is becoming more entirely normal to put self-interest IN PRACTICE, as a simple thing to say. At the national level however, plain self-interest is used as almost an excuse for ANYTHING, to be expected as a desideratum, as a matter of course. It comes at times almost as if the only question is not, what is the direction to seek, but HOW can self-interest nationally be served! This of course is a potent source of wars, for the Prince of Peace has no alternative option!

Thus, a person might say, I must look after myself, or after my family, or after my accounts, or after my career, in such a fashion as to seem close to passion (and there is a place for conserving the virtue of function by prudent care), it is still a little odd if one would say, I must look after my own interests and so cannot consider any claim which you or for that matter, anyone else might have on my time or energy; not, that is, unless it is likely to prove profitable to my money banks, reputation or pleasure.

When it becomes personal, there is usually some restraint left! In the case of a nation, however, it is long the way to treat it like some cocooned wonder which must not be touched, which must have no heart (if it is in any type of danger of being incommoded), and which certainly must plough on against any property or propriety, if it is likely to make it richer or more advanced.

Thus with Bevin after World War II, when Israel was up for sale, it almost seemed, BRITISH OIL was paramount, and the Jews could be abandoned. In this, the League of Nations gift of Palestine to the Jews, was not only made a mockery by giving most of it to Jordan. The case was now worse. Any remnants of Israel seeking their home, their national home as granted by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and subsequently by the League of Nations with British Mandate, those not already subjected to complete immolation in Auschwitz and its peer camps, what would become of them ?

What,  after the world had by action or inaction, largely allowed the decease and utilisation of millions of them, victims for this newest crescendo of anti-Semitism, a fit completion of the horrors of Europe towards Jews for centuries: what was to be the British gift of 1948 ? Why the British Navy would INTERFERE with their return, BLOCK it, capture or divert them. What tenderness is this!

Those still living, seeking  to find their land, the League's grant, with only some 1/3 of it left from gift to the Islamic masses of land and wealth, what would Britain contribute ? Why this, using the honour of the once so glorious British Navy, England would ensure as far as might be, that they would be  FORCIBLY EXCLUDED. Oil oozes while virtue snoozes.



This is merely one example of the fall of Britain in The Spiritual Battle of Britain, which is far more important than any other. Thus, if you fall physically, as much of Europe did, first to Hitler, and then in the East , to Stalin, you may be delivered. If you fall spiritually, there is every prospect, if you are not awake, that this will be the final one: in the case of a nation, to which there is no promise.

This conniving with anti-Semitism, not ACTIVELY but passively, to the point of completing some of the work Europe in its intensive evils, and the festering loitering of the relics of pogroms and Inquisition, Britain disgraced herself. In the matter of turning over to Stalin, prisoners of war to not so very uncertain death, after World War II, there was also one of the great diplomatic pieces of moral inertia which cannot be buried, as the corpses of so many returnees were to be buried in the ample bosom of mother USSR, the most unnatural of mothers.

These things were but ethical indices. By the 1990s, the devastation of theology in the Church of England ruling circles, became just as apparent, as the pope, so long abhorred in his evil ways (cf. SMR pp.  1032-1088H, 903ff., 911ff 923ff., 946ff., 950ff.) was now from the Archbishop of Canterbury, in view as a chairman of churches! (cf. A Question of Gifts VI). Britain was falling, Europe had fallen, itself a primary source of export of this and that abomination of desolation, in the form of theology, from Welhausen, to Barth, to Tillich, Bultmann, with much in between! (cf. SMR pp. 67ff., 842ff., 861ff., 864ff., The Biblical Workman,  Appendix 3, Light of Dawn Ch.   2

Was it to be ONE UNITED EUROPE in the vision of Winston Churchill, which would have the means to prevent more disasters ? Surely, and it came in the form of the  EU as it now is, that monolith of moral nihilism, spiritual quiddity and derelict destiny, which does not even know what it is about*4A at the spiritual level, and almost plays games with words to find some 'formula' to disguise its slavery to desire, and advantage, in the place of spirituality!

Hopefully, this was not the intention, but it is assuredly the result. The vile and infamous insistence by the EU that Britain so abort the morality of its Army as to make provisions for  homosexuality within it, led eventually to 'married' quarters or their equivalent, for sexual perversion. Protestant Britain with its Bible the declared summit of wisdom, put into the hands of each new monarch, was thus becoming party to the point of positively forwarding that what the Bible in both Testaments condemns, in the Old to death, and in the New in terms of incompatibility with the Kingdom of heaven (Leviticus 20:13, I Timothy 1:10, I Corinthians 5-6).

Now the point comes where the once so great nation authorises formally and facilitates officially in its midst, in its armed forces indeed, the perversion against which the Bible spoke in law and morality, so forcibly and with such denunciatory declamation! After all, if you believe in God, and in Him  as Creator rather than some little dream of your own, HIS DESIGN is your mandate.

Armed forces ? The ban against homosexual practice or profession in the Army  was decisively lifted in 2000 A.D., in a beautifully arithmetic piece of villainy against Christ, for the year of the three noughts. Thus we find the Economist magazine, February 24th. 2005, indicating that 'gay' military couples who register as civil partners will be eligible for married quarters.

That ? it is enabling for vice. But what of its generation ? Thus in The Advertiser, January 5, 2006, we learn that the decline of morals from the plateaux of the Bible, to the uttermost nether regions of dissidence is now complete at the official level. It lacks nothing. Consider the new sacrificial pyres to the purity of children, a new immolation from social dynamics.

Children ? are they too to become prey in Britain, formally  ? It appears very possible. We are told in the above noted news report that British children as young as seven could be taught what is termed 'gay history' which apparently means the steps by which perversion became socially acceptable, academically teachable and financially endowed. With this, they want 'historical figures labelled homosexual', apparently taking some of the facts together with the allegations, and making them figure in young minds, so facilitating the departure from the design God shows in man's disease prevention at the sexual and natural level, through the real or pretended cases of some who might then the more readily be imitated.

It is one thing to have a horse that bites; it is another to focus on the behaviour as you teach it its post.

Certainly, this involves 'design', as shown to be indubitably present in man so often in this site, even by definition (cf. SMR pp.  211ff., Repent or Perish Ch. 7, throughout but esp. in two locations and their hinterlands, Ch. 2 above, and indexes). Breaching a safety provision, a disease inhibitor as in natural sexual relations, and moving from this to the perverted,  in what is par excellence the most design-fitting visible item on earth, is one thing; breaching the word of the Maker is another, and both tend to the same result, harm and death.

To teach what assists death to those early in life does not seem a wonderful idea; but the cyclotronic movement of anti-moral, anti-biblical, man-as-his-own-mythical-maker philosophies, making man's mind the centre of the universe when it is far otherwise objectively, and investing him with the position of being the criterion of truth, even when on the philosophies concerned, truth is not available: this becomes so fashionable that neither reason nor caution seems too relevant.

Not only however is this boost to perversion in view through education, but there is far more even there. Thus teachers are being urged to introduce pupils to sexual and swear words, according to this report in The Advertiser. Since swear words are frequently COARSE substitutes for factual indication, profaning sexual activities with vulgarisms and emotional laxity (as if to say 'my damned eye' for some reason or other, though obviously if it were damned, this could not help) is so close to madness, as in self-destruction, that it seems prurience is here outwitting prudence, and emotional indulgence is becoming an offensive weapon for the undermining of the integrity of the young.

Further, in addition to demeaning various human activities, swear words frequently include an assault on the dignity, integrity or power, the purity or the grandeur of God (cf. SMR pp. 662ff.). Thus when someone hits his finger and, being now so very educated at school, finds it the more possible to say, "you ....... thing", including a reference to God in the process, there is a useful comparison to be made. Let us consider this!

Suppose now that you love your wife. You hit your finger and say, being 'educated', "you .... thing", and then add a reference to "Lilian", your wife, in the process, saying for example, before a tundra of swear words, "O Lilian you (female dog)", to add to the eloquence: would this be in some way helpful ? Would it be useful for the marriage ? or for truth ? or for common sense. Why does hurt to your finger make for association of the name of your wife with that a female dog ? This is merely to make frustration the more ludicrous and injurious.

Is it good to teach children to profane the name of God as part of the instillation of methods ? This is no small section of what swear words constitute. This then becomes a lead to anti-God approaches, not as a matter of liberty, or licence, but indoctrination and instruction. (See, for this sort of trend, and its basis SMR pp. 355-356, 612-613, 673ff., News 126.)

If now you had your child sent to classes which taught him living, say kindergarten, since the affair of his mother is a tender one, and he was taught to articulate the term 'mother' with various swear-words attached (equivalent in matter to the MANNER of much anti-religious swearing), would this not compromise his liberty to select what he wants, and become an attack on his mother by implication ? and is this freedom ?

Is the child not able to formulate his own code of conduct towards his mother without this kind of return of evil for good, as would normally be the case,  at the physical level of nurture ? Is it possible that the mother would even WISH the child not to be so TAUGHT about things for which he finds no call!

Is mode of insult to become a coarse course for the children of seven years old, to get back to the more general case!

The  'campaign', which is in fact for this sort of glorification of the obscene, the perverse and the anti-religious, whatever its external trappings,  is one which finds itself, the report continues, to have backing. So in England, that pleasant, nay once so blessed isle, this sort of self-destruction, this kind of social S.I.W. is being helped ? Who then 'backs' it ?

It is backed by Scotland Yard and several British Government Departments. (For some earlier developments in Britain, see Wake Up World! ... Ch. 3, Diamond ... Ch. 9, and for earlier errors in Israel of old, see Dancers ... Ch. 3, with application to religious change in Australia - for those who want to sight this!)

Finally we find that the Metropolitan Police Chief approved the use of a police headquarters in West London for a reception of LGBT History Month campaigners in November. The acronym ? 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender'.

To be sure SIECUS in the USA in the late sixties was moving in a campaign to introduce a type of materialist-based sexual instruction for schools, and one could find a film mocking Christian ministries with lewd footage, in an effort to downgrade any hesitation about having IMMORALITY MINUS DESIGN and DESIGN MINUS ITS HANDBOOK, as a form of  instruction to be made universal in schools. On this, and the mood and mode of that time, see Overfight ... Ch. 3, *2Diamond ... Ch. 9 together with the SMR references above. Intended action in the Chicago Tribune, by this author, became unnecessary when the school in view, Hinsdale High School, ceased its plans.

Horrendous as was this time, it palls beside the strenuous initiatives now being unveiled in formerly Great Britain.

What if this heavily backed group of design alienists succeeds  in its aims ?

The child as it grows, in such environments, and the more explicitly so, perhaps now in Britain, is being taught, not merely educated, and made a site for what is foul, what is anti-sublime, what is debased, what mocks sexual function by the tone and manner, as well as the overtones of the swear words, or religious matters, or both, as if the function of education were to INSTIL attitudes and approaches per se, not to promote understanding and overview. Is the child to become a harbour for the Red Non-Peace Warrior vessels to enter, immune from prosecution as they seek to inject direct, the feelings of rebellion and the instruments of non-productive use of sexuality, in terms of its intricate and obvious, necessary relationship to the human race ?

Is the 'voluntary' use of language, attitudes and and unnatural sexuality alike, to arrive before the powers of critical thought are well developed ? Is this not close to devil worship, where a very child is made the repository of cynicism, abuse of life in word or deed or both, by inculcated meanings and approaches as if to say, eat poison or grapes, it is all one and it is all there for you to do!

Sexual perversion does not cease to be that: a sidetracking of an action, feeling and extraordinary power for the continuation of the KIND which is man, of the DESIGN which is man*4B, as part of the intricacy of the CREATION which is man. It erupts into the natural, integral field of racial continuity.

What is natural concerns the arrival of INTIMACY in bodily relationships between man and woman, together with intimate fruit of the same in more children, to be brought up for their good in the same loving, intimate, kindly and concerned manner which is inherent in the whole array which constitutes gender, pro-creation, sexuality and conception of more of this amazing trilogy, this kind, this mind, matter and spirit design called mankind.

Perversion thus becomes a food, like poison, like anything unnatural. Now in a democracy, to be sure, you may elect to put God far from you (though logic does not bend - cf. REASON, REVELATION and the REDEEMER) and to use this liberty in contra-design purposes and pursuits, with less than designed protection from disease. This is merely one lapse in homosexuality.  You may elect to make those who are similar in engendering place, man or woman, to have ascendency not inherent, or to play a role not naturally inbuilt. In this way, you warp the equality, distort the role and invent what is anti-design. Aids has much to be thankful for, a a blight; for without this unnatural vice, its increasing power over the human race would have suffered immensely. The plight of blight becomes a simple reminder to the beauty of holiness, by contrast.

In a democracy, then, you may be free to act in this way, with attendant pathologies at hand.

This however does not give to you a divine right; and  while your greater vulnerability to disease and its transmission does make you a burden, nevertheless in a democracy, such a choice may be granted in terms of 'freedom'. That is one burden imposed; but for you to abuse your very nature, hygiene and the progression by which you yourself have duly arrived, whether by using the fruits of someone else's intercourse, or artificial handling of the means, if granted as part of the political situation, becomes very different when exported. That is, it is a more grievous matter yet,  when there is a direct will and intention to LEAD children to attitudes of this kind before their thoughts are developed enough for discrimination and approach.

If the children are led in the direction of God, and purity, so that their sexual relationships, as far as teaching is concerned,  are limited to what is design-productive, specificity-mutual, in male and female where enormous specialisation is constructed, to the scenario where man with a wife and the product with children, promotes the well-being of the race: well, it is but natural. If however they were to be led in the opposite direction, this being in ADDITION to the normal attrition and vulgarity of this world, and have a LOADED perversion gun pointed at their own hearts, freedom becomes forced growth, and in what a direction!

With organic evolution already a folly of incredible dimensions, taught without room even for rational contest, as is often the case (cf. y.html), this sex perversion and swear word approach then becomes one more overload, one more prejudice impelling in a dynamic negativity which equipment does nothing to suggest, but everything to deny, where the continuation of the race by its specialised means becomes a mode for discontinuity by abused roles, needless intervention in means and dangerous exposure to pathology.

Now it is true that gross inequality, irrationality and injustice is being performed each year on this organic evolution indoctrination, in carefully controlled situations EXCLUDING logical debate, or scientific openness; but this now goes further. With swear words and unnaturalness openly touted, we gain or suffer here an excess beyond mere removal of the implications of 'nature'. Indeed,  we proceed to direct, distorting imposition. This then becomes the work of devils, the sort of thing of which Christ spoke in 'offending' little ones, with the natural result, supernaturally to be imposed, short of some mercy to be found, in the 'mill-stone' around the neck.

WHY is it the work of devils, if it so develops, this approach to swearing and perversion in early educational years ? It is so because the concept of devil functionally is precisely that of

a) denying the power of God

b) denying the worship of God

c) seeking to induce others to be of similar kind

d) distorting truth

e) seeking to substitute imaginary contrivances for functional realities:

that is why.

This is indeed, already in its irrational vehemence and invasiveness, a declaration of war on the God of the Bible, and on the sacredness of the trust involved in the children, which those made in His image, originally, now still have the privilege of keeping. It becomes then as in Rev. 19:19; but it will develop EVEN more.

It is at this point that we do well to stop and realise the direction of flow in Great Britain, and its rate of acceleration: not by any means as astoundingly different from others, but radically erupting against the Bible, in acute rebellion against its ostensible Lord and its past!

A time to consider the significance of swear words would be that where sophisticated critical faculties are in place; and the same applies to perversion of sexuality. Such things should in due time be known, but the teaching of them on a materialistic basis is NOT education but indoctrination. If you went any part of that way, you would need to present DIFFERENT orientations from which the thing could be perceived, the medical, the procreative, the pathological, the religious, and so on. To present materialism by default is neither honest nor rational (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7)*4C.





Let us then compile these findings with the new developments, or rather strength of mis-focus in Britain. It is no mystery that mischief with the logic of truth which SHOWS us the Bible as the word of God (cf. SMR Chs. 1, 3), with the precision of politics, which muddles the equality before the law,  of democracy, with the imposition of desire,  or with the reality of divine revelation, which does not wait on man for permission but comes with the product man, as a handbook for holiness: that one or all of these,  is folly.

Following folly is like following something hollow, like the sound of a drum; following it when you once knew better is like taking a drug when it has already cost you your home. Battles are lost not only on the battle-field of international arms, but in that of the heart.  Indeed, many of the former are incited by the latter!

Thus there was the PHYSICAL Battle of Britain, followed by the Churchillian stress on a UNIFIED EUROPE, which was helped by the USA helping vastly to pay for its restoration after its inward destruction, for the second time, and thus there was the BATTLE FOR EUROPE. This followed the period  which began to end in 1990, when Gorbachev, popular with the 'Gorbie' choruses in Eastern Europe, moved on towards the liberation of that section of Europe, inherited from Hitler and from the Allied failure to allow Montgomery to move ahead, while making way for the Russians to take Berlin, not least. To have had such a partner as Stalin was spiritual folly; to give him Berlin and all that went with it, was spiritual stagnation.

After its half century of horror, however, this was part of Europe was released. At last, it was liberated in the more obvious manner of being no longer clearly subject to the rule of Juggernaut 2, the USSR. Britain SAVED, now the rest of Europe SAVED; but for what ?

Then came the BATTLE FOR EUROPEAN INTEGRATION, which though anything but integral in reality, rapidly becomes *4 more so on paper, as the new Constitution arrives, with its nondescript omissions and lack of real spiritual definition. They move, we learn to a 'common destiny' this group of nations called Europe, but what that is, it fails to define, and what are its principles and what is its religious relationships with the Lord, and altogether what is its nature, this is left out, apparently lest anyone be offended. It is rather like a body, asked what it is, saying, Oh, I don't really know: I suppose we are some parts going places, and I mean GOING places! Poor Europe has been rescued often enough, and not least with British hearts and American money, but it does not care to -- define what it is that it is becoming! So it is integrated, but lacks a heart. It is integrated, like parts, and it wonders whether it should have more parts, or these or those, and why; and it is really most  difficult for when your heart is left out, it is indeed hard to know.

That Battle for its integration was a fascinating battle; but just as Revelation 13, 17 makes it clear that Rome (cf. SMR p. 946ff.) will cease to have the favour of the coming new Unified Rule in Europe, so it happened. The religion of Rome, Romanism, often foolishly called Roman Catholics, whereas it is specifically NOT catholic, because Roman: it  is not mentioned*5A  . The Constitution of the EU shows no sign of Romanism in it, despite the concern showed from within that religion at this loss. The Italian parliament may rise from their seats when the pope visits them; but the EU does not arise to inscribe anything of it in its new constitution, though the armies of Rome marauded often enough ( SMR pp. 946ff., 1032ff.,  Repent or Perish Ch. 5, pp. 102ff., Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch.  14 - including estimates).

Europe did not want to say too much, for it is a conglomerate of different pasts, pastimes and passions. It was in pain as in ague, when it sought to define what it is, for its new Constitution. In fact, toying with trifles and historical truffles was preferred - though abandoned later, to serious consideration with any clear outcome, of what Europe is for, what it is, and what it is about. This is just what is needed for the Europe predicted and to come*5 . It is ideal for such an eminent power bloc in this fallen world, so clearly making it a fashion feature to forsake God, the God of creation and redemption, when it comes into being for its predicted role of godless religiosity and social and financial arrest with a new dictatorial power. Vagueness is an ideal preliminary to dictation, for you are bound to NOTHING.

Then, in the day to come,  filled with its own importance,  we learn that eventually it is to move to the point of declaring - or rather its leader is to speak this thing:  that he is God*6A.

This is admittedly a self-declaration, that of an individual, yet it is the leading ruler for the European peoples concerned. As Revelation 13,17 show, it is an inane declaration which follows from a total program of spiritual and social suppression, tagged by the truth, as to come. And so, with Hitler and Kaiser both having played their roles in those vast labyrinths of power without glory and rule without realism, and Stalin having tried the ultimate hegemony in his own adjoining land, the end of the Age comes near as the deluded dynamic of the leader to be, seeks to do internationally what his predecessors sought to perform in their regions.

Like them, he will first act, in the now so common mode, by vacuous propaganda and meaningless force (cf. SMR pp. 750Bff.).

With this BATTLE FOR EUROPEAN INTEGRATION, comes as a correlate,
BATTLE FOR PROTESTANT DISINTEGRATION, which has moved tremendously in such a downrush,  in Britain, the once so powerful centre of an Empire of that religious form (cf. Wake Up World! ... Ch. 3, Diamond ... Ch. 9, News 13, A Question of Gifts VI).

With this comes the BATTLE FOR MORAL DISINTEGRATION, as if to confirm the ecclesiastical statistics of decline, and the doctrinal deviationism which has become almost a pandemic (cf. its world-wide movements in News 121, 122). That is the phase we have been considering above, with special reference to Britain, which like some spinster Aunt (relatively), needed corruption, lest the world lag in its self-torture. It moves like greyhound, after its illusory and unnatural electric hare.

Following that, is the BATTLE FOR HUMAN ELEVATION, leading on to the self-exaltation of man (*4A), which Hitler tried BY RACE, and Stalin by eliminating CLASS, while making the most heinous class system of all kind, in order to rule it. That imperial rule to come, however, moving with its internal and devilish dynamic,  will now be by HUMANITY seen as in  competition with DIVINITY, and eventually seeking through its ruler, that place! A sad battle that, because it is the infant, squawling with proud rebelliousness, giving educated tongue, like Calvin in the cartoons,  to its insistence on its own self-importance.

In fact, as to humanity's 'glory', the more it insists on it, the less it has, since it becomes merely a rebellious miscreancy, if it persists, without understanding of power, reason or reality, merely in arbitrary autonomy, ineptly insisting on its will (cf. Isaiah 2:27ff).

You can do that. You can do what you will to the extent of your power. You can do it in physics or chemistry or astrology; and what you get is the collision between your dream and reality.

It hurts. It has been hurting progressively more for a long while, and naturally, as the unnatural religion, morals and philosophy have boom time with dream-time of a new kind, it is to hurt vastly more as the earth heaves and is burdened like Egypt of old, when it in its own day, tried it and plied its wares as a nation in competition with God.


This is the rule of Revelation Chs. 6ff., and then again, 16ff..

Abomination, abhorrence, decimation, devastation, incitation, reprobation.

It is a tireless list of a frenzied rampage of unrepentance (Rev. 9:20ff.) found in  a race trying to distil all power despite created limitations, and finding only dryness in the end.

WHY WILL YOU DIE ? the Lord asks (Ezekiel 33:11ff.), adding that He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, for He delights in mercy, as indeed seen in Micah 7:19ff., Colossians 1:19ff., I Timothy 2. However, it is strange how the deluded love their delusions, the dreamers their dreams (as Jeremiah 23:16-20 predicts); and it takes the arrival of the garbage truck, with dispossession orders, to wake them up, after their little dream has become a much deserved nightmare. That, it is rather too late.

Millenia*6 have taught them through the vast controls of God, who while limiting freedom, let's it declare itself with its foibles, fiascos and delusions, until its case ... rests, as a corpse in its latest quiver. There is no case for autonomy of the delimited; and rebellion has no hope. Who would prefer the delusive antics of the autonomy-agents, in strife before they begin, with what they are, and their autocratic impositions, to what ? To this:  to the love of the Creator with His redemption by HIMSELF!

Autonomy fidgets become autonomy passion; and this leads to a ruinous finale in misrule, mischief and theophobia, despite the grandeur, the knowledge, the wisdom, the brilliance, the love, the compassion, the pardon available and the mode of MAKING it so at Calvary, in the Creator, in the Saviour, for they are one (Isaiah 43:10-11).

Inveterate before the Invincible, inane before the profound, lying before the Truth,  thus arrive these final spasms in a self-despoiling earth, portrayed through the Rulers of this Age, as they think to become man come of age, but succeed merely in showing that even at this stage, they have no wisdom at all, have learned nothing and inject hope like a drug, into irrationality, if by any means they might dream and find they awake, and behold it is true.

But it is false, as ever attested, and it is the word of the Lord which merely does what it said, in history, yes, even to the end. It does not move, quiver or quaver, self-adjust; but rolls on without cessation.


affirming its own sovereignty, and then

THE BATTLE FOR CREATED LIFE'S SELF-WORSHIP are these which proceed to lather the earth.

The immense desire to use cloning and that even  from embryos, is merely one more aspect of the second last battle, above. LIFE eternal without God has been the desire from Genesis on; life control against God is another, and life prostitution for the aims of a party, class, nation or religion (the cultural religions that man makes up, in the absence of worship of the living God according to His verified word), this is a third.

As time goes on, the international possibilities via EU, UN and other groupings are coming to the mind of aspiring man, as a mouse comes to the mind of a far-seeing vulture. There is a certain lust to swoop; but God is no mouse.

Mere created derivatives become deity-proclaimers, but not of Him who is their Maker: for the come to do it of themselves, though they be made. They seek to control life, and then the Maker, and in the end, as in Revelation 19:19, they are merely at war with God. There is no excuse (Romans 1:17ff.); and just as Paul describes in Romans 1 (in conjunction with Romans 5), the arising of the errors of cultural man, so does he show its progression into behavioural negativities such as the 21st century abounds in, and sexual perversion as one of the results of worshipping the creation rather than the Creator. That is the prognosis of rebellious suppression of truth in unbelief, and this is the course now being found and followed so blatantly, so belligerently, whether in Britain, in Holland or Canada, with strong surges meanwhile into the USA.

That is just one more of the divine depictions, predictions and of the fulfilments of His word, which like a sheep dog, now moves on the back of the wandering sheep, now nips the leg, and moves them where they are to go; and some it despatches, some while they wilfully rampage, some wolves merely dressed in sheep's clothing, hampered by the excess wool, into their appointed doom, while they exult in their 'freedom', the frenzies of folly, evacuees from eternity, denizens of dereliction. Man without God and with this or that unspectacular substitute of his own spirit, is bereft and at times laments.

So do the man-centrists weep and lament, as this or that species disappears from this earth, and often do they call  their woes 'green', when they are brown, because they leave the source, and seek to inherit the works of Him whom they so often despise. Thus the vast collection of the creation (cf. Wake ... Ch. 6) seems to depart, declining in its spread, and many among mankind seek to conserve it; for they do not seek the Maker, but like some children who want to steal paintings from an artist, they prefer the  canvas to the artist, and seek to depict the works in the end, with various overpaintings, as their own! It is their own race which needs preservation, but stampeding from the Maker, they worship the made.

Their delusion is rampant, their illustrations as in current Britain, ruinous, and their spread pandemic.

The OFFER OF LIFE from the Creator, by contrast, continues on the unchanged mode of over three millenia. The offer has been long, the world has been wrong, and its prince has nothing in Christ as He declared (John 14:29-31). The gift is eternal life (Romans 6:23), the method is the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:5) wrought where the inviolable sacrifice of Christ for what is vile is entered into the receptive heart, by faith, and the ransom of reality, the payment of the Saviour, deposited, prevails (Matthew 20:28, John 1:1-14, Romans 3:23ff.).

Christ died for sinners (I Timothy 1:15, Matthew 9:10-13, Romans 10:1ff.), not the sin-free, for repentant receivers, not self-deceivers. The Gospel travails and prevails with few, but they are many when all is accounted, few in percentage, many in multitude (Revelation 7). The narrow way remains (Matthew 7:15ff.), like a carved course for the rushing stream, delightfully precise, deliciously productive, eminently directive, wrought in rock.

It neither varies (Galatians 1:6-9), nor fails (Romans 1:16), and those who enter by this way, are kept by Him whose way it is (John 10,27-28), whose trust is neither this world nor its ways, nor its self-glorying arrogance, ambience or aspiration, but in the God who having made it, knows and provides in sheer generosity and exuberance of love, for the misled lives, the humbled hearts and the seeking souls, who find Him. Now as for millennia it says,

Seek the Lord while He may be found, and again,

Let the wicked forsake His way and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and most tenderly, And let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him, and to our God, and He will abundantly pardon (Isaiah 55).  

The word of God is fulfilled in every one of these steps traced above, and in many more (cf. II Timothy 3, Matthew 24, Luke 21, Answers to Questions Ch.5 ), in giving and in judgment, in moving and in making peace, in penetrating and moulding, in restoring and in rebuking. But what do all these steps resemble, in the negative side ? These, they are very like the case of a student of misdirected ability at school, failing successively in year after year, term after term, until in the end, he is educational flotsam, a reject mechanism on legs, with not a leg to stand on.

And to what could one compare the children of man,  where healing and health is received and the ways of the Lord with their wisdom are restored to the beleagured heart, to the repentant spirit and to the opened mind ? It is like the mountains of majesty for the humps of pretence and the parades of pretension; it is like the zephyr in heat and the oceans of abundance, stretching before the relieved eye, like the effusion of Spring and the efflorescence of eternity.





This is the case in vital regards both prospectively and retrospectively.

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Many scores of News Items concerning Israel appear, listed near the top of NEWS.


Here a citation from Regal Rays of Revelation Ch. 1 gives the double advantage of introducing the reader to that treatment of the Israel-Arab situation, and providing data on Britain to our present point.  It follows.

Is this religion ? It is factually that of a false prophet, now equipped with oil (cf. More Marvels
Ch. 4). Was it not that secret document from British Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, which as reported in the Age Magazine, August 20,  1988 (pp. 16-21), in the post-World War II turmoil, showed the frank desire to placate Arabs rich with their oil, with Bevin  evidently passionately pursuing the line that centres of oil production MUST be available. There was, it is reported, found to be grave risk in alienating Arabs "by appearing to ... endorse the Jewish aspiration for a separate State." How does oil spread softness on the paths of war, and incline the heart to greed rather than goodness, when there is no restraint! It is a world in which restraint in 'national interests' seems increasingly if not obsolete, then all but antique.



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