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The Appendices in this Volume are presented as material written subsequent to the earlier work,

Deity and Design ... but which seem integral to its purpose.

Hence their inclusion here.

In general, the message includes this:

that life and its inferior concomitants in matter,

and its superior origin and recourse, in the case of man, its earthly summit,

is not a causeless efflorescence,

a gift from nothing, in steps or without them

(for if you are not there you CANNOT step,
where step requires you to be the sort of being who can do so),


this life for man, it has a spiritual summit as source and origin,

one germane to it  in scope, as an original to an image,

but infinitely beyond, while intimately available,

and in this Life, attested by reason and reality as incarnate in the Person of Jesus Christ,

there is the meaning, message and peak of joy and service for man.




from Deity and Design ... Ch. 6






Take a piece of wood, shape it to need, for a door, develop holes in it where fitting for a well-fitting lock, recess it exactly, carve back the outer edges, plane the vertical and horizontal surfaces for appearance, complete the door frame its its detail for its setting, get the one in the other, and let it stand in its site, adding hinges to make it secure and usable and do this adroitly so that it opens without scraping or creaking and fits neatly in the house, the frame of which you have already built.

With this mutuality of construction finished, in all its parts and processes, the door now hung in its appointed place, varnish it and ponder the fancy-patterned brick-work which you had pre-known to be useful, now that the door is in place, and consider the ensemble. Add a felicitously placed doorstep, set in the porch added for just such a purpose, its arch comparable to the needs of the door and the whole integral house, with its various doors and aspects.

Thus you have an example of the adjustment of more intimate or intricate parts in plumbing and electrical installation, both to each other and to the whole, each with its particular purpose and more ultimate correlative purpose as one looks from the door to the entire design of the house, and its purposes to provide shelter, comfort, security, functionality, with elegance and safe space within for various detailed purposes. Thus you form a house with both horizontal and vertical needs met, both geometrically and in terms of your use of higher faculties such as those of spirit and creation within it, and expansive ones, such as your relationship to neighbours and streets.

That is to say, in this you ponder the point that parts inter-relate with each other in specific sub-areas, for local facility and all such parts to the totality of your purpose, and the ultimate ground, reason and intent for building.

You have a house, of which one small part was our starting point for conception.

Systems in atoms, molecules, textures in wood, metal and clay or its broader constituents and companions in the earth, did not build it; but with that they had nothing whatever to do. They were used and placed with a hand and intent they did not share, with which in purpose they did not compare. They were subservient. In building, they were skilfully fashioned bases for executive manipulation, their features both known and utilised, but to the work of construction as such, in its action and drafting, they added not one iota. They were malleable means, servants of method, occasions of desire.

That illustrates the empirical facts as consistently ascertained and the constructive work of man in practical terms. That in turn merely illustrates the principles of a systematic character - the nature of wood, clay and so on - and manipulative exploration of purpose, to which these particular features are not but buffer, not causative agent of the processive activity. In other words, the domain of causality is here exhibited both in its material character and its purpose direction, layer on layer, in its mental machination and its practical machining or other process. We do not make vague references to the associative properties of clay and metal, in brick and wiring, since these do not of themselves make mutually designated conditions for the machinations of man, but allow themselves to fulfil them.



Such is the nature of causality, in its purposive, imaginative, in its designation and its design, in its use of materials and its conditioning of them, altering or adapting within the conditions already wrought in the very nature of such ingredients, while in the case of the purpose in mind, this too is analysed in the domain of purpose and rationality, of understanding and the nature of man, so that the blending and building should be apt and adjusted at every level. It is not magic which makes the house; it is constructive capacity. It is not dream which makes the material, they are there. It is not chance which places the two in unison as they proceed to the house; it is the creative power of man and the created typing of materials, in the domain of the spirit of man and his estimate of need, intention, and his understanding of his own purpose overall.

There are many dimensions to these domains, and the result is not a facet of the materials, but of the hierarchically composed nature of the case: material, environment, plan, purpose of plan, composition of purpose in terms of man's spirit and meaning.

Thus one investigates man: he illustrates the mode of his competence in frames and fabrication, both of thought and means, and his approach to his materials, susceptible to such cognitive and creative use and deployment; and one researches by observation of this causative agency, this human race, and the facilities for inter-face when one adds the ingredients of personal thought probing and purpose, to the other, the butt for his building.

The causative principle, whether for building, imagination and creation, logical facility or for items in parallel but  without these elements as intrinsically operative, in terms of the materials, this is that  required by logic and given illustration in man.

He can make programmatic systems, once the thought and purpose are analysed for these facilitations; and he can thus achieve reduction of personal work through additional deployment of logic, symbols enshrining commands systematically, with these interpretable by the new environments into which the symbols impact. They  are applied by this compressed command utility, which includes provision for 3 items: to command, to be obeyed and in the process, to secure by additional commands, the subservient materials (each with its own internal systematics) as  supply. In this way, the obeyed commands encounter materials necessary for the practical fulfilment of the works of obedience, each in its chronological setting, and the structure of commands gains interface with the structure of fulfilment. It is a case of structure from stricture.

In this expressive formulation of man's creativity, you purpose, envisage, understand your domain with knowledge, command, are obeyed and in programmatic cases, do so by symbols which relate to what is equally susceptible to such commands, as are the symbols themselves to thought formulation in a conceptual realm where squiggles of form become matters of meaning, and command induces method correlative to materials, while chronological composition and availability of means, jointly, carry out the creative work. It is not a lost purpose, floating magically in the air, like a distant music. It is a practical one. It is not unformulated, but conceived and applied in discipline which connotes comprehensibility to the author, and assigned stimulus to the material in view. This in turn is not thrown at the commands, but subtly incitable by them, and dirigible by these contrived symbols, set like dew on grass, in the midst of the means for their fulfilment.

Imagination is one thing; denial of the principles of causation is another. What has power to do a variety of things is of interest, whether it be clay in chemical conditions that change, or man in purposive intents which change; or indeed, whether it be principles of procedure which do not.

To try to emplace in the material the thought, or in the thought the materials, or in the chronology of command the nature of the butt which obeys, this is mere confusion. It is not analysis, but contra-empirical fairy-tale. For children's books, it is wonderful; for building houses it is nonsense. Nor is the illustration bereft of content in this world. This is the nature of interweaving causative elements, and the manner in which, layer on layer, the categorically delimited, like matter and its formats, is moved by the less delimited, like mind which can even make mistakes as purpose and means are mismatched by botching weaknesses of thought, and that still less limited, the spirit with its comprehending purposes.

Confusion has its masterpiece not only in Macbeth in his disjointed purposes and programs where folly and contrivance are mixed, and muddle and blood are poured where they merely confound the mind, but here also, when the various causal components are wilfully mixed, their point missed, and magical powers are emplaced in what show no inclination to possess them, so that the model for construction becomes a bane, not a blessing, a mischievous mistake, and not an empirically chaste causative analysis.



But let us return to construction. We move to what is wrought by program, this time. These three elements, exhibits of command, provision of obedience relevance and materials needed in sequential setting, interact at interfaces, first imagined or even imaged by knowledge, not in the least inherent in the materials, and then deployed through the medium of realisation of the reactions within and through each level of systematics, that created in the program and that inherent in the materials.

At each level, there is provision for a parallel type of minimal, logical application for its own construction, as indeed its energy - the capacity to do work, and for form with its formats internal and external, visible and intrinsic, as for shaping and timely expedition, so that the initial logical requirements, tier on tier, plane on plane, plan on plan, may in sequence be met.

It is not at all - as in the irrational and fallacious fumbling with 'vestigial organs' - a question of what is not yet understood, as man with various skill-numbing and eye-blinkering preconceptions, imagines sequences mythically engineered from within, aborting observational reality, causal self-exposure and information requirement alike.

Our house, noted and considered as an illustration of causal sufficiency at the outset, is none the less designed by application of concept, including causal elements of reason and knowledge alike, whether the door surface is antique, antiqued or left rough. Plan is not the product of a designated degree of moulding, but of functionality. It is not a given imaginary degree of form which is the criterion, or a utilisation of every facet and feature in some preferred way, but the articulation of clear-cut functionality in a systematic setting by codal means, or artistic impact, which constitutes its presence.

 A sandal on the beach is as clearly a purposive product, whether the sole be thin or thick, shaped and contoured, or straighter, whether a cross strap of some complexity appear, or whether it is more like a scuff, whether the buckle top was added later to the scuff or not*1.

Its integrality as an item for use is the point, and in fact we do not find over time, evidence of such step by step shapings and constructions as render the useless sole and strap. at last joined in mutual functionality. Transitional functionalities do not appear. Things function this way or that, or both, but not in abortive resultants, let alone these littering the littoral of time in vast profusion, among the more staid and functioning exhibits, the multitudinous miasma of evidential fiascos. In other words, not only is a given level and intensity of design needed for definitional purposes, a mere imposition, but a series of movements towards effective design for functional purposes, many ineffective on the way through clumsy contrivances ineptly compiled by non-mind and non-intelligence: these are not found. Not at all. This is as causally defunct a forecast as it is an empirically devastating absentee from the evidence.

But let us return to this world as it is, and evidence attests.

The verifications of functional magic without life, without mind, these depart as does the parallel ideological by-product of imaginations such as those once found in the concept of  'junk' DNA.

This example is instructive in principle.

Thus, the imaginary block of 'junk' DNA as more is found, turns out to  be something quite different from what had been conceived, in obedience to ideology, but not in conformity to knowledge. Ignorance is a bad master, and had been used, as so often in this field, with an ebullient and buoyant lack of restraint, as is found in children, when seeing a long snow-slide, at once put their toboggans on it, to find the thrust exciting.

Thus in the Journal of Creation, Volume 21(3), 2007, on pp. 111ff., there appears a fascinating article by well-known biologist, Alex Williams. He points out in summary of a substantial and detailed article the following.

The traditional understanding of DNA has recently been transformed beyond recognition. DNA does not, as we thought, carry a linear, one-dimensional, one-way, sequential code- like the lines of letters and words on this page. And the 97% in humans that does not carry protein-coding genes is not, as many people thought, fossilized 'junk' left over from our evolutionary ancestors. DNA information is overlapping-multi-layered and multi-dimensional; it reads both backwards and forwards; and the 'junk' is far more functional than the protein code, so there is no fossilized history of evolution. No human engineer has ever even imagined, let alone designed an information storage device anything like it. Moreover, the vast majority of its content is meta-information - information about how to use information. Meta-information cannot arise by chance because it only makes sense in context of the information it relates to. Finally, 95% of the functional information shows no sign of having been naturally selected; on the contrary, it is rapidly degenerating. That means that Darwin was wrong - natural selection of natural variation does not explain the variety of life on Earth."

Codes arising by chance in a non-intelligence, non-symbol comprehending and sensitive system are a contradiction in terms. They EXIST in any function at all, simply by being a part of a tri-tiered whole, the command, the material and the receptivity to command of an executive branch, together of course with the chronological sequencing of the material required, to match the concepts of the orders. Information itself is excluded as arising by non-intelligence empirically and systematically. It is in itself a linguistically coded, an ideationally convexed phenomenon, which conveys data which imply order and conceptual felicity, to what is receptive to such order and conceptual reciprocity. It is a system involving thought and symbol correlation, and engineering correspondence.

Thus we find that expert in this field of information, Dr Werner Gitt*2 made this professional declaration, concerning it:

"There is no known natural law
through which matter can give rise to information,
neither is any physical process
or material phenomenon known
that can do this."

All these logical and empirical evidences are mutually confirmatory. 'System' is not magic, give it as long as you like to evince what it is. The more it does so, the less the conceptual is the consequence of the non-conceptual, and are the cosmoi of understanding the ingredients of the inert. To confuse the two is inexcusable foozling, fooling with features by imprecise confusion, whether on purpose or by unacceptable collation of contradictory or contrary concepts, as if imagination took precedence over fact, desire over data or imagination over reality.

Imagination is great; but not as a substitute for actuality. It stirs to build; but is not that building!

When codal systems impact on other ones, the one a key for the other, you merely intensify the diversification and increase the gulf between cosmoi, those of propelled matter, propulsive thought and enveloping understanding. Confusion however is no marriage maker in the realm of reality.

The requirements of material systems incorporating the means of their deployment or else instituting the consequences of facile stages awaiting performance criteria, or for that matter failed fumblings in the way, exist only in the mind of man. In fact, the evidence is of a vast, ebullient, diversity-loving, technicality supreme master with powers of thought, imagination and realisation that stop at nothing, using in soaring effusiveness, means almost unimaginably brilliant, to secure multitudes of created things, addressed in kinds with a fluency for diversification about a point which makes of the whole a veritable union of marshalling and creativity, superb beyond fancy, uncontainable in zest.

One of the fascinating attestations comes at the level of instinct. In this regard, there is a vast array of evidential detail present in the complex and advanced case of the beaver in a short by highly detailed and utterly experimentally inclined volume, by Scandinavian academic,  Lars Wilsson It is found in 'My Beaver Colony'. He did not stop at sharing life with beavers in his home, at letting them build their dams in artificial settings, at dismantling them and discerning their modes of rebuilding, at having a secret panel for observation of a vast array of behavioural and social characteristics, and seeking some relief for their deprivations in a stream where artificial level changes were part of a hydro-electric scheme.

He found that the instincts are most precise, re dam building, that given a suitable stimulus, with some amplitude, they proceed in a highly organised, exceedingly diversified, broadly conceived totality of actions for investing river systems. Thus there is an air pocket in the 'roof' of their den, where the mud does not cover for strength, so that they can breathe in Winter; there are levels to be arranged within limits, so that entry under-water is possible, there are signals for co-operation, there are materials for boundary definition, there is understanding in behavioural terms at least, of the significance of such demarcations, there is mutuality of grooming, there are methods of indicating this would be a good time to do this to one another; and of course, there is the high significance of such grooming, as this tends to make them water-right as they work, rather than resembling half-drowned rats!

The movement to cater for situations within quite a wide range did not extend to active original thought in general, but it did show a planned or programmed provision for operation amidst several degrees of diversity in challenging situations. It is in fact exceedingly close in character to the provisions of an expertly and thoughtfully propounded programmatic system for a car. It has in fact been delightful to this author, after having a car some 33 years old, to come into the age of programs, and to marvel at their thoughtful sophistication in covering various eventualities! The beaver is a close ally of such action: as recipient!



Human thought goes further, and DOES allow the recipient of this prowess and facility, to consider instinctive modes, some of which as with programs generally, can be molested by circumstance and pathology (where life is concerned), and to change them in accord with purpose. It permits, moreover, purpose to be propounded and even critically considered in terms of ascertainment of the point of man as one whole, and this allows prioritisation based on the foundation found. All these are extra examples of rationality, in increasing order of perspective and knowledge.

The use of logic as an art, the examination of logical error, the ascertainment of evidence of the purpose of man, not merely in certain instinctively provided or thought-provoking cases in detail, but as one being, this too is another rational feature and spiritual function provided to man. As with thought, this too can be in error, and often is, so that clash and calumny, not co-operation and harmony result. This may occur in rare occasions with beavers, but with them, it is where a novel kind of situation arises, where there is for some reason, a failure to become aware of a stimulus which relates to information needed to avoid clash.

With man, however, the liberty of spirit which can conceive priorities and deliberately obfuscate the mind (one's own or that of another) in order to achieve some desire (such as the submission of others, or fail to be adequately critical of thrust, on the small or on the grand scale, as in al Qaeda communication for example - cf. Lord of Life Ch. 8, *1 ) has results. One of these is guilt. For that there is need of atonement. For this there is biblical evidence as shown in SMR, of the answer. That too, in the sphere of the spirit of man, allows for an ultimate liberty, though because of pathology, it requires God Himself to be involved, as when a manufacturer has damaged goods returned to him (cf.  Tender Times for Timely Truth Ch.  11).

Every aspect, in the case of man, needs observation, verification and understanding, as well as the ground of deletion of logically void options. There is even a provision in man for the hatred of reason, creation, his own part which he tries by reductionism to remove, so that he may be removed into the meta-life of condemnation, with all its consequences. Amazing is the liberty, in principle, granted to man, and the beaver by contrast, once granting its staggeringly complex set of dynamic instincts in their array, shows in how many dimensions this liberty occur or can occur for man!

Let us then return to the point that the existence of such systematics without systemisation being a phenomenon found only in the mind of man. It does not happen. It has no means but intelligence. That is it milieu, but not all of it, for as we have seen, there is purposive comprehension and a scope of priorities and understandings which are part, if you will, of the very flesh of the mind, or more literally, part of the scope of the roving spirit of mankind.

It is this facility, whether in man or elsewhere, which can both construct integral products of purpose deployment in mutually complex sutations, with thousands or even billions (as in the human brain) of sub-units deploying system, purpose and sense into the butt, the material, which man not only illustrates in his own particular mode, but may distort by deceit, deviousness, confusion or a mixture of the same, at times intensified by hatred, and augmented by self-worship, whether direct or indirect, measurable or immeasurable, of himself as an individual or of the so geared and groomed race of mankind.

Such even in our own visible format, are the ingredients for construction capable of leading on to sophisticated deployment of butt blocks, elements, molecules, atoms, compounds, natural or synthesised, these in turn related to extensive conceptual systematics of programming as in human reproduction, or for man, in advanced airplanes or rocket ships.

What then do we find ? It is this. To omit any of the logical sequence of material, creative, symbolic, ideational systematics, and the purposive correlatives, and ultimately the disquisitive preliminaries IN KIND, as distinct from method, is as vain and futile a manipulation of causative necessity as is the imagination that chronological invention by mere the will of the observer, of elements of those systematics, in this or that manner, can in any way avoid the realities of unyielding requirements. To imagine a boat, is not to build one; to imagine the ease of its construction as this and that happens, outside intelligence and without ordered comprehension of sequence is just the same.

It all flows smoothly, but it does not happen. You never get a boat that way, or any fashioned, correlative part. You never get by that method, so much as a sandal for the foot, fashioned to size and exhibitive of conformity to the list of requirements; for less, something of sophistication and programmatics, and these of the most remarkable kind.

Christ said it all: You do not get figs from star thistles. The causative principle is the same. Cosmoi of operations are needed for the ingredients of inter- and meta-systematic construction.

Nor does the empirical abort the logical constraints, but rather it entirely and at every phase and both positive and negative, illustrates them in every case (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!).

Logic and event are a duality that meets with the finesse of a dancer, at every point poised in apposition.  The pursuit of nature myths - imaginations of inferior level systems embracing or inventing superior level ones, and being the unvital cause of the information compressed into them, the concepts constituting with criteria for the command which the organisation requires - this is as irrelevant as any other futile invasion of scientific method by mere desire. In fact, desire requires its own desiderata, if fulfilment is to occur.

Fables do not flow. Myths do not master. Exact specifications require their due origin, as to the laws, the negations and the requisitions that utilise the lower for the higher, and reach ever upwards to the sublime but still circumscribed heights of human intelligence, understanding and wisdom, which in turn must find its recourse not in imagination, which is reckless, but in the indefeasibly indicated deity, eternally with His always sufficient Being, circumscribed by nothing, necessary for anything, adequate for all (cf. SMR Ch. 1), confirmed in all, verified in all, eloquent in speech, precise in communication (LIGHT DWELLS WITH THE LORD'S CHRIST, REASON, REVELATION and the REDEEMER).

But what of the mythical, that imperiously directive, that horrendously propagandised nebulosity in the realm of naturalism, put forward with the same freakish intensity as was Diana, the 'goddess' by the Ephesians who found her imaginary presence good for profit In all such nebulous ? It was of course predicted as an aspect of a knowledgeable Age (cf. Daniel 12:1-ff., II Peter 3:1-5, II Timothy 4), and it has duly arrived in terms of the diagnostic and prognostic principles shown in Romans 1:17ff.. It is just a spiritual disease that affects the mind, as does a tumour the brain. It is deplorable but pitiable; yet it burns as does the atomic bomb, where burning matters even more!

In all such nubilous myths as those of naturalism with its current organic evolution (cf. The gods of naturalism as cited), there is the same evanescence, flirtation with fancy which , exempted from the rigours of reality in thought but not in fact, excerpted from actuality with futility, which has dimmed the mind of man for thousands of years, as first this and then that misconstruction has arrived and justly, not survived; but rather the idea of it has come again, like a new form of influenza, with an impudent devilry which deceives man in multitudes all over again, as Age succeeds Age.

Again and again is found the same opprobrious  pertinacity, allied with asininity, as if fairy stories were preferable to sober necessity, so that whether it be in Greek myths so ludicrous in concept, so much fun to the child (cf. Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 13), or in varied injections of nature into the system of things, with inordinate hope and nil ground, there has been a major and continual blight to man. It even affected ancient Israel in its pollution by environment ALLIED by a will to wander (cf. Hosea 8, Jeremiah 2:27-35). Such coarseness corrodes the spirit of man, and in its current format of survival of the fittest, it has lent to both World War I and II, the lust of pride, the hallowing of competitiveness of race, the ruthlessness of means which need no such stimulus, being sad enough in man without such amplifications.

Fit for what ? What survives survives, and many of the best and the brightest, the bravest and the most loyal, those most aware and most sacrificial, most understanding and most sympathetic, these have perished on this earth, for want of truth on the part of rulers. It is not that these wars has no just cause at all, but in the First it was too flimsy, while in the Second it was Hitler, as indeed Stalin, who were imbued with this same godless thrust, and did ANYTHING to the tune of multiplied millions of harsh deaths imposed directly or indirectly, rather than give in to reality, or cease being funded by pride of race, religion or secular substitute*3.

Only when it is realised and acknowledged that these are fairy stories, excursions of A Midsummer Night's Dream type, enlisted for entertainment, is there any excuse for the abuse of science incorporated in such themes. For scientists to dabble just to amuse their grand children, this is one thing; but to instruct their peers in such ways, as if they resembled truth, reality or actual occurrence, when they are assertions minus fact and contrary to verification, logic and the full ambit of actuality, wrought in hideous and inexcusable reductionisms and elevations of limited forces to god-like stature, this is a monumental misuse of reputation. It is as if a political Minister were to award a contract for bridge-building to a violinist son-in-law, because he sounds so good, while his skill is simply to make music for the dance in a ballet (cf. Scientific Method, Satanic Method and the Model of Salvation).

But what is it like ? It is as if this world, filled with increasing pandemonium, disorder, disaster and degradation as its time draws near, and its number comes up, much of this the product of its own blight and more of the interactions of its follies, the one with the other, as of increasing power with pervasive impurity ... decided to play marbles.

In fact, some even buy with real money, 'virtual real estate', on the internet, pf which the existence is limited to the computer, with no reality beyond its imagery. On this you could neither walk, nor find repose. It is imaginary only, unverifiable, or if given an address, anti-verified!

That is a game, but when games whether with God or man, are confused with the demands and the realities of life, the difference can be destruction, and the scale can be horrifying.

Civilisation after civilisation has dabbled, each in its own way, with ideological, biological, geological, straight mythological or mesmeric myths of diverse kinds, only to receive the donwgrading of its come-uppance, whether France, Germany, Japan, or earlier , the Roman Empire, the Greek of Alexander the Great, or the USSR. It all proceeds in a cumulative sort of way, qualified only by divine mercy, to the point that the human novel approaches its final, chanting chapters, like that large rambling title, 'Anthony Adverse'; and one can only feel, as one reads the final verses of II Peter 3, that is well there IS an end for it, as there was a beginning. though many with vested interests in it, decline to see either.

It is as predicted, now on preliminary parade  (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5); but it is requisite. That this same Creator has provided redemption, it is like  space ship on the tarmac, an ark of safety, as delusion delivers this earth to its final appointments. To the pilot of that craft, Jesus Christ, those  who escape are eternally grateful; for it has been parked for two millenia.





Thus, it is not the imaginary or real totality of impactive design in every part which is the criterion of a designed article, but the presence of that infusive, suffusive, ordering to a functional outlet, an integral organisational ontology, a proficient and unitary or integrable resultant, that matters.

A comb with a broken tooth, or with rather a rough handle is not even relevant to the thought of non-design, as to its character. 'Junk' DNA, that philosophical tag applied earlier in ignorance, is now shown to be of vast and crucial organisational importance, a residence for meta-information, and just  as the evidence was never relevant to the junk theme, so did it embrace the ludicrous and correlative concept of information 'arriving' from no assignable and adequate source, so that it might fit adroitly into a settled and intricate data base, coherent in concept, contiguous in plan, and so provide superiority categorically.

Though in any case, this ignorant (literally so)  and presumptuous surmise was as natural to Nature worship, as drunkenness may be to avid drinkers, and as far from reality surveyed as sand blowing from a drawing,  or automobile duco from constituting not only as improvement, but a new and more sophisticated mode of automation,  yet it is well to realise what design is, and is not. It is an entirety, but how integral are its operations and 'drivers', to the whole character of the object.

Its nature does not depend on how much is covered by its criteria in an entity, but how integral are its operations, and 'drivers' if these are available and analysable, to the whole character of the object. Where the case is that matter does not contain the purpose, or the imprint of its program, yet the assignment of causal adequacy to systematic aggregates, cosmos on cosmos, to an integrality of meaning and result, does not fail to demand from the unprejudiced, the existence of what has the powers in view. To hide the head in the sand, as if matter were one's alma mater, and mother, and father, and god, is the most ludicrous of blindnesses, arrant of assumptions, gross of arrogations and unscientific of assertions imaginable.

When however the God of creation, as is the case (cf. Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ, Reason, Revelation and the Redeemer), to the relevant degree and amplitude, coherence of cases and scope of address, has communicated His testable statements and His well-tried Son to this earth, and given hundreds of thousands of words to check with it, and the acme of agony to attest in a redemptive program of millenia, fulfilled in chronological sequence and saving settings case on case, and year on year, then what ? Then you have that closing of the eyes, that Cult of the Forbidden, as to the realm of reason which philosophy of a sort, imposes on some scientists, which is the bane of this world. It is in science, of course, only seen in this one generic setting, with its many applications; but it is typical in the strictest sense of that archetype of rebellion against truth, God and reality that mars man to the point that alas for him, his day comes!(cf. SMR pp. 150ff., 330-331), Repent or Perish Ch. 7).

The day of Christ, however, it has already come; and to come to Him is the simplest and most searching of remedies. With God, what would you expect! (Luke 14:27ff.).



This citation is taken from Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed: Barrister of Bliss Ch. 4, which provides details, and a broader setting, here reproduced.

 and MORE

The German scientist, Dr Werner Gitt, specialist in information science has some points which fit here so snugly, as to make it apposite to adjoin them at this point. Thus in Little Things Ch. 3, *3, we have this which follows. 

The delicious delights of snowflakes, like the little, to the naked eye invisible desert flowers, seem so much integumental to the mind of childhood, that one is constrained to add this reflection here. Almost fastidious fancy is inherent.

Dr Werner Gitt, the notable information scientists who lectures and writes so broadly, has in his little work, "Stars and their Purpose in Space", a reference to the notable symmetries and geometrical specifications of snow-flakes. Facing p. 29, he sets out such structures visually.

The appearance is of

bullet a) intricacy
bullet b) facility with tiny things
bullet c) compression of thought notionally in elaborate features of ornament
bullet d) extraordinary similarity of structure mixed with equal diversity in detail and
bullet e) work so fine as to be daunting to the nimblest fingers.

What does NOT appear to the appreciating eye, however, is this interesting reflection from Gitt. He notes: "All snowflakes are hexagonal, varying in size from one to three mm." That, it is interesting in terms of cognition: a cognitive device has this sort of characteristic. He continues:  "Their weight varies from one-half milligram down to one-200th of a mg. It  has been proved mathematically that every single snowflake is unique; the same pattern is never repeated."

This is eminently surprising. Like individuals in face, the difference may be slight, but it is there. Conformity is not the mode; type is; within the type there is an industry of differentiation startling to behold. Thus it is with so much of nature, that to ignore it is anti-scientific (not merely unscientific), it is to dismiss primary attestation so viable and vigorous, that it would resemble a judge who, being told that the bullet in the victim was slightly different from the one which could come from the standard gun of the presumed assailant, went on to emphasise the sameness!

These hidden marvels, like much more now continually being found about the nature of creation, attest its finesse of construction, abundance of capacity in design beyond any need of any kind, except as a spectacle of wonder and an ingenuity of thought; but then, when one IS ingenious, as is the case with the Creator, who created both the capacity for it in man and for verbalising and conceptualising it, and co-ordinating all three, THAT is what one would expect, and constitutes just one more of the myriads, ever expanding in thought, of such verifications. Patterns can be cognitive or apparent, submerged or obvious.

Thus the similarity in construction in wing and limb, by contrast, shows the co-ordinating thought back of it all, for this is precisely what thought tends to do: to see similarities for adaptation, and to render them thriftily in moving from thought to detailed action, in making a co-ordinated series. They do not however move splendidly from one to the other in engineering, or in anything but thought; for the commotion required to co-ordinate and specify for material, living things  more than for the mechanical and not the less because of the intricacies of DNA: this does not waft in like some Summer breeze. It requires honest toil and new prototypes to be constructed, depending for their challenge, on the material.

This tendency for patterns to be related in an authoritative sort of way, as sub-types under a cover-type, is noted by Denton in his "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis". On p. 137, he notes this:

He notes that the new more clinical method of emphasising "the defining diagnostic characters of different groups" also is helping to highlight the distinctives of different classes of biological beings, and the discontinuity aspect in nature.

This, as he affirms so realistically and robustly, is the real empirical fact; for continuity (as over all different kinds of creatures, and as over all creation indeed) is present ONLY IN THE MIND OF MAN. Thus he concludes: "The concept of the continuity of nature has existed in the mind of man, never in  the facts of nature" (pp. 353-354). In fact, the diseased and frustrated desire for a unity OF and IN creation, of a generative kind, makes nonsense of the facts of invention, and vice versa. The unity is in the mind and thought of the creator, where, as in creation even in man, many things are basic considerations, and many more are imaginative and diverse in the extreme, relating to things highly varied, with diverse purposes and comprehensibility in full, only when those are known. See Divine Agenda Ch. 4, Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital Millenium Ch. 13, Ch. 8 (News 100), That Magnificent Rock Ch. 7, SMR pp. 620ff..

In other words, one point made includes this, that the very means of classification are requiring more and more realism about what is there, not what is contra-principially imagined, and that this is returning more and more closely to the pre-Darwinian empiricism.

A little further on from the point in Little Things cited, we have this reflection:

Have you never considered just what it does, from mushroom clouds to penetration of space... ? but then: it withers, and it is gone from the surface of the earth which it attacked, for wonders or woes, with such vigour. If you have not, it is high time to ponder.

This particle, this potential,
this human property, this self-activated potentate,
this semi-automated marvel,

so precious that people may want to adopt one, bring it up, feed it and educate it, learn from it, listen to it, consult it... ?

This devastator, this procrastinator,
this aspirant to divine glories
in many cases: it dies.

It stops breathing.

You look for its place and it is not.
You consider its future, and it has departed from your sight.
You reflect on its past and look how it mounts; but now that is past.

Where did it come from, whose was it, from what did it come, whose construction was this invisibly manufactured being, this imaginative creation, this creative product, this mentality, this will, this purposeful performer!... it appeared without the noise of its construction, and wore out as it used itself, or was used, whatever was the case.

One can never cease marvelling at the blindness of man, the simple fat-heartedness, that so many do not face this simple fact, nor seek to know the One who made this manufactured being, this highest of all designs amid creations visible; nor so they find it a desirable, an intensely desirable thing, a consuming passion indeed, to know that Being, and to be acquainted closely with that person. Rather as in many a divorce, so in this one, the revulsion from realisation and communication is almost unspeakable, its speech more to express the revulsion than return, either to reason or to relationship.


As noted in History, Review and Overview Ch. 5:

The endeavour to thrash the personification called 'Nature' into having the results before the eyes, which it merely incorporates, it is rather like seeking to make the automobile, with various faddish and Mad Hatter-ish options proposed, by personifying industry. Phrases however do not create their topics, but simply describe them. For the action, you need the power, precision and performance criteria of what is causally called for in automobiles. Otherwise, of course, they do not run, or indeed even arrive. You can make a car by phrases ? let us see it.

Why not then by these phrases or personifications ...


a) make another (difficult... with the universe).


b) make wisdom appear from steel and oil, plastic and gasoline (undiscerning).


c) create integrable entities meaningless apart (rather planless).


d) inter-relate the integrable entities, meaningful when integrated
(time for the plan, though a little late).


e) compose the type of integer desired (decidedly Puckish flitting, much too late).


f) make it operable and apt for exploitation or due use, as the case may be,
as it is for mortals among men (should have thought of this from the first,
in order to make it ... relevant).

This is the exact  nature of childishness, quaint and even romantic when read in Calvin and Hobbes, when many impossible things are imagined with the lust of a listing for such things; and we laugh at the simplicity and folly of the untutored mind. How it has ever come about that a certain solemnity has been made to attach to the childishness of shrieking to 'nature' to do what it shows no inclination, disposition, equipment or mentality for doing, prodding it here, pushing it there, tormenting it in some other way; of seeking to put mental conceptions into material things, and spiritual realities into mere analysis, which by nature merely reveals what is, at best: this is one of the marvels of the last two centuries. Failure in every endeavour to show this or that in naturalism, is endemic, inveterate, predictable and verified without limit.

NOTHING co-operates. Man operates. Nature smiles, like Mona Lisa, and gets on with its business.


It is in the preceding chapter of History, Review and Overview, that we see the challenge of Dr Gitt with some of its implications.


Dr Werner Gitt from Germany's Federal Institute of Physics and Technology in Braunschweig, has made a flat statement which for years has gone unanswered. This fact was noted in Creation, Sept.-Nov. 2001. It was made in 1997, in his work, In the beginning was information. It is this:

bullet "There is no known natural law
through which matter can give rise to information,
neither is any physical process
or material phenomenon known
that can do this."

What makes it the more interesting is the combination of his eminence in his field of information science, where he is an acknowledged leader, and the fact that this statement was presented with challenge for anyone to falsify it. The absence of answer, over the years, represents the inability to show otherwise.

Imagine the philosophical naturalist, dedicated by religious conviction, to the concept that what lacked mind, spirit and intelligence, did the thing anyway; and then, despite the logical lapse involved, the scientific method solecism in omitting the needful parameters of relevance and operational visibility or its equivalent, he meets this new contradiction like a panzer division on the march against him. Imagine his new fiasco. NO WAY can information 'arise' - that most unscientific of terms anyway - either by PHYSICAL PROCESS or MATERIAL PHENOMENON that is known.

Information in billions of units wed to integral results in the form of living creatures of almost incalculable complexity of governing code, chemistry and operation, of mathematical sophistication, must be generated from nothing, or from something which lacks the means by any construction or sight, and which in turn must be generated from nothing, or magic, according to preference. Further, information must be generated by a law or method which opposes that of science in this specialised field as does the hypothesis in each other, so that Information Science puts flowers on the grave, these too grown without information.   Information 'arises' without occurrence, functionality or propensity known to man, and the empirical fact stares down the meandering miasma of imagination without discipline.

For this magical contrivance to which so many lie vacant, like empty houses awaiting squatters: Logic dies; things 'arise', nullity is king and obfuscation is the Crown Prince.

What then ? In information science, there is this to add to the rest: NOTHING is found of this kind. Not one iota is to be discovered of design uplift, informational innovation.

This has long past the bizarre, and represents the height of obscurantism, the nadir of scientific method. and the demise of logic on a lonely hill. Information science, like every other form of disciplined science, can only say: IT IS NOT HERE, this is not where law or observation, function or facet is to be found for the task. It was only to be expected, since in every other aspect, the thing is null. Go away, we as part of natural phenomena cannot tell you where it came from; it is not with us. It thus joins the ranks which cannot conform to such myths*1A.                                    

Empirically, and in terms of scientific law alike, chance does not produce law, matter does not chatter logically cohesive symbols from their absence, contrivance does not arrive from the a-logical and what lacks grounds does not produce has requires them. The GIVEN character of matter and energy, the REDUCING character of specialised construction, the non-arrival observationally of life from non-life, even with big intelligent pushes which make it irrelevant to the issue anyway: these things sum up scientific laws; and the effort to circumvent them in this is the reverse of all scientific method.

Such laws are MADE from what is deemed data, given facts, and are not law when contravened. To assume their contravention in order to account for a particularity is the reverse cycle in scientific method. If you can SHOW that there is an exception, the thing is not a law in any case. If you cannot, then you abide by it, and find a way from evidence and reason, within the bounds of known law, to account for it. Here it is ludicrously the opposite, you seek a means, not observable, contrary to all known law, and suggest it as an hypothesis, even when it is starkly refuted by independent evidence, at the level of verification.



On Communism, exhibits from Index Mini are given below (and of course the Main Index extends).

Aviary of IdolatryDelusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch.    5, News 44,  69, 97,  98, Tender Times for Timely Truth Ch.    8;
The Grating Grandeur ...Ch.   2; SMR  pp. 925ff.;
News 97 (the exploiters, the fanciful,
the Communists, the de-godders and the realities)

Beauty for Ashes Ch.    6 (and Hong Kong, and the movement of nations in the last century a concern), News 98, News 37; Beauty ...  3 (war and force, rising downwards, Tiananmen and truth), 4 (liberty, Tiananmen, worship and its direction in time, its terms and code of truth); TAIWAN  News 150, History, Review and Overview Ch.   1,
Impossible to Men, Open to God Ch.   5

See also LORD  8.

A useful  selection:

Tender Times for Timely Truth Ch.   8;
The Grating Grandeur ... Ch.   2; SMR  pp. 925ff.;

Beauty for Ashes Ch.    6 (and Hong Kong, and the movement of nations in the last century a concern),

with News 98, News 37.

Communism is in short, a combination and compilation of anti-factual, anti-verified mysticism and naturalism. As a double idol source, it has a double negative impact on earth, defacing the face of mankind in murdered tens of millions, providing abundant poverty and destitution in China, that land alas, of massive inequalities and injustice, religious intolerance and impassioned blindness concerning aims, which become survival, not anything remotely like life itself. Even rats may survive; it is no hall mark of excellence, achievement or worth. Focus on this is merely codified blindness and imposed brutality. 

On Survival of the fittest, see LIFE - WHAT IS IT ? with What is life for ?

On Hitler, see Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch. 14.