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Chapter 4


The World Reels as it Mocks God,

But this is not really the way





The atomic Age: it has been quite distinctive in its drama.


At the first, its issue was this: Peace given by God through His initiative, or else nuclear obliteration as a rather secure prospect – for the nations have been at work in ways, not only frequent in measure, biting in energy but perhaps usually deviously diplomatic. Watchfully planting verbal, physical and psychological pollutants, they have acting to pounce and relinquish if necessary before pawing again, extending and showing their glory to themselves and any others willing to listen. This is not all; but it is enough...


While in measure, with few exceptions or periods of exception, this has been a significant slice of history for millenia, it has now become highlighted by power, prospects and results. While truth is despised, evil is propounded, if not in this way, then in that, if not in military terms, or personal ones, social or financial, then even in spiritual ones, even religious, even in some cases, allied with daring to use that of deity Himself, of Jesus Christ for twisted purposes and disingenuous devices. The world squirms as it turns. This is not all; but it is enough.


It grows as it develops and it develops as it grows, but as yet, in all this, it grows not weary but worried. At this time, you might not only detonate, when you light the fuse, a few thousand torn bodies your bombastic reaping amid roaring, as if agriculture were a matter of weaponry; you might also confuse the earth with a radiation for which it is not designed, but which is designed to come when asked for with a very loud voice by a very unworthy world.


What could or would be done ? What would be its pleasure ?


The UN was to have a place. It would further man’s dreams with an address to be borne on the wings of worry, to put flurry to flight and to bring dreams into reality.


However the UN type of peace by empty ideals, based on man in himself, being attempted, was shown as empty as a rattle-snake of pity. It became ridiculous, almost a collision of concepts, the ideas and ideals and the ways of doing it. People in Glass Houses is one work of Shirley Hazzard which has something from the inside to say, to this point: Defeat of an Ideal is another.


When the OPERATORS are not people of God, what do you expect ? When they do not even honour Him in word, but avoid as they jostle and jostle as they avoid, and in deeds make vacuous substitutes for His commandments, what is to be looked for ?

HIS business in morals and wonder, mercy and justice, equity and truth, love and kindness, wisdom and grace, THIS to be done by those who as a whole have no place for Him in their work! It is rather like having a Hospital in which no one is allowed to mention medicine, but most of all, none is to practice it.


The reputation, that with which this UN and all of its type has ended, was assured from the beginning.


But what did it seem to become ? … a well-paid (nothing too shabby, it seems in that dimension), authority-heavy, speciously glamorous, politically tilted, Jew-oppressing, crisis- avoiding or exacerbation body as the case might be,  with a few exceptions, where spending other people’s money was a keynote. It might indeed, with a few changes, become a Moslem-Arab political cartel.


In its day, the custom of calling a small part of the Palestine which the League of Nations accorded to Israel, by assurance, confirming the Balfour Declaration of 1917 a little later, is ludicrously named ‘Israel occupied territory’. It is as if someone called Smith wanted to extract a kidney from a person named Brown, and then having done so, called the lungs of the poor man, ‘a Brown occupied organ’.


Moral authority, not only in the UN but with many who would make it, has become almost defunct, as the pragmatic, the expedient-for-peace principles or procedures (never working - for if God is against it, what is the point of pretence or pretension for that matter) become the self-laden cry of many, some even denying the holocaust, as if for the ‘hell of it’. This ? it is indeed to add one little hell-like precinct to another: the verbal to the physical. It is not enough that by overwhelming testimony they suffered it, but now the battered bodies and stolen wealth, the shattering of families and the mouthing of hate-phrases must be but a prelude to the  tossing of the arrogant head of some Gentiles, as if to damage were not enough: they would damn as well.


Meanwhile, as Bush, though a professing Christian, held a prayer breakfast (cf. Deity and Design … Section 6 as marked) in strict contrariety to the Bible (loc. cit. *4), with many statedly not Christian in combination and fellowship, and over time talked of the Koran in commendatory terms, the USA moved more and more into perilous territory. In this way,  offering offence to the God who was back of so much of its early history and who helped to make it great through such vast assemblages of Christians, of revivals, of learning institutions of this kind, the USA entered into a net from which it will not quickly disentangle itself.


The Koran, Bush commended, it was a good book. Indeed, one official even spoke of people of the book, Moslem and Christian being evidently in view, as if in some way or other this provided a community in phraseology, even though late-comer Muhammad had nothing to compare in verification and validation with the Bible in propositions and prophecy , with Jesus Christ in person and in power! (cf. Divine Agenda Ch. 6, Bon Voyage Ch. 2, More MarvelsCh. 4, SMR pp. 50ff.).


Thus he manufactured through vision some new person to take the name of Jesus, one whom he diversely said died or perhaps was only thought to die (cf. Highway to Hell).  Indeed many false christs and false prophets would come, and of this we were told beforehand, to make it clear (cf. Matthew 24:24, John 14:30). It would escalate to its reached it conclusion, not of reason, from which it has all rioted, but of ruin (II Thessalonians 1, Revelation 1, 19, Matthew 24). It is well on the way, with sects and segments, slices and spiritual shoots arising to depart, to mutate, too late, things of the flesh, not favoured by God by reason or by reality in any testable way; and their fruits are fear and pride, murder and maelstrom to an increasingly obvious degree.


But let us return to the Moslem foundation and Bush’s talk concerning it, of the Koran.


This was good ? He approves in some style of a book from a person engaged in spreading aggression and increasing wars,  who acts as if to reconstruct Christ before his voice, as if this same Jesus were a near nonentity, outside the zone, one to be replaced operationally by visions of a prophet whose only verification and initial thrust was one of military power… Is this to advance the testimony for truth of the USA ?





But what of the military and para-military power of Muhammad ? what of it now and of yore ? Even this was of varied performance, one allied from the first to assault on caravans, and oppressive in serious measure against those whom he ruled, who failed to accept his religious revolution, thrust forward with force (cf. Bon Voyage Ch. 4). This, its book, to be characterised by a Christian as a good book, in the pursuit of a sadly specious, spiritual alliance! It is indeed entirely possible on various grounds that the bin Laden,  the explosive expert whose works give to the mounting corpses and agonies of the young a certain singularity, may have been lost (he was near the first in the invasion, hard pressed and nearly cornered) was lost because of the incredible incapacity of using those who want Allah,  to hunt down one who wanted him to rule: this creation of the pen of the prophet,  who neither could, would, not did stand before the word of God, which to this day shows where all might lies.


It does so now as before,  as Israel is not overcome by unmeasured millions and myriads of those of Islam, despite pronouncements proposing its devastation from bodies in the Middle East to the Middle North from Australia, indeed from those occupying near it vast tracts of lands, whether to its East, its South or its North. Israel, despite its rejection of its own biblical Messiah, as a nation, has a faithful God who has contracted its return even while still in unbelief, its successful wars and points to its coming conversion to this same Christ, as this tearful and fearful Age comes to its finale (cf. Bon Voyage Ch. 2, Red Alert Ch. 10, Outrageous OutagesCh. 7).


This then is one prong, long and tedious, as man seeks the overthrow of the God of the Bible; but it is far from the only one, and in itself it has many sub-categories, the militant, the military, the religious, the probe of terror and the appeal of submission.


While this proceeds, the theoretical idiocy or least total incapacity of materialistic Marxism (cf. Highway to Hell, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, SMR pp. 925ff.) is being savoured by lovers of revolution. As it has been profoundly religious and has failed in the famous and haughty USSR, its people growing weary of its vastly nearer exposition of hell than of heaven amidst the millions of the victims of its viciousness and ruins from its renegacy, it has a lesson to teach. Some are willing to learn it. If materialism is so degrading (as its principles made assured in its practice, for who is kind to individuals who do not matter, the State being all), then what of a religious look ? Could some model in this field be considered as a surrogate for God ?


God who is the Creator has made man creative, but this faculty becomes a fever when it is used against the One who gave it. As in all fevers, there is a certain delinquency of mind, a dubiety of rationality and a danger of rash action.


Such has been the development, , as biblically it had to be, in order that a terminal emphasis on religion may become the more popular mode: try to change God and make religion a product of man, with mystery the link, and then the masses will be less impervious to the delusion than the USSR became in its dying days. The devil is foolish, but not a twit when it comes to entwining man in the cords of self-inflicted entanglement.


Bring religion, then into the equation (remember the SECOND BEAST, the religious one, in Revelation 13’s depiction of terminal days for our Age!), and imagine that the doctoring of God may become a peacefully uniting force. Perhaps a little  remoulding His face (as before they attempted in the preludes to and the operations of the crucifixion), yes some production of man to replace his Producer . .. It is like children playing, but this is no play.


Thus for religion, they try replacing God by the concept of man in himself shrouded in his own funeral clothes, occlusive of deity, redolent with the divine. Invention soars, and Pinocchio makes his carpenter; nay more, man remakes his Maker. It is ambition beyond its ambit, the new torture for the mind of messing man.


It is not for all (Revelation 12:11,15-16); but it is for this world, enough.


The process is not new, merely coming to its culmination. Thus Islam developed its al-Qaeda, with numerous not dissimilar rabid, vapid, rebels against reality, fuming in fury, intense about finding wonderful life hereafter by making horrors for others in this one, so that parallels in the same religious mould, when not fighting each other, can mount their evil crusades, if not gaining paradise by atrocities, then enjoying themselves through inflicting sorrow and finding gain from the works of other people. Pollution is not even chiefly physical in this dis-developing world (cf. Jeremiah 4), where the spirit of man, often denying itself, destroys the works of God. But God remains! (cf. Zechariah 9:7). A paradigm is thus set up for many to follow, even when their principles differ and diverge.


Meanwhile, the combination of a false prophet, which reason cannot attest, but which Christ foretold, this Muhammad, is one more false trail in the exotic substitutes for faith and its verified, true object, the God of creation and salvation, who changes man from within. This with terrorism, urban amorality and more local impacts of pure devilry in various degenerating States, begins to convince many that religion in any broad spectrum approach has little to offer. If religion is needed, it must be unified, subordinated and controlled by power: such is the movement. Freedom of speech MUST be nullified, obviously by cunning devices seeming to grant ‘rights’, so that truth may be manacled, as when Christ was imprisoned. But truth, though it be arrested, cannot be bound: as Paul put it, through the word of the Lord, the word of God is not bound (II Timothy 2:8-9).


It is power that matters! so rings the cry, applied power that controls both local and international events. Christ Jesus as Lord is rejected as too narrow for manly, pleasure and power – just as committed meat gourmands reject substantial vegetable and fruit diets. If religion at all, then man in thrall: that is the point. MAKE it happen, that is the coming Chapter for the novel of man, where he himself is trying assiduously to write his own text, manager, producer, author, actor all in one. The result is devastating to peace, but does nothing to arrest the overall message from God, both in writing and in grace, in the Gospel, and in history and in reproof, as it follows the appointed, specific lines to its foretold end in this Age.


The defacer of man, that depersonalised matrix of polluting philosophy, merely illustrated in the demonstrable fraud in Communism, growing rich by using crass capitalism in China, demised in Russia with urgent replacements by cunning, and there seen amidst hideous religious and industrial oppression: this continues as a protest movement against purity, moral power and spiritual godliness. It is offering peace by extending its shrinking boundaries of heart into increasing  fields of hand. It is without any appeal to man who is yet free enough to be human, while it continues its clutter and chatter. Many are the devil’s efforts to find the key, the combination to unlock the follies in man, so that he may seek to control the outcome: against God, nature, truth, reality in the name of rebellion in its inward core.


Many are the nations which suffer and have suffered even in recent days in episodes from Mussolini’s derailed hopes (cf. The Secular, the Scared and the Sublime Ch. 1) and hideous result, to Hitler’s pseudo-religious arts, Marx’s machinations and Stalin’s murders in millions, so that whether to the right or to the left, we have the brawling, howling sadness of society misled, peace misnamed, pollution set in vaults as treasure for storage, and what does not happen, made the very mast of the vessel. Whether*1 it is in the biological brio with Darwin’s works, doubly dead in their propounder and their achievements, the psychological with Freud or the political with Marx, the results are the same. Such include incoherence of thought, misorientation of man and reveling without reason as he seeks synthesis of immorality and might, wrought in pride and ruinous in result.


Immorality instead of immortality, it is a sad and seemingly ceaseless exchange.


Against reason, these are all  against life, and death is their ceremonial, whether directly or indirectly, whether by helping to madden man (already in departure from his God, prone to it), or throwing at him the poignant sadness, child of such madness, as he riots with ruin.





Thus man’s invented ways of life compete, each one in and from its place, all agog, some seeking solace in synthesis:


v       That of secular life, as in the UN,

v       That of invasive politics as in Communism,

v       That of invasive religion as in punitive Islam, or in the one world approach of uniting religions

v       That of philosophical disorientation allied with dynamic, to deal death to God, who
being eternal, brings not news of demise but of judgment to erring ears; though some repent as this world whirls to its just conclusion.


The vacuous trio,  secular sickness, political quickness and religious renegacy vie for control, consider co-ordination, while the agents of mutation watch with trepidatious impudence, alike fearful and proud, alert and pondering, incandescent in dream, merely pubescent in manly maturity.


In this field, the UN is rather like the papacy, a defoliation of Christian ideals by addition of authority structure, that is indeed not less than a religion in its surge towards absolutism IN PRACTICE. Increasingly the UN resembles a secular papacy with adherents its source of power, helped by the winds of spiritual change, where maddened masses MUST have something new, whatever it may be. Romanism uses a specious substitution “on earth” for Jesus Christ, through ceremony and papacy, though as to the latter,  Christ ONLY is master and teacher (Matthew 23:8-10). As to the papacy, it is as if someone NOT eternal, NOT without sin, NOT God, NOT the ransom for sinners, could in some way impersonate the one who IS ALL of this! It is in this infinitely astray.


Infinity into the finite won’t go: there is no chance even of a fraction! The two are illimitably diverse, and one who tries to bridge the gap is illimitably rebellious, just as is the secular dictator, who playing God, does not have the capacity for work, of the Creator, and hence becomes a mere miscreant, quite literally. Both types have tried to rule the world in the past, Romanism for centuries being about this as a feasible-seeming project, supported by power, emperors and kings. The mystery Babylon of Revelation 13 reaches both back to the early Babylon which became a symbol and is made correlative to Rome in that Chapter, and reaches on as the mutant mystery of iniquity (II Thess. 2), makes its way to its final face. Even this as a death mask (cf. SMR pp. 946ff.), is given scant peace as others seek to snatch the place (Revelation 17:9-17 cf. SMR 723ff., 743ff., News 49, *1).


As to the secular species (cf. Bon Voyage Ch. 2), it has pursued its urge and surge for power in changing venues now of French revolutionary idealism, now in German racially oriented evolutionism, now with Materialistic Mentors as in Communism and Western pseudo-equivalents, whether from Darwin or other contestants, injecting the young by fraud in the colleges, universities and even schools. If England did indeed fight, and was willing to fight  the tyranny that threatened (TTT) on the beaches, there are few who fight that TTT either within that (cf. Beauty for Ashes Ch. 3), or within this land (cf. TMR Ch. 8), in its breaches. It is as if a profound slumber has afflicted those who should be leaders, for as they snore, others grab and gore the child, the young, the growing with the fraud of survival, as if what survives were entirely irrelevant.


Whether it be Communism in its fraudulent predictions (cf. SMR pp. 925ff.), Islam  in its invalid assertions*1, Romanism in its desire to bind God with its pronouncements falsely in His name (cf. SMR pp. 911f., 1032ff., 1042ff.), whether it be secular religious pontifications or one world religious constructions (cf. News 121, 122), god made from or to be merged with man’s urbanity: the movements thrust and toss. Each moves with hope, all with force of one type or another, at one phase or another, all in the name of something or other allegedly above man as  such, but without either the power or the factuality necessary, or indeed the knowledge. In the temporary vacuum that rebellion finds, the nations increasingly occupy themselves with hope and conflict, as a certain blind hanging on becomes a substitute for vision, without which the people do indeed perish. What is more, such they deserve, when will cracks the whip, and ignorance parades itself as if a savant (cf. Deity and Design …).


The creative force with which the Lord has endowed man is working, seeking, thinking for a resolution with regality, with pomp and majesty, perhaps starting with charm, deception and improvisation, in order to end with power all but inconceivable in thought! It is as if the strange developments in Russia - which saw a hopeful reformer and deliverer in Yeltsin, find a massive power gift from the nation, so that a man of artful manipulation could enjoy it - were to be mirrored world-wide. It is as if what has happened to that one nation, were to become the fate of all nations, indeed of the international complex. Indeed the time comes when this shall simply be. It will be short, sharp and unspeakably horrendous. Such is the biblical message in Revelation, II Thessalonians, Matthew 24.


The world reels as it mocks God in all of these ways, swerving form or denouncing the Christ of the Bible and of record, alone verified and validated  (cf. LIGHT DWELLS WITH THE LORD'S CHRIST who Answers Riddles and Where He is, Darkness Departs). This troublesome continuum of charge and counter-charge, whim and caprice, wild willfulness and barren deception, murder and plunder, philosophy and folly in this present world is in principle a necessary result of being unfactual, unfaithful, breaking the everlasting covenant of Creator to creation, built for man by God, and now fully exhibited not only in word but in history. The prescription for man and the prognosis for its rejection have alike been foretold in great detail, and have happened with great fidelity to it. The world as patient, however, shakes its head and headlong it flows to its end (Matthew 24:35).

What is a primary mode and mood now in this world among the nations, the power complexes, the controllers of millions, the thought forms of billions ?  It is that of frustration, like that of some mathematician who willfully refusing the obvious answer, CANNOT find the result he wants, for it is simply not there, where he chooses to look for it! (cf. Isaiah 55). Distress of nations and men’s hearts failing them for fear (Luke 21) are the sort of symptoms this sort of disease is specialised to breed.

As a breeder, it succeeds both woefully and wonderfully; but when what is horrible has wonderful success the result is woeful, and the book of Revelation specialises not only in the Gospel of everlasting grace and pity, through regeneration based on Christ’s cross and resurrection, but in the tempests and maelstroms man’s mental manoeuvres and mismanagements bring to him and to his globe.

Wars, in particular, abound not least because the misled visionaries cannot stand opposition, or meet facts; and this also as biblically foretold, has served to incite. Every time hope springs to take over the world, or more recently the universe, or in various ways, even God, something happens. The venture fails. Man is becoming increasingly determined as he approaches the region of Revelation 19:19 when he expressly comes into confrontation by FORCE with God, a foolish manoeuvre, the end of which is both incendiary for the incendiarists and fateful and fatal to their cause. Yes, causes and consequences mix, the incontinent with the contained!

Again, many have tried to remove or confront the enduring, historical testimony of the Bible to Israel. This involves its returning to its land, fighting triumphant wars, achieving non-destruction amidst the aggressive nations, these bent on destroying Israel in bits or blitzkrieg. The latter seems more in the line of the Iranian President in recent proclamations of seething thought and screeching spirit, aimed at obliterating that people, that Israel,  in its place.

It is obvious that to demolish divine truth you must falsify it, and to destroy Israel would be a glamour method of doing so; but it backfires, in 1948, 1957, 1967, 1973, 1991. It will do more than this! (Ezekiel 37-39 cf. Highway of Holiness Ch. 6). Meanwhile, they, oh how they try and cry for the usual approach: search and destroy what you can of God and His will so that you may enjoy and deploy your life, or that of your tribe, body, empire or nation. As to Israel, prime spot for such action since it is so clearly covered (cf. SMR Appendix A) in the Bible, and its return is NOW (cf. Luke 21:24), a thing for the end of the Age! What a chance!

They scheme, squirm, burn, cannot understand why they do not succeed (as Mahathir of Malaysia reflected, concerning the massive Moslem movement, and the small Israeli one,  and the total failure of the former to achieve domination of the latter. Instead of dead, it is as alive as an upset tooth in the midst of innumerable maelstroms. Such an image ? It IS complex because Israel, under divine protection, is also and still under divine rebuke for its unbelief as a nation (cf. Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 32!); but God has His own ways, and He will act as in that latter Chapter He so clearly indicates. But what of this world ? Of this it has no admiration.

What can be done ? First it can seek public Western support for myths, such as Israel taking a small portion of the promised Palestine, and having this referred to as occupied territory on the part of ISRAEL (rather than all the rest being deemed occupied territory on the part of Arabs and Co.). In this way, you can alienate truth, destroy sympathy and look forward with comparative equanimity to whatever post-holocaust works (PH) may be schemed to ‘punish’ Israel for arriving and surviving according to the stated will of God (cf. Defining Drama Ch. 10). Thus it might be attacked for not succumbing to attack in the PH  era of anti-God movement, and for insisting on having at least some little part of the Palestine promised, on which little matter, the nations welshed.

What then is another way of carrying on with carrying off some word of God, or best of all Israel, on the part of the conniving godless, whose hearts often seem never satisfied unless at war with the word of God ? It is to be found in the USSR-Russia complex of the last 90 years, for example. Thus millions of Jews were held back, prevented from returning to Israel, for years. Again, Putin is now heavily involved with Iran, providing it with weaponry and help in its atomic age activities, even while the President of that land is thundering with associated lightnings against Israel’s VERY EXISTENCE and modulating his radioactive researches and provisions.

Again, another method is to ask a tiny Jewish nation to PAY a billion or so for ‘damage’ to the Lebanon whose terrorists had played such havoc with Israel and its Northern settlement area, without being concerned about the latter.

Further you can have US Presidents like Clinton propose peace by having hugely deprived and remorselessly  betrayed Israel, in its tiny corner of the land internationally promised to it in the 1920s, made to feel that the ONLY WAY to peace is to give back more of the sliver currently occupied. All sorts of psychological warfare can be tried in this ploy. Thus you can make Israel feel that it OUGHT to give it back, since what it has is better than nothing and without peace it may not long live to enjoy it. You can seek to make it feel it had BETTER give it back, or it will be addressed not only by Islamic and Arab millions, but by the UN or other bodies, such as the Madrid Quartet, singing for it to yield more of its land, and with that, perhaps something of Jerusalem and … let me see, what else is on the shopping list ?

While it progresses, this charade, seemingly incredible but not so when you see the biblical indications of the ambitions of the invaders of Israel for the end of the Age (as in Ezekiel 37-39, Zechariah 12), you can have variations on an original theme.

Thus the Arab-Islamic-UN Axis can declare that this or that which Israel has not yet freely ceded (as it ceded Sinai for peace, which did not in fact follow, and watchfully Gaza, though it was pieces of Israeli flesh, torn by rocket from that place, and not peace whihch followed that also), this becomes ground for war. For that ? why yes, and for obliteration, for intimidation, for jihad or anything else that sounds good and fierce. But it does not work. Rabin intent on various cedings, died; Ohlmert, intent far more on various yieldings, almost as if he were impersonating some new Arafat, whatever the ‘realistic’ intentions, has had to resign.

Elections come again very soon for beleaguered Israel, possibly to provide someone more in keeping with biblical indications for Israel than that. For all this, Israel as a nation is itself not yet converted to Christ, so that the issues are deep; yet not too deep for God, who has long foretold the restoration of a huge bloc of Israel to the Messiah, Jesus Christ (Zechariah 12-13), and the cleansing through His blood. God of course has among many advantages, such as omnipotence, omniscience, so that He already knows all that is tried, has been tried and will be tried, as if someone had given perfect intelligence account of an enemy’s operation, even of its … thoughts and the grounds for them! He literally CANNOT fail. The furore is thus wasted for its own part;  but what it reveals of individuals and nations, this is not wasted, but rather becomes a public declaration for all, for all time!

What then can this world and its prince do, as it seeks some other dominion, some other praise, some other Lord and some other way ? It connives, but it never arrives. This world in its rebellious defamations against God seeks to deploy, perhaps like a backup, the ludicrous scribbles of perpetually unverified naturalisms, hideously haunting schools, colleges and universities with its barren ways and wares, despite the demonstrable creation by deity (cf. Deity and Design …, Bon Voyage Ch. 2, History, Review and Overview Ch. 5, Secular Myth or Sacred Truth, Wake Up World Chs. 4-6). Their empty and perpetually failed hypotheses are to an increasing degree made part of its educational matrix, writ large, practical penalties forcibly inserted by didactic means into those who reject as wrong and irrational, this dream that joins all the others in its unregenerate unrealism.

Its proponents argue to the death among themselves, since their vain theories agree neither with the facts nor with each other, while they inflict folly on the young, often refusing them rational opportunities to reply and refute the illusory offerings of the irrational. Moreover, they strongly tend to reject all creationist scholars, who abound, from their own educational coverage. It is quite like Hitler Youth, like all the other totalitarian methods of excluding what is unwanted and including the party program, as if this were education rather than crass indoctrination. If this is wrought by curriculum contrivance, not machine guns, its exclusive rights and rites, though wrong, are the same.

Thus, whether in learning for students, or in teaching for lecturers, they act as filters, unscholarly, unsound, educationally in this illiterate. Many are made to teach cant in order to stay on – but if any accept such coercion, they enter into the frenzied atrocity of truth-rejecting force. It is never wise to be an accessory to that! This author himself was given just such an option when lecturing in a tertiary body, and of course would not consider such exclusion of truth from presentation. NOTHING academic was presented to the contrary, not even when one issued just such a challenge: it was just ‘convenience’!

Force and deceit are visibly the undivine additives as the devil, the prince of this world, seeks his own eventual take-over, as it is in his own envisagement (cf. Ezekiel 28:9, 12-18, Revelation 12, Luke 10:18). Meanwhile, the saints are indeed being ‘made white’ (Daniel 11:35) in these wars and incursions, invasions, assaults, graspings by storming rebels. There is an end. The short ecstasy of an antichrist rule for a time was realistically foretold (Matthew 24, John 14, cf. Revelation 13,17) by Jesus the Christ, whose word and truth is always fulfilled.

That diabolical assemblage of power will pass, like a Summer cloud, full of darkness, but with no rain.

Reality has power – that of God, who shows it by a creation that provides tests for all, and for man given a free spirit (cf. Predestination and Freewill, It BubblesCh. 9, Little Things  Ch. 5, SMR pp. 348ff.), which through misuse, deceives many. The short fantasia and the antichrist, like a tsunami, gathers its force. The biblical scenario has arrived. The forces pound, impound, seek sovereignty, then sound their retreat, saved by no deceit, unable to move any manipulation. 

Then there is peace with the return of Jesus Christ, long predicted (cf. Matthew 24, Acts 1). Having fulfilled His suffering-redeeming phase of the program of salvation, He comes with the light of direct exposure of the multiple fraud that threatened to remove this very earth by misapplied power and miserable malfunctions of abused intelligence.

It is necessary to repent and to acknowledge Him now (Luke 13, Romans 10:9). There is really no one like Him. God is like that.

It is time to reach for the rope of relinquishment of this vessel, and to accept the escape to the Vessel of Victory, the Captain of Grace, the God of all mercy, and to set foot in the place of acceptance in the salvation of Jesus Christ, who died the just, for the unjust, to bring us to God, who sent Him from His eternity to our temporality, with truth to give life, and grace to provide it into eternity. This is where man belongs, and it is good to listen, better to act in faith, forsaking the rot of unrealism and finding the peace of truth.










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(war and force, rising downwards, Tiananmen and truth),
Ch.  4 (liberty, Tiananmen, worship and its direction in time, its terms and code of truth); History, Review and Overview   Ch. 1,
Impossible to Men, Open to  God Ch.    5