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It is all so desperately simple. Of course, you would expect that from the God of truth and wonder, love and mercy, ingenuity and depth, wisdom and power.

To the pure You will show yourself pure, to the devious, shrewd! (Psalm 19:8). God is never mocked. The creation simply cannot get away with that. Look at Mussolini. As you read his autobiography, translated in the 1920s by the British Ambassador, who stated that he did not expect to see an equal to this leader in that generation, you may not know whether to laugh or cry.

Laugh ? Was not this same Mussolini, enticed by a combination of Hitler and his own dreams, led into a partnership of infamy and a war of displeasure that virtually ruined the fighting reputation of Italy, to say nothing of morals! Was not this exponent of a national syndicalism, employment, the great spirit of unity and daring, this one who dashed engulfment by reluctant but able force as needed, this Il Duce, the leader, the First Marshall, the Emperor - killed summarily by Communists towards the end of the war!  And this ? it was so that this his body could be hung upside down at Milan, a former site of great popularity for him: and this as he was trying to escape to Switzerland!

Was it not he who said that bullets come and go, but Mussolini continues!

Was not his profound stress on rationality, nationality, continuity with Rome, the so-called repository of Christianity and the popes needing exhortation and improvement, on seeking to make one spirit and one moral framework to be met by a slow death of attrition and anguish for the nation! What led to this ? Was it not the irrationality of combination of Mussolini's  unguided enthusiasms with the airy dreams of a deluded Hitler, launching into the foul violence against minorities and the afflicted wrought by the latter with whom he was, after all, in such a combination as to make the new totality the AXIS powers!

HOW COULD he have been so changed, so misled! It is clear as one reads his autobiography that the socialist became the 'leader', the provider of the mind that was needed, of the action-dynamic that was indispensable. If this was not perhaps so very willingly at the first, yet by his own way of ruling, it became a conceived fact for him!  Gradually the immensely popular reformer became the immensely unpopular deformer; and as to his one spirit for the nation, this became just that of the god of this world, in unamiable combination with another worshipper of the same. In virtual  collusion with Darwin by virtue of Hitler, and his eugenics of elimination of the definitionally unfit, the undesired such as the Jew, and the unsuccessful, such as were not of the pure Aryan race, Mussolini, architect of action without needless chatter, became undertaker of a nation, himself the first of the last.

When, as Hitler apparently felt at the end, it was the Slavic race that proved more powerful, what then ? Was it really, however,  the Slavs who invented the bomb that ended the war ? It is not so recorded.  Or was it the Slavs who received vast US assistance and even much from Britain, in manufacture and a Second Front ? And what was the point of all this emphasis on FORCE! Did not even Mussolini, even in his more mellow beginnings show just where his defiled heart lay when he declared ("My Autobiography," p. 193 - Hutchinson, London, Pocket Library No. 5):

"When two elements are struggling the solution lies in the measure of strength.
There never was any other solution in history, and never will be."

This is like a litany of severance from the Lord.

The Mussolini whose one spirit was to be such that Italy would regain her glory (just as Putin hopes for something like this for Russia and bin Laden for Islam) gained the pains of retribution for his adventurism; but it might have been different. Nevertheless, for all the good points he showed at times in moderation and realism in terms of industry, employment and elimination of useless self-seeking for misled individuals, it became in the end,  little better than ruthless self-seeking on behalf of the nation which if it had been God, would have been fine, since His is wisdom and truth; but since it was not, COULD not be wise and was not.

What visions he had! Thus on pp.  157-158, we read this:

"Rome sharpened my sense of dedication. The Eternal City, capit mundi, has two Courts and two Diplomacies. It has seen in the course of its centuries imperial armies defeated under its walls. It has witnessed and beheld the decays of the strong, and the rise of universal waves of civilization and of thought. Rome the coveted goal  of princes and leaders, the universal city, heir to the Old Empire and the power of Christianity! Rome welcomed me ..."

Thus the infernal, diurnal ROME PLUS SECULAR POWER addition was given voice. The religious became one facet of the power that must prevail, and the Christianity bit became the signature of ultimate power on the earthly pretensions of grandeur seized by popes who would become God on earth as Mussolini in effect put it. Yet he said this,  not without some at least national sense of expedient approbation in principle, as if this were an artifact of Rome the Great, which he all but worshipped. It is perhaps rather like the attitude of Putin to the Russian Orthodoxy ... it has been a feature, he seems to conceive, with Communism and the Tsars, of 'greatness' in Russia and ought to be recognised and if not actually revered, at least regarded with that satisfaction of a strong religion for a strong country.

"HoweVer," says Mussolini (op. cit. p. 131), "to succeed to the throne of St. Peter, to become the worthy substitute of the Prince of the aPOSTLEs, TO REPRESENT ON EARTH THE dIVINITY OF cHRIST, IS NOT QUITE THE SAME AS THE WEIGHT ANd VALUE OF A CoNclUSION REached by AN ELECTIVE ASSEMBLY."

Otherwise put, the assumption of this divinity representation on the part of a non-divine man, of this leadership aspiration on the part of one AS ostensibly a Christian, FORBIDDEN to be master or teacher, since ONLY ONE is permitted to have that role, his role BEING that of Master, and His nature being that of DEITY (Matthew 23:8-10, Philippians 2) is put by Mussolini in a somewhat inferior light. To what then does he make it inferior ? It is to the certainty of the conclusion of an election by all the people who might put ... for example himself, at the head of the nation.  HE was elected by all; the pope is injected by some.

Yet he would like to add to the lustre of the kingdom by this remarkable additive which appealed to so many. He even invoked the name of God to regard his protestations as he sought to rule and to honour the half million or so dead of the preceding war! (op. cit. p. 148) in ambitious cleansing and movement into whatever greatness the nation had to have.

Which God however is this to whom he refers ? If power is what wins on earth, what of heaven ? If the use of force is what, as he declares above, the determinant on earth, what of the input from heaven ? It is then that the God of which he speaks becomes a 'god of forces' quite literally, as is described by Daniel (11:38 cf.  SMR pp. 707ff.  ). It is this type of imaginary deity, a sort of naturalistic extension, which is to be the one to become the Man of Sin, the antichrist, the proponent of the 'little horn' of Daniel 7, the plenipotentiary of time to come, who like Mussolini but with more bravura, nay more besotment  with unholy hubris, is to wend his way and tend his wares. There are now many elements in varied but not dissimilar paradigms for his populous start, with savvy, charm and appeal, and his purulent end.

But when is this to be ? It is as the climax comes in Christ's return, the Good Shepherd who IS, and who replaces the pretenders who are NOT! (II Thessalonians 2, Tender, True).

Let us revert however to the Mussolini exemplar for its instruction in the ways that may be used and to a significant extent, are being used.

"It is destiny," he urged (op. cit. p. 112), "that Rome again takes her place as the city who will be the directress of the civilization of all Western Europe ... let us make out of Italy one of the nations without which it is impossible to conceive the future history of humanity." Alas, the Bible has a very different dénouement! as may be read in Revelation 18-19 (cf. SMR pp. 946ff.).

By such means, with


the lurking force in his Fascisti (op. cit. p. 141),


the concept of a united spirit in a united nation where is to be sought the union
of the thrust of nationalism, cultural greatness of the past, religious enthusiasm,
enshrined morals of convenience,
convention or what it takes to arrive ("in an imperfect world" as he cited, where force is useful),


the insistence on the removal of cant, casuistry and inaction
amid self-serving, self-seeking parties of pre-occupation
with themselves and unalert to Italy:

Mussolini sought a new vocation for Italy.

It was with lurking peril, to become in fact a man-made unity, with nothing less than the objective of "the unification of spirits" (op. cit. p. 165), while wrong or evil, contesting or unalert elements were to be purged with a patience not tinged with lassitude, as they exhibited their inherent evils and learned to cease to resist.

Such was the program. In time Mussolini, starting as a Socialist, hating the second Vatican, as he called the callings of Lenin and Moscow, became increasingly authoritative himself. Indeed, initially alert to such things,  he speaks of two Vaticans with no small disparagement, seeing in the clamours of both, the contests of words which fail in the realities of life (op. cit. pp. 84-85). Such was his perspective on the tidings from the papacy and the commissar, those two religions; for he felt that these,  by their too obvious evil pre-occupations which tend to make them irrelevant, were inadequate indeed. Rome and Moscow were assiduously inclined to calamity.

His own work, however, set apart from the "encyclical letters" from BOTH of these 'Vaticans' is the one which needs attention, he proclaims: it is this which is a labour of action, of enduement, of seeking and finding practical solutions, not arrogating authority but using the popularity of the populace, enticed, enhanced, extolled in a government of worth.

It was small wonder, that though rightly seeing through the blandishments of "the grotesque Sovietic parody"*1 (op. cit. p. 99) and detesting the meandering habits of erratic socialism, while unimpressed with the aspiring autocracy of Romanism, he prepared for the take-off.

As to the Socialists, their writings he portrayed as "gibberish ... from a mocking spirit" emplaced in the "confirmed idiocy with which extremists are afflicted" (op.cit., p. 86), and these he deemed conjoined in failure with the secret self-serving of masonry, a special enemy because of deals and mutual support in highly segregated and covered up dealings. In fact,  calling "Italian masonry" a "society of mutual aid and of reciprocal adulation," neither coming out into the light nor dealing in it (cf. SMR p. 701), he yet held to his own purgative, power-wielding, and in principle and intention, restrained direction of the forces of righteousness with no uncertain outcome! Such was the view of Mussolini; and as some of the negatives had no small point, it had impact.

The designation of RIGHT had much to do with work that was effective, projects that would work, practicality and commission, a spirit of awareness of past greatness and great destiny for the nation, a desire for the forces of youth to be enlightened and delivered from the depths of futility, of needless argumentation and instead enrolled in a unified spirit of attainment, a gathering of forces of actuality and not mere verbal confrontations. Yet his own outpourings were of the most animated, the most surging and the most assured!

Where would all this go ? It is too apparent that in this self-preoccupation, this ambivalent relationship with religion, this concept of his own will and ways as a virtual 'faith' to work within the 'ascetics of revolution' (op. cit. pp. 159, 199), an heir to Christianity which would in some way by nearness and past involvement spread out a kind of aura for it, without undue fixity on detail, there was yet a profound hiatus. There was in fact an uncertain actuality, a ship directed with a dynamic more obvious than its charting.

"The Italian temperament" said he, is "more adapted to faction than action" (op. cit. p. 176), but "Fascism is a unit". But what is its head ?

It is he who must make "all the decisions" with whatever involvement with his fascisti and friends. It was not that he at all times wanted so to act, he explained, but that his people seemed to expect it. This is then, if not the desire, then the danger of the pseudo-messianic, as the populist activistic seeker for the new, the partly unknown, the ascending scale of being, as dreamily envisaged, acting with the confidence of the masses, proceeds without chart to 'new waters'.

Amazingly, such has been in spirit, not a little,

the relatively unclear contribution


in Australia from the Rudd program, 


in Russia with the Putin program,


as in England with the Blair program

(he later become Roman Catholic after continually calling for a way not a little reminiscent of the spiritual emphases of Mussolini), and now


in the USA with the Obama vision.

This is far from saying all these are evil, but they have one potential. It is far from describing them all as base; but the liability is the same. One may do well, the other badly at last,  in the assortment; but the grounds of appeal have surprisingly much in common: a diffuseness in detail and an amplitude of emphasis on newness, a new look, a new Russia, a new Australia, a delivered USA, a transformed society, the aim prodigious and the means vague in much.


As Blair ensconces himself more and more in the United Nations, now serving it,
and in Romanism, and


as Obama is more apparently deeply involved in the Clinton Camp, the Kennedy compound
and via the latter and its explicit association with his selection of Romanist Vice-President,
with nearness to forces of ambition in religion, and


as at least in one purported account, Rudd moves in a stated weekly Church-going status
in an Anglican body whose Primate has declared in the not distant past
that it is not necessary to go to God through Christ
(contrary to John 14:6 and in this, dismissive of Christianity, while using it),
without being willing to affirm that Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son of God,


as Putin grabs the nation's energy resources, imprisons and retains in his web,
a Jewish billionaire whom he pursued with police to an airport to seize him on landing,
and makes over the vast assets to the State in what one of his close economic advisers,
leaving, called the swindle of the year, and seeks to sabre-rattle with missiles the way for the incoming US President with a timely announcement of Europe-intimate new militant emplacements:

we are seeing a not dissimilar new look from many new faces. The Mussolini motif has a variable but sometime significant relationship but more importantly, ALL of them with that included, have something in common. In a number of cases, a financial crisis also helped usher in the novelty of the ill-defined ambitions of the novelties promised (in the case of the Italian, the American and to move more broadly with rather less parallel, that of Hitler). SOMETHING has to ignite the appeal, and devalue the danger, and desperation positive or negative or both, is a normal motivation.

Massive hope, vagueness of detail at least at the outset, religious involvements of a not
entirely distinct type, with approximation in some form to this or that religious massif, a sense
of innovation on the one hand and vigorous continuation on the other, a sense of needing a
unified spirit among the people with the aid of power, a distant insistence coming near in
sudden swoops: these things invite peril, and are exposed to it. They tend to create a paradigm, a call to 'destiny' even if not very specific, though the results will be so!

Readily this or that is 'exposed' and  becomes out of mode, even in danger of elimination. It may for example, be

1) freedom of speech that is stomped on (Rudd is moving onto the internet side of things*1A, with the usual peril of removing free speech in favour of this indistinct but culturally impetuous and imposing 'unified spirit' with its own importings and disportings of things called morals, without obvious grounds in all cases),  or

2) freedom of attitude to savour or criticise outside the established 'unity of spirit' with its caveats and imperious rules: these things are at hand.

Even Sharia law is entertained by high English authority as a possible import in part, for the
continuation in unity of spirit may require it; and similar absurdities of imposition into a nation are near on all sides as the spiritual unity which Mussolini explicitly sought in eloquent diatribes, now
comes by insidious, socialistic or communalistic commands, nearly a century later. These things come, ready to be impelled into law, as the STATE becomes arbiter, the unimpugnable source for subjectivisitc morality (a contradiction in terms, but one much loved for worms), and increasingly, virtual 'god'. Thus Mussolini spoke in those glowing and vacuous moral terms, without clear foundation, of "one fraternity in a great work of justice", his party to provide "a living moral reality" since it is "a faith" (op. cit. p. 1991). As to that, history provides most amply for parallel, in the realms of the obvious wrought by the reasonable!*1A

Indeed, quoth he, many may or must withdraw themselves from "the supreme authority of the State." The language now in the 21st century  is often less pompous, but its intentions are no less imposing and disposing, and its modes more insidious, invidious and perfidious! We do not elect a government to play God, and if one does, it should electioneer on that basis.

This then is the direction of the living tips of social conscience and rule which not now in the explicit dress of dictatorship (Mussolini was very much averse for many years, to such a designation or operation, seeing only the spiritual unity and supreme authority which all OUGHT to be able to see and to which respond), but with something dangerously impelled to resemble it, make their appearance. Not all may the nations concerned may fulfil these preliminaries:  some may end intensely evil, while others may avoid the traps and the dangers of self-exaltation by various verbal and then legal means. Yet all of these indications of social enduement with power over morals, liberty and life, have a potential in that direction so long tried under differently named auspices.

Nor was it only Mussolini, in his idealistic, watery-eyed, iron-fisted milieu who gave exemplification of transition when popular power becomes moral right in the eyes of some politicians. He was seduced into co-operation with another one who wanted HIS NATION TO BE DELIVERED FROM DOLDRUMS, TO REACH ITS FORMER UNITY AND GLORIES, TO BRING VIGOUR AND THRUST to its counsels and might to its people. That one ? It was that of our own Adolf, on whose Siegfried line so many of our troops seemed to want to hang their washing, even singing of such an event.

Together this inveterate pair formed an axis, and in common, their imprint was measured for the people, for what was good for them, for the fulfilment of the aspirations of a wronged or derelict or drowning people; and together they forged a challenge to the world, a check which becoming more dictatorial by the moment, or at least eminently so by the year, flourished until they both ended the flight and flair of their zeal. Suddenly there ended their lives, one at the hands of Communists, before being hung upside down near a gas station in Milan,  another by his own hand, amid the ruins of desolation which both had called for, and  most reluctantly received.

As Mussolini had emphasised a spirit of unity and achievement, of greatness and of seizing and improving on the past, so was his nation betrayed not only  by TOO GREAT AMBITION in religion and morality and spirit for a man-made unity, but by TOO LITTLE awareness of the unchanged realities of the God who is not of this world, but who MADE IT. As the ludicrous design controversy continues, so the wings for flight to man's own ideas of design morally, socially, politically, financially, spiritually, are being strengthened. This flight bids fair to be the last. The world is growing exhausted in its pollutions; the radioactive powers are threatening virtual extinction by their contributions, while the spiritual lusts of many rebels are looking for the one group to remove the other, some seeking sexual satisfaction in paradise rather than moral ground on earth.

Things however have not changed.  The principles of pollution, now with cavalry, now with mortars, now scimitars, now rifles, machine guns, poison gas, airplanes, fighters, bombers, atomically armed bombers, tactical nuclear weapons, germ warfare, atomic waste spreading and the like: these continue enhanced with method, debased in thought. Indeed, their plans have erased and lack in objective morality more and more, as the flush of Christianity, now derided without ground, is assaulted.

This comes as the vast rush for power from the universe explodes, wisdom departs, after some lingering,  from the nations and a headstrong 'newness' arrives. It does not examine its credentials:  that is its appeal and its danger of damnation.




While the ultimate grab for power, that over and through the universe by knowledge, increases its expansion, like poison gas moving across the fields of Belgium or France in World War I, or radioactive impact in World War II, so the desire to destroy the power of Christ proceeds in creeping persistence. Many major denominations have left the biblical moorings, one major central 'church' declaring through its Minister that Christ was a peasant, certainly not deity,  and Moses a the simple end of blindness, which speaking from humanism, acts to dwarf and caricature the divine.

Dictatorships, partial or total,  have been shown for methods of growth in Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Putin, Mugabe, Idi Amin, and while some are obviously ludicrous, some have a pseudo-magnetic appeal for a time, with pathologies that may readily be traced. They are the advance troops. The world is as it were taking deep breaths as it awaits the final assault, direct on God. Religion as an offshoot is clearly being favoured now that Stalin's mass-million murders, a profusion of heartlessness surging headlong, headstrong and unhallowed, are discounted,  but not by arithmetic. Something more attuned to mankind is desired, and is being touted just as the Bible is being flouted.

The results accrue with the accelerator now near the floor. Financial, geological, moral, political, military, subversive and spectacular shocks of inhumanity and recklessness attune the world to its new melody, the Musical Malady Concerto with the collective ego as the soloist. It is a strange concoction, the shrilly decadent and the soaring thrust in mistaken direction, like a screaming jet taking off, then soaring with the after-burner full on, yet fails and rushes ever nearer to the earth in its flight.

Already the concept of buses with atheistic motifs on their sides is arising in a country once having some claim to a Christian basis, while TV programs publish inanity with urbanity, as if design were the product of its lack, conceptually organised controls were the spawn of mindlessness and intricate mathematical impositions in the DNA were the fruit of no root. The fact that the cosmos of thought has its own characteristic and readily characterisable methods, results and principles of procedure, its own errata modes and correction facilities, that nothing else ever moves to this end by any test whatsoever, without its presence: this is dismissed like other valiant data, with a sweep of the united-spirit front of the avant-garde, post-Mussolini academic fascist movement.

The fact that spirit, likewise,  has its own modes, motifs, methods, aims, ambitions, ambits, motions, fruit and power, as is shown in every argument, whatever its intent or outcome, and that this controls thought by using what is manifestly valid or abusing it AT WILL, and WITH KNOWLEDGE very often of precisely not only WHAT it is doing but WHY, the reasons being expressible in book format: this too is avoided as if it were the spew of swine*2.

WHY ? Why are facts so disdained in the name of neo-science, as the current broach of religious topics of ground, basis, creation and judgment arise, must be  called. It has no part whatsoever with scientific method, moving outside this  in its religious turmoils and academic boils (cf. Scientific Method, Satanic Method and the Model of Salvation), apparently like someone unaware of having leukemia, without realising what it is doing. Its devotees bring their worship into the college, the university class-room as if they were priests (cf.  Evolution as Religion) and stomp very often on the souls of the vulnerable, using State authority, academic non-liberty and spiritual assassination tactics on the exposed, those committed to their care.

It is in a way, a sort of spiritual sniping; and when as in this singularly corrupted State of South Australia, you have clear directives that creation is not to be given in any subject area strictly RATIONAL debate and presentation, then the slave-State of SA, the educational morass in this bog, is exposed. Nor is this particularly hideous, amidst its peers in this world, merely splendiferously self-assured and utterly averse to investigation, as shown by the many ignored attempts several of us Ministers of Jesus Christ, and hundreds of petitioners have made clear from time to time. We seek debate: the offer is not even given response.

We are permitted to make presentation, but the issue does not exist except in civilities which ignore the points made. Years pass and souls are impaled by imprecision, blunt instruments of irrationalism, made to serve their ignominious place in the history of philosophy, under the illusion they are in some way relevant in the least degree to scientific method. You even have some pendant deciding that it is time that scientific method was made free from the burden of empirical results.

Small wonder: where ARE the results ? A radio announcer with whom I was on one occasion speaking over the air, decided that Adelaide University could provide illustration of evolution (we are in the realm of blob to Bob evolution - blob by initial courtesy, including the space, time, causative paraphernalia implicit in it and so forth, the potential and the laws for its formation and its maturity, operation and sustenance, let alone 'development') tomorrow. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, it is sorrow, but we NEVER see the SLIGHTEST evidence given in this field.

This is


noted for example in summary form for overview, in SMR pp. 140ff.,
and the broader and demonstrable realities of the issues involved are shown in Ch. 2
of that Christian apologetic set in more detail,


presented in precise format in TMR Ch. 1 with  Ch. 7 in detail, are illustrated,


exhibited and demonstrated in The gods of naturalism have no go


attested in multi-volume form in Deity and Design ...

and with the verification emphasis over a wide range of mutually involved subject areas,


surveyed in Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ, Who Answers Riddles and Where He is, Darkness Departs.

The challenges to one and to all are never met. Large bodies of specialists in bio-science, convinced of creation,  are now working continually in various countries on these issues, constantly to update what may be needed. Such bodies may be viewed in some of their work at such sites as:

Answers in Genesis

Creation Ministries International

Creation Research

Institute for Creation Research 

Volumes of research as by the RATE group of scientists, dealing with radioactive dating methods and results,  and multiple works by Ph.D. scientists in areas from astronomy and astro-physics to geology and multiple investigations at many points on the earth,  continue to arise in abundance.



The point however is never how many noses may be counted, but the truth itself and the evidence, logic and reason, validity and verification, the performance and not the mere mouthing of all that is required for such results. It is this which in no small measure has been the occupation behind the 153 volumes on this site, except that the issue of creation and  design is merely one facet of a whole which is logically indissoluble and points indefeasibly to Jesus Christ as God exhibited, the Bible as the sole authorised word of God to mankind and sin as the spiritual slither which mars, murders and threatens man's very existence, and hence to the Gospel, which is the sole way out.

What then ? We do not send a squadron of soldiers when a million mass, but send the bulk of the establishment: so here! No site or philosophy, no methodology of validity can be found to satisfy all the criteria of investigation, empirically, rationally and in validity, except that which is biblical. This is the finding, the result of our surveys (starting with SMR),  and it is merely confirmed continually, whether in my own special field of liberty, voluntarism and determinism, duty, responsibility and spirit, predestination and deity*3, or more distant realms.

When however we do come to the solution, it is the more attested by the results of ignoring it, such that the more the power of man increases by finding the keys to power present in the creation, the less he is likely to continue on this earth: and rightly so. His ingratitude is astounding, his ambition an affront of awesome proportions and his fighting about which wrong to institute to govern man, is as useless as feckless.

Strength lies in truth, not in lies; and truth lies in the God who making all that is not He, knows it; and is found in Jesus Christ, who being incarnate, Creator of all (John 1:3), constitutes it (John 14:6). It is all so VERY simple. We are because He is; and we are not what we should be, even total blindness scarcely being able to lift its stricken eyes at that; and what we could be is what we are enabled to be by an act of prodigious mercy, kindness, grace and self-sacrifice on the part of God.

This has been made available, just as was the original created body of the first man. It is all created. When man is adopted by God, is regenerated, then there is the third creation: the first, the universe equipped with man, the second the Gospel equipped with mercy, and the third, for those who partake, the new life, the new creation in Christ, when a person is restored spiritually to the image of God in which first created (Colossians 3:10, Titus 3:1-7).

You can take it or leave it, and this changes no truth; but it does at least in time, exhibit whose you are and where you are, or on the other hand, are not.

Such is the basis for understanding, for man, for life abundant, for escape from the hideous monotony of foolish philosophies and trust in man, in himself, this little self-evaluating midget of hideously mean proportions, who looks like a dizzy bee when no more under the direction of his source, in this case the Lord of glory.

What then when man is restored to his Creator by free redemption (Romans 3:23ff.). Then is he so spiritually transformed as almost to be unrecognisable, and this not when he recites phrases merely. Rather it comes when, incited by sin and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and led in repentance to God where He may be found (Isaiah 55), he speaks what HE THEN KNOWS, and that with FAITH. Faith! it is this on which all men operate, whether in themselves, in nothing or in imaginary gods; but to be effective in fulfilment, it must be in God Himself. It is not faith which is great, but God who is the wonder beyond all creation; and when HE is the OBJECT of faith, then mountains move and fidgetting substitutes which harry and worry, are ready for banishment.

The comparisons of these things, in the field of the secular, the sacred and the sublime, are brought into the light of the Gospel, changeless because God is remorselessly perfect with divine grace sublime, without beginning or end. This, it is  in the hope that some may be awakened by these facts, and no more deluded by the scientistic, the narcissistic,  the marasmic, or the spiritually asthenic, and moved by His Spirit, find the God who made them, loved them and laid down in the only Mediator, Christ Jesus the Lord, His life that we might find it (II Corinthians 5:17-21).


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. Now all things are of God,
who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ,
and has given us the ministry of reconciliation,
that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself,
not imputing their trespasses to them,
and has committed to us the word of reconciliation.


Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ,
as though God were pleading through us:
we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.
For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us,
that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.






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See also Lord of Life Ch.   8.


From The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy Ch. 9, this note on the caricature may be helpful:

We referred earlier to Communism in terms of false religion, one contrasting with this vignette of victories in Revelation 14. The work of Lester de Koster, Communism and Christian Faith, handles this well. In this sort of vein, we see that the proletariat or commoners, are the place-fillers for the Messiah; the CLASS situation is the SIN; the overthrow of this is the overthrow of the DEVIL, and the dictatorship of the proletariat, is the HEAVEN. The LAW of Communism, we must add, though it does not work, has been imagined: that by which history has no choice but to follow on to produce a world communism; and while this failure is seen in this only covertly religious system, the movement towards mimicry of the actual situation under Almighty God with His law, is notable!



On relatively recent Australian activity in the repressive mode, concerning the Internet,
see this link.

See also:

THE FACE OF GOD, ILLIMITABLE, UNFUNDED, DEFINITIVE, DECISIVE Ch. 6. Here various governmental thoughts on the conscription of thought, the restriction of free speech even in unimpugnable areas, because of edicts on State-wise, statuesque morals, bent on serving some feeling motif or other, were under review. The concept of what appeals to reasonable adults being a type of criterion, the concept of such a standard was considered realistically.

"Reasonable*3 public discussion, debate or exposition is likewise is exempted; but who is to determine what is reasonable! If it were that men were angels, the point might not arise; but they are not. Reasonable men (by reputation or expectation) did worse than merely hang Christ: they crucified Him; or slowly kill Socrates or make a horse a god in the Roman Senate. They slaughtered by the million in Cambodia and made gods of natural things! And this, they  still do*3A

As to *3, it has this:

     Not only does Stephen's death, in the situation of fury of hurt feelings and inability to answer in reason the prevailing sentiments of the people, illustrate the need for more care when dabbling in social dynamics; that of Christ Himself is the very criterion. Did they admit even to themselves, that their failure to prevail was relevant ? Was not a warranty for the sense of outrage reasoned about (John 11), in terms of social dynamics!

One has had occasion to review this issue before, in News 145, from which an excerpt is taken, below (adapted for this purpose). The issue was one of censorship, a close parallel to personal censorship in terms of fines or other acts so readily becoming the  artifices of exclusion.

What is 'likely to be objectionable to a reasonable adult'  is the phrasing reportedly used by a former Attorney-General, in a Murdoch University speech. Under these circumstances, this tends to become the criterion of liberty, as sure as the winds, as secure as the waves, as ill-defined as the clouds, nugatory, nebulous, nubilous extravaganzas of unholy humbug, waving phrases, not praises, and making the very waves the ruler.


Did reasonable men make Hitler ruler ? sustain him as he advanced ?


Did reasonable men seek to exterminate the Jews to the extent
of some 50% of the world population, and continue it for years ?


Did reasonable men twist the thumbs, crush the bones
and extort 'confessions' from countless impoverished and persecuted victims,
in religious persecution during the Inquisition  in Europe,
and continue such things for centuries ?


Did reasonable men put millions of kulaks into Siberian torture and deprivations unspeakable, over years of horror, because they had the eminent crime,
a matter judged to be so, by those who doubtless deemed themselves,
reasonable people -  of having farms ? …


Did reasonable men make thousands of slaves, and make them work,
after kidnapping them, in conditions often both miserly and inhuman,
or deem them 'something else' than human ?
actions which whole sophisticated and civilised nations by repute,
engaged in over long periods of such insensitivity and closed thought
as makes one more amazed than does any atomic bomb!

At their time, such people, were they not of this persuasion ? Is superiority to become a criterion of judgment, then, for this nation ? We are too good, perhaps, to be so duped ? Delusion frequently precedes destruction, and elevation, depression.

Are we then, even in Australia, to make hay while the sun shines, even if it be of the skin of the backs of those victims assailed by agents of the so noble cause of victimisation! Alleged victims on any urbane and inadequate basis, readily become victimisers, and the horrible cycle of subjectivity proceeds to its wanton end.

If the evils are real, so must be the corrections, and not a mere instrument for releasing more evils. Law needs adequate safeguard, if it is not to become the mere agent of sects, sectors and socially charged incursions.

Or again, is the UN notable for being 'reasonable' even though such an appeal is one of its benchmarks ? Look at this aspect which has been little other than a new religion, based on articulated premises, where the tyranny of presumption becomes the assumption for action! What the UN SAYS, like Simon says in the children's game, is to BE religion, under whatever name, and in THIS way, says its own documentation, is the child to be brought up! (See - Mystery of Iniquity, and News 152, especially in these two sites.)

If then the UN is so cavalier in its disregard, and so voluble in the wonder of its good intentions, is anyone to conceive that 'reasonable' as a mantra will secure any sort of safety from statistical culture, divorced from truth, aligned to feeling, enforcing its wishes in persecutions as notable as many in the past. In Victoria penalties can already be severe, take years of labour and odium; and when once a people suffers the merely desired, based on premises as secure as sand, to become the code, then it asks for all that history so abundantly informs it, it will get.

Why ask! there are far better  things to ask for, like truth and justice, wisdom and that toleration which fears no truth, and allows truth as a criterion in all things, lest the current psychic twinges and cultural binges become just one more tyrant.




Cascade of Truth, Torrent of Mercy Ch.    9, Little Things Ch.    5, It Bubbles ... Ch.    9,  Christ Jesus: the Wisdom and the Power of God Ch.    7, Calibrating Myths ... Epilogue Epi




On this see my M.A. Thesis, Predestination and Freewill, and the extended HEXAD of volumes in the field written subsequently, ON PREDESTINATION and FOREKNOWLEDGE,