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Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson

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ISBN 0-9750303-9-6




I Corinthians 15 has some wonderful contrasts: the first man, Adam, the ultimate man, Christ the Lord. The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven.


Now we are finding the funding of nearly everything imaginable that is earthy, worldly, carnal, rapacious, insolent and demanding; and hearing nearly everything that is raucous, obtuse and insurgent, from bin Laden to Communism, from Islamic submission requirements of those subordinated to these false lords, to the arrant yabber, deemed funny for some reason, of cartoons which reduce man to a motivated, moulded relic of a meaning no longer to be found.


The celestial is abused, its name debased whether in the slaughter of people in shopping malls because somebody called ‘Allah’ allegedly wants it, to the devising of means of allowing what destroys to become the lord of what builds. And what sort of destruction would that be ? That is what the Bible has long called Apollyon, the devil, whose varied functions include accusing the brethren (normally falsely), contesting righteousness, inducing fear of death, alienating from God, inducing to love the means of life more than life (‘Mammon’), tempting and corrupting. He can come dressed in flowing white robes which do nothing for his heart, but much for those whom he dupes, surrounded with flowing verbiage, elevating himself or his false prophets to the heavens, while his ways are earthy.


These two courses, those of the bacteria and those of the body, those of the creation and those of the desecration, they continue parallel for a time, until the judgment. In biblical words, these are the wheat and the tares of Christ’s parable in Matthew13:24ff., which grow up together until the harvest, by which time … they are readily recognised.


That time is nearer than many think, and this

not because war and trouble, indeed tribulation is becoming a criterion of our Age, as it had to be of the end of the Gospel era, according to Christ in Matthew 24, Luke 21, and consistently with Daniel 12:1,

not even because the means of war can be so encapsulated with so much power that the very weak can destroy wonders and marvels of human construction cheaply; though both of these things had to occur simultaneously with many others, before the end of the Age could draw near. Other criteria of the last lap are noted in SMR Ch. 8 and Answers to Questions Ch. 5.


It is near, this end of the Age, because the false prophets ALSO abound, from the followers of Muhammad, now spurting with oil money, and many acting like burning oil wells before their time, to the endless sects inhabiting America, like bacteria infecting teeth. It is near because the hostility and enmity towards Israel is passing all bounds. It Is here because people with much money and energy are still trying to destroy it, as they had to do, to fulfil Zechariah 12, and because in the UN, the nations have gathered together to subdue the Jewish Jerusalem, as they had to do (and have been busy doing often since 1947’s incredibly lavish lashing of Israel’s hopes), according to Zechariah 14.


It is here because Jerusalem had to be halved, as it was in 1948, as Zechariah prescribed. It is here because the nations are beginning to unite in Europe with new power and perhaps a little swagger, as they refuse to help the USA in its efforts to safeguard Turkey, at least some of them. These, like Russia, China, Germany, France and Belgium do not want Iraq invaded, do not want Turkey helped before any actual war, just as England did not want to do too much to arm while the ‘peace paper’ of Chamberlain was floating about, after Munich.


If this is not to endorse the contemplated war on Iraq, since it has been misconceived in its Islamic collaboration as often shown on this site (cf. Lord of Life Chs. 4, 8, 9, Red AlertCh. 6, Cascade of Truth Ch. 10), nor is it by any means to suggest an open or irenic Iraq, which as recently as the Gulf War confirmed its state of WAR with Israel. It is this which does not seem to concern clubs, committees and international bodies too much, perhaps because some of them are so accustomed to writing off Jewish real estate in grandiose manners.


In this book, the contrast between the earthy and the celestial will be in focus, in the midst of the travails of the times, which also had to be as Christ signified in Matthew 24:222-25, and this in the very multitude of popular false prophets, in our present world, such as those carrying on the massive malady of the Koran, which suppresses all ways of verification, and allows much to falsify, as seen in Ch. 10 of Great Execrations, Great Enervations, Greater Grace.



The world says, Look at me! It is better to look away, and now that it is making such a complete asininity of its ways, there is still no lack of those enthralled in its deceits, deceptiveness, lurid smiles and florid curses, such s those now very familiar execrations from bin Laden (cf. The Advertiser, p. 4, Feb. 13, 2003). 


Yet the word of the living God, the ways of the Saving Christ, the testimony of truth does not vary, has not varied, is never falsified, alone is valid (cf. TMR Ch. 5, 7, SMR Chs. 1, 10), has been exposed to every variety of test, not least when Christ came, and is forever speaking as history spins like a top, its precise procession ordered and characterised in advance in the Bible. Fruit in celestial character in the Lord, and spirit in His domain, these are the necessary antidote to this rubbish, and His cross remains the only answer to the cross-purposes of the world, this passion mingling with that, this lust with the other, alive with strife in the dust, this nation defiled, wanting to defile further some other, with war and dissension, frail fraud and fiction seeking to trap simple truth and faith.


In order the better to keep the actual contrast strong and clear, and the ways of each like light and darkness, these chapters follow, showing likewise the reason for the faith in the fruits of faith, and the reason for dismissing unbelief in its dysfunction, inadequacy and lack of all tests to confirm it, even the logical sub-structure which would make it even possible! (Cf. Barbs, Arrows and Balms
 -7, SMR Chs. 3,10 and Highway to Hell.)






Chapter 1


The Clamour of Earth for the Blood of Heaven



 Chapter  2


Imperious Earthiness and the

Glorious and Essential Celestial King




CHAPTER  3                                                  


News 262

TV, Radio News, Feb 20, 2003


Drizzle Decreasing,

Tornado  Approaching






Suppression by Expression

News 263,


The Advertiser, Feb 22, 2003


Many things … Iraq, Turkey, C.S. Lewis, Stage Productions …

One theme.



Chapter 5


The Purity of Pity


News 264 SBS TV February 25, 2003

The Twin Towers Immured in Hostile Thought, even NOW!


Chapter 6


The Purity of the Splendour and
the Depth of the Wonder of the Celestial …


that by Contrast, Makes Clay-mindedness,

a Shadow in the Sun



Chapter 7


The Creator’s Imagination

and Anguish


Has Provided the Gospel

in Full Colour …


News 265, The Advertiser March 2003



Chapter 8                                                               


 No Shortage of Oil

As Saudi-Arabia says,

After John said it in Revelation

Around 2000 years earlier


WHO is invading WHOM ?


News 266, March 13, 2003



Chapter 9


The Peaceless Pace or

the Peerless Peace


News 267, TV and Radio News Passim in late March, 2003



Chapter 10


Wanting to Have your Cake and Eat it

and Eat Someone Else’s Too


News 268

The Advertiser. April 1, 2003



Chapter 11


Education in Tiers


News 269


The Advertiser, April 10, 2003


Chapter 12                                            

The Law is not Earthy but Spiritual


Chapter 13








Chapter 14

The Eternal Warrant

Not a mere matter of condemnation as for arrest

But of Eternal Life



Eternal Life Starts NOW!