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335: PSEUDO-SOPHISTICATED PERMISSIVENESS - almost an oxymoron or combination of apparent opposites for effect: this refers to a seemingly knowledgeable willingness to let things slip, slide, go their unenlightened way. There is comedy in our generation's pride or assurance, in its knowledgeable seeming escape from oversight in responsibility for the young; but the tragedy is this: that it lacks, for all its studies, a comprehension of its own life.

Rather than move like crazy tanks, some may feel, they will keep out of it altogether; too much knowledge has usurped wisdom; too little wisdom has broken control; too little control with children, with too little wisdom, has tended to give a mindless kind of upbringing to millions, whose hearts may burst for emptiness, burst inward.

Existentialism is one of the pathological symptoms that may follow; a reckless flirtation with oriental mysticisms, irrational and resting in nothingness rather than in well-understood life, and mental-illness: all are well-known reactions of the empty hearts that toy with glasses that have no water.

It is relevant; but not refreshing.

DISILLUSIONED - experiencing sadness through the loss of ideals or hopes, of a sense of valid values, or of a ground for peace; feeling jilted by life, and tending to distrust it accordingly.

PRESUPPOSITIONAL MODELS - imaginary constructions of thoughts or ideas, or systems of thoughts, so that when certain things are simply assumed, certain results are conceived as following. This is then all 'built' into a set of ideas in which forces, actions, components and considerations all react or interact in the given way: then it is seen what 'happens'.

What happens on the model may be contrasted or compared with what happens in the actual field under study.

It is in a way like an intellectual experiment. Unfortunately, people do not always realise when they are doing this, and confuse it with intrinsically valid reasoning. Much in philosophy thereby results; and much of the 'warfare' also! Useful as a tool, this does not in itself establish anything. To some extent, it may tend to verify a theory; but the models will lack portions of reality, as man does not have the mind of God. The fault is greatly magnified in matters concerning man as such. Again, it must be remembered that to verify is not to prove, but to delay at least, disproof. A more direct form of proof is necessary for establishment; but verification is then of the utmost value to 'second' the motion, allow its application and exhibit its independent force in operation.

342: DELINEATION - a setting forth, as if by a drawing, of what is in view; a depicting, describing or presenting so that one may gain the feeling or force of something.

DEGENERATIVE - tending to lose one's qualities or special features, as if a case of generation, or production in reverse. Often this is used of moral loss, but also of loss of function, for example, medically. The term may in some circumstances imply condemnation, that is, where responsibility has been misused.

343: OBJECTIVE REVELATION - an uncovering or expression of the mind of God to man, in such a way that it is a genuine transmission of His thought, and not a subjective religious experience; revelation that is indeed from God, not an existential turmoil or involvement of merely human passion, grandly expressed.

The scripture is such; and Jesus Christ is the acme and height of it: "I am the Truth," (John 14:6).

344: DOMAIN - an area or function accorded to someone or something; a proper area of action.

PSYCHOTHERAPY - work designed to relieve the mind of disease, disorder or woes.

345: INQUISITION - consult index... a formal interrogation usually of arrested persons, which historically has been the specialty of the Roman Catholic organisation, often linked with murder, torture, passion, unfeeling heartlessness and the official theft by this body of the property of the party condemned, for a failure to conform to Roman ideas. On one occasion, it was officially noted that the killing was by mistake, so that the property was restored to the heirs, otherwise losing all to Rome. No doubt this has a bearing on the Vatican Billions, discussed in a volume of that name by Avro Manhattan.

COTERIE - a tidy little roup, closely and co-operatively related together in some idea, ideal or culture.

PRE-DELINQUENT, PRE-PSYCHOTIC - people considered about to become, likely to turn into delinquents or insane persons, respectively.

INCONTINENCE - a failure to control oneself, to limit oneself; or, when the term is used medically, to control excretion.

346: ELECTRO-CONVULSIVE THERAPY - a treatment intended to promote either health or controllability, and sometimes achieving the latter more than the former: one in which electrical current is passed into the patient, inducing shock which may be seen in a sudden leap of the body, although it is bound down. This 'treatment' may be held 'demeaning', or to make a gravely undignified, potentially dangerous and inadequately understood contribution to the patient's... health; or at times, a negative one.

When involuntary (the patient's condition allegedly warranting this intrusion, which could be conceived of as assault and violence), it raises enormous ethical questions, not always faced. Its total effects are neither known nor predictable, so that a case might be made for suing those responsible. While - like other operations - it has risk, this treatment is intimate, and it could not simply be assumed that any rational being would desire it. Thus it tends to have a somewhat totalitarian taste.

DEVIOUSNESS - a crooked, subtle, roundabout way of getting what you want; a quality lacking in straightforwardness, and in obvious honesty and integrity.

TABLEAU - a picture, especially where some action of note or grace is occurring, and it is seen as if it had been painted: a sort of instant made permanent in the mind, because of the drama or very apt nature of the settinga and 'players'. The Japanese Haiku has some literary relationship here.

347: PALLIATIVE - what reduces a problem or a pain, without removing the cause.

348: A CERTAIN FINITE, CREATED CORRELATION WITH THE CREATOR IN FELLOWSHIP - a fellowship between man and God is provided for, such that although man is merely finite, there is genuine reciprocity, friendship, person-to-person involvement at an intimate level. It is this that is available, between man and God, though it is often aborted with great distress and folly, by man.

There is not, sin apart, systematic divorce or separation, but on the contrary, spiritual amity and love that is in view (II Corinthians 5:19-21). It is sin, which makes the divorce, sin not being a divine creation in itself; but a human byproduct of divinely distributed potential, when this is misused.

This divorce is instituted through unredeemed sin - sin not covered through the ransom of Jesus Christ, but still held back by the sinner. It comes because, in the case of the particular creature, man, there is the original to image communication that is as fascinating as it is fulfilling; for it is on account of this that man is made by God: to know God and Jesus Christ the Redeemer, whom He has sent to dissolve the divorce for disciples.

The abortion of great provisions and the misuse of great potential makes for profound loss. The redemption makes for equally profound gain, with the advantage of being no longer merely potential, but actual. What man was formed for, like a car for the road, can now function (John 17:3, 1 John 1:1-4, 7-10).

INANIMATE - not living.

RE-FORMULATE - to express with endeavour for adequate ideas in a new way, or again.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - the action or work of an entrepreneur: one who manages, creates ideas in management, in industrial enterprise; a risk-taker; a plan, program and performance person who by imagination means embarks on projects; anyone who does comparable things in other fields.

349A: VULNERABILITY OF ITS VIRTUE - the weakness, or tendency for weakness, which lies in the particular strength or ability, if it is not handled aright.

TRILOGY - a group of three units which together make a composed work; an inter-related threesome which acts as one total expression of someone or something. It differs from 'trinity' in that this is more intense and total unity. God with three persons of the same nature, is one being in fellowship with Himself, and acts as one, because He is one; rather than three components merely with one theme or basis or capacity for composition, as in a trilogy. It is necessary to remember that with the trinity, there is per se nothing spatial or geometrical involved; and the depths of total inter-relation are somewhat mirrored in our own ability to hold communion with ourselves, or to survey our own souls.

EMBRACIVE DESIGN - an overarching or overall design, like that of an entrepreneur who compounds, composes, causes co-operation, relates, subjecting all to a purpose.

349B: PER SE - in or by itself; considered apart; thought of for what it contributes for its own part.

350: POIGNANT - tenderly pitiful or pitiable; causing grief, evoking tenderness and stirring sentiment.

351: REMEDIAL REDEEMER - a Redeemer who in the process of redemption, not merely pays the price of liberty, but remedies the plight of the victim or afflicted person, the 'payment' being not alone a satisfaction of the situation (as in the payment of a fine), but a removal of inward ravages from the person. By analogy: the traffic points incurred would be cancelled, as well as the fine paid. (Romans 5:11,21; 3:24-26; 6; 8:11,14; Deuteronomy 9:25-26, 13:5, 15:12-15, Isaiah 44:6,22, 53:11, II Cor. 5:19-21, Psalm 49:7,15, Hosea 13:14.)

CONSUMMATION - the COMPLETE finish of something, with all that is in it reaching its fulfilment, fruition or due end.

352: IMMORTALITY - a state in which death no longer occurs, or is even relevant.

INCORRUPTION - a state in which rotting is excluded, and soundness alone continues. More than mere deathlessness, it implies life in abundant goodness.

DELUSION - a state of mind/heart/spirit in which what is not kept in view, and what is not the case, is regarded as if it were the actual fact. This may be held with fixity of purpose, fixation of thought and even passion! Followers of false sects frequently qualify: a poignant misdirection of effort, the cause.

353: SOCIOLOGIST - one who labours in a sociological field. Sociology, sometimes misnamed a science, though in a field far too complex and unmanipulable to enable exact or even assured verification of all it presents, deals with the ordered study of man in society, social relations, causes and consequences. Often anti- religious (though not necessarily so), it can become an academic imposition on students, in which the private philosophies of lecturers are merely assumed, and dictatorially asserted; even if they are in fact irrational as in seen in analysis, and may readily occur (see Chapter 4).

354: VULGARISED - made plainer and more popular, while losing quality or the original concept to a greater or lesser extent.

URBANITY - being urbane, or lacking in naturalness, having 'city manners', smoothness and formal politeness; 'pragmatic urbanity' would refer to the use of this to get what is wanted.

355: GRATUITOUS - unnecessary, uncalled for -as with a casual insult.

JEJUNE - barren, unsatisfying, unnourishing, slight, meagre, insipid, lacking.

VALIDATION - the making valid or showing to be valid, or something: valid - correct in order, able to stand, strong and sound.

REDUCTIONISM - a procedure or approach which involves an attempt to 'explain' something in a mean, limited and clearly inadequate manner, possibly because of some obsessive relation to a philosophy which does not meet the facts.

356: PROPONENT - someone favouring a view, setting something forth in order to forward it.

360: INDICTMENT - a formal condemnation, often after an initial finding that the case is in order for prosecution.

DOMINANT - having power or authority over someone or something, ruling.

MATHEMATISED VERSIONS - accounts of, or theories about something, which seek to put it into mathematical terms. This may make it seem unanswerable, or far more certain than it really is and in fact, there may be assumptions behind and before the mathematics, either ignored, unrealised or not addressed. When, as often in economics, this is one, it becomes like taking things from a magician's hat.

362: CUM - together with, in association with (from Latin).

TARRY - relating to tar; also, wait, linger about.

WREST - take forcibly from.

DISSIPATE - to remove or lose power, force or character in actions which spoil, often over time and in immoral or careless ways; or simply casually to waste.

363: IRRELIGION - lack of religion, an attitude contrary to religion

INTER ALIA - amongst other things. It implies that either there are more elements available, or that they work together with what is named for the result in view.

SERVILITY - a conscious lowering of oneself into an attitude in which not only is service given, but indignity is accepted willingly as a matter of course.

364: DEPLOY - set and arrange in order, as for a battle or thoughtful exercise.

AMORAL - lacking a due sense of morals; morally dim, dull, anaesthetised, atrophied, ethically blind.

ESSENTIALISE - to put or bring into its basic, underlying form, show the heart of.

DENIZENS - creatures living in some setting, especially a covered one, as jungle, forest.

365: BRAZENNESS - brassiness, fearlessness linked with an unpleasantly bold and self-assured or even self-assertive manner; comparative freedom from shame.

CYCLOTRON - machinery for accelerating greatly the velocity of particles of matter, linked with atomic power, and applicable metaphorically to what secures vast increase by strong force.

PROMISCUITY - a moving from one thing, place or person to another, without regard to purity of life or motive. It is applicable to physical, moral and spiritual areas.

366: SEMITES - the racial background people relating to the Jews, Arabs. With Hitler, the special (negative) interest was the Jew.

367: QUA - as, as being; in terms of what it is by nature; in the character or capacity of.

STASIS - an arrest or cessation of movement or change, or tendency for this: as in blood; a stage of staying put.

ENVISION - to see as with hope and longing, or creative thrust of life.

ENVISAGE (cf.) - to hold in mind, to call to mind and imagine adequately.

368: REDUNDANT - unnecessary, left over, when what is needed is met.

370: MASOSCHISM - division against oneself in this: that suffering is willingly taken, or indeed with a sense of pleasure; a twisted misuse of the power to endure.

375: DETERMINATE - made definite, fixed.

UNIVERSAL - here, the rule, the general law as distinct from the particular case which follows or keeps to the law or rule.

378: MOT JUSTE - the apt, fitting term to cover the case. It may imply a flavour of artistic word selection.

ARBITRARY - done without enough thought, irresponsible, uncritically selected, wilful.

PRODIGIOUS - enormous, like a prodigy or outstanding and extraordinary event or person.

383: MIASMA - mist, confusion, poisonous vapour.

385: QUASI - as a prefix, this gives the sense of SEEMING to be, looking rather similar to something. It does not have the bad sense of 'pseudo - ', which suggests false imitation.

397: NOUMENA - Kant's quaint concept of what underlies what "is perceived and conceived..." It is one thing to seek more knowledge, but when as here you distance and divorce reality systematically from the cognitive powers of man, then you cannot in fact think of it; but Kant of course does, and at great length, attributing to it many features such as its relation to the knowable, the ground of its limits, the reason for its interactions being what they are... and so on. Though a most convenient escape route from God, it is simple self-contradiction - see Kant, index. Treated at length in my work, Predestination and Freewill Appendix on Kant.

398: POLY-POTENTIATED POLYMORPHIC CONTINUITY - something which has numbers of potentials or powers which can be activated, and which may show these in different forms (as financially, you may use notes or cheques, to express your 'power'), without ceasing to be one unit, individual, or substance. It is a variably expressible entity, with activatable powers.

399: MACRO - large scale, considered without a close treatment of detail.

NEXUS - network connecting system of closely related elements.

PARTICULATE - existing in the form of a particle.

INEXPLICABLE - unable to be explained.

METAPHYSICAL IMPLICATIONS - what follows in terms of the ultimate nature of things.

INTERFERENCE - here, the mutual action of two waves or streams of vibration, such as light, in which as they relate to each other, they reinforce or neutralise each other, according to the phases of vibration at their meeting.

INTRINSICALLY DIFFERENT - different not only in appearance but in essence, in reality.

400: INVERSELY - in proportion, in such a way as to relate by opposites to the first action: thus if one element increases to a certain degree, the other grows less to a related extent.

IMPINGE - to strike, hit, act by hitting onto something; or to encroach onto, move into something else: impingement - the act of doing this.

PREDICATION - attribution, the setting of one thing or quality to the account of another (as in the 'predicate' of a sentence).

SUBLIMINAL WORLD - subliminal, literally: beneath the threshold. The phrase: the things of which one is not fully aware, because either concentration, time or clear perception is lacking, thus blocking them out, or preventing their entry into the field of alert consciousness.

401: INOPERABILITY - an inability to operate, work, perform, function.

402-403: DETERMINISM - the theory that everything is determined, or basically so, leaving unmet the causal question of what thinking, powerful Being made it so, with the alternative option of magic (which however implies some being or other). lt also would have those holding otherwise, to be guilty of error. That however is a meaningless proposition on this basis, as it would be that all mistakes were meaningless actions: indeed there is no place for them. That in turn removes the possibility of anyone with the contrary view (i. e. non- deterministic) being wrong. When a proposition, a view and its opposite are both affirmable of the same thing in the same respect, at the same time, logic is removed. (Since determinism is pervasive, all-inclusive, it so 'meets' its opposite in this way, in any area which is non-deterministic, such as this 'being wrong'!)

When this is done, no argument can be put forth on behalf of such a view, for this assumes logic to be present! See Glossary for p. 265 on 'disposability', p. 329 supra; and index. Deterministic- following the ideas of determinism.

403: INTERSTICES - the very innermost elements of something.

407: QUANTIZATION - the setting of a value or limit to an item or function, in a variable situation, or where variability was held in mind or envisaged. More specifically, it can mean to set a discrete value or values in a situation, where continuity might have been an option, but is not so.

410: NON-LOCALISABILITY - the inability to state or show something in a distinct and local position.

RATIONALLY NOT RATIONALISTICALLY - in such a way as to use reason without acting or speaking as if all things were simply a nice little system, comprehensible as such by the unaided human mind, and with no active systematiser, as if they were a chunk of reasoning without a thinker, a non-self-sufficient substitute for God.

412: IMPASSE - a situation that blocks, one in which progress is prevented.

PREDICTABILITY - the capacity of, or quality for being predicted, or of having what is to follow in this regard, stated in advance... often in terms of the status quo, the existing situation as it is understood. Non- processive predictive power comes ultimately from God.

GEIGER COUNTER - in physics, equipment able to measure the degree or amount of radioactivity, hence related to the question of safety.

414: PANTHEISM - the notion that all is 'god'. This omits the little question of causality (see Ch. l), and makes whatever the 'god' is, a stirring combination of good and evil, right and wrong, magnificence and shabbiness, purity and reckless promiscuity, drunkenness and sobriety, insanity and brilliance and so on, and is without meaning as well as cause, in its model.

419: OBDURACY - an obstructive hardness, unyielding (self-)will, or obstinate disinclination , a keenly resistant mood without much light.

431: UNABASHED - without shame or self-consciousness, unrestrained.

ENTRAMMELMENT - an involvement, so that things are mixed up closely together, or a hindrance through this.

PROFUSION - presence in great numbers or abundance.

432: DERELICTION - omission of duty, total abandonment or failure to keep order.

OBTUSENESS - lack of sharpness, perception, slowness.

IMBUE - bring something deeply into a person or thing.

IMPLEMENTATION - performance, doing, carrying out (of some program, design etc.).

UNCONSTRAINED - without being required by force, freely, in a free and natural way.

SIMPLISTIC - made simple by a lack of understanding; superficial shallow

IMPLEMENTATION - the execution of something; the carrying out, as of a plan, process or idea.

IMBUE - to steep or soak in, to instil into, deeply to move into.

DIFFUSE - extended, not compact, spread about, lengthy, vague.

433: PLUVIAL - relating to rain.

434: SENTIENT - having senses, able to perceive by senses.

435: SECULARIST - a worldly person, a non-religious individual; someone devoted to, or immersed in, this present world and its independent ways.

436: ANGST - anxiety or uncertainty, with a feeling of vulnerability; a religious or psychic sense of rather troubled disquiet and distemper, touched with a bewildered yearning. (It is, of course, the feeling a plug would have if it were conscious and sentient, when it could not find its socket, and had forgotten the idea of it, while yet being continually aware in a dissatisfied way, that it was not really a child's toy, but a functioning unit: yet had no relevant power flow.)

441: IRREFUTABLE - unable to be refuted, or shown to be false, or to be disabled by argument or evidence.

HUMANIST - a follower of humanism: this is an approach which makes man the centre of significance, the source of value. It is somewhat harder to make him the causal ground of the universe ... the maker of his own destiny, either individually or en masse, a successful measurer of morals or values, by himself; for in all this, he finds no rest and varies like the seasons, only more so. Paul puts it, 'measuring themselves by themselves, they are not wise.'

When you are measuring yourself by yourself, the question arises, "What is the measure of your measuring instrument ?" There is no answer from humanism. A Christian humanist would hold contradictory positions; you could of course have quite - and indeed very - consistently, a humanitarian Christian, but this is quite a different thing. A sympathetic and spiritual person coheres in concept.

443: QUIRKS - odd little habits, ways, mannerisms, ways of conducting oneself.

445: ECUMENICAL - under one roof, one family, holding all things together in religion, or a religion; dispensing with or dismissing differences, or regarding them as of minor importance. In world-wide ecumenism, no agreement is found in practice about the Bible, or even about Jesus Christ indeed, as to basic questions of authority relative to sinners; so that this represents an attitude rather than coherent thought. The World Council of Churches position is yet more illusory, indeed it formalises the illusion; as people simply make up their own minds whether they want to join it and accept a formula undefined in its terms; and are free to say what they will. That of course has less than nothing to do with Christianity, except perhaps as an example of playing with it, using words evacuated of significance.

The term 'ecumenical' could be applied however more carefully to all who hold to the supreme standard of scripture (Bible) as infallible because divinely inspired, and to all it teaches and commands, without suffering the violation of any part of it; and indeed, who yield submission to Christ as rightful ruler over all: presiding over all men and institutions who are His, as practical Lord, and life-changing Saviour through faith by grace, without works as a ground. There has been a significant degree of evangelical co-operation of this kind, but current (twentieth century) rapid change in many church institutions makes review and revision necessary for such alliances... (The predicted 'falling away' means that much that stood by the Lord and His word, is now in the dust, and this tends... to rise.) The World Council of Churches itself started (appropriately - see Ch. 9) in Europe in 1948, and in successive world Conferences lost the early pan-evangelical sense of co-operation. It evidenced obstructive support for Russian totalitarian atheism and a sponsoring sympathy towards the revisionism of Liberation Theology (a secular social parody of Christianity) ... With the prospect of a manipulable means of verbal subversion for those seeking a world audience, it attracts many, and is a massive verification of the predicted great 'falling away'. See Extension C, Chapter 8, pp. 699 ff., supra; 750B-D, 867, 948-949, 1031C and 1060 infra.

The W.C.C. is zealous with synthetic zest and co-ordinating passion for religious events ... and groups. Indeed, it is a most useful funnel or channel for the alliance with the 'harlotry' of Romanism (see pp. 1032-1072, 867 ff., 946 infra, 656 ff. supra, and index). It is moreover allied in nature with the lamb-like 'dragon' - that is, the 'second beast' or chaplain to the beast as it were (Revelation 13:11 ff., cf. pp. 721 ff. supra). As such, this World Council is a perfect prototype for the belligerence and bloom of that beastly prodigy, in its calamitous deceptiveness over many.

The W.C.C. is now closely collaborating with the current regime of Romanism (cf. p. 867 infra) which is predicted as a temporary if longstanding ally for the beast, one providing the antique religious structure of Rome for the beast's pleasure (or anon displeasure, at the end - Revelation 17:16-17). The World Council, for its part, exhibits the breadth of the religious deception to climax towards the end; while Rome shows its historic length. BOTH of these bodies show the mesmerising force of the dynamic delusion so effectively practised to the detriment and downfall of so much of the human race. Thus both the point location (Revelation 17:9, 18:1-21) and the dynamic dissemination (Revelation 16:13-14, 13:11-18) prophecies regarding the end of this Age are being fulfilled with horrendous verisimilitude... They also exhibit jointly the predicted 'falling away', that religious decline from the truth: an end-of-the-Age symptom, alerting to the fell face of its distinctive final syndrome - cf. pp. 685-706 supra. From this, evacuate! (Rev. 18:4-5, Romans 16:17-18, Numbers 16:20-24 - refer Separation).

The Beast may not feel obliged to the growth, or to the hormones of his servitors - Rome and this tame-seeming W.C.C.. He may not feel gratitude for the centralising or clotting work being done (cf. pp. 956-957 infra); but he should. The button for any 'beast' is easier to press when it is mounted efficiently on a console. Rome and the W.C.C. are building a mighty one, ready for the hand to come.

Thus millenia ahead of events, prophecy casts its sad but decisive shadow. In that shadow, the events themselves, however fierce from man's evils, follow with their mute testimony to the glory, the wonder and the marvel of the work of that one God who, without negating freedom, has all things, even these seemingly autonomous events with all their severity, under the direction and authority of His word. To show it, as He often declares, the prophecies will always occur precisely, in their time. They do. They follow, in this instance, just like a lamb... albeit with dragon's teeth. (Cf. pp. 950, 1064 infra.)

455: HARPIES - things that prey on others: from the Greek concept of imaginary women, with wings, female faces and perhaps talons who (which ?) could mislead sailors to their doom.

458: CATEGORICALLY - in such a way to put into a class a clear and decisive position; hence - definitely, without question or allowance for uncertainty.

PSYCHOPATHIC -relating to a psychopath or qualities such as one shows: a tendency to morbid self pre-occupation, anxiety and romancing, impulsive behaviour which may also be anti-social; insanity is not necessarily present.

CAPITULATE - surrender, give in, allow a contrary force to rule or take over.

462: OBTRUSIVE - unavoidably apparent, inescapably evident, jutting into your consciousness or life or field of vision, or into your affairs.

MITIGATE - lessen, reduce the severity, guilt or results of.

FEBRILE - feverish, fast and racy, overdone; possibly weak because of this.

463: ABROGATE - call back, cancel, annul or call off; to remove an agreement.

465: COROLLARY - what follows: assuming what you have, this is an implication, something that results. It is used, for example, in geometry of what may be done to extend the application and research the consequences of something you have found to be true.

475: CONGLOMERATE - an association of separate enterprises acting as one, with little emphasis on uniformity or intimate closeness.

477: REQUISITE - required, essential, necessary.

ESCHATOLOGICAL - concerned with eschatology: the study of or ordered thoughts about what is to be when the age ends, at the opposite end of history to ... Genesis.

479: OMNISCIENCE - the quality of being all-knowing, knowing all there is, fully.

481: REMORSELESSLY - without regret or turning back; with no remorse for what one does.

IMPLACABLE - unable to be pleased, hence rejecting any pleas, requests or submissions; drably determined from within.

482: COMPONENTS - things which together make up a whole composition, or entity; parts.

484: INCARNATE - set in, or expressed in flesh, in a body.

REMISSION: forgiveness, letting go, ceasing to prosecute or to act adversely.

504: DEPRAVED - (stronger than 'dissipated'): morally ruined, really reduced to moral ruin; of horrible and wholly unreliable taste or action.

505: PRELUDE - what goes before the main action.

505: TURBULENT - stormy, raging, not peaceful or calm or orderly; moving with some measure of violence; unsettled, rushing.

508: INDULGENT - showing undue consideration to the point of allowing weakness.

507: RAPTURE - sudden or intense delight, so that one is 'seized' with wonder. It is applied in the sense of 'seizing' which it can also mean, a delightful seizing in this case, of the people of the Lord, in the greatest, most sudden immigration of those with visas, ever undertaken. It involves the removal from this earth of that part of the creation which has been regenerated by the Creator, in the name of the Redeemer Jesus Christ: that is, of the saints in Him, to heaven, as newly dressed in bodies appropriate to the exercise and transplant, as a butterfly's is, when the grub is changed to a winged creature, for aerial activities. That is within this world; the rapture is from it.

In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, it will be achieved, accomplished, with precisely the same power that God used in

a) the creation,
b) the healings and raisings from the dead through Jesus Christ and
c) the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ Himself, the sublime, divine authentication of His role, as deity on earth, and King to come.

See pp. 502ff..

Cf. Matthew 24:27-31,36-47, Philippians  3:20-21, I Corinthians 15:51-57, and Ch.18, Touchdown, in A Spiritual Potpourri.

511: CLIMACTERIC - adjective from 'climax': concerned with the highest point, the most concentrated focus, the point which is most expressive or arresting.

514: INTEMPERATE - lacking in moderation, going to extremes.

SEDITIOUS - not showing loyalty to government, tending to dismiss authority in the State, or in any body with authority at or beyond such a level. Where the State requires contempt for Christ, loyalty to the Lord of Lords may require the impression that one is against the State, but this is limited to its assault on Christ and His ways.

536: APHASIA - loss of the facility of speech, total speechlessness. This may be used metaphorically, or medically. In the latter case, it may result from a stroke.

547: SARDONISM - something sardonic or expressive of wry, grim or bitter humour.

549: PLENIPOTENTIARY AGENCY - a person or body who can execute whatever may be desired, with no power limit or obstruction, within the field of competence or action assigned or taken; having direct power to act without impediment.

550: APPELLATION - a name given, what one is called; a designation, the act of naming.

CANDID - having openness, candour; shiningly frank.

552: EISEGESIS - interpretation that is not legitimate, because it is done by importing one's own thought into what one reads or hears and expounds, or represents. The opposite is exegesis, where one expounds or brings out the thought which is in the passage itself, or in the text.

PERIPATETIC - walking about, moving around. Aristotle was famous for lecturing as he walked about, and the name has survived, from the Greek.

561: INSURMOUNTABLE - unable to be overcome, beyond effort.

562: CATEGORISE - to put into a class, place where it belongs. 'Categorically' hence comes to mean - entirely and without qualification.

564: EFFRONTERY - a gross boldness of manner or action, lacking understanding and respect (see xxiv).

565: CONTORTED - twisted into an unpleasant shape, as with anger, stress, fear.

566: RETRODICTION - the opposite of prediction; making a statement from theory or faith as to what has (or is believed to have) happened before the present; tracing something as to the real or imagined steps, going backwards. If a theory cannot even do this, it is doubly weak, to the extent the 'steps' are already there to see (if they did in fact come as steps), yet the theory cannot even then, show why they should have been. In prediction, there is no guide! and here, in retrodiction, if this fails, the theory is blind, as it were, even when told. This is the failure which the theory of organic evolution has: it is farce!

567: CRESCENDO - a high point of drama, volume or intensity.

568: SCHEMA - an organised plan, 'taking care' of the components or elements.

PRESCRIBED PLASTICITIES - the programmed or provided capacities to respond to foreseen stimuli, to adapt without being a different creature, merely by using equipment which works only on stimuli. An analogy: a car alarm siren. Always there, it is not operative till activated.

569: DEPLORABLE - wholly unworthy; such as might be deeply and strongly regretted.

571: DUPLICITY - disloyalty, the act or practice of saying one thing, and doing another, through deceit: double-hearted unreliability.

REPROBATE - shown under test to be false, unsound and hence, rejected.

579: AUTONOMOUS - self-governing, operating under your own name IN YOUR OWN SPIRIT, not looking to other or higher law, than that which you propose for yourself, at will.

582: ANTI -, CONTRA - against.

604: IRREMEDIABLE - unable to be remedied, hopeless.

605: MODISH - following or in accord with fashion, whether in dress or ideas.

607: RETICULATION - formation after the style of a net; branching and spreading.

633: ACRIMONIOUSLY - bitterly, with perhaps stormy or abusive feeling; acid and contentious: often it implies the speaker is adding severe bitterness and thrust, with no or little restraint; with assertive gall.

636 ff: FOREKNOWLEDGE - knowledge beforehand; in theology, of God - His knowing in advance, and with precision: the character, the detail and the direction of events. Otherwise, no prophecy would be safe, for if any one event did not follow what was thought would be the case, then its impacts on other events could have a cyclotron effect. This is the perfect score requirement of prophecy that makes its verification far more amazing, than would otherwise be. Nothing anywhere must go wrong! Such is not too hard for God in His omnipotence and omniscience, but it is for any other who would wish to make such a claim. God Himself can contain any matter, diverting as He pleases, leaving no such freedom to any other. (Cf. Romans 4:17, Isaiah 43:13.)

PREDESTINATE - to provide beforehand with the outcome; to assign, to set the character and limits of a thing before it comes to pass, so that it will. How this pre-decision is made is often forgotten: if it is made with empathetic love beforehand, then this remains the quality of it, its true relationship to whatever is predestinated.

Free predestination does not abort but maintains freedom in its right and just place, for all parties: God's sovereignty prevents error, interprets His own principles of love, does not abort either what He states to be His principles, or what He has made. (See pp. 633-643 supra ; 1113-1138, 1175-1186 infra, and Index.)

637: PUGNACITY - a fighting attitude.

DISPOSITIONAL - concerned with attitudes, with the way one sees fit to look at a matter, especially relative to one's emotions and the quality of feeling. A disposition to do something is not the same as a decision; a different decision may be made, in terms of principles, for example, contrary to one's feeling or disposition or attitude, in a general sense. Decision is possible contrary to one's willingness.

DISPOSITIONALLY SPEAKING - see "disposition", glossary above: in terms of attitude.

641: REPOSITORY - a place for putting something, a place of safekeeping.

RESCIND - withdraw from force, take back, cancel - as a message, law, motion, decision.

642: SAGACITY - wisdom, deep understanding, ability to keep to sound principles, or perhaps to one's own principles.

651: SWATHES - lines or processions of something, as would be like the lines of mown hay, swept to one side.

652: BEDIZENED - decked out, dressed up with something.

RIGOUR - hard definiteness without allowance for anything.

653: DESTABILISATION - action such as to make something lose some of its power to be or remain what it is, or to remain so without difficulty; weakening.

654: RICHTER SCALE - a useful comparative measure of earthquake impact. On January 17, 1995, the closely linked trio of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe suffered immense damage. On that very night, SBS TV in Adelaide, by striking coincidence, screened a long WTN London produced documentary, on the 1923 'quake which destroyed much of Tokyo, and killed 140,000 people. It came with strong and multiplied warnings from Japanese scientists involved in earthquake protection systems or control, of the prodigious danger for a massive repeat in Tokyo, now not 2.5 million in population, but many times that. The view of one expert: 3 tectonic plates, confirmed by space technology, do indeed meet in this area, one moving into the other, so that a disaster is expected. A force of three times that in the recent Los Angeles case one year earlier, was seen as a reasonable expectation, with vast financial stress as Japan could then recall trillions on loan or investment, world-wide, to rebuild. Notwithstanding, the 1994 case, with the very same date in the preceding year by a macabre ... coincidence, may be the worst financial disaster recorded in U.S. history, surpassing the vast impact of the 1989 San Francisco 'quake by several times.

Arrested by earthquake, the world nods on. Even providential underlinings of high population cataclysms by date duplication, are unable to shake its manic moves to godless government, building ever more surely for itself, the Babels of today. Also of impressive irony: the Japanese at first were careful of higher buildings, ones that might tempt tragedy; but in recent years in Tokyo have found their shock absorber technology apparently of sufficient impressiveness, to allow huge mammoth skyscrapers to soar from a base one expert described as follows: perhaps the worst area to select for a city, in all of Japan.

MEGATONNAGE - the number of megatons: a megaton is a measure of explosive power, and one megaton is that of one million tons of TNT: useful for measure for the power of atomic explosions, for example.

659: EXPROPRIATION - removal of property of goods from someone, in the name of some authority.

VINDICTIVENESS - spitefulness; an attitude interested in gaining revenge narrowly.

PESTILENCE - a strong disease able to be fatal; or an epidemic of such. The sense is of great 'waves' invading an area, or the world.

660: FIENDISHLY - after the manner of a fiend or devil, or desperately evil being.

696: BEAST - In Scriptural symbolism, as in Daniel 7, Revelation 13, this refers to a nation, or unified group of nations, where instead of divine rule, pre-eminence and principle, an alternative is chosen. This may accrue over years of folly or come in a drama (Russia 1917, cf. pp. 471, 586-587 supra, 809, 843, 911, 927 infra) of ... design.

Instead of the morals, protection, exaltation and wonder, indeed worship appropriate to God, these openings in the heart, life, soul and mind of man are explicitly or implicitly, or both, claimed or exercised, in whole or substantial part, by a potentate, party, rule, order or principle of man, whether this be by means of oligarchy, dictatorship or democracy.

698: GENETIC ENGINEERING - changes in the gene number or position, by insertion or removal or movement, so that the chromosomes are somewhat reconstructed, perhaps very slightly. The principle is one of a creature renovating, excavating or altering the work of the Creator. Defective genes may be removed or inserted! as was done with a certain type of mouse to aid ... experiment!

703: U.N. DECLARATION ON DISCRIMINATION - The document referred to is the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion and Belief, adopted by the United Nations in Nov. 1981, and adopted by the Australian Government in the Commonwealth Gazette in 1993. A somewhat similar procedure was followed by Government in the case of the U.N. Convention on Child Rights (1989), adopted in 1990. By gazetting, these international declarations may be readily related to the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act of 1986. The 1995 High Court TEOH case shows just how closely!

The penchant for universal declarations (sounds better than international ?) is a natural slide from a preference for the laws of the God who made both us and the universe; and into what the nation is thus sliding per favour of the gazetteers, is a matter of great apologetic interest.

As to procedure, this 1986 Human Rights Act sets up the Human Rights Commission, able to act with great and unusual powers to ensure children are properly instructed ... about their right to literature, preferred company... ways of life - in their parents' homes, for example; and empowered to ensure that what is best for the child is done, even if, against parents' wishes, it must be removed from those parents who ... do not understand (Article 9 - see also Articles 3,5,13,17,19). The child must be 'protected' from material injurious to it, as defined by the political authorities.

What however is injurious to whom ? injurious to the child's right to disregard the instruction of Christ ? and to follow with becoming ignorance the empty ache of agnosticism's non-interventionist approach, absolutely asserted by the State... amid the writhings of a tormented relativism which ostensibly 'knows nothing' but can believe what it likes ? None must intervene with the child - none with confidence except the sinuously assertive, sovereign State, whose religion absolutely must not be injured. Built on nothing, it can take nothing, propagandises with empty and obsessive authority, and needs implicit absolution from absolutism in order to proceed with the dictates of its work, under the guise of relativism.

The obvious collision with the Biblical requirement on bringing up children in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4) thus brings the State into immediate confrontation with Christ. The rigours of the dying State tense about the growing child.

But what of the Declaration on ... Discrimination ? This for its part uses implicit agnosticism to protect adult people (not only children) in the field of religion from whatever is found to be offensive to the ... dignity of their god-like status. What more likely to be offensive to this sacred inviolability of modern mortals than God's word on Jesus Christ, the only way to Him, on sin, and on salvation. This would almost be assured to transgress. What is it like ? It is like all the black sheep forming a union (or government) which has power to prevent all this gospel talk from open movement among other members of the family.

When man is 'god' (and naturally such have 'godlets' for children, also to be 'protected'), then of course God is soon forbidden the 'right' to speak, so leading to the international assault on God and on the testimony of His people, as predicted (Revelation 19:19, 13:4,7,14, 14:9, 19:20, cf. Luke 21:12-19). It is moreover of great distinction for the application of this UN Declaration on religion, in Australia, that Section 1 (1) of the 1986 Australian Act (supra) into which the UN wording is scheduled, makes a notable provision. It advises us that the Human Rights Commission here has power to proceed so that it "is not bound by the laws of evidence", thus enabling if not ennobling the grandeur of the UN Declaration over the land.

These formal, international and increasingly national declarations are an excellent bastion and a foreshadowing for those predicted days, putting the 'legalities' of such coming oppression into place, and letting them settle in, precisely in accord with the predicted trend ... and end. As such they are of vast interest to apologetics; for while they are not at all desirable, they certainly make the task of the apologist remarkably easy. Thus God makes the wrath of man to serve Him, according to plan.

By this artful device, discrimination comes in to dictate, waving the flag... of tolerance. Ingenious, subtle and altogether worthy of the 'father of liars' (John 8:44).

707: DEIFIED - made into a (false, pseudo-) god, in this context; something so regarded that it is treated (in whole or in part) as if it were a god.

DIALECTICAL PROCESS - A 'process' taken from Hegel, the philosopher who had competing ideas in a spirit 'unfolding' in history, as far as man is concerned; the thesis (the position), its opposite (the antithesis) tending to strive with it, and then the resultant (synthesis). Anything 'unfolding' of course is already there, potential and actualising power: not God but a mere product. Marx tried to make mere matter spout out the work of God: no base, no programmer. As noted, moreover, God does not lie (ch. 1 supra); creating the world of men by distortion, deformity, deceit or delusion, this would deny Him. (See 'phenomenology', p. 307 supra.)

722: SUPERLATIVE - in the highest degree, outstanding.

724: VOICE-SYNTHESISER - an instrument or equipment used to construct a sound like a voice, from other ingredients, or the particular voice or voice sound in view.

731: DEMONIC 'HEAD' - The desire for 'something greater' (p. 958 infra), yet without God has long been pathological: it is now pandemic. It multiplies, growing and showing in sects, politics, philosophy, sociology, biology, physics; while spiritual pollution at nearly every level shows no sign of levelling off. (Cf. pp. 251-252G, 315Aff., Ch 4, 578-581, 685-689, 693-732B supra, 836ff., 922, 955-958, 972, 999-1002A, 1010, 1076 infra, 1088G-H.)

It is indeed becoming a monster which is at the last to show its demonic head, in the devil's 'messiah', the "man of sin" (II Thessalonians 2:8), long in preparation. (Cf. pp. 506, 515, 696-697, 721-725 supra, 732B-C, 955-959, 963, 972 infra.)

  Over the history of ideas, ideologies, associations and quasi-churches, that final 'head' will have much from which to synthesise, select, develop for its fateful days of expressive evil. Chemist, chameleon and deceiver, his lineage is long. The 'father of lies' (John 8:44, 14:29-30) is his background, the beast his foreground. (Cf. pp. 422N, 481, 686, 696, 723, 743-744 supra; 886-887, 1031C infra - and refer Satan.)

There is, moreover, a river of events, prepared for its pathway, both over time and with growing force over more recent years, and it has many converging tributaries. The Hitlers and the Stalins have failed; but their eyes were on the world with weird hallucinatory philosophies, gurgling together with obtrusive or unobtrusive, but always real 'religion'. They have not failed to encourage the thought, long latent in mankind and often displayed: something greater without God, something human without limits, something international with glory. Other modes of this evil, this delusive stream - filled with the pathogens of unbelief - have earlier left their legacy in favour of spiritual supinity within the race. Today, we see a gushing with many memories and vast breadth, of this stream, like some expansive gulf, into the sea of destiny. There its man, its messenger, its delusive 'head' awaits in his time , the cue to 'arise' (II Thessalonians 2:7-9).

The Thrills of Contemporary Rills
Consider some of the contemporary tributaries of this stream.
As to NATO ? This lacks some cohesion, has some awkwardness with growing European glory and dimming American power mixed, lacks something of identity and is already finding another body, the Western European Union (q.v.), as the defence arm - of an ignited and increasingly excited Europe. Even if it be only oil burning as pollutant on the waters, it is showy. NATO was more practical following World War II; Europe has the glamour of past and the progressive self-intoxication that brewed in the minds of many a dictator.

But what of the UN ? (cf. pp. 749ff. supra). It has panache and propositionalises its barren 'laws' as Declarations, to many. Often it speaks like a modern Moses, but meretricious - and ex-God: an omission... of some infinite significance. The International Labour Organisation, ILO: it has a past rather than a future, more passion than morality, more Marx than marketability. The World Council of Churches - W.C.C. (q.v.) ? THERE is presumption, enough for any dictator, but it is parasitic on Christianity: with little power, and with no glamour or glory. It should of course be of considerable help to the devil's chaplain (Revelation 13:11-12, see infra). 'Community' ? (q.v., cf. pp. 1191-1192 infra). What of this artefact of social engineering and verbal creationism ? THIS, rather than 'people' (as in 'people power') or 'proletariat' (a befouled symbol of betrayal) is a code word for would-be dictators. It has the same principle as in the Communism of Marx, where the concept is a delusive substitute for tyranny by oligarchy, appropriately propelled by a ... 'Secretary'.

  The papacy ? Its glory is done, as it wobbles downhill to revelation of the falsity of its ... specialised revelation, in an explosive, itching, twitching, new-thing seeking world. (See Ch. 10 infra: pp. 1032-1088H.)

Psychic Alcohol
All of these, and many more referred to in this work, are looseners of mankind's fibre, integrity of virtue, independence, pollutants of the race's discriminating, critical faculty. Their IDEA of subordinating man to man, or to man's idea, or to man's empty but clamant claims... to losing oneself, one's group or one's nation in 'mankind' or in an international base supposedly representative of it, one of (hoped for) power, importance and (de facto) presumption: THIS IDEA it is which is here significant for the future (WITH its spiritual bases!). No mere idea, it has a passion like a psychic alcohol to the godless; and it drugs many idealists into its empty vision. The feelings (on the one hand) and the facts (on the other) of LSD experiences ... are an excellent symbol of its mode of operation. Of value, it suggests much: but it secures... nothing.

The Swamp
Indeed, they become, such things, like a swamp from the endless seeming insurgencies, which are a preparation...

  The demonic 'head' to come of it, then, and his aid, in this spiritual swamp ? (Revelation 13:1, Daniel 7:8, II Thessalonians 2:8). What of them ?

  Revelation 13:4-5,11,13-16, with II Thessalonians 2, Daniel 7:8,25 exposes both the devil's chaplain and his 'messiah' vigorously stirring the pathogens, enriching the mixture. Meanwhile, Revelation 12 is depicting for us Israel as a whole (12:1) with her famed 12 tribes, from which (Romans 9:5) came the Lord's Christ (Luke 3:26). This people has suffered and was to suffer during the whole church age (cf. Revelation 11:2, 12:6), and in this, our more recent era - a "time of Jacob's trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7) - exceedingly!

As to the devil, ousted from heaven (Revelation 12:9), this proud spirit is overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of the testimony of the brethren of Christ (Revelation 12:11), who do not "love their lives to the death". The wrath of the devil, exposed and degraded, is fierce on earth (Revelation 12:12). That fallen being is at war with the spiritual "offspring" of the woman: those who obey God's commands in Christ (Revelation 12:17, cf. Luke 3:8). That is, Biblically, the "Israel of God" of the now-installed New Covenant (Galatians 6:15-16, Romans 2:28). The dénouement is brief (II Thessalonians 2:8); but the preparations which we survey: they have been long. (Cf. pp. 422J,M-O, 451-453, 744 supra, 857ff., 999 infra.)

The Stage
Let us change the figure. Such preliminaries set a stage, aided by New Age 'consciousness' (pp. 867 ff. infra) and fragmented Messianic hopes, with the spotlight of fear lighting it up, lest the race fail to survive ... in its angers, its passions, its godless deeds and its 'quasi-needs' that aspire to predominate, with its frustrations and its bombs.

  It awaits the antichrist man-of-sin, as an audience awaits the rising of a curtain, for the agents of action, and for the lead rôle. (Cf. pp. 422L, 451-453 supra, and The Thrills of Contemporary Rills, earlier in this entry.) An anticlimax however is this anti-christ. Summarising the evil of many generations, and currently in his preparations, prophetically right on course for his appearance in the correct and predicted milieu precisely (cf. pp. 683 ff.; Ch. 9): he is scheduled to meet the authentic Christ - His advent as Saviour long past; and this he does in the epoch of Christ's coming return to judgment.

  Once the display, and the teaching, and the grand permission to history for so long, for the illustrative freedoms to instruct the human race, and to give it place: once these are past over many centuries, the end is short. II Thessalonians 2 is pithy. (Cf. Revelation 19:11-20.)

732B: HEGEMONY - Leadership, dominance or predominance of one State, nation or political region over others. Here, for the antichrist, Europe is the predicted hub.

TOJO - This personality was a Japanese General, War Minister, and Prime Minister, to whom in World War II has been attributed the establishment of "what was virtually a military dictatorship" - although the Emperor cannot be disregarded.

Serving with the backing of the militarists, triumphant in Japan, he arrested the world with an opportunist, audacious and malevolent attack on Pearl Harbour, on Dec. 7, 1941. The Japanese thrust, with its ruthless methods, master plan for hegemony in Asia, long-range thoughts of alleged good, and total intoxication with an autonomous-seeming vision of evil, is often understated in our context.

The fact that the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was a case of: Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, in no way diminishes Tojo's twentieth century role as an exemplar and prototype for the antichrist. In fact the velocity of the whirlwind is an adornment for this prototype; for with this the end of the antichrist will have much in common. (See II Thessalonians 2.)

The significance here is that our century provides in him yet another dark dynamism, surrounded by philosophies, economics, arrogance and delusion, as 'if all' power could ever be significant before the face of almighty God.

The coming storm has been preceded by many arresting typhoons. It is unwise to ignore this meteorology.

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