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Mosaics of Fields

News 144 for Feb. 22
enters into conspectus re Sharon and Barak in Israel


There is a reason.

There is always a reason. There is even a reason for a lunatic, because the madness has a reason. There is reason why some are swept about like the chaff, as Psalm 1 tells us, identifying them as the wicked. There is a reason for salvation, in the love and mercy of God, and for its amazing method, in the justice and understanding of God, and His delight in mercy, being merciful, directing towards mercy, even at the most profound cost, and this last lies within Himself.

There was a reason for the love between the wagtail and the eagle. It was that both of them loved the Lord, and the way in which He loved.

It had results.

For example, they were discussing one day, if you can call it day, for the first tendrils of light were tentatively touching the velvet of the luscious grasses which adorned the fields, making them meadows fit for the streams, just as the streams were colourable companions for the meadows: they were discussing things broadly.

The eagle's wing-tips were fluttering now and again with sheer excitement, while the wagtail's posterior extension, as the medical people might put it, or extensible tail, as the more literary, or its fantail, or its fashionable feature, as some of the svelte might have it, would flow into graces of spreading movements almost like an electric fan in its flushes of air to one corner or another. It WAS exciting and pleasant and mutually profitable. It is good to see a lively spirit when fun and joy, hope and help, friendliness and sheer exuberance are in it, and love covers it as the ambers, browns, yellows and reds cover the maple forests in the Autumn, in Canada.

They are volatile a little, but most generous, so that there can be no possible doubt that they would not mind our listening to their conversation, so let us do so.


I agree, said Wilhie, but there is more.

For a little chap, you have very large notions, replied Maji.

Maybe, at times, retorted Wilhie, but you see, to be fair, these are NOT MINE.

You dug them up one day ? asked his friend.

In a way, yes, but the ground was the word of God, that Bible which blesses in rains and reigns of wonderful power, and troubles with the deepest of evils those who impenitently seek them.

It is powerful, yes, replied Maji, but the way you put it, one would think it was just so covered in wonder that it is a miracle, virtually a miracle, that EVERYONE does not believe it, follow it and indeed wallow in its fields, pastures and streams.

In a way, yes, came the answer. It is amazing, but then so is cancer.

But first, yes, I agree. You could say much the same there. Here is this beautiful, wonderful format that you have, that I have, with all its programs and voluntary orders of things composed, combined, and humans have it more so. It is so sophisticated that it makes our scientists look small, for they all but exalt in finding so relatively simple a thing as a genome after years of research - not MAKING one, mind you, just finding the thing. Yet it is a mere child's toy compared with the freedom to conceive, BY thought, rightly or wrongly, and to leap the bounds of former thought to new conceptions and new wonderlands of understanding, and to weigh the pros and cons, and be conned or not conned, and to be utterly brilliant in understanding things, but utterly foolish in misunderstanding the very spirit which a person has.

Of course, said Maji, but what is this to the point ?

This was a little sharp, but then Maji had been sharpening his beak, and felt sharp with it, just as that moment, and as for Wilhie, she was so abounding in joy in the Lord that day, that this seemed like one of those half-hearted mosquito bites which are as pitifully inept just as some are masterpieces, or more strictly perhaps, since the female bites, mistress-pieces of penetration.

The point ? mused Wilhie. There is always a point. Let me see: yes, we were talking about the marvels and wonders, the prodigies of skill embalmed in the body, skills that go on for thousands of years quite happily, and then make more units with the same skills, and yes, I know, then more and more often, perhaps now, there comes cancer. But that, it has many parodies, or exemplars, in other fields, of which it is the deadly reminder! But this too reminds us: as to the magnificence He created, the body, it is for all its powers, just a beginning: there is far more beyond the mere body, the piano of human life if you like. There are the composers, oh yes! the composers with imagination and vitality, for good or for evil...

She had let her mind wander, because there had come to her attention such a sheer bulk of worm that she had become temporarily distracted.

Now she resumed her second point. Cancer, she mused,  is such a devastation sometimes in weeks, of so much elegance, sportive frolicsome joy in a young person, of so much power, so exceedingly numerous systems, all intertwined like daisy chains into the necklace of physical capacity, and the mind works like a torrent, and the spirit like a team of builders! and the whole has a joy of exuberant intelligence. It is like something, what ?  50,000 times more complex than a space station, 100,000, yes millions of  times more intrepid in design, acute in performance ... you must try to imagine the sheer magnitude of a person. Then comes the disease!  in weeks it is a mess, a writhing, painful mass of failing connections, fallen spheres of operation, disjointed dishevelment, and then death comes like a shot from a gun, at a rabbit.

Himm! said Maji. Still, I kill sometimes, and it is faster than that!

Your actions, you aerial garbage tin ...

Wait! said Maji, let me explain. I clear the earth  of vermin, snatch death to my premises ...

And sundry things besides, said Wilhie. However, it is a cursed earth, and you do much good as well as ... other things, I know, and I myself, though my quarries are small, play a part.

They looked musingly at each other.

But, said Wilhie, this cancer is a systematic thing, and its results are anti-systematic. It defiles, it destroys, with method! It grows in places of order, and in an orderly manner, produces disorder. It is a lethal device, subtle like the plans of its place, vehement while silent. It is orderly and creates disorder.

In short, said Maji, it is part of the curse, a reminder of death, an avenue to it, an illustration of sin, which likewise, in an orderly manner, can produce disorder. Take drink, drugs, gambling: they come with an order to fulfil a desire, or escape something undesired, or as a concession for the sake of something desired, like a business contract, or a night away from 'problems, problems', and they proceed with the lethal equipment carefully designed by those who like to forward such things, perhaps the worst of all of it. It proceeds by arousing NEW desires, and fulfilling them, till the feel of it, the way of it, the chemicals of it, whatever the case, enters into the blood stream, or the mental pattern stream, or the aspiration scheme, and the new problem can become in a day, worse than the old.

There is just that horror ...  said Wilhie magisterially, which was strange for one might have thought that better for Maji, who, however, did not necessarily make his bulk his brow, and could be as humble as a little lamb when you were on a channel of thought with him, flowing like a glider in an upward thrust of warm air.

However Maji did have something to say. Sin, he declared, strides like an army into the city of life, and like cancer, disorganises, disorders, divides, uses its past to make its own future, and does so in such a way that the lovely is murdered, ruined, injured, in agony. As to that, war, it used to be regarded as glorious by some, and except it is a just thing, it can be the very work of the devil.

Well then, continued Wilhie for him, magnificence has its enemies, vitality its foes, design the curse, and life is a cherry with many pickers. But still, it has its protection in the Lord, who is able to make from it, even in such circumstances, a thing so noble, so blessed, so warm and sympathetic, so compassionate, so merciful, so discerning, so enlightened, so uncompromising with evil, so like a warrior against evil, that the whole picture of sin with evil domineering over it, from the site of the devil with many willing helpers, and life with the Lord, and many in it, becomes a cosmic picture of warfare, as Paul has it:

·       "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this Age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore ..."

Ephesians 6, mused Maji. If we are pressed, it is that we might be impressed; if we are weak, it is that we might be made strong, and realise that it is HIS grace which is sufficient for us, not some imaginary life of our own, as if we made it, did not need the Maker and were stupid cars, which being given choice, declined the mechanic.

Paul even puts it in this way, said Wilhie: WHEN I am weak, THEN I am strong (II Corinthians 12:10). Being weak begets, in the Christian, a sense of dependency which being an accurate spiritual relationship, makes for a working in and with the Lord, which being realistic and healthy, is abundant and strong. So WHEN weak, THEN strong!

The world is weak, puny in sin, magnificent in potential, but doomed. It will vanish away like smoke, be tossed out like an old garment (Isaiah 51:6, Matthew 24:35). Its curse is not forever. Its time is not eternal. God is eternal, and His life which HE gives spiritually to His children through His eternal word, Jesus Christ, "the first and the last" like His Father, this too is eternal; but this platform creaks with sin and is to be removed after HE has made of it what He wills, to complete the picture of liberty with that of righteousness, and of cruelty with that of mercy, and of delusive misuse of powers HE made, with the use of His own power, not as a substitute for liberty, but its bloom.

That, cried Maji, is precisely what makes it so marvellous.

You mean the word of God going out and doing what it says, even IN SUCH a world as this ? with its sins and impotent disorders, its dynamic disorders, its delusive disorders, its divisive heretics who call others divisive while they divide and all that ?

Well, chirruped Wilhie, that IS what we were talking about, when we began to consider the state of things in the world. We did begin with the power of the word of God, not only to specify the history of the Jews, as we were pondering last time we met, but many other things simultaneously, and we were beginning to proceed on that current, when somehow we moved into the field of the wonder that anyone could POSSIBLY disbelieve, and then there came this thunderclap of all the evil in the world, and I suppose, it means that THIS is a very active thing. It is not merely weak, or an absence or anything like that: it is directed in its madness, dynamic in its delusions and there is a spirit of envy and of destruction which is quite palpable, if you understand me, visible though invisible, perceptible in spirit. I mean, look at The Kingdom of Heaven, Ch. 8! or SMR Ch. 7, pp. 582ff. and more especially, 590ff.!

DESPITE ALL THAT EVIL, you are telling me, then, said Maji, that the word of God not only in the 20 synthetic points about Israel, but in mazes more, specifies the rush of wind as the day comes near the end, the Age, and virtually tells where the leaves will fall ?

You could almost put it like that, her eyes glinting in the reddening glow of the fabulous sunset that showered glory on the earth, thousands of years after its monumental creation, her tail brandishing like an aerial sword ... meditated Wilhie. But of course, winds though not without cause, are such mobile things. The results we are looking at are very fixed. Again, if you like, they can come in like a wind, which though it comes so freely, has many background forces leading up to it.

The fact is, Wilhie's feathers ruffled a little, which was rather unusual, but the breeze was strengthening as the sun set - the fact is that we could outline it all.

Do! said Maji, who was feeling the discourse somewhat onerous, and was only too glad to rest awhile.


Israel and Jerusalem, the return to the land, the defeat of vastly superior enemies, as to domain and armies, by the Jews as they launched their new origin, the speed of it, the suddenness, the sheer verve, all are predicted. The population explosion, the forests, the flowers, the specialisation in repeated military victories of the order of triumphs, contrasted with the all but derisible littleness of the midget nation and the vast, wealthy expansiveness of the enormous Moslem territories surrounding it, the complexity of the situation, God helping Israel again, even BEFORE her turning in predicted penitence back to Him, the tension and the agony, the wonder and the deliverance and all those things we saw ...

Yes, yes, said Maji, the sheer cliff-face of divine faithfulness, rising as if it had wings, solid as rock, moving without a moment's hesitation into the clouds and mists of the empyrean above: it just sat there. It worked by being there, being there, it worked. He did what He said, how He said it and ...

He did it in the context He had earlier declared ... if by 'earlier' you mean two and three and a little more millenia before. He knows time as a student knows a book, but the book for the student is before him in space, whereas it is TIME ITSELF which is before the Lord, and He drafts it, being without hurry, for its drafting in the beginning was under His power, and His specifications are in the order of perfect knowledge, who works all things after the counsel of His will: for known to God are all His works from eternity. They would need to be, for Him to predestinate people before He even MADE time and space (Ephesians 1:4, Acts 15:18, Isaiah 46:10, 44:25-28, 45:22). In fact, as you see there in Isaiah, it is precisely in such a current of thought, that He introduces the fact that it is by LOOKING TO HIM that people can be saved, and that in fact, in the end, every knee will bow to Him!

Now to the listings! said Wilhie.

There is then ISRAEL and all that.

Then there is the GENTILE CORRELATION. Thus Israel was to go out, and then the Gentiles come in, just as Paul puts it in Romans 11. Israel was to stay out of touch with God, as a people, for a very long time, while Christianity, the new name of Isaiah 65 and 62, spread with the Gospel Isaiah had predicted in 52-55. Israel had to come back, but WHEN it was being threatened, THEN the Gentiles would be rebuked, and WHEN this happened, then the day of the return of the Lord would be drawing near, as we saw in Luke 21*1. THEN the Gentile powers would be weakened, their day being about over, as alas, was the case for the JEWS UNTIL, as Paul puts it in Romans 11:25, their blindness ceased. It was a pitiful blindness, criminally induced, cryptically kept, but manifest to all who looked with the spiritual eyes.

It was at this time, the times of the Gentiles being fulfilled as we see sketched in Luke 21:24 and in Romans 11, that the other phenomena of this end of Age phase had to appear, and just as the Jews performed a magnificent didactic operation, SHOWING precisely what God has said, as we saw last time, SO the Gentiles in SYMPATHY OF TIME, synchronously if you like, moved into their disorders and evil dynamics with a vengeance, as if determined at least to equal the folly of the Jews as their innings ceased, with the enormities of Gentile kind, as the second innings, the present one, drew to a close.

It was - is - a bit like a dance, macabre, emulous, seductive, a clamorous affair of the seduced. Iarael one step, Gentiles (in their day, over 2 millenia later), one parallel step; the Israel the second step, the Gentiles its evil match  ... and so on. It is in some ways almost like following a paradigm, but its heart is the evil and its leader the squalor of the devil. As you consider the two dances, read in the old one, some of its ways in Isaiah 1, Amos and Jeremiah 23! The last part of Jeremiah 5:32, which seems to sum up much of the effrontery of the dance in its contemporary denominational lunges to almost hypnotic self-destruction. This has been very like the ways of many of them.

As to the Gentile version, you have only to read Matthew 24, Luke 21 and II Timothy 2, II Peter 2 and 3, I Timothy 4, for a start, to see the direction of things, traced in outline way back from the words of Paul to the elders from Ephesus, as you see in Acts 20, and then covered in specialised detail for the new era and the new dancers!

But the Gentiles! Do you remember the chapter in Tender Times for Timely Truths (TTT), outlining the general plan and power of evil, in seeking the overthrow of the people of God, of the gospel, of the word of God. It was a planned thing, and our seminaries and sects in the last century reeked and reeled with its mastermind, the devil, as they lunged, plunged and gorged on evil, unbelief drawing seminary salaries, while folly was being being supported by what were once reputable churches, and many were they who gave in trust, funds for the continuation of the Gospel, recklessly used by infidelity, to further fashionable substitutes.

There were to be seen force seeking to overcome faith, and efforts of the most insidious character to distort, seduce, induce oblivion of spirit like drugs, spiritual drugs, produce substitutes, make cold seem hot and hot seem chilly. Churches fell like ninepins, and sects rose like skyscrapers, liberalism with its cultural humanism, invaded the church, and the mess was like a city invaded by an army, while brothels of spirit, and gambling dens of heart arose like rats in the basements of neglected buildings, and many loved to have it so: thus, Jeremiah 5:32 is like a spiritual keynote from the day of the Jews, utilised by the way of the Gentiles! .

The world arose like a wicked uncle, and took much of what had been the church for a look 'at life' in the city.

All this is just as it was to be, and it is so beautiful to see the Lord outlining the enemy's task force and plans, a few thousand years before it happens. II Peter 2-3 specifies days called the "LAST" FROM HIS PERSPECTIVE, and future. Hence they were as they purport, those leading to the near return of Christ - it is that which for the church is the end! THEN as in I Thess. 4, HE comes for the Church. When your race is over, then that is the end... for you. For the Church, the living church, the uncorrupted because incorruptible body which did not yield, does not yield and by divine grace CANNOT yield to all these senilities of spirit which grabbed and grasped greedily for control of large denominations and still so act (look at what has happened to the Lutherans and Rome! in their infamous accords!): the Church has a mission. When it is done, then it is with the Lord, pilgrimage accomplished, the walk of faith complete!

II Peter 3:3 is very explicit, as is 2:1-2. Hatred of creation and the works of judgment, though they speak like orators and proclaim like Demosthenes, will make men torpid in thought, smug in spirit, derisive in derogation of the Almighty, even when and if they bother to acknowledge Him at all. This has been followed in little, in much, for long, by many in and out of churches, my own former denomination, the PC of America, being one now in the very turmoil of concession, and the lurge of collision (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 8).

Oh the conniving, the corruption, the sedition, foretold by Peter in such detail; the spiritual insurrections that he names there, the great swelling words of vanity, as likewise the scoffing, the rejection of the universal flood and of the dynamic of creation and judgment in a sort of deism at best, with hollow words signifying nothing, like the tale told by an idiot. THAT tale however is the retelling of the truth in the guise and format of lie, the lie of which Paul speaks in II Thessalonians 2, where those who DO NOT because they WILL NOT receive the truth, are given an active delusion. There is force and disorder and curse if you like. It is spiritual cancer in type, dressed in glamour, equipped with diseased feet, odorous in style, foul in breath.

Yet what is to be expected when a cursed world aborts the truth, which lies as if fallen in the street, and justice is stricken (Isaiah 59:13-15 - but note what comes next!), and folly grabs for whatever powers, mental, civic, political, social, spiritual, psychic, it can get and goes on the spiritual rampage, with deeds to match. The church obviously had such social and political, often, such a presence and power in the world, despite the rampages earlier of the Romanist inquisition, and the follies of the sects, that it HAD to be reduced. It has become like scrubbed air, freed of its insurgent pollutions.

The Lord allowed THIS reduction, because it was really dredging the harbour of truth, and removing fellow travellers, seductive influences, and allowing the spiritual picture of the living church to emerge, to be hated, harassed, despised like Christ, so that the heady work of the devil could proceed with some hope, and the battle joined be more purely spiritual. The forces now seem to be growing truer to type, as near the first: the church purged, the world flushing with pomp and pride, speaking offhanded at times, as if it were conceiving itself to be ... god. Nor is this so surprising, when you come to think of it, since the god of this world was the one to come following Christ, and his time is to come when in supreme arrogance, He invites and gains supreme disaster (John 14:30, II Thessalonians 2, Revelation 19).

You remember Paul in Ephesians 6 talking of these spiritual battles. These are now coming to the terminus. The fighting is fierce, for mixed motives move many. One even recalls one church whose pastor, having separated from an unbiblical denomination, then proceeded to get help from another denomination which for its part, was on all fours with the Graham ministries, which so readily accept the Romanist delusion as ... similar. It goes in whorls and the wheels turn, and many are crushed, crunched under the chariot of desire.

The point: all this devastation of the great FALLING AWAY which Paul specifies in II Thessalonians 2, and Peter depicts in II Peter 2 and 3, coming to a heady and delusive denigration of the truth and invasion of what had been a large part of the church, is itemised in advance. The false prophets and false christs, the deluded minds, the aspiring spirits seeking to dethrone God with their prescriptions, conscriptions, are all there, and II Thess. 2:4-10 shows the spirit back of it, telling itself in the person of "the man of sin", that he is God! In a moment, to be stricken, he confuses such little things as being birthless, with being born, being eternal, with being temporal and temporary, being almighty with being limited to whichever breath is the last on this earth, and so on.

It is really pathetic, virtually incredible; but it is this, and not Shaw's superman, this and not some pinnacle of the delusive substitute for scientific thought called organic evolution, it is this which was to happen, and continues grandly to scale. On this earth, it looks increasingly big, but it is a spiritual midget, with a sting, very like a mosquito. It also makes a big noise, with its swelling words and inept thinking, stinking and reeking with hell, its destiny, as both II Peter 2 and Jude make so dramatically and emphatically clear, challenging in horror, even to the imagination. But then! that is precisely what the behaviour of this world is like, in its power struggles and conscienceless mutilations of mind and spirit, as far as may be, without even mentioning bodies!

Like a mould, it intrudes, arrests, spreads and turns things sour. It is sad because it is itself which turns sour, not the church of the living God, against which, for all this strategy and world-power manipulative forces, it has no hope as Christ made so clear, as seen in Matthew 18. HE is the rock. Nothing rocks Him; and HIS words endure, though earth itself should go, as it will. Then, it is gone! representing a futile investment of lust for many, who misused it, and each other. The course of its diseases of spirit are not traced with macabre wit, but intrepid spirit, if by any means any like Lot, like Noah, might be spared! (II Peter 3:9, I Timothy 2).

So, as in SMR Ch. 8, you have Israel and Jerusalem, yes, and with it,  the Gentile World and the history of the Church foretold in all relevant detail as to the DIRECTION  of flow, the MOUNTING CRISIS at the end, the details of tremors like the shakings before the final outpouring of a huge volcano, duly ignored: the famines, earthquakes, the seething wars, like breathing in multiplicity and folly now, the rumours of wars, the false christs and prophets, the false hearts, the false politics, the false rulers, the false ways, the illustrative showers of presidential profiteering in countries mounting to the skies in number, almost as if such things were a perquisite of office, the huge words of the UN and the barren thought in the sphere of religion and morality ...

Yes, yes, I know, said Maji. It is all there in TTT Ch.  8 and SMR 8,  and Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital Millenium (REF) Ch. 13 exemplifies the passion for dispensing with the living and dynamic reality of the all knowing creator with processes of thought, as impotent as dreaming on a Summer's day, when in truth, building takes time and effort and application of knowledge, whether sooner or later, this way or that; and the way is evident in word and observation, in unison (cf. REF 13, Repent or Perish Ch. 7). Dreams supervene like alcoholic stupours, but they do not actually DO anythng. The ways of reality do not alter for mere dreams.

It as II Peter 3 foretold, as II Thess. 2 indicated as to its spirit and dream content, just as Israel dreamed of old (Jeremiah 2:27), in one of the earlier chapters of the dream-world, if you like. .

And HOW did it dream of old ? pursued Wilhie. "Saying to a tree, 'You are my father,' and to a stone, 'You gave birth to me!' " What is the thrust of the fall of man when separated from God, as Paul shows it in Romans 1:  "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind", and it traces the follows of sexual perversion, like newspaper of tomorrow, which characterise the end of the road when spiritual rebellion against God sets in systematically, as is the nature of the end of the Age shown by Peter. And what else is the trend for this kind of pathological process ? This:

·  "... although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image ... who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped an served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. For this reason God gave them up to passions..."

"Creature" ? It means "creation" : they become creature-conscious, instead of God-conscious, and desecrate the creation. That is predicted, and its course is shown, as one aspect in the medley or syndrome of disorder of the spirit, the mind and the body, all three, that have followed, do follow and are to follow quintessentially, like marching troops. They are marching particularly well, just now, though alas, on the road of doom.  Still, they can warn the others the better, by the rhythmic splash of sound from their concerted feet.


But you see one of the greatest of all the passions is simply this: TO AVOID GOD! You see it in crisis consummation when the man of sin SHOWS HIMSELF THAT HE IS GOD! Delightful irony! What that shows about creation is all too clear. Since the man of sin did not make the world, and perhaps remembers this fact, it shows by his mental elimination of God what he thinks of creation!

Desecration, in the mind, is all that left of majesty, like Hiroshima when the bomb fell; but this bomb is optional, voluntary and self-inflicted. It maddens till economic power becomes a tool of seeking the betrayal of God by many more as in Revelation 13, and force invades once more, with added vehemence,  this time throughout the world, seeking with the dagger of power, to reach to the realities of the faith.

It acts as did the Moslem menace in the 8th. century A.D., and the Romanist one especially in those smitten centuries, the 13th. to the 17th., where its rampancy was so ruinous to many, heartless in a fiasco which aborted the faith, and made its very name to be dreaded, in the strictest possible historical libel on Christ, whose name they used! It goes on, now, in its varied forms, with the more desperate desire to WIN, to secure the host of men as its slaves, clients or field. This world is its object - and the souls of men.

It cannot win; but it tries so hard, is so futile, so flushed with pomp. THIS, it is our world in spiritual terms, as predicted, now.

·       You see it

  • in the aspects of
  • glamour,
  • stammer,
  • hammer,
  • amour,
  • armor, drama,
  • manner in Acme, Alpha and Omega: Jesus Christ Ch. 9, and again in

Answers to Questions Ch. 5, where it comes

·       in the expository and referenced last-day listings of

  • The Attitudinal,
  • Personal,
  • Educational,
  • Ecclesiastical,
  • Theological,
  • Militaristic,
  • Psychological,
  • Hebraic,
  • Civic - Special Case Jerusalem,
  • Social,

·       Ideological*2, as also in

  • Mandatory Myths in just the style predicted (II Timothy 4:3 with 3:1ff.),
  • The Overall Picture (it now has character, like a Rembrandt painting, though not beauty in this regard!),


  • with further reference to II Peter 3 and I Timothy 4 as a joint venture, or venue!

All this is shown extensively in SMR Chs.  8 - 9 (merely for example, in  pp. 661ff., 671ff., 699ff., 707ff. - this last the war syndrome in prediction and philosophy as well as blood, to which may be added pp. 125ff., while 686ff. with 1056 and 1070ff., add to attest an allied and no less systematic fall), and Answers to Questions 5, in detail.

Then there is the financial, and what a temper of the times that is, for it is aimed at controlling MEANS, and so set to seduce, reduce or restrains ENDS, or AIMS. Currently, the means TO IT, the procedures, methods to be needed when the time is fully come, are spreading like wild-fire (cf. SMR pp. 684, 906ff., 967-968). These are a cardinal hinge both of the time of its operation and the predicted cumulative crunch at the end, which however, is like the jaws of a lion coming down on the head of a lamb, to be interrupted in a moment, as the Lord comes (Revelation 19).


·       You see it in SMR 9, where the very details of development reek with prophetic reality.  You find more in Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital Millenium - REF - Ch. 3, and in News 70. Here you see further components in terms of:

bullet the exploiters,
bullet the oblivionists, and
bullet a further testimony of a poignant longing in poisoned jet-propelled wickedness, the greens.

You find it in SMR pp. 750Bff., where we have the increasing rush to the 'demonic head', since "the desire for 'something greater" (p. 958 infra), yet without God has long been pathologial: it is now pandemic."  It multiplies, ass there noted, growing and showing in  

  •  sects that can also have political undertones, political tones that metamorphose to resemble secular sects (Tender Times for Timely Truths  -TTT - Ch.  8,  Things Old and New Chs.  2,  5,  7,  9 10, Appendix ).

  • what are often still called churches, though many such are at war with the God of the Bible (cf. Stepping Out for Christ - STEP - Ch. 1, SMR pp. 687-707, STEP  4,  5),
  • politics (of pandemonium, with ever-increasing State power to control, direct, suppress what is DEEMED unacceptable - to MAN, in the very presence of God as if a nullity cf. The Other News Appendix 1, Divine Agenda Ch. 7).
  • philosophy (SMR Ch. 3, TMR Chs. 5, 6, 7, SMR pp. 422Eff., 422Qff., A Spiritual Potpourri (ASP) Chs. 1-3).
  • education (TTT 2, TMR Ch. 8, News 111, Lead us Not into Education Temptation! - LEAD, STEP Ch. 6).

You find it in

With this is the listing of the 'deadly DE's' from NEWS 122:

  • dehumanisation
  • desecration
  • destitution
  • delinquency

in the aftermath of failed, and fatal

  • ideologies*2,
  • and engineering figures that strew themselves in the skies (cf. NEWS122 with SMR pp. 679, 794, 803).


·       Without intermission, raising their stricken heads, as if for a hoped for blessing, not available, are

  • pseudo-faith
  • pseudo-religion and
  • pseudo-unity with
  • pseudo-peace (NEWS 123, all in exact conformity to the predictions of II Timothy 3, II Peter 2, I Thessalonians 5, Revelation 13).


  • The stricken ideologies and rancid sects, meanwhile, in some sort of decaying unison, now rising, now falling, are they which strew the earth like decaying Autumn leaves, no longer beautiful with their commencement, but rank, odorous and resuming their earthy commencement (cf. SMR 422Eff., Ch. 3, Chs.  9, 10).

Again, it is in

  • the WCC (cf. 743ff.),

·       the UN (cf. Index) all add their monotonous immoral mouthings that are quasi-religious, minus God, the God of the Bible and of creation.

  • You find it in LEAD where the seemingly incredibly posturings and presumptions in the field of education could lead one almost to die laughing, but they are not at all comic, for they are blind, and do not see what they do. Presumption has here its masterpiece offering!

Here you find

  • the anti-absolutists and
  • the god-revisionists, using a nom-de-plume for the invention.


It is present in systematic ways, intertwining ways, in the proclivities of arrogant, erratic humanism, that endless dream of implacable ruin and impenetrable irrationality, being founded on desire only, in the militant invasions of spiritual matters, their diffusion, confusion, effusion, their ebullient combinations with some religious forms or formulae, not excluding some Christian ones, so that the whole effervescent froth of seduction, the penultimate on the line since the Fall recorded in Genesis, might be prelude to the wrath, already seen in the sweat of the brow and curse scenario, emphasised still further in the universal flood and awaiting such choice marvels of stern rebuke as that coming to be. And this ?

To name but one among many companions,  as Revelation advises from millenia ago, is to be seen in the heavenly body, perhaps an asteroid exhibit, which is to remind the earth of its criminal frenzies against God and man, in a way which would awake the dead, were they not so buried in their own cadaverous devices, while they yet live (Revelation 8:11).

But the provocation from the earth, and from the hardened heart of 'post-Christian' man, as so many so ingloriously wish to name their pathogen, it does not cease.

It comes in rains and waves of force, all following the Biblical, prophetic lines as if on track, in some super-train, rushing in speed before being derailed, so near, but really so far, from its destination; and as to that, being derailed IS its destination, before, that is, the judgment on those who ran the thing (Revelation 19, Matthew 25, I Thessalonians 1). That ? The judgment: it comes in various courts and jurisdictions, the overthrow, the arraignment, and the judicial review at the very end. It comes just as Noah's deluge came, as appointed. It is all appointed, and nothing He proclaims,  is ever disappointed.

Just as then, however, the deluge was dismissed, but came;  so now the coming return of Christ, for all its near approach, though despised as necessary to help numb the mind, is coming with prodigious force and precision, like the visible funnel, tunnel of a tornado, swallowing up distance with speed.

An affront to many who hate God, it may be; but it is this very thing, Christ's return,  which is impervious to dismissal, intransigeant in warning, insurgent in reality, implacable in performance. But what glory it is for those who wait for Him! Meanwhile the world in blind ...

I mean ...

Yes I know, said Maji. At the time of the thrill, the spill seems far off. Only the other day, I was descending to take a prey, dead you know, when suddenly a whole flock of vultures came like a crowd, sociable or what ? It interrupted my flight, my thought, my dreams, my hopes in a way, but then, it seemed so overwhelming that I wondered why I had not LOOKED and considered, instead of just swooping, as if the skies too were dreaming and balm was the name of the game!

You find it, pursued Wilhie, in preliminary canters, like the UN and the WCC and such things, as traced in places like SMR pp. 743, and 750Bff., where the delusive falsities of the falling away and false prophets and false teachers the apostles specified for the "last days" before Christ should return, are seen in the making, rather like a man rolling a cigarette quietly, as he makes his own, and then begins to puff, forgetting the cancer. You find it in detail in what were once bastions of Biblical work, in many ways, such as the Anglican movement and the Lutheran in Stepping Out for Christ Chs. 1, 4, 5, 6 and Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming ... Ch. 3.

Cancer strikes like the angel of death, to take off saint and sinner alike, but the saint, not till his work is done; and God CAN arrest it when he pleases, and has often done so, as a testimony to His power in the very midst of the contest (cf. SMR p. 339 and TOAN 3, esp. End-note 1A). No servant of His is ever taken before the appointed time; He intervenes as He will. Meanwhile the force of the curse is not left in any doubt. Nor is its exemplification in the follies of the mind and spirit, more voluntary affairs, which being predicted, come like actors on cue, for these last days.

It is like, mused Maji, the plots I often survey as loftily my eyes gaze downwards. There is this yellow field, so neat, that purple one, so dazzling but hazy, the other green, black plots made ready; and there is the steady blue of the stream on its way, whole hills covered with patches of this and that, as if some great artist had matched geometry and beauty in a grand display.

Yes, yes, excitedly came the wagtail's words. Yes it is. The political plot, the social one, the intellectual one, the psychic one, the religious one, the spiritual one, the ecclesiastical one, the military one, the spirit of the Age one, the trends one as in Joyful Jottings  5 and 14, Galloping Events Chs.  6 and  7, the Jerusalem one, the Israel one, the environmental one as the world is to reach the point that unless Christ came it would be quite unlivable (and how much Revelation 6, 9 and 16 makes that clear!) It is all in a symphony, a concerted series of patches, all matching, all artistically concordant, all of one kind of pattern, until you are quite overcome with it.

When you swoop down, came the voice of Maji, there is order in the little things to behold; but when you grow altitudinous, and rise up with wings, the way I  do, then you see the whole spread, survey the landscape in its contours, and see the blending of the numerous plots into the combined picture of grandeur. Only ... in this case, by contrast, it is destructive in dynamic, as we were beginning to find when we started sharing our thoughts this evening (only it was just sunset time then, as it is nearly so for this world's systems). It is not good, but evil which is becoming a dominant dynamic, exploitative of anything it can find, even the bodies of embryos for spare parts.

Ghoulish! replied Wilhie, like the State's emplacement of poker machines, refusing to heed all restraint, and now deploring the results. It is not that they CANNOT think, but the spirit of the Age, with many, makes a sort of opium. The crest of the wave has to come; why worry about reports that the thing breaks!

Yes, Maji proceeded, you ARE right. It is not just the delicious detail of the Israel-Jerusalem train journey, to put it that way, stopping at all stations with the names put on them for close inspection, millenia ago. It is not this alone, though it speaks with unsubdued voice with the clarity of an air raid warning...

It is rather the whole series of simultaneity, the tracks laden with other signals like troops being brought on many lines to the front, it is this which, if the other was overwhelming, is shattering and uplifting at the same time. It shatters all thought of disbelief, and uplifts faith, to see the Lord who is faithful, all over again, outwitting this world and its power and the spiritual powers above which are alienated and evil. He did it at the crucifixion; He does it now. He rose then; He is arising now, allowing this inflush of pollution to clear the issue, having exposed it twice, once in His word, and then in the power it takes to put it down.

You cannot pretend you are good when you have the dagger sticking into someone's heart, with contorted face and deadly determination, just as the detective arrives.

The tableau of terror becomes the portal of judgment!

Who said that ? asked Maji, his eyes aloft.

The nightingale, replied Wilhie.

What else does he say ? asked Maji.



This, I think, Willie the translator pondered. I think he is saying that the simple truth is that the truth is simple for man. God knows, says and does. Man proposes, God disposes. It is always so. But man is free to be a fool, only so long. God is patient, as He illustrates for all for all time what is working in letting it work, to a point.

It shows the sort of reality that attaches to its dreams, you know, as Communism's liberation did in the suffocating horrors of the Gulag, in the insidious inclemencies of the subtle Chinese suppression modalities. It shows the dreams one and all to be nightmares because, in simple terms, man is neither as reliable, as knowledgeable, as loving, as living, or as independent as God, and is in fact ludicrous when he contends with God; for the very power to contest is donated and derivative and quenchable in one moment.

But God is not an autocrat, and He allows man to find his own heart, when he declines to be with the Lord.

Meanwhile, the nightingale is singing that it is beautiful after all, for the disease has a cure, and its torment is an education for ever: yet the evil cannot do what it would, and death is its destiny, except that it is a deathless kind of death, an everlasting destruction of what refused the instruction of the Lord, a demonstration of truth in who knows what era of time, when the darkness that was preferred becomes the sky, and the heat of desire, the ashen environment.

Beautiful! expostulated Maji ironically. Some nightingale!

Not at all! resumed Willy. Imagine for one moment. If you HAD to inhabit hell, as a chosen environment in the end, in that there is always a reason, and causes have consequences... then it would be more than ugly. However, since you do not HAVE to be weak in heart, or miserable, or horrible, or evil as you wish, and have the OFFER of the Lord Himself, adequate, wise, loving, charitable, knowing what you are and so ALONE able to make you and let you become what you should be and can be, then it is simply wonderful. NO barrier, entrance qualification: only acceptance in faith of the provisions of mercy and the reality of truth: Christ Jesus who died to save sinners and rose bodily from the grace, the very word of God incarnate, eternal, who broke death and provides life eternal.

It is like saying to all the starving, here is food! Now IF they reject it, it is still beautiful that they had it offered. The food is delicious and sustaining, nourishing and pure, and it carries with it a sort of energy which makes truth a friend and knowledge a joy.

Mmm! reflected Maji. I suppose since God foreknows all, and would have all to be saved, it is a contradiction of His Almighty power to even imagine that ANY COULD be lost who MIGHT have been saved ?

Of course, ruminated Wilhie. HE HAS CHOSEN before making the thing we call time, which has only so far to go, and then the temporal yields to the measures of eternity and the modes. NO ONE can be lost, who is His, and who is His, this is found out not with hope only, but with knowledge, through the very heart and mind of God, which Christ displayed, being God incarnate. NOTHING Christ showed of heart is missing in God, and His weeping over Jerusalem displays the love of God. You could almost say, that God weeps first before letting souls go their own way, and what He has DONE is everything! More is even unimaginable. And making it so easy!

Easy believe! shouted Maji. He was becoming a little upset.

Oh yes! true, said Wilhie, the easy-believe solution can be polluted, but not more than the spiritual heresy  of this: my works make God love me folly, of so many millions. That is spiritually sluttish. It lives by the misuse of love. Love is pure. It is a matter of the heart, and as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. The works are fruits, not roots. It is roots that matter, and heredity.

Heredity! squawked Maji. It is regrettable to report this, but Maji could be less than regal seeming at times.

Well, SPIRITUAL HEREDITY! said WIlhie. You see when you are born again, not in social patter which is really a device of the evil one to seduce people from taking it at all seriously, so it is used and re-used like a bad coin: rather when this is true of you in spirit and reality, then you are so changed that the law of God is written on your heart, as Jeremiah put it and Hebrews echoes it, from the Lord. Good trees have good fruit, and this is from the lips of Christ, and they are rooted and grounded in Him, as Isaiah showed way back in his day, in Isaiah 61.

Spiritual heredity! exclaimed Maji. Then when I come to Christ, this is a transformation which is above all other heredity, a sovereign, planned prioritisation of power, and although I may fall here or there, it is a new look, a new loveliness, a new force of love, a new love of truth ... Yes, yes, I agree.

Precisely, fluttered Wilhie, for although you cannot flutter words, there are times when one is so motherly or fatherly or concerned, that one's words almost seem to relate to action more than articulation itself!

So you see, he continued,  the patchwork quilt, or the mosaic of fields, each one a mosaic of elements when you look closely from low down, this is a sovereign testimony to the power, foresight of the Lord in His predictive word, wisdom, all together. In each area, it is predicted, in detail; in overall thrust and nature; in temporal development and movement in kind; in the spread of adjoining fields, in the overall picture, in ...

Stop! screeched Maji. Now it is to be admitted that the screech of an eagle is a strange thing, but this was unique. Maji was mightily moved.

You are telling me that unbelief is then wholly preposterous! Yes, he calmed down, and of course there is this cancer of disorder, this evil dynamic which seizes the minds and spirits of so many, because they did not receive the love of the truth, as Paul says in II Thessalonians 2 ... of course, of course. It is a war.

And not just of words! mused Wilhie. It is a war of destinies.

A mosaic of mosaics, that is quite a picture, said Maji, and he set off, in his way, in that low flight which Wilhie so loved, and just then the robin redbreast appeared. He had been about: you know how they ARE about, but they are often very hard to see. You find them in a tree, in a moment, somewhere else, as if they were rectilinear versions of the wagtail's geometric antics. One appears on a frosted post in the country, and is gone. One is beside the road, near, near, and then he is not - and there he is ? in another tree 20 yards off. But so beautiful, as if his red breast were a pictorial reminder of Christ's death, death from the heart, and of His being present, but needing to be SOUGHT, as it says, SEEK the Lord WHILE He may be found, and CALL upon Him WHILE He is near!

At this, the robin began a strange series of little flights on the lumbering regality of the slow flying train made by Maji and Wilhie, who loved to have it so, and would for long periods move on near the ground, with Wilhie doing his characteristic exercises about the wings, above and below. The robin, who, just possibly, we may meet again, was darting almost like light, from Maji's neck to his tail, and back, in various contrived courses which despite the regularity of the concept, were individual in execution, and virtually unpredictable, while similarly unpredictable Wilhie was moving about the wings. What a picture of harmony, what a glory of co-operation!

It was rather like the church of Christ (The Christian Church), not the one which takes some name as if it owned it, or the one which makes itself prestigious as if it were tradition which ran it, not the one which varies from the word of God as if it were its author, but the one which, won by Christ, lives through Christ and can say with all the saints: "...according to my earnest expectation and hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" - Philippians 1:20-21.

Their talk, you see, we have captured, and that is their bold testimony; their harmony we have seen, not milky or like jelly, contrived, but in spirit and in health of heart, and their love for one another grew like oak tassels in Spring, a work of art, without art display its design. Art in its sublimity, is no show-off, but it shows! it shows!

As to those tassels, they just fall, and praise to God rises as one watches them.

Well, then, all this had to happen, which happens; but love does not have to happen, though it will happen, for God who is love, always lives. Love is not forced, is under no compulsion; but where it is found, the word of God is to be found revered and the ways of God understood, His will a delight and His work a privilege (John 14:21-23). You can see something of this course and career of life in Christian Life. (which is Ch. 21   of Barbs, Arrows and Balms).

God now as always, works all things after the counsel of His own will (Ephesians 1:11); and tells us this while also adding that we must work out our own salvation in fear and trembling , BECAUSE it is God who works in us both to will and to do (Philippians 2:12-13). In this same epistle, we are told of the certainty for the Christians that their very bodies will be transformed by the power of the Creator who is able to subdue all things by this power to Himself (Philippians 3:20-21). Their formats, bodies,  will be made like HIS, who was triumphantly and physically raised from the dead, immunised to this world's barbs, and then glorified. Our very citizenship being in heaven (3:20), we are made ready for it, when it is ready for us, at the general resurrection, which is another side of the Lord's return! (I Thessalonians 4 giving the detail, as also I Corinthians 15).

It is not problematical. It is sure, like His word. His word is sure, mirrored in history over which it has mastery (Psalm 115); yet while this should stir us to deeds of audacity in faith, it says no such thing for folly!  As to the Christians, our hearts must still before our God (Psalm 46), now as always, and must "rejoice with trembling" (Psalm 2), for our God is great and is greatly to be admired in those who love Him, rejoicing in His ways, being led as a flock by their Shepherd, who coming from God (Ezekiel 34) and as God, leads IN everlasting life TO everlasting abiding in His presence. The is fulfilled that glory which is what is prepared for man, who so often resents and seeks to retaliate against the discipline which reminds him of his foolish inventions and dreams, and does not appreciate the enormous vitality available when the Eternal Life which made him, is his fried.

This salvation is already performed (as Titus 3:5ff., and Ephesians 2:8, 1:11 show us); but as being lived, it  is also process in which, the status granted, the growth is secured. The end result is assured as in John 10:27-28, I Thessalonians 5:9, John 5:12, Romans 5:1-11, John 4:14, Romans 8:29ff., I John 3:9). The pilgrimage meanwhile is no parody of the reality, but its very expression! Thus to die daily to the devices of this world, and to live as Paul is moved to write, so that He has "made us sit in heavenly places" ,such things are the earnest of our inheritance, wrought in living fidelity by the Spirit of God (cf. Romans 8:16, II Corinthians 3:17ff.) whose certain seal is stamped on His people (Ephesians 1:13).

Meanwhile Christ is all and in all, who love Him (Colossians 3:11), whose word stretches across the harbour of history, like the Sydney bridge, already covering both sides. We cross, who are His, secure, knowing the end, but savouring the way, for life is for the living!



The Forsaken City Released by the Gentiles,
Prepared for the Lord:
put in company with a Host of Helpers to Spell the Time
that it is "near"!

Luke 21:24 traces the history of the New Testament era dispersion of the Jews (from the destruction of Luke 21:20), and this second innings part of the World Series, namely the Gentile one, in the transmission of the Faith (for there is and has always been since the Fall, and the promise, ONE FAITH, explicit in Abraham, which, like the petals of a bud, grew rounder and rounder and captured more and yet more of the adult maturity of the glorious rose of reality - cf. Barbs, Arrows and Balms  17 and Romans 4, esp. vv. 24-25; and concerning the earlier part, Romans 9:1-6, 10:1-4, and the culmination, Romans 11:25ff., where the "times of the Gentiles are fulfilled").

Jerusalem being "trodden down"  by the Gentiles "until" THEIR time is complete, their era is fulfilled, therefore reverts to those who suffered this subjugation of their destroyed city, for that entire chapter of history starting with A.D. 70, where Rome did the job Christ prescribed, predicted, though with so heavy a heart (Luke 19:42ff.). Incidentally, 'trodden down'. of the city refers in general terms to a desecratory dominion, which is humiliating to the Jews, dirtying what was sacred with the boots of power and force. Its termination requires the cessation of this, as in 1948, 1967 to a most substantial extent. The termination of subjugation by the named party, the Gentiles, entails of course the restoration of the only other one, the Jews, who had suffered, and endured it to the end, and what an end in the 8 years before they were back as a State in 1948 (cf. Jeremiah 30:7 in The Biblical Workman Ch. 1). !

If you wish, the 'until pill' has now been all but swallowed. The Gentiles are now in such a state of tremors and tarnish, retrogression from some former heights in Christian things, such a world-weary, humanistic, secularist, pollutant and synthesis of many things, that they can scarcely outdo the follies of Christ-rejecting Judaism! Their time is about up. The concert is shortly to proceed.

The intermission is fascinating, and the departure this week of Barak from Sharon's unity government, because he feels that there is too little sensitivity to what they hold, could be a herald of further quick development. Seen on the canvas of 2 millenia, the approximate extent of the action of subjugation, these developments are almost at the speed of a blitzkrieg, since 1948, as we have often reflected. SUDDENNESS as also observed and exegeted earlier, from Isaiah 66:7-9, 49:17-21), is a hallmark of the whole progress at this stage. If you want 'Action, lights, camera!' this is the time for it. Not for centuries, indeed, but for a bare 19 years, was the predicted division of Jerusalem (Zechariah 14) in place. Then the city was taken in 1967, rounding things off ready for Luke 21:24. Like Galileo (reputedly) in the face of disbelief, one says, Yet it moves! This time not astronomical things, but historical represent the field of direct observation. So it is. SO it does. It does not go back, because, you see, it is ratcheted to prediction.

With this unique and indefeasible feature of the acutely defined city, there are linked many adornments, though they are not attractive.

  • Moon (what a sign in 1969!),
  • sun (much discussion on possible shrinkage and perhaps more data to come cf. SMR pp. 680-681, 719-720),
  • stars (many misses, some very near, by asteroids reported and confirmed, which now being KNOWN constitute a condition for man to behold; while satellites adorn the starry realm as to the visible eye, their nearness giving to their luminosity, a lordly air, such things never before having intruded into the twinkling eye of space that regards the earth, in all recorded history),
  • distress of nations (it is endemic now, pandemic, constitutive of the condition),
  • with perplexity (in the nations, a macabre way of life, in the Middle East, a way of death more especially),
  • the sea and the waves roaring (which like all the rest has been much documented in earlier  reviews, as in SMR Ch. 8 , Repent or Perish Ch. 6, and News 123):
  • ALL this and much more, but this in Luke 21 for its part,
  • with the"shaking of the powers of the heavens" (cf. SMR pp. 794, 803), allied to Joel 2:30 and Acts 2:19, in our acute contemporary prodigality of enterprise and incaution:

these are all dressed together on the figure of history to introduce what Luke provides as the entrée, scene set, then to come.

And that ? We do not need to surmise. Luke reports it, as Christ quite simply tells us:
"Then they will see the Son of Man, coming in a cloud with power and great glory" (a reference to Daniel 7:13-14 where He is given the dominion over all peoples in a kingdom that is forever, never to be surpassed or quashed, never to end, cf. Matthew 24:31ff.).

This in turn is explicitly made an ensemble, an historical outfit, if you like, productive of relief, comfort and joy in Christian hearts, BECAUSE it shows the resurrection is near (cf. Romans 8:23-24, Matthew 24:30-31, 13:40-43, Daniel 12:1-3, Matthew 24:21-2). This is the explicit contextually defined teaching of Luke 21.


See for example: ROP 5; PF  esp. Sections 1 and Appendix on Kant; QAA 10; KH 7, pp.120ff.; TOAN  5,  6, 10, Epilogue; TON 19 - systematics on morals included).

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Also consult SMR pp. 925-926, News  37 and STEP  1.