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1  Scientism is neither Scientific nor Sound

As to the universe, the measurement of the repetitive workings of what has already  been established, on which human science depends, tells  us nothing whatever about how it was in fact made, indicating only what is the  minimum necessary power and skill required to get all these things into existence in working order. In the case of the universe, it requires for its making: the understanding and institution of law, liberty, mentality, physicality and their synthesis into persons, as one operable entity.

The elevation of the limited place of scientific knowledge to an all explaining or final question answering device is mere ignorance, and has the name scientism.

2  Survival is not Creative

The misuse of the term 'survival' in effect to mean 'advance in design or sophistication' is merely foolishness. It is simply not the case. STAYING in existence, however differentially interesting, does not create super-models. That requires work at the levels invented and synthesised, and in the case of mankind, at a level not found in the power of man.

In life, that requires also more advanced DNA creation in all its synthetic complexity. This has never been seen happening, nor is there logical room for it. What is found is only deposited potential for limited variability in terms of  environmental stimulus, an adaptive range for a created kind.

That is found to be distinctive and limited. It is significantly lacking in testimony of merging kinds. The testing and microbiological finding is significantly lacking in testimony or merging kinds. Not so in fact, such a conception in mind. Rather the case in kinds is fixed in character as Denton notes in terms of actual observation, in his Evolution, a Theory in Crisis. The experimental and the logical are in perfect match.

God is. Atheism is a mental mishap, a meaningless myth, slaughtered by logic; but it is not so with the universe.  Evolution is its imaginary servant, and nothing its ludicrous watchword for the beginning, and spasmodically this is admitted by those who follow that creed.

3  The Function of Man is in Fatal Disorder

Indeed, man is an absolute dependency, make with liberty as here observed, even to the point of being able to break the laws of logic and at will  to deny his Maker. He can  even deny God. This gives him the fatal disorder he never escapes, and unless there be divine intervention, there follows the certainty of the extinction of the human race (as in Matthew 24:22).

Like his Maker, God, man is very creative, but creating gods is only destructive (as in Jeremiah 10:11), whatever form they may be given. Yet there is no need for depression : because  there is provision and indeed both command and necessity for repentance (as in Acts 17:30, Luke 13). Without that, there is the summit of rebellion against man's Maker, first in inventing his own ways at will, and secondly in refusing restoration with pardon. His case then rises in judgment  to the realm of the cyclotronic!

4  The Delightful  Surprise

Meanwhile, man at present still exists as the human race. He is being permitted to see where his woeful ways lead (as in Amos 4); for God has not dismissed humanity as a counter-creation clutch, an infected and unruly remnant.

Why not ? The delightfully astonishing but logically satisfying answer is this. He declares in the world's best-selling book, the Bible, that He has such love for His erring race that He has applied a plan to save them.

Since He is just, this is costly. He took the cost of broken laws and ruined life upon Himself, as a man, taking the form of flesh. and being crucified by man in an eternally pre-planned act (as in Psalm 22 and Isaiah 52-53, with Ephesians 1:4 and Revelation 13:8).

In this, He is offering those who receive Him by faith, return to Himself as adopted children (as in I John 3:1-3), in free salvation (as in Romans 3:23ff., 6:23).

Many, but by no means all, prize His superb surprise, and act on it (as in John 3:16ff., and Philippians 2:5-18, with Matthew 13:44). More will yet come and the Lord waits for these to be found in their time, till all is fulfilled (as in Revelation 6:9-11, II Peter 3:9).  Anyone who feels left out, has only to come in repentance and faith as in the Gospel offer, and then his or her place is attested from before our time was (as in Romans 10:9, and all it entails in its meaning). It is not too difficult!



Know your Start and Finish

(extreme brevity)

Some say, 'Nature made everything,'
but one of the three main underlying laws of science
is that 'nature' decreases in
special order and function over time, or entropy increases in a given system over time.

Hence  'nature' was not always there -
even available energy decreases.

Hence, in this scenario or model,
'nature' had to make itself before it
or anything else
was there to do it.
It all came from nothing, which has no potential,
and if that is the start, nothing is all. But this is not so.

Hence something must always have been there,
and adequate for the production of all results
including 'nature'.



Again, briefly ...    let us move from the misfit model to the truth, logically   and most briefly.

In the former, in the beginning, there was nothing.

Yet nothing has no future or potential or anything else;
but 'nature' and everything else is to be explained. That is the exercise in hand.
Hence something always was there.
Further, it must either have been adequate or inadequate
for all that came to be.
If inadequate, what we have would not exist.

But it does.


Some may want a word more on logic.

What if, then, you were to declare logic itself invalid ?
Then all your own reasoning would be reduced to nothing
in terms of your own principle. On this, your model,
you could not even validly state what you mean,
with its internal connections and order.
That is called 'denying the conditions of your discourse'.


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