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The Lord opens up a vista for vision in Jeremiah 4. We see the world in its glorious wonder, suddenly attacked, as if it were all roses and then black spot came, or fruit and much the same, or clear water and a mountain torrent came rich in mud, to pollute a lake; only it is worse. It is, this world, shown to our eyes by the prophet Jeremiah, as being dis-assembled, like a kid's mechano set, long brilliantly set into engineering format, and now but pieces, and they, they themselves begin to disassemble into more parts, and then mysteriously they start to lose their rigid structure, and definable form, till what had been a  marvel of disciplined design, becomes ... inert. The pieces lose design enmemberment, then straight structure, then molecular association, then atomic fixity, as if radioactive and decaying, moving towards the relative inertia of lead: and it is all, as if a rebuke to presumption.

Again, it is as if the child who had this marvellous construction which he gained by conjoining design components and constraining them to his thought for the result, one in which he could rejoice and even delight, had become above himself. He had been boasting that Dad did not really give it to him, but he took it out of his weekly pocket money, and as to that, it was owed to him as a right as a child of the house, and he selected what to buy, and knew loads about engineering ... and so on and on. In this dis-assemblage, a beautiful rebuke would be found.

Sometimes in this way, imaginary things can be used very well to speak about actual ones.

Israel had been vaunting its autonomy, magnifying its will, enjoying its thrill, assembling gods from the neighbouring nations, becoming a cultural explorer, a religious artisan, as if gods were additives to society, misusing children in fiery sacrificial rites, ignoring their heritage in the Lord. In short, it had become a place of religious experiment with the object of satisfaction, as if reality did not even exist, only the will, the heart and the imagination. It became as foretold in Deuteronomy 32:15-21.

In fact, this fall, in Israel of old, had a tragically close relationship to the Australia, the Europe, the USA of today. These in large part, have at various times had enormous Christian impacts, admittedly sometimes sullied by the sullying forcefulness of Romanism*1; but for all that, vast spiritual impacts had been made. One  example is to be found in the second half of the nineteenth century in times of revival, in the USA in particular, and in that land,  its foundations had including much more of Christ in His biblical beauty. Now a calamity has come, to many nations formerly more upright.

Children are taught nature-myths, and in a type of spiritual madness, these are not only allowed into science, which is comic in its tragic way, intoxicated with mistaken valour as so often in idolatry, but in some cases, the matter is worse. By governmental authority, the case becomes such that in this field,  science can tolerate only myth, and practical realities are not what you get, find, see, can verify, but ONLY what NEVER comes into view. It is asserted from  the land of imagination into the world of the observable*2, as though it had any relationship.  Theories of war and co-operation are internationally built on equally mythical morals, based on nothing, indistinguishable from the fleeting compromises of desire wrought in the field of the irrational.

 TO an increasing degree, in such ways, this world is living on nothing but dreams, even at its highest levels of statesmanship, nation by nation, little indeed to the contrary; and pride rules where the young in millions, their minds already infested with myths, now litter the land with blood. Some religious groups seem almost to specialise in it, as if it were the highest possible attainment for man, to add religious myths to secular ones, till  all is based on  nothing that responds to logical and rational tests, but is a matter of emotional surge, psychic urge or spiritual splurge. Such is the degenerative process, which no world could stand long (cf. Matthew 24:22). Nor will this one have to do so, for the drama has a last act.

Let us hear the prophet Jeremiah address a situation of great and graphic similarity in Ch. 4:

"Break up your fallow ground,

And do not sow among thorns.

Circumcise yourselves to the Lord,

And take away the foreskins of your hearts,

You men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem,

Lest My fury come forth like fire

And burn so that no one can quench it,

Because of the evil of your doings."





Its Surrounds

"O Jerusalem, wash your heart from wickedness,

That you may be saved.

How long will your evil thoughts lodge within you "? - Jeremiah 4:14.

It is then, in Jeremiah 4:23ff., that the vision comes, assailing the mind, just as soon to follow, the Babylonian armies assailed the city and bled the heart of the land.

"For my people are foolish, they have not known Me;
they are silly children, and they have no understanding:
they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.

"I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void;
and the heavens, and they had no light.

"I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly.

"I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled.

"I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness,
and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the LORD,
and by his fierce anger.

"For thus the LORD has said,

'The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end.
For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black:
because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.' "

NOT KNOWING GOD*3, instead of being regarded as a norm, together with  extravagant nonsense about culture as an envelope for religion, becomes pathology disguised as normalcy. Thus,  Australia after 232 years of settlement from a formerly and then formally Christian nation (alas for the reality), proceeds  to a virulent educational program in this field, with all its philosophical mis-attachments, in a way which would be a calamity for any people. It is like being a grocery clerk and not knowing any mathematics, or a builder having no arms.

A  dog knows its master, but when a people do not know its God, it sets out like raging flames into the bushland, and wonders why it has social, political, military, psychic, environmental and moral problems, in dissent and dissatisfaction: acting with the singular vision of an ant with broken legs. False premises break promise, and foolish assurances show grounds for confusion, which abounds. A good example ? See Volume 5, Ch. 8 in this series, or again Wake Up World! Chs. 4-6. .

Indeed the Lord says something just like that, and remember, Israel though a select nation, was one to show the way (Isaiah 43:21) which, losing the Lord by rebellion, instead for a time, lost it.

"The ox knows its owner
And the donkey its master's crib,

"But Israel does not know
My people do not consider,"
Isaiah 1:3.

The Creator did not work a little to make this earth. God did not plan a little to provide for man's  redemption and restoration when he met his match in his own sin, and became liable to death. Indeed,  now nations often seem to imagine that it is their natural inheritance, not their supernaturally imposed  rebuke, and ladle it out to the masses by the millions, in a thing called war. And why is much of this now occurring ? Read  about Muhammad, about Islamic this and Islamic that, making mud pies out of people, because they consider something urges them to do so, and call it a religious necessity*2

. Further, even Hindus in India can mark out Christian Churches in Orissa for example, and raze the 'infidels' while Communist nations, whose god arises out of nothing in an amazing way and attests himself, as does Muhammad in no rationally defensible manner - though God gave us MINDS for USE - can make up new  atomic bombs and make gestures as if to use them. It is not that the world has gone mentally mad, but spiritually insolvent.

Since it knows not how to live, it has increasingly in World War I, II and II, as in the more recent examples to be found in the field of  oil-thrusting Islamic lust, with various other ideologies, shown its interest in death. There has been an inordiante multiplication of the macabre, the gruesome, the unhallowed, the unholy.  It is as predicted precisely in Revelation 6, 3-8:

"When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see.” Another horse, fiery red, went out.
And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth,
and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.

"When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come and see.” So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it
had a pair of scales in his hand.
And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying,

'A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius;
and do not harm the oil and the wine.'

"When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, Come and see.' '
So I looked, and behold, a pale horse.
And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hell followed with him.
And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth,
to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.

"When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar
the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God
and for the testimony which they held.
And they cried with a loud voice, saying,

'How long, O Lord, holy and true,
until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?

"Then a white robe was given to each of them; and it was said to them
that they should rest a little while longer, until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were, was completed."

A denarius ? A day's pay for a workman. Hence a little wheat for a whole day's work: there is a food shortage, and rigours are setting in as now for millions in this world, famine is found.

Such were things foretold in the events to come in the apostle John's day, for the time when the spiritual scenario should come to its final dramas and crises, a time when death would become almost a religious necessity, and certainly a political horror, a field of fascination and indulgence, rabidness and dreadful dream. Increasing numbers amid nations and groups are acting  as if it scarcely mattered (except of course when Israel, seeking to defend itself, may kill some of those still ruthlessly attacking it.

With urgent passion, despite multiplied Moslem lands and wealth about this portion of the world,  more land is sought from the minuscule residue left to the Jews, though Israel has already given away most of the residual lands left from what was accorded to it by the League of Nations. Residual ? Yes, that is so, since Jordan was granted most of the site  noted, Palestine; and with more land yet restored by Israel, there is a small entity left.  As to that freely given by Israel to the Islamic sector, this  has  become a further site for bombarding the donor, as if a quaint testimony to sincerity for peace! Thus does this national assassination attempt proceed, and thus is Israel still by many,  made a target for extermination.

That, it is one phase of the murder-multiplication foretold in Revelation 6; and another testimony to the utter desire of this world to be rid of what is a testimonial to God, whether it be the Bible, its testimony, the land of the people through which most of it came, or any godly basis for any nation.

As to Israel, as foretold, it IS back in its land, evidently making the devil  all but livid; and its conversion as a vast multitude as foretold, draws near in the foretold sequence of events. That, however, is another story, since it touches the Bible and their restoration, first as now, to the land, and to come soon,  to the Lord (cf. Ezekiel 36ff., Zechariah 12*4).


Its Sights

It is a long sequence, from Abraham to Jerusalem to covenants to Christ, to His rejection, to the exile of Israel.

It was then at one of the crucial phases, and times of disjunction from the Lord on the part of authorities in the nation, that the vision of Jeremiah about a dissolving earth, was presented.

Jeremiah tells us in this vision that he sees the earth, and it has a striking resemblance to just what it was when the Lord first created it, before the  Spirit moved on its face. It is seen as without form and void, formless, strikingly nascent, like clay yet to be moulded to  a statue, or a canvas yet to be scrutinised with colour. It is seen starkly as if back to phase one of its creation. Here is a word for non-Israel, for the Gentile nations, who have no special privilege to sin with impunity!

In other words, disassembled in imagination, it is as if it is being subjected  to some terrifying judgment so that its very beginnings return: like a bombed city. it lies waste. Worse, it is as if it HAD NEVER BEEN THERE! It is returned to its initial stage before man ever blighted it with sin and rebellion against its Maker. The heavens above, in this vision they did not even have light, as if we were returned to the time BEFORE the LORD said: "Let there be light" and it was so. Now it is not so!

The hills, instead of being formed, were seen as trembling, and man was omitted from the scene likewise. The very birds had fled, as if sensing the disorder and disorganisation and anti-creation and desolation, where they did not and indeed could not belong. Cities were broken down. Such was the vision of Jeremiah 4:23ff..

The Lord used this desolatory devastation, investing it indeed with a sense of man being no longer worthy of living in it (the flood nearly ended his time on it before, as in Genesis 6 (cf. Matthew 24:36ff.).

In reassurance, the Lord divulges to Israel in that day, that "I will not make a full end."

This is like a warning shot, but how MANY are needed as we move through the warning lines of Matthew 24 and Luke 21, to find all the developments before the Lord's return to judge the earth, taking place as if being put in place by a child doing a leggo assignment. This is no child, but the Father of spirits, who so acts as recorded in advance, and then done, to prevent all rational argument (cf. Isaiah 41, 48). Yet as in ancient Israel, so in modern civilisation, amid the nations, they do not heed, but go like fiery horses undisciplined, each one in mounting desperation towards mutual incineration.

They think, but they do not realise how they think; they will, but do not realise how they will; they proclaim that they have no responsibility, and give responsible reasons for their state, based on a knowledge which their very model of materialism does not permit. They wring their hands, but do not wring their hearts. Neither do they relent nor repent as foretold in Revelation 9:20.

Considering the forerunner, Israel, a teaching lesson if ever there was one (for like some of the nations, it has had a marvellous day - when under David - and what followed when Jerusalem fell in 586 B.C., was as Jeremiah describes it in Lamentations, a soul-stressing malaise of horror, of distress, of awful arrogance of the destroying bull, which gave come-uppance to their own follies. It was this which came to rampage in their midst,  even Babylon. Certainly it would be penalised for ever for its wantonry against Israel, even though Israel, forsaking the Lord, left itself open, like a wound undressed.

Babylon ? its due recompense was assured - Jeremiah 50-51! and would not end. Yet the Lord allowed and indeed directed the manner of this,  after centuries in ancient Israel where sin was the fashion (cf. Ezekiel 20), the in-thing as now so broadly in Australia, and evil to children, malaise to man, self-assertion with gods, morals, midget worship was the cultural clue!

God Himself was not inured to folly by its wildness. On the contrary, when His own, self-appointed time came (Christ the Citadel ... Ch.2), precisely at the point foretold, and He became man and offered Himself a target for sin so that freely and justly He might forgive, He did not lag! It was available for all, and effective for those who,  repenting, made Him a target: not for violence, but for obtaining His salvation, taking it to heart. To obtain it in His own purity, justice and merit, to make it holy, acceptable, free and complete, THEREFORE  HE suffered.

It was His life which He laid down from Himself, the epitome of love (John 10). It signalised the Spirit of His concern, compassion and entreaties for so long, for as He declared and we learn in in Isaiah 63,  "in all their affliction, He was afflicted." At Calvary the practical and constructive outcome occurred, effectual release from the power, guilt and domination of sin; and in His resurrection the available income was shown, authenticated, verified as it had been for centuries as His words always came home to lodge, and during His life on this earth, where His word of healing or retort, was never broken.

Yet, with all these lessons, examples, presentations and appeals: they do not heed, the nations. To this day, they do not heed.

Do they still not realise, recognise, like Jerusalem in that day, that the rampancy and ruin for which in arrogant rebellion and ruinous morals, and even joy in their dissolute dynamic, it will not fail to come (cf. Revelation 8ff.)! Dreams of divine dither are mere imagination; which as in any flood or execution, do not affect realities (cf. Jeremiah 23: 21-29).

So the vision of Jeremiah 4, on which we have dwelt,  became the horror of the Book of Lamentations; and when half a millenium later, Christ was rejected by Israel's authorities, alas a longer time of penalty was to come, and now has come. In this,  even the greedy and the ruthless have attacked and attacked, and in the midst of their own lavish sins, have assailed like viruses, the open wound of an Israel, severed from the peace of the Prince of Peace, by their war upon Him (as in Micah 3:5, culminating as in Revelation 19:19).  Alas for them, .for without the Lord, what defence is there! (cf.  Leviticus 26). And now the aggressors await their own come-uppance, as did Babylon the bully, in its own day.

The nations have clouted Israel long, and it is still the overall song; but they themselves, have they not followed in a parallel path, warned like Israel (Matthew 24), often and long with a constant and continuing testimony! Do they expect deliverance when Israel  suffered so, when they engineer the same decline, rebellion and ruin in their hearts, and constantly teach their young to revere idols.


Its Implication

Consider now the realities, the folly of it. There you see the world in Jeremiah's vision in Chapter 4, the world as without form and void, as if in being so spiritually desecrated, it was being brought not just back to basics, but on to its confrontation. It was effectually being stripped down, dismantled, reduced to beginnings, unvarnished, decoded into early phases, ruined, relieved of glory.

Let us try to make the point clearer if possible. There conceive one standing amid the beginnings, with just oneself and nothing. Let us focus on an imaginary situation in order to understand the depth of the vision of Jeremiah. Without form and void. Let us go further in that direction.

We look, but there is nothing. Where is everything, where is anything.

We are dumbfounded, and look about but darkness and formlessness is on all sides.

We consider the creation, from which we have abstracted ourselves, and and muse about all the lost, a spirit in survey.

Then it occurs that it OUGHT to be there, so we call out and seek for space and time, and they arrive. Then for laws and form to govern matter, and they come ready, like puffing dogs, excited, delighted to obey.

Then we need particles to employ in making material things orderly and manipulable, and versatile, as in physical and chemical law-form-format situations, and we find them all orderly and ready to obey a governing climate of law and order.

Encouraged, we consider. What now ? We ask for light, and it comes by command with great speed and facility, and we find astronomical objects, neatly aligned for the various purposes as in Genesis 1:14, the light in its creation from suitable sources, thrust as a plank into a wall, where it is to function with supernatural speed, revealing wonder.

Life though ? We call for botanical life, and myriad-commanding particles come onto the scene, all arranged, organised, with commands by the billion, telling them all about themselves, with information DNA added, meta-information data, to organise how their own own commands are to be interpreted and applied, within the limits of 'kind' (cf. Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, p.  353ff.), and so come all the technical data which man is still trying to grasp with thousands of scientists, because it is so utterly and entirely brilliant, intricate, filled with devices that rattle reason by their sophistication and foresight.

Now animal life and then human. We call for it all, and it comes, each mode prepared, each module in order, with shape and ... here's a notable point, individual meaning, whether it be of ox or man, for toil or for thought, for understanding or for liberty, for correction or for cure. It is all provided to a staggering degree of self-sufficiency, with overall protection devices to preclude macro-events which would destroy all, till the time come.

It is all there, each segment in structured place, miniaturisation of commands beyond anything man can even contemplate (cf. Denton, op. cit.  pp.  252I - 252L, 103ff.)..

We marvel. We are getting places.

But man ? He is to have special features as far from animal as is animal from  matter.

Why ? That is for the Lord to say,  but doubtless so that we might know Him, and so be like enough in powers, to comprehend what He is about, and does and why: to KNOW Him. It is He in whose image, in a spiritual and created sense, we are made, and hence enabled to dwell on these areas in complete rationality and consistency (cf. SMR, TMR).

Minds are therefore given, not merely to perceive, but to conceive, and not only to conceive but to comprehend, and not only to comprehend but to amend and to invent and to imagine, and even if so woefully  misused, to imagine other gods and to make them up, and then, like sports cars suddenly under their own control, to follow these dreams and invest them with illusory power. It is as Jeremiah 23 has it, a place of liars against the Lord who mislead not only themselves, but others; and now, sometimes it is millions or billions of others. The day of false prophets, said Jeremiah (23:20), would become perfected as the end of the Age approached! It is precisely so in this world, and the point is utterly fulfilled. The world depicted and predicted is beginning to look now like our own! Even some  so-called churches are but lairs (as Peter in effect predicted in II Peter 2:1ff).

But with these meta-rational minds,  capable of disassembling things mentally, and of their re-assembly in terms of intellectual patterns at will, we have to find spirits which will cast the die, move the mind, decide on which vision to follow, evaluate, prioritise and operate beyond technicalities, in terms of truth or lie, trouble or peace, understanding and patience, or rampaging and folly, like a mad dog, if so spoiled, except that this one, it is well equipped with a fiery imagination and inordinate lust to control others.

These come into the world as it begins to be assembled before us in imagination, and suddenly we begin to realise something. Why how did WE, you and I, or some other, come to be CALLING for all these things, and how did we have a place when there was NOTHING! We must get out of this.

Who will replace us then and do the calling, and the sequencing, and the structuring, and the machining, and the works of imagination in order to get the design components ?*5

Ah yes, but of course. It is God.

He took the initiative. He did so from the first. Creation was comely. At the outset, it was lovely.

Yes, and when He DID do all this, it is just as Genesis tells us, in the beginning, and this done, it was in the day  when man fell into irrational, devious revolt against God, even daring to doubt Him who had given quite sufficient instructions, and to use initiative as in a war with his own Maker, instead of as an arm for serving and delighting in Him: all this,  it is just as much there also (cf. Romans 5:1-12, 8:17ff.). So it is almost as if we had to go back to our imaginary place, and call for something else; for it was still missing.

So in imagination, we went back and called for SALVATION, the provision for dealing with SPIRITUAL misfits and fidgets and fiascos and riots and ruin. But it would not come, since this is in God Himself, and not a part of creation. So we went back and pondered, but there it was, in the Bible, in history from the first as in Genesis 3:15, when the Lord made both a provision and a promise. HE would ensure that through MAN there would come a SALVATION from the deceptions of the devil (which man's needless sin was all too willing to accept). The work needed would be a hurt to the deliverer, but death to the evil.

Just how far the Lord would go, even coming to this earth in Person, even dying on a Cross in the format of man, even in being Himself cursed (Galatians 3), was soon to be shown in a way no imagination could evoke, for from the Lord Himself is infinite in wisdom and presence and holiness: this became apparent.

Just how far man would go, in denying the cry of the Lord IN PERSON, for the people to come and find rest in Him (Matthew 11) and receive redemption (Matthew 20, John 4:14, 7:37-38), and resurrection (John 11). How much mud would they throw in the Hospital for Souls, the crucified and risen Christ! Much, a flood of mud and blood;  and the casting filthy imaginations upon His purity, this too would be seen. Many would be killed likewise.

God was not willing to expend enormous magnificences of creative power to make a being of joy and peace, wisdom and understanding so that it could be irrevocably  ruined by misuse of the very strength and stature of its gifts. He provided, as in an aircraft equipped with routines for various outcomes, like losing an engine, to save it from crashing. He would provide, and did, a salvation not to be repented of, but very much to be avoided, if those maestros of liberty, mankind, those slaves of sin, fallen mankind, those suppliants for judgment, recalcitrant mankind, those objects of pity, spoiled mankind, should have their way.

Nevertheless, such was and is His generosity, and man's need, that It would be free, as after a crash to a ruined vehicle, the help must be (whoever ultimately pays, here the Lord Himself). Moreover, it would be adequate, as many an automobile crash repair unit can make their own work, when it is finished, as Christ's salvation now is (Hebrews 7:25, 9:12-28, 10:10-14, Colossians 1:19ff.).

In this, God took, once more, the initiative. He did this thing. He left nothing undone, as in the first creation, so in this, the redemption and the regeneration, not yet of all things as in Acts 3:19-21, but of those who believing in Him, receiving His salvation, were thus accepted in the beloved (Ephesians 1:6).

Since it involved this knowledgeable, this responsible being man, who could in himself conceive both sin and salvation, responsibility and guilt, even become both paralysed in mind and dead in spirit, and yet live, therefore it included payment. This was made at the level of the sin, in KIND, and that was why God became man so that in mankind He could be kind and to this, our kind, give a very prodigy of hope, transformed by faith, into a certainty that THIS Jerusalem, this focussed and built up wonder, the very SOUL of man, might be delivered (Titus 2-3).

Millions are delivered; and billions are not; for the way in is narrow (Matthew 7:15). In providing this way, calling to it (Romans 8:29ff.), conducting on it (John 10:9, 27-28), concluding the matter before creation began, the choice of all who are His own (Ephesians 1:4), ensuring that none who might in love be saved, were left out, none who would not would be included,,,, 

God took the initiative. In this sequence, it was thirdly, a resolution made in eternity, leading to the final application of redemption. Those for whom heaven would be a form of hell are not constrained; those who in the grace of God surrender without pre-conditions, just in and into Christ without loss, are saved. They are saved once as He died once; they are saved forever, just as He rose without sin, having sated its claims, forever.

But what of time ? It moves, now in its journey of grace in place, eternity  grasping like an invisible hand, those who are to move to meta-time, where neither dissolution nor corruption can occur, where the pain of test is past and the beauty of holiness is consummate. In spirit, they are already in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6); and in a final eternal body of individuality, they will soon be equipped, when once more, in His return, God will take the initiative, a fourth and beautiful wonder. The resurrection awaits like an eternal sun rising on that eventful morning.

Fifthly,  in this sequence, then, the result of this folly of man, both to sin and to reject salvation, would become increasingly apparent, until the last times noted in the Bible would arrive (as they have arrived), these readily definable by the Bible and exhibited in delicious detail by history, despite the horror of what that detail is. We see it well on its final and fateful course now. This initiative of information has the Lord taken in early times in the presentation in the Bible; for the Lord is good to tell the patient the nature of what his errors has brought and will bring, both in the offer of salvation and the ensuing damnation if this be neglected (Answers to Questions Ch. 5). Its time of making a witness of itself in historical fulfilment is now so intensely being fulfilled before our eyes, that what came near the first, is a spectacle at the last.

In the days of the flood, they ignored opportunity, their thoughts from youth being only evil (Genesis 6), and were mostly drowned; in the second chapter of folly at this level, when fire is to be the torching mode, but before that consummation, there is a demonstration lesson to come (Isaiah 11, 65, Revelation 20, Micah 4, 7, Psalm 2, 72, 110),and it arrives with His return who came, the salvation for man.

For this act of God, we await with that glorious certainty, despite the shame to sham it will bring, for with that, is the attestation of righteousness and truth, as before in much, but now in all (cf. I Corinthians 13, II Peter 3, Revelation 22:20-21). Indeed, this appeal is found in the last verses of the Bible. It is the all-consuming thrust for which we now wait, from the Constructor, Creator, Saviour and Lord.

For the end of the whole matter, rather than its rolling back as in Jeremiah 4, a warning vision, we await with rising joy, and long for our brethren, yet to be found amid mankind, young and old, male and female, educated and uneducated: we yearn for these to be found, and so disseminate this Gospel (cf. Revelation 6:9-11). Having scope to spread the truth of this Gospel, we use what we may, as we may, that the Lord who saves, might be glorified, and the Lord who first created, might have many to His side. It is an unusual side, being by prepared plan from the Ages, arranged that it be pierced, that we might be delivered.

Thus we spread it, this salvation through His Gospel of grace through faith (Ephesians 2), and that, it is not of yourselves it is the gift of God. Do not be deceived, rather relieved, and receive it and with it, Himself who is the Lord of Lords and Earner of salvation. This, it is far better than receiving a world, or worlds: it is the Maker of them and the God and Father of Mankind, who did not hesitate to send His only begotten Son, who did not rest from His work, till it was done.

Testify of it ? Who wouldn't!



*1 Unam Sanctam, a papal pronouncement aiming high,  made it clear once for all for an infallible hierach-governed church, that the things of this world were very much to its taste, and were not thought unduly to expand its ecclesiastical waste, despite the contrary admonition of Jesus Christ, whom it nevertheless, anomalously names. It would govern for this world and the next (contra - John 18:36ff.). Nothing could be further from the truth.

See SMR pp. 903, 911ff., 946-954, 1032ff., 1039, 1046, 1065, 1069ff., 1088G, 1197 

When such government occurs, and they shall not hurt or destroy on the Holy Mountain, then it is Jesus Christ Himself personally who is the Ruler (Isaiah 11,Psalm 72), just as it was He who was crucified, and not a proxy. In the meantime, the era of Gospel publication, He has forbidden force to be used in His name for His religion, even if it be intended to protect Himself (Matthew 26), FOR His kingdom is not of this world, as He stated.

He WILL rule the world, but in terms of SPIRITUAL realities, currently taught to this world, and then to be implemented by government, when the era of spiritual falsetto and fraud is superseded, and the advent of His Majesty occurs, as in Revelation 19. This sort of power, which Rome has sought, is not only forbidden to the Church, but warps its witness, spoils its wisdom and allows rampant lust to enter spiritual themes, an incubus to the testimony of Christ, just as it has been used to kill Christians. It should be ANNULLED by any Church which has stated it has such physical power for violence; and if not, any such religious body is in open rebellion against Christ.


Ancient Words... Ch. 14, inquisition on the Inquisition,

Acme ... Ch.   3, papacy and inquisition and more on papal sorrow

From the first of the above SMR references, this extract on Unam Sanctam is taken.

Nevertheless the relevant fact for our purpose is this: for hundreds of years, there continued the central European empire, complete with Emperor, whilst its appalling political-ecclesiastical power combinations lead to such horrors as the military attacks on the humble Waldensian saints, in the mountains of Italy. These were effected by 'religious' armies, sent without visible affection by the Pope, in the interests of his deviant doctrines and political pretensions by which he modestly claimed to rule the world.

Though Jesus Christ turned down the devil in the offer of just powers (Matthew 4:8-10), here in Europe was one who would use them, and that in Christ's name! Thus in the famed 'Bull', Unam Sanctam, Boniface VIII, pope, wholly contradicts Christ, as if by an antithetical and angry, carnal spirit, in bold style. Its vigour and virulence reminds one of the manner and approach of Satan, when tempting Christ in the wilderness (Matthew 4): always against and 'beyond' the word of God, that spirit sought to seduce. It has fared better with some who misuse the name of Christ than with the Master Himself; and false christs have indeed come, merely attesting once more the absolute mastery of Jesus Christ in His person OVER Satan - to whom so many fall, in predicting what was to come in serpentine seductions from the truth which - as He claimed - He was and is (John 14:6, 8:58). But let us taste for edification and awareness, the flavour of the papal literary liquor.

'Truly he who denies that the temporal sword is in the power of Peter, misunderstands...' declared this Pope. Speaking of swords, symbols of power and rule, one for the things temporal, or of this world, and one of things spiritual, he added: 'both are in the power of the church...' As to the temporal sword, that trifle, it is also in the power of the church, 'by kings and captains but at the will and by the permission of the priest' (Bettenson: Documents of the Christian Church, p. 160).




If hope springs eternal in the human heart, yet in science one would assuredly expect something more empirical to  spring to the eye, when the probe for truth proceeds.  NEVER in naturalism's organic evolution does this occur, for though excuses occur, and theories arise, ones never practically relevant AND confirmed as such, yet what happens is void to the point (cf. SMR pp. 140ff.. TMR Ch. 1). It is as if the Wright Brothers had all things as they did in history, but one. Their plane did not take off. It does make a difference. On this, see The gods of naturalism have no go! See also Delusive Drift ... Ch. 4, and with a multiple approach: The Divine Drama Ch. 10

 If science tells what is empirically to be found, and co-ordinates it, then here is its nadir, telling what is not to be seen, heard or experimentally verified or even found.

Science is not this! See Scientific Method ...

Nature-worship is as it always has been, simply a delusion, and its powers, admitted or not, are merely fanciful, like those of other idols. If they be hidden (though smuggled in inferentially), then dishonesty is added to the quest, whether conscious or not. If they be imagined not to be there, then magic is present, and cause-effect is annulled, which annuls logic with it (cf. Causes, Deity and Design    8). It is only by strangling the logical and empirical bases of science, that naturalism gets even a look. Defilement of youth by force, this is the new violence, to match that of the Inquisition and militant Islam (just as it was at the first, in Mecca, and in the Koran cf. Divine Agenda ... Ch. 6More Marvels ... Ch. 4).Just so is the position in Communism.

For this, in whatever form, mode or model,  due payment comes in social, psychic,  commercial, military and other tedious  manipulative disasters; for what is warped, does not go straight. It is no use moaning; it is necessary to repent and obey the word of God, and regard logic without intoxication in terms of irrational desires that flout it. Proverbs 1 puts it roundly, to cover all cases.

On Communism's force and fatuity, see:

Tender Times for Timely Truth Ch.   8;
The Grating Grandeur ... Ch.   2; SMR  pp. 925ff.
, 971-972;

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with News 98, News 37.

A useful larger selection:

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the Communists, the de-godders and the realities)
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4 (liberty, Tiananmen, worship and its direction in time, its terms and code of truth); History, Review and Overview   Ch. 1,
Impossible to Men, Open to  God Ch.

See also Lord of Life Ch.   8.



On remedy for this, see:

TMR  Ch. 3, with Ch. 1, and then Ch.  2 . For more on this, see:

The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy.




See SMR pp. 510ff.,

It Bubbles, It Shrieks, He Calls Ch. 10

Outrageous Outages ... Ch.  1,

The Divine Drama Ch. 10,

Let's Be Reasonable, For God Is! Ch. 5,

Red Alert Ch. 10 as marked.






It is the nature of such a declarative survey as presented in this Chapter, that the detailed exhibition of the implied, impelled and imparted data, principles, procedures, requirements to be requisitioned, is far from being as simple as might appear. We 'call' for something, but this may be like 'calling' for a 747 aircraft, but much more fundamental and systematic in a pervasive and universal fashion.

In what is to come, each thing called for,  ideation is required, even considerable analysis, even to EXPRESS the element, component or being. That these are not  tediously called for, one by one is no indication at all of simplicity! only of cogitational simplicity. Actualisation is a very different thing as all creators know.

It would take too long to seek to specify every component. But it is not too  long to have them exhibited in growing measure as a theme, when these are presented as the main purpose of a presentation,  such as appears in Repent or Perish Ch. 7. First we found that  the materialism which uses immaterial presentations, invisible, cogitative, logical, to present its hypothesis and model, is excluded by its own claims at the outset. In more detail, this is shown in the first part of that Chapter just cited,  as in Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 2 and SMR Chs.   1,   3,  10.

Secondly, the ideational realm itself depends on its reality and perspicuity, the validity and relevance of its art for the establishment of any model, theory, hypothesis or approach to discriminating between truth and error. Matter does not confer this, being a mode of procedure of what is ordered into organisation for performance without meta-testimony. For this to be so, truth must exist; since its non-existence would preclude any method from deploying, utilising or achieving it,  in its terms and so anything or anyone within it could not impart what it cannot reach. 

For this to be accomplished, there has to be a viewpoint, perspective, overview, insight, understanding which is not the same as the processive  alignments of operative facilities, the thrust of which is to be activated in motion and interchange, react, and fulfil the bonding forces, constraints and laws which they exhibit.  It is one thing to be and react,  respond. It is quite another to be made to be so that one may do so. So with the truth; it is one thing to talk about it, quite another to get it.

For that, there must be what renders it possible, and this means a viewpoint and understanding sufficient for anything, capable of anything, subordinate to nothing contrary, excluded  from what compels, impels, drives, operates and thrusts.

To achieve that, you need a Being normally called God, comprehensive in comprehension, inured by nothing, limited by nothing. Without that, you cannot even have a model with the understanding, the truth required - truth you would nevertheless proclaim in His denial. Without this, this is no truth, only reaction, response and interaction, which cannot build what is not there. Ignoring it is self-contradiction, illicit use of what is being denied, a futile model illustrating the meaning of irrationality.

For such a Being to  BE there, however, you need limits neither  to His power nor to His perception. If you start in model with nothing, so often shown on this site, you must categorically end there; for what is in view from the start, being comprehensively the original for anything, while nothing can never become something-with-a-future or something-with-potential without categorical self-contradiction, initial adequacy alone remains. In being adequate for all, it must lack nothing required for the creation of laws of mind, matter and spirit, and their various interchangeabilities or relationships. Taking any bit of any of these, you ignore the rest.

What is needed is what is not bit-model, coming from nowhere, inadequate for anything except what is its own domain, and contrived with its own limits, not contriver, and hence mere irrelevance on the one hand and begging of the question on the other, dereliction in origination, form, information and formation. In  all such, you contradict the causal requisites for what is there or on your model must simply lack it, so that you can  account for nothing, just as it must come from nothing. That, it is as with all fairy tales.

Thus we often find many who not only would abhor His salvation but cancel His creation, as if before anything was there, it invented itself. To provide NO reason is irrational; to have it from itself is self-contradiction, since it, being all and being absent, must make itself present. Existence exuded from nowhere, cause free : this, their fantasy. This is a non-sequitur, reason on leave. So they err on the right, on the left:  instead of realising that God being ALWAYS there, He created time and all things when He so desired.

Indeed, what is needed for anything EVER to be is  for ONE always to be there, eternal,  so that what is adequate for EVERYTHING might duly create it.  Then we have base, not as the dreams of illusion, but as the productions of evidenced brilliance. Then we need not at all the modern, scientistic alternative to science, frequently masquerading as science, the gropings of unreason. Then there is no need to ignore the evidence: each major kind, as in the Bible, seen to be there or going with time, nothing of this dimension seen to coming or becoming, which is the lot the irrational premiss,  in effect worshipped, its incapacity as attested without cease.

So it continues, what made the creation no more making it, because as in the Bible, it is FINISHED (Genesis 1-2). What is, it continues outside the creation, the work done, and not repeated. When God acts, you get  results proportionate  and  accordingly. When He does not, then you do not. When His creation comes, Its coming leaves traces:  never in bits, always in sophisticated array, whether in form or in DNA, in cell or in law.


Format, information and formation, all continues, once made,
not innovating but exhibiting the brilliant  programs made and the limits of their adaptive provisions;
while non-intelligence is as inert to creation now as always.
Information cannot create itself with nothing (Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed ... Ch.  4),
and in particular without intelligence.


Codified comprehensibility is not a result of incapacity to encode, but of capacity;
organisation is not a result of chaos, but of intelligence.
THEREFORE information science has no place for such a production,
empirically. It cannot get it done (
The Desire of the Nations, Epilogue, Ch.  2).


Similarly,  limping laws and dysfunctional formats being half-made we do not find.
The obfuscatory obsession against creation, for which we all know the mode,
having its more limited powers in ourselves, is merely one of the preliminary pits
on the road to hell, unintelligence mocking intelligence,
and chaos imagining it is code-making king
(which, on performance,  is what the One who made the DNA
empirically and actually IS!).


This anti-creation corruption, and anti-intelligence illusion, 
whether as organic evolution or other mystical pre-occupations,
matches the greatest deceits of all time, is on the spiritual non-sequitur express,
that moves, but will not go.
Fantasy can only be reproved by fact,
irrationality by reason,
false hope by reality

 (cf. Waiting for Wonder Appendix, Reflections Ch.   4,
 5 4,
Christ Incomparable .
Ch. 2,
The gods of naturalism have no go! 14,

Evidence and Reality Chs. 2, 5, 6, 7
Impossible for Men, Open for God
Ch. 3,
Dig Deeper, Soar Higher ... Ch.

If your model would start without the power to create all, then it must import (from nowhere), not only what the One already noted has, but what is required to CREATE such a Being, a double work for nothing: and a contradiction at the outset of what you are seeking, so that this work and hence the entirety might come. This merely makes a double negative which being merely error after  another, is no positive!  Since this involves another contradiction in terms for the unlimited basis, it is another rebuff to rationality.

On any such basis, it means that the Sufficient One cannot come (cf.  Causes), nor hence the works required for what is here,  so that you are then  snuffed by your absentees of necessity for truth and delimited existence, both! Ultimately, and causally, you need what IS sufficient from the FIRST and this without limits. Cripple causality and nothing can come, for it has no way, and no account of any supposed origin for causality can be made, for without causality, sequence in argument is dead. Only what is inherently equipped with adequate basis for it, can be adequate, at the outset, and hence eternally.

This is normally called God the Eternal, or The Eternal One, or The Everlasting God, or God Almighty. Imports of matter without producer is again, merely one more example of vexation of nothing,  by grabbing what in non-self-sufficiency REQUIRES adequate cause. Insistence on inadequacy is begging the question, a matter of irrationality, interface failure, not a notable feature of science, nor a sound solution.

Matter and its forms,  formats, laws of association and dissociation, energic transfer (cf. TMR Ch. 1) and laws for energy-mass relationship, for example, neat and methodical, expressible in very often exceedingly precise terms, demanding for the intellect which grasps them, and creating such demand because of the cognitive and indeed cognisable qualities within them: this is cosmos number one. It demands the qualities of mind which we also directly possess, in the human race, so that we can even trace these back of the laws and apply them in order to formulate the laws, recognising with the LOGOS inherent in our minds the LOGOS inherent in matter. The one is passive, installed, the other is active,  revealing what is installed, and checking its own use of logical means to ascertain this in a self-servicing power that is both personal and in need of intense scrutiny. That is part of being a person.

This is verificatory of the Creator and His rational nature, since ONE of the productions is subjectively able to operate on the same required  rationale as the other has had impelled into it - so that mind has what matter has been forged with, in its causal conditioning by which it operates as a non-magical, rational reality. What is put in, is what is found out rationally, expressible logically, moving in a schema notable in discursive imagination that finds fulfilment in comprehensible connotations. Hence scientific method is rewarding,  to whatever realm it is applied,  as is the scrutiny of logic itself (cf.  SMR Ch. 5),  the spiritual means for this being present in the one whose operational features likewise are inscribed with it.

Mind is cosmos number two, and just as it has the background for recognising the conceptually expressible formulations in matter, and for operating (like any operating system on a computer, but in a lively and self-scrutinising fashion), so it has the power to direct thought in constructions, models and methods of its own,  always subject in rationality to the forms of reason. These modes of operation involve self-control, self-discipline,  awareness of reason's modes, honesty, testability so that errors can be self-corrected, lust for truth and license of liberty not to be controlled by what is extraneous and invalidating.

Spirit is cosmos number three, and requires as it provides, imagination so that mere acquiescence and operation in conformity to a series of laws, customs, controls, constraints is not the limit. It has a creative, even  a fantasy side, which may be employed to fabricate lie or wonder, and be deployed even at the extreme, to deceive. It has its own fabric of ideational-imaginative-perceptive-conceptualising, reviewing, subduing, instilling, impelling strength and may be associated by will in significant measure, either with sagacity or asininity.

ALL  of these things have to be co-ordinated, or subordinated, or given a high or higher level of inordinate realisability, as cosmos 1, 2 and 3. Thus they are formed and forged and  correlated, ordered and organised into one synthetic whole, with the superior and inferior aspects gradable and operable each discretely in its domain, or correlatively in a broader setting, allowing the logos aspect and the imaginative aspect, the intuitive and the constraining, the visionary and the intellectually serviceable auxillaries to function as one, with due regard for the place of each.

This grading is shown in some detail in  Repent or Perish Ch. 7, State  of  Data, just as implications and additives follow, in  Part II, and Part III. State of Mind in the same Chapter. It then pursues illicit assumptions and smuggling techniques whereby the imagination and spirits of man seek to bypass, obliterate or belittle the necessities of operational reality, by summary reductionism, as if a mechanic formed the fixed view that the car, which he was reviewing, lacked an  electrical system, because really, it is all just metal.

Thus we look at what is involved, and not just how it works, ready to dismiss, as a child might an airplane, as of course lacking miles of wiring and electronic equipment, whatever that is: anyone can see, says the reductionist, it just flies. It is even harder when the universe, with ALL that it is,  in the materialist model, has to make itself before it is so much as there to do it: a tall order and a tall  story. Option ? yes, it could always be there, which is contrary to observation, for its coming has been discernibly in steps, matter, time, space, life ...; and its first beginnings have always had to come from magic, or another variant, as irrational,  nothing, or  else other. That, it has to be from something either adequate for all that is ever to be, or inadequate.

Otherwise,  logic is violated in the interests of using it to show something, which is mere self-contradiction, in the blindness sub-category. The adequacy is not that of a moron, or a sub-moron without ANY intelligence; for the cognisability of matter and mind requires intelligence to disinter its interstices from their implicit and operational ground. No 'system' can arrive by appeal to what lacks what it requires, or else causation is crushed and logic with it; and it is merely a matter of begging the question which is neither science nor logic.

Any 'system' imagined to be contrived from a sufficient source, is such that the MORE it is to have in it at the outset, the more difficult it is to make it, the entire structural and logical constraint, as in a programmed car, required at installation. Nothing comes from nothing, and there are no exceptions; and at the macrocosmic scale, this is merely intensified, for there is not even anywhere for it to come from in that case, as well as there being no adequacy for interface.

Fascinating features such as noted in Part II must be brought into being, and they are in  cosmos 2, matters of mind, cognition, mutual penetrability of mind with mind, and of matter by mind. As may be seen in Ch. 7, their implied facilities include items such as : the comprehension-combination that transcends. It deals with communication of various orders, internalisation and expression in words or their correlatives (cf. Jesus Christ: Defaced, Unfazed... Ch. 4).

There is therefore, an operational entity, and this is the fourth book, this second unit in our second series: the comprehension-combination that transcends. It goes far beyond the mere structural logical cohesion and synthesis. To emit and receive in terms of a common system is one thing, extremely magnificent though this created product undoubtedly is; but to be so prepared in spirit and mind, that the raw materials, themselves coherent and cohesive between the two systems, within and without, are able to be grasped, intuited, subjected to imaginative incursions, brought into the scope of thought and will and analysis, yes of understanding for action by the non-material, purpose-proposing, imaginative dimension of the being called man, his spirit, this is the next generation of marvel. (Cf. SMR pp. 348ff..)

You communicate ? or are given communication ? You have to comprehend what is symbolically uttered, not only as if a robotic translation unit, but with means which themselves are constructed without our aid, similarly logical in nature, but also dynamic in enterprise, interpretation, conception, understanding, application and discernment. Communication as such involves these things whether unilaterally or bilaterally, whether to broadcast or to receive; but when it is both, there is an immense hinterland of facilities and abilities, all correlative, each to the other, demanding intelligence in the interpersonal, exhibiting it in the non-personal, inspectable for all that by the former, to confirm the mode of construction as common to its own. That is merely one example of what is so readily and irrationally taken for granted in Cosmos 2, as it merges into cosmos 3.

ALL of these things, when one ceases to be childish in thought (assuming what has to be PROVIDED), have to be prepared, instituted in governing and relevant systems, without dis-co-ordinating bugs (for what does not work is not functional or finished), and they require institutive power, constitutive enablement and continuance thrust. It is as foolish to try to make all things of one cosmos as of another in this design prodigy: as if to say that the only thing that is REALLY there is spirit, since it controls mind and can subordinate matter in many ways to its thought, aspiration and imagination.

Indeed, the facility of imagination brings with it,  at the level of man's construction, the power to deviate knowingly or by indiscipline, from what is actual, known, required, and this implies motives and that spiritual perspective, sought, sold or bought, so that the entirety which is man is exceedingly structured, yet not merely routinely so, and immensely provisioned at the personal level. As one entity, operationally distinct, be it interested to become like angel or devil. It is even given scope for consideration of both! rather unlike either robot or animal, indeed, QUITE unlike. Man is in his own sphere, as created one whole. A personal being, he has loads of dimensions, making those of space and time seem relatively simple.

Piecemeal conceptions of such matters,  be they mathematical or personal,  are as inert as irrelevant, for in the totality lies the constraint for the portion, program and part, and its due and necessary raison d'ętre.

In point of fact, it is ALL there and EACH cosmos has its OWN constraints, requirements and insistences, and their conjunction requires a synthetic and understanding oversight for its merging management, and operational unity, which of course is precisely what design both requires and actuates as its point. These necessary features are its definitional sphere (cf. Deity and Design    2).

In short, every phase has a hinterland of method and system, meta-system is always impending, and the meta-information now found to be a profoundly constraining directive power in DNA is merely one technical example of what requires and sustains an operative logic. Above each, underlying any, there is the systematic organisation necessary to make the function work. There is layer on layer of discipline required,  and an ascending order of controls, codes or contrivances so that the merging marvels of multi-systematics may even be contemplated, far less simply told to BE. As to that, in Genesis Ch. 1, the telling by God is like that of a CEO, whose power is such that articulation of his want, becomes performance of his will.

What lies in between is a massif of offices,  officers and communications with mutual systematics of communication, or their equivalent.  To the extent this is as in DNA,  already codified into an operational triplicate of contrivances, lasting thousands of years, it is a wonder; but that in man there is involved the additional power to make some such things on his own, though never at the level embedded in his being, and to imagine others: that is the more wonder and not the less. Not merely can he find, by logical constraint, the entirety of the LOGOS operational facility of word and command, logic and understanding, as a facility, amid creation, as one  viewing it; but he may also USE it to a significant extent,  as a deployer.

It is like a child who is being shown his father's factory, its laws, orders, procedures, equipment and agents,  is then told to  begin making something like it, though much less, on his own, using the principles that work, as NOW he has seen. As he works, he finds some of the things he had never thought of, are in fact required, and when he reaches the computing stage, he may be delighted or appalled (depending on his sufficiency or inadequacy) to find the modes and methods, thoughts and milieu that have to exist and be understood, before anything of this level can be operational. In this world, causality is not quaint but an operational necessity (cf. SMR pp. 257ff., 284-292)).

When therefore, we move  from the imaginary agent who is calling everything into being, as if it were not there already, just to stimulate our imaginations and requisition thought, from mouth to God, who is the actually required one as has been repeatedly demonstrated in detail, THEN there is far more involved, than the mere categories which were mentioned in the text of this Chapter, as we considered Jeremiah 4, and the vision in it! Whole worlds of logical construction have to be 'there'  for the actions,  operational and cogitational in character, in order to operate in command and proto-verbal kind (cf. Jesus Christ,  Defaced, Unfazed: Barrister of Bliss Ch. 4), and to be usable to the points required. Or  again, trailing clouds of glory is the invention, for back of it is the complex and demanding inventory of need. The dance of atoms does not make these; nor do they make the dance; nor the space in which to do it; nor the timing; nor their own construction; nor the thought for it; nor the implementation of the thought; nor the minds for it; nor the spirit to mind the minds and give them vision

(cf. for example,
Possess Your Possessions,
    3,  Ch. 3, esp. *2, *3,
Waiting for Wonder Appendix, Reflections Ch.    4,
The gods of naturalism have no go! Ch.   1, Ch. 14 ,
Spiritual Food and SpIritual Drink
Ch. 11,
It Bubbles
... Ch.    9,
Possess Your  Possessions  Vol. 9, Ch.2).

This last Chapter, above, from which an excerpt is taken below,  gives us in passing, a swift review of the nothingness of nothing, either as a basis or a resource from  which,  from time to time, to draw the contents of the various cosmoi. That below is slightly revised for our present purpose.

Nothing produces nothing*1. Nothing is not the product. Nothing cannot be the cause, when you consider it as the original and till creation, eternal state. Void at the first is the mother of nothing.

Matter is not the product of nothing, so it had a precursor. It was a matter producer.  Matter  cannot produce itself when it is not there to do it. It cannot be a non-product since it is not sufficient for itself: it has laws, limits, traceable procedures. It is not self-sufficient. To imagine it eternal is to abandon logic, which ever demands a cause, just as causality cannot be dispensed with, without dispensing with logic, by which argument is made (cf. Causes). The only logical possibility*1 is a self-sufficient source, eternal and not subjected to imposition or contrivance, free. Then causality, and then alone, is satisfied, by an eternal causeless, unconstrained and unrestricted Being, eternal source of all systems, ideas for and in them, will and contrivance. Then only is the demand of scientific method for cause adequate for result and interface for its occurrence, to be met. The thought process does not stop because the universe is big, as though grandeur made its origin irrelevant, or its magnificence eliminated institution, as if magic rules where operation of scale occur! The opposite is true.

It is merely an issue of total, self-explanatory basis for everything. It is the ever-vernal reality.

It cannot be material, since matter has the aforementioned liability to reason's demands. It must be free therefore to make what it wishes, and not be any type of constricted, constrained, contained and  directed being, by program (who made that ?) or other grounding.

Reason requires this Being and when reason is followed, it finds the testimony, testable to an exceedingly great degree, of the Bible. Thus reason requires God as in SMR, and a unique validity is attested for the result of reason, in this, that when you get there (as with a scene of a crime with finger-prints), your work of investigation receives its confirmation. You not only find what meets reason, but what confirms it, the ultimate validity. What reason insists on, God has given. What of this testable book claiming His Almighty origin ? (cf. II Peter 2:19ff., I Corinthians 2:9ff., Matthew 5:17ff.). In detail, it is verified, making the investigation scientific in those aspects of scientific method applicable, and a number of these are. There are many other lines of testimony leading to God, but in this case we are looking at one only.

Scientific method*2 insists that if a thing be deemed to be so, there must be no contrary testimony in the areas of verification, and there should be convergent testimony in those areas. As shown in many volumes, this is the case in this arena of thought, trial  and test. There is hence a ground for the reality of God found in logical, causal, scientific and validation areas. There is no other option. The way to test lies open; and it shows that God has not left this world to roam like children at a nuclear control tower, with no adequate ideas about the powers, privileges and duties of being here. He does not allow the ruin of young lives, active minds, peaceable people by the artisans of war and crime, cruelty and dishonesty as a systematic gift to innocent man (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 2, Barbs ... 6    -7); but has told mankind so often, so much, in so many ways, summed in the Bible, personified in Jesus Christ, that the mere continuance of this race at all, is a miracle of mercy. But its term is set, known only to God (Matthew 24:22).


Man faces at length the reality of God, in judgment richly deserved, and piteously postponed, or in redemption, pityingly provided and realised with the same labour and discipline as befits all intricate and logically organised, personally discernible reality. You have to be a discerner in order to discern, and to have something correlative to your discernment to be discernible in one system, of which this is merely one communicative element.

When man spoils himself, therefore, there is much to spoil. When he roils his being, there is much to ruin. The ruins are  complex (as is psychiatric disease); the ruins are extensive (as in the maladies of war) and the madness which ignores the Creator and His word and way,  is irreparable unless further action be taken. The matter rests only in termination in due time of the entirety, as with this world when it is finished or in fact, extinguished; or in the personal  case with man, either in access to the preferred residual (hell - John 3:16-19,36), or to repentance, using the available access to God Himself, the answer to what is humanly unanswerable, and inexcusable. This, it is through the testable, verified and validated word of God, the Bible, and its message of the Gospel. Not this time is it a matter DNA, with its brilliant code,  but of the Book of the Lord (Isaiah 34).

This too is pursued in Repent or Perish Ch. 7. In this case, however, unlike the norm in academic work, it is not nearly enough to KNOW it; you have as in medicine or engineering or architecture, to DO it. That is the whole point. Without the faith, you are inert to what matters most; without application of this by conviction, you are a ponderer,  a viewer as of Sydney Harbour Bridge, in meeting the need, deficient and irrelevant, because you do not act, merely look.

To imagine (by your powers of spirit, cosmos 3) that God has left this brilliantly conceived, ordered,  constrained,  co-ordinated, linguistically equipped world without a direct communication to man, who is MADE with billions of conceptualisable communications in his DNA, is to leave Him who is the source, a deficient derelict. Since time is part of His creation, and He is beyond the impulsions of conditions, He would then be inadequate for the so clear people who try to remove what He has given them, from their thought about Him. What is it like ? It resembles a silly kid who cannot understand how Dad can be so light and superficial, if not stupid; while he sustains the son, so beautiful and so wise! This is the ultimate and literal impertinence.

As there is only one such testable communication bearing the name of God Almighty,  meeting all that logic requires and safety demands, the Bible (cf. *3 above, SMR, and Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ), it is not difficult to find what are the production requirements, and correction facilities regarding man. There is no other logical option, no other validated confirmation. TO ignore these is not unusual; we often fail to read the directions.

When it is yourself, however, it is much worse than having 'engineers' servicing aircraft engines, as officers who yet never read engineering texts. Those are simple things compared with the magnificent complexities of the construction, to be seen in man. Hence the advice of Proverbs 1 is quite decisive. Ignore at your peril, not this time a yellow peril, but a green one: that of the wilfully ignorant. The invitation is there, crafted in grace, enabled in love, scheduled in salvation. It is not God who is junked but those who will ignore the junket, the adventure, the marvel and the accomplishment in Christ's redemption, of divine grace.

What then of these  ? Their lot is as they demand (John 3:19), and as God has both foreknown and foreseen, in wisdom beyond this world and its three cosmoi, entirely: the result is then at His own direct level. It is so good to learn in this Bible, that He is love, and hence that there is no wind-resistance to movement to Him. Some stress is internal, no doubt, as in any injured being; but it is not against His wishes but with them, that such seeking is made, and this is immensely enthusing to anyone seeking Him where He  MAY be found (Isaiah 55, John 10, Romans 3, Titus 3-4).

Rather than merely being a desecrated remnant, any person on this earth, a created being, has the power to become a child of God (John 1:1-14), and that is because the thing is paid for in advance (Matthew 20:28) to cover any who comes. What a mess when the message is rejected; and what folly if it be ignored! Certainly it is of grace only, not only to supply opportunity but to  open the eyes; but then before all time, grace seeking all, has found its own, and love never bull-charges, but seeks with restraint and concern. Thank the Lord He is no dictator; we have enough of them on this earth. Theirs is an  extravagant lot, a pathology of power and corruption, which accepts no direction but its own. It is well that their day is nearly done. It is well to enter the kingdom of heaven, on this side, while still on this earth, and to delight in the nobility and sacrificial grace of the Lord of the place, God of creation, with relish. That, it is reasonable, and as in Romans 12:1-2,   Paul declares:

"I beseech you brethren, by the  mercies of God that you present your bodies a living  sacrifice,

holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

And do not be conformed to this world,

but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,

that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."