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Once upon a time, when nothing was there, it was bored with its place, and so became something. Having a great deal in mind, it set about it on a grand scale, and so invented first how to make something ELSE, just as it had made itself when it still was nothing, which really was quite a feat, since not being there has  problems when as the non-thing with the non-power, it wants something to arrive, which would violate it as nothing, with the non-potential which would be its inheritance if only once it were there to receive it, which of course, it isn't.  After all, nothing has no location.

Naturalism has to believe in magic, the non-use of causes to start  all the causal things which it likewise  loves to trace, as they move upward in the  scale, for no reason, and with no ground,  just as  there was no ground in the first place, including no logical ground, and no  existential  ground, since all these things are something, and coming to be something has to breach all  logic, all explanation, and be  self-contradictory as well. If you want  myths, this is your territory. It is assuredly nothing else. As forecast for the  dismal end of the  Age (bright with action, dismal in results at  the ... personal  level, as in Daniel 12:4 with 12:1, in Matthew 24 and II Timothy 3), this is the way it is going to be. Men will espouse MYTHS as a sort of lust, a fashion, a mode arriving in force. That is what they would choose for indulgence in  no  small manner, as the Age  ended (II Timothy 4:4-5): so it was to be,  and therefore, so it is (cf. Answers to  Questions Ch. 5).

Of  course, that is another thing  that  nothing has to provide from its non-logical  basis. It not only has to become  something, in order to be  a rational basis for anything, and  so relevant, for it has to provide force to make  things happen; nor is this  all, it has to have  space made too, in order that  force can make spatial things happen, such as pressure, and  time, for the output of energy, and in  the big bang  case, power  to  compress  things without ruining them, to a massively momentous greatness, so  that it can be called a singularity, for no known  reason, except this, that then it can  explode.

Then it has to have a power for an  explosion of utterly sensational style, releasing everything  from a compressed point  tinily immeasurable, without ruining any good  thing  in the way of order, that may have been around. Explosions being  force  of magnitude not  contained within the restraints of a given  system, it would  tend  to be  disruptive, destructive; explosions  do not normally help what is hurled about. Even so, there  must be stuff to be hurled, and it must be suddenly causatively receptive, so  that it can  react  when all this  pressure is - for some reason unknown like  every other element in this intellectual  enterprise which we are  following for signs of life -  released.

So  all you have to do,  is  first  abandon logic, then re-apply it,  an antinomian adventure, then use the most disruptive  thing as a beginning that you can think of,  and invent a world in which pressure and  time  and  space and rationality all suddenly apply, having been  created for  the purpose, since really, to  be irrational  as your  base  REQUIRES your non-system  to invent and apply and become susceptible to reason, which having  laws of procedure, requires a prodigious intelligence  for  inventing such laws, which are  mere  verbal jumble without rationality to embrace and create and nurture them, and while it is at it, make them applicable so that they are more than thinkable: they really work. In the dual  system, thinkable (as by man), and institutable (as by what it is not nothing, but something to the point), they have to have a certain éclat, in  fact, to be goers.

Then you just empirically find  that  there  are galactic walls  on this irrational  scenario,  where they should not be, near the beginning, but ignore that. You find order in space, but forget that (cf. TMR   Ch. 7), and the need  to invent things never  seen like  negative energy, in  massive quantities as with anti-matter, and ignore the fact that you have an anti-verification in the latter*1 ... and  so on  and so on,  till the irrational  myth is complete.

After  that, really, it is just a matter of salesmanship. You have  to show why at  the micro-biological level, there is as  Denton shows*2,  no sign of progressive development, and to satisfy the question of now absent  Gould, why major design  types in the secular  model, have shrunk so far, and why they came in  such abundance, many sub-variants with the rest, all virtually at once, with subsequent  reductions and on and  on.

Nothing fits. That is predictable, since nothing creates nothing, and what we have here is not nothing. It is so profoundly simple. Obstinacy is in fact one of the  fads of science, from  time to time, and  when spiritual liberation from the Creator is a bonus, it can be quite as bad as any other ultimate obstructionism, whether for  commerce or  conquest or honour or power,  and  here worse in this, that the liberation,though illusory, has specialappeal in that it evens seems to be  an ultimate one.

Ultimately, however, it is a liberation dependent on  'nothing', which even  as  a  mascot is well, not  at all  something!

In fact, there is nothing  to it. It even comes  to the point of being a  diatribe and dissertation on  nothing as the ground of  everything, or unreason, or both; and then arguing  that reason must  flow, finding that its results  do  not  do so, in this case, and  then affirming it  anyway, while  denying it from  the  first*3.

ANY something that logically has  to be  there always,  to avoid nothing-itis, has to be  adequate for the results, unless you wish to have nothing as a cause all over again, as you proceed. To be adequate for the array of integrated laws and  dispositional  analysis vested in the DNA's language, and  for the principles of language, vested in  man so  that he invents grammar if not taught it and can follow it  when he is, and for the logic in man mirroring that in nature, so  that the one  finds  affinity for  and  function within the other, is a tall order. It requires expertise of a creative character, which instead of merely being a matter of inheriting it, does the fashioning for creation's  involvement it, in  the  first place. Using an aeroplane is  so much easier than making one.

The formation and the information,  the lead and the result, are  all  required. Massive is the lead for such a result as that, working programmatically in the DNA,  creatively in  man, who is also  able to investigate it and  with it (cf. Predestination and  Freewill  Section 4, SMR Chs.  3, 5).

Then there are the  forms and  formations  to go with the informations, that is, with the various conduits for, banks of, and diversities of all the lairs for each module of information, though it is in life  all in the one language,  equipped with the  deposition of authority not oddity, system and not the adventitious, symbol-object correlation with precision, and that emplaced in the context  for the whole (like a canvas to hold the artist's  paints). Indeed, it moves where the inter-relationship of these things at the  macro  level, coheres with force and time and space, and subsidiary mathematical  laws, governing events  so that  science may, if it chooses  to follow scientific method (Scientific Method ...), work on its task of finding the nexus of inter-related  controlling force and  laws, information and disposition, on which it runs. This it may do, with superlative irony,  while its engineered symbolism works for it, and  also runs down, as does the human genome, almost derisively,  in the manner of gods who know no cause or beginning but are sensitive to  their end (Ezekiel 28:9).

The irony would not be so intense if 'science', or what is here a majority of those who currently profess it, were to keep to the understanding of process in these things, and hypotheses drawn from the subtlety and ingenuity, linguistics and information criteria in view, and merely ventured over-enthusiastic thoughts from time to time about how form and information, being and law,  all came from  somewhere. The intensity of the irony comes from the pre-occupation with metaphysics,  misnamed science,  and not normally acknowledged at  all when there invoked; and that of the worst character.

It is often as if one should seek  where the evidence does not lead, even to principles which are not seen or found to be operative, functional or  evidenced, or indeed to be  logically based, and find information in sources which have never been found  adequate for it, and name a whole nexus of ideas, start with a bang, and have nothing whatever whether directly or by analogy, to reduce the outlandishness of their opaque wanderings, being contrary to the empirical, the analogical, to  reason  as  to verification.

The prospects are and cannot be good for such waywardness, let alone  when an arrogant philosophy which has invaded  much of the hinterland of  science (Secular Myths and Sacred Truth Ch. 7), in which it loves without licence,  to work, kick starts everything  without a foot. Making a series of such things, merely shifts, but  does not alter the fiasco.

When some  scientists try to imagine what it  would be like to start a universe, and  then use those laws already here, some or other or some combination, to guide the starting of the laws and the form  and the information, they are,  to  say no more, moving into a special realm, where what has to be shown is being used to show it, commonly known as begging the question.

Where however, the beginnings are taken as coming from  a competent source,  relative to the result, then the question being already answered with GOD, there is just the point that all such endeavours face the point that the more they assume in order to gain the result, the more they set God in the midst of their machinations, like wonder-children, inventing by imagination with extreme and zestful indifference to reality. The more discordant the dynamics grow, with causal rationality, the ultimate and the adequate mixed in profound confusion, the more they rely on the aspects of  creation on which others are to depend as source for  their own selves, cause and  consequence at a jumble sale, making themselves children with  no other basis, wisps from no wisdom, but ah so wise!. In other words, the more you make the maker mingle with the made in order to make it, the more confused you may quickly become:  a sort of hinterland.

In this case, it may not be futile to investigate in this surging sea, for it may shed light on elements of the initial progressions employed as in Genesis 1,where these are exposed - such as those in land and water,  light and darkness;  but it is  always exceedingly  questionable, when modules of the made, as now,  are inserted into the making,  as then, even when the Makear is acknowledged; though it is far  from being  flatly irrational, as in the antinomian and secular  case.

For comparative purposes therefore, the exercise has  some  place, in showing the  relative  ease with which such things can be handled, when you are  not talking,  at the outset, in terms of myths but competence.

For  consequence, causally (cf. Causes, SMR Ch. 5), you need  competence. You can  call the competence  transcendental, if you know what you mean and mean what it is, or supernatural, or almost anything, adequately defined to enable  the result  in a due causal manner, to be achieved; or you  can deal more directly with the stark  originality,  the real singularity, to be viewed meaningfully, that is sighted and sited with logical coherence and causal meaning. For this, it is normal  to use the term God,  but it is best to  define it here, for the current discussion and logical coherence, as that beyond-nature-being-who-is-responsible-for-both-the-causal-nexus-of-nature-and-the-coherent-information-facilities-functions-forms-and-norms-within-it.

For facility of perception, it should be noted that the causal potency back of natural things,  to delimit,  determine, appoint, execute their  elements,  combination capacities, logical penetrability, which is the case, including our logical ability to penetrate and the reciprocal facility of 'nature'  to admit our particular logical installation, cannot be a system of powers inherent in a totality which guides. Such an  assemblage cannot be the creative being, the entity responsible, since the system of such elements itself would require construction, including mutual  communication facilities for joint action with such results of intricacy and staggering  logical finesse as we not only see, but are instructed in investigating. If it were,  this too would require in turn its cause, and this makes one causative entity the basis. As noted, it is normally called God. Our causative capacities and those in nature which are investigable and comprehensibly operative, once their genesis is realised,  mix and attest one mode for operation whether subjectively in subjects, or objectively in objects.

We even have inbuilt, the mental facilities by which we can ponder the subjective aspect, in terms of subjectivism or other modes of perception;  and indeed, this has its own attestation (cf. TMR Ch. 5). As results, reason and functionalities cohere, so the species of comprehension confirms itself, and  as the  word of the living God attests itself, under  test, incomparably as the Bible as in SMR, TMR, so does its perspective. This confirms itself in operational enterprises, many of those, of such a persuasion concerning the Creator, being founders or purveyors of massive, original input,  agents of understanding of elements in the very fabric of science, as it is currently construed as an functioning unity, or at least active terms of its work in one.

As you  move from physics  to metaphysics you  move from one often  fallacious arena to another. Physics has had so many ludicrous invasions of vague religious ideas, some trying  to insert them as if they WERE science, that its metaphysical constructions join many of those in politics, which has the same not seldom found fascination with the bizarre, the irrational and the inoperative (cf. Alpha  and Omega ... Chs.    1 and   2). Metaphysics has  also had its abortive rash rationales, not least in  Kant (cf. Predestination  and Freewill Section 4, and SMR Ch. 5). Even worse have been  the  darknesses of desire, often overcoming the realities of reason, so  that there has been  something of a progression  which can be  traced,  Will  Durant's Story of Philosophy giving an interesting  preliminary coverage of  some of it*4

It is not a progressive progression however, but rather a scenario of false starts, fits and starts, of rather a desolatory character, despite moments of hope. It normally starts and ends without God, or makes up virtual gods as it goes. Accordingly, it has not gone very far; but what  replaces it starting at the first, continues to last, having found the logical thrust to God, and the verificatory thrust to confirmation.

At least, it is helpful, when you move from physics  to metaphysics, if you begin to realise, as many scientists do not,  what you have done!

Metaphysics, however, is a term which itself has been imbued with so many fads and fashions that it can become  as unreliable as the physics-metaphysics syntheses which mix up incomparables so  readily, so often and with such appalling results in profane and prolix confusion, that they frequently deserve the reputation they are given by some of their  fellow naturalistic philosophers, within the scientific establishment. The crisis spoken of by Denton is not only with facts versus theory, but with some naturalists versus others (cf. Alpha and Omega ... Ch. 3, Wake Up World ... Chs.  4-6).

One prefers therefore to use the acme of the issue,  logic, rationality, empirical research, scientific method,  each in its place, some  applications or specialisations, but each strictly in just conditions, without prejudice, assessing critically,  and considering each according to its position,  condition and attestation.

The wonder  as shown in this site many times, is this: that when reason is followed without remission, to its  source and operative basis, the world and the evidence in it leads not only to God, but to the resolution of all  puzzles and  conundrums of a systematic nature. These then become penetrable, so that nothing rebukes reason in its insistence on the revelation which meets  its  conditions. This verification and vindication of reason, and its source  is seen in 

Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ

Who Answers Riddles and Where  He is, Darkness  Departs

Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God.

 Such resolution is the result when, after due initial process and reason,  one then starts with the biblical perspective.

It has diagnostic, prognostic and review aspects, all finely proportioned, clearly enunciated and deemed vital. For life, what is vital is the norm and correlative. On this see Sinners Only, in terms of retrospect and  diagnosis, SMR Chs.-  9, for prognosis and for review,  The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy.

The same is found in the specialist area of design (cf. Deity and Design). That, it is natural,  for since God  created the entirety, the word of God would be the only available way of finding out how to  regard it, with what and with which understanding. That this validates reason,  extends it,  adds to where it cannot come except as an index to the Bible in the first place (as in  SMR, TMR) has vast implications.  It confirms both the wisdom and the  wit  of our  construction, that such things may be found by us, and the works involved beyond us, in the harmonious correlation of our minds and the matrix of the material, that is only invasible by mind, and not itself capable of using it. With reason  in its aptitude, the indicated revelation in its company, the Bible viewable and  extant, logically as indicated, there is a felicity of comprehensive comprehensibility which delights the heart. If you want wisdom, God has it.  What would you expect!

He made us and wrote us into existence (He spoke and it was so), laws, spirits, personalities, reason for our use, a rational prodigy of time and space for our contemplation. Moreover, He wrote His oversight  and  laws into existence, the commands and the exhortations, appeals, offers and invitations, indeed the ransom from  our sinful confusion and  pointless profusion. In the former, He acted  as must be done, with power  to produce the schema into sovereignly appointed actuality. It was created, and runs.  In the latter, He wrote directly through this,  His same power,  His readable word into existence, and in  parallel, made that happen, and history follow it  likewise,  as a girding, guiding and  grace, so that he who runs  may read, and man find,  even while driving or  running, the  roads needed, the point, the purpose,  the provisions, the promises and the sheer joy of having such a rider (if you like horse imagery) or a walker (if more athletic), go on his way.

That is a major point to consider ... WHOSE  way ? A way offering the friendship of God, or His enmity, with Him  or  against Him (Romans 1, 3,  5). In such matters, if you decline to be  for your Maker, you are against not only Himself, but your own self,  in that it is His product. This is highly complex in living, and exceedingly simple in  result. It leads to absenteeism from  where m,ankind belongs, denudation of  life and the experience of  loss from simple  wilfulness, that in the end, has  even to divide from its own mind, whether it is drugged by volatile  imagination or irrational ardours, which in time cease even  to be relevant.






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Some other useful materials from this scientist  may be found amid the data at this location. 



You have, at the outset, to have  for the Big Bang myth, the logistics, the  space-time or  possibly 5 dimensional arena for its  operability, the logic, so that relationships are valid, whether for theories or act and fact, these givens. You have to have  an  amorphous and unknown that  is thus logical and  formative, and if you want rationality, a nothing which is quite something, to have the forms and the fashions,  together with the  potential (for what lacks it CANNOT develop), and the exquisite susceptibility to structure-function-code-command capacity. That is not quite unlike saying that if you want the Titanic to appear, you have to have someone cut the tape before it is launched, omitting the actual construction.

In other words, you have to have given what is required, so  that  the Big Bang is an illusory, presumptuous, fictitious, anti-verified imagination (as shown in the  text and such  references*1 as Dismantling the Big Bang by Williams and Hartnett, TMR Ch.  7), amounting to begging of the question.

It is playing with accidental incidentals without investigating  their position,  pedigree or grounds for being;  and then making them act  with a rationale which has  no ground for reason, contrary to empirical fact,  and as  PRODUCED, only by  presumption resembling the pre-explosion contents of the minimalistic 'egg', that singularity which is singularly and irrationally  used in a  vain endeavour to supplant God. In addition, it is put into a  most  destructive  seeming pressurising, and containment, all  so  neat, ready to come out  like a seed,  in marvellous form when it ... gets out or escapes in the roughest conceivable manner! Do not worry about how it got there, or the ingredients of the waiting universe, or their correlativity; for without reason,  reason is irrelevant; and with it, there is just one  more example of begging the question.

It does not even succeed in supplanting  reason,  which arrives  from nowhere  at a timely time,  indeed in time for time to be. It is an  entirely vacuous triumph of  negative propaganda,  which shows the magnificent liberty with which man has been endowed, since the manifestly absurd is claimed by some of the allegedly sophisticates of  academia.

Man, it is  time, needs  to turn  to  where the reason  for  our  reason and its  power  to penetrate  the creation, has its  source, the  eternal, ever-sufficient God, whose  creation, as in  creation more generally, is not the same  as His maintenance of it - just as  an artist at work  on  a painting to be, is not really  involved in the same way as when dusting it, or cleaning the edges: no, not really.


See in some  depth in this field, Message ... Ch. 8.

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