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Psalm 119:30,104


The wisdom of this world casts a blow at Australia -

Already Restless, Will it Reel ?


A list of some of the background (1) to and developments of the most modern bid for take-over of liberty in Australia via an unconstitutional thrust, 2012 - 2013 (2).

The first item gives the kind of basis that is operating, for those who wish to explore background,
and not here only.... and gain understanding of trends.  Each of the other 6 items stresses varying aspects of the whole series of issues, and the direction of their issuance!


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For   2)


Religious Supremacy Act ?

Wronging the Child

For   3) 

MAKING  'Nature' and then BÓWING to It

is modern man turning primitive ...


For   4)


Re-activation, Destitution of Reason


For   5) 


Care-of the Non-Mandate for Control


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Exemptions Despatched from the New Religion

The Red Trail of Religious Unreason



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Secular Priesthood and Subjected Citizens





This is from the Volume

God is not Only Great but Glorious

Update included


Le Carré in his book The Secret Pilgrim, invents at the last Chapter, a foul character whose only desire is to gain, whose mode is to fight, for whom winning is great, losing possible, both to be considered, exploitation a nothing, vice non-existent, hypocrisy lodged  in every other moral option, pain a consequence of no consequence, satisfaction a congratulation made by himself, since he envisages none other worthy of giving it. He can exploit arms sales to nations, careless of results, untroubled if both sides clash the more, loaded with a dynamic of devilish indifference, with withered heart and spiritual death reeking as a thing to be gloried in, gratitude for grumps, man for thumps, and godlessness a glory.

Here is depicted a snapshot of the sewer of the psyche; but it has some value in this, that it is the moral outcome of organic evolutionism, which ignores the basis of capacity, the nature of design*1, the objectivity of morals*2, the institutional relationship of anything to objective  goodness, the ground of concern and the potential goodness of  authority, through the necessities of our construction and the requirements of their constriction. It is indifferent to what does not come from its nothings, beggings of the question, array of myths, unverified hypotheses, drugged ideas and deletive suppositions. Here is its unqualified man. He is not concerned with the results of a valid basis, but exhibits the ephemeral devilishness of consistent nothing-and-negativity as that ultimate base seeks to be invented and inventive.


Here, instead of having man as a mix-up


who has, having been made by nothing at all,  really, a negation of anything which is suddenly filled in from something, arriving for inscrutable reasons and no grounds, beautifully equipped with pressure, being, space, force, explosive power, creativity as a result of explosion, and freedom as a result of necessity, including thought as a result of thoughtlessness, being itself both analysable by construction and this by the mind of man, similarly 'made', in a great swell of resultants from no cause, all told in the proper fairy-tale manner,


they take a parallel and less obvious course.

It all 'arises' (the way E=MC2 and all the other comprehensive laws 'arose'), somehow from somewhere which dare not be mentioned and must be mythicised, a suppositious being, call it 'nature' if you like,  which has had a wonderful trip, free of rational causation, itself 'founded on nothing', and possibly nothing itself at first, in the midst of time which likewise came from nothing, and this through logically pseudo-analysable steps which came from nothing, with great prospects maybe, or not. Modern muddled man finds it utterly indifferent, as is his supposed origin, and logical thought ceases here abruptly for the most certain of reasons: the actual non-mythical and eternally sufficient God must otherwise be faced! (cf. Romans 1:17ff.). Having moved along on these irrational modes, from irrationality, modern man is now tending to invent another lurk.

What is that ? It is this: now that (by nature-myths) man can see, he decides that the sight obtained from no site, must be indulged by inventing new morals, which will assist his greater lordship, growth, survival and stuff like that, by being very different. He will change the supposed course of things. Thus what COULD NOT have made him, in logical reality, now becomes what MUST BE made by him, as a subordinate, while the irrationalism of his imagination takes over, and he institutes now not only his basis in nothing, but a basis for something new, which he will invent.

In terms of modern and confused man, that genre ripe for power, he now yearns to instruct 'nature' which has no base, of the basis which he, man, who has no base, since nature has none, proposes for all things. An utterly irrationally based being thus becomes the rational source for a rationally run universe of cause and effect, law and conformity, freedom and enormity to choose from - or else, even goodness; and he chooses to dictate via government. What is to be dictated ? what 'we' think is to be dictated. What do we think ? It is what governments assess concerning what this and that person, group, cultural aspect, thrust of thought or anti-thought, thinks or anti-thinks, all together. It is all wrapped up in a bag of authority, and released like an angry skunk, tail raised, ready to impart its imaginative and crafty movement to dictatorship.

This MUST be forced on people. Biblically not only is this the foretold case, but it leads quite understandably, to the worship of man, and then to that of one representative man. You see some of this in Revelation 13, II Thessalonians 2, Daniel 2 and 7. II Thessalonians 2 speaks of the 'lawless one' , who come with "únrighteous deception among those who perish." It is he who shows himself that he is god!

It takes a little time, but it is now spinning along like a sport-car on a super-European highway!

As to the plan of subduction by subterfuge, overthrow of liberty so that godless irrationality may program man, It must be forced in, but in appearance, freely (or else by obvious dictator). In the former case, it makes first of all man the measure of all things, then our segment the measure of our things, then the governmental body the measure of measurement methods, and so worshipping ourselves, based on nothing for no reason, we use self-assessment by prejudiced people (unless they know the truth) to determine what can and cannot be said. Ultimately it comes to thought, too, since words may slip out and so legal action by taken,  much as in the Brave New World, and as in some of the current convenient dictatorships in the non-free world.

It is highly unintelligent, except for its craftiness. After all, the Bible attributes the program to the devil who deceives the nations (Revelation 20:3).

How does the dizzy program, manipulative but baseless, proceed ?  Such contradictions of his non-base, modern man is to ignore, while he wallows in the moral turpitude of untruth, while he announces what truth is, as in the normal antinomy. These are footfalls on the way. At least he does not turn himself into a god! He thus stops short of the norm many make for man. But it comes; and to come, it needs preliminaries, and we are by every appearance, seeing some now*2A.

Here, instead of having man as a mix-up who has, having been made by nothing at all,  really, a negation of anything which is suddenly filled in from something, somewhere which dare not be mentioned and must be mythicised, a suppositious being who has had a wonderful trip, free of rational causation, with great prospects maybe, or not: he is utterly indifferent, as is his supposed origin. Not for him is a current lurk.

What is that ? It is this: now that (by nature-myths) man can see, he decides that the sight obtained from no site, must be indulged by inventing new morals, which will assist his greater lordship, growth, survival and stuff like that, by being very different. He will change the supposed course of things. Thus what COULD NOT have made him, becomes what MUST BE made by him, as a subordinate, while the irrationalism of his imagination takes over, and he institutes now not only his basis in nothing, but a basis for something new, which he will invent.

Such contradictions of his non-base, he ignores, and wallows in the moral turpitude of untruth, while he announces what truth is, in the normal antinomy. At least he does not turn himself into a god! He thus stops short of the norm many make for man.




just as nothing spawned him, with a great deal of cruelty and power and mind enough
to make minds, wonderful indeed for something that is not there; and


just as nothing contributed in stages the stuff of diverse kinds, forms  and information, its laws, its formulations,
its formulae, its mathematical domain, its power to designate, symbolise, command, model and modify,
to invent thought and to enable morals so that better things,
even than those creatable by nothing,
might also come to be, these alongside man and the creations of man,
such as the truth of these propositions,
which also must come  from  nothing, and hence be valued at nothing,
since nothing has nothing to offer;


just as all these things are totally contrary to what made man, 
oddly acting inadvertently,
being there to be inadvertent,
and invented purposes, which never knew anything till they appeared for no cause:



these things,  spawn of vacuity, are now made into persons
with proposals to which life must now listen,
so that its course altered, many might survive or thrive or do something a little better than now.
Thus man, on this basis a mere nothing, prepares to dictate to  this multi-competent absence,
what it should do, if it were only there to do it.

He does not follow the inanity to urbanity. There is NOTHING there, he knowledgeably opines in his ignorance, so thus there is nothing to do or be thought. Just grab, get and smile if able.

So does unreason dictate to imagination, which failing to enter reality, shamefacedly obscures all for a generation with good reading glasses, and shut eyes, just  like those in the day of Christ the Lord (Matthew 13:15ff.).

That is the inanity of the causeless construction without constriction, the legalities without thought, the legislations (as for law) without legislative power, the order without ground, the thought laws without thought, the discernment without devising and the capacity for knowing the truth (such as the above is deemed), without there being any, or any possibility of it, in the plethora of mere relationships as imaged and imagined.

Le Carré's invented character does not follow the inanity to urbanity. There is NOTHING there, he knowledgeably opines in his ignorance, so thus there is nothing to do or be thought. Just grab, get and smile if able.

In fact, however, construction of the entirety of worlds requires as its rational cause, ground, base and basis:


not pressure (without cause) and


not concentration in a singularity (without a single basis for anything),


not reductionism without rationality to account for what is,
as distinct from vague notions beyond the reach of logic.

Instead, any rational script of origins for such a scenario, likewise,  does not involve, ready-made, a magnificence of compression involving force and format, the atmospherics into which the thing can be expanded when it explodes, or the co-ordinates for its accommodation, along with internalised artifices in concentration which in such pressure,  make for subversion of form by force, nor power to explode into form and conformity, or to restrict following release, into modes and modules, brilliance beyond fantasy, moulding force with the implements of mind, enabling resultant creations to observe without an underlying reason, to function or to invest in tiny tidiness through coming from nowhere and going everywhere flits like a maze of magic. Needed is  constriction and containment, direction and dynamic, information and its release, so that what acquires these things gains them from an adequacy, not a mere question begging singularity, from what is indeed singular in power and wonder and logic and intelligence and artifice and thrust, and one that includes mind, matter and spirit as its consequence, and contains enough to make the same in cohesion, in one being called man.

Talking in terms of phrases which assume all that has to be shown is mere evasion. It is then that such moral madness as in the case of the character of Le Carré arrives, and many nations begin to act rather like that, and so destroy each other for the simple reason that they do not even know where they came from, and hence become like galahs on a high, incapable of knowing how to continue or to get anywhere relevant to what they are. They sport with taut, roll with fantasy, reel with angers, tangle with untruths, lie with leisure and surface from the depths of desire with follies that while they congratulate the liberty of imagination, confront the race. Without FURTHER illusions, the abominable millionaire found in the last Chapter of The Secret Pilgrim, simply exhibits the practical result of irrationality and reductionism, and presents a reduced human, for non-delectation, a horror to behold.

Thrown back to reason, however, we find that constructions require constrictions, and that there are limits imposed on their facilities, agilities, proclivities, agencies, motors or rotors, dispositions or conditions, so that there is what is good for them, and what is not; there is what their information, in law or DNA posits, and what is contrary; there is what facilitates and what destroys. There is GOOD and bad.

Not only is this however the case in the physical configurations, conditions and characterisabilities, but it is so in the mental and spiritual domains and functionalities. There is what is good for it and what is not; what destroys, or compromises or realises its power, performance and facility and what hinders, frustrates or deletes. There is a moral mandate for man, and a consciousness*3 of these things which does not meander, though like bones, it may be broken and harassed till, as now, in large numbers, he is confused and like someone on the brink of losing consciousness through a medical condition, is so in the mental, spiritual and moral realms, both singly and jointly.

Modern man  has been largely hijacked by myth, till frequently killing becomes thrilling and madness is ranked as entry level to heaven, or if not, to self-promotion and desire, so that merging in his own mind into  matter and nothing progressively, man becomes in his imaginary retrospect, ready for a devastating prospect. That is one only of the problems to be faced when reason is removed, truth is merely imagined in a model which precludes it, and affirmed with whatever preoccupation substitutes for demonstrable reality.

Hence you get the sort of bluster that Le Carré's character exhibits. It is so terrible that the one meeting this imaginary character on diplomatic business (a character perhaps deployed for a deeper purpose), in the Chapter concerned,  is given to wonder. Has he, in his secret service career,  been fighting the wrong war ? He ponders whether what he has been preserving at such cost, would have been better deleted. He has been deluded of course, and the unblighted appearance of such figures of degradation and confusion, are mere exhibits of the moral meanders in place of clear moral concepts, which have become nationally popular, as the Cold War begins to depart and other wars to arrive, are after all, what is left!

Many have been fighting the wrong war, using lies and sophisticated bypasses of moral issues in order to 'win', instead of following the advice which was scripted on American dollar coins, to trust in God. It has been so obvious that (relative) freedom and self-determination is better than tyranny (which in potential it certainly is), that the idea of moral lawlessness has tended to be tossed about, meaning therefore tossed out,. Allied with increasing degradation towards the reality of God, there has come an indifference to design, whether of the body or the mind or the soul or the spirit, or the whole, and an air of disregard so vast, that the question arises: WHAT NOW IS regarded!

Thus a national identity crisis begins to follow that of youth and others, a while back, as a special feature. Where it HAD been clear to many in general direction, with strong Christian backing for freedom*4, now the national consciousness or conviction or allowance becomes strongly secular and even increasingly humanistic. The backing has become more like hacking of the same, and improvised substitutes circulate and fizz, arise and fall, embroiling nations as uncleansed premises invite vermin. Truth in the mind of many sinks almost to the level set by Pilate, who knew a little about convenience irrespective of conscience! Screens to prevent perception of base motives, corrupt characters and saleable souls may be still intact in many; but appearance is less and less without heart. Thus, more than is the case for the debased character depicted by Le Carré, plastic may cover pretence, and covers may be socially erected; but behind the screen, what is there ? In many it is to establish the family, the dynasty, the security in finance and reputation, in business, so as to be acceptable and powerful, deploying all to get much.

Such is the result and reward of the arrant naturalism, which having no morals for sale, leaves open anything from futility to ferocity, from individual lust to social lordliness, as people allow forces soon outside their control, to offer themselves in the artificially created void. Christ's seven worse devils appear at the door, and tyranny purged, social tyrannies emerge, as if we have not had enough of them, the all-knowing and almost utterly ignorant State of many ideas and little understanding, avaricious to control man. However, man without God is like many other things of potential significance, void if detached.

As with the body, so with society: don't watch it, ignore what is its design, and soon you are bordering nigh death, and deserve it.

When however man begins to look back to reason and corresponding revelation, that indicated by reason (cf. SMR), then there is found reason for this amazing mixture of tenderness and terror, intelligence and abuse of force, the delicate with the corrupt, the blessed with the blasted so conspicuous on this earth. It is like anything else subjected to hurricane, to forces which do not preserve. Man is amidst such things because he has only to look within to see the mirror of nature in this, there is tenderness and horror, sin and love, grace and harshness ready to combine in confusion or varied prioritisations. With such often debased ingredients,  man is as ruined amid wonder, as is the natural world. It is indeed just as the apostle Paul depicts it under divine guidance in Romans 8:17ff., and 5:1ff. (cf. I Corinthians 2:9-13). Man's mind like his body, is subject to blasts, and when this is without God, then his soul tends to becomes numb, his spirit impassioned or imbued with false ideologies, things of nothing, so that the issuance in actual life becomes simply confusion: its very image.

That leads to frustration and in some, cynicism (cf. SMR Ch. 3), leading to extravaganzas of folly, as in the militant Moslem movement, as was with the Nazi movement, and as is in the Communist one (as noted in *1 of Ch.  2  above). It stirs toward treachery, dishonesty, devices of deception, deviousness, unreliability, hatreds, immoderation, exasperation, violence and vileness alike, and such do we find broadly, and not a little in our present governmental modes. It reminds one of the end of such a line as forecast in Romans 1, complete with syndrome and prognosis, increasingly like the profile of our own country! In II Timothy 3, you see the faded religious charade forecast for this late part of the Age, as a thing of increasing popularity, and again, it is almost as if drawn from current news!

God does not rely on force to maintain or gain His position. Force outside Him EXISTS only because of export from His power. Without Him is nothing, and through Him everything (cf. Romans 11:11:38, Revelation 4:11). His power is such that nothing can even exist without His consent (Hebrews 1:3,Colossians 1:17), whether it be for blessing or cursing (Galatians 3:10-13), our current portion. Accordingly, there is, much residue of the former, on the one hand, and present heightening of the latter on the other, as provocations soar. Yet facing all, there is the same remedy, from the Creator to us as His creation, for our deliverance within our creaturely status, through the Redeemer. In Him is epitomised the objectively signified word of God and His Gospel (cf. *2 of Ch. 5 above, with Barbs 17).

It is well to be acquainted with our source, with His word in the Bible, with His only begotten Son in Jesus Christ, by faith, for without this, you CANNOT even please God (Hebrews 11), who has created the entirety of the mind, soul, body, hope and ministration to man. Omit His goodness, and soon you may scarcely know what goodness is, being confused concerning the good of anything. Ignorance is not bliss, but bane, and to pour it into the mind of man concerning his origin, meaning and destiny is anaesthetic before death.

Wisdom calls (Proverbs 3, 8), but folly will not listen.

Many however listen; some heed: it is a crisis of millenia, now at its international reward of endless sprees, as mankind comes to his lees, in the barrel of intoxication. God has created man, love and remedy for misused liberty. He has been patient, but not for ever is man to become ever drunker amid the nations. He has met extremity before (Genesis 6, Hebrews 11:7, Matthew 24:38-39). Water flooded; fire burns (II Peter 3), but the latter is not yet. This Age of grace and the Gospel is not  yet over in its application and merciful provision.

The glorious God of truth and peace, Maker of beauty, source of duty, cleansing like the seas, though He takes much, clean without compromise, His is the refuge for the implacable, the release for the resistant, the redemption for the enslaved and the peace for the purged. There is one place for any race, Christ crucified; there is one path for any feet, that of Christ as Way, Truth and Life (John 14:6). It works with power, dowers with grace and is man's place, when not recklessly astray. Living is not metabolism, but a marvel, when God is not an idea or ideology merely, but known as Pastor, Empowerer, Shepherd and friend (James 2:23, John 15).

Now let us see these things more  specifically in terms of the odious character in The Secret Pilgrim.




It is simply not true that a man is set in a universe, or finds himself in a universe where he is the centre. This is where individuality which is a fact of life, becomes individualism, which like socialism, truncates truth. Objectively, past inclination and special  pleading, to act as if the only point in mind is to be what a person can do to furbish, furnish, forward or fulfil oneself is a work of oblivion. The centre of the universe, for unlimited concern, is not one person whose birth and death is outside his or her control, whose gifts are chosen by another,  whose affairs are of unfadingly splendid significance, who if a prince could not be higher. Not so is the emplacement of man. Acting as if it were so is both choice and delusion. Delusion detaches from  reality, but reality does not forfeit its impact on  delusion.

What then is such a deluded fellow, often high for a time in might, but tragic in plight. 

He is an individual amidst billions of others, made up physically of billions of cells with trillions of connections, a thing universes are never seen  to create, with laws which only mathematicians could nominate, or physicists, if only they had the nous to think them up, before being there, and apply them in the universe of which, in fact, they only later become a part.

A special  appointment to harry, harass, invade, invest, direct, manipulate,  lie, conceal, secure, breach at will is not found in the midst of the appointed means of maintaining physical life, nor in the rational  survey of the situation. To do whatever one happens to will, resembles driving in whatever gear, direction, relationship to traffic one happens to prefer, so long as one lives. There is no sanction for that, and the totality of events have no such signification, for that merely leads to mess, calamity and crisis, risking  all to satisfy will, which in turn merely exists  amid other wills, for which someone with intelligence had to supply the bill, the cost of production and inculcation and operation and  maintenance.

Since without doubt,  no individual is the centre of the universe, to act as if one were is mere subterfuge, presumption and gambling; moreover it is gambling in arrogance, since the results of such irrationality have not been costed, except in two regards, history and God. In history, amid the nations you see the cost in strewn ruins like Autumn leaves, the colour not picturesque but of blood. In the Bible: you see it in the costed items of Babylon, Tyre, Nineveh, Moab, Edom and in a complex manner, but a precise one, of Israel (Isaiah 13, Ezekiel 26, Nahum,  Jeremiah 48, Obadiah, Deuteronomy 27-32, Leviticus, Hosea, Romans 11).

If a person chooses to imagine, in the production of the universe, as it is:

bullet that what is never seen to happen, has always happened*5,
in phylum production,
bullet that information production*6, an indispensable mainspring to life, has  always happened,
though never seen without intelligence to do so,
bullet that laws that are never found to establish themselves, in material information,
in fact  always did that,
bullet that existence which CANNOT come from nothing did not require cause,
though everything else works on that basis, including reason itself,
the current tool of investigation:

then there are results of this inflammatory dreaming.

It is then that the jangling, fact-free follies are going to come home to roost in the beleaguered intellect, the irrational life and the formatively forlorn, shorn excerpt from reality, living in illusion. Reality does not  always hit hard, but it hits expertly. Ignoring or bypassing truth does not eliminate it. Naturally, it works the other way around, since that is the work, and this thing does work, indeed the basis of information and formation and conformity and rationality and reliability on which all science is based, both in reason and its object, not only informs, but inspects wilful  deformity (Isaiah 1), as any creator might well  do!

Actually,  if truth were given  a moment, for any puzzle, series of events, episodes, it is necessary either to gamble that  it may not strike home, at least  for a while, or  to find the cause. If not, one is languishing in the midst of powers and forces which, being what they are, will call up the consequences of wilfully lingering in illusion. When one is in the midst of laws and language, by which one's physical being, prior to death, exists, then either they make themselves from whatever, or they are made. The 'whatever' cannot be nothing, which HAS nothing, including a future or a potential. Therefore, If these things make themselves, before they were there to do it, various proofs are needed.  The first is that it is a contradiction in terms, which clears the decks. What then was there from the first. Something adequate for the results, including the laws of logic which require results, and hence rationality and information-production and mind and power and  engineering capacity and architectural wisdom and purpose and intention and  much more.

But let us revert to the efforts to avoid all this in principle  already lethal. Let us imagine nonsense, as rationally as could be. These laws, then, or their ilk, being invented. Let us see it, let us be followers of scientific method, and measure production, watch it happen, induce it, see its background and its modes of institution in detail,  compare hypotheses, select the most conformed to what is happening. Well then ? In this, NOTHING is happening.  Exit science. There is no observable cause,  testable procedure, observable step by step self-instituting action, induce it as one may (without just using the results as if they were the cause, which is a classic case of begging the question).

Let us ask some detailed questions. First, WHEN are things without law seen making law,merely material things ? When are things material  seen without law ? When are they seeing showing how they got laws enough to BE there at all, and how space and time arise from without it ? Place non-space and non-time  somewhere that is not space and try it out. Let us be very scientific.  Let us see these irrational happenings occur, and not be seduced by mere imagination without basis,  without logic, without example, without methods  and without form or formation, information or other modes of first begging the question. What is THERE ?

A sufficiency is there which is none of the things which can come only by creation or by begging the question, which is just intellectual confusion or  dishonesty.

But if they were  able to be  found, one asks, secondly, HOW are they found to do it ? Thirdly,  WHY are they doing it ? and what are 'they' in this nascent and non-formed, not informed and non arranged irrational thingummy ?  When such things are never found, being stripped into virtual nullity, and no things are EVER seen  to do such things,  and there is not even a possibility that they could do it being without even cause and effect, a vast formation not there for grabbing illicitly in such an exercise. Indeed, since if it comes from nothing by definition, this is impossible, and if from something, then the result cannot be the cause, a mere confusion, then imagination which short-circuits thought is no excuse for an answer.

The minimal power of conferring existence on what has to have it conferred, is one which incorporates  all the functional capacity displayed in the product, including mind, spirit, law, organisation, communication, communication receptors, and in the world of thought, communication analysers and  responders. Such facilities must be not beyond it, and capable of production as a consequence of the causal thrust  of such a Provider.

 But remove causality, then you have to have this invented  also,  and to provide reason for this forsaking of reason, which if successful, would not allow any result or origin but say, Blah! which is not very informative. But then, since information is a major player in life itself, what can you expect  when you rule it out to find how it was created! Logic cannot be  created for a reason, for if it were not there, reason would not be relevant.  ALL efforts to create it, therefore, are irrational, seeking to account for a situation where accounting is not yet relevant. It uses what it dismisses,  as yet to be made, and seeks to find reason for non-reason doing what it supposedly did, so contradicting its own premises, making of  all of this,  merely an exercise in logically illicit naturalistic fundamentalism.

Returning however to reason, to find what  rationality both allows and requires, we cease dabbling in the self-contradictory and look for what is self-affirmative, both in need and attestation, which is always relevant in any enquiry.

The adequate, necessarily  EXISTENT basis  is normally called God, but the rose by any other name is not different. You have to consider God, and not merely yourself, the therefore eternal sufficiency and not a temporary insufficiency, which leaves nothing before it, and hence after it, which is not what we observe.

Who, being adequate for one and for all,  is it that speaks into  DNA, in summary and brilliantly microscopic modes, in intensively rational symbol-summons-result mode, a language which constructs each generation by logical, visible, brilliant and intensively contrived means ? That is what is seen happening. Who is it that enables the constructively programmatic to blossom into the personally critical and investigative, and so constructs or enables construction that the thoughts of man to  determine how to live not just with and for yourself, but with billions, amid billions of cells, unified into one working piece of apparatus, then made available to a person for thought and will and understanding, so that it is not merely a product, are a functional,meta-physical asset. Who but a person, knowledgeable in personalities and conversant moreover with what it takes to produce them  as  well  as their appartus for manifestation, movement, deployment and will ?

You have, if conscientious, to find if not in your body, which merely shows the necessity of finding, but in or for your universe, its cause. If you do not choose to do so, this is a reckless and potentially ravaging decision; and there is no easy or irresponsible way out. If you want to be irresponsible, the result is readily available for inspection in the multitudes of aspects of life. Not being with it guarantees only illusion, confusion and  corruption. Care is needed. Reason as one gift, needs to be used, not abused, and followed, not disjoined, so that in scientific  method, its results may be tested.

When you survey all things, it is apparent that in the domain of religion there is no one piece of communication which provides and requires that one take it, for testing. There is simply no other such communication which gives means for scientific method and logical astuteness in its investigation, and dominates the field, but the Christian Bible, the one that focusses Christ as predicted, as performer, as predictor, as coming Judge. The Bible indicates that we owe responsibility for our individuality and use of the universe and its contents to its Maker, a fact scarcely surprising. If we fail to do this,  wilfully, then the  cost of our production is not met by the misuse of the result, namely each one of us. Results accrue and are provided for inspection.

If we do consider this, then at once we realise the error of arrogant presumption, or careless indifference, or mere imagination  when tests are provided, seen now clearly through this a singularity of expression, known as the Bible. We repent, unless provocatively and perhaps invocatively wilful, arbitrary and pseudo-god-like. Failure to do so for ignoring, deriding, detesting,  departing from this Being is in itself as every moment, an arrant and basically hostile act.

One of the aspects of repentance, is to turn from  false assumptions and contradictory considerations or practice to seek the truth, which accords with what we are. This both rebukes our past, ignorant conduct and our breaches of moral law, which is simply how the Creator has made us, and how to work in that defined field. We thus realise the personal affront and folly, for we are persons, and turning to the Creator, accept whatever it is that He offers for such cases of extravaganzas of foolishness as we have all exhibited.

This is Jesus Christ, as recorded in prospect,  performance and retrospect,  as well as future action. It is He who for reason has the advantage that His is the most monumentally attested history in existence, and it is a continuing history in fulfilment of each prediction as its  time comes, and in power according to His principles (cf. Ch. 9 above).

We find that He has something called love, defined in I John 1-5 and I Corinthians 13 in a way to make its nature rather obvious. It is the opposite, almost exactly, of the confused rhetoric that is found in the LE CARRE character of the last Chapter of The Secret Pilgrim, when this type of approach is in view. With this,  He has sought for man, and not merely notified him; He has as a person, come for man, and not just called. He has taken the format of a man, and not just instructed. He has died for man as in  Titus 2-3, John 3, concerned that the world be not condemned in so doing. He would like all men to be  reconciled  to Himself, instead of being waywardly wilful. There is a cost however.  This is that one find one's place, and keep to it.

Imperial ? yes, imperious ? no. The call is to become children of God, not marshalled units of His power. It is all personal, since we are made as persons, and He  made us and acts in this domain as personal, a person-constructor being infinitely above a person constructed. This means in turn a fall-out with arbitrariness, individualism and socialism and communism and every other leverage to use nature against its Maker, human nature or any other. It means acknowledging that God is God. This could prove difficult for beings with wills and power to discriminate, reject, self-parade and the like, such powers as those being part of being a person; and these abilities, empowered by freedom,  belong to each one of us. We can defy or defile logic, personality, truth and reality: the latter limited to what it allows, as notable in the case noted in Psalm 22 and Matthew, for example.

However, when it is found, in this same comprehensively-accounting Bible that this is the culmination of all the possibilities of being made a person, and that the intention is love, and the result is to know God not as dictator but Father, then all the self-discipline resulting (as when a scientist uses, as such persons sometimes but not always do, scientific method), is both natural and necessary. To be a child of God is not a stomp in a marsh, but a movement on a highway of holiness, of dedication, and indeed of love, where one is informed as well as formed. For this, you need travelling equipment and facility to understand its ways. This,  called regeneration (John 3, Titus 3), is part of the divine process available, first to be born at all, then to be born specifically and freely from God, as a willing tributary of His creation, not merely a butt of His power.

This makes well that on being so formed, we who believe are made children of God through faith in this same God, via His method of introduction and immigration, Jesus the Christ, the Saviour, who died the just for the unjust to bring us to God. Thus, in this way, we have a new, and sequential act of  creation performed on ourselves. This changes the natural direction of our severed hearts, to those in unison, though not mechanically or merely programmatically, but by inclination, fitting for persons.

We are, then,   regenerated, this the second such act in our existences. We are correctly said to be born all over again.

This is like a strangled plant, first introduced to the sunlight. The results for us, are both outside ourselves, in the light, and inside, in the natural and inbuilt power to respond; but in this case, there is more than light needed: there is need of regeneration of the defunct apparatus of relationship, which was sick and morbid, moribund, so that it might walk in the light, like a connected and corrected piece of apparatus, but this, the user and potential comprehender of  apparatus, like the pianist who needs the piano and normally the stool, but yet plays in a mode and miieu of thought and feeling unlike either of those provisions! This is associated with the provision of eternal life.

This is not will and caprice, to grab sundry bits of what God has made, and try to force them  to  make other bits, and reason as well, but devotion and dedication with resolution to the God who made all the bits, and procedures FOR THEM whether in our billions of cells, or trillions of connections, in each one of us, in the language of DNA FOR us, to be;  and then, past all that, proceeded in the directive, protective language of the Bible, TO us  In the latter, will relates, but wilfulness does not belong. There is a place for will, in learning to love, meaningless without it, and mere illusion where any kind of programmatics is involved.

It is so nice that we who value liberty have a reason for this, the liberty of our Creator of persons, who has made us apt for communication in comradeship with Himself, again, not arbitrarily, but as children of the profundity and magnificence which is His. Here is where illusion ceases to be fantasy, and truth becomes operative. Here is where account is relevant, reason is present from the first and to the last,  revelation uses it, man is told through it, for even beyond time and space, it is logically prior to any use of it! In an ordered way, therefore, God makes and relates. In a disordered way, man dissipates and arrogates,  distorts and reverts to what is now a deformed mind, as when a mere embryo, an unformed one. The latter is not relevant to guilt, but the former is very much so!

But some do repent and relate and realise and become children of God, not by presumption but by prescription clearly stated in the Bible. This is available for all, divinely desired for all, but in terms of the very nature of persons and personality, love and its meaning, not forced on any. It is not that man is autonomous as if a god, but the will  of man is created for a purpose, and it is vitally relevant even when the God of creation FOREKNOWS who are His won, with a heart as shown in Christ in  Luke 19:42ff., in the epistles as in Colossians 1:19ff., and in John 3, in that judgment is NOT for that for which came into this world, but what He came to  REMOVE, IN LOVE, which is willing to enshroud but not deny its very nature in self-violating compulsion. God knows beyond our attainments, beyond the lairs of sin, before man was even made; and as He DESIRES us all, NONE has any excuse for rejecting the pardon provided.

Thus is the Gospel of grace, and its reception with repentance, and the return to reality and discipline, which is always present in life, when it is not merely shredded. The KEEPING does not depend on us, any more than the first birth depends on us, for keeping our physical DNA thereafter. As I John 3 tells us, of the SPIRITUAL seed which is imparted when believers find the born again status provided, this seed STAYS  in us. Doubtful faith fiddles;  actual faith accepts freely the free gift. What is accepted does not depart. What is provided is salvation, not possibilities (Ephesians 1:11, 2:1-10).

This MAKES individuals, sound and spiritual, real and realistic, receptors now of grace as before of law; and it fulfils the longings of the heart: not the passion to be AS God, but the desire to know Him, be with Him, act as made and rejoice that it is as His children that we are placed. This, then, is not as mere consignees, but those where His love finds operational place, as foreknown by Him who made our units and connections, our unitary personalities and our multitudinous opportunities. Since this truncates arrogance and wilfulness, it involves no small death as well as regeneration. Like  tumours  removable from a healthy body, some things go; like organs, some stay.

If you prefer the darkness of confusion and illusion, it is yours freely. It is yours already, until regenerated in Christ Jesus' name (John 3:16-19).

What then of the odious braggart in view, in the last Chapter of The Secret Pilgrim ? He is  like a mouse fleeing with savoir-faire into the mouth of the cat, while congratulating itself on its finesse. It is like garbage seeking a garbage bin, and rejoicing in its own gameness in grabbing it.

In one way it is fitting; but in another, the fit is the wrong one. It fits person-destruction amid shame, which in Daniel 12, we find is everlasting shame. Some things are eternal, some are not.

Thus after all, actual garbage does not do any choosing. With humans, the status can be sought, and it is alas in more than one way that it applies,  Seek and you will find!

To be sure, we are in the hands of God who is beyond us, but He has been at some pains to become one of us, yet without sin, God AS man, and to have surveyed the whole in advance, so that He knows His own (II  Timothy 2:19, John 10:9,27-28, Romans 8:30ff.).This makes disbelief all the more appalling, in this, that He WOULD have all reconciled and redeemed (Colossians 1:19ff., I Timothy 2, Ezekiel 33:1), but forcing none, takes those whom He knows in essence and before time, as His. It is the fault of man only,  if he falls away from his glorious opportunities; and none is debarred by mere circumstance, in the knowledge of Him who having all power, uses it to gain His will. It is, in this case,   that all might be reconciled, but not by force. An enforced gift is an invasion, not a donation.

His willingness and desire is that all might come, but not as hypocrites. It is to find the lost, but not merely nominally. If then YOU do not come, in the end as in the beginning, there is only one responsible for that;  and those who insist on contrariety can have what they choose, and live with it,  in the fruits of self-will, everlasting destruction. But why ? The illusionary gift of some personal, social or national culture ? Well done, but there is none in this above another. It is in that case, culture or Christ, for no culture is by any means subjecting itself altogether to Him: and it is He the king, not culture as the chosen paths of this or that segment of fallen mankind, which is the gateway entrance requirement, as in Luke 14:27-33. Giving a name to what you do is not finding the name of God, but of yourself, if you want it that way.

If you do not trust your Maker, whom do you trust ? Yourself ? the arrogant centre of the universe, with universal power to know and to understand  ? Mere confusion. You trust God as one person another, as Maker by made, as Father by child; for then your trust is no more in yourself or your appointees, but in God, everlasting, the Father of lights and the source of even the capacity to understand, who lacking nothing, gives everything, whether a rod for the back of folly, or a rule for His own nation, a kingdom of priests with direct access to God, one made up of redeemed persons,  able to bear the light, and to love it, as His own, He their source and ambit, their destiny and desire.

Christ for these is the Guarantor, the Spirit the seal, His salvation the everlasting felicity, functional and realistic, healing the soul and empowering the spirit, enabling peace in its vast wonders, and friendship in its ultimate regard.






Mankind amid the nations has had many spiritual pathologies, and it is well to expand our theme more broadly in conclusion.

Without the God of glory, you have the foundation-free, who exult in their exhibitions of slyness, calamity prevention, insularity or communality, the passionate, the concerned, the secret, the subversive, the secular and the spiritualistic, the ideologically baseless with a counterweight of cunning, the hypocritical and the hallowing, the emptily worshipping and the hand-wringers, and many more, all taking hold of some phase or facet of appeal, if not some element of truth, for some allied to a construction of inanity and urbanity, which is presented as a saviour for society. Captioned by captiousness, ordered by lust, conceived in confusion, baseless in reason, careering in test-free religion, where passion replaces truth, these elements conceive plans, concoct religious rules, or proceed through them. They mould methods for control of people, whether by making community god and then manipulating community (just as, in essence,  Communism did, mixed with cunning and deceit), or make up a god of power, whose mission is control, though test-free, a device used by many.

In this slithering emulsion and mingling of many things, what is to be found ? It is a volcanic emission of striving societies mixing dishonesty with probity, kindliness with a desire for captivity of their patrons, hopelessness with misty vision, manipulation with devious methods, capitulation to this or that with militancy against all things not conforming, these things even with efforts to control life, as in the desultory desire of making up from the myths of organic evolutionism, a contrary variety by the same evanescent means, milled by imagination, which is easy to do mentally, but impossible logically, and never to be found. This production of products called man, is to be one that will work, by command evidently, in a chosen direction, in opposition to that imagined so far. So it goes, but it does not move. Dreams operate; but not their desired destinies!

Such is the type of loved dreams of opportunism and manias of impotence masked in courage and conviction, with coups and take-overs, with sectional appeals and agencies  to match within government, by dubious unities promoting division, the part of the whole, until the results, equipped now with atomic bombs,  speak for themselves.

It does not work. as political, social, military, financial, manipulative, missioning, mission-less agencies try this and that,  seeking some kind of unity, of agreement, or at least co-ordinating body, as in Communism, where people who greatly benefit from personal power, do not need to be elected by those over whom they absolutely rule, or in those religions that anoint or appoint rulers of absolute sway, whose word is law, with or without social convulsions, and  who can deprive parts of society by command, institute or remove 'rights' and achieve their own wrongs. These readily become undisciplined except by their own party's desire, ruthless and alight with a sense of destiny to control.

Such national things often come under the name of Islam*7, with various divisions seemingly more important than life and death, divergencies and conformities, until it arises again as an oil-rewarded bastion of imperial power, not yet united, but with a longing to dominate this world as real as Hitler's or Stalin's ever was. In man, such things often have happened, simply for one reason in the end: man without God has a sense of majesty which he readily invests in himself, his party, government or vision, the more deluded because truth is denuded and sin rules.

For this, such governments, imbued with some form or other of this kind, can threaten to eliminate Israel; and indeed, Nasser of Egypt was an earlier worker in this line, in the national 'interest', or delete the USA as in the bin Laden episode, where the USA was to cease favouring Israel or else suffer untold woes. The USA lives, bin Laden is dead; but a mainly Muslim nation supported in blatant manner, that same bin Laden, while receiving vast US funds,  so that deception, whatever its national roots or cause, has been practised, and the giant USA is being attacked by relative pygmy powers,  who in their numbers and deceits are helping it to decline, with no small joy in some cases.

Thus powers-that-be as busy bees, and antagonisms that act, like swarming ants on a corpse, both rebuke and expose the confusions, confiscations, murders, regimes of ruthlessness and religions of force, that preceded or even established them. The the mêlée becomes like the radiating smokes and vapours from an atomic bomb, dangerous and spreading, lethal and looming, product of furies and cause of calamities like a convection current, circulating its poisons. In this way, frustrations are felt, ambitions are foiled, inspirations are indulged, all from no proven source, none admirable, until there are those not hesitating to deploy atomic bombs at any cost, passions to prevent passions, or to apply them, all mixed, as it moves toward the point where exasperation becomes a cyclotron for increasing desperation.

Welcome to the increasing gravities of the woeful wanderings of the end of the Age. So great are the perils, so ludicrous the assertivenesses, features of culture, nationalism, ideological sensationalism and the like, all expressions of what the Bible solemnly and repeatedly calls "the lie" (as in II Thessalonians 2:10, Romans 1), that the capitulation to come, to one universal and idolatrous control,  can readily be seen as a development. ONLY this or ONLY that is to become the call, for otherwise look what will happen!

bullet Forbearing to rely on God, to trust in Him,
to follow His proven word, the Bible,
and HENCE to focus kindness, grace and purity,
consideration, love and wisdom, testability and liberty to perform tests;
bullet failing to relate to Jesus Christ, the sole Saviour provided for this world,
from God, of God, as God providing ransom for man,
many peoples turning away from the light of spiritual day
to the devious enterprises of darkness,
which know no bounds to their deceptions and dynamic directions to mankind;
bullet forming bastions of power and modes of unity through desperation,

such forces amid man move to their destiny. It is shallow in spirit, broad in coverage, manic in kind, but moving to universal control in aspiration, though the time be short for this sort of deployment. It has not changed its spirit, but only its form for convenience, moving through deception to tyranny, this a common course.

 It is quite clear in the Bible as now in the movements of the times. ONE body is to rule, with ONE required religion emanating from the Governing Power*8, which will USE religion as a force to bolster the State as in Revelation 13. It will move from paper money to methods of control by numbers (cf. SMR 906ff., 967ff.), and so seek an absolutism which unlike Communism, no stranger to that, will feature religion and use it. After all, part of the bankruptcy of Communism is that it is reductionistic, and ignores the mainspring of life and of man, in strangulating efforts to squeeze into reckless, heedless power, a control mechanism, which neither satisfies nor agrees with the heart of man, which in the end, has no love for impatient and impenitent tyrannies*7.

They learn, they progress in their regress; they invent methods of co-ordination and subordination, they prepare.

In the end, the attack on God becomes quite explicit (as in Revelation 19:19), just as the attack on Christ, after the Cross, via the slaughter of Christians has been, and now is. Indeed, it grows more and more  extreme as the Bible makes clear in prediction: Revelation 11:17-19 implies it, Revelation 12:10-11 shows it, John 16:1-4 pastorally shows its ruthlessness, and John 15:20 its basis. "The servant is not greater than his lord," (John 15:20), Christ declared. If they persecuted Him, they would do it to His servants.

If they showed ruthless efforts to extinguish Jesus the Christ in the midst of His colossal goodness and applied power for the needy and the sick, the desolate and the desperate, then what will become of His servants ? Multitudes of wickednesses will compete with vast domains to extinguish them. At this present time, before the matter becomes really organised, you have such figures as these, recorded in Israel My Glory, September-October 2011, p. 41, "every five minutes a Christian dies for his faith". This is taken from the statistic of 105,000 Christians "killed each year solely because of their faith," found by the human rights representative, Massimo Introvigne.

From January 5 to December 31, 2011, that author has served as the "Representative on combating racism, xenophobia and discrimination, with a special focus on discrimination against Christians and members of other religions" of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). He has written widely on religious topics. However he may define 'Christian',  the flow of events is clear. For that matter, for intrigue, murderous lust and deviousness, the St Bartholomew's Day massacre some centuries ago, brings in numbers of the slain of this order, while the Inquisition has evidently far surpassed this (cf. Ancient Words ... Ch. 14).

Now with Moslem attacks because of a failure to regard Muhammad as he claimed, however slight the evidence and unjust the ground, assaults on churches even in India, withering restrictions on Christians in the Middle East, slaughter of Coptic Christians in Egypt, exclusions and inhibitions, restrictions and condemnations, prohibitions leading to an underground church in China, a new wave of this specific kind of international  terrorism is growing. In imperial type actions, such as those of Communism, Islam or Romanism, each in its time, some together, there is not merely one form of assault. It is social, financial, psychological, ideological, dogmatic, political and often slanderous.

Just as it is said that in the recent Queensland election, the former Premier after a time was no longer heeded, given ear, decisions having been made, so biblical Christianity (as distinct from religions based on the Christian name and not on Christ Jesus) is being belched out like gritty steam from a steam train, with heat and force pushed away. Nations move to secularism, Romanism, Islam, Communism, imperialism, something or someone the criterion without any demonstration of truth, but only of power, and that writhing in contests.

As the fear of man grows, and the captious efforts to control mankind augment, so the one power to come, a mask for the devil and a midwife for ruin, will exercise its rumbling force for a short time, before this essence being exposed, the Lord will smash its power, because of truth and judgment according to it (I Thessalonians Ch. 1 and 2, Revelation 19, I Corinthians 15:20-25).

Confusion may have had its masterpiece, in the murderous midst of the play Macbeth, but this is to be an international, and indeed a worldwide case. Just as drunkenness does not excuse murder, so political drunkenness does not give absolution for  slaughter, but rather is the ground of guilt, with exhibits of mass murder, repression, suppression and death such as recent movements in Russia, China, Africa, Cambodia, and the Middle East display.



This is the predictable and the predicted result of the simple fact that the light of the world (John 8:12, 9:3-4), in truth and with His own attestations unique and unanswerable (cf. John 8:46, Matthew 22:46, with  SMR, TMR), has come and shone and shown and provided all that renegade man needs. It is He "who gives light to every man coming into the world," having come not to rule it, but to give it opportunity before His rule,


"was in the world, and the world was made through Him,


and the world did not know Him."  

That is and remains its position, even though some are delivered, for


"as many as received Him, to them He gave the authority
to become children of God, to those who believe in His name,
who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh,
nor of the will of man, but of God."

For everything but the necessary and Eternal God, there is a beginning; and for all there is an apt ending, whether in Him or outside, basking in sin or belching violence, masking truth or ignoring it, slithering in social stands or sleeping in disastrous indifference.

It is well to start right; but if not, then it is better to end well. In Christ, there IS no end, eternal life which is His, being in His gift, and that is the final phase to be desired, It is so,  not because of eternity, a vast gift, but because of its nature, that of God Himself, the Father of all (as to creation), and " Saviour of all men"  (as to opportunity and provision, I Timothy 4:10) but "especially of those who believe,"  (as to personal place in His presence as a child of God, forever). This is in the realm not merely of God being great, which He undoubtedly is, infinite in understanding, power and wisdom, but glorious!

He is shown through the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ, as in life before Him,
and His due and constant impact on a carefully guarded and predicted history,

to be

not only One of sovereign grace, as many like to call it, but what is far better,

a gracious sovereign
(I Timothy 4:10, I John 2:1-2),

whose OWN choice is to be

kind and forbearing, patient and longsuffering
(Ezekiel 20:8-22),

not willing that any should perish but pleased that all become reconciled to Himself
(II Peter 3:9, Colossians 1:19),

realistic to the point of becoming in format a man, that He might deliver man (Hebrews 2, Philippians 2, Titus 2:11, 3:4),

exhibited in Jesus Christ, His everlasting Word poured forth
(John 1:1-4, 8:58, Micah 5:1-3),

understanding and sensitive to the cry of faith (Psalm 145:18-19),
and the forlorn repentance that seeks Him out with resolution and receptiveness
(Matthew 13:20-21, Hosea 7:14-16,  Jeremiah 29:13),

filled with longsuffering, persevering
(Psalm 86:15, Romans 9:22),

not a bus conductor to find fares but a doctor to heal souls
(John 11:22-29, Zechariah 9:6-7),

not grasping but liberal
Ezekiel 34, 47, Exodus 34:6),

not mean but majestic
(Psalm 145:5-7),

filled with goodness but asking for channels
for the flow to be fulsome and functional
(Isaiah 1:16-20, Romans 12:1-2),

profound and infinite in understanding
(Psalm 147:5, 139,142:3, 145:17),

unable to be gulled, free from guile (Psalm 18:26),

insusceptible to cunning, wise beyond all manoeuvre
(Psalm 11),

testing but not testy
(Judges 2:3-4, 3:4, Ezekiel 20,II Chronicles 32:31),

filled with the splendour of opportunities for man (Isaiah 48:18-20),
for whom He is empty of mere constraint and compulsion,
except where sin asks for it and receives its own pension!
(II Chronicles 36, I Kings 17),
yet is He compassionate in His call
(Matthew 14:14, Psalm 103, Isaiah 42:3).

Even then, He loves liberty and tests it to the ultimate
(Judges 2-3, II Corinthians 3:17),
intimately and openly,
also privately and particularly
(Psalm 139:23-24),
and never makes breaches of mere force in the armour of will,
but wisely waits
(Isaiah 30:18, II Chronicles 32:31),
that He might be found (as in Isaiah 55).

He is One who

calls, just as it is He who

disquiets that He might quieten with truth
(Proverbs 1, Zephaniah 3:5,17),

exhorts that He might satisfy with mercy
(Isaiah 55),

makes stinging rebukes that He might make His own followers
steadfast and unrebukable (II Samuel 12:7ff.),

is champion of charitableness of heart
(I Corinthians 13),

is redeemer from wrong
(John 19:21-30).

Knowing all from  the first (Romans 8:30ff., II Timothy 2:19),
He is faithful to the last (Revelation 19:11, I Thessalonians 5:24, Hebrews 13:8);
while seeking all (Matthew 22:9, Colossians 1:19ff.),
He wins many (Matthew 20:28).


In Him is found One

whose knowledge is joy (John 16:22, Galatians 5:22),

whose presence is peace (Isaiah 48:17ff., Philippians 4:4ff.),

who knows a heart of stone when He sees one (Revelation 3:2),

as with Nabal, whose heart became as a stone (I Samuel 25:37-38),

and calls to break up the fallow ground (Jeremiah 4:3, Hosea 10:12)

who is inimitable in warmth of heart (Psalm 37:1-4),

who is disposed to be merciful just as gravity
is disposed to draw lofted stones to the ground (Micah 7:19ff.),

who became man in format for salvation
and is Judge of all men
(Philippians 2, John 1, Acts 17:31, John 5:19ff.,Matthew  20:28, Galatians 3),

unremitting in mercy,
relentless in  realism,

who will by no means clear the unacquitted guilty
(Nahum 1-4)
who are found by Him
to despise in their hearts,
or  to be indifferent  to
His proffered mercy and its channel on the cross.

Nor yet will He cling remorselessly to the sin of those pardoned for ever
(Hebrews 8:12,Psalm 103, Micah 7:19ff.),
but diligently sustain them forever
(John 10:98,27-28, Ephesians 1:11);

for in Him is redemption,

realised, practical, performed,
personally paid for,
eternal, relentless in reliability (Galatians 3, Matthew 20:28),
secure in sanction (Ephesians 1, I John 5).
It is delighted in assurance (II Timothy 1:12, Psalm 23, 46),
to be received by faith (Romans 3:23-25):
for without that, there is no relationship (Hebrews 11:1-6).
as even many a dog is apt to realise.
Faith, in humility, grasps its object (cf. Jacob, Genesis 32:24-28),
rejoices in conviction and delights as God evidences Himself
to heart and mind, soul and spirit - Hebrews 11:1-2.

Yet He

raises the beggar from the dump (I Samuel 2:8),

makes princes out of nobodies (Psalm 69:33, 40:17, I Samuel 16:7),

elevates the poor in spirit (Matthew 5:3, Isaiah 66:1-2),
who trust in Him and tremble at His word,

rewards the pure in heart with Himself (Matthew 5:8), and

makes marvellous pathways out of troubles amid testimony (Psalm 107),

knows how to surpass even the uttermost in thought (Isaiah 40:13),
with blessings undisguisable and profound (Ephesians 3:20);

but is implacable in  righteousness
and brings truth to  victory (Isaiah 42:3).

In Christ is shown grace upon  grace,
like a  spotlighted cast, but  all in One (John 1:16-17),

culminating on  the cross (Galatians 6:14),
triumphant in the resurrection (Luke  24:38-39),

ruling on His return (Isaiah 42:10, Isaiah 11, Psalm 72, Matthew 25, Revelation 20),
as Spring grasps the seasons,

turning bodily resurrection  into immortality (I Corinthians 15, II Corinthians 5),
and mercy into wonder (I Corinthians 2:9, Revelation 21-22).

Praise therefore the Lord,

for He is good and His goodness never fails.

Call upon Him, for He is not hard of hearing,

but do so in truth, for He is not slow to discern,

and seek His mercy, for He is keen to provide it,

and seek it where it may be found,

where He has placed it (I Corinthians 3:10-11),

in the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6),

whose death on the Cross is

the entire and only redemption
(Acts 4:11-12, Hebrews 2:1-3),

whose resurrection is the gate of opportunity for man
(Romans 10:9, Ephesians 1:19),

whose haven is heaven,

where people justified by faith,
by grace without works
(Romans 5:1, 3:23-27, Ephesians 2),

live by grace for ever and ever
(Revelation 22:5, II Timothy 1:8-12.
II Corinthians 5:1-8, John 5:24),
this mortal mould meeting its available immortality,
and this corruptible condition becoming incorruptible,
this stricken tent replaced (II Corinthians 5:1-7),
with exceeding  joy (I Corinthians 1:42-49, I John 3:1-3, I  Peter 4:13).






*1 See Deity and Design ... See also Ch. 5 above, with references, for the survey of the methodological purity and comprehensive available when the index validity and verification is followed, without fear or favour, with one consummative, all-satisfying result from any and every test.

On verification and validation, found among religions, uniquely in the Bible,

see indexes, including:

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SMR Ch. 6, Christ,  the Wisdom  ... Ch. 8, The Magnificence of the Messiah
with more direct emphasis on Jesus the Christ;

Barbs ... 2919;  
TMR 9, Grand Biblical Perspectives Ch.   7,
What is the Chaff to the Wheat!  Chs. 3, 4, 10, 11
Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny Chs.   3, *3, 

With these consult the very large and systematic work:




Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God



See for example, News 19, SMR Chs. 3   -   4, together with SMR Ch. 4 Extension on Great Burials. See The Mastery of the Mystery of Man.



See for example the new highly discriminatory Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012, in Australia, and the anti-Press-liberty parallel move, which has thrilled the newspaper and some TV leaders with angst, outrage and confrontation with the government. On this, refer to such sites as: Not only is God Great but Glorious, Ch. 8, The King's Counsel, Ch. 1, and What is New, February 2013. As these dates suggest, this has been a very recent development, and it has moved past the original publication of this volume, but here represents an update.

As an illustration of the depth of response to be found in many not uninformed, the following is noted.

Former High Court judge Ian Callinan urges community to rise up

FORMER High Court judge Ian Callinan has called for widespread community opposition to the federal government's proposed changes to discrimination law, which he says are "outrageous" and a threat to community cohesion.

"Every Australian with an ideal for democracy - and I hope that means most Australians - should do everything they lawfully can to oppose the introduction of this outrageous law," said Mr Callinan, who retired from the nation's highest court in 2007.

Again, note a News Item: March 20-21, found in The Australian.

The new Attorney General has decided to withdraw any immediate action on the Anti-Discrimination Bill {not surprising since it is perhaps the most discriminatory assault ever made in Australian legal practice}, in view of admitted imperfections, with no undertaking as to whether it will or will not be made available once more for a latter session in the year.

This so far admirable decision, removing a vast blight, like must in the larder, from liberty, with its own version of MUST, is however subjected to another incitement or exhortation from an urging body, swift to come to print,  which would have it brought on and back and made effective, in substance, this very year.

The type of approach in this Bill however, as itemised above, is so vast, in such complete contradiction of Commonwealth powers in the Constitution, that any redraft would properly have to make it a completely different law, with a different heritage, view, perspective, humility, watchfulness, meekness of disposition when it comes to liberty in this land.



Regarding liberty, moral mandate and consciousness in man, see:

Glory, Vainglory and Goodness Ch.   1, Christ's Ineffable Peace Ch.    1,  Grand Biblical Perspectives Ch.     7. The second relates closely to Le Carré's creation. The others also provide basis for understanding of the issues involved.



See *3 above.

Freedom is a wonder, but it is not to be God, and God parodies the presumption often found in its use in Ezekiel 28:9: Will you still say you are a god when I slay you ?

It is beatific, however, when compared with the societies of force and and tyranny, whether socially contrived as threatens in Australia, or simply thrust into the manacled multitude. It is, moreover, completely irrelevant as a concept without the Maker of it and of mankind. Limits to liberty of mind leap into action, outside the mind, inside it, psychic dominions threaten, cultural claws strike, uninhibited desires mock it, illusionary aspirations downgrade it. It is still there in principle, like a car in the garage, and can be 'used'. However without God in the genius of its generation and the meaning of its operation, it is like a body in plaster, without its natural norm and mode of operation. Glimpses of norms occur, in the fallen and unredeemed mind, hopes and aspects come like swallows flitting; but the ditching of reality leaves the meaning dim.

Return transforms everything. In the image of God, we are subject to Him; in the grace of God we may find fellowship with Him; in the caprice of madness, man may seek equality with his Eternal Maker, but in vain. Making a new world and god is mere folly, exaltation as if from inhalation of strange drugs. WHEN however man instead of rebelling, is redeemed, and so resumes his place before God, then the liberty to BE what you are, a being of independent thought and understanding, which is based in, sustained by and implemented through God who having made it, desires it, becomes vitalised. It lives and moves and acts with wisdom, amid truth, furnished with understanding, relishing the close association with the ultimate royalty, author of reason and basis of truth.  Instead of haunting itself in the shadows, even becoming susceptible to denying itself with its own freedom, a magnificent folly indeed, it now operates as free!


See Denton, The Priority of the Paradigm, in his work, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, and in particular pp. 352ff., including the summary: "The concept of continuity of nature has existed in the mind of man, never in the acts of nature." Professor Stephen Jay Gould faced with horror the appearance of vastly more basic designs in the 'Cambrian Era' than are now left. He ponders with dismay the point on his basis, this: "Instead of a beginning and a constantly expanding upward range, multicellular life reaches its maximum scope at the start, while later decimation leaves only a few surviving designs," p, 233 of Wonderful Life. "How, he expostulates, "could such disparity have arisen in the first place," p. 227 (op.cit.), and he does well to ask. It is precisely NOT in the name of what observably  and testable NEVER has the power to make itself, let alone before it is there to do it, but of the God of heaven that the work is done. As famed Professor G.G. Simpson put it:

It is as if the curtain were rung down suddenly on the stage where all the leading roles were taken by reptiles, especially dinosaurs, in great numbers and bewildering variety, and rose again immediately to reveal the same setting but an entirely new cast, a cast in which dinosaurs do not appear at all, other reptiles are supernumeraries, and all the leading parts are played by mammals of sorts barely hinted at in the preceding acts (from p. 42 of Simpson's Life Before Man).


For this and similar data, see Bk. 1, Chapter 2, *36, 37. See also p. 106:

"Gaps among known orders, classes and phyla are systematic and almost always large," Simpson, The Evolution of Life, p. 149 in Vol. 1.

Instead of using 'heaven's name' in astonishment as the precise contradiction of facts, when it comes to organic evolutionary theory, as Gould did again and again, he would have done  better scientifically, to look without pre-formed ideas, deadly when irrational and imported into science as if gods in their own right and rites, at the facts and seek in heaven's name what is outside nature and the necessary source of its nurture.

The impossibility of such dreams as his, and many others less frank or honest in admissions, has been a specialty on this site. The facts empirically and the focus of reason have but one result. That is what one comes to expect of the truth, which dominates thought, though some seem to prefer being 'indomitable' in battle, as if carried forward on mere but pitiable misplaced dogmatism and desire. 



See for example Mini-Messages with Maxi-Output Ch. 6,  with Ch. 5 above. See in this environment of considerations, also:

Evidence and Reality Ch.   3, 1497,   Waiting for Wonder Appendix,, HDD  4; The Lord of Longsuffering ... Ch.  7, *2  The  Lie has a Limited Shelf Life Ch.    1.



See *4 of Ch. 8 above.



See for example, on such developments: SMR pp. 647-706, 743ff., 750Bff., 902-959






Man in Prospect

Addition January 2013 from

Now the Highway, Then the Heights Ch. 8



Expanded somewhat



The Right to Blight, the Sickly Solution



Put this sub-heading in that way, and read it, this Anti-discrimination Bill, and find if this would not appear a just heading! The Government seems to be lofting towards almost unbelievable heights of supremacy, in the forbidden field of religion, and many social fields relating to it, towards taking charge of some of the functions of deity. Currently there is a Bill. In February there is to be an official report on reaction to it. Large numbers of responses have been received and made available on the internet.

But what of this Bill ? While it speaks of anti-discrimination, and consolidating law on anti-discrimination, it appears to consist in no small measure, in methods of  making a National Law, passing an Act to establish in the State*1of2, an undivine god. Its potential presumption seems as great as its functional enormity. In this Bill, what is proposed, extensively and minutely formulated, seems fit to create in or through the State, in this case the Commonwealth:

Supreme Moral Authority

Supreme Disposal Power in the Field of Religion

Supreme Evaluative Power over Religion

Supreme Interpretive Power over the Human Psyche

Supreme Licensing Power over Speech

Supreme Investigative Power in Thought

That is why, as a Christian Pastor, one can and must speak. This is indeed in accord with our charter in the Bible, in Jesus Christ, for when all religions are made subject to State inventive law and authority, then freedom of religion is lost, interference looms, caveats accrue, and a State Lord in this very area, arises by democratic consent, to mingle its mouthings with those of the Lord.

The insistence that the Constitution be kept, is a safeguard in this instance, against erosion and abuse, and loss of liberty in ordinary discourse in this field. How this is so is part of the exercise of this Chapter to exhibit. It is therefore important to present this finding, in the hope that the detriment to the people who know Christ as Lord and Saviour, may not become enlarged, and they be not needlessly entangled or pre-occupied with covert or implied secular religion, inventing morals without foundation and giving exceptions to these as it impounds liberty and exalts itself (II Timothy 4:1-5, II Corinthians 10:5ff.).

The cry from the Government is that it is trying to integrate a number of laws. That is interesting, but the point is what new things are being made at the same time,  in extension of power, intrusion of action, disposal of persons and in aggressive State clout over man, morals, religion and thought. Even religion has to gain exemption from the bold moral rules instituted, as if it were with a broken arm, and had to have allowance for its weakness. How bold is this State! or is it to be blocked ? The parliamentary representatives may still vote against it. They may still put principle above pressure. Startlingly, there is no referendum on this Bill of Wrongs. Moreover only about a month was given for comment, as Christmas neared. It surges like an invasion force into the land.

The way this nation deals with this,  its government's intrusive presumption will show us whether it is only the rush of power to the minority government's head, or a national failing, that is in view, one leading to frustration, weakness, oppression and endless litigation over questionable motives, interpretations and verbal assaults, one way or the other or both, with repressive power sharply in focus.

The Government starts with the assumption that in a chosen and select group of 18 little considerations such as age, disability, gender identity, political opinion, religion, race and sex, as it puts it, presumably gender issues, there are to be found "protected attributes". In this, it is going to look after us, penetrating like a missile, into the innermost sanctums of the heart, as we will show.

It is well for the government to seek to protect people from intrusive powers, such as manifestly the government itself may deploy in allegedly protecting, when what is in view is misuse of physical power and assault. We do not want people Diploma of Education freely to be at the striking end of inflammatory fisticuffs, piercing knives or murderous guns. When however words are in view, such as might occur in the presentation of a viewpoint or religion, opinion, assessment or critical analysis, then it becomes an Anti-Freedom Law that "protects" by penalising and assuming guilt till innocence is proved. It thus becomes a discriminatory law.

This is so unlovely that it needs much consideration even to conceive why such a ruin of a free nation (free in many respects, though not in education by any means*1A) could even seriously be contemplated. Indeed, this then becomes a HUMAN WRONGS AND DISCRIMINATION BILL, designed to rule, arbitrate, determine and penalise in the area of attitudes, viewpoints, argumentation and  assessment. Like a god, the government authority sits to assess, interpret, know, consider, determine and by its august decision, make people pay if they cannot prove the allegations against them to be false! It is not a pleasant god, and since this one did not create the universe, it lacks the perception of the actual Creator, while showing little restraint in arrogation of power not belonging to it.

The fiasco in this way actively threatens to become such as that in the USSR, which also guaranteed religious freedoms in word,  but in ways unspeakable, in terms of actual State profusion of intrusion, denied its reality till one could hardly speak without the great possibility of consignment by the State to penalties various and authoritarian. The case in principle appears similar here. It is emphatically not a thing to import, in notion, potion or portion.  It would be like importing a new type of influenza, with antidotes available for those willing to leave the country.

What then is the procedure in this pejorative pronouncement, this Bill in effect to limit freedom, invent understanding from flights of soaring fancy, and dispose the depths of man as it will ?

The procedure*1B  is first to itemise the 18 discrimination targets as above, making a spread like that on a Christmas table before dinner, and then to make it clear that the State will act in terms of such things as "offence" suffered or deemed to have been suffered by any one among its subjects. It even covers offence about to be suffered, merely planned, or implicit in planning, in the opinion of the Authority. The roll of control is fast and furious, presumptuous and spurious.

The offence which can be used for legal action, is to be characterised as what is done, felt, suffered, experienced, engendered in any way in the heart, mind, thought. Suffer ? Bring in the law. Feel bad about what is said ? Sue in assault, for the Authority is ready at arms.

You feel offended. Act. That is, it is UNQUALIFIED. OFFENCE, unqualified in nature, said to be suffered by someone, and this becomes a source of initiating challenge to YOUR reputation, freedom, in terms of punishment, subjection to militant and directive authority, if not quivering at the bar, then arraigned for investigation by knowledgeable pundits, who know about these things ...

As to the aggrieved party, and offence : If you find it, there it is. Your preliminary case is in effect made. You bring this intolerable thing to the notice of the investigators, the feeling that you are offended by someone, somehow, by that person's words or apparent plans. Then ? why then you have put it in the hands of those who may use compulsory interviews, under the eye of examiners, as one of the steps in your degradation of your alleged tormentor, or hurter of your feelings. As to that offensive party, let us consider that person. This action against you, it seizes you by government authority, while YOU PAY, unless you have so little that terms of aid my be manufactured. If you have a bundle, then consider dropping it, as you pass by the Authority.

It is not clear that you will ever be repaid, regardless of outcome. For a society already in fiscal trouble, as this sacrificed nation increasingly is, it seems much more than unwise to open this tap in the savings tank, with such grievous and almost abandoned seeming political ease. It seems the height of unfairness to have this chained dog, ready to released upon you, while in the sanctuary of Parliament, ferocious verbal  assaults are made with so little supportive evidence, that even a word designating hatred may be used through special new ideas about it, to allege what is not even beginning to show it. This is corrosive, and clear of action. The Press likewise may be arraigned, till only Parliament may speak its mind; but it is supposed to REPRESENT the people, not to become a monopoly on freedom of speech.

As to procedure,  then, the offence is FELT, then it is NOTED and thus RECORDED, so that, what appears to the Court the prima facie case, is taken to show that you are guilty till proven innocent. Now the onus on whom ? You have guessed it, it is on YOU.  On this, consult *4 below.

It is necessary to emphasise this last point.  Such is the new power of the Authority, that the "victim" of this offence, the one assailed by the alleged sufferer, may be charged with causing  sufferings which may be entirely verbal and psychic. A psychic shiver, an insubstantial sliver may be the basis, and in the glorious fulness of understanding of your Judges, you are to be considered and this conceived, with all the delicacy of a trumpeting elephant, for man is not capable of assessing hearts, in the one or the other, with accuracy in such affairs. It is the prerogative of God who knows enough, realm on realm, truth on truth, to judge.

What then here ? It is the subjective which counts. Psychiatrists may labour to read between, under and around the lines, concerning their clients, but no such problem faces the Authority. It will find out, and you will pay if it deems the case to be such. It is rather like putting a mouse under the authority of cats, the latter having total power to determine issues. To be sure, you could always hope for an unprejudiced cat, a discriminating but undiscriminatory one, but then cats themselves have their own natures to contend with ...

Accordingly, the complainant has a privilege of manifest and unusual force, in this land, that the offender, in terms of who knows what psychic level in the long cultural and national past of the one offended,  is deemed guilty until found innocent, to be assessed till guilt at last may even possibly be dismissed. The person offended perhaps was not REALLY offended! It is not clear how this could be achieved, but a paraphernalia of investigation, not without cost, by experts appointed, proceeds.

It is almost impossible to overreact to this horror, this making of minions of innocent citizens,  AS OBJECTIVELY THEY MAY WELL BE, putting them into the condign hands of law, and marking them till they might be cleared, as would-be criminals, or their virtual equivalent, objects ready for scorn, and if so far guilty in concept, then abased in fact.

One voting in such a travesty of truth and arrogation of supernal power, intimidatory intrusion would have a very ... special idea of liberty, and available is a decision of the need for frank discussion, uninhibited investigation, fearless research and accurate findings.  Offence is offence. In the whole gamut of millions of psyches, avoid it, or  you may be fined, compromised, abused with findings from vast heights, and if history is any guide, often from low depths. Indeed, such is man, that it is perfectly possible in the generality, to have depths of which you are unaware, except that they are normal for you, operative and seem good.

Where atheism or any moral-inventing theory is held, then there is virtually no limit to these depths. Where religion is involved, there are things like nightmares in some cases, which demand beheading, amputation, spearing, mass destruction, and allege it to be good. This must not of course be adjudged evil in itself, just different, or perhaps you will find yourself a victim of those offended. In some types of religion, it is EVIL to be submissive, meek, kindly and considerate. In one stage, in Europe, this caught on massively. Laws in a vacuum are unwise; laws in a seething morass mixed with various other ideas, are mere adventurism. See in this area, News 19.

Unless the one deemed guilty of offence is DEEMED too poor to pay legal costs which could mount to many thousands, pay they will. This is a financial, moral apparatus, abused by the State, intrusive and abusive in this manner. It is not till you are cleared, if need be by compulsory meetings with appointed jurisdictive officers and whoever else they with State authority choose, that the potentially intrusive-abusive use of your time and funds, may lapse ... till the next time.

If you are spineless, characterless, foxy and very aware of traps, you might escape at the outset. Throughout history, many like the famous figure of the "Vicar of Bray", who knew how to sit on the fence while dangling his feet on either side, as the situation required, have managed to  escape this sort of policing - provided pure malice and fraud did not intervene from parties alien in mind.

However, many consider it important that ideas be stated, tested,  considered, debated, thrust forward, as part of being in the image of God, and find it important not to bow to would-be godlets, who work out all about feelings, such as ... feeling offended, and fix up costs for you as they opine.

Thus, if you are not like the Vicar of Bray,  perilous here would be your way.

Valiant for domination, the State or its appointee then it would proceed to find, at least in preliminary meetings, some without regard to evidence, what appears to be the case, and what might be a resolution. This is elevated power! This is the office of priesthood, categorically rejected by many (Hebrews 2, 7, 8-9), here set in secular hands. It is moral in character, and more intrusive than many priesthoods in this, that the guilt is so far assumed. You may be far from confessing it.

To assume guilt for one second constitutes an assault.  This is, even if temporarily so, legally bound power to assault. It is not enough to be in danger from ruffians, it must now be from a legally constituted entity that this can come!

Guilt, however, It is proper,  in terms of this Bill, however, as a concept to be used against the Authority; for it is above this law, providing the motive of its action is to fulfil the law (Section 21). Here at last MOTIVE enters in, but only for the sake of the Authority, to clear it for faster action!

If this is not absolutism, what is! Moreover, it is based on relativism, the realm of feeling, and psyche, and how one reacts to another, in this way, moral, mental, spiritual, physical, any way you like provided the pseudo-sacred term 'offence' is in view.

It sets the victim of this highly discriminatory procedure,  the one claimed to have offended, in a degraded light, in a negative position, and to clear himself, or herself, this is the obligation of the unfortunate thus apprehended for compulsory sessions, at the will of the Supreme Authority, which has already compromised the victim in this atrocious and insulting manipulation of the notion of GUILT.

Thus you have two types of victim. First is the one who objects, declaring this, 'I have been offended.' He or she may be lying, using this as a ploy for revenge on just discipline in a company, or disapproval of some action which has been made manifest, as to be now assessed by


the State, as


Supreme Arbiter of Morals, by


Supreme Methods of Procedure, and


Supreme Priestly Power.

To be sure, the quasi-priest or officer in attendance, may not choose, in his temporary plenipotentiary power (always as dowered by the State*1C), to elicit a confession, though doubtless this might help, and some might submit to lie in order to avoid further entanglement, though ill advisedly. However, there is the one who objects, and he has his requirements.

The second type of victim is the one who is now temporarily deemed guilty, by the awesome power of the State Supreme (to fine, exhaust finances - not its own - through legal costs, intimidate by authoritarian atmosphere and dispose of the person assaulted by the ostensible victim in this way). Thus there are two assaults: that claimed by the one statedly offended, and one by the Authority against the one allegedly causing it. Allegations readily fester at such depths, producing results like puss from a thorn.

Whether envy, mere dislike, misconstruction, over-reaction to humour, super-sensitive imagination as is so common, in deeming that negative which was positive or neutral in the respect in view, whether indeed it be a matter of devious devices to downgrade someone or something which that person holds, or again, to molest the upright or shame the righteous, very common things throughout the history of our race: yet the OFFENCE may be stated, and examined by ... no, not angels but people. And these arbiters ?  very possibly, they are not without their own hang-ups, unconscious servitudes, psychic burps and whorls.  Angels are worse than rare to find among men, all of whom are sinners, and digging into psychic depths is not their gift, however endowed with power.

Vast is the scope, sound or unsound, most various, as ground of the declared "offence".  Vast is the opening for offending the alleged offender, but the Authority need not worry about that, being legally protected.

As to the 'offence', it may be genuine or cleverly acted out, result of pathology or real. Nevertheless,  to law we go at the will, whim,  caprice, inflammatory feeling or in some cases, true offence suffered by the complainant. The cause can vary greatly, as can the effect, even when all parties seek honesty. When the terms of reference are virtually unlimited, however, the wisdom to handle this is NOT. We are not gods: as the Bible  puts it for those with supreme ideas concerning themselves or their powers: "I said, 'You are gods, and all of your are children of the Most High,  but you will die like men ..."

Off to law, then.  What next ?

Off to finance we go, to be given aid if too poor to pay for this succulent legal dish (and law readily can make one poor as the due process proceeds on through its various stages), and set are the conditions for getting this aid, or without it,  slowly to watch the slender substance of years evaporate while the Bill, if turned to law, bites. Such is the way of this psychological extravaganza, political pirouetting, shameless assault and insult to citizens. In seeking justice, it is well not to breach it in your very presumption, arrogance and procedure!

At best, someone's feelings are satisfied, however super-sensitive and subject to dull perception in the first place, they may have been, as is frequently found in life, as time passes, and history unfolds. At worst, but readily, someone's unjust feelings are satisfied, upset is sated and peace, if possible, resumes as time goes on, and life ebbs away, as it is inclined to do under such duress, time,  expense and immoral reflections as the preliminary assumptions of the Government-appointed body in fact constitute. If you want a new god, here is one for you. Biblically, however, to put in the hands of men, the prerogatives of God, is idolatry. This is a gross outrage in terms of religion, its manufacture and its appointment (cf. Ezekiel 14:4).

Thus, in these ways, by historical observation, there are likely to be of numerous sub-types,  multiple motivation and often enough legally-made victims,  subject to little less than extortion, as the State-imposed tyranny over truth proceeds, an atomic bomb of aspiring super-morality, where in some cases a slap, in some an explanation, in others, an understanding might have sufficed.

For each wrongly accused, and with such vast parameters of  'offence' , these in sum are likely to be many, whether or not the Supreme Moral Authority of the State concurs or condemns, life in some form, goes on. What components do we then find, and what goes out! The latter includes many elements.

What then goes out ? Time, money, energy, burden, blight, these do, together with subjection to directive authority of people with ostensibly supreme moral power in their hands, together with such freedom, let us remind ourselves,  that so long as the stated OBJECTIVE of the Law (if it be passed) is what they seek, then they are not themselves even subject to it. This goes out like a vast fishing network, catching what they may. Whatever the motive, the results stand out.

Anything MORE DISCRIMINATORY, it would be difficult to imagine. It reminds one of a nightmare sketched in Punch magazine, where the experient is shown playing golf with almost unlimited difficulty. Things happening are unjust, unfair, intimidatory, but always occurring, until at last, when the golfer comes to the green, the devil appears as the opponent, and simply removes the golf ball of his opponent, and puts his own in the hole. Such is the vulnerability of this type of liability to ruthlessly authoritarian imposition in such fields as these.

This however, as much as one might wish it were, is startlingly for those awake, not a dream at all. Rather in all seriousness, it appears to be the wish of some in the Government, amidst other things of course, TO IMPOSE. Who could buy into that, whatever the imagined benefits. Is it not a premature release of an ill thought out approach involving discrimination such as could scarcely be thought of in its acrid horror, even months ago!

However, haste is not wise in the formulation, intimation and application of such grossly presumptuous and self-expansive powers on the part of any State, whether in the Middle East, or Africa, the Pacific or Europe, let alone, one would have hoped, in this once fair country, noted for independence of spirit, agreeable liberty of expression, imaginative entrepreneurial activity and readiness to spring into action without undue fear. Nations often go through phases; and our country so far for some time in the past, has had a thrust of toleration, not excluding expression of things as truth, which may be about to be violated.

All this is ready to be harassed. It is ready to be altered in a subjection in thought, mind, morals, supreme power and arbitrative splendour that digs into the most private of places and waves its wand of authority in the most hideous of manners. A new phase ?

It is like being offered the option to vote for an almost inexpressibly presumptuous tyrant. Who will dare to vote for it and imperil the future of this once significantly free land, to which so many wish to come, some with a hope of imposing this or that authority of foreign origin ? Perhaps many who do not want in such a setting, to be marked out! Perhaps others with long-held hatreds to be indulged. There are many other scenarios, but this is as open as one walking in a mosquito infected jungle, while scorning all sprays and deterrents, leaving the matter "open". Here it seems the Government has at least no small desire to present to the nation, what constitutes an imposition to challenge some the worst of cases, potentially to become listed with the most intrusive and discriminatory.

This is allegedly a law of anti-discrimination! Rather is it near to being the most discriminatory one could readily imagine, since it assigns guilt before anything more than possibly some variously interpretable words, are considered. This is temporary ? So is a cut. The results vary.

It gives multiple large handles, to stick out of the populace, ready for any hand to grab, including those of youth for the mere sport of it, or age for the venomous desire of it. All these vistas of possibilities open up, with as much in the way of safeguard, as grease to prevent slippage. It lies a horror stretch of vulnerability, and a testimony to the possessive power for religious control.

Make no mistake, even though there lies within this Bill (as currently it is, one to be examined further, but already written out), provision for religions other than this one, here displayed by the Government itself, for its own application, these are subjected to its scrutiny. The Power of the Jurisdictive Authority determines what is what in that field, what acceptable and what not, in terms of its own rules and criteria. To religion EXCEPTION is GRANTED from the threat to what is deemed discrimination, for many spheres more generally. It is given exemption.

In so acting, the Bill makes each religion  SUBJECT at once to control in terms of being, like a house relative to council laws, under the authority to resolve, consider, construe and so forth. Exemption from the norm ? how nice to be set above the common basis,  set free of it by authority for it, granting by its will, a select status. What if the select becomes unselect, as often happens within nations ? The POWER is assumed in this Bill, and it is intolerable, in terms of the INABILITY of Government to institute or mandate religion.

If religion does not imply a shortcoming in needing an exception from such moral imperium, yet it is GRANTED standing. Control at the outset, merely has to be varied,  from  time to time, by the new moral, religion-allowing, body. If you GRANT exception, then you may with the same power, NOT grant it, unless in the first case you have over-stated your authority. The Bill however so deems grants by its ... grace.

As in China or in the former USSR, the Church is subjected to the interests of the State, as they variously happen to be. While some are spelt out, however spuriously applied, there are in this Bill, even places where what a 'reasonable' person would think, is made the criterion*1C. One occurs in Section 21(of this tome of moral authority). We here learn that if the object of some action is the fulfilment of the LAW in view, ostensibly anti-discrimination, then it is not to be deemed discrimination if reasonable persons would consider it really was done for this reason.

Reasonable persons, their views, were in earlier legislation, ludicrously made a criterion. A reasonable zealot for communism, socialism, capitalism, Islam, Buddhism and so forth, might on premises held dear, consider this or that reasonable. In mathematics, the premises are clear. In social/political/moral areas, in the human race, there is such a variety of initial premises, and they vary so much from time to time and place to place, culture to culture and in terms of cultural change at this or that rate, that in the secular field, the term readily becomes almost meaningless when the specific topic is BLAME. For this, you need a fixed criterion, and here you do not have it. The question is OFFENCE. THIS is blameworthy as a category.

The former use of the reasonable person approach*2of2, which alas readily grows into a cultural concept rule, in which what is currently popular becomes a kind of dictator to determine reasonableness, whether consciously or unconsciously, was vexatious. This new Bill however, this exclusion to give yet more authority to what is already an extreme of presumption and authoritarianism mixed, seems like a rather formalistically expressed view of any dictatorship. IF to the Party (or to its Authority created), this or that is the aim, then against the party no restraint can be brought in. Why ? It is because this is the Party which rules. In extreme cases, such an attitude is often used in this way: Because the State is supreme, therefore anyone who criticises, offends the State, is deemed to be violating its law as formulated from time to time. Hence any such critical person or group or entity, is deemed subversive. Vast our the penalties for not accepting the pseudo-religious ferocity implicit.

The Communists have grossly misused this arbitrary rule, making of the State an all-consuming god! 

While such a subversive approach as this,  is not spelt out here, yet the odour of authoritarian flexibility, almost at any cost, to achieve an aim, is certainly present. That, indeed, is where the Ruling Body has some kind of apparent flexibility. Here it draws near to the place of  Awesome Authority, in that what it seeks, if found present by "reasonable men" and the like, then nihil obstat. Its ways are beyond the law.



We have been checking,  so far, on the list of potential offence areas. We have then seen that offence is one major action centre for the government to pursue, when anyone deems himself or herself to have suffered this thing, discrimination. For this, unfavourable treatment appears the nub, offence the rub. We have considered a few aspects of the authority set up and its workings, but basically there is a sequence in view, to which we now turn. Here some discussion of items may recur, but as put in the sequence.


1) the LIST of 18 areas to be governed by Government in this effort at anti-discrimination, is given.

2) The MEANING of discrimination is given attention. This is deemed to occur in terms of "unfavourable treatment." Thus if you consider yourself the victim of this action, you have a case for help in legally attacking the alleged discriminatory agent, who is held guilty until able to show to the Authority's satisfaction, that guilt does not belong. If you don't have the money, it may be forthcoming to help your need, in the attack, in any way prescribed. Similarly, if the one alleged to be offensive here is in view, he can use his own if he has enough of it.

3) Unfavourable treatment, in series, is then given attention. If occurs in a number of ways, which are given a species of inventory. The case may include any of: harassment, or "other conduct which offends, insults or intimidates the other person." It covers also the imposition of policies which may be imposed in the affected categories, or even may be PROPOSED to be imposed! There lies a whole new realm for litigation, assumed guilt and the like, as to whether such and such a thing was in fact proposed.

This gives a fine time for law to find out whether you merely thought of this abstractly or really proposed it,  merely envisaged it among others, or specifically planned to set it in motion; and if you envisaged it,  whether this in itself means proposed, and what other features .... etc. etc., ad nauseam, might be thought of in verbal sparring and intrusive assumptions. This is the very openscenario such as occurs when morals are invented, and spleen may be vented, with little restraint for any particular reason, or any reason perhaps not quite so particular.

More is given, and the Bill is careful to note that even all of this is not exhaustive. What may offend is not limited to this. The Bill likes repeatedly to be open-handed, and beyond the limits, to prevail, even if its exponents do not keep it in applying it. It is difficult to imagine something worse in KIND, even in a nightmare of undisciplined provisions, intrusive at will, whim,  caprice, or perhaps even for good reason. It is ... very open.

4) Let us now, in sequence, come to the worst of it, for the worst of a chain is its weakest link, which breaking, spoils all.

The protected categories here selected for noting from this voluminous Bill, in definition of what constitutes unfavourable treatment, are given attention. For them, the core of discrimination, it appears, includes what "offends" a person. Let us further examine this aspect.

You may be offended, in fact, in this life, because your super-sensitive feelings about real or imagined defect stir you unduly, and you 'flare up' in such a way that people try to avoid this aspect in the interest of having peace or progress. You may flare up because you once were mistreated in this area, and tend to imagine that many things quite innocent of what brought your earlier cause to light, are present when they are absent. You may state that you are offended to avenge a real or imagined mistreatment, such as being passed over for promotion, or not appreciated for your 'true worth'. You may resent the 'class', financial, professional or other, to which you conceive a person to belong in this or that feature, and hence be very imaginative when this is the scene of the imagined for actual offence. The possibilities are all but unlimited.

In addition, you may be or deem yourself to be 'offended' in order to extract money from someone you do not like, whose manner does not appeal, or who strikes your psyche amiss as you look with disapproval at his or her manner of life; and all this may be more or less conscious or unconscious. You may feel in need of help for some project, good or evil, and either cunningly contrive a trap to get money from the alleged transgressor, against whom you complain;  or again, you may simply want to reduce his wealth, so that you may commercially or personally better compete with him, or even socially become more important than he or she.

Human nature can be debased to various measures and degrees, and crime is but one of the areas where this is found!

Thus being OFFENDED as a ground for the arousal of the discriminatory machinery proposed in the anti-discrimination Bill, is more ludicrous than throwing away money in unproductive ways, and then glorying in it. This is throwing away life in unproductive ways, since the Bill is ludicrously unprotected in mode of operation, grossly invidious in assuming guilt before proof, and heavily counter-productive in misdirection of vital resources for what is neither established nor just, in its preludes. It becomes the SOCIAL PSYCHE model, in which the psyche is made subject to the arm of the law, relative to various persons, and the administrators have this power to determine what is exceedingly likely to be beyond their expertise: EVEN IF they were perfectly honest, unguileful, clear as the day is bright in honour, conscience and commitment, not aware of leaning this way or that. They would need to be also so equipped with wisdom and thoughtfulness, discretion and sensitivity and sensibility as to be models. Past that, for reliability in these diversely and conversely estimable areas, they would need to be gods; and even that would be limited.

Despite even these qualifications, their religion, which in fact might be true or false to facts, might be deemed by them to be utterly beyond all question of any kind, and by this they might in all conscious honesty, act and determine, think and proceed. It may be the utter contrary of that of the potential victim (the accused). There is scarcely any limit to the folly of such procedures with such power in such issues, in such authoritarian and intrusive ways as the Bill proposes.

In the USA, freedom of press and of speech is a protected variety. Here their loss of it is in danger of being a protected variety by this ill-considered and ill-conceived Bill. Here, instead of the rejected Bill of Rights, we have something rather worse, a Bill of Wrongs*3of2. But the Right implies a Wrong, and there is little difference in kind.



What is it then that uses Supreme Moral Authority, over right and wrong; acts as Supreme Arbiter and Disposer in Moral and inter-Personal Issues. What is it that


Provides Religious Authorisation or Other ?


Gives Religions Exemption or Not, for what is to be Expressed Acceptably ?


Impugns or implicates All Religions as Initially Culpable of Discrimination,
but Exempts them as it Will ?


Has Supreme Power to Interpret Intention ?


Defines Acceptable Morals and Unacceptable Ones, as itself the Criterion ?


Assigns Guilt at Will ?


Determines what lies in the heart ?


Condemns or acquits on the basis of such knowledge ?

It is of course a religion, though not a good one. It insists that it will, or could, or should know all needed for such things.  This is what you need when dealing with the elements of the psyche and its demonstrability or otherwise to those assessing! Biblically, God declares that He only knows the heart (Jeremiah 17:9-10). Even if there were 'good' motivation in the assessors, it is too much when you move with such authority into such premises, to control, determine and appoint what you are moved to assert, with such plenary solemnity invested! But, it is just as easy for there to be solemn farces of things that "of course" are the case, depending on the current effluvium of culture,  though in historical hindsight they are seen to be ludicrous; and this is common in the history even of science.

Further, you cannot read the heart of man, and there are motivations which stir, consciously or not, which readily tilt  the result will be unjust in principle even in the heart of man,  as its place of purpose, action and understanding. So do we find our own version of the thought police of Orwell's 1984. They do not here come in helicopters or space ships, but they compel the victims - in this case those wrongfully arraigned - to attend at their own pleasure (not that of those arraigned, but of the Investigators). These have the power to punish in these things.

For this new religion, the  priests are given amazing authority, for as we saw, and now see in this context,  their actions in certain cases are not even subject to the law they are to impose. The subjects are ruled from a high and lifted up throne, which may not be questioned. They are to act as directed, and told how to proceed at every level, whether to consultation unofficially, forced to appear and to share company such as the Relevant Authority Sees Fit. It can dispense with evidence, and assign guilt by rule, before investigation of the case on its merits.

Consider the religious status. Such a religion would be a debased one, since it is so quick to act, and so slow to come to terms with principles, which are so mobile that those concerned may be exempted from control by them,  as the investigation proceeds with its exultant motif. It is however a


Supreme Moral Authority,


Supreme Sovereign Over the Psyche (in practice and in power),


Supreme Guardian of the Feelings of its People,


Supreme Arbiter of Relative Values,


Supreme Determinant.

If then someone finds offence (as just ONE of the points for potential assault on citizens) , then this is prima facie ground for incrimination of what is deemed to have offended. The Authority degrades, assigns and stands ready to order about the one deemed to have offended, and now deemed to be guilty. Small wonder, in view of such things, that a former High Court Judge has called for multi-point opposition to this Bill as outrageous and dangerous (cf. *2A, in item 1, above, from the Epilogue to the volume, Not Only is God Great, but Gracious).

In instituting


these supreme supervisory formulations,






evaluations and


authority to act,


allowing or disallowing religions and speech in one fell swoop,


by its own special dispensation,


the Government sets itself over all religions,


licensing by will, and in so doing is


taking power beyond any religion.

In surpassing religious power, it does of course constitute, by decree, a new religion, just as has been done so often in so many stricken lands. The Supreme Practical Sovereign State Being speaks and it is done, assigns and it is assigned; does not have to keep its own laws, declares and it is so. Acting even in assigning initial guilt in its mystic prowess as the incubus of "offence" arises, its grandeur expands. It rules over its subject in its own appointed ways. It enables them to pay for these horrendous antics, till they are so reduced that they need help, and if so, then at its own determinate will, it will give it if and as it sees fit.

In the Bible, for example, God does insist on laws applicable because they are TRUE, and not dispensable. He even has gone so far as to become man, in order to bear sin for man, and apply this result to free those who receive the dispersal of this gift,  by His own willingness to pay, vicariously. It is He who sets up the nature of morality, of breach, and of the way in which breach is to be healed. So far from merely authoritarian rule and penalty, He sets up mercy BASED on His empathetic and substitutionary action. It is far kinder than arbitrary human presumptions, and its source has far more ground for total knowledge, indeed infinite, giving evidence that it is the Creator and the Judge Himself as in


and many other members of this 215 volume set.

What has NO CLAIM WHATSOEVER for such a position, in a land founded in terms of Christianity in its current form of government, can produce only amazement at its effrontery in setting itself up as what is thus a NEW RELIGION. Here, mere mortals, to be born and normally to die without consent, make of themselves such exalted AUTHORITY in such innermost places!

As such, the action designated in the Bill would be unconstitutional, since the Commonwealth is denied in the Constitution the power to enforce religion. It is beyond its scope. Whatever lawyers may determine, as their various viewpoints loom into play, the exclusion of power to dispose in the field of religion is rigorously denied to the Commonwealth.

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth." That is Section 116 of that document.

The BILL, on the other hand,   proposes a law to act with such bravura, panache and coverage, as above, that it in fact proceeds to establish a State Religion, to make absolute morals, absolute results, with absolute authority in affairs of the heart and conscience, licensing religion as to what exempts it from the final arbiter's direct rule, and impugning it as needing exemption from what otherwise constitutes discrimination. In so doing, it automatically puts its own authority over moral authority, so becoming its arbiter and its assessor.

The Bill would USE and thus establish in determining breach of law or not, a psychic tool, with absolute authority and assumed power to assess. It thus in effect surpasses social, psychological, emotional and spiritual belief and perception, as it inspects the heart, in assigning guilt or otherwise, and this through people giving no ground for any assumption of possessing such effectively pure properties, as they judge,  or deploying a knowing penetration of the human heart and its motivational  depths. Indeed, there is no assurance that the latter is considered at all, as OFFENCE declares its blatant and over-arching primacy! It is not What is the MEANING, the intent, the reality, but what is the offence which is crucial. 

These among us, then, are to  reach such heights, plumb such depths, or simply ignore these realities, in order to gouge out not only opprobrium, but also financial results. How much must who pay ? That depends on how much the alleged offender ... has! as notable in Section 133 of the Bill. Such is for the thought of The Authority.

Here in one more illimitable limit for estimation and unequal impact for the same offence.  People do not pay for what they do, simply, however abusive and intrusive such determinations may be; they pay in the way now clearer  and clearer, AS THEY ARE ASSESSED, according to what is available.  Respect of persons, differential treatment, personal persuasions, one way or the other, begin to appear  almost as an obsession. The various victims also are presented as  subjects, to be stripped differentially as Authority determines over their presumably servile souls.

So in its terms,

"justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off;

for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter," as in Isaiah 59:14.

This is a SOCIAL RELIGION, A CULTURAL RELIGION, A PSYCHIC RELIGION, A DOMINANT RELIGION, AN INTRUSIVE RELIGION, A MORAL RELIGION, all in ultimate regards. Founded without basis in what IS absolute in its own being and self, knowing all, it is yet absolute in action. This is in this way, the very essence of imposition, and the fabric of fantasy.

What then ? In this Bill, were it to become law, we should be faced with the sovereign, ostensibly all-knowing, all-discerning State, both in outlining its principles and total power, even assigning a measure of guilt before investigation proceeds materially; while in applying these, it dispenses costs as will also. It has thus, in this format,  become as in other lands, themselves totalitarian,


the Governor of Religion,


its final authority and


its Inspector and Dispenser of privilege.

If you want a culturally dominant, politically intrusive, psychically authoritarian substitute for your religion, or a new religion if you have no other, here is your opportunity. If however you have access to the Creator and Saviour, or do not want to change from whatever you have, then this is not for you, and thus action seems required, so that people be informed. If this is what they, being adequately informed of options, and constitution,  then want, then democracy shows itself in this case, to have such religious desires which in effect deify the authority of the State. 


In the case of Australia, it would become a self-inflicted wound that absorbed it, not a necessity.
So great, moreover, would be this self-inflicted wound (S.I.W.) as it used to be called
at least in World War I, that to slash oneself by having it,
one would have to break the Constitution of the country, to achieve it.
We are fortunate. We are safeguarded against such breach of reality and tyranny,
absorptive costs of mere presumption, by what was done over a century ago.


The apparent necessity, where neither coup nor guile is concerned, but truth and justice,
is for the issues to be soundly put from both sides, weighed, pondered,
their foundational divergencies noted, and action taken to alter the power
of the Commonwealth Government in line with the exposure made above; or not.
Method, referendum. Do you want a very different country of such a kind ?
The issue is plain: as is or not,
and if not, then with a vastly enhanced power to enforce a new religion.


As you see in the case of Hitler, merely to watch political dynamics,
you have only to be fascinated like a bird by a snake,  rather than being alert like a mongoose,
and legal dreams may attempt to remove this, as by sleight of hand; and many are they,
on various sides, who fail to realise their own motivation, being gripped by ideological passion,
which comes and goes, though at the time it leads to war to the death, and vile viciousness.

So is it with all relativistic rulings at this level: for what HAS no absolute, having removed it from  view altogether, has on this model NOWHERE TO FIND IT. It is not there. Hence there can only be instability and presumption, when the truth-free, tell you what it is (cf. Finale, below).

Here is an Anti-Discrimination Bill which would tend to throttle free speech, till it becomes a mere cipher, a residue, after people's innermost feelings have cut out what they find unattractive to the psyche. Here is the New Society which legislates freedom in terms of the IDOL of FEELING, to enable current culture to rule in ultimate realities tolerated, and hence as a religion of what man must live by. As such, it is clearly unconstitutional. Whatever may be said the fact remains, for  these are the powers to be dowered*4 Government, which would change the religious character of this land utterly, authoritatively, giving and taking wealth and name, reputation and place, as it will.

Moreover, the concept of the State inventing an independent body to effect these parliamentary desires (where nothing remotely like this kind of oppression rules, but free speech sounds like impassioned bagpiping, in all directions not seldom), is merely an instrumental consideration. Whoever is APPOINTED to do it, does so at the will of the State, which embodies in it just whatsoever powers have been noted already. In theory, it is so; in practice elevating man to such heights and operating to do so, is simply to bypass the Highway of Holiness, and to institute the low-way of quanderies where the celestial being bypassed, the heart no longer beats,  except its own drum.






From our monthly site, What is New ? the following (in red) is taken in this connection, from the February News. Since that news item was written, we find that The Australian, Monday, January 28, 2013 has extreme calls for an awakening such as has been made on this site. Here it has been on a specifically Christian basis, especially since 2008, including the article, The Paganisation of Australia. This is all put together in the volume

  Man in Retrospect, in Prospect and in Bold Relief (2008, No. 143 in the set)

which this year has been extended.

This includes a collection of items featuring Australia, and now in 2013 two new Chapters have been added to this, not least because - as two Professors of constitutional law (Universities of Sydney and Queensland) rightly attest in a submission noted in today's Australian (January 21, 2013) - there is a grave possibility that this Bill would be declared unconstitutional, if challenged in Court. Certainly, were it to come into force as law, even with some obvious purgings of the more invasive and pugnacious sections, it involves a massive recast for Australian life, shackled within a maelstrom of invasive law. Further they consider that the law may breach international obligations of Australia in terms of freedom of speech, religion, association and cultural expression.

Points not dissimilar to these were made in the two new Chapters, but with focus and special attention given to the area of religion, as befits a Christian missionary and educational ministry such as this.

Making mandated morals by what "reasonable" people think (in assessment of those attacks where people are deemed to have been offensive, insulting or intimidating), so making  claimed offence and insult a legally actionable event, it goes further. Once the challenge is taken up for investigation,   guilt is to be assumed till the case is proven otherwise, so that it tends to offer a haven to out of work lawyers (if any) and a litany of wrongs for victims of its ill-considered crusade, without even so much as a referendum. Even the Bill of Rights required this (and lost in that past referendum). This is far more invasive, a virtual Bill of Wrongs. As to religion, within the Bill, it is licensed by circumscribed  exemptions from the new morals, and given conditions for operation contrary to its freedom as in Section 116 of the Constitution. Indeed, even academic and scientific areas appear to lose their usual screening from purges, except in the case of racial matters.

See further in notes B) and C) below.



January 2013 

1)  Further pursued in December 2012

Now the Highway,

Then the Heights

A) in addition to the note below on this volume: This now has more on the incarnation, "the glorious liberty within the sovereignty of God," and the place where mystery belongs, enthusing and enticing, not contradicting the clear depositions of the Bible!

B) There are two correlative works in this volume on the nature and significance of information.

Ch. 1 deals with this in the midst of a review of the politics and religion of FORCE, COMMAND, the latter found in our own DNA, not to dictate but to make us, in body. Concerning dictation, however: Further concerns focus the perspectives inculcated in such lands as Australia, where censorship has been toying with enslavement of opinion to what a "reasonable person" would consider right. Later, even now, in Bill form is the yet more idolatrously inclining effort for a far more feverish government control of liberty by the SOCIAL PSYCHE. Here man is your new measure: bow before him, or be stricken. Hurt feelings become a new religious morality, objections paid for by the State. All this is by courtesy of a Government which, whatever its political hue, is clamant for control, seeking to impose what are inhumanly humanistic commandments on the land.

This looms like the ice-berg for the Titanic, and in some danger of coming into force. In this sought surrender of opinion to government control and virtual religion,  EVEN the reasonable person's view, itself ludicrous as a virtual religion to command with legal penalties, is deemed too little to harass speech. The consideration of what this is, is reserved, DV, for later in this work (as in C below)..

Ch. 3 also deals with information in its basic character and implications, this time as the main topic, leaving no logical room for manoeuvre, even in the escapist menus of today.

C)  It is to be noted that Ch. 8 deals with an urgent topic in Australia, one which has been strongly spoken against, which concerns the liberty in the land.


The Right to Blight, the Sickly Solution


This matter is given further and urgent attention in the Epilogue and the Finale.



See That Magnificent Rock Ch. 8.

Since 1988 in South Australia, there has been a rampant seizure by Government of the reins of education via curriculum, and the notorious Circular to Principals, which in an extravaganza of misguided, dictatorial zeal, initially required creation materials to be kept in the Principal's office, though it is the only logical way of treating the data scientifically! So vast was the mind control, the dereliction of duty towards progressive education in free enquiry and unprejudiced examination of theses and discoveries, and the art of implication, that this turned the schools in one of the most significant parts of all learning, into the modern equivalent, in passion and indoctrination, at this level, of a Nazi youth camp.

The details appear in TMR Ch. 8 as above, and the errors are exposed, in kind, in Chs. 1 and 7 of the same volume, as well as in

The gods of naturalism have no go!

Other logically and evidentially apt works in this field include  those of Astrophysicst, Dr Jason Lisle, in his work,

Taking Back Astronomy, and

The Ultimate Proof, like Dr Michael Denton in his,

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis in biology (cf. News 57), and that of Dr Steve Austin in his volume,

Grand Canyon, in geology, and the numerous works of Dr Jonathan Sarfati, such as

Refuting Evolution,

Refuting Evolution 2,

The Greatest Hoax on Earth and Refuting Compromise.

With these examples above, there is also tht of Astronomer, Professor John Hartnett with Alex Williams in their surgical work,

Dismantling the Big Bang.

This  provides further confrontation with the naturalistic fallacy while Dr Robert Humphreys in numerous academic contributions has not only formulated a creation-based account of magnetism, but made verified forecasts, based on it, some shown true by the Voyager 2 space-craft, concerning the magnetic field strengths in Uranus and Mercury. His predictions proved vastly superior to the naturalistic ones, there being simply no comparison to his forecast, in their competence to cover searching test such as this. As always, the naturalistic resiling from logic, fails equally in prediction and performance.

The above represents merely a small collection of refutations, but at the base, there is always the logical solecism that nothing cannot produce anything, and that therefore something was always there, and it was necessarily competent for all  in mind, matter fn spirit, which would come, or it could not have come. Eternal competence to produce the laws of logic which undergird all thought, which is the basis of all theory (except for revelation) is the only alternative to irrationality, which by its nature is already out of court in any argument. You either beg the question, in contradiction not only of logic in its canons, but scientific method in particular, or have God from the outset.

Although rational education would not dare to ignore what alone meets reason or gains verification - evolution is never once found in the laboratory, that is a spontaneous expansion of ordering and organised information, in kind (as noted by Dr Werner Gitt in his work, Without Excuse) - what is called education has been perfidiously drafted. Educators must educate with reality, and if they want imagination, it must be so categorised! Thus this misguided educative philosophy, given power by various governments,  indoctrinates sham shamelessly. Some of the earlier moves in this direction, then in Victoria, are exposed in my Diploma of Education thesis for Melbourne University in 1977 (Lead us Not into Educational Temptation),

This is merely one confirmed area of the loss of freedom, since for example in South Australia, children in  science do not even have liberty to demand an informed and scholarly coverage of the options in these areas, or to have presented out of science classes, what is decisive and conclusive in the field so invaded by the curriculum. This being not only child abuse, but prison-type  exemplification of the same, the current move to subdue adults  also with invasive laws against liberty, inventing crass 'liberties  which also  ignore logic, is merely one more step in the  subduing of the masses, in prohibitions in the fields of thought, speech and education appalling to contemplate, degrading in type, and disruptive of advance in understanding.

Accordingly, let it be frankly noted, that while it is indeed true that this nation has had no small reason for its reputation for independence of mind or spirit or utterance or thought, this has already been mortgaged severely by the mental and spiritual abuse of children, the fallacious ignoring of the application of scientific method to science when religion is concerned, and the erosion of truth into convenience. Indeed it is now many years since I lost a position  as a Lecturer in this field in an institution now tertiary, BECAUSE I refused to cut out the reality of what scientific method requires, and the outcome of this, from a presentation in Communications. My tongue is not for sale, because truth is far better,  and the God of actuality is infinitely superior to the changing tides of mere conformist passion.

In some  ways, the new exploration of means of people management in the anti-discrimination Bill, is mere advance on the works of confusion of 40 years in this land. It makes of a pock-marked political skin, an obvious inflammation,  a viral calamity.




A pdf version of the Bill appears at:






The Bill wanders about from time to time and place to place looking for some sort of reasonable approach to its drastic and dire Bill of Wrongs approach. After all, if you are going to regulate all liberty, take words out of the mouth and dissect them if someone uses his "right not to be offended," and lay about with financial and social methods of humiliating those who dare to have opinions, so that they must now back them with lawyer time in court, you need something that at least LOOKS a little less dictatorial, less a public socialistic mauling of mankind in order to subdue him to conformity. To what ? to the wishes of those in Parliament who have not the slightest intention known to man, to curb their utterances, or suffer such injurious and ridiculously intrusive religious mandates over themselves: and  this from NO defensible ground at all.

The ground chosen in this distressing impasse, as in Section 23, is that of what a reasonable person might do. Then, we find, it may become 'justifiable'. As to be seen in *2, and in the text, this depends on what reasons the 'reasonable person' has as premisses in his or her worldview. It is to some eminently reasonable to behead people and stone adulteresses and others. Their premisses, as in geometry, are of that kind, and reason following these out, points to the result. But what of the premises themselves ? Just for Australia,  are they to be  what a reasonable Australian, reasonably related to a reasonable survey with reasonable statistical confirmation is about to do or think or deem, in the area where the median cultural concepts lie!

Absurdity is the result. It is subjective,  ephemeral, autocratically determined in the first place, and the most reasonable thing that could be said about it is that it is not a work of reason in the end,  at all, but of cultural conformity on whatever, the judge's ideas or other, seems to be acceptable. It is moreover eminently religious in the end, choosing its ultimates as it will, as foundational for the autocratic impositions. Moreover, even what is to be allowed as 'reasonable' is spelled out in terms of alternative action possible, whether this, that or the other options had been available and so on. A nightmare might be more lenient on living in goodwill, than this.

This is not only religion by culture, on the basis of current concepts of culture, or man conditioned by man, on a slippery statistical basis, but allows a whole range of possible methods of finding the 'reasonable' basis among other competing religions! that is, religions other than this religion of Statism.  It is of course as in all these interferences on the premises, starkly religious in the end, and so unconstitutional. That is how life is to be run. Australia was meant to be free, and it is being bound. Is it a light thing to ask for mind-cuffs ? actually to vote for their imposition!

Is it reasonable to have such enormities of moral presumption apply to the non-parliamentarians, newspapers, private Web presentations, discussion, conversation, so that  the uttermost discrimination becomes their lot, all-tied up, while the people in Parliament are given by comparison, virtually unlimited power to assault one another as recently, without substantial hold, with even pejorative use of ambiguous terminology, carrying a backload of highly offensive implication, allowed ready utterance! If this is robust debate, then to circumscribe others in inter-personal relations becomes hypocrisy as well as hype. May they thus insult each other, or anyone else for that matter, and then ask for this ritual of disrelish, this sacrifice of liberty for others! This means the utmost, degenerating, degrading discrimination against man, against the non-parliament sector, on the basis of a chosen religious  basis, an ultimate moral agenda, and so against the Constitution, in terms of Section 116.

Even academic and scientific grounds for "exemption" from totalitarian attitudes with something like reverence, instead of that due to TRUTH, are found only in one place: namely where racial "discrimination" may be considered otherwise applicable. This too is supplied with various additional cuffs for the wrists of liberty, in terms of publication, to make sure nothing escapes the psychic sovereignty in view, as noted in Section 51.

The use of discrimination as a concept quickly balloons from protecting people from deprivation of fundamental liberties, to removing liberty of speech,  almost altogether. It puts a peculiar people (if they vote for the tongue-cuffs) on hand-outs as to what they will be SUFFERED to do, if ever they are to escape charges of being discriminatory and subjection to potential ruin by legal means. This is the eminent folly of the Bill: it makes up morals, almost indefinably obscure, but ruthless against citizen liberty, and then allows AS IT WILL, Authority determining every move, EXCUSE from this or that in certain cases ... to be determined, by Authority, at cost. Guilty ? but of course, in perfect contradiction of our past, until found innocent. Lawyers alert! when was there ever such a torment and torrent of abstracted confusion in this land, submitted to such expensive determinations, and such initial duress!

Some lawyers, of course, might deem it just as dictatorial and unfounded as others. It is to be hoped that their point of view would not be found, this also, discriminatory.

Discrimination can have two basic meaning. It may mean seeing things with acute perception,  and it may mean acting without due regard to facts. In opting more for the latter, the Government or those in it with this desire, are in eminent danger of finding guilt in the former, so  stultifying society with an imperialistic invasion of liberty. The fact that facts are not, even then, the criterion, but feelings of offence do very nicely, makes of the travesty to truth, already present in this failure, a more massive degrading of our people, even yet again.

A Bill of Rights was rejected by this nation; this current Bill of Wrongs is incomparably even more perilous. A referendum saw off the former; there  seems  current no plan to subject the present lapse to one. There can be little doubt of the result if it were.




See Freedom, the Nation, the Internet and the Next Generation, Ch. 1, *2 for example.
A specially pertinent  feature is found there, and it follows.


Did reasonable men make Hitler ruler ? sustain him as he advanced ?  


Did reasonable men seek to exterminate the Jews
to the extent of some 50% of the world population, and continue it for years ?


Did reasonable men twist the thumbs, crush the bones and extort 'confessions'
from countless impoverished and persecuted victims,
in religious persecution in Europe, and continue such things for centuries ?


Did reasonable men put millions of kulaks into Siberian torture
and deprivations unspeakable, over years of horror,
because they had the eminent crime, a matter judged to be so,
by those who doubtless deemed themselves, reasonable people -  of having farms ? …


Did reasonable men make thousands of slaves, and make them work,
after kidnapping them, in conditions often both miserly and inhuman,
or deem them 'something else' than human ?

The Bill of course, goes in general far beyond what a "reasonable person" might do, such to be imagined into existence by judges! It determines the matter. It is the Authority.



The clutter of a conception of a Bill of Rights was considered when this possibility was being put to the electorate. It was not accepted. Vulnerable as a Bill of Rights is, in its various legal shades and implications, with too great a liability to be used contrary to its simple intention,  a Bill of Wrongs is far worse. While ostensibly it is to protect people from scoundrels and manipulators, it in fact exposes them to such an extent, that it is rather like cutting off your arm in order to prevent its being bitten by mosquitoes. it actually in its procedures, exposes people to a whole range of evils, with the aid of the law on the side of those from whom the citizen is supposed to be protected.

It is like amputating an arm, so that the blood flow in it will not vary.



Of interest is the following in the Bill.

Section,  124 Burden of proof in proceedings under section 120 etc.

 18 Burden of proof for reason or purpose for conduct

19 (1) If, in proceedings against a person under section 120, the applicant:

20 (a) alleges that another person engaged, or proposed to engage,

21 in conduct for a particular reason or purpose (the alleged

22 reason or purpose); and

23 (b) adduces evidence from which the court could decide, in the

24 absence of any other explanation, that the alleged reason or

25 purpose is the reason or purpose (or one of the reasons or

26 purposes) why or for which the other person engaged, or

27 proposed to engage, in the conduct;

28 it is to be presumed in the proceedings that the alleged reason or

29 purpose is the reason or purpose (or one of the reasons or purposes)

30 why or for which the other person engaged, or proposed to engage,

31 in the conduct, unless the contrary is proved.

32 Note: See also section 8 (multiple reasons or purposes for conduct).



are also helpful in considering the Bill. In its FREEDOMWATCH page, 21st, December 2012, the Institute provides the following data, the same words taken from another part of their site, earlier. We  find first in the above site, that  it characterises the 2012 Bill  as representing "An unprecedented threat to freedom of speech and thought."


The Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 makes a number of significant changes to anti-discrimination law in Australia, including:

                broadening the definition of discrimination to include conduct that ‘offends’ and ‘insults’ (clause 19-2)

                making it easier for a person to claim they were discriminated against, by requiring them to establish only that they were personally offended, not that a reasonable person would have been offended (cl 19-2)

                expanding the range of personal characteristics against which it is unlawful to discriminate, to include not only matters such as disability, race, and religion, but also ‘political opinion’ and ‘social origin’ (cl 17-1)

                reducing the legal protection of a person accused of discrimination, by: declaring them guilty unless they prove their innocence, i.e. the ‘onus of proof’ is reversed (cl 124-1)

                restricting their right to legal representation (cl 110-4)

                requiring them to pay all the costs of their own defence even if they are found to be innocent (cl 133).




Making ' nature' and then Bowing to it -

is modern man turning primitive ...

This is taken from The King's Counsel Ch. 1

There is HUMAN nature also in its working to consider. This also is treated in SMR Ch. 3, but let us look at some topical elements here. In Australia, an Anti-Discrimination Bill is big news, and its meanders into might have been heavily assaulted by numerous writers, some eminently placed, as noted. With a sleight-of-hand movement from the Preamble to the Constitution which speaks of reliance on God Almighty, in this Bill, which has raised such a clamour with thousands of responses reported, we find ourselves immersed in neo-morals, which one politician described as a fine indication of how people are to behave. It becomes an Ideal Bill, a Moral Mouth, a Thrill of Bites, with heavy consignments to those who fail on such stringent points as managing to insult or offend someone, where guilt is to be assumed, after the matter is received, and innocence in the face of this, a thing to be proven.

Churches are granted certain exemptions as has been explained, but our present point is that this is a problem with human nature, taken for granted as a set of conditionable qualities, ready for the Religion of the State to announce, as it ravishes religion with its concepts, laws and penalties. It has already been urged that for such a make-over, a referendum would have to be held, so that instead of being BARRED from establishment of any religion, the Commonwealth can bathe in it*1, and rule religion.

That is a first condition. Indeed, in any re-writing of the Constitution, which is also in due course in view, it would have to be honestly put that not only is this so, but the insistence that any one race has certain provisions before the law not given to others, being discriminatory, divisive and patronising, as well as unjust and ultimately a religious matter of the concept of what the human race really IS, would have to be considered in its national and historic context. This too would need to be put to referendum in all honesty, for it is a religious assessment that is involved. Removal of God, in whatever capacity, or insertion of race, any one race, British, aboriginal, Chinese or any other,  with special preference in matters of justice, would alike need informed debate, referendum and vote if the matter is pushed. Mercy is a monumental marvel and much to be admired; confusing it with justice in racial preference of ANY kind, per se. is racism, contrary to our international obligations. The idea is specious, subversive of liberty, divisive in terms of race.

This should be a retrospective matter for any errors already made in this respect in prior legislation. The Bible does indeed say, Blessed are the merciful; but it does not say, Blessed are the unjust.

These aspects merely emphasise the degree of control in a religious field, which is being usurped in a proposed Commonwealth Bill, coming up for action NOW. The point is this: WHY is there such uproar and outrage from eminent figures in law and elsewhere ? WHY is there such horror and amazement at the effrontery or transmutation involved, or such call to challenge at all levels, such an abasement of Australian citizens ? Why does it MATTER ? To be sure it would matter if you were fined a few thousand, given a guilt finding with the opposition funded when you might not be, by the Government. It might even be a tad troublesome to have, no, not a priest, but some official who would force a meeting between you (assumed guilty so far) and your verbal assailant (that is, the one claiming to have been hurt or offended or insulted and so forth), and to have to endure instruction on morals as a wrong-doer for some meetings.

However the criticism, though pungent in this area, is nothing less than a matter of JUSTICE, of workability, of intrusion, of the dagger into the heart of freedom, not only with needless moral nannying, but with gross under-qualification for such tasks. As with intrusive nannying, the issue can become bullying very readily, as trenchantly pointed out by Rex Jory at Large,  p.20, in The Advertiser, Tuesday January 22, 2013. It is headed by the words, "The emerging Nanny State is like a vulture picking the flesh of freedom from the carcass of society."

The people who direct often find it hard to imagine why others who are COMMANDED by this segment of flesh, make so much fuss about the servitude. To them, it is a wonderful boon, if not a necessary adjustment of mankind to their ideological vistas, vices, inconsistencies or directions, as reliable as sand for foundation, with their particular particles sweeping into the eyes, blinding some, confusing many. Again, it may be simple obsessive compulsion, or even worse that drives them. The French Revolution had similar drive, nice in placards, nasty  in guillotine, releasing many for a new servitude, under the same mortal management, invading the clutter  of humanity with the speciousness of labels, rich in hope, empty in substance, appalling in method, devastating in power, till like a whirlwind, it expended its force, sadly sated.

Who is the one to determine such issues of morals and motives and what was and what was not said, and reasons for offence, and whether  it is legitimate, and if so by what moral law, or not, and whether  on the whole you are an acceptable type of human being or ... Or what ? Why whether perhaps you need re-education, as they have in China. Perhaps, as in the new China, there would be a new Australia, where practical expression of remorse might be required, in practical needs to show the chastening effects of the Humanistic Religion, unholy and hapless, inhuman and totalitarian, a social dictator based on the baseless.

Man can become so carried away with intimations of mortality, freed from any thought but vengeance, control, manipulation, blindly careering with speed into shortened dead-ends, stirred by inflammation of the ego, or the eccentricity of delusion or the woes of clouded vision, that almost as if deaf to reason, blind to understanding, immersed in pollution, he issues such commands and demands as only God can produce wisely; and in this, he can rather resemble an infuriated, confused or exasperated mechanic of small understanding, banging his tools on the engine, crying out, Go then! He can in such multiply exemplified tyrannies, with physical, social or psychological force projected till the power is gained, or with military intervention, depending on the degree of subtlety in view, act as if to reduce his fellows to what ? To something like push-button persons who respond to stimulus (though with ferment within), chatterers, excluded even from free discussion of the truth, blinkered draught-horses, pulling weights while the very light is obscured, manipulees of pseudo-deities, whether to be found in committee, board, group of seven, or pinnacle of one.

 As man tries to institute his inane, empty and vacuous visions, where reason departs, presumption rules and arrogance has its nexus, there is never peace. The USSR in some respects became a magnified thuggery, millions killed, the work of centuries deleted with a bullet, conformists given luxury, the least given power, the Reductionist Royalty sovereign in their godless forts. The "god of forces" of which the Bible speaks, certainly had a heyday, as with Hitler and Mao alike, racist or irrational, on the same basis, moving where NO TRUTH could be found, in a system which systematically lacks it. Instead, though wilfully lost, it is ostensibly spoken and applied like an atomic bomb. With Hitler, it was a racial vision, based on assessment: one mind over history, no rational ground, with EXALTATION the rationale.

Whatever 'nature' man tries to irrationalise into dictatorship, whatever 'dream' of what are manifestly false prophets, is taken seriously, leads on to the nation ruined, mankind deeply distressed, the least using power as if a peacock were to imagine it were a lion. It is all one. It does not have a logical basis, an ethical foundation, a rational reality; and it does not work. It may catapult a people (like Germany under Hitler), into the misery of ruin after greatness. It may ooze the blood of the young into the ground on both sides, as in trench warfare. But it does not work. There is revenge, there is horror, there is cynicism (cf. SMR Ch. 3), and there is moral squalor and rat-race rationales come into such force (based on nothing but desire to survive for some unknown reason), so that LYING can become a METHOD in politics and misuse of language, as in Australian Parliament recently, a seductive stab in the air, which however is ready to land on a victim.

How ludicrous that a law not to murder might be made, when the lawgivers, with their solemn faces and legal force, murder freely! Where is that ? you ask. It is only an analogy. Suppose it ? such hypocrisy ? so you might aver. Suppose now a Parliament, not passing such a murder law, but an insult law, and then displaying insulting freely in its own midst, without effectual rebuke, reprimand or much visible restraint: is the case any better ? It is almost as if the law in itself recognised that ACTUAL PEOPLE  may SEEM to insult and intimidate to those who do not like what they say, that is outside the Commonwealth Parliament, itself rated to be immune. Accordingly, these non-Commonwealth-parliamentarians, the ordinary people, are then given a legal weapon, useful in some cases,  to defend their errors, perhaps in others avenge their pride, for example. I would be very much multi-purpose capacity to CHARGE and pay the lawyer for purposes good, indifferent, self-vaunting, taunting, playful or cynical outright.

To what then do we come  ?  Truth is fallen in contempt. Assessors are to assess in terms of feeling of this or that, those seized for assessment are to taken, contrite for what did or did not happen, as guilty. Judgment grows on the brow of the interrogator, conductor, quiz-master, or whatever title he may have. It becomes all too reminiscent of Isaiah 59:9-15, describing a time leading on towards the return of the Lord (Isaiah 59:21). Such a state  of affairs neither does nor could work, and it declares itself in confusion and corruption.

We have been considering the list below, and this has been a recent, relevant look in recent history and in Australia in particular at 'nature'. This, whether material, or immaterial, visible or invisible (like a vision of purpose), whether personal or particulate, shrieks for its Maker. Much more may be found in  The gods of naturalism have no go! in Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch. 3, The Wisdom and Wit of the Word of God ... Ch. 2, as in SMR Ch. 4. and in its extension.


1) Nature (Romans 1:17ff.) shrieks for its Maker and is lost without it.


2) Sin demands an answer,  and man is lost without it.


3) God provided the answer, and it did not deny anything, but covered all the facts.

TAKE NOW POINT 2) above.

2) Sin, we note, similarly demands an answer. Whether it be arrogance and the reactions, dishonesty and its appalled response, untruth and its vain endeavours to deceive, rejected with horror, slaughter of facts, ignoring of evidence, mercilessness: the human spirit, not to say mind, is not at rest in this sort of quest. Sin demands an answer, and it is not to be found in 'nature', composing itself before it was there to do it, but in God, there always, lest nothing should always be all. If nothing were ever all, then it would of necessity by definition, be all for ever, meaning we are not here: which is simply not so. To be deceived, you HAVE to be there, and to be undeceived, you have to find the SOURCE of your nature, logically and if possible, in terms of instructions, wisdom, knowledge and identification of our right ways and correct procedures, of truth and of necessity, and why these things are so, and what in general are not.

The answer is not found in working around self-contradictory relativities, absolutely denying any absolute (but this your own). We come to 3).


3) Such a piece of work as man is not seeking for rational grounds for irrational reasons, though these love to seize him in his exalted moods, cynical clamours and incessant, often self-contradictory, philosophical chatter (cf. SMR Chs. 3 and 10). Moreover, through the grace of God, he is not always diverted; and in seeking, rationally he finds ONE ONLY source, with ONE ONLY BOOK, ONE ONLY validated and verified*1. In this, focussing on God incarnate and self-attesting, in Jesus Christ, you find in reason, the answer of revelation (as shown in SMR and noted in The Bright Light ... Chapter. 7, and It Bubbles ...Ch. 9, 1A). In the Bible as in the historic record of Christ, indeed both as predicted and as performed, you find the answer to sin. But consider not only its effectuality, but its quality! This brings us to point 3, as listed above. What is it like ?

Not only did God meet all the facts, but in His pardoning performance, He  met them in a peak of beauty, love, mercy, pardon and sacrifice, leaving none to inherit hell, but those who escape the net of His desire, His stated desire, His loving desire, clean of lust. Colossians makes this very clear. Nevertheless, He is ready to leave free of Himself, whoever prefers captivity, captivated by the solecism of naturalism, the blindness of unbelief, in whatever mode. Devoted to the salvation of the few who so receive Him, He achieves it at prodigious cost (Galatians 3,6:14). That is in full accord with the very nature of love. The offer is impassioned; the result of its rejection stirs love to the uttermost, as does the wonder of its acceptance. The issue is stark.

Suffering in the flesh, in order to make near the love of God for  those to whom he proclaims truth (Colossians 1:24), Paul seeks to preach, warning every man, teaching in all wisdom, seeking the completion of man in his redeemed image, saved by that member of the Trinity sent to save, and to breach death. Returned to heaven (Acts 3:19-21), He waits (II Peter 3:9, Revelation 6:10-11) while all is tested, and all His own are found and gathered (Revelation 6:9-11), till He returns to rule in truth and power (Isaiah 59:21, Isaiah 11, Psalm 72, Jude, Matthew 24:21-51, Philippians 3:20-21), majesty and compassion.

Truly Colossians 1 is filled with the theme of the glory of the Gospel, wrought through the glory of God working through the gore of God incarnate (Colossians 1:22, Acts 20:28), lingering upon it from the fair lips of the Lord (cf. Psalm 45, I Corinthians 2:9-13),and the  grandeur of the irreversible resurrection which man, given a thousand years of notice as in Psalm 22, 16, could do nothing to derail. God always gets things done: the word and then the deed. There are no exceptions.



On February 22, 20-13, The Australian revealed that the Senate Committee set to review the response to the proposed Bill has declared that the religious exemptions are not approved, that they should not be there relative to employes for Churches, thus the more obviously elevating their pronunciamentos to the proposal of the relativity of all religions and the absolute religious domineering of the State, saying what it will, believing what it wants, be the Constitution what it will, or may be! Thus ...ça marche!

On March 21, famously, the Government withdrew its journalistic containment Bill, and it has also withdrawn the eminently discriminatory Anti-Discrimination Bill. As to the latter, it remains under review with the new Attorney General (as noted in Legal Affairs, The Australian, March 22, 2013), and should be kept in view for the philosophic, religious and intrusive features so far so prominent in it, like wrinkles on an aged hand. They do not so easily go away, even after manicure, even if, in this case, it is to be wrought by legal experts. Law savours the form of things; wisdom notes its direction.

As to the wrinkles, the aged ideas, always waiting for power to act, age (and custom) tend only to increase them. To change the figure, often, as here very possibly, the second thrust, as in any fight, may be more lethally directed, less obvious in its intention; and liberty as always, especially when religion is concerned, requires constant vigilance. When Hitler (an obvious case, but even then there was a veil over reality, How could this POSSIBLY BE! which almost cost England the war), enabled Chamberlain to come back with his famous document, held aloft, allegedly and ostensibly denoting "peace in our time," that was the most perilous hour. It was well acclaimed before the darkest one. That, however,  followed almost at once.



Re-activation, Destitution of Reason

Man in Retrospect, in Prospect and in Bold Relief (2008, No. 143 in the set)
has recently been extended.


This item is taken from What is New ? February


This includes a collection of items featuring Australia, and now in 2013 three  new   Chapters - the last from March 2012 - have been added to this. This is not least because - as two Professors of constitutional law (Universities of Sydney and Queensland) rightly attest in a submission noted in today's Australian (January 21, 2013) - there is a grave possibility that this Bill would be declared unconstitutional, if challenged in Court. Certainly, were it to come into force as law, even with some obvious purgings of the more invasive and pugnacious sections, it involves a massive recast for Australian life, shackled within a maelstrom of invasive law. Further they consider that the law may breach international obligations of Australia in terms of freedom of speech, religion, association and cultural expression.

For a sermon including exposition within this area of pollution, in biblical terms, see this link.

Points not dissimilar to these were made in the first two Chapters (9 and 10) and presaged in the earlier third (11 - The Paganisation of Australia), but with focus and special attention given to the area of religion, as befits a Christian missionary and educational ministry such as this.

Making mandated morals by what "reasonable" people think (in assessment of those attacks where people are deemed to have been offensive, insulting or intimidating), so making  claimed offence and insult a legally actionable event, it goes further. Once the challenge is taken up for investigation,   guilt is to be assumed till the case is proven otherwise, so that it tends to offer a haven to out of work lawyers (if any) and a litany of wrongs for victims of its ill-considered crusade, without even so much as a referendum. Even the Bill of Rights required this (and lost in that past referendum). This is far more invasive, a virtual Bill of Wrongs. As to religion, within the Bill, it is licensed by circumscribed  exemptions from the new morals, and given conditions for operation contrary to its freedom as in Section 116 of the Constitution. A referendum to overturn the prohibition of the founding or prescription or use of religious matters for its agenda is therefore needed, before any such Bill as this could constitutionally be so much as put..

Indeed, even academic and scientific areas appear to lose their usual screening from purges, except in the case of racial matters. In these however, by current law, there is just that elevation of personal feelings to the detriment of truth, each in category, and of objection to the point of such integrity that THIS IS the problem! Australian law should be applicable equally to all; and where simple mercy is to be shown, this may indeed be done, but has to be clearly categorised, and not exhibited by the prostitution of justice to ANY in the interim.



Care-of the Non-Mandate for Control

This item is taken from The King's Counsel Ch. 10
and is revised

See also this sector

In this Chapter we noted Ezekiel 14 and God's statement that though three great saints should intercede in Jerusalem, past people, even these, would fail to achieve deliverance for her.

These notable escape persons would do not nothing, even jointly, for Israel, since God had determined the matter. Neither the eminence nor the plurality would help.

Thirdly, note more concerning these three. Even THEIR children, should they at that time be living in the land, would not be delivered. So far from helping the abhorred nation (Amos 6:8  cf. Micah 3:9), as it came to be in its extremity of folly, they would find their own families stricken.

This reminds us that the present ploy by many in Government, to denude the Australian liberty and character, so that saucy religious prescriptions of the new morals and the new geometric style identity-units called human, denatured, disallowed from the normal scope of human discourse, taught by prescription, is potentially deadly. So does it move, as the seduction continues with variable provision for tightly controlled religions, where free purposes do not direct, and the universalisation of humanity becomes the rule beyond, the standard of application, the idol for worship and the man-made model for control, as in the days of earlier spiritual barbarism, such as that of Nebuchadnezzar, who proclaimed - even in his case only for 30 days, none to be worshipped but himself. Party however or emperor, it is the move that counts!

Such things, if they have here not already done so, can reach the point of no return. In Israel, both Jeremiah and Ezekiel naming together the five who could not help, showed this to be so.

Even their own children would suffer, even if such famed men of old, DID and COULD come to intercede for the fallen nation!

We are approaching this stage in Australia now, as heady and captious indoctrination becomes the more rampant.

The children then often readily become so molested in mind and polluted in psyche by a calamitous culture (that is, practical atheism taught with authority, though not in name as such) through years of discriminatory schooling (cf. TMR Ch. 8), that the baneful remoulding may make them fallen relics of misused humanity, oppressed by miseducation, misconstruction and the fables of fantasy, as foretold (II Timothy 4:4). It is then as if they were different beings, modelled on a different basis, and for a different purpose.

Such is readily wrought with many, though not all, by social workings, engineered liberties to do this and that in terms of the new morals, with parallel exclusions of knowledge taught, so that it can lead, even for many once more, to paralysis for parents in many things, lest they attempt something different. Laws of the new religion, come not only to destroy biblical morals, but to intimidate those who insist (like Daniel) on adhering to them, unmoved from their own rational basis and the God of all creation (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!). Some, to be sure, weather the storm, and live (cf. Ezekiel 33:11). It is for God to choose His elect*1of5, but the situation is fast approaching the guillotine stage of godlessness. Luck is not the point; looseness and loss, deliberate and humanistically driven, this is.

Note: My own son was brought up, in a Church setting,  for some years in a State School wedded to the heuristic: that is, if it was to be taken, then it was to be FOUND in their lab work. This of course, in principle, ruled out evolutionary conceptions in any flamboyant myths, since it cannot be seen, or attested, or shown, or exhibited except in the lively imagination of those who make a different world, with different laws and different powers illustrated in different ways for its ingredients (cf. TMR Ch. 1, SMR pp. 145ff.). The High School was by no means perfect, but in this it served for a time, in the lively providence of the living God. It is HE who delivers, even when no human means might seem to appear, whether through death or through life.



*1 On this often misunderstood subject, and WHO God is and HOW He chooses by His own biblical statements, and for what, see:


A useful combination of references on this topic:

#The  Glow of Predestinative Power Ch. 4,
#Christ's Ineffable Peace and Grace
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Great Execrations
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See also with special  reference to the reality of the love, its purity, sincerity, that God is love, removing errors of Calvin and Clark:

Great Execrations, Great Enervations, Greater Grace Chs.   7 and    9,
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A further Useful Grouping on Love, Predestination, the Bible and the Beliefs from the Word of God to the Mind of Faith ...

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The Majestic Might of the Merciful Messiah Ch.    5 (the extensive attestations in the Bible, of the love of God for the lost, without attenuation of heart), with

Anguish, Ecstasy and the Mastery of the Messiah,
Chs.   8,   9);

Great Execrations ... Greater Grace Chs.    7,  9.

Some baulk because God is sovereign; it is as well none else is!

Some baulk because of the depth and strategic depth of His love,
because they cannot or will not imagine its glory,
as if cut-down humans, polluted, were the best there is,
and the best in them, were unreal, while the horrors alone could stand,
like those amid ruins in London during WW II,
some so horrified by the exercises of mordant liberty from the Nazis,
that they forgot all else; but this did not happen to all,
nor was the spirit so bowed in many.

However, the simple reality as found in the Bible and in the works of God is that

1) He is sovereign and
2) He is a loving sovereign,
3) that He made man upright but he has imagined many devices (Ecclesiastes 7:29),
4) that He has SO loved that He took a prodigious step as in John 3:15-18,
which is the uttermost of love, leaving man
5) leaving unbelieving man with this condemnation,
if so be he in the knowledge of God, elects to avoid it,
that light has come and he has preferred darkness.

The purpose of goodness in God is as in Colossians 1:19ff., I Timothy 2:1ff., Ezekiel 33:11,
John 3, and its way as in John 15:21ff., and He is never thwarted,
nor a mere bully, seizing His desire, as if love were lust.

Some believe God COULD not act with such depth,
but then even our own computers made by what He made, the human mind,
can make mere processing starkly multiplied almost beyond imagination,
and what man does mechanically, God can do with infinitely greater depth
and purity of thought,

The seven volume treatment on this subject, including the M.A. treatise for Melbourne University,
is to be found here.


Predestination and Freewill Heptad, its formal name:





Exemptions Despatched from the New Religion

This item is taken from The King's Counsel Ch. 9
with significant extension

England, its national church having compromised massively in belonging to the genre of the World Council of Churches, and nearly split on so identifiable a biblical doctrine as homosexuality, with a thrust constantly urging this as something of indifferent significance, indeed to be so treated as to be made irrelevant even amid the clergy, with strong diversification even in the USA, this branch of Anglicanism pioneering mutation even to the point of division, looks about it.

Where and what is it now ?

Currently, it ponders its association with Europe anew. Once a Protestant redoubt, free from the international  aspirations of various tyrannies and overlords, England now ponders Europe, once more. It is IN IT, but how far ? It is no longer a vast Commonwealth's head in fact, so much as a leader in lesser terms, in form. Tyrannies of terrorism ask for attention on all sides, bringing other rules to their knees, but not in prayer; and diverse bodies now draw near, in solidarity, then fall apart, in self-identification till there seems no remedy.

Nor is there; for it is with the remedy that transformations are continually being sought! It comes to an end with the British individuality and liberty is complete; but this is together with that of all peoples, such as that in Australia*2, currently toying with what might be called Geometry instead of God. Here the virtual concept of person-units standing on ground kindly supplied by the State, is becoming (with certain exceptions or exemptions) more and more aggressive in its thrust, more articulate in its sharpness, like a sickle amid wheat. It is not that this needs no exposure (like X-ray exhibits, from the word of God), because it is so clear; but that it has a course to follow, till the end comes with its happy prelude position, namely the return of Christ coming before man is entirely destroyed (Matthew 24:21-24). God supplies a program; but one - person, state, empire - can sleep through it till the roaring phase, is so desiring. It will not stop it, any more than drugs stop reality.

So now in this our land, Australia, there is a trend to make everything that is close to man's ways and life, the same: children, parents, sexuality, obligations, however much they grow, whether for Church or other employers, all must be re-forged and formed. It is everywhere to be the same; except of course, for the Government which says so; and this, of course, becomes very different. That difference relates both to its POWER above the Constitution in apparent thrust, over religion, and over man, like a mandated secular missionary, and to its GLORY, which acts as if to  supersede and impart glory at will, to whatever. This however is nothing like the glory reserved for itself, which does the gratuitous imparting, as it proceeds massively in the direction of ruling the hearts and manners of man... at least in outlook.

There is to be the same morality, responsibility, underlying nature, the same indulgence and the same repression, the same urbane rule and the same godless exclusivism, long in practice to be found in this State of South Australia, commandeering the platform in schools, as if to delete the Creator from the existence, legalities, brilliances and wonders of whatever it is which somehow or other managed to get here without having anywhere to come from, and anything to draw on, in a fairy-tale felicity worthy of kindergarten in this, that THOUGHT and CONSISTENCY and logical address is not to be found in it, nor empirical evidence. On that side, the thing is very well summed up by an American of Harvard fame (cf. The Splendour of Biblical Coverage ... Ch. 3).

In fact, children are not adults, men are not women, women are not men, academic affairs are not populist, science is not a commander for religion, scientific method is not guesswork of fancy, authority among men is not God, God is a Spirit who became man, not at the level of Creation in Himself, the infinite is not the finite, wisdom is not an idea, presumption is not understanding, government is not God: and merger attempts are not true or sound or profitable. The marvel of variety is not suppression to a common mould; nothing is not the source of anything; chaos is not order and is not even possible, for if it were, NOTHING could be orderly enough to be characterised, so that it might be noted, expressed, exemplified, and nothing would be all; which in a case of all or nothing, explaining nothing, is mere irrationalism.

Individuals are not the public, the Maker of land is not subject to those who take it,
and those who take it in measure are not its owners in all.
Particularities matter, and are part of the wonder of life.
When production-units, manufactured by man, by political themes and governments,
are in mind, this has nothing to do with mankind except for his abuse, of all by some:
a tyranny in place of truth. To vote for it is to vote for the destruction of man, as far as in you lies.


If women were indeed duplicates of man
(contrary to fact, the extent, meaning and wonder of the diversity
being a legitimate subject for thought and observation,
the repression of this being merely sexism, or better, genderism -
a slanted treatment of visible and irrefrangible reality),


and children of adults (contrary to fact, since they are, though intensely valuable, immature,
and have unique properties to contribute on the way),


and governments of God
(contrary to fact, since even in thought man can make no universe,
complete with complex laws and refined programming,
including himself, since not least, his bodily affairs are already largely programmed,
and he is a little late in seeking autonomy completely):

then the case would be different. In fact these things not being so, acting as if they were is merely irrational, rebellion against reality. Suppression of differences is as totalitarian as expansion of them to bullying or blighting proportions. Reality is what is needed, and you will not find it without the God of creation, being without Him, mere relativistic fragments with no actual truth so much as in existence, even with which to proclaim your own 'position', a case of mere self-contradiction (cf. Barbs   6  -   7).


Consider then, Australia, far from immune to such things, as its State intrudes into morality and religion and modes and ethics and law and enforcement and new commandments that bite, more and more. Thus men are units like women and children, and religions are units like silver and gold, and cultures are to be recognised and esteemed (unless they appear really QUITE beyond any norm, rather hard to do now) with dreamy aplomb. Accordingly, the God who in our Preamble to the Constitution is relied on, is becoming in implicit assessment,  One whose words can be declaimed against or tossed aside in very essence and reality,  in what is proposed for law, to be bound on all!  More ACTION can come, if applied by some who already appear to have legal power to prosecute, and by many more if the current Anti-Discrimination Bill*2 or anything like it,  were to become law.

The State seeks


a behaviour-ruling power,


an ethics-creating power,


a moral-making legislation force to apply to all, beyond any,


with supervisory forces


to instil, to teach, to counsel.

It seeks a legal force to insist on a relativity inducing concept, all things without integrity, except the State, which insists on its own immunity, as it makes up a religion of humanistic relativism, with such exceptions as its new religion likes. In this, truth is proclaimed by what has a humanist concept which finds no place for it; for if it did, it would require to find the objectivity past subjective inclinations, possessions, dispossessions and desires, to find what is above it all, and both able to declare what it is, and showing willingness to do so.

In sinuous relativity, there IS no truth, while it is declared truth that th is is so; making the stuff of comedy. But the results are more tragic. Israel in this became a loss leader, but is to be restored (Romans 11, Zechariah 11-14); while many other nations have followed the folly, as if compulsively compelled.

Christ put the situation for the nation earlier, now so apt for this world in increasing segments, in Matthew 13:14ff..

For many, it is a parallel and progressive form of detachment from deity, as with Israel before the crucifixion, so that He declared:

"Hearing you will hear and shall not understand;

And seeing you will see and not perceive;

For the hearts of this people have grown dull.

Their ears are hard of hearing,

And their eyes have closed,

Let they should see with their eyes
and hear with their ears,

Lest they should understand with their hears and turn,

So that I should heal them.


The Red Trail of Religious Unreason

Also found in The King's Counsel Ch. 9.

 Genesis 11 has an account of what has become a long-term trial of misused invention on the part of man, even trying to invent a universalised, conveniently constructed Object for Worship. Woe to those who defy the deification, and prefer the truth (John 14:6, 8:58), which needs no deification, being there always and altogether.

 The co-ordination of anti-theistic new-world makers has long been an aim, not aided, any more than than any other folly is aided, by the divine benevolence. Yet when its impetus grows,  as in II Thessalonians' report of what is to come, its harshly repressive, and partly humanistic idolatry loves the crown,  even if it is broken on transference. History leaves a red trail,  as man, in part or in whole, tries to leap over the barriers of truth, disregarding or downgrading it, and to dismiss the word of God, adding, subtracting, annulling as far as may be, shouting, making slogans, inventing dogmas manifestly at variance from reality, as if dreams could rule and truth could be a regretted option, no longer available.



Secular Priesthood and Subjected Citizens

This item is obtained from Not Only is God Great, but Glorious Ch. 8 -  expanded somewhat

In introduction, before we cite, let this be said.
It is to be noted that whether the Authority
be vested in one man, in twelve, in a group, in a philosophy or Committee,
the moment the scope of mankind is reduced to such invasive intrusion,
and however common or acceptable the moral-legal-normative side of the beast that controls,
it is a voluntary euthanasia of liberty, that is involved,
a subjection to the manacles of controllers
who just love control-units called people, and to make new statues, in law or stone,
it is indifferent, to which  - subverted by their own votes in this scenario, all must bow.

As in 2), above, the immoral and the unconstitutional
vie for ascendency in such an approach,
for it invents a new religion of absolutes
(however variable over time, the way all sandy foundations tend to be)
for which a Referendum is needed, to change Article 116 of the Constitution,
and to make us a slave state, governed by what some find to be our state of mind,
so self-worshipping and fit for a life on the solidity of sand. The underlying reality
is not greatly different whether it be Press or people who are to be muzzled,
and whether the muzzle be popular for a time (as in so many dictatorships),
or not.

Since man is not the product of eternal nothing, suddenly awakening,
but of Eternal Competence,
vested with the necessary intelligence, as shown in the references in *1 of 1) above,
and throughout the whole range of this site,
it is both natural (as when you cough with influenza)
and understandable that two things happen, when much is based on the baseless.
What then of man ?

First he comes into trouble, rather like a mathematician
who refuses to CONSIDER
that one and one might be two;
and then seeking redress, stability, better relationships,
less war, more vitality or whatever it may be,
he tends to lurch like a poor pilot forever trying to avoid a crash,
towards this nostrum, philosophy, 'solution', rule or dictatorship,
whether in ideas or armed forces as the impetus.
This makes, as recently in Australia with a relatively radical government,
for instability,
and even what some now declare, inability to govern.
The 'nothing' alternative is no less unattractive:
inability to escape the invasions of power and the obsessive insistences on new religions,
as now, usually given different names, till this no longer seems necessary.
Then force rules, as in many afflicted lands, with its own instability;
for force and counter-force
arouse something less than peace.

Now let us turn to Not Only is God Great, but Glorious Ch. 8.

There is also plan for the institution of THE AUTHORITY, well criticised by Henry Ergas* in The Australian (p. 12 March 12, 2012), with supplementary analysis of trends by  Cameron Stewart (March 10-11 in the Inquirer section of the same newspaper). This appallingly conceived master body would have unmitigated power to enforce  culturally popular concepts, ideas, proclivities of ruling parties, without recourse, and with power to seek to enforce apologies when things written or spoken become undesired.

Were this ever to be indulged in, what would result ? This would subvert provisions in the Constitution, prohibiting the establishment of a religion, for naturally, there would be here to be found IN FORCE, a culture,  through appointed culture speakers, discerning developments, descrying how things must be, replacing God as the ultimate and only possible source of morals*2 without reductionism, as distinct from opinions, of ethics, as likewise of logically sustainable basis for truth*3 in itself, whatever the individual convictions of members of The Authority: thus forcing obeisance to  Caesar. Australia's culture king could then become the newly installed lord of criticism and its bases, augury of authority, a replacement morality source and centre, the nation the servant of this elevated savant, this group that  gropes, and determines what is what and what not, what is admissible and what not, who must apologise and who not, and why.

Thus would come a naturalistic fantasy of humanism, using State power to enforce State ideas, direct or through the choice of appointees,  capable of been made up by statistics, psychic preference,  social connivance or any other type of desire or criterion that leaves out the original basis of coming together in this land. Who wants such a Bill of Wrongs, to enable  some  to dictate  to all!

It is one thing to have a culture moving this way or that; it is quite another to have it laying  down the law in its lore, and removing what offends its concepts,  from news media, private or public, by usurping authority, religiously empowered not by name, but by power not exclusive of such adventurism. Whatever be the social or desired bases of The Authority and its Thought, whether codified in any Little Red Book or not, be these emotional responses, or preferred criteria of this or that kind, still the Hall of Nothing in these vital areas, can rule the nation and both offending God and suppressing what lies rich in the potential depths of mankind, bring it to nothing..


*Professor Henry Ergas reportedly wrote in The Australian (inter alia): 

SHOULD the News Media Council recommended by the Finkelstein media inquiry be established, it will have no difficulty finding penalties: for severe offences, 100 pages of the inquiry's report; for recidivism, another 100; and for the truly heinous, the entire document, committed to memory. Like capital punishment, that should ensure recalcitrants never do it again.

Not that they will learn much along the way. This report is at war with itself, as it struggles to make a case that contradicts its evidence; yet on those unsure foundations it advances recommendations even more dangerous than they seem to be.

The regulation that the report proposes goes far beyond a low-cost alternative to defamation proceedings. Rather, it aims to curb "obsessive attempts to influence government policy by day-after-day repetition of issues", "opposition to government policy which is commercially-driven" and "treating expert and lay opinion as being of equal value or deliberately selecting opinions opposed to government policy while ignoring opposite views".


As for remedies, they include "to require withdrawal of a particular article from continued publication" and "to require a media outlet to publish a reply by a complainant or other relevant person". And all this without any right of review of decisions on the merits.

See this in its setting at :






See for example, News 19, SMR Chs. 3   -   4, together with SMR Ch. 4 Extension on Great Burials. See also *3 below.



See Ch. 5 above, for example, *1, *2, and SMR, TMR. See also Barbs ... 6 - 7.