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Hawking Hawks Unholiness

News 430

The Sunday Mail September 5, 2010


Hawking, we learn, has announced once more the lack of need for God, in his hawkish sight. But life is not about survival, but revival, for the person, the soul and the spirit of man has depths greater than any astronomical height, and access to heights more than any merely quantitative attestation of his power to release energy, provide form and bring architectural wonders to matter. To ignore these is mere blindness, and the soul that has no need of meaning, upkeep and destiny is merely atrophied, paralysed or blind.

But what of his apparent preoccupation with things material, which he indulges or engages in by virtue of things invisible and inexplicable that analyse the analysable and find law in the legislated, that is, the universe ?

As with all materialism, it ignores the question (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7, and Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 2). In the latter, we quickly come to the point:

Were freedom null, so that one's genetic system, genome, epigenetic controls, neurones, bones or other imagined sources of will were in full charge, jointly, severally, or in any conceivable manner, then thought would be a function of such necessity, and this being not wisdom, overviewing all with supernal knowledge, but constraint, pushing all by its necessitous paths, what is would be unknown, and what is pushed would be provender for the mind.

If absolute truth did not exist, were all relative, then it could not, being absent, be reached; and hence could not be divulged, as by those who believe themselves, on their own model, by some physiological fiddle, to be divulging it, while from the nature of the model, divulging further that it is not there.

Into such muddles does determinism proceed*1. It is not merely that constraints by circumstance, itself construed as 'chance'*2A, are not the same as information by reality, which on this basis is unknowable; it is that reality is dismissed as well, as not being formulable because what would formulate, is absent. It is a system without meaning, filled perversely with method, but incapable of speech. To speak for it is merely to presume, since it has neither voice, nor mind, nor understanding; and if it lacks it, how much less do its subjects, participants have it.

Yet they presume to 'debate' about determinism*1.

As noted in SMR p. 404, there are all sorts of fixations at various levels on various aspects of mind, matter and life, and their respective functions, which abort a comprehensive view of reality, and try vainly and with mere reductionism, a form of systematic blindness, all things into some one thing (cf. Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 13, and SMR Ch. 4, with pp. 422Eff., and 611ff.).

The individual characteristics of matter, it is good from time to time to have people like Professor Hawking, like Planck, like L.E. Maxwell, declare. It is a sound antidote to that heedless and headstrong irrationalism which so contrarily and ridiculously argues for itself with its rejected instrument... of reason (cf. pp. 421 ff., infra). However, blindness to the peculiarities of different parts of our bodies, or different parts of our universe is no ground for trying to use the hand as an eye; the mind as if matter; the will, which errs, as if matter, for which the concept is meaningless. These are mere chatters without reason, blindnesses without base, assumptions in the face of the criteria, self-contradictions in the light of the divergent phenomena to which the mind is directed, challenging in their richness, causal in their conduct, but in utterly different ways. (Cf. *13, pp. 882-884 infra - time.)

The various determinisms, of which this material case is merely one philosophic episode, tend in general simply, as if by a fateful and blind fascination, to demarcate the diverse and divergent character of so many of the components of our trilogy, our mind, matter and spirit. In this, they serve, if indirectly; for as the Bible indicates, God makes the angers of man to serve Him (Psalm 76:10). It is a misdirection of effort, the endeavour to absorb all things in one thing, as the early Greek philosophers strained to do in the cases of fire, of water, of earth; it does not go. It is one, but not a thing, to which reason inexorably thrusts our minds, as we have seen; and as we have also observed, the sheer irrationality of the efforts to homogenise all reality is eloquent, indeed elegant testimony to the spiritual disorder which occasions it, and thus to the Biblical analysis of man.


Hawking has one of these levels of fixation. It is like a kind of spiritual pathology: many have influenza, many bronchitis, many back strain: so in spirit, many have materialistic preoccupation, ideational fixation, spiritual captivation with what is both unreasonable and misleading, and many simply have experiential fixation, as if what happens is what matters, and what ought to happen, is being immeasurable, insignificant. In that case, so is the theory to that effect, so that such persons merely announce a model which is by its own testimony, invalid at the outset.

In an article of astute confusion,  (touching Hawking's perilously named work, The Grand Design), C. F. Naff advises us that, although the latest outburst from Stephen Hawking is neither original to him or in his works, and is by no means shown to be so, yet he for his part feels there is no need for the Creator. "The universe we inhabit," he claims in derisory self-assurance, "is not the handiwork of an omnipotent, perfect creator." Such is his own dictum. His reason for uttering it is strange: too many inefficiencies, extravagances and plain bad "design" for that to be so." So speaks the oracle. Just as however, Hawking's assertion is neither original nor sound, so is this Huxley to his Darwin.

The idea of bad design  is often alleged in ignorances profound, never shown. The eye is one well-known case. While the eye can outperform the cameras in its immediate, careful, astonishingly compact, multi-focus movement and adjustment with the brain to produce meaningful results with astute and inbuilt facility, with astonishing capacities to bring points to focus, near and far, and foci to data composition in order to facilitate once more the interpretation, and this care of the brain, memory and comparisons; and while these are set in a system which allows spiritual oversight and analytical forays into comprehension both of the elements and of the whole; and while thus it is an inbuilt phenomenon in a self-moving, touching, smelling, handling, hearing body equipped with its extended provisions beyond the material, with immaterial considerations to ponder, and capacities for wilful error or amazing fidelity to reality whatever the cost: yet even for the eye itself, its tiny two orbed, multi-function being is slandered in this way.



Dr Peter Gurney in a most painstaking article showed the all but incredible ignorance on which one of the challenges is often made. The eye is a phenomenally complex and beautifully intelligent design, he says

Attention is given to this emphasis in Sparkling Life ... *4 of Ch. 6. There we have this (slightly adapted):

Dr Peter Gurney, a distinguished eye specialist in London, in an article on pp. 92-99 of the Technical Journal of Creation (15(3), late 2001, exposes with faithful and minute specifications, such a detail on the microscopic intricacies, operational mutual dependencies, sub-organic correlations, chemical specifications required even for tears, the double usage as in the cornea, with some lens power, cell arrangements for physical results, antibodies, chemical composites to combat infection, brilliant conception and astounding capacities, each point in place and each place with a point, for the human eye that it is all but overwhelming.

The concept of some ill-design, specifically exposed in a recent and notable CD-ROM significantly featuring Dr John Sarfati, is seen this time with overview of actual function, as a testimony to twisting. Here, in "Creation ... a shattering critique of PBS-NOVA 'Evolution' series", the Answers in Genesis Ministries exhibit with no small aplomb, the seemingly sightless sentence passed by critiques of that most astute organ, the human eye. As the fallacious suppositions are exposed and the facts of design necessities considered for maximal functionality and complex series of adaptabilities; and as the alleged alternative options are dismissed as dysfunctional fantasy, on the one hand, and  Dr Gurney's diagrammatic expositions of the eye's structure and function are pondered  on the other; and then the two phases of the matter are seen together, it is most apparent that our definition of design in SMR  is here most abundantly met.

What is true of the body in general is sensationally true of the eye!

That definition ? "Multiplicity of parts, co-ordinated in simplicity of meaning; or layers of comprehensible integration of meaning and function, relative to a use; or the perspective of the whole: this together with mental acuity and intellectual discrimination, displayed in coherent, cumulative interaction with the product, its parts and its use ... such things would be the territory of design." There is more to be seen, but not less on pp. 113-116, the above on p. 115. (See also A Spiritual Potpourri Ch. 6.)

On the eye, see also the last cited work, Ch. 7.

Meanwhile man lumbers ploddingly to try to begin to unravel some of the least components of life, the genome which lies as in much, as one of the physical directors of such operations (cf. News 45, Lord of Life ... Ch.   5, News  166News  153, Licence for Liberty Chs.   6,  8, Beauty of Holiness Chs. 7 ,  8Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 13, Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch.  10, Ancient Words: Modern Deeds Ch.   9 ) - ... But operations ? It is far more than a mere question of how it functions.

In fact, the typologically fixed RE-MAKING of such things, their architectural emplacement, their growth adaptation as various site construction works grow in size or even shape, after birth (and indeed before), the arrival of energy from the culinary factory areas of digestion, adapted to the various engines, cellular and organic, the provision of directional power via bone emplacements, themselves a world of combination, continuity and constant mutual geometric adjustment during growth over years, the copying of information (which does not create itself, since it is a reflection of what is, ordered and organised, and in this case also, a data bank suffused with integral correlation linguistic and directive, for minute and maximal, micro- and macro-function), the copying of director-roles, themselves: all this and far more is inherent in what then must simply function when it IS made.

Function ? But that too is staggeringly complex. The eye article (ocular dissertation, ophthalmological depiction) of Peter Gurney is an excellent illustration of what 'function' means, even in so short but so compressed an article. A world of maintenance and provisions for maintenance then unfolds likewise.

 One eye specialist once told the author that in his view, the human eye was not meant for much more than 70 years in its design, the term he used, since various things tend to become very vulnerable after that time. In the meantime, as in a highly sophisticated luxury automobile, staggeringly complex and delicately intimate proceedings and procedures team to make eye life pleasant, profoundly competent and what is often complacently received, marvellously stable. The provisions for arrival and dispersal of moisture, including tears, leaves one delighted to see that such psychological needs as crying, such grubby hands in the child's eyes as may arrive at such times, are all provided for with a sensitivity of chemical and architectural products which work in their designated ways, to a marvel.

How long and under what conditions does it go ? As with all design, there is always purpose. Some manufactured goods are MADE for a period, after which, if they continue (like the author's more than 30 year old car - still very comfortable), then it is a thing of some remark! Thus if one may be permitted one more personal eye reference, when one found an eye pressure about the lens nearly 3 times too much, SUDDENLY, some time after a car aerial penetrated the eye (not its matrix, but prodding vigorously into the space between the lid and the eye itself, thus of necessity impacting the eye ball ... like a fist in this case!), there was later some malfunction. The accident began to have effects in visual distortion.

One could still see (a feat which seem to impress the specialist, in view of the huge pressure which built up), but there were oddities of focal length and specificities of changes observable in some circumstances. When laser was considered helpless, drugs were deemed inadequate, and the details of what to the author seemed a horrendously simplistic (but normal) operation to pierce the eyeball and keep it pierced despite all prospective healing efforts, described by the specialist as a generic but non-hi-tech operation: then the woe of the plight appeared. The prospect was dim.

It was, as the specialist conceded, on the basis of all expectation, a matter for piercing or miracle. However, with less than the drugs, put in for some hope, since one medicine was a rather disorienting seeming one, one found in 2 days that the pressure was normal. It stayed so, being checked months later, proceeding from 43 or some such figure in mm of mercury as to pressure, to 15, then the same for both eyes.

In the meantime, the author had communicated with the Creator in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord. Pianists need hands, authors need eyes, especially on demanding computer situations, with the only office worker oneself! The pleadings with the Maker were answered with the staggeringly sudden and complete remedy of a condition which had been developing for weeks, and demanding action of the compromising character, vulnerable to repeated infection, as described. One doctor deemed it a miracle that the cure so occurred, the other a minor miracle.

However the author had been careful to establish beforehand,  with the eye specialist,  that the only plausible way, short of operation,  to get the damaged eye better was a miracle. Thus when the restoration came on time, 2 or 3 days later (the margin for operation or further damage), thus obviating need for any operation or even any quandary about one (a failure to have remedy, under such pressure could have led in a comparatively short time to blindness, one was informed), it appeared as the exhibition of the power of the Maker. The living option had made the mechanical one unnecessary. For this, one can only praise the resource for all things at all times, the Redeemer, who never fails, and who, one must add, solves problems with a view to all the information and wisdom which is His; and this time, acted in this way.

It is not a part of this complex and amazing creation, the human eye, to provide in its programmatic base of conceived and coded information, for intrusion of radio antennae of automobiles! It is not inbuilt to handle such rough treatment. Thus the intelligence that made it, the personal and communicating God, acted direct: this is the testimony  on the basis of the evidence. It was even more apparent in the asking room, that preceded this gracious restoration, where one sought from the profound mercy of the Creator of man, in the name of Jesus Christ in view of the need for the eye for His work, this ocular mercy for the worker in the kingdom of heaven at this time.

More had yet to be written, more books to be composed in His presence and for His kingdom; and in mercy, He acted with grace.

Design, designers and their power and morals: these things are current topics with atomic and genome research moving with all self-assurance into what they are inadequate to control. It is only when the designer is known, that His work can be discerned. It is only when His work is discerned that it can properly be done. Not being on speaking terms with one's employer is most unwise; and with THIS employer, the Maker, in view of His total redemptive provisions for the spirit of man, yes and in the end, his resurrection, is a choice sort of folly. Where love is concerned, there is no other option. Where grace is sought, there is no other effectual source. Where life is in view, there is no other Designer... not one.

On this, there is an update. It is even more detailed in its rejection of the ignorant assertions made of our prodigious equipment, and in particular the eye. In Creation Magazine,  Volume 32, No. 4, 2010, p. 10, we see data on this. The concept that the eye was wired backwards, exposed by eye specialist, Dr Peter  Gurney, and by Dr George Marshall ("The idea that the eye is wired backward comes from a lack of knowledge of eye function and anatomy," the latter declared - Creation 18 (4), pp. 19-21). In fact, "This analysis was thoroughly vindicated by a 2007 discovery that the Muller glial cells form a  fibre optic plate that guides light to the photoreceptors with virtually no distortion or  loss." Now in 2010, "Researchers Amichal Labin and Erez Ribak at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa found, "The retina is revealed as an optimal structure designed for improving the sharpest of images." Muller cells are shown to be multi-functional, acting to  reduce chromatic aberration, where different colours are refracted differently by a lens.





One researcher thinks these findings of astute efficiency may find application in man's own efforts. So astonishing complex (cf.    ), is the working of the DNA and the formerly misnamed 'junk DNA' with its oversight and multiplicity manoeuvres in functionality, that on p. 8 of the same Creation magazine, we find from  Nature magazine (464. 1 (April, 2010), the point that the human genome has been found to contain  many less genes than thought, so that the functions of genes are far more complex in getting the work done than thought. Tony Pawson, University of Toronto cell biologist, speaks accordingly: "Now we appreciate that the signalling information in cells is organized through networks of information rather than simple discrete pathways. It's infinitely more  complex." This fills out in  detail the presentation of Dr Williams.


In Evidence and Reality, Ch. 6, we find something of this development (slightly revised).

Thus in the Journal of Creation, Volume 21(3), 2007, on pp. 111ff., there appears a fascinating article by well-known biologist, Alex Williams. He points out the following, in initial summary of his substantial and detailed article.

The traditional understanding of DNA has recently been transformed beyond recognition. DNA does not, as we thought, carry a linear, one-dimensional, one-way, sequential code- like the lines of letters and words on this page. And the 97% in humans that does not carry protein-coding genes is not, as many people thought, fossilized 'junk' left over from our evolutionary ancestors. DNA information is overlapping-multi-layered and multi-dimensional; it reads both backwards and forwards; and the 'junk' is far more functional than the protein code, so there is no fossilized history of evolution. No human engineer has ever even imagined, let alone designed an information storage device anything like it. Moreover, the vast majority of its content is meta-information - information about how to use information. Meta-information cannot arise by chance because it only makes sense in context of the information it relates to. Finally, 95% of the functional information shows no sign of having been naturally selected; on the contrary, it is rapidly degenerating. That means that Darwin was wrong - natural selection of natural variation does not explain the variety of life on Earth."


(cf. Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed ... Ch. 4, History, Review and Overview ... Ch. 4,
The Defining Drama
Ch. 2)

arising by chance, in a non-intelligence-dependent, non-symbol-comprehending and sensitive system, are a contradiction in terms. They EXIST in any function at all, simply by being a part of a tri-tiered whole, the command, the material and the receptivity to command of an executive branch, together of course with the chronological sequencing of the material required, to match the concepts of the orders. Information itself is excluded as arising by non-intelligence empirically and systematically. It is in itself a linguistically coded, an ideationally convexed phenomenon, which conveys data which imply order and conceptual felicity, to what is receptive to such order and conceptual reciprocity. It is a system involving thought and symbol correlation, and engineering correspondence.

Thus we find that expert in this field of information, Dr Werner Gitt*2 made this professional declaration, concerning it:

"There is no known natural law
through which matter can give rise to information,
neither is any physical process
or material phenomenon known
that can do this."


We begin in this way to approach factuality, rather than the specious originality of those who, ignoring  facts, make declarations both tenuous in detail and unsustainable in generalisation, on which they build,  like wind-wills  on sand, their ludicrous imaginations.

Does indeed nothing produce ? The very words are in collision, for what  CAN produce CANNOT be nothing, for it would at once contradict the  definition of what you pretend  to be  talking about, making it instead, SOMETHING WITH POTENTIAL.  It does not matter HOW you imagine this or that  element, situation, entity or concept is to be considered,  IF it CAN become  something, it CANNOT be nothing. If you contradict yourself, there is no real need for anyone  else  to do so. Then you have  simply to  sort yourself out and find out  what you are  wanting to say in intelligible language instead of an ornate gibberish. Then logic can resume.

In  fact, as Dr Hartnett has pointed out, if energy DID make matter at the first, then not only matter but anti-matter should come, but the evidence, so lightly and slightingly disregarded by the dogmatists, does not sustain such a consideration.  It is not there as it ought to be, if this were so. It is time we got back to that good, old-fashioned science which deals with evidence, to verify or to  dismiss.

The science of wishing is not wishing well, though it more  and more resembles a wishing well to wish not well but wilfully, but wishing to follow fact, overcome confusion, diffusion of the irrelevant, dismissal of what is indicated, in the context of what has so far been discovered and established, and this even then, with a willingness to find that one's concept of this or that item was more limited than one had thought, while NEVER defiling logic with the sudden fear of nakedness to fact, to what is not desired.  With their unique validity and verificatory systems*1 in place, Christians are of all men the most free from intimidation by serving the wish-wave, since there is no logical competition (cf. SMR, TMR). Hence not one or two but very many Christian creationists were leaders in major fields of innovative science. The current corrupt confusion of desire and hope and dream with the antithetical realities found, broadcast with a brashness verging on perpetual hysteria, where nothing ever happens to the point, but all is imagined, is just as counter-productive as Professor Løvtrup declared (SMR pp. 202, 309) in chaining student minds and limiting research funds to the 'party line'.

Indeed, in his Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth, he declares (p. 422): "I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science," adding that posterity will marvel at the "incredible credulity' of those enthralled, noting that (pp. 352-3), "It remains an unsatisfactory state of affairs that the fossil record stubbornly fails to deliver one single bit of evidence in support of ... 'phyletic gradualism' which is supposed to be a prediction of the micromutation theory."

It is indeed not only anti-verified non-science, but verifiable nonsense, since it can present neither the exhibits in practice, nor the law from information science about the non-arrival of new information structures from non-intelligent sources, nor the means of origination, nor the results of creative experimentation (the billions which would have 'failed'), the contiguous and continual stages nor the rational grounds for making matter spawn mind, mind spew will and both find reason to fit into a rationally investigable, legally depictable universe

You see the same animus in many schools in Australia where dictatorial doctrine, like that of the papacy in Inquisition times, is made the prison for youthful minds in schools, with creationism which answers tests avidly, excluded by what fails them inclusively: namely that erratic, internally disputed, multi-formatted organic evolutionism which must be protected even in science, because it cannot be sustained by reason (cf.  The gods of naturalism have no go! with Deity and Design). The following excerpt from Freedom, The Nation, The Internet and the Next Generation Ch. 4 attests this.

While these things proceed, we very recently have the imposition on independent schools in SA of a naturalistic, reductionistic, and philosophically floundering pronunciamento (Ch. 3 above). Thus,  in this, scientific method is in practice forsaken in the areas of concern,  while being acknowledged. Indeed, its openness to all comers, on the basis of contribution, testability, verifiability,  rationality and NO philosophical exclusions, by a mere  politically authorised intrusion, is denied. Intellectual freedom has become subverted; scientific liberty has become, as the USSR at one time sought to do, a matter of political interference.

A task force, a Committee, becomes a substitute for test, its dicta doctrine, its opinions mandatory in practice.

This is and can only be scientific subversion and pedagogic servitude. If this is not persecution, it would be difficult to know how a case could be found. Even the UN Declaration against Discrimination in matters of belief, is multiply transgressed in any such action. And this country has made that Declaration a matter of Australian law!

What is deemed undesirable is stripped away from entering into the discipline,  in a sort of ecstasy of derangement, a quiver of intolerance. Though rigorously scientific, these are excluded  as scientific contestants, as if origins were excludable in advance, depending on religious preference, and performance was entirely, 100% irrelevant. The selection of what is the ruling absolute IS a religious matter, and this is merely persecution by one form of religion, by the devious device of subordinating science and its method, to this preference. In the meantime, the only scientifically valid approach is lost. The 'Emperor' has a beautiful and dutiful garment to put on, but he prefers nakedness, despite the obvious fact that this 'covering' is phantasmal.

But what of testability, empirical results, implications and comparisons of different approaches in a disciplined, scientific manner ? Here it is lost, and testability is ignored in this sphere.

It is creationism which passes the tests, some of the first for consideration, as in SMR pp. 140ff.. Is it true that it is scientifically irrelevant then ?

Quite to the contrary, in scientific method, it is 100% relevant,  and rational performance,  sustainability, cohesion with other scientific laws which are verified continually, are not merely NOT to be ignored if we do not like their source, for  some soulful reason, or soulless one as the case may be, but these are essential, and what fails here, fails. That is science.

It is NOT a matter of finding and funding a theory (as Professor Løvtrup points out), but in all integrity of mind and intent of discovery, finding and pursuing what happens, attests itself in a valid logical base and a verified consequential setting.

While these things proceed, we very recently have the imposition on independent schools in SA of a naturalistic, reductionistic, and philosophically floundering pronunciamento (Ch. 3 above). Thus,  in this, scientific method is in practice forsaken in the areas of concern,  while being acknowledged. Indeed, its openness to all comers, on the basis of contribution, testability, verifiability,  rationality and NO philosophical exclusions, by a mere  politically authorised intrusion, is denied. Intellectual freedom has become subverted; scientific liberty has become, as the USSR at one time sought to do, a matter of political interference. A task force, a Committee, becomes a substitute for test, its dicta doctrine, its opinions mandatory in practice. This is and can only be scientific subversion and pedagogic servitude. If this is not persecution, it would be difficult to know how a case could be found. Even the UN Declaration against Discrimination in matters of belief, is multiply transgressed in any such action. And this country has made that Declaration a matter of Australian law!

What is deemed undesirable is stripped away from entering into the discipline,  in a sort of ecstasy of derangement, a quiver of intolerance. Though rigorously scientific, these are excluded  as scientific contestants, as if origins were excludable in advance, depending on religious preference, and performance was entirely, 100% irrelevant. The selection of what is the ruling absolute IS a religious matter, and this is merely persecution by one form of religion, by the devious device of subordinating science and its method, to this preference. In the meantime, the only scientifically valid approach is lost. The 'Emperor' has a beautiful and dutiful garment to put on, but he prefers nakedness, despite the obvious fact that this 'covering' is phantasmal.

But what of testability, empirical results, implications and comparisons of different approaches in a disciplined, scientific manner ? Here it is lost, and testability is ignored in this sphere.

It is creationism which passes the tests, some of the first for consideration, as in SMR pp. 140ff.. Is it true that it is scientifically irrelevant then ?

Quite to the contrary, in scientific method, it is 100% relevant,  and rational performance,  sustainability, cohesion with other scientific laws which are verified continually, are not merely NOT to be ignored if we do not like their source, for  some soulful reason, or soulless one as the case may be, but these are essential, and what fails here, fails. That is science.

It is NOT a matter of finding and funding a theory (as Professor Løvtrup charged, of the improper doctrinal direction of funds in scientific research), and expressing constantly dashed hopes that one day it may work: HOPE is not science. It is PERFORMANCE. This is ONE of the tests for truth; and while it is not all, it is indispensable; and indeed, without it, science has neither respectability nor the ground of its advance left intact: in fact, then it is not the scientific but the scientistic, a philosophic take-over mechanism, such as you find, in parallel, in politics in various coups in different countries at different times. This is a mental one.

Indeed,  the One who ALONE attests evidentially, that what does not happen NOW, had  good reason to happen EARLIER,  since its source of origination was everlastingly both adequate and operative, and equipped with will, does not lumber along like a train without brakes. Instead, as you would expect of an intelligent and directive being, whose commands are to be found in the DNA, and verified in the Bible, He makes trains of thought, of code, of objects, elements and components, indeed worlds at desire, and stops when done. There is no other rational possibility, evidential  attestation, or uncontradicted opening. This is what He says; this conforms to what is found. You have it. It is there. It does not come now.

Work makes things. Work makes them constitute information-bound patterning and processing. It has to be good if what you want is good. The workmanship is ingenious, far beyond man's capabilities, miniaturised to a marvel as Denton points out in his Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, remarkably robust, mathematically a teacher for man's industry, in engineering a continual source for copying BY man. A recent example is found in the eyes of moths, which being unreflective have a useful feature for applied mechanics. Some Chinese researchers in the USA of their work: "We found our inspiration in nature, trying to mimic the natural nanostructure," as noted in Creation magazine,  Vol. 32, No. 4, 2010, p. 11. Indeed, what the Maker has set His mind to  do is now in the DNA engendering commands spoken of with increasing awe.

Thus Mel Greaves, British researcher, attests that they are struggling with the question whether human beings "can ever comprehend an organism, or a cell, or a molecular pathway, down to the finest level of detail."

Why ? It is because at first they thought signalling pathways were simple and linear, but now ..."we appreciate that the signalling information in cells is organized through networks of information rather than simple, discrete pathways. It's infinitely more  complex" (Creation, op. cit. p.8).

Thus in Dig Deeper ... Ch. 1, some of Hartnett's points are recalled, this time, at the macro level:



This "makes sense of the quantized redshifts", he indicates, citing in particular Journal of Creation 16(2), 95-104. Dr Harold Slusher long ago pointed out evidence for the same as noted in SMR pp. 76ff. and in particular p. 78). In Dismantling the Big Bang, Hartnett and Williams point out (p. 135), with reference to the work of Russell Humphreys, that quantized redshifts, visible for man in every direction, "at the same discrete intervals", imply the galaxies lying on the surface of a series of concentric shells, each corresponding to a given "peak abundance in redshift distribution." Humphreys is noted as presenting the point that the only way this pattern could be seen in this manner would occur if we in our galaxy were at or near the centre. Thus we could perceive the pattern where its perception has this orientative fact: similar in all directions, from near the centre.

It is not a cosmological principle of evenness, as in the Big Bang; anything but. It is a shell situation, merely to name one orderly facet. As to that, in or near the centre, you see the expansive domains with that orientation, as we do.

In fact, structure in space has been one of the momentous exhibits of recent years (cf. TMR, *3, in The Antics of Dating); and long evidenced in much, it becomes more and more compelling. Structure and stricture abound, with remarkable results as seen in TMR  (loc. cit.) and the references cited above.

Efforts to make things simple in terms of mutual begettings (really most complex, as it has to work, and empirically it does not) quickly run into difficulties both in principle and in practice. Thus in TJ 16(1), pp. 29ff., Dr John Hartnett in a technical article points out a fundamental flaw in the Hoyle type QSSC model ('quasi-steady-state creation'), an hypothesis in violent and long contradiction of the Big Bang scenario, and one that although it covers much evidence that contradicts the Big Bang, yet merely assumes what is deemed a 'common sense' approach.

In this (op. cit. p. 33), energy is to appear in the universe in compensating positive and negative forms. This is evidently intended to preserve a certain constancy or conservation of matter and energy. However, as to this scenario of something from nothing in balancing phases: it is not really much of a ground for non-nothing, being anything but that, and having a certain orphan look and magical nature as normal in naturalism's hosts. "I might add," Hartnett notes, that "negative energy has never been observed." A grand idea when one of the two balancing components in a balancing act is not to be seen around.

On the other hand, the Big Bang scenario itself  incorporates its own illusory begettings, and wishing to reach mass from energy, it postulates a 'beginning' of great heat, helping the formation according to empirical observation, of matter in positron and electron varieties, positive and negative clinches, matter and anti-matter pairs. Let these opposites meet, and they annihilate each other, reverting to energy, Hartnett notes in his Dismantling the Big Bang, p. 88.

However "since our universe consists only of matter" (op.cit. p. 14), in this regard, apart from minor productions, "it is a reasonable conclusion that our universe could not have been produced" in this way, by what is called quantum pair production (op. cit. p. 126). That is, his point is that from energy into matter experiments, in the laboratory, it is found that you get equal amounts of matter and anti-matter, electron and anti-electron, and so forth, the concept that to the contrary, you have now ONLY the positive variety, the negative being swallowed up with the theory into the abyss, as it were, such a concept of origin is not attractive, not verified.

Indeed, to have things arrive in this way, even if it happened, you need the  structure, basis, background principles of operation, functional dynamics and formative constraints to MAKE it happen, which is to say, you need the realities you seek to explain, before you begin. It is always so when you try to get something from nothing in general; and in particular, when you try to get form, order, reliable modes of operation, structure and controlled modes of formatting and interchange, from its absence. It is even in theory, therefore, quite absurd to try to have energy (the capacity to do work) PRODUCING all these things. It is a basic ingredient, and its dirigibility and operational consistency is an additional fact  the basics of which reduce the theory to the same pitiful fact-void, information omitting mess that any such action must imply. It is just that here, you see HOW it applies.

Trying to get babies from other babies instead of from mothers, and trying to get the constitutive reality of a design from its parts is always in vain, and the least common of sense. Trying to get the bits from nowhere is similarly unproductive, since nowhere has nothing to offer. Imagination as the source of whatever it is that is to be made to make, is quite illusory. You need what it takes to get what you want, in any creation conversation, and assuming what might, but doesn't so demonstrate itself, to bring about this or that from the other, is always begging the question, first, and meeting negative results, second. This is quite predictable and an illustration of the vanity of philosophy, when it masquerades as science. (Cf. Scientific Method, Satanic Method and the Model of Salvation.)

The towering and vast structures thought to be near the origins of the Big Bang, in marked contrast to the model's prediction, the failure to have anywhere near enough supernova remnants on this theory (Creation magazine, Vol. 19, No. 3, 1997, pp.  46ff.), in marked contrast to the Biblical creation model, which predicts in the order of magnitude in which they are found, the stratification of areas in the universe*1A the mere assumptions for the initial conditions, which beg the question of how they got there, so making a mere phantasm and not an explanation, the diversification of ideas because of the inadequacy of any of them, the desperate use of concepts not verified in practice to account for theories desired*2,  all these things leave Big Bang ideas in an artificial  limbo from which no first aid ever delivers them. In raising the dead, you really DO need divine assistance, and there is none to be found here. The idea is dead.


While then, C.F. Naff does well at first, in showing the lack of originality of Hawking's claim, even amid his own works, yet basics are omitted. Thus the ludicrous way in which Hawking speaks is not apparently noted. Not only does he talk of 'nothing' but does so, despite its contradictory element as noted above, in a way which is a classic example of question begging.

It is, he is  reported to have said, "Because there are laws such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself out of nothing. It is not necessary to invoke God..."

Of what then are we being told ? In the beginning, there were laws, then, such as gravity. Because of these, the universe, when it is not there, can invoke itself out of nothing.  This is flat contradiction. If nothing is what is there, there are no laws. If there are laws, it is not nothing. Nothing is created after all out of nothing: a prelude in the form of a legal structure which requires mathematical, conceptual, formulation abilities or magic, is there. Causatively, what put it there is there. Non-causatively, you cannot argue, since the grounds of all argument invoke reasons, considerations which are to be valid or not, rational or otherwise. If not, if otherwise, there is nothing against which to argue, and the model which does not do such things, stands in contrast with what thus falls.

If the universe is not there, it cannot as an non-entity either invoke or do anything else. It is assumed as an entity there to do things. What is not there  can do nothing. The prelude in terms of law, it is there too. Much is there. Three aspects precede: the law, the universe (in order to make itself, it could not do this if it were not there), and the causative law so that it can do anything, such as make itself, though of course, already there. We are in Alice in Wonderland territory, rivalling the creative ideas (before they were dumped) of the earlier Paul Davies!

Thus what is there, but unacknowledged, invokes itself, in the presence of laws, to  do things.  One of the things for it to do before it is there, is to make itself so that it now is there, like someone perhaps making up his mind. However the mind is needed in order to be made up. Out of nothing, nothing comes; and out of perverse and irrational talk, nothing good comes!

Although, then, from the language used, it has to be there  already to do the invoking, it is now doubly there. A more mixed and foolish statement it would be very difficult to surpass.

When it comes  to  dismissing your Creator, there is no level of intelligence which is immune to confusion, as we have seen with famous philosophers as in SMR Ch. 3;  and whether you do it in this way or that, making up gods of your own, call them what you will, ultimate powers and so on, inadequate for their ostensible productions, incoherent, involved in linguistic debacles,  the results would be humorous if they were not so devastating for those concerned and for many whom they mislead.

Darwin, invoked by Naff as removing the design 'problem' is ludicrously out of date, out of touch and removed from reality. The dissidence and mutual recriminations as to competence of varying evolutionists leaves it amazing that anyone should be willing to dwell on it, especially in such works as Wonderful Life by Harvard's former stanchion in this, Professor Stephen Jay Gould. This is exposed in all its own hilarity of self-revelation from language, in Wake Up World! ... Chs. 4-6, especially the last; but the three should be read as one. The concept of creation by absenteeism, and intricacy by default is so amazing with such astute dulness, that it registers as one of the best examples of question-begging ever made. 

If in ANYTHING, you want to  GET something, you do not subtract but add. Indeed, you add what has adequate basis in overall competence to get that something. Countless experiments never show the contrary. Intelligence does not come uninvited from nowhere, far less from nothing, nor does that substance-base, matter (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7); but if it did, you would only have to show it happening, in the ABSENCE of  all intelligence.

Gould rightly and rigorously exposed Darwin's follies, even if he tends to grow confused at times,  and who wouldn't when trying to eliminate what makes mind and matter wed with memory to create ideas, which can be wrong and kept BECAUSE wrong, at times, and yet allege this in the very presence of CLAIMED ERROR on the part of others. How COULD error exist*2A if what is has to be, and is proceeding as it must, because of non-mental matters! And if it is not all material, but material itself is merely by MIND so much as known, then the error is the greater. Error has no meaning when a universe of particles and reaction is in view; it goes as it goes. Error cannot be; and yet it is. The model sinks under its own weight. The only error in that case would be in the mind of the one who both talks of error and has a model without it.

Design (cf. Deity and Design ...) remains not only demonstrable, but its alternative becomes just an example of antinomy, contradiction in principle (cf. Section 8). Life from  matter, says Naff, is just about known or shown. Yet nothing could be further from the truth (cf. Deep Deeper  ... Ch. 1, The gods of naturalism have no go! Ch. 3, Sparkling Life ... Ch. 8, History, Review and Overview ... Ch. 5 ). This is factually not only incorrect, but a case of getting 1% in an aeronautical test, for good preparation, and crashing the plane.

But Naff has more to say.  To be sure, consciousness remains a knotty problem, he admits! Small wonder, since it is not just what consciousness IS that matters in this investigation, but what it is conscious OF and with what RESULTS. Any empirical survey has to deal with all areas, and when this is done, it is apparent that consciousness is a plug-in to logic, available when in good order, at will; and it is equipped with scope for  error on purpose or otherwise, since it exhibits a purposive entity, and  lives and falls with apt choices of the same, just as  likewise it provides in this entity, a spirit for survey of the immaterial for which man lives, such as grace or pride, glory or vainglory, peace or war. Another example is  seeking to prove from a model which is alogical, that God is to be dismissed, like some lackey, who has done his day -  (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch.  9, Repent or Perish Ch. 7). Error, purpose, guilt and guile, courage and pretension, cogitation and formulation, imagination and roving, raving and realism are all available, in this thing, consciousness in the case of man, when not drunk or dilapidated.

Hence any effort to account for it in a model which lacks veridical place for validation, an invisible thing, conceptual in character, one which is employing not merely processes of action, but of fallible thought and actuating test of mind, has to fail. It ends with what it omits, with all means for it; for validity is not a matter of particles, but logical coherence and comparison of diverse realms on an invisibly extant logical base in order  to determine an immeasurable and only invisibly relevant datum. That is WHY consciousness, embracing all these things for man,  remains as as of course, a 'knotty problem' ; and it will, with all the rest of the highly diversified creation which faces us, for all such reductionist models, remain so. It is however simply and readily understood as the above references show, on a model which includes the origination which the eventuation requires, at every level, in every kind of cosmos of action. Start with what it takes to end with what you have, and you have no problem.

Reductionism, for its part, and by contrast,  always has these problems,  always tries to remove the facts, and to explain what is not there. Divorcing itself from reality, it tries to depict some of its aspects, like a fly crawling over someone's nose, and declaring that this object is a pointy one, and because obscured in vision from the rest through absorption in its efforts, trying to explain it all by nasal means. That is its nature.

As to the little problem of having all the mentally engineered laws of which Hawking speaks, the conceptual characterisations with which his non-universe burdens itself (whatever that is for his model, a matter beyond rational explanation on his own basis) present and operative before the universe that is not there rouses itself into action as noted earlier (after all, he is supposedly telling us how it came about): what of this ? It  is actually devastating in another way. As to this, Hartnett points out one aspect:  the unmet problem of arrival of stars.

This is of no small interest, and deserves a significant quotation from Lively Lessons in Spiritual Service Ch. 5, as follows (with some revision and addition).

It should be noted that the discussion there relates not least to Harnett's recent work: Starlight, Time and the New Physics

Thus, for the Big Bang model of the functional atheist,  we find certain astronomical objects at certain sites to be  too OLD for that theory, too near the supposed start, just as structures appear too elaborate too soon, too grouped,  in the same way, not fitting the theoretically desired structural impositions in the system thus proposed. Scope for solution of such a problem of course exists in the Hartnett creationist model, with its time dilation relative to the earth. Such topics as these are dealt with in  TMR Ch. 7; and this is merely to mention some of the problems resulting from trying to simplify to the point of the simplistic, and to ignore rational checking and grounds for existence, motion and not mere commotion,  to the point of being scientistic.

In the darkness - rather than the light - of such monistic monoliths to anti-causation (cf. Causes, Predestination and Freewill Section IV, SMR Ch. 5), which use what they deny in logical procedure, and die when exposed to empirical fact, constantly inventing  what Hartnett callls 'fudge factors' such as dark energy and dark matter ad lib (cf. his Starlight, Time and the New Physics and Dismantling the Big Bang), light may be inserted from a scientist. Indeed, it is excellent to find original and creative work being done by those who do not subscribe to such logical vacuities as foundational to their system, while pursuing their scientific researches.

Accordingly, when in any case of the development of information, law, structure, form, formatting, inter-relationship of language or other symbolic devices in a dictionary-specification, impact and result type manufacturing analogy, and this with phase within phase, inter-connections all but innumerable, and cohesion of programming with provisions for action, all in one synthetic whole, it is useless to have matter as it is, or might be, or is thought to have been, and so forth, doing the job. The cosmos of action is not of this kind, and whatever you want to call what does this sort of thing, matter is not it. You COULD call it a mental-conceptual, command-symbol-assigning, complexly-conglomerative-multi-penetration-dynamically-inventive-time disposing-model-of-integral-character,equipped-with-ideational-flow-and-ultimate-unity: type of action. But then, what of the agent who does this ?

He needs to have the facilities for which these functionalities are the appropriate, and not the contradictory, features.

Hence it is never going to be possible to build  up living things, in their fastidious mathematics, the mathematics with its intricately-operationally-brilliant modes of system in the first place, in a material environment with serenely precise specifications for its minding its own business, amid astral things derived from some orderly things imported from nowhere, with torrents of energy arriving from the same nothing which envelops all, so that nothing may come  from it, as logic dies. It is fatuous to use reason while reviling, or conniving in its demise.

Starting with orderly, organised, mathematically empowered entities enshrining operational powers imported from nowhere, just because some other things depart, as if death created life and nothing created what dies, is not really short of antinomy. If this is not mere antilogy, then call it philosophy (cf. Deity and Design ... Section 8); but every canon of logic is mere fodder to its chattering concepts, as if it were uncontrollably clashing its teeth,  in a world where concept and law, more and more amazing, develop before our increasingly knowledgeable eyes as mankind, chews the materialist cud, which is distasteful, sour and coming ultimately from cows that are not there.

There is another path. Thus, for example, Hartnett is with some innovation and considerable success, developing further the concept of a five dimensional field for astronomy, pursuing elements of the work of Einstein and Carmeli. Thus,  space-time, formed by adding the latter to the three-dimensional, to form a composite with its various rules, now has in addition to gravitational curving for complexity and precision of orientation and so operation,  the increment of space-velocity (in some arenas) or replacement of space-time (in others*1), so that this is the element to be noted.

With this, using former work of Carmeli, and others, he is dispensing with the need for dark matter and negative energy, items which he deems fillers or fudge factors, never verified, inventions in massive amounts for materialistic conceptions, which assuming much, now assume more. In fact, in the end it is all assumption, since the moment you depart,  as Paul Davies did, from nothing as the prevenient thing (though that of course is in itself a self-contradiction, and hence the change of that scholar on this point was a wise departure, to that extent), you merely import from nowhere (which of course, itself, is not by definition, there at all), what you want, as fillers for ideas, which given existence in this or that form and format, continue to evolve, dipping into the grab bag of innovation and marvel (one with no bottom and base, no cause and no meaning) for arisings to follow in the best, abhorrently condemned modes of school-boy non-science.

The scramble-gamble of evolutionism is continually trying to find NON-OBSERVABLE naturalistic basis for things imagined in the past; and this is neither science nor logic of any kind. If you are trapped, in defiance of causation (cf. Causes) in the present as the lesson-task-master for the past, it is like someone with a sports care, insisting on restricting the very field of enquiry of its origin, to what the thing now does, in trying to account for it, evidently moved by some obsessive overshoot of logic. Then, however, even if so circumscribed by erratic assumption, it would be at least some relaxation of the anti-scientific restriction of fields of enquiry, if you did at least follow what  you FIND in your circumscribed field of imagination.

Failing on both counts makes this kind of approach farcical to the point that it is not possible to take it seriously, its logic contradicting the basis of logic, except to the extent one might try to rescue some from its mortal fibrillations and endlessly groping failures, in pursuing results of imports of much from nowhere. Some of these failures, Hartnett outlines in Dismantling the Big Bang.

Let us however return to what is at least concerned to be precisely in conformity with existing data and causal conception, and we find first the Einsteinian mathematics involving both simplicity and profundity, and then this Carmeli conception thrust, with its use of much of Einstein as a sub-set. As it is developed, it faces theoretically what practically is the whole phase of the observations in the empirical universe, sought out as far as may be, a spatial totality and time-co-ordinating system,  inundated with  conceptual manipulation, ideational coherence and operations in what could almost, justly be called a 'mathematical universe.' That of course is merely the structural side; but that is our present topic.

Hartnett extends the applications and applies the extension to solve the dark matter and 'dark', negatively pushing energy,  and cosmological constant  fudges - that is, assumptions without evidence, conceived because the procedures do not work without them! Whereas the Big Bang requires a negative pressure  to keep the galaxies apart, a thing imagined, Carmeli, we learn, uses merely the normal pulling gravity, a non-exotic and known element in the affair. Types of things unfound, ad hoc importations for a failed theory, are not needed. What IS known is used instead, to meet other knowns, such as observational data!

While these more observation-based and tested theories are useful for observing how the logical flaw manifests itself in the application of the ideas of something-from-nothing (in quality, quantity, logic or any of the cosmoi *2),  in the entirety of what the universe manifests and displays, yet it is well as noted re Humphreys, not too quickly to assume the absence of the direct action of the Creator, when tracing out the results of this or that construction-on-the-way.

It is ALWAYS in ALL creation, the option of the creative artist or writer or dramatist to make introductions into the productions, themselves the direct results of the will and power and INTENTION, of the maker. In some cases, it is imperative NOT to incorporate the modes of entry or removal into the visible result, this being the object of the imagination-into-reality parade; while in others it is important that one does so. It depends on the CONCEPTION, to be created, the IMPACT and the purpose of the impact. Nevertheless, the progress in application and resolution through such theories as creationists are developing - answering and meeting serially the categorical problems of the naturalists, already guaranteed unsolvable because they reject prevenient, correlatively causal necessity - is useful.

It is rather like the case where one smells an horrific odour. It is apparent then that something is vastly out of order. As one traces the interstices of the exploding factory, or other cause, one finds more and more rational grounds for the appalling result, and eventually solves it. This however does not come through excluding in advance, any purposive action, or insisting on spontaneous combustion.

As in any competently conceived, coherent and unitary construction, when you check it, test it, understand it, you see the concept-method-means-coherence combinations in both the realms of the practical and the theoretical, perhaps even discerning the modes of transition from the one to the other. Where the powers involved are categorically beyond you, then interviewing those responsible is apt. Testing what they say is then scientific. It is not scientific to exclude them, and the results of relevant interviews, duly tested in their claims, are not scientifically excluded but included. It IS scientific to consider the consequences of their assertions, the coherence of evidence with these, and with the nature and direction of the purpose. A match is decisive. A resolution of problems has the same effect. Both together leave what a priori excludes the fit, the equivalent of  a lock-out, worked against rationality, managing superbly oblivious,  in contrary assumptions that do not work.

In fact, as to these concoctions, coherences, concept-performance combinations as discernible in finding and applying rigorously precise laws, they involve highly specialised combinations of correlatives, both logical and operational. These practical realities are not merely the opposite of chance (a term applicable to a given system in its own interstices, by itself, relative to the absence of interfering purpose), but within the cosmos of conception-construction.

The mathematics of the construction met by the mind of man, in the world outside,  and that in the mind of man, cohering like brothers, there is a vast land of opportunity to discover with what made the mind of man logical, the logic in the field of enquiry, namely the universe; for the one fits into the other, like a high-grade and specialised spanner, thrust in the right manner and place, into a most neatly contrived, specialist car.

They are, quite simply, functional correlatives, and the base is logic, together with the empirical discoveries of principle, innovation, data formatting and information to BE formatted, set in a domain of conceptual contriving power and creative intelligence, information deposition, maintenance and application and the substances necessary for the commands given, to be performed. These are all delivering the composites for the operation of the creations themselves (like cars running BECAUSE made for running),  in time and on time, with facilitators, like enzymes for proteins, in place, as the ground-plans in the DNA order it about and the mini-motors also  specified, located and made operative in the apt manner, help to build them.

It is a field of operation with the unique criteria of the overarching, logical constraint summoning derivatives into existence through what the Bible calls the LOGOS, the cause, order, word, the instituting, effectuating, conceiving, controlling Creator.,Moving into the field from the eternity of Godhead, this Logos, the Lord, provides the induction of matter and the transience of matter to be formatted as a format for mind and the whole as a receptacle for the spirit of man, who tries to operate all according to his own will, or the will of God who made him.

These, then,  are the operational cosmoi, the conceptual cosmoi, the command cosmoi, the integrative cosmoi of dynamic reality. They are not something else. It is utterly vain to try to find vocabulary for items which have a specific, specialised entity-action observability, which does not connote what is denoted.

In man, it has almost always to appear,  this yearning within him for explanation, correlation, rationality, systematisation; for in him is the system in operative though derived form, of what runs in the universe and the two like twins, like being together, as the match is productive of understanding and functional facility for man, and the Maker, having imparter, moves to impart still further, from origination to maintenance, from this to introduction and communication, and from this to the creative solution to the self-induced plight of man.

Logic and its constraints, the empirical and its constructions, the laws and their elucidative operations, in man and in his field of observation, they match as do what is created by the same originative LOGOS which makes of logic a servant, its instruments caused, its constructions contained, the imagination back of it implemented.

This creative imagination in man,  in logical constraint for meaning and facility, indeed utility itself,  is something to which matter is neither heir nor subject. It is an impacted butt for impartation, not a subject for consideration. It acts. Mans seeks. 

That yearning and aspiration in man,  in turn, is a resultant of the correlativity objectively discernible in the mind of man and its modes, as a creative force, and found  in the productions of what made Him, as a mode of action. What is in man in his derived mind-spirit capacities appears in the rest of the creation as environmental ground for discovery. (Human) MIND as made by (instituting) mind thus investigates MATTER as made by (instituting) MIND, and finds for its own mental operations that it can be very mindful of the matter, since its internal and subjective parameters and powers virtually mirror  the rationality in the modes inherent for such work.

It is on display in creation, and its laws. It is found,  the structural gift of the internal operational dynamic in man which issues, when rightly applied, in mini-creations of his own, always subject to whatever constraints of law and logic have been made operative in the systems to which he looks, in observing the universe outside, and himself, in the inner domain. .

Theories, then, which take account of this, and move where the total presentation of the model takes account of all these things, have enormous facility not only because they meet the areas of observation by description, but because the LOGOS being the basis, they can progressively find verification, for what logic in causative power made, logic searches out, as well it may, since man is statedly in the Bible, in the image of God. This correlation is verification.

This is quite the opposite where such is ignored or disdained. Trouble arises as if a terrorist militant, n the information-science surge, with its laws, as in the astronomical impasses reached by the materialists, apparent long before they are applied in unworkable theories, where, quite simply, in this way or that, at this level or the other, what is missing in the causal efflux, is ASSUMED. Since this becomes constitutionally, a illogical question-begging, an exclusion of cause and an inclusion of result at will, as the work of caprice proceeds, it exists operationally as a smuggling operation, bringing in the powers of the Creator without acknowledgement (cf.  SMR pp. 422Eff.). How ludicrous this can become, is illustrated well by Hartnett (Dismantling the Big Bang) when he notes that two of the outstanding minds in their fields in ancient Universities have clearly failed fundamentally to meet the requirements in their alleged cover!

Thus on p. 59, we read that "a few sentences after Professor Hawkings claimed that his  big-bang theory had explained all the evidence, that scholar admitted that among a few remaining unanswered questions was the origin of stars and galaxies." In other words, to explain the universe, you engage in an operation which leaves out most of its macro-structure! He notes how Professor Carl Sagan of Cornell University, says of Hawking's book, that this leaves the Creator nothing to do.

He could have said, then, rather that all that was left to do in the universe, on this model, was for God to make the stars and galaxies. It seems rather like saying that you have now explained how a car makes itself, with all its mathematical parameters, with no mathematics required. You assume it done, and then note it needs not doing. Causatively this is catastrophic, a mortal wopund! (cf. Causes and SMR Ch. 5).

Inventing a non-universe with the question-begging prelude of grand, operative laws (HENCE floating around in a nothing, in a non-universe, but since laws are mental-conceptual-operational notations, they do not float, except perhaps in some minds ...), and then having what is not there arouse itself (that is, the universe-to-be), in order to have what is not verified from such a model, with its various fudges, come to exist, in a sort of schizophrenic doubling,  so as to possess all the obfuscations to which Hartnett refers, not to mention the large barrages of galaxies impudently appearing where, on this model, they ought not, near the early phases, and the structured regionalisation of space to which Hartnett also refers: it is for dreams, where it might secure some comfort because of its irrationality. In real life however, dreams are not enough. Things have to be operational, and so does the logic back of them.

Such fascinating collations of contradictory concepts leaves anything further in the manner of unverified assumptions, as of psychological rather than physical interest (cf.  Dig Deeper ... Ch. 1, and TMR, Ch. 7,  *3, in The Antics of Dating).








Make no mistake. The term ínexplicable refers to what the materialist, equipped with his deicidal model does not know how to handle. For the biblical perspective,  all is not only explicable, but this so readily, so deeply, with such a qualitative accuracy to the data involved, that it is uplifting, delightful, intellectually a treat, spiritually a serenity, morally a reward, ethically a joy and metaphysically a smile in words.

Some take a long while, however, to find it.

Naff refers to those who need to shore up their faith, but leaves himself in that very category as he makes absurd claims based on nothing, starting either with nothing or question-begging assumptions. Instead of there being any truth in his concept for the godly with the Bible in hand and in mind: the case is exactly the opposite. It is those who feel the need to shore up their faith in themselves or any other part or indeed the whole of the thing they call 'nature' who are left orphans on the door-step of truth. They refuse to knock.

It is, then, with mysteries in nature that these spiritual refusniks stand, sit or are left on an ever-expanding plain of the unexplained, so that the opposite description is true for them to that implied. They explain no major category,  talk about peripheries, perimeters, but do not even enter the hallway of reality. It is all words without laboratory demonstration,  claims without paleontological confirmation as Darwin rightly realised, logical gaffes with scarcely room for excuse, expectations always new,  never  realised. It is as if such take a rest  from science, as well as  logical rigour, to relax after a sad laboratory/empirical investigatory session. Its findings to the point, are null.

There are plenty of words; it is deeds that lack.

What then concerning the universe, in which is to be found man, his mind, his thoughts, plans, ideals, ideas, notions, commotions, with all the rest. What of all of this ?

Nothing has been explained as to its  logical necessities and empirical confirmation,  far less its necessary logical validations, either in astronomy, or biological commencement, or in consciousness, in origination either of matter  or of mind or of their correlative properties,  far less why the visible is so adorned with garlands when it is a mere fact that man in general works for aims perfectly invisible,  conceptual, ideal, principial, and  would in general gladly expend the material to get them done. You are invited to see the references here.

The loss of basic ground logic, with its resultants, the empirical, its confirmations,  the correlation of matter  and mind, the well-based arrival of spirit with its roving powers both of assimilation and creation,  together with the background of logic plus imagination, entirely free in its flitting from the fixtures of matter, capable of madness and brilliance, coherence and  dissociation from reality as is the case here, with Hawking and Naff:  all this is the sad and  cemeterial case for this arrant reductionism. No single base feature in mind,  spirit, matter, consciousness, concept,  law, biological commencement, is even  approached. Only fudges and contradictions, failures and words remain.

Meanwhile, the programmatic brilliance of conceptual command exhibited in DNA, and the constantly creative exhibition of creation features which stir man's mind to marvel and to  copy, merely confirm the FACT that what made the universe leaves our minds for dead in all matters competitive; but very enlivened when in concert.  The capacity of this illimitable Lord over creation as shown in His works, in terms of comparison with our own, as Denton*4 is so careful to show, leaves us so far behind that it is a marvel and a wonder. It is in the same field, that the works in creative enterprise are comparable in disposition, imposition, direction, conceptual correlation over vast schematic arenas; but ours  are  far less. We have the type, we ARE part of the  prototype. We have been typed in the kindness of the Creator into a kind which is neither God nor mere vassal, servitor or prisoner of program: for it is susceptible to rebellion, admiration,  wonder and awe, worship, friendship and works of wonder by the power and presence of the same Creator, through the level of freedom forged. Many are the bodies made free through discipline, delightful through order, pleasant by command, working with liberty in their domains, provided they do not lose their heads or hearts, and go tumbling downhill, as mankind has done.

Unfortunately, in view of his vagrancies, there is the clear perception of a vast gulf in man between good and bad, murder and sacrifice, patient doing of conscious and virtuous toil and armed seizures, between honesty and truth and shoulder-shrugging mapping of what is not there and omission of what is, in endless seeming philosophies of nullity.  Often mankind is found proud of his naying and neighing productions, dismal dealings with the rational and spiritual powers given, in divorce settings to the moral ones, to thankfulness, to acknowledgement, assuming testily a veracity with the slaughter of all relationship to deity within, leaving him an orphan, who then complains of the orphanage of his own making.

Leaving the cause of the glory, made contemptible in contemptuous conceits, complaining of the suffering which must follow through vast misuse of vast powers of precision and articulation, reason and imagination man loves to proceed with what is left,  stolen in mind and heart from its Maker. Taking it as if uncaused but with ever-beckoning, ever rebuked consequence,  he fights within his own kind, with maximum unkindness, part of the fruits of his divorce. Where peace is staggering even within his own body where not ruined, war is apparent in its thrust that he must take or have or force this or that, for himself.  What of his universe ? It is to arrive post-paid from nowhere, for no reason, in order that it might abort all reason, so that man may reason concerning it as he seeks possession, while continually finding how susceptible to reason is the entire working of that same universe, once you stop trying to make your creation in your own reduction-model image.

For this reason, we call this spiritual philandering sin; you can call it error plus folly if you like: but there are as in all things, results. One is that life, no less sensitive in spirit to what it is in body, no less well-groomed in its myriad facets, meets its Waterloo. The life of this human race, when divorced from its Maker or given to some imaginary one, has been Napoleonising too long! Now it aches with wars festering like endless boils and sores upon its national and international body.

In the start of this rebellion of spirit from the obvious (as in fact and in Romans 1:17ff.), when it tilted at God's probity and power (trying to get on a level, an impossible absurdity for time-made things), it has become the scandal of creation. It has brought curse on the creation, through the painstaking imprint of hostility to holiness, defiance to reason, deafness to invitation to reason together again, and find the way even for such defalcation as has been the lot of this entire race. Man's lovingly gifted power to love and know truth and check it out faithfully, has been turned to specious unreason, ludicrous racial ambition (the ultimate folly in racism, human racism), and rampant murders, of reputations, of reality, of other people, the last now  mounting to millions in short order, over the last century.

Not bad design but mockery (as in Psalm 2) of self-elevating sin, love of foolish non-meek sinners in their hideous programs, from those of Assyria and Babylon, to Rome and militant Islam*5, of Romanism's Inquisition*6 to imperial  clashes, with provision of lessons for the untouchable in spirit, wrought fiercely against those who love the self-revealing Lord*7, this is what has come. The mosquito, the locust, the mouse, what exquisite designs they have, for a curse*8,  to help either rebuke or move towards cure for the cussedness that the race seems to wish to promote, in this way and religion, or God-smuggling irreligion, or that.

What humour is in the large Arctic walrus with its grotesque grossness, a fitting parody of man in his aggregating bulkiness and insensitivity of heart, put in material form, as in a Punch and Judy show!



how exquisite is the fast flight of the bird, the marvel of its ultra-speed pulsations of wing,
its multi-disciplinary equipment to guide it  back over thousands of miles,
sometimes to the same house, 


how wonderful is creation,


how missing are the failed creations, thrown into the non-found rubbish tin of trial and error,


how sophisticated to a marvel past man, is the simplest cell,
where constantly MORE and MORE is found,
by the successors of the know-all brigade who thought they had it a century or so ago!

That one verified, validated*3,  empirically sound, rationally coherent, logically demonstrated site for the word of God, the Bible as to written form, and its Christ, Jesus Christ as to living form, how simply it resolves these 'problems',  for when one is made willing to learn (as seen an option in Proverbs 1), then the perspective opens up all territories in principle and makes life comprehensible at last. 



DNA and space, the bodily intimate and the spatially ultimate, both are heavily structured with law and with forms,  and vast is their organisation, to keep things in place, in operation, with power, resource and mutual provenance; for each envelops, and is enveloped, space by its containment principles and astonishingly mathematical laws,  and man by his. In each case, disaster is readily available, and magnificently distanced; though with both, the fall of man has brought the curse, for the whole creation is subjected to it (Romans 8:17-21), even to corruption, decay, divestment. The Second Law of Thermodynamics merely echoes this, being based on empirical observation.

Mercy has kept the distance from dissolution to this point, but it will  duly come (II Peter 3, I Corinthians 15), where provision is not made in the redemption God brought to man in Jesus Christ, His express and only incarnation (Hebrews 1), for God does not live many lives, like some psychic research object, but lives one, that of the Eternal. He is not a dilatory, vaguely wandering about in words and ideas, like some old and dimmed relic among men; and why the Creator should  ever be seen as other than vastly  more brilliant, original, and  all powerful is one of the mysteries of decadence. Products of His perception and plan are way below the Planner.

Just as the Lord God has made, then, both the intimate and the spatially ultimate, so structured, so ingenious, and as  always, ABLE TO WORK and get the job done, even in rebellious mode, as shown in our civilisations: so has He given His words to man. As to man's form and structure, he needs it, and the DNA gives construction orders; as to the words of God, man needs to heed them, as God gives reconstruction orders (Titus 3:5-8). The defeats of human life are due to defalcation, deprivation, scurrying from God, hurrying from Him,  flurrying into fashions of philosophy, stepping into distancing religions, and not heeding Him who is the only true holiness, eternal, unpolluted, intrinsic and utterly pure. When at peace through His authorised provision, the Bible as to word and Jesus Christ as to worker, the Lord: then man finds peace past  all understanding, springing up as it ought, from where Deity lives (cf. John 4:14, 7:37).

That is the correlation in view and that is the provision. Its rupture by neglect scarcely creates rapture, but rather the sorrows and sufferings of this world which can hardly advance on its devastations of personality, grace, potential and environment, inner and outer: both! Yet heedless, mankind in multitudes both suffers and complains. That, however, does nothing to remove the entire glory of the provision as first made. The wonder is this, that the remedy is still available, for the redemption though of course in one divinely chosen channel (Acts 4:11-12), continues to that day when the Age of  Grace is over (Acts 17:31), when the One chosen to save, becomes the One chosen to judge: and who better, who Himself became man! (Hebrews 2).

God has created with logic, constructed man both with conscience and consciousness*9; but it is by His word which having declared the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1), declares to man both his need and His solution.

In other words, when God in Hebrews 11 declares:

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.

"By faith we understand that the world were framed by the word of God,
so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible"  -

He knew, as always, just what He was saying!

AS He expressed, so does verification and validation attest.

When again, He declared in John 1:1 (The Bright Light ... Ch.  10),

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God,
He was in the beginning with God.

"All things were made through Him,  and without Him nothing was made that was made.
In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.
And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it,"

He spoke the truth. There is as shown and attested, but one God, but one language in the DNA of all living things, but one verified and attested Book, Manual of Majesty given to man from God*3. Other gods may seek a place, but are left in a profundity of disgrace so total that the are subjects of divine irony, as when God declares this: "Thus you will tell them: The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens," (Jeremiah 10:11). Again His scorn for them is seen in Psalm 82:6, where they are presented one and all, nostrums, nothings. He has declared Himself in one Book, in one Person attested by the prophets for millenia, as one, so that to Him and through Him are all things (Romans 11:36).

On all sides He is attested, from Him many are invested with eternal life, a fit and privileged possession from a grace so profound that it stirs an awe that reaches towards infinity; but in the hearts of many, He is virtually or actually detested. Such is man. Such is the world, and its ruler, said Christ, has no part in Him (John 14:30). So it is, and as He spoke, so has He shown His hand. Indeed, the glory of God has been shown in the face of Christ Jesus, not as a clay special, but as the expression of the One sent from heaven, cradled in the womb, with a breach birth from the tomb, full of grace and truth (John 1; Matthew 1-2; I Corinthians 15:54-58, Revelation 1:5, Acts 13:33).

Again when He exhibited His Son, who is both the wisdom and the power of God, Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 1:31, Proverbs 8), in a figure, declaring

"I find out knowledge by witty inventions" (Proverbs 8:12),

this the very understanding in action, of God,

or as in the Berkeley Version puts it,

"I find out knowledge through deliberating"

or as Keil renders it,

"the knowledge of right counsels is attainable by me" -

He tells the literal fact.

There is no other attested, His word is incandescently invested in the earth, promulgated for millenia; and it is He who has done it.

The more the cell, as seen above, and the DNA are considered, protein folding alone, a staggeringly fast and deft manoeuvre of awesome brilliance! and the more the glorious finesse and artistry of mathematical engineering is exposed in the commands silently to construct our very bodies, the wittier indeed and the better discovered are the contrivances and creations of magnificent wisdom that abound in the life He made, the more this is attested. Numb the soul that insists on the anaesthesia of amnesia, and forgets the realities before us, in terms of having something far more versatile and programmed than our own constructions can make, in their very existence, something far deeper in detail, far wider in scope, far more allied with powers and properties of various kinds and marked unitary capacity. Ignoring the cause,  so they are denying God.

Before the first cell, He was there, and needed to be, if anything so astoundingly complex in its subtle extravaganzas of commands, equipment and cohesive constraints, would  ever be found. Can matter command ? code ? Show it doing so. Let it invent life, and show for all to see that God in making matter made it equipped to make the rest, if you can! Make a new world of matter,  for that matter, and instead of an idle chatter about interactions within what is made, DO the making!

It is the prerogative of God; and with this, He makes the minds and the spirits which think up strategies to get rid of Him, for without such freedom, there would never have been people, persons to love and be loved, wisdom to be gained and insights to be discovered, the thrill of life surpassing mere performance, fit for robots. Let it all be done and wonder! Such gods are these  who mount their attacks on the Almighty; but they merely add to the graves of those already interred in their vain interests. Alas it is so! and it is a grief to be borne: but better far is it to listen to God and find His grace, and occupy a place in His kingdom.

Indeed, how tragic is that blindness which closes the eye even to His witty invention of salvation, which is so not the less because it is a work of love, devotion and dutifulness with grace! Clinically, it is expressed by Christ. Thus He challenged His own generation (Matthew 13:14-16), declaring:

"And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which says,

By hearing you will hear, and will not understand; and seeing you will see,
and will not perceive:

For this people’s heart has become gross, and their ears are dull of hearing,
and their eyes they have closed;
lest at any time they should see with their eyes,
and hear with their ears,
and should understand with their heart,
and should be converted, and I should heal them. 

"But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear."

When accordingly, He states that He "SO loved the world" that He gave "His only begotten Son", sent Him not to judge this world, but that it might be saved (John 3:16-17),  He spoke as He is, the truth. He would have all (Colossians 1:19ff.), foreknew His own (Ephesians 1:4), and ensured that not one was lost (John 13:1, Romans 8:30).

It is indeed love that makes the world go round, and it is His;

but outside Him it goes in groans

bullet without oil, with gashes unbound,
bullet with hatreds without healing,
bullet without holiness
bullet without which no man will see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14)

POSSESS then, your possessions, possess these proclamations of His, receive Him who makes them. Why endure the wrath of God (John 3:34), reserved for those who would rather die with their sins (John 8:24), than surrender to Him (Luke 14:27ff.) who made them, and  was made a mess Isaiah 52:13-53:12,Luke 23), that in justice He might  void judgment for those who in faith receive Him, the true and only God, in His salvation!







On rationality, rationalism, verification, validation see:

a) at length - Bright Light Ch. 7

b) In short overview, It Bubbles... Ch. 9, *1A.

For dissertation on apologetic method: see What is the Chaff to the Wheat! Chs.   3 and   4.



Thus we find from Models and Marvels, Ch. 7 in TMR, the following materials.

A) Creation magazine, Sept.-Nov. 1996, pp. 26ff. notes that in addition to the discovery of the Great Wall of massive galactic formations, in areas which astronomers theoretically consider likely to be near the beginning of our universe's formation, and contrary to the Big Bang distribution scenario, there is now aggravation in the form of more of the same. More powerful telescopic work has enabled preliminary analysis to suggest many "structures the size and shape of the Great Wall, but dozens of times farther away" (Science, Vol. 272, June 14, 1996, p. 1590).

Indeed, Arizona University astronomer, William Tifft, having long claimed that "red shifts" , normally supposed to measure the distance of galaxies, fall into distinct packets or quanta. Creation notes that Oxford's Bill Napier and Bruce Guthrie (Edinburgh), after studying 200 galaxies, claim Tifft's basic thrust is right. "Explosions" with measured steps for particles (here galaxies) are too rich even for cow's milk. Order is inextricable! Actually, the Big Bang follies were part of the delusive apparatus of the thought of Descartes, though he had a more orthodox base for the bang.

Such things are always peripheral to the realities, mere paint over the wood-work, which fails to realise that the wood came from trees. Differently expressed, random expulsive forces are merely useful in populating universes, not creating them; for dispersing realities, not making them; and whatever "forces" create acceleration, need transcendent order to create the laws and structure of what, being originated, is accelerated. The concept borders on the childish, being a simplistic piece of reductionism that has not even a generic genesis, but as it were, a moving van for furniture which it does not bother to have crafted.



On pp. 46ff. of the same issue of Creation, we find that exploding stars producing supernovas are covered in a mathematical discipline which expects a certain number of them to be formed, and visible in our universe, in certain times: that is, there is a projected RATE for supernovas to form. Categorising the 3 stages whereby exploding stars form supernovas, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, in vast expansions, there is a NUMBER for each PHASE or stage, to be expected.

For the big bang type of cosmogony, the number expected visible at the 3rd stage is 5000, the number visible is zero. For the thousands-of-years old creation, the number expected is zero, and the number found is zero, one more scientific verification of what on other grounds is often dramatically attested. For the 2nd stage, the projected number is 2260 for big bang type time, and 125 for the short age creation, set here at 7000 years. The actual number found: 200. The customary Biblical verification occurs, in terms of this observational criterion.

TIME is certainly on the side of the angels; and it is of interest, further, as shown elsewhere, that Biblical genealogies often focus merely major parties. Comparisons of genealogies in the Bible, presented for different specific purposes, show that 'son of' can cover several generations, signifying often simply a descendant worthy of note in the degree of detail accorded to the genealogy in question. Biblical dates for biological life on earth fit perfectly with a date range from 7000 to 12000, or of a similar order, without the slightest question in terms of the actual data... If the earth is older, no evidence in the Bible declares this. (Cf. SMR pp. 169-179, S1-S34, 422E ff..)

The singular, sovereign, staccato dispersal of power, in creation matching the overpowering wonder of the Creator, is what is recorded, and as shown in these passages and similar ones, "DAY" does not mean DAZE, but is repetitively specified after light comes, evening and morning, with a literal force verging on the science note book kind of fact-event notation; "KIND" is the eventive outcome to continue, and historic reality is the scene to which this scenario imposingly comes.

In this way, the various testable source do not collide, but coalesce.

See also Dig Deeper ... Ch.   1



See Dig Deeper ... Ch.   1.



Error is the difference between purpose and  attainment. If the purpose is merely one of hope, or conditional on anything, then of course the failure is not so much error,  as baulking, or aborting. In that case, it may be a case of loss by the will of  that sought, to its own detriment. However, when error is in  fact present, then fixed purpose is unfulfilled.

Without the fixed and settled purpose, there can be no error. It is then just a happening. Since error is pronounced against those who refuse materialist reductionism, then the model of the latter is breached. As noted earlier, if you contradict yourself, no one else need do so!

This is merely one of the many elements of man's equipment and nature which concentration on one aspect forces consistent philosophers based on matter for some  reason or other, to breach, ignore and cancel. However, blindness does not because it cannot cancel; except that is, in one thing, that it cancels the happiness and holiness of truth, and brings the exponent of this particular error, the materialist, the determinist, into collision with reality, a thing which can only bruise, and in the end, become the funeral of hope. It is not however for man so mistreated that the hope dies, but for the one who so mistreats these realities and baulking, is blocked from the destiny apt for man.


It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Repent or  Perish Ch. 7,

Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 2 and Indexes on materialism, determinism.


On the scope of man, see for example:

Christ Incomparable Ch.  3, A Spiritual Potpourri  16, SMR 348ff.,

Generation of the Dispossessed pp. 279ff.,

Divine Agenda Ch.  6, News  152,

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News  98, News 125, News 126,

Little Things    5, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, News 19.



On this,  see

Deity and Design..., 


and such others of the works on this site as to be found in Search, as for example, that below.

It is provided in some detail,  ready for the purpose.




Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God

A Pair  of Volumes: Opus 128 and 129, of some 2.3 million words





Bible or  Blight

ISBN 09775556  7 4



Chapter 1

Matters of Scale and Proportion,

Comprehension and Comprehensiveness



Chapter 2

Preliminary Personal Perspective

for You, for Me and for All

Matters of Being Based before 'Progress', Founded to  Avoid Foundering




The Divine Nature of God, His Self-Verifying Word and Its  Gospel

Preliminary Personal Perspective

for You, for Me and for All


Matters of Being Based before 'Progress', Founded to  Avoid Foundering

Chapter 3    Christ Incomparable ... Ch.  3;

Chapter 4    The Magnificence of the Messiah;

Chapter 5    Christ, the Wisdom and the Power of God Ch. 8;

 Chapter  6    TMR Chs. 1 and 6-7; SMR; Swift Witness   6;

Chapter  7     It Bubbles ... Ch. 9,

Chapter  8    Barbs  6  - 7, Worn-Out World and Coming King  Ch. 3

Chapter  9     Sparkling Life ...  Ch. 4


Matters of being Graced into what is Based
and Enhanced in what is Actual

The Biblical Gospel

Chapter 10  TMR Ch. 3, SMR pp. 582-601, 570ff. - its nature, scope and impact

Chapter 11   On  Stand-By   - diversification by diversions



The Power of Blindness and the Binding of Design:

both Physical and Spiritual


A)  Blindness at the Threshold of the Physical Realm:

Chapter  12     SMR Chs. 1, 2, 3, 5, 10,

Chapter 13     Christ's Ineffable Peace... Ch. 5,

Chapter  14     Dig ... Chs.    1 -    2, No Thanks for Angst ... Ch. 5

Chapter   15    Gratitude ... Chs.   4,   8;

Chapter  16     News  68

Chapter  17     Earth Spasm ... Ch. 7, Organ of Sight

Chapter  18     The Defining Drama   Ch. 3


B) The Assault Forces of Spiritual Blindness, used to slay in body or spirit,
using the name of God to advance the devices of man, wittingly or witlessly.

Confusion in terminology, theology and political ideology.

Chapter 19     The Biblical Workman Appendix 3,

Chapter 20    Dancers ...  and Answers Ch.     3,

Chapter 21     Lord of Life Chs.   3,  8,  9,

Chapter 22     Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch. 14,

Chapter 23     News 121, 122, 126

Chapter 24     Aviary of Idolatry, Highway to Hell.




Myths Scarcely worthy, even of Thought:
Thoughtless and Ready for the  Abyss
Scientistic Preachments in the Dog-house of Naturalism


Chapter  25     History, Review and Overview Ch. 4, Ch. 5,

Chapter  26     Wake Up World! ... Chs. 4, 5, Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamics Ch. 4

Chapter  27    Earth Spasm ... Ch. 1, Beauty for Ashes Ch. 3

Chapter  28     Secular Myths ... Ch. 7

Chapter  29     Swift Witness 6

Chapter 30     Dayspring 



The Place of Man

As in Part III, Ch. 3:    Christ Incomparable...  Ch.  3;

Chapter 31     News 19,

Chapter  32     A Spiritual Potpourri  Ch. 12

Chapter  33     Little Things  Ch. 5

Chapter  34     History, Review and Overview   Ch. 1

Chapter  35     Dizzy Dashes, Heady Clashes ... Ch. 6

Chapter  36     Beyond the Crypt ... Ch. 6

Chapter  37    Overflight ... Ch.   2

Chapter  38     SMR pp. 611-631B., 479-532ff.





Apologetics and Theology


A   Method  and Payload

Chapter  39     What is the Wheat to the Chaff ?   3 and  Ch. 4,

Chapter  40     The Bright Light and the Uncomprehending Darkness Ch.    7,

Chapter  41     Barbs  6  - 7, SMR Ch. 5,

Chapter  42     It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Endnote 1A, Swift Witness  6

Chapter  43     Christ Incomparable, Lord Indomitable Ch. 5

Chapter  44     SMR Ch. 9, Calibrating Myths ... Ch. 6

Chapter  45     Answers to Questions Ch. 8

Chapter  46    Three Anzas, One Answer  Ch. 6


B   Pain, Suffering,  Evil

Chapter  47     Pain, Suffering, Evil,   The  Grating Grandeur ... Ch.    4,

Chapter  48     News 74, 84, 125

Chapter  49     The Christian Pilgrimage Ch.    9




Christ or Confusion

ISBN 09775556 8-2




As in VI, Ch.  35  above:  Dizzy Dashes, Heady Clashes ... Ch. 6

Chapter  50     Predestination and Freewill Sections   1 and   4, 4B


A) Metaphysics outside futile machination, rumination and ruin

Chapter  51     Swift Witness  6, Youth  4

Chapter  52     Repent or Perish  7, Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamics Ch. 4

Chapter  53     TMR   5 - 6

Chapter  54     SMR 1, 3, 10

Chapter  55     Dancers, Prancers ... Ch. 5

Chapter  56     Stepping Out for Christ Ch.  10,

Chapter  57     News  80, News 122

Chapter  58     Ancient Words ... Ch. 9   13

Chapter  59     History, Review and Overview Ch. 4Calibrating Myths ... Ch. 6


B) Epistemology Liberated

Chapter  60     Lead us Not into Educational Temptation Ch. 2, Ch. 4,
                          SMR pp. 422Eff., Ch. 3, Ch. 5 (removal of escape routes, inspection of
                           verification channels, correlation of positive and negative findings,
                           the spectacular uniqueness of truth, and its logical inevitability)

As in Part III, Ch. 8 above:  Barbs...   6  - 7

Chapter  61     TMR Ch. 5,  It Bubbles ... Ch.    9, esp. *1ABarbs ...  29

As in Part VII, Ch. 42: Christ Incomparable ... Ch.  5

Chapter  62     News 122 (meaning of self, logic, life, imaginary putations),
Secular Myths ...
Ch. 3, News 100

Chapter  63     Ancient Words ... Ch. 4, Repent or Perish Ch. 5

See also J) below.


C) Aesthetics Established

Chapter  64     Question and Answer  5 , SMR Ch. 5, pp. 431ff.; 

Chapter 65     News 119 

Chapter  66     Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Chs.  6,  7
(including metaphysics and meaning of beauty)

Chapter 67     Beauty for Ashes Chs.     2 5,    7



D) Ethics Objectified

Chapter  68     Beauty of Holiness  Ch.  1,

Chapter  69     News 19

Chapter  70     SMR Ch. 4 Sections A and B, pp. 582ff.


E) Determinism Deleted,  Historicism Decomposed,
Callow Crazes and Artless Mazes Overcome,
 Language and History: the word and the event, seen in synthesis from God

As in Ch. 51 above: Repent or Perish Ch.   7

Chapter  71     Christ Incomparable ... Ch.  3

                           Spiritual Refreshings Ch.  9, incl. End-note 1                           

Chapter  72     It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Little Things Ch. 5, SMR pp. 22 - 35


Chapter  73     News 87 (actual control of history and major meaning phases in it);
News 122; Secular Myths ... Ch. 3

The Biblical Workman Ch. 7, Journey to God
Ch.    2; 
SMR 422Qff., 623-631A
(The distinctive correlates of words, works and causes: logic has no pause for diffusive thought - it operates, and history is not lost in itself, but governed by what accounts for it, and attests Himself - see also Chs. 75, 76, 78 below);

Chapter  74     News 45, 125 , Walking in the Light ... Ch. 6   (point of history);

As in Ch. 42 above:  Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 5
(and the sharpness of the point when it is missed);

Chapter  75     IMMFAITH  6 (spiritual attempts at control) cf. Learning  from John the Baptist II and SMR pp. 912ff., 950ff., 1032-1088H, 829ff.;

Chapter  76     BON  VOYAGE!  1, 2  -  4;

Chapter  77    SMR Chs. 8-9 esp. p. 973A;

Chapter  78     Christ's Ineffable Peace and  Grace Ch.     7 (esp. *1 on historicism);

Chapter  79     The Pittter-Patter ... Ch. 4, TMR  Ch. 7, Ch. 6
(procuring, purpose and process in history);

As in Ch. 59 above:  History, Review and Overview Ch. 4Calibrating Myths ... Ch. 6

Chapter  80     SMR pp. 902-931, 912ff. with 729ff.,

Chapter  81     Biblical Blessings Ch. 2 ,

Chapter  82     SMR pp.  912ff., 946-959, 968ff.,  *9, *10, *11, *13, 1032ff. and 1056ff.;

Chapter  83     More Marvels ... Ch. 4, SMR pp. 1080ff.,  986ff., 822-831, 1088D,
Red Alert
 10, *4,  Divine Agenda Ch. 6

Chapter  84    Acme, Alpha and Omega ... Ch.  10; SMR  pp. 931ff., Dig... Ch. 2, *4A
(precision in construction of history, foretold, of logical procedure, instilled, and creation, foreknown)


F) Voluntarism Chastened

Chapter  85     Predestination and Freewill  Ch.  1

Chapter 86  Earth Spasm ... Ch. 4, The Heavens are Telling  Ch. 1


G) Autonomy Chastised but Freedom Established


Chapter  87     Scaling the Heights ... Ch. 5,

Chapter  88     Christ Incomparable ...  Chs. 2,  3,  4,  5,  6

Chapter  89     Deliverance from Disorientation Ch. 10,  It Bubbles ... Ch. 9

Chapter  90   Chapter  91     What is the Chaff to the Wheat Ch. 4,
                          A Spiritual Potpourri
16, Things Old  and  New  Ch. 1,

Chapter  91    TMR Ch. 7, Dig ... Ch. 1,

Chapter  92     Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 2, Sparkling Life Ch. 6,     Little Things Ch. 5


H) Creation Indestructible and Logic Awakens

As in Part  IV, Ch. 13 above:  Dig ... Chs.    1 -    2,

Chapter  93     TMR Ch. 1, SMR Chs. 1 -3

Chapter  94     Wake ... Chs.  4 - 5, The gods of naturalism have no go! Ch. 9

Chapter  95     SMR Ch.  5, The Glow of Predestinative Power   Ch. 8

Chapter  96    Ancient Words, Modern Deeds  Chs.   9,   13, Secular Myths ... Ch. 7

Chapter  97    Stepping out for Christ Ch. 9, Organ of Sight


I) Nebulosity reduced to verbosity

Chapter  98     News  57, 59, Overflight... Ch. 8

Chapter  99     Majesty ... Ch. 5, The Desire of the Nations ... Ch. 2

Chapter  100    SMR Ch. 3, 10,

Chapter  101     Swift Witness  6, Bright Light Ch. 7

Chapter  102     The Moon Soon   19,  20


J) Logical Necessity with spiritual liberty replaces nescience, consistency antinomy, acuity antilogy

Chapter  103     Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 2, Predestination and  Freewill Section 4,
TMR  Ch. 7


K) Confusion Laid Waste - in political philosophic fancy, in personal fallacy, exotic spiritual surrealism

Chapter  104     SMR Ch. 3, Ch. 10, Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 2, Little Things ... Ch. 5,

Chapter  105      Calibrating Myths  Ch. 10Epilogue,

Chapter  106     It Bubbles ...Chs.  10   11,

Chapter  107   Calibrating Myths ... Ch. 5, Cascade of Truth, Torrent of Mercy Ch.  11,

Chapter  108      News 130, Acme ... Ch. 4, News  198

Chapter  109      Calibrating Myths ... Ch. 4, Cascade ... Ch.  11

Chapter  110     Highway to Hell, Aviary of Idolatry, SMR pp. 611ff.,TMR Ch. 8, Three Frogs, Fogs...

Chapter  111      Sects, Secessions, Obsessions, Obfuscations and Obstructions

Chapter  112      News 97, 98, 37, SMR 1080ff., 867ff.,

Chapter  113     Lead us Not into Temptation ... Preface  and Sections  1,   2,   3,   4


L) The King of Kings is not for Mere Phrasing but Absolute Necessity

Chapter  114     Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch. 5

Chapter  115     Questions and Answers  Ch. 7,  SMR pp. 623ff., With Heart ... Ch. 11

Chapter  116     Journey to God ... Ch. 7




Science: Reality and Insagacity


A.  Necessary Axes to Bind in Astronomy

Chapter 117       The Pride of Life ...  Ch. 1,  Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch. 4,

Chapter  118     Divine Agenda    Ch. 1, Dig Deeper ... Ch. 1

Chapter  119     Repent or Perish Ch.   6; The Defining Drama Ch.    3,

Chapter  120     Cascade of Truth, Torrent of Mercy Ch.   6,

Chapter  121     News 134,  Calibrating Myths ...Ch.   1


B. Flounderings in Biology

As in Part II, Ch. 2 above: SMR Ch. 2

As in Part VIII, Ch. 94:  Wake Up World ... Ch. 5, The gods of naturalism have no go! Ch. 9

As in Part VIII, Ch. 98Stepping out for Christ Ch. 9

Chapter 122     Answers to Questions Ch.5,  Appendix, SMR 164ff.

As in Part III, Ch. 6:    TMR  Ch. 1

Chapter 123:    News 81 with Let There be Light! , Calibrating Myths Ch. 1 and
The Pride of Life ...  Ch. 1

Chapter 124    Dancers ...  Ch. 5;
                          The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God ... Ch. 2 (esp. *1)

(Where the joint impact of the scientifically investigable text of the Bible and data of the creation make profitable a joint excursion into precision of thought and attestation in harmony, the visible and the logical in consort as is apt for any large-scale exhibit for man from the panorama of creation, whether in word or deed; and where the matters project from long ago to the present without evidence of interruption, and the present continues to follow the outlines from before, and as then specified, we have a seamless robe of harmony. For more on this, see Index, Bible, Prophecy, Design, Creation).

Chapter 125  Bonvoyage Ch. 2; Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamics Ch. 4



C.  Faults in Geology

Chapter 126     News 1,  Answers to Questions Ch.5 , Appendix

Chapter 127     Deliverance from Disorientation Ch. 6

Chapter 128     Calibrating Myths ... Ch. 1,and shared with biology, Wake Up World! ... Ch. 4, The gods of naturalism have no go! Chs.  7 and  9.

(A conspectus merveilleux to behold! - too much, too soon, too wonderful, too contrary to law, in too great profusion, at wrong times, in wrong places present quite an anti-panegyric to the ludicrously defeated concepts of evolutionism in their tartans of anti-truth.)

Chapter 129     SMR Ch.2 , pp. 160-170, 234-248; 714-715;  TMR Ch. 7, Section E

See also Chapter 123 above.


D.  Flight from Scientific Method

As in Part III, Ch. 6:   TMR Ch. 1

As in B above:  Wake ... Ch. 6

Chapter  130     Deliverance from Disorientation Ch.  7
                            Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic
Ch.     7

As in Part IV, Ch. 28:  Secular Myth or Sacred Truth Ch.      7

Chapter  131      SMR pp. 931-943, Ch. 6, 140-150, 
                             Biblical Blessings
Ch. 15, Extended Endnote 2,

See also the Volume on this topic.


E.  Calamity in Psychology

Chapter  132     SMR Ch. 4, Section I; Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch.  9, incl. End-note 1
(esp. programmatic psychology and its ilk),

Chapter  133     Marvels of Predestination and the Ways of Will   7 *1


F.  Physics and Metaphysics

Chapter  134   Calibrating Myths ... Ch.   1, TMR  Ch. 1,esp. pp. 8ff., 17ff.,
                          A Spiritual Potpourri
Ch.4, Nos. 9, 10, 12, SMR pp. 396ff.

Chapter 135    Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch.     7,
                          Ancient Words, Modern  Deeds Ch. 9, Causes 1
                           The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God  Ch.   4


Chapter 136     Stepping Out for Christ  Ch.   2, Wake Up World ...  Chs.   2,    3
                           The gods of naturalism have no go! 25

Chapter 137     A Spiritual Potpourri Ch.  4, pp. 58ff.,
                           TMR 8, pp. 200ff., 210ff., 224ff., 226ff., 329ff., 315Aff.

Chapter  138  SMR Ch. 4, pp.396-420, Barbs ...1    3,     15; Delusive Drift ... Ch. 3 -
cf. Ch. 134 above

Chapter  139   Spiritual Refreshings ...Ch. 13 Nothing Doing from Nothing

As in Part VIII, Ch. 98  Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 9

See also astronomy, above.



Grace, Foreknowledge, Predestination,
Love, Liberty, Goodness, Growth, Youth, Duty and Necessity


Chapter  140     The Marvels of Predestination and the Ways of Will  Ch. 2,
                             Great Execrations ... Chs.   7, and 9

Chapter  141     Christ Incomparable, Lord Indomitable Ch. 2,
                            Overflight in Christ,
Ch. 2, esp.   *1,

Chapter  142    Dizzy Dashes, Heady Clashes
                            and the Brilliant Harmony of Inevitable Truth
Ch.   3,

As in Part VI, Ch. 32: Little Things ... Ch. 5,

As in Part III, Ch. 7 above:  It Bubbles ... Ch. 9

Chapter  143     Anguish, Ecstasy and the Mastery of the Messiah  Ch. 10;

 News  51 -  significantly extended
(the pangs and peace of youth, currently being spiritually seduced with devilish dynamic to soar into the abyss, confused and broken as it builds, yet provided with that same apt and awesome resolution to life which in engineering is seen in its physical construction, far surpassing the best works of man)

Chapter  144     Barbs... Appendix 2, SMR pp. 582ff. The Biblical  Workman  Appendix 2

Chapter  145    Repent or Perish Ch. 1, What is Life For ?

Chapter  146    Cascade ... Ch. 9, Red Heart  Ch. 9, Christ, the Wisdom of God ... Ch. 8

Chapter 147  Joyful Jottings  28, SMR pp. 594-610,
The Biblical Workman
Ch. 6,


Chapter 148     Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 10, Epilogue, Barbs ...   6
Questions and Answers
Ch. 6

 (147-148 - growth and progress assemblage)

Chapter 149    The True God has Go ... Ch. 4

As in Part VIII, Ch. 87: Scaling the Heights ... Ch. 5

Chapter  150     The Glow of Predestinative Power Ch.   10.



See Denton's Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, esp. Chs. 3, 12, 13,16 in the context of News 57.


Consult More Marvels ... Ch. 4, Divine Agenda Ch. 6 for example.



See SMR pp. 911ff., 1032-1088H, Ancient Words ... Ch. 14.




SMR, Repent or Perish Chs. 2,    7, with





See Plagues of Egypt and Now



Glory, Vainglory and Goodness  Chs.  1,   2    3 .