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Chapter Two





Biblical  Revelation Joins Fact
as NOTHING ELSE does or can,




The Advertiser Review, September 27,  2008



There is a division. This was considered at length in Dizzy Dashes, Heady Clashes and the Brilliant Harmony of Inevitable Truth Ch. 6. There is truth and error, actuality and lie, rebellion and reality, because of the creation of the will of man, and the hinterland of imagination and conception, alignment and misalignment, perspective and pretence, presentation and pretension which make up in their locale and potency, the wonder of man. But this is merely a partial statement of it, for it is the presence of the Creator who made these material, designed, designated, concatenated, correlative, rationally investigable and verificatory things which brings out the compass and development available.

Thus an aeroplane may be seen as a thing in flight, and wonderful it is, though the sea-gull has more of artistry in motion. Yet when that flying surface is loaded with H-bombs, it is incomparably more POTENT, than it was before, although its own flying capacities are not enhanced thereby!

It is the same in the CONSTRUCTIVE arena. A man has remarkable powers of imagination, conception, rejection and release into realms of utter folly or wonder. Like the aeroplane, it is an impressive creation, this time not by man, since he was not there to do it, but by God, who was and always is, without whom nothing would forever be all.

When therefore man has within him the Spirit of God, then not in destructive but in constructive motions, he is enabled to release, to realise to be availed of what is so far beyond himself, that the comparison of 1000 and infinity is not inept. So much is obvious (cf. Romans 1:19ff.), though it has been with due pains that one has made the obvious logically investigable and shown that there is no other option to reason (cf. REASON, REVELATION and the REDEEMER).

But HOW is man to have such a boon as this, to be so blessed that the Spirit of God is within him ? It is as in Colossians 1:17, a matter in definition that is twofold: firstly, Christ in you, the hope of glory is fundamental to the salvation that God brings. It is inalienable as also seen in Romans 8:9. Secondly, as to the acquisition of that salvation, it is available ONLY as as GIFT (Romans 6:23, Titus 3:3ff., Romans 3:23ff., 5:1-20). Earning it is a disastrous insult to the glory of God, as if ANYONE doing ANYTHING could EVER deserve God, in His infinite strength, purity and knowledge. He detests the proposition (Psalm 49, Romans 10).

How then is this salvation gained ? It is by reception of the gift. But how is the gift FOUND ? Is it lying here or there, to be picked up ? Of course not, is love like that, and God is love (I John 4), by which it is clear that nothing contrary to it is to be found in Him (that is, if He hates what despoils love, it is part of the reality of love, of its clean purity for ever), and that His ultimate motivation is of this dimension. But how is the reception of this gift to be gained ? It must be received from the Giver. But how is the Giver to be met so that the reception at His hand or power or action, may be gained ?

It is by meeting Him at the site appointed. And what is that ? It is Calvary, where He was crucified in human form as Jesus Christ. But what do you do to find this, do you travel to Jerusalem on tour ? Not at all, for He is not there physically now, and His Spirit is available in what He has DONE there. But what is it that He has done ? He has died for sin, with sin, enveloping as in basket, neutralising as in a chemical reaction, devouring as by a maw, the destiny, dynamic and desire of sin, to destroy, to ruin and to make renegades of man, of every man who has it.

How then may what He has done at Calvary (the epitome of a whole divine series of actions into time from infinity, foretold from the first - Genesis 3:15 and shown in more and more detail to man over historical time, till He came as in Galatians 4:4), be received ? By the realisation that since He came to break death (as in Hebrews 2 and notably in Hosea 13:14), and was resurrected so that the entire dynamic and transformation of the Church rocketed the Gospel of grace into this world, then He may be applied to as LIVING, alive from the dead, giver of eternal life (cf. John 6:40, 6:50ff., Ephesians 1:1-11). By how may such a boon be approached ? With what language must one come ?

One come with the language of repentance (Luke 13:1-3), the realisation that it is sin or Christ, it is salvation or damnation, it is a realisation of reality or defeat by it, it is burning and eternal shame or it is enlightening truth and works fit for repentance - not to gain salvation, but as its inevitable resultant, not as a premiss for salvation, but as its promise (Titus 3).

With what else however does one come ? One comes in repentance to Him as alive and speaking with the words and concepts God has shown in the Gospel of His grace, one submits (Luke 14), surrenders, ascribes glory to Him, accepts as in His living presence, all that He has done, in giving eternal life in one bloc, from one grace, from one place, His heart of love, and in one environment, that of unpolluted, 100% pure mercy (Ephesians 2, Titus 2-3, Micah 7:19ff.).

But how would one accept that ? How then would one accept any gift ? One says, Than you! and receives it as granted because of TRUST in the One giving. You do not receive a signed copy of an author's work while considering that perhaps it is empty, but believing it to be true.

When then this is done, we are assured that the Holy Spirit lives within. But how can one be sure that one has been sincere ? When you tell your girl-friend at the age of 24, that you love her, how can you be sure that you are not lying ? It is quite simple. If you love her, you know it, since you have had 24 years to know what hate is, what affection is and what is love. It means in this context that you are interested in her in the matrimonial sense (not wanting to have a liaison which can being forth children who can be tossed about like leaves in a dividing storm, but receivers of the love with which you love each other and produce them as before God).

But how do you know if you really want to marry her ? It is not difficult. If you are ambivalent, then you do not want to do so. If you find her repugnant, then the same. If however, your desire is to protect, help, bless and look after her, and cherish the children that may come, and if you find delight in her presence, with respect and a drawing as by a wind blowing, and a heart that responds to her, then you are becoming aware of love.

But how do you know if your heart will change ? You do not know this, but you DO know that if you trust God and find from Him the wisdom to proceed (as promised in James 1), then it depends on Him, and not on you, and you may safely proceed. Without God, knowledge is always a fragmented thing (cf. Ephesians 4:17ff., Romans 1:19ff.), but with Him, there are no limits to what may be shown and known, as the case may require. He is trustworthy.

But if you are converted, being convicted by His Spirit of sin and so delighting to be rid of what you now see as its dynamic and desire to make of you its domain (John 16:13ff.), and by faith receive pardon for your sins and the emplacement of Christ by His Spirit in your heart, how ... How what ?

Then you know Him, being instructed from within, constructed by His power (John 3, Titus 3:5), and this is eternal life that you should know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent (John 17).

Then it is like rain: it comes and comes and the soil is wet and the environment is changed and life rollicks on (cf. Isaiah 32:15ff).

Thus there  is a division: of the redeemed and the rebellious among men, and there is a vast divergence, since the one have the Lord in them, by His Spirit, and so are enabled in a spiritual marriage (cf. Matthew 25:1-13, Revelation 19), to be obedient and conformed (Ephesians 3:18) by that Spirit more and more to His likeness.

There are, at once,  two more thoughts to ponder in this connection: the destructive attestation and the creative, the constructive reality and ramification. These are two cosmoi. Each has its parallel place, each its specific mode, its genus and its genius or engendering realities.

Neither is to be suppressed in the name of something else, without the perpetrator of such lassitudinous laziness of mind, definitive discrimination and accurate thought becoming a mere mockery of truth, whatever may be the intention. There are standards of thought and reason, and to breach these is to earn dismissal from the realms of rationality, to dispose of the assets of ideational integrity as really as did the fall in the stock market in the USA, recently in this September-October crisis of 2008, wipe off not a penchant or a trend, but some trillion dollars from market value.

Indeed, the case is so obvious that even the meeting this week of European leaders reported in Worldwide, The Australian  (October 6, 2008), to seek some European contribution to the stock market and housing market crash, came up with this choice remark, in fact from Mr Sarkozy, the French President:

"We want to put down the foundations of a capitalism of the entrepreneur and not of the speculator. We want transparency, we want moralisation. We want the creation of value. We want people to have confidence."

Free enterprise, the better  thing and the better name, is not free of all things because it contains enterprise: it needs law, and law needs morals. Indeed moralisation is precisely a need, and for that with any soundness, God and for that, repentance, and for that faith in the Lord who made us, so that instead of trying to make a fortune by cleverness, we seek to belong to that kingdom of heaven, and through the offering of Christ and His resurrection in faith do so: that kingdom in which are the foundations for any building, which is to endure, which is to be honest and transparent, because of the light which is in it and from it (cf. News 23). That light is Christ, not some construction of fleshly imagination, but the One who ONCE for all offered Himself without sin for salvation.

To ignore such considerations is not to become god-like in the cultural anaesthesia, so often the prelude to crashes in civilisation and wisdom in history. Rather it is to grow the scrabbled beard of disregard and to inhabit the pavilions not of splendour, but of ruin, correlative with the moral holocaust, in that of reason and science, where the trumpery of appearance is used to dispense with the truth that is verifiable; and where the appearance is not one of empirical fact, but of an endless hope, endlessly bemused by unfinished dismissal by facts, facts and more facts. This is the hope that materialism can bring on creativity, and that witlessness can invent thought, inertia will, motion morals and the moribund the majesty of life. This is the stuff of rebellion against the Redeemer and reason itself.

Ponder for a moment the concept of devastation. Here you have something built up, fashioned, not like an electronic printer,


with the mere labour of programmers and conceivers,


computer architects and original thinkers,


rubbing out bugs and dismissing misalignments of program and thought


with arduous hours and keen thought in the realm of the conceptual and its implementive devices,


subduing the potentially mangling properties of the creatively inert,


until the disposable device,


the printer stands (almost!) free of inhibition,


and able to print.

No it is as far above this as a sky-scraper, in space terms, above a limitless looking abyss. THAT, it is what you start with, as you consider the devastation. Intelligence's product becomes ruin's babe, as at Hiroshima; but we are here to consider not the mere result of this alliance of ruin with construction, to create loss. It is the process which occupies thought.

Consider then the disassemblage aspect. Imagine some vast and elaborate mountain, with cliffs and slopes, verdure and plateaux, little mountain flowers at various alpine levels, characteristic of that clime, paths and wanderings, lakes and woods, balance and stability, houses and farms in various safer places. Its architecture is stunning and its composition a sheer wonder to the mind, and delight to the spirit.

Now ponder its demise. Power from below erupts. There is a trembling. Massive rocks unbalance; settled compositions of forces are re-adjusted, so that movements of terrain and rock, underlying structures and overlying lands merge into a common dereliction. Cracks appear. Movements multiply, verdure is covered with rubble and dust; lakes drain into the abysmal maw of the depths; animals are terrified and rush into ravines that enlarge their mouths like a glutton with beef. Whole hillsides rumble to an infilling pit of burial for glory. Life is extinguished, lava covers, heights decline, sculptures are overpowered with the model of pure force, and the thing is left a geological tumble, a burial ground for life, a sundering of beauty from its multiple architectural and vital emplacements and the soaring peaks, snow-covered against the pale sky are no more.



This is the opposite of creation, of construction, of devisings, of originality of design, of modelling of thought, of the interstices of understanding and the erection of protection, the secure holdings of stability and the systematic provisions for arousal of life and its surrounds, architecture and its abounding profundities and form and shape in its wonder.

It is as in Jeremiah 4:

"My bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my very heart; my heart makes a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war.

"Destruction upon destruction is cried;
for the whole land is spoiled: suddenly are My tents spoiled, and My curtains in a moment.

"How long shall I see the standard, and hear the sound of the trumpet?
For My people is foolish, they have not known Me; they are sottish children,
and they have none understanding:
they are wise to do evil,
but to do good they have no knowledge.

"I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void;
and the heavens, and they had no light.

"I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly.
I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled.

"I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness,
and all its cities  were broken down at the presence of the LORD,
by his fierce anger.

"For thus has the LORD said,

The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end.
For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black:
because I have spoken it, I have purposed it,
and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.

"The whole city shall flee for the noise of the horsemen and bowmen;
they shall go into thickets, and climb up upon the rocks:
every city shall be forsaken, and not a man dwell in it. |

And when you art spoiled, what will you do?"

It is of course a verbal grab which occurs (as marked above in red for this purpose), from Genesis 1. There the earth was also without form and void. The phrase is striking to the point of the unforgettable. It is a code, a criterion. But of what ? In Genesis, "the earth  was without form and void" demarcated devices on the way into a fitting receptacle, as described in succeeding verses, for their brilliance by command. The skies and the earth were to be, though initially they were  in this void (of life and form), in this input of beginning, placed there to be next invaded by knowledge, their nescience thus overcome by intelligence, their preparation a preliminary to creation in its glorious diversities and conceptual magnificences, all implemented: they were the paper. The pen would pounce. When it wrote, construction would leap into being, as when workers follow the architectural directives, so that we marvel at the constructive results of conceptual creation turned into actualities correlative.

Thus in this retrograde, this reverse mode as depicted and presented in Jeremiah, we are being shown the facts of desolation (because of deeply placed sin, like the volcano just described in its results on the carefully formed and formulated wonders which are at man's personal disposal in his body and through his spirit). In the prophet's depiction, anti-creation is occurring, not in some slumbrous mode of magic, by which things 'happen' to arise in the counterpart of intelligence, and to depart because they yawn - behold they are weary of it all! not that. Rather, it is occurring in this passage of Jeremiah, Ch. 4, because the Creator has had enough. Folly to deflower beauty, factiousness to render dysfunctional wholesome holiness and the works of finesse, rebellion to displace reality and clumsy obstructiveness like kids doing 'wheelies', become commonplace in a whirl of moral oblivion, which becomes a veritable moral holocaust, where man lies as if waiting to become prey.

In such ways (cf. Romans 1:17ff.), just as man is largely inclined to be looking with the same intelligence for form-creation and device-deposition, spirit-making and mind initiation that God gave him, at the results of the extravagantly wonderful creation of liberty, and ignorantly to laugh at the Lord, glorying in his capacity to depart from His will and ways and to devastate design by pure wilfulness of thought and folly of heart, so the creation is made to disappear.

To the imagination, the prophet Jeremiah presents its demise. It goes in stages and then it is gone. The nothingness of man's deluded mind is given back a nothingness, a car first stripped and then removed from sight. If he will not delight in the glory of the Lord, then to him comes shame and the sham is exposed in this succession of derelictive removals from creation. If he thinks so much of nought, then let him see the result of this 'insight'! It has inherent the very scorn that the Lord displays for such intellectual indolence and passionate pursuit of that alliance of the irrational and the irreverent which increasingly characterises man in the 21st century, in His speech in Proverbs 1! Very well then, be FILLED with the FRUIT of your own imaginings!

The POWER of man to do this, as with the printer-function, was MADE. To be sure, it is the like power which could have turned to the Lord, and which through His grace may yet do so; but this is its abuse. He was given power to be creative and desecrative, the two correlatives of the gift of conceptual and imaginative, rational and thoughtful life itself.

Thus, with man ALSO another power was added: that to dissolve the wonderful, first in thought and then in fact. Without this liberty (cf. Licence for Liberty), neither love nor friendship, meaning nor wonder could be; for the observation post and the interpretable experience mode would be missing. With this facility to decide, to resolve and to imagine, to construct models however ludicrous and to invest conception into thought, there comes or may and did come,  its desolatory consequence, which is that for prolonged abuse, misuse and conceit. Amid such contusion and confusion of mind, man dreams his way into the anaesthesia  of vague muddle,  as if the creation made the creation, at once or in stages from nothing, an absurd and only available option.

Here comes from the prophet in vision, therefore, the counterpart of man's folly. It is as if there were an UNMAKING, a stripping of what the Conceiver-Creator-Imaginer put into being, in stages, in devastatingly exposing and reductive steps. Creation is paralleled by a series in the obliterative direction. Man's devious mind is given what it is asking for: it is as if a child, scorning his birthday cake, make with such solicitous care and love, has it removed, slice by slice till the plate is bare.

Here is the trail of the other side of the division: the non-deity division, the anti-creation division, the glory in man division, the mockery of the Pinocchio of his craftsman; and it is the opposite of the RECEPTION of the REDEEMER.




Let us trace something of the dereliction, the stripping in the spirit of a man, which may occur in these negative processes, when they being invoked, have their due effect; and in part in so doing, look at its commencement in man.

First, it is in unsettlement of mind as well as irrationality of thought, then in unwisdom of worship, when the thing is formulated in its meretricious, its factitious folly. Then come the results. It is shown in miniature form in our own civilisation, say from the madness of the mid-19th century till now. First there is the arising of top-heavy pride, and the great nations war and fight, first to gain more and then to squash each other.

Pride of evolutionary imagination becomes death to squadrons of the flower of youth, like a burnt-out pasture, and they die in a little while, by early 20th century, in sustained squalor in trenches. It was not without honour, without dreams and hopes for stability and spirituality on the part of many. But the pride of face had grown, and the desire to devastate as an act of construction, to build by defeat and to become great by overwhelming opposition or competitors in its madness, came to abundant fruition. Thus,  by the day of Hitler, the whole evolutionary myth was marching with men, OVERPOWERING the key, as if CREATION were nothing, gratitude for it were obscene, and mere power to oppress and to impress one's own power on others,  were productive of wonderful things.

It was not and is not. The parched earth gives witness: that where millions die foodless, or inadequately fed, where others kill or maim each other with anti-missionary zeal, possessed by madness, considering sexual licence in an imaginary nirvana or walhalla or other imagined paradise a sufficient ground for making of this earth a torture chamber, as if madness were method and contradiction were creative.

Such is the deception of the devil. Power is useful, but it has no morals. Dominion can be productive, but it needs to know that of which it has dominion. It is not rude rule but serviceable understanding and love which man needs, while in his bastions of contemporary, diseased thought, he feeds on unfaithfulness, as if all creation created itself from nil creativity, and fairies regularly conducted routine flights through the mist, in order to make things, actually to make them ...

In counterpart, it is as if future historians were to imagine that when the USSR lusted for Berlin, there just arose masses of food, produced you know, for man is so productive, and in such ways the Berliners did it all. Wonderful really! It is to forget the MEANS which created such a meaning, and the US flights which came and went in routine round-the-clock brilliance of aerial manoeuvre and entrepreneurial expertise, landing with what it took so that those who took it could continue while the battle was won. Creating victory over powers or with them, overcoming or bringing into coming, it requires one thing in common: adequate cause; and to forget this is to unman man in a fiasco of unreason (cf. History, Review and Overview Chs.   4,    5, Causes). .

Such is delusion. Naturalism thrusts its balded head into the clouds and forbears to consider its products, thrusts its sodden wares into the schools and universities, and dismisses facts in favour of groundless hopes, continually unrewarded, flights of imagination which never take off from the solid earth (cf. TMR Chs. 1, 7).




It is into this sort of present day climate (cf. TMR    Ch. 1, SMR Chs. 1   -   2, The gods of naturalism have no go! for details of data and reason), that we find an interesting article in The Review, The Advertiser, Adelaide. It appeared on September 27, 2008, this year of disgrace on many sides, whether from Putin's ruinous rumblings with bombers sitting in the skies near Britain to his occupation of Georgia to teach it lessons he feels they should know, whether from Chinese milk fumblings to poisoned sweets, from financial crashes to fiscal foldings of great projects. So it comes, so the negative developments are dynamised into being,  as man is reminded that folly is a poor master and pride an evil companion, that not mere power but intelligence, not simple overcoming but direction, not mere imagination but testable reality, not hope but spiritual thrust and understanding must precede any workable world situation.

The present spreading world sickness is like a case of cancer, colonising with impunity, unmet by widespread resistance, erupting in little lumps here, spots there, a melanoma on the arm, an emissary in the brain.

As power manifests itself with the growing compendium of knowledge which man acquires, so the madness of naturalism, the spiritual madness (cf. the Biblical demarcation as in Hosea 9:7), leaves a created world increasingly in the destructive hands of the unhandsome powers that be, which like a brothel of lust, seek and surge, invade and purge, implode and explode as the mood take their power-crazed desires. We now even have Putin referring to some help which allegedly the Ukraine gave to Georgia in its dark hour of invasion by another nation, Russia, in an extraordinary manner (The Advertiser, October 4).

What then did he call this assistance ? It was a 'crime', it was criminal activity. Who then is this mouthpiece of a nation which makes it a crime to resist its invasions, to help its neighbour ? Who is this exponent of law above law ? It seems that Russia has inherited no small amount of the flavour of the USSR, in the all-inclusive seeming glorification of the past of Russia, that now makes CRIME of resistance to its perceptions, definitions and desires.

Such is the way of the day. Every man is tending to do what is right in his own eyes; and what more likely, when the one who alone IS right, whose is the creation, from whom came the very spirit, mind and body of man in its thrilling grandeur of conception, inception and unleashing into the light of common day, is turned from in increasing loathing.

You can have any god who does not COUNT, who does not DIRECT, who is not the author of FACT. But once you find the God who IS the ruler, whose aborting IS crime, whose morals ARE absolute, God and not man, then man is tending increasing to prefer other components of creation to this God who made it all, whether natural forces, or human faces. He blithers, he stutters, he mutters, he utters, but his words rebound as echoes in sonar, from the skies, and his prayers to gods that are not there, do not penetrate as man immolates himself amidst self-worship, amid the rest of creation. The very wonder of man becomes then the knell of his role; and his potential becomes the depth of the pile into which he destroys himself.

It is not all like that ? Of course not. You do not NEED to have cancer in every organ in order to die of it. Yet there are powers, which as in the depiction of Jeremiah 4 and the preceding discourse, when once moving, are as destructive as the counterpart and parallel in creation. Now they are at work with a vastly increased income of knowledge, so that the very power of God is lusted after, and much of mankind - that kind which is man - manacled by a diseased and irrational imagination, surges towards his own destruction, first of peace and goodwill, then of love, then of hope and happiness, then of life. As Jesus Christ put it,

"For then will come great tribulation such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.

"And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be save; but for the elect's sake, those days will be shortened. Then if anyone says to you, Look, here is the Christ! or There! do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonder to deceive, if possible, even the elect ... For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be" (Matthew 24:21-27).

But what of the developments ? It is unpleasant in such a case to be concerned with mere fact, some may feel; but as in a cancer, the alternative is to be concerned with death. It is a benevolent desire which considers it, and acts. In such matters, there are actions which are timely, and those ill-timed, like trying to sell after the Stock Market Crash. There is a time for all things, and space in which to do it, in this created world.

But let us revisit the Advertiser Review article.

Here we have a new Director of a Museum. It is revealed, in a news interview, that creationism is a major problem area for museums. There are people, we are advised, who are ignorant. They are uneducated; but there you are, you have them, as in the comedy, some mothers do, and they are there! It is a difficulty, we learn, for museums to have to overcome with knowledge and learning and sophistication.

Now the mere fact that hundreds of Ph.D. bioscientists are creationists, that whole libraries of books and magazines and articles of professional kind are available and continually being created showing with rigorous scientific methodology*1 not merely that creation is attested by facts, but that it is denied a removal by reason, which rather requires it: this is irrelevant it would seem. The continual success of major creationist debaters on University campuses is not only notable but notorious: people like scientist Gish and lawyer, Phillip Johnson (cf. The Face of God ... Ch. 6, and as markedFrom Fish to Gish - Lubenow, Darwin on Trial  and  Reason in the Balance by Phillip E. Johnson).

Ignoring the realms of fact and debate, however, we find that those responsible for such thought are definable as IGNORANT, in some way not particularly clarified in The Review. Education has been denied this massive phalanx of scientific learning, the past ranks of which include such figures of not merely scientific fame but original depositions into science and learning as Maxwell and  Faraday, Boyle, Newton and Lord Kelvin, Fleming and von Braun, Ramsay and Raleigh.

All of these, it appears, some eloquent in rationality and using facts that did not change because of imaginations at any time, are ignorant. After all, nothing has changed. The same foundational laws operate, but we know now more about them. The same rationalities rule, but we see more of their devices. The same routines proceed, and are not altered, though imaginations run riot on what is imagined but never shown ONCE in the laboratory. The subvertant replaces the informative, and the pleasures of nubilous, anti-causative thought oust the observation of cause and effect, whether in mind or in observation.

Information science (cf. *7) shows the ludicrous character of imagining it coming from that great mother of the imagination and divorcee of truth, 'nature' which itself is as inert to prompting to arise from nothing and provide successive steps of life, mind and spirit as ever.

Yet they are ignorant, who espouse fact, NEVER see evolution occur, ALWAYS are told myths and stories, oblivious of reason, blind to the ever-uncooperative realm of subvertible fact.  They expect the innominate to 'arise' to the nameable, conceptually investigable without conception imparted, the uncharacterisable to grow into the characterisable, nothing to become something in steps or at once, the complexly coded to declare itself without source for such a declaration, the symbol-efficacy combination to sheer off from some overhanging cliff of potential, by sheer gravity, but in construction, not destruction, with no gravity to act nor intelligence to contrive.

They want something for nothing: and as always, there is nothing doing (cf. Nothing Comes from Nothing).

They want results without cause, and when they have the results to see, they imagine that the brilliantly correlated extravaganzas of mathematical, engineering, logical, transmissive, word-deed, deed in command to deed to be done with materials in sequence at need in the form desired for the construction at the right time and place, as in the building of the babe to man, or if possible more ludicrously, of nothing into something that works: that these exhibits are so many grains of sand on a beach that is not there, washed by the waters that are not.

It is not that ONE sandal is found on the beach, itself a testimony of the collation of order and imprint, function and contrivance, stamp and shape: the sandals lie littering the shore of life in billions, all with the same stamp, and instructions, common language for the same, and they say: Ah, but I see a little speck of rubber missing on this foot, perhaps it was 'chance' that made the sandal! Chance! is this the mother of order and the creator of law ? Is this the compendium of comprehension and the father of precision ? It is mere nonsense to use a word designating a system (so describable) which is not to be interfered with, operating in its own premises, as 'chance' in the sense that it can do anything, given time, just because we are not to interfere. ONE example of cohesive mentality, function and significance, need-grant correlation, fashion-function pairing, contrivance-composition, singularity endurance, with words stamped on it, as the mark of comprehension: this speaks in a way none would or could doubt.

You simply have no aetiological or empirical or testable way of accomplishing such a thing.  Even to try to do so, is to circumvent the 'chance' conditions. The humour of a Hume has been discussed before: his eventive imaginations forget the speaker, Hume himself, who to make sense of anything has to be far more than a series. Comprehension is not a series but a serious envisagement of perspective, without which no words can so much as be meaningfully emitted. The world of Hume is for Punch, a hilarity. It is he who constructs it, self-forgetful (cf. SMR pp.  262ff., 294-313). THIS world is one of comprehension by those who consider it, and causal ground even for that, for remove the logical structure as in the insane, and you find but the husk, without the connotational content, stable and secure in its own realm. Time does not invent rationality, since it is time FOR a system without the available, observable or testable means which is in view for its action!

What has time to do with inoperative causality, and uninventive materiality; and what has the latter to do with something, and what has something to do with a causeless conduct into reality, without invoking magic, unconditionally controverted by rational thought and empirical test,  as the operative dynamic ? And what is this fictional fairy-tale of invisible natural causes that make from nothing (otherwise you beg the question) what is exquisitely depictive of law and governance and control and command and cohesion and synthesis and integrality of result with exuberance of orderly methods: what is this but illusion! (cf. Causes).

Hope, like its commercial equivalent of looking for eternal price-rises on the housing market so that nil assets may be continually transformed by the MERE FLOW of COMMERCIAL EVENTS into vast wealth, which is never threatened: this dream and legend, fable and fiction continues its abrasive assaults on reality. But it does not change it.

'Nature' is as unproductive of devices and intelligent, of information and creation now (apart from intelligence's efforts once it is THERE), as ever. Only the imagination changes, as first this nitwit theory and then that is TRIED and found wanting, just as Gould could not ABIDE the gradualistic hypothesis of Darwin, and marvelled at the ignorance of man who so envisages. In fact, you have to have leaps upward to construct from nil, as well as something to leap with and from, But what of Gould ? Concerned at the gradualistic account of upwardness and the appearance of downwardness of basic design type since the Cambrian, which he attested, Gould was in expostulatory mood and mode. What you have over the gamut of time,  is DEGRADATION from multitudes of basic designs, to a lowering, said he. He even appealed to heaven's name, though an evolutionist without any visible hope in the Creator, to the appalling confusion of so many fellow evolutionists.

They cannot rest; they attack each other; their theories one and all are susceptible to refutation and they move like erratic panzer divisions against one another: here IS no rest, and the Nilsson and the Goldschmidt type exposÚs continue to draw attention to realities ignored, to truths suppressed, as the war-machine of evolution, whether in the cloisters or the battle field, continues its ungainly, and its ghastly pretension.

Such topics have often been covered in considerable detail*1A; but here is the time for overview.

It is precisely with such unhallowed imaginations as come to call such learning of great scientists, former and contemporary, ignorance, and shown in such Ph.D. theses, by implication, non-education, that the world litters itself, like a perpetual ecological disaster area. It is such an approach that has for many years transformed colleges into chains of corruption, like shops selling polluted Chinese foods, before the findings exhibited the facts, moved universities into Departments of Unlearning, emblems of irrationality and adversaries of truth, in the field of God, whether as to His necessarily, rationally required creation*2, or in the field of revelation and theology.



This world ? after such a treatment, quite literally, it looks like it. Every petty potentate or power tends to want to 'arise' and rule, or become important or imposing, as if, 'nature' having been given the crown of creation of itself in an asininity to be heard to be believed, participants in the form of the human race throwing caution, prudence and truth to the wind, merely raise themselves up to be great, and by cunning, contrivance, misconception or deception direct, ravage one another, as if drawn by the example of mafias into amorality and push, connivance and thrust, until only a disheartened waste-land might remain. It draws near; and the Christian, with his Bible, remains, and the Lord remains while this blight continues, like some massive mould spreading its resources to ruin all, but frustrated as some, seeking God and finding truth, escape (cf. Hebrews 6:19).

It is as if man has become pierced not in the ear for some trinket, but in the mind for some gain; but the gain is precisely as Christ exhibited, but loss.

You may gain or hope to gain the whole world


with delusional packets of power, whether with Seigried and Co., Panzer Divisions and the assault on Moscow whether by Napoleon, or by Hitler,


or with the USSR's entry into the prison camp of Eastern Europe,
in order to 'liberate' its politics,


 just as naturalism 'liberates' mentality from fact;


you may gain campus after campus from illicit propaganda and ignorance of facts,
empirics and reason;


you may  become expositors of theory never touched by the constraints of organised fact:

but the loss is as tragic as that depicted in Jeremiah 4.

The world has danced a frenzied dance, leaping and bounding, rotting in trenches, evaporating with radioactive release, surging for power, seeking for glory and achieving vainglory and ruin, no sooner sated with poison gas than at it again, 25 years later, as if in an uncourtly dance, hating and seeking, defending and bustling, seeking help from the Almighty and then ignoring His greatness and seeking to manufacture rules, so that they may be ignored. Such a case was notable when Israel was invaded from Egypt in 1967, and those splendid troops of that immaculate United Nations ... withdrew.

After all, one would not like to get hurt would one, in defence of one's splendid ideals and noble thoughts, which evaporate and do so again, under pressure, as the divided body plays war-games with vetoes and one of its members talk of removing Israel from the map, while others outside, concur.

Man is bound by the desire for glory, and since it is perverted into empty ideals or the holocaust of morals, it leads to madness, as the desire is diverted and the ruin is converted from potential to actual. Even in peace, it goes on - war in the heart, against truth, and even where God is mentioned, the war frequently continues as in Israel of old.

As Micah 3:5 has it: "Against Him who puts nothing into their mouths, they declare war."

They chew with their teeth, instead of speaking in the name of the Lord, for as the text goes on to declare (3:7, bold added):

"So the seers shall be ashamed, and the diviners abashed.

Indeed, they shall all cover their lips,

for there is no answer from God."


As in Jeremiah 23:21:

"I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran. I have not spoken to them,
yet they prophesied."

The mouth of the Lord ? how they parody it in their own ostensibly inspired lips, for they use it to chew their scavengings or imbibe riches, not to proclaim what God DOES NOT PUT IN THEIR MOUTHS (as Peter foretold for our Age in its declining times - II Peter 2-3).

After all, why should they declare what He puts there, when He puts nothing!

But they pretend to be His! So they speak anyway.

It was as it is as now, when similarly, as in the Alpha Course*2A, there is radical innovation in allegedly spirit-inspired discourse, no sufficiency of Scripture, so that here the word of God is that to which people feel free to add at immense peril and total disobedience (Matthew 5:17ff. with Revelation 22:18-19, Proverbs 30:6, Deuteronomy 4, 11),. Hence there is in this scenario and Course approach, a radical ecumenism, so that Rome and others alike, heresies ancient or modern, can take a partial scriptural base, as do the Mormons, moving on from the beginning of sorrows as they add and add! It was so then, it is now so, and so much more again (Jeremiah 23:16-20).

Indeed, as you see in the attitude shown  to Jeremiah by his powerful contemporaries (Jeremiah 20), they as with many modern movements, sought to mute him, human spirit in unrealistic assault on God, even using as convenient, His own name to do it!

God is mouthed, as in fact they declare war against Him , in direct confrontation with His uniquely validated and verified word (*2).  It is as it was and will be, a progression of impertinence in the literal sense! You find the end of it, in intensity, in Revelation 19:19 - where explicitly en masse at the end of the Age, war is waged with the Word of God. It is not war against puny givers to which Micah refers, for false prophets reap their reward all too well, before their doom (cf. II Peter 2); it is war against the One who has given them "no answer". It is war against the God who does not embrace their plans, accept their promiscuity or give truth the go-by in order to indulge them.

Bogus, they lavish use of His name; a scourge, they scatter about like runaway tanks, without driver or route. Such are the spiritual leaders of spiritual confusion.

As Jeremiah 23 tells us of such dealings, "In the latter days you will consider it perfectly" (Jeremiah 23:16-20) - intensively and comprehensively, as we now do:  there it was to be, as indeed it now is,  in its culmination or complete form. Part of this type of error,  we saw in Ch. 1 above, is the empty substitute for morals which can become mere manipulation, and much of it in false doctrine in Churches as foretold by II Peter 2:1 for this period of history*2B, and by Paul in I Timothy 4, II TImothy 3-4, II Thessalonians 1-2.



THEN is NOW! (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5). In this disreputable sense, the world has now arrived! What then of our own period ?

Things are being disassembled in mind, and children and  youth are being taught the byproducts of delusion, invasive as with other compelling passions, to the point that the very presence of the pollution is unrealised, and people may even champion what is disaster to reason, as it is likewise to life, as if missionaries in the field. Fiasco however is the field, and febrility the thought sown (cf. Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Chs. 4-6, Sparkling Life ... Ch. 8, ).



Such is the vulnerability of man, that those with good intention, may so befoul reality with a sublime seeming indifference to what the laboratory shows*3 and the comparison of verifications of various approaches to creation, demands*4. It is not necessarily anything to do with awareness, or formulated intention; as with all drugs, spiritual not least, with all that arrests the total operation of truth and light in the mind of man, the shadow may seem impenetrable before the awakening of heart both to one's condition and to one's need: as well indeed as to the Lord's provision for restoration (cf. Ephesians 4:17-19). 

But when you arise and return to your Father, like the prodigal, what wonders lie there! Creation now readily becomes what we know it to be, from our own use of it. The sublimely and sophisticatedly brilliant depositions of thought and mind and reason and intelligence and wisdom and endurance and determination that lead to soaring space craft and Shakespeare's great products alike, these arise to act, being based in what is adequate and placed where it works its wonders. That, in eternity, which not-nothing, has the advantage of being adequate beyond time and for any time, is present. Mini-creators like man come because eternal creativity worked it so; and this is not a 'principle' which operates in some conceptual vacuum, but what is in turn adequate for such brilliance in thought, conception, inspection, imagination, intelligence and contrivance, purpose and promotion.

The creation itself  comes because the power behind them and the life which administers them has always been there, and has granted man some measure of this propensity; for nothing is a bad mother and regularly would reject her children, except for the fact that she does not, because she cannot have any; for a mother is not nothing, but a magnificently constructed resource of compassion and concern, care and understanding, in the main, of consideration and application. The child is not cared for by nothing or its delusive products, but by the intelligence which crafted, as to type, now involved in maintaining. Such is creation: its prevenient supplies are its means for life.

As Christ declared, you do not get figs from thistles. When you try, you fail as in the famous case of Drosophila, the unco-operative fruit-fly*5. It WOULD not develop, however much you molested its genes with X-rays, invoking 'chance', a mere name for the working of a given system without outside intervention, as if it could create. It did create the desecrated, and it did invent regression, to be sure; but it did not move along the 'scale of being' to higher life. Rather did it move into reduced viability (just as would your Jaguar motor-car if you had one and bombarded it with high-flows of dust for half a century), and distorted design.

Creation, the antithesis and opposite of desecration, such as Jeremiah envisaged and we outlined in a little graphic format at the first, involves the opposite use of force to ruin's code, the emplacement of what ruin displaces, the construction of what meandering force destroys, the concatenation of mental and manipulative events, using lesser things as fabric for construction, which are MOVED in a direction the contrary of what demolition does. In neither case is there a disjoining of force from product. Create or destroy, there are things to be done by adequate power, the former far greater.

What acts is what has its day and its way. You can either act with formulative skill, imaginative address, power of hand and might of thought, understanding of both the material you use and the vision you have, melding them into some work of creation, or you can do nothing (excluded here as irrelevant to the point, since from nothing comes nothing). You can can MAKE the things, and so DONATE to them the RESULTS of your prowess and will to use and apply it; or you can DEFORM and DEGRADE,  REDUCE and RUIN what you or another has made. Each action is imaginatively creative, but one is also reductive.

When that thing to be degraded is from an evil source, you may do well! and much of man's work has been of this type; but often man, in seeking to remove the evil, does it by evil, so helping to produce the inextricable muddles of misconception and misinformation, allied to the abyss of knowledge of God, as the holocaust of morality is evoked. Endless revolutions of ostensible ideal of some kind or other, however debased in fact, merely engender degradation:  if not because of the original conception, then in the nature of those who apply it, lacking both love and understanding, riled by evils, trumping folly with more of it, the classic, Communism*6.

Systems, underlying or overlying, do not invent themselves; information does not manufacture itself; oblivion does not think things out; devices do not initiate their skills nor does immolation perform creation. It is a simple matter of cause and effect, and to effect ANY system requires what it takes to inform it with all its form and feature and to father what it is enabled to do, whether you move from stark nothing to matter, from matter to mind, from servitude to mastery or from obedience within constructed premises to their maker,  or rebellion from them when will is created, in conjunction with the capacity to conceive.

THEREFORE we never find them doing so of themselves, but they do what they are formed to do, reflect what they are - whether engendering what they are created to engender, coding to replace, or acting in mere continuity;  and the law of information science*7  concerning the non-production of information from non-intelligence is as stark in its reality as any other phase or feature of reason.

Creation, whether of man or by man, is as far from material necessity as if the material realm from nothing. You have to have what it takes to get what you have. We have plenty. It is time this was realised anew, with some of the greatest scientists the world has ever seen, in their most productive phases for the history of science, and that the God of creation was worshipped for Himself, with His majesty of mind, glory of heart, wonder of Spirit and creativity that creates our own creativity.

For that matter, it is time, it is always time - but now with a vengeance since ruins are becoming more and more consistent through ebullient wilfulness in self-elevating man - to return to that other source of information, direct, beyond the laws and encoded DNA of creation: the Word of the living God, the Bible, and to its centre piece for the salvation of this ramifying and rebellious race (as it is in the main, biblically and more and more obviously, operationally!), Jesus Christ. It is He, who as shown in SMR*8 and elsewhere, is the only remedy whether for disoriented reason or disheartened vision, which now tends to dwell on the ugly, the deformed and the unformed, whether in clothing or in morals, as if it would beckon to the abyss, and resign from life with bombast and pomp, and the occasional whimper, witless by will and uninformed by passion.

But as to Jesus Christ, as one Sikh asked me recently,  Tell me about Jesus! perhaps the reader would care to look at -

Beyond the Crypt: the Divine Script and the Face of God, Ch. 2~




*1 On this topic, see:



This gives the evidence for the abuse of this method by evolutionary propaganda, to the point that it is a test case for the necessity of reform and return to rationality in this abused domain. It is to be remembered that in all his ways, man succumbs if not routinely, then regularly in the mass, to nearly every kind of commotion and permutation, leaving wisdom for recklessness and making hope the mother of what is NOT FOUND. Science is no exception WHERE THE MOTIVATION IS SYSTEMATIC and race-wide, or at least in much of the power-structure by which the race moves from time to time in its illicit flings.

Scientific method is an excellent advance, one to be prized, and applied; not to be defiled in the interests of supporting vain, mission-minded, materialistic hopes that are dashed with the regularity of the waves that strike the shore. In this case, it is not at all as in the old dictum, Every wave that strikes the shore, seems to say it more and more, EXCELSIOR! but the opposite. Every (ideational, metaphysical, scientistic) wave that strikes (the philosophic) shore, seems to say it more and more, FLY from REASON, AVOID REVELATION, smile or frown or play the clown, but never retreat to fact.

It appears as a sort of pact, often unconscious, but relished in its rush to uncreation, which is not mere irrational theory, but assault on life as in Jeremiah 4, when its work is done, eventually becoming that unbecoming byproduct, the reality of ruin. God is not mocked, and His creative exponents of uncreation mock but themselves. It is pitiful and it is poignant; but as with smoking, it has its ways and its days are numbered. Alas! for this world, for its fashion is passing away, and its intoxication if but for an expensive time! (cf. I Corinthians 7:31).

For those interested, it is a fascinating point that the term 'scientism' is used of a due approach to the skills of science and concern for its products, that one would wish to impute to scientific practitioners, to scientists; whereas the adjective, scientistic is defined by Webster's dictionary as being what seeks to present itself, though merely artificial, as science: as what is a bogus, an ostensible, a merely meretricious substitute for science, which still and yet uses its name. This is precisely what has become of science, via misused scientific method, in the area of religion and God and creation, not for all, but for a majority, it seems, of the scientific disunity. 


See for example Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming Chs. 4-6 et al., SMR Ch. 2 and Extension, with Extension Ch. 4, TMR esp. Chs. 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8, and The gods of naturalism have no go! (Four Volumes).


See *1 above, and Secular Myth and Sacred Truth. More broadly in the realm of design and the elements and considerations that there constrain reason, see the multipartite premises of  Deity and Design ..., and in overall sketch, with emphasis on verification, see the twin volumes in the several million word enterprise, LIGHT DWELLS WITH THE LORD'S CHRIST.

Both of these sets,  as may be seen from their indexes,  the former directly (cf.  Section 8), the latter from the topics, give attention to validity and its demands, as does TMR  Ch. 5.



See on this course:  

Hapless Hitches and Holy Healings,

Godless  Glitches and Divine Dealings
Ch.    3,

Bewilderment, Bedazzlement, Bedevilment or the Beauty of Christ's Holiness
Ch.   7.


See for example SMR Ch. 9, pp. 857-873, 923ff., and Ch. 8, pp. 727ff..




DATA on Creation is not to be Seduced:

Staring Down the Glamour of misplaced Hope in Dreams
with Remorseless Fact

It is as it was in the day of Jeremiah (cf. Jeremiah 2:27,  and Jeremiah 23).

It now has come in precisely that magnified mode which the prophet predicted in the latter chapter, for the end of the Age, and as Paul indicated in I Timothy 6:20-21. While this prediction of Paul included the misuse of knowledge as such, that certainly included its sub-species: knowledge in philosophy, in politics and psychology, in science and in the art of gaining power. There is no biblical limitation, and the arenas that had been subjected to such misuse in the past as in Jeremiah 2, included the philosophy of naturalism, with its mould-like invasion of 'science', that of power with its variable doctrines of how to grab it and still smile and feel smug, and any others such as paraded themselves from that day to this! cf. Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 13.

It is necessary in our day to avoid the simplistic virtual worship of 'science' which is merely human knowledge with fortification and verification when its methods are followed (cf. *1 above where these things are provided for access). The misuse of its methods, as in democracy and in psychology (where what people do often is made a sort of defining basis for 'man', as statistical approaches proliferate in a those muddied and muddled waters cf. SMR Ch. 4): these naturally bring about confusion and delusion. Methods of reason are nowadays often attacked, by those who lose power to argue by doing so - assertive simultaneously against it and by it, in other words,  by those who depart from their criteria.

As so often in the history of this race, and so often exposed by the prophets, whatever may be the OSTENSIBLE goodness and rightness of much in this world and its culture, is in fact divided from its source, contrary to its composition and delusive in its mischief. Man is readily a delusional and obsessive being when apart from God, as the frightful dealings of many religions, such as Romanism and Islam, have shown over centuries in its history. On the former,  see Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch. 14, SMR pp. 1032-1088H, 911ff., and on the latter, Divine Agenda Ch.6, More Marvels ... Ch. 4.

Thus has there been a massive movement over time,  with more power and more universality and more thrust towards philosophic war on God, in philosophy, politics, science (in the popular and majority scientistic format current today in these areas); and so was just this movement predicted. to come (II Peter 3:1-5, Romans 1, II Timothy 4:3-4). Further it has been reaching into and even FROM Churches, so-called, which have betrayed the truth, just as Peter said they would (II Peter 2:1ff. - cf. Acts 20:30ff.). On the topic of creation they have come forth, as on other doctrines, with anti-biblical flame-throwers with the rest, as if their lack of zeal to conform to alien and irrational culture were as epidemic in them as elsewhere (cf. Beauty for Ashes Ch. 3 , and  Government Composite as marked).

Accordingly, the most prohibitive, and apparently prohibited (Government Composite), discrimination is decreed against creationists by the exclusion of this, the only model that meets the distinguishing criteria of strict scientific method (*1 above), from rational debate or teaching in South Australian schools! That this evasion is useful for the irrational is sure; but that it is either equitable or honest, is not. The irrationality of the position is not merely metaphysical but empirical (cf. TMR Ch. 1 and list below), and causal. It is accordingly bruited abroad, spouted, equity flouted, as if 'Western freedom' were now in default, and irrationality wedded to subterfuge.

However WHOEVER makes the declarations of nescience, as if facts had not yet been invented, there is nothing that nothing can do, and nowhere that what is not can find to have itself become what is, either in stages or in ages: time and space are of no account. This the the canvas. The artist is needed, the evocation of being and actuality, of law and order, of dimensions and cosmoi of operation, melded and compounded, synthetic and yet subservient to the human spirit at the top end of the visible creation, so that it in turn, knowing as it ought and may, the God of creation can even pretend, far less know, truth rather than reactionary resultants of the deployment in reciprocity of various bits and pieces (cf. Barbs ... 6   -7).

To divulge the truth, one must first have a model which admits its existence, then access to this objectively correct source, which implies its willingness to share the knowledge which is NOT interactive residues of unknown equipment as to validity, but personally held and discriminatingly supplied. Without absolute truth in existence, and its relevant action to impart this with a power which overcomes internal pollution on the way in the recipient, it is quite useless to pretend to have it, without paranoia.

When God however is known, and known to be known (cf. SMR Chs.  1,    7), then truth itself comes. Models excluding these necessities are necessarily deprived of truth and often depraved (cf. II Timothy 3:8). The action of God is as natural as necessary, in restoring to man what is ruptured by rebellion as man lives sedated by psychological devices, of which the implausible ponderings of irrational philosophies are one (cf. SMR Ch.   3, Ch. 4 Extension, for example - see also Swift Witness    6). When the independently verified and validated Bible (cf. Deity and Design ...) comes so that irrationality and logical solipsism, antinomy and antilogy alike depart, and the active core, Jesus Christ is received, in PERSON (cf. SMR pp. 582ff., 611ff.), then the issues are past and creation, like the rest, is as consonant with observation of the eyes outside as inside the Bible (cf. SMR pp. 483ff.).


On the point that DATA on Creation is not to be Seduced, despite all the invasive movement by law to force universities and colleges to bypass it, the threats to lecturers to conform 'or else' : see, for example,  the following.


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